School Change by Echoes Valentia

School Change by Echoes Valentia ,Introduction:


Another school story i decided to do cause i was bored , I awoke to the sound of my mother calling up to my room from downstairs. “Better get a move on it, you don't want to be late for your first day!”

Her voice was so cheery and upbeat, she was such an optimist, hard to believe this would be the 5th school I had transferred to in 3 years. Her voice did not betray any sense of fear she might have that this school would be no different from the 2 before it. In each case I was picked on and bullied until my parents transferred me to another school. I had begged them to homeschool me, but they refused, stating that I needed to learn how to get along and deal with my interpersonal problems.

So I got up and went through my usual routine, a shower, brush teeth, comb hair. Although I was going to start my senior year, as I looked in the mirror, I noted there was still no need to shave my face for even the first time. I glanced down at the unused razor that was an optimistic birthday present over 2 years ago, and set my toothbrush beside it. I guess I should be grateful, I did need to brush my teeth- it's a wonder none of them had been knocked out all the times I was smacked around by my tormentors. I think I was picked on because I looked immature; with my smooth face, slight build, and medium stature of 5’ 6’. If that did not happen, when the guys would shower for gym, my lack of body hair and small penis would seal the deal. It usually started with verbal abuse and cruel jokes, then it would escalate to having my hair pulled, getting tripped, and finally just having guys beat me up, eventually my parents would move me to another school, only to begin repeating the process.

I went down to breakfast and picked at it, dreading the new school with the same old problems. My dad said, “come on sport” (I hate it when he says that, it seemed like I was in third grade not high school). We got in the car and drove in silence for the 5 minutes it took to get to school. Just as I was about to open the door dad poked my shoulder awkwardly and said, “fresh start, don't blow it this time”. I got out of the car thinking, “Gee, thanks for the pep talk”. I turned and quickly crossed the commons to the school steps and ran up them. Once inside I was bombarded by the echoing noise as everyone else seemed to know where they were going and noisily made their way there.

I looked down at my paperwork from the school, first thing was to go to the locker, all of my textbooks should already be there. I could stow my extra notebooks and pencils and get ready for the first class after the home room assembly. Opening the locker was uneventful, “Of course”, I reminded myself, no one knew me yet, so no one had vandalized my locker. Well, that was a nice change from last year’s first day of school. I don't know how, but somehow my locker has been ransacked before I even started the year.

The first class was English, I found a seat near the back and just tried to blend in. That was short lived. As the teacher, Mrs. Laveign took attendance and called out my name. “Nicolas Smith, please stand. As you all can see, we have a new student. His name is Nicolas. I hope you all will get to know him. You do prefer Nicolas, not Nick, or Nicky, is that correct?” “Nicolas is fine” I said nervously.

Then someone shouted stand up Nicolas, referring to my shortness. The room erupted in laughter, and just like that it had started. As I quickly sat down, face turning crimson, Mrs. Laveign, stifling a laugh herself, got the class to settle down a bit. As she started her review of what everyone “should” remember from previous years, a voice quietly spoke to me from my right.

“I'm Natalie, And my good friends just call me Nat for short. don't let that smart remark put you off.”

I looked over at her. She had soft blonde hair down past her shoulders with soft curls and bangs that obscured her eyes a bit. Her face was medium and oval shaped with sharp grey eyes and dark, thick eyebrows. She had two big breasts that strained her large sweater with both their size and erectness. By the end of class we had exchanged several pleasant remarks. When the bell rang and she rose from her desk I suddenly realized how big she was. She towered over me, perhaps she was 6’2’, her shoulders were broad and her arms looked very strong. Beneath her breasts was a thick but firm waist merging into broad hips and strong, yet shapely legs. The word Amazon came to my mind. My next couple of classes were uneventful. When lunch came I tried to just slip into the lunch room, but then a voice boomed out my name. I tried to duck down.

“Nicolas!, Over here!”

I looked over to where Natalie was standing. She was beckoning me to come join her. “Ok, lets see how this goes” I thought to myself. When I got to her she playfully gave my shoulder a squeeze and invited me to join her. We compared lunches and actually traded a couple of items. I began to relax and actually enjoyed the lunchtime. As we finished up, she asked me if I would want a ride home after classes. I thought, “sure, why not”, so I agreed and she told me where to meet her.

The next few classes were uneventful, so far I had succeeded in blending in or being invisible.

I sorted through my stuff at my locker, several heavy books to lug home for studies. They jumped right in at this place. Still, I didn't mind, I could not remember the last time a school day had gone so smooth. As I carried my books out of school, I was grateful Natalie had offered me a ride.

She said, “Just come out the front, make a right, and go to the corner of the school. There is a bench facing the parking lot and road. Have a seat, I'll be getting out just a few minutes later than you.” Then she smiled, swallowed the last of her carton of milk, stood up, and headed to class. I was done eating as well, but I lingered at the table, sneaking a peek at her butt. It was wide, firm, and plump. Not overly plump, but definitely firm and muscular. I was not sure if she caught me looking; she had quite a wiggle in her walk, could it be for my benefit?

Once out of the school, the bright sunshine and blue sky was in harmony with my mood. When had I experience such a wonderful day? In my younger days of grade school sure, there were lots of good times, but good days were fewer and fewer as size and mature features came to everyone but me. Today was different! First, right when I felt the walls closing in during English class, Natalie had encouraged me not to pay any attention to the heckler. She asked where I was from, what my favorite class was, and what my schedule was. Most of the time she was focused on the English lecture; several times however, there was a lull and she had whispered those questions. Comparing schedules, she told me we only have English together today, but we share lunch time. Tomorrow we have English, Art, and Phys Ed together. When lunch time had come, it was so nice to be hollered to, not hollered at. It was really obvious that she wanted me to sit with her. During lunch she filled me in on her post English morning. There was Mrs. Porter teaching history. She was giving an introductory lecture on the beginning civilizations around the world, when Philip Marten let out a big fart. Of course the class started laughing