It Just Happened!….Again by JSipes7798


During a weak moment, JIm had incestuous sex with his daughter. He is filled with guilt and tries to fight off temptation as she beg him to continue having sex with her. , FOREWORD

You learned in the story (IT JUST HAPPENED) that Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad's age.

Jim always enforced strict dress code rules in his house while they were growing up. No provocative clothing was allowed as they were young teenagers and no provocative sleepwear without first covering themselves with a robe before wandering out of their bedrooms. He was especially concerned if he was likely to see them, because he did not want the temptations that naked or scantily clad young females can cause. He was their father and was raised that incest is a sin. He never seriously considered having sex with any of his daughters.

Jim’s girls made it through high school and college living by his rules and went on to become fine beautiful women. He is very proud of them and proud of himself for not succumbing to temptation. However; Jim always knew down deep inside that if anyone of his Daughter could have actually entice him into an incestuous affair; it would probably have been his middle daughter, Cathy. She is blonde and beautiful just like her mother. In fact she is almost a carbon copy of her mother. Both are curvaceous and lean, with long blonde curly hair and weigh about the same.


Everything has gone smoothly over the years in Jim and Lucy’s life until Cathy decides to divorce her second husband move back into her old bedroom at home with her Mother and Dad. Jim and Lucy welcome her back so she can get her life back on track.

Her move back home goes smoothly with only one hitch; Cathy is now a grown woman and while in college she had adopted the provocative sleepwear that her Dad had discouraged during her younger years. As expected; Cathy’s sleepwear does have the implicit affect on him that he had feared during her teenage years and in a weak moment Jim breaks his moral code and has sex with his Daughter, Cathy.

Since Cathy was a small child, she had made it a habit to always give her father a big hug before going to bed each night. She always presses her breasts squarely against his chest and squeezes him real tight. Jim never knew if she realized it, or not, but sometimes her nipples were hard and poked into his chest. As she gets older and her breasts get larger he notices it more and more, but quietly enjoys the feel. Up until her first night back home, he had never given it much thought because she has done it since she was a small child. However that first night back home had been the main thing that finally triggered his uncontrolled lust for his Daughter. It just happened! He lost control and they had sex.

The next morning at breakfast Jim feels terribly guilty, but Cathy behaves as if nothing ever happened. Jim feels relieved that she is acting like his moment of weakness never occurred, because immediately after their illicit coupling, she had asked if they could do it again tonight. He didn’t answer her and put it off until morning. He hated himself for letting it happen in the first place and was struggling with a way to let her down gently. By her actions at breakfast it appears she has come to her senses and is putting it in the past.

That night when they have their usual goodnight hug, Cathy whispers in his ear that she will be waiting for him to come to her bed after her Mother is asleep. Jim gives her an abrupt NO. He pulls away and she sadly pouts and quietly retreats to her bedroom. Lucy had already gone to the master bedroom, and didn’t not hear Cathy’s request.

The next day Cathy is somewhat moody, and that evening while the family watches TV she is very quiet. Jim is afraid Lucy might notice Cathy’s unusual behavior and start asking questions that could only lead to trouble for them all. Jim gives Cathy their usual good night hug and says, “Why don’t you and I go shopping together at the Mall tomorrow?”

Cathy’s entire face lights up and she says, “I would love that, Daddy. It can be a shopping day like we used to have when I was a teenager.”

“Exactly, and we can have our quiet little Father/Daughter talk like we did when you were younger.”

Cathy hugs him again and heads to her room while humming a happy song to herself.

The next morning at breakfast Cathy is beside herself with excitement. When Lucy asks her why the sudden uplift in her spirit, she informs her Mother that she and her Dad are going to spend a delightful day at the shopping mall. Lucy is excited for her. She and her Dad hadn’t gone shopping together since before Cathy’s first marriage. She feels Cathy needs that Father/Daughter bonding to pull her out of her pre-divorce funk.

They arrive at the Mall at ten o’clock, just as the stores are opening. They casually roam the Mall windowing shopping some store and going into other stores. Cathy takes her Dad by the hand and drags him into Victoria’s Secret. He is reluctant at first to be around all the sexy lingerie with her, but she convinces him she needs a man’s opinion because she wants to get back in the dating game. She needs to know what really appeals to a man.

