Senior Year Memories Ch. 36 by aimingtomisbehave33,aimingtomisbehave33

(Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun. This story is highly serialized, and though it’s not 100% necessary to have read the whole story up until this point to enjoy the content of the chapter, it’s definitely advisable to understand the ongoing plots.)

(Author’s Note: First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for some of the more direct similarities between the striptease/lap dance scenes between Chapters 27 and 35, including lines I accidentally stole from myself when writing Chapter 35. Whoops, this is what happens when you write two chapters more than a year apart and have some similar interests come through in both. Anyway, as always, I want to give special thanks to fellow Literotica author Lil_kitty for her excellent work as my editor and acting as a second set of eyes on this chapter, and for letting me know what did and didn’t work; if you get a chance, please check out her work and drop some stars if you enjoyed, she writes some very hot and fun stories. And of course, I also want to thank my wonderful patrons; your support and input really help make this possible, as did your votes ensuring the appearances of Rose, Fatima and Izzy in this chapter.

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Previously, on Senior Year Memories: In the month of lust and love, 18-year-old Ryan Collins keeps himself busy, helping his new “apprentice” Jennifer Cage make new friends by introducing her to football player Peter Nixon and cheerleader Sasha Pearl, while sneaking a Valentine’s invitation to busty beauty Brianna Roth. After a quick encounter with Kaitlyn Pruitt, Ryan makes good on a promise to his friend, Sarah, to seduce her mother, Viola Kent. Viola is stunningly gorgeous, and an ex-stripper, and after working his magic with the beautiful MILF, the two of them have some properly wild sex. Exhausted after such a serious fuck, Ryan returns home to girlfriend Brooke King, who helps him relax while he mentally prepares for one of his greatest challenges of the year: Valentine’s Day.


Until senior year, Valentine’s Day had to be one of my least favorite days on the calendar. When you’ve never had a date in your life, let alone a partner, the perception that everyone else is dating *but* you can be challenging to handle. Valentine’s Day only magnified that, to every possible extreme. It seemed like everyone else had people they loved, places to be, and there I was, sitting alone at home and munching on whatever mandatory candy was given out at school to every student so nobody would feel left out. It was one of those things the part of me that was convinced I was intellectual found insulting, but, hey, free candy was free candy.

The one good thing I had on those previous days was my oldest and best friend in the world, Tori McNeil. The two of us would enjoy our sarcastic bitterness together on Valentine’s, eating takeout, watching action movie DVDs and sneaking some liquor from her big sister, Rachel’s, private stash. Those days when it was just us against the world, well, they made Valentine’s feel a little less lonely, and even if things didn’t work out the way I wanted to between the two of us, I still looked back on those days fondly.

There were times these days when I found myself wishing that things had gone differently, that I hadn’t had sex with Tori and her mom, Lauren, *and* her sister, Rachel. Things might have been different, a little more like they used to be with my oldest friend still in my life. Maybe even, in all of this, that I could still be watching cheesy action movies with Tori on Valentine’s Day…

I still found myself wishing this sometimes… but every day I found myself wishing with less strength. Rachel McNeil had become one of my best friends, and even though we lived states apart, I still considered her one of my closest confidantes and my go-to person for advice in all matters of life, love and beyond. I wouldn’t trade the friendship we’d developed since November for anything.

And Lauren… well, she was just a lot of fun on those rare occasions she and I would see each other.

No, for everything that had happened, there was no going back now, and I was generally happier for it. Things with Tori may have been in a strange limbo right now, but without question, everything else in my life was immeasurably better. I had more friends than I’d ever had in my life, was having crazy amounts of sex all the fucking time, and had two girlfriends who I loved more than anything else in the world.

Life was good.

Life was *great*.

And I was going to kick this Valentine’s Day’s ass.

You see, ever since I helped Leah Sartori cast her lust spell, a February I’d had few plans for had come into a clear, and very horny, focus. I knew what I had to do to spread around a little bit of love and a whole lot of lust to those who could use it, and the most ambitious day of my plan was handily Valentine’s Day.

It was going to be hard, and it would require a lot of strength of both will and body… but I knew I could do it.