She selects several bikini bras and panties before slipping into one of the dressing rooms. Jim stands awkwardly by the dressing room. He is thankful that the dressing rooms are tucked away in a corner at the rear of the store; away from the prying eyes of people walking the corridors. He feels like he would die of embarrassment if one of his friends or neighbors saw him in Victoria’s Secret.

Cathy startles him when she whips open the dressing room curtain and stands there with only a tiny red bikini bra and translucent lace panties that exposes every naked feature of her private body parts.

“Damn it Cathy! Cover yourself up,” he says as he steps forward and pushes her back into the dressing room. He looks around to make sure no one sees her dressed like that.

“Are you ashamed of me, Daddy?”

“No! I just don’t want you exposed like that for everyone to see.”

“Do you think I’m ugly?”

“No! I think you are beautiful, but damn it, I don’t want you on display for the whole world to see.”

The bra and panty exposes everything to anyone who may pass near the dressing room. Jim can see her thin blonde patch covering her pubic mound and her hard nipples that are trying to burst through the tiny lace bra. Cathy takes his right hand and places it on her left breast. He reflexively cradles it and rolls the nipple between his thumb and index finger. Her low moan shakes him back to his senses and he jerks his hand away like it is on fire.

“Get dressed!” he says backing out of the dressing room. “We are going to get lunch and talk.”

They settle into a corner booth at the rear of TGI Friday. The lighting is low and not really suitable for his intended Father/Daughter talk. After lunch while drinking a cup of coffee, Jim launches into the lecture he had quietly rehearsed to himself while eating lunch.

“Cathy you have to stop trying to get me back in your bed. I am your Father and it is called incest if we have sex together.”

“Frankly Dad, I don’t see anything wrong with incest at our age. Sure, I understand the emotional problems it can cause a young girl having her first sexual experience. I read all the papers in college when I took psychology. I am talking about right now; you and I are both mature adults. I had a healthy first sexual experience with someone may own age when I was a teenager. I am emotional stable when it comes to sex. I think you and I can have sex together as two consenting adults without it emotionally destabilizing either of us.”

Jim is conflicted. She is starting to make sense. He is attracted to her sexually and he did enjoy their first impromptu sexual coupling the other night. He still thinks it will cause guilt because it will be cheating on Lucy. He wants Cathy really bad, but he doesn’t want to hurt Lucy or destroy his marriage.

“I understand your thinking, Baby and I agree it wouldn’t hurt you emotionally like it would have as a teenager, but it would hurt your Mother if she ever found out.”

Cathy reaches across the table, taking his hands in hers and says, “We don’t have to let her know about it. We can be very discreet about it.”

Jim gazes into her clear blue eyes as he slips into deep thought. She knows he is about to reject her idea because he is unconsciously shaking his head no as he obviously contemplates the matter. She slips her shoe off her right foot and extends her leg under the table and gently massages her Dad’s hard cock with her foot. Jim instinctively enjoys the feel of her foot on his cock until he realizes it’s happening. He bolts upright in the booth and shoves her foot away.

“We have to go, Cathy!”

He snaps at her as he jumps out of the booth. He motions for the waitress to come take his credit card. Cathy knows she has pushed him too far. Neither of them says a word during the entire trip back to their home.

When they get home they find Lucy frantically rushing around the house with a small suitcase in her hand. It is apparent something serious has happened while they were out shopping.

“Oh good, you are back. I was just getting ready to leave a note.” Lucy is visibly out of breath and upset over something.

“What’s wrong, Lucy? Has something happened? You look awfully upset.”

“It’s my brother. He was hurt in an accident at his work.”

“When did this happen and is he going to be okay?”

“It happened about two weeks ago and yes he is expected to recover shortly.”

“Wait a minute and slow down. If this happened two weeks ago, why are we just learning about it now, and why are you rushing around like it is an emergency that just happened?”

“I’m sorry. Let me collect my thoughts and start from the beginning.”

Lucy sets her suitcase down then takes a deep breath before starting her story over again. “Okay, two weeks ago David had an accident at his place of work. He injured his right shoulder and left knee. He was in the hospital for a week and was sent home with the services of heath care worker who was supposed to come to his home every day and care for him. The heath care worker came last week, but wouldn’t perform some of her duties so David told her to get the hell out.”

“What was her problem?”