I woke up drowsily and slowly on Valentine’s Day, but managed to turn off my alarm before it went off. As I cleared my eyes, I looked around my room with excitement and anticipation. I had everything in order, the bundles of flowers, the boxes of chocolates…

“Good morning, Ryan,” the girl said from beside me in bed.

I turned, smiling, to look at curvy brunette Jennifer Cage, keeping herself thoroughly wrapped up in my blanket and looking very comfortable as she reached beside the bed and pulled on her glasses. The sweet, pale girl wasn’t wearing much more than her glasses and a pair of panties, but, tempting as it would have been to climb on top of her and get a nice fuck in to start the day, I knew better.

I had to know better today.

“And good morning to you, Jennifer,” I said, leaning down to kiss her before I got out of bed and started getting dressed. Pulling on my glasses from the nearby bedside table was an excellent first start, allowing me to get a better look at the beautiful woman in my bed.

Bundling herself up comfortably in the blankets, the better to deal with the surprisingly cool day, she said, “You’re up awfully early for a Saturday, aren’t you?”

“I got a busy day planned…” I said, pulling on my jeans.

“Ah, that’s right… Valentine’s Day,” Jennifer said, amused.

“That a problem?” I asked, smiling down at her.

“Not in the slightest, I just forgot myself for a moment,” she said.

“It’s all good,” I said, sitting back down on the bed to pull on my socks and debate just what I had to do in what order. “I’m sorry I have to leave in such a hurry.”

“It’s alright, I’ve got plans of my own today, anyway,” Jennifer said, smiling mischievously.

“Oh?” I asked, definitely needing to hear this.

“Yeah. I’m trying to put myself out there more, like you’re encouraging, and I was thinking I might just head to the mall. Maybe catch a movie, maybe see what kind of trouble I can find. Sasha told me she knew of some hot guys heading there tonight that she might be able to introduce me to, so… there’s hope, if I play my cards right,” Jennifer said.

“You’ll play your cards right,” I said, confident.

“I know. It’s still a little nerve-wracking, but it’s going to happen,” Jennifer said, smiling.

“Good. I want to hear all about it,” I said.

“You will… I’m just going to enjoy my nest of blankets here for a little while longer, anyway,” Jennifer said. Luxuriantly, she closed her eyes for a moment, before quickly opening them. “That won’t be a problem with your father, will it?”

I laughed. “Nah, he’s out today; the roller derby team he co-owns is in a pretty violent dispute with their longstanding blood rivals again, and he’s the only one both teams trust to resolve it, so, he’ll be gone for a while.”

“Again?” Jennifer repeated.

“Oh, yeah,” I answered. “Things like this happen all the time.”

“Interesting…” she said, stretching out. “Don’t worry, I’ll be out before you have to worry about date night with your girlfriends.”

“Actually, I’m meeting Brooke and Josie at the Stargazer Motel on the other side of town; they got a room for their big surprise,” I clarified, quickly finding my wallet in my jeans and opening it up to check that the room key they’d provided was still there.

“Right,” Jennifer said, shaking her head. “But you’re having dinner here first, with…?”

“Brianna Roth,” I said. Kaitlyn’s beautiful friend had thankfully accepted my Valentine’s invitation, and considering how long our flirtation had gone over the course of these past months, it was about time the two of us finally did something about that. Well, something more than me eating her pussy in an abandoned classroom, anyway.

“Nice,” Jennifer admitted, nodding. “And this is after you go running around like a pornographic Santa Claus handing out orgasms to some lucky girls who really need them?”

I shuddered. “While I’d rather purge the image of a pornographic Santa Claus from my mind… yes, that is the general point.”

“Sounds like you’re going to need a lot of cum in the tank,” Jennifer said.

Ah, that was going to be the challenge, wasn’t it?

“Not exactly,” I said, finding it almost as uncomfortable to discuss the plan as it was to think about.

“What’s that mean?” she asked.

I explained, “I need to be prepared for everything that’s planned tonight, which should be pretty fucking intense with the cast of characters involved, so… I’m actually not going to be cumming until the main event. For today, I’m just using my mouth and hands, and keeping anything and everything I have to away from my below the belt areas.”

“Ouch,” Jennifer replied. “I mean, for them, that’s awesome because, well, it’s your mouth and hands, but for you, that’ll be rough. And you’re going to be riding your bike around the whole time?”

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