“Well at the hospital David was given a daily sponge baths because he can’t walk to the shower because of the injury to his left leg. He can’t bath himself because of the injury to his right shoulder. The health care worker refused to give him a sponge bath. She would only prepare his meals and bring him a bedpan when he needs to go to the bathroom. David needs me to care for him until he can find a dependable heath care worker. That’s where I was rushing to when you got home.”

“He lives an hour away, do you think you can make it before dark?”

Jim is concerned about her being out on the highway after dark.

“Do you want me to drive there?” Jim offers. “It won’t take me a minute to throw a few things in a suitcase.”

“Don’t be silly. I can drive myself. Besides, I may be there a couple of days until he can find another health care worker. And I will call you everyday to let you know how things are going. You stay here and let Cathy take care of you. I will be back before you even miss me. Cathy you make sure he eats the right things every day.”

“Don’t worry Mom, I will make sure he has something delicious to eat every day you are gone.”

I will have him eating my pussy three or four times a day, she mumbles under her breath.

Lucy grabs her suitcase and hurries out the door and drives away. Jim is uneasy about being alone with Cathy in her present state of mind. He is not sure he can withstand the constant pressure she will put on him to have sex with her. Even as a little girl she always pushed him until she got her way.

Lucy arrives approximately one hour later at David’s house and finds his home in a total mess. David is asleep and dirty clothes are on the floor near the hamper and the whole house is filled with the stench of David’s dirty body. She decides to let him sleep. She puts her suitcase in the guest room and then prepares a hot dinner for David.


Cathy prepares spaghetti and meatballs along with a salad and French bread fresh out of the oven. She and her Dad eat quietly with little conversation. Jim wonders if she is still upset with his rejection. After dinner, Cathy cleans the kitchen while Jim retires to the den to watch television.

Cathy slips upstairs and strips naked in front of her bathroom mirror. She pinches her nipples and admires them as they swell and protrude about a quarter inch. She formulates a plan in her mind; one that is guaranteed to lower her Dad’s resistance to her sexual overtures. She slips on one of her tight fitting t-shirts that hits just below her ass. She purposely leaves her panties lying on the bed. Now it is time to launch her plan.


As soon as Lucy hears her brother stir, she delivers a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup to his bedroom. He hadn’t heard her arrive so it startles him with she suddenly appears with his dinner. They hug, exchange pleasantries, and Lucy sits on the edge of his bed while he gulps down the soup. The soup is followed by a ground beef patty, black-eyed peas and broccoli.

Following dinner Lucy tells her brother that he is going to have to have a bath. The stench is so over powering and it is beginning to nauseate her. He asks just who is going to bath him. When she says she is, he just laughs it off. He just can’t picture his baby sister giving him a bath like he was a toddler. He told her it would be too embarrassing for both of them. She dismisses his whining and takes his dirty dinner dishes to the kitchen. Once he sees her gathering everything needed for a sponge bath, he resided himself to the fact it was going to take place. Regardless of how embarrassing it might be, Lucy had no intentions of smelling his dirty, stinky body any longer. Once his little sister says she is going to do something, you can bet it is going to be done.


Jim does a double-take when Cathy comes downstairs from her bedroom wearing only a long tight white t-shirt that emphasis her hard nipples. But his glance is subtle and he doesn’t say anything. Their favorite TV show is coming on so she hustles to the kitchen to get something to drink. When she returns to the den she intentionally drops something on the floor. When she bends over to retrieve it, her t-shirt rides up revealing she is not wearing panties. She giggles quietly to herself as she sees out of the corner of her eye, her Dad adjusting his giant erection. All that evening she tries to keep a sideways eye on him, hoping to catch him sneaking a peak at her sexy body on display. But she never does catch him.

Was I wrong about his attraction to me, she thinks to herself?

They sit quietly watching television for about two hour. During that two hours Cathy’s nipples jump to attention several times. Each time her Dad’s cock springs alive also. Finally Jim announces he is going to take a shower then go to bed. Cathy begins to picture her Dad naked in the shower. She can’t fight the temptation to sneak into his bedroom and watch him shower.

She decides it might work if she goes to his bathroom door and asks a question, and then pretend she can’t hear his response and open the door. If he doesn’t object to being seen naked, she will strip off her t-shirt and join him in the shower.

As she approaches his bedroom she can hear the shower. She figures she'd just stand outside the bathroom door and ask him a question. But the door is already open halfway and she angles so she can see her Dad in the full-length mirror. The fogged glass of the shower doors affords little privacy, and she clearly sees him jerking off.

She jumps back in surprise and shock, standing with her back against the wall like she is hiding from a crazed killer. But it was a mere second before her curiosity lures her back. She slowly positions herself to get a view of her naked and obviously horny father. He is turned sideways and leaning toward the wall of the shower, with his weight on his left arm. His right hand is gripping his rigid cock, slowly sliding up and down his soapy shaft. She feels her skin flush with excitement. Her pussy instantly warms and sends a small tingle of electricity up her spine. Her nipples begin to harden to stiff little peaks.

She is so conflicted at this point! She is peeping in on her father like some kind of pervert. This is a total invasion of privacy. But she can’t help her body's reaction. As she watches him leisurely stroke his cock, she runs a hand under her t-shirt and presses against her pussy. She is quickly getting very hot, and can feel her juices beginning to flow.

Then she reaches up and rubs her erect nipples through the thin white t-shirt fabric. Her nipples are pushing hard against the thin fabric of her sleepwear. The very sleepwear her Dad had asks her not to wear because of the affect it has on him. Suddenly everything is very clear to Cathy. Her Daddy is beating off in the shower with thoughts of her wearing this provocative sleepwear! After all, she had just paraded through the den in front of him, clad only in a skimpy t-shirt and no panties.

The more she considers it, the more she is sure. He went to take a shower probably after seeing her nipples get hard over the course of the evening. Maybe he is fantasizing and remembering the night we had sex. Maybe he left the bathroom door ajar so she could see his naked body. Maybe he is thinking about ripping off my t-shirt and panties, and slamming his big cock into my tight young cunt again, she thinks to herself.

All at once she is shocked, embarrassed by though thoughts. What if he is only missing Mother, she thinks? She doesn’t want to make a foolish move. She tries to dismiss the thought he is masturbating while thinking of his daughter. But what if he is? Is that so wrong? And is it so wrong that she suddenly wants to make his fantasy a reality? She is more than a little turned on by that thought.

She wants to keep watching him, keep lusting after his gorgeous cock until he blasts cum all over the shower floor. Better yet, she wants to join him in the shower and let him blast his cum down her throat. She struggles with the thought, but finally chickens out and abandons that plan. She sneaks back to her room and grabbed a towel before heading to her own shower.

As the scalding water pulses over her skin, she closes her eyes and slowly runs her hands across her breasts, teasing and pulling at her nipples. She imagines that those fingers belong to her Daddy. She imagines his hands squeezing her tits ever so gently as he tells her she looks so beautiful. She imagines he slides his hands down around her ass, gripping the cheeks as he works his thick cock inside her. She imagines that as her orgasm approaches she drops her head onto his shoulder, urging him to pound his little girl harder and harder.

Her orgasm comes in quick and powerful waves. She feels like her legs will not support her much longer as they tremble and shake beneath her. She slowly opens her eyes and pulls two fingers from her sopping-wet pussy. She had cum very hard, but is still not satisfied. As she sucks her juices from her finger, she tells herself that she needs to be fucked, and it had to be her Daddy.

With only two days left to be alone with him, seduction will be quite a challenge for her, but her Dad didn't really stand a chance. She is convinced that no man could endure the sexual temptations she has planned for her Dad. She is blonde and beautiful just like her mother. Her two previous husbands were always fascinated with her nipples. They get very pointy and very hard when she’s excited, and they're surrounded by large, light pink areolas. Her legs are long, sleek and toned, and they tan easily. Her ass is full and round and looks great in a thong. Her Dad is well acquainted with all her attributes is not going to be able to ignore them much longer. She climbs into her bed and drifts off into a peaceful sleep.


Lucy sits a pan of warm soapy water on the stand next to David’s bed. She helps him remove his pajama top. It smells awful and she tosses in a pile of dirty clothes that are scheduled to be put in the washing machine before she goes to bed. She takes a clean bath towel and spreads it across his lap then reaches under it to help him lower his pajama bottom and boxer shorts. They quickly join the growing pile of dirty clothes.

Lucy dips a clean washcloth in the hot soapy water, rings it out and begins to wash David’s face and neck. After rinsing the washcloth again in the pan of soapy water, she moves on to wash both hands and both arms. Then she washes under his arms and over his chest and down his stomach to his belly button. David giggles as she moves the rag over his nipples. She stops and gives him a questioning looks.

“I’m sorry Sis, but it tickles when you rub my nipples.”

“I’m sorry, it was unintentional, but I am through with that part of your body. You shouldn’t have anything else to giggle about from here on out. Just relax and enjoy the rest of your bath.”

Lucy moves down and washes both of his feet and ankles. From there she washes his calves and knees before moving up his thighs. She hears him utter a low groan and feels him shift his position on the bed. She looks up and notices the bath towel is beginning to tent. She can feel herself starting to become aroused and tries to fight it. She remembers as a small child wondering what her Brother’s cock looked and felt like. She wished all through her teenage years for the opportunity to see him naked. She had come close a few times, but he had been at a distance and she couldn’t make out any details. Lucy is tempted to lift the towel and take a quick peek, but blushes and chickens out now that the opportunity to see it is here. She asks David if he can take it from there and finish his bath on his own.

“I don’t know how you expect me to finish this bath.” He grouses, “I don’t have the use of my right arm at all. I guess it’s your turn to be embarrassed. Eh, Sis?”

He’s right, she reminds herself. It was foolish of her to even suggest he could manage his own bath.

“I suppose I can just reach under the towel and do it blindly; hoping I don’t miss any stinky areas.”

Her heart races as she thinks about his naked cock being just inches away from her, under a flimsy little bath towel. Her childhood wish can come true if she can muster the courage to lift the bath towel and expose that mysterious piece of flesh she’d dreamed about.

“Or, you can play like you are a big girl now and remove the towel completely and finish the bath correctly. The nurses in the hospital didn’t have a problem with it. They were all real professional.”

“Okay!” She snarls at her big brother.

She snatches the towel off and tosses it on the floor. She gazes at his cock for a minute before rinsing the washcloth in the pan of soapy water. She first lifts his balls and washes real well under and around them. She wants to touch his cock, but keeps putting it off. David’s cock gets so hard you can drive nails with it; and she hadn’t even touched his cock yet. She washes between the crack of his ass real good before tossing that washcloth and getting a clean one.

David can feel his cock pulsing and building to what may be a humongous orgasm. He struggles with telling Lucy or just keeping his mouth shut. He doesn’t want to discourage her from finishing his bath. Lucy moves away from his balls and the orgasm feeling begins to go away. She starts washing the crotch area around his balls and the feeling of an orgasm passes completely.

She puts the washcloth aside and lathers her hands heavily with a bar of soap. She lathers up and down his 8” cock with the soap. She can’t believe how good his cock feels in her hands. She begins to wash up and down the shaft with both hands. She never dreamed his cock would be this large. She can feel his pulse beating in the veins of his cock. Occasionally she rinses the soap off her hands in the pan of water and return to his cock to remove excess soap. She slowly moves her hands up and down his shaft. She knows she needs to finish the bath, but doesn’t want it to end. David doesn’t want it to end either.

Lucy unconsciously starts moving her hands faster and faster up and down his cock. She has her eyes closed and appears to be off someplace else. David feels his balls start to churn and cum starts racing up his shaft. It happens so fast he doesn’t have time to alert his sister; and without warning his cum starts spurting from the head of his cock. Without thinking Lucy quickly leans forward and captures the head of his cock in her mouth; just like she has done so many times for her husband’s orgasmic bursts. When she does realize her mistake it’s too late. She can’t take her mouth away because David keeps on pumping streams of cum from his cock. She starts gulping every drop and when he finally stops, she licks and sucks the final few drops from his cock and then wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.

“I am so sorry, Sis. I wanted to warn you, but it hit too fast for me to alert you.”

“God, your cock tastes good, Big Brother. Why didn’t you let me do this when we were teenagers?”

“I wanted to, but I was afraid you would tell Momma and then Daddy would have beaten the hell out of me.”

“If only you really knew how many nights I laid in bed wondering what you cock would feel like sliding deep into my pussy.”

“What’s keeping you from doing it right now, Sis?”

Lucy squeezes her Brother’s cock and then leans forward and kisses the head of it before swirling her tongue around the end once more before stripping naked.

Then Lucy slowly moves up, straddling her Big Brother’s waist; taking care not to hurt his shoulder or knee. He can see her crotch up close and notices only a small strip of blonde hair between her legs. He takes his hands and strokes her body up and over those wonderful breasts then moving to her face now hovering over him.

He barely has time to make a sound before Lucy lifts her hips and sits back down, impelling herself on his cock. They both let out a loud moan as the pleasure rushes over their bodies. Lucy slowly starts rocking up and down, back and forth. His hands find her hips and he guides her up and down on his cock. He reaches up taking one of her hardened nipples in his mouth. He sucks and nibbles her delectable breasts for the first time in his life. Lucy continues to increase her moans as electric waves move from her nipples to her pussy.

Lucy gets carried away and lifts her hips too high and his hard cock slips from her wet pussy and flops against his stomach. She wastes no time in sliding him back in to her pussy as far as it could go, soliciting another groan and moan from both of them. Her lips lower and touch his as he thrust back up into her paradise! Their tongues wrestle as he can feel her nails gripping at his back, trying to dig in. He knows it won’t be long for him as he continues to pursue her pleasure. He can hear her squeals of pleasure getting louder and louder in his ear.

Then, almost without warning, Lucy grips him tightly! Her nails grip his flesh, her legs quiver around his hips. The sound of the squealing and moaning will never be forgotten as his sister cums and cums! His mind flashes images of his sister straddling him. He is deep inside of her, the waves of pleasure racing through their bodies! David erupts with a spasm of pleasure like none he’d had before. Lucy moans loudly and David feels a torrent of cum explode inside his sister's body! Another thrust, another blast of cream and another groan from both of them. David gave three more thrusts before the waves of pleasure ebbed from his body.

Lucy falls forward on top of his chest, and buries her head in his neck. Their breathing is hard and labored. Slowly she releases him from her vaginal grip and his cock slides from her hot silky pussy. She can feel the sweat on their flesh as she caresses his back. She fights hard to make sense of what has just happened. Had she really just fucked her own Brother?

When they finally catch their breath and Lucy lays with her head on his chest, with his arms holding her, and her legs straddling his hips, she proclaims,

“That was incredible! It was so much better than I ever dreamed it would be.”

“Yeah,” He panted. “It was fuckin' great, sis! Just waited another few minutes then we can do it again.”

“I want to lay right here and do it over and over; all night long until I can’t stand it anymore,” she moans softly in his ear.


Cathy wakes up and looks at the clock. The green digital numbers indicate it is three o’clock in the morning. She is covered in perspiration and her pussy is tingling. She had dreamed all night about being in the shower with her Dad. She lies there a moment moving her finger in and out of her wet pussy. She contemplates sneaking down to her father’s room and sliding quietly into his bed. It didn’t take her long; she decides to take the risk and do it. She slips off her nightwear and moves nakedly down the stairs.

She slowly moves into his bedroom and kneels beside his bed. He is lying naked on his back with a sheet barely covering his cock. Cathy reaches out and slowly eases the skeet away, exposing his semi-erect cock. She kneels there quietly admiring it; wanting to take it into her mouth.

She leans forward and sticks out her tongue, licking the underside of his semi-hard cock. Then she takes the head into her mouth, running her tongue around it, tasting the fresh taste of his newly washed flesh. She feels his cock start to grow in her mouth. As she sucks, the first drops of his pre-come washes across her tongue. Savoring the salty taste briefly, she swallows and takes more of him into her mouth, sucking on his hard cock as he sleeps.

She gets goose-bumps as a chill passes through her naked body. He begins to moan and she pulls him out of her mouth and kisses her way down the shaft to his scrotum. Cupping his balls into her hands, she presses them lovingly to her lips, licking and sucking them. She licks each one, sucks them into her mouth, massaging them thoroughly with her tongue. Then she leaves his balls and returns to his hard cock. She takes the head back into her mouth and sucks as she tried to swallow as much of his thick shaft as she can. Letting him slip out a little, she rubs his cockhead along the inside of her cheeks, slurping loudly and moaning as her own excitement grows. She puts him back in her mouth a resumes sucking and swirling her tongue around the head. Suddenly she is rewarded by the warm flow of his hot cum in her mouth. She sucks and licks; making sure not a drop is lost.

“God, baby, you really know how to suck a man!” he breathlessly gasps.

Cathy is startle by his remark. She had no idea he was awake. She had tried very hard not to wake him as she sought her treasure.

“I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to wake you. I just had to have your cock in my mouth and I just knew you would reject me again if I asked while you were awake. Please don’t be mad at me Daddy.”

Jim reaches down and pulls her into his king-size bed. He holds her close as he kisses her all over her breast. He sucks her hard nipple into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it, before flicking it with his tongue and biting it delicately. A small orgasm moves through her as she rolls over on her back.

“How long have you been awake, Daddy?”

“I was awake when you first entered the room, sweetheart,” he says as he kisses his way down her belly while enroute to her hot pussy.

He licks the length of her pussy from anal opening to the tip of her clit. He encloses his lips on her clit and sucks it into his mouth. He inserts two fingers in her pussy as he continues to swab her clit with his tongue. He starts a sawing motion in her pussy with the two fingers. He feels her vagina muscles grip his fingers as her orgasm explodes. She shakes from head to toe and gasps for breath as it works its way through her body.

Jim give her a minute to recover and then pulls her up by her hips and repositions her on her hands and knees as he enters her doggy style. He pushes his cock in as far as it will go and her vaginal muscles close on it and starts sucking and milking his hard cock. He pulls his cock almost out, but her vagina grips it and refuses to let it exit. He slowly pushes it back in all the way to her cervix and then repeats the exit maneuver over and over. Each time her vaginal muscles fight to hold him in. After several minutes of this they both build to the ultimate earth shaking orgasm that they want and need. When their orgasms finally hits, Cathy shakes and trembles for a full minute before falling forward on her stomach. Jim rolls over on his back, completely exhausted. Their bodies glisten with perspiration as they both lie there panting; basking in the afterglow of the most amazing and exhausting orgasm ever.

“Can I stay here and sleep with you Daddy?”

“Absolutely Baby! You are not leaving this bed until your Mother comes home.”


The phone rings at seven thirty the next morning as Cathy is giving her Dad his first blowjob of the morning. Jim grabs up the phone and sees by the caller I.D. it is Lucy. He motions for Cathy to continue.

“Good morning, sweetheart, how is your Brother?”

“He is in much better spirits now,” she answers as she rides her brother’s hard cock cowgirl style. “I just wanted to see how you and Cathy are making without me there.”

“Don’t you worry about us, Darling. We are making it just fine. You concentrate on getting your brother taken care of.”

Cathy pushes her Dad’s cock deep into her throat. He can feel her throat contracting and squeezing the head of his cock; it’s more than he can take, and his orgasm causes him to shoot a load of cum down her throat.

“Oh my god that feels great,” he gasps as after three streams of semen fluid her mouth.

“What’s wrong, Honey? What just happened?” Lucy asks with concern in her voice.

Jim’s orgasm is more powerful than he had anticipated, but he recovers quickly and says, “Nothing, Darling, I just yawned and stretched real big. You know how good it feels to stretch real big in the morning.”

Lucy is rocking back and forth on David’s throbbing cock as he pushes it deep up into her soaking wet pussy. She feels her orgasm moving quickly, threatening to shake her whole body. It’s too late to stop it.

“Oh my God that feels good,” she moans uncontrollably.

“What’s wrong, Lucy?” Jim asks.

She takes a moment and catches her breath.

“Sweetheart, you’re right, it does feel good to yawn and stretch first thing it the morning,” she says. She sounds like she is out of breath and pauses a moment to collect herself. She needs to quickly changing the subject

“Listen, Honey the reason I called so early is I wanted to let you know that it may take more than just two or three day to make sure David gets the proper care. Instead, it may actually take two or three weeks.”

Cathy has straddled her Dad again and is riding him cowgirl style. Her tits are bouncing freely up and down in her Dad’s face. She is pushing him quickly toward another massive orgasm. He has to get Lucy off the phone before it actually hits.

“That’s okay, Sweetheart; take as much time as you need with your brother. Cathy is taking really good care of me.”

There is urgency in his voice, but Lucy doesn’t detect it because she is building toward another powerful orgasm.

“Okay I love you. I’ll call you tomorrow, Honey,” she says disconnecting the call just before her orgasm explodes.



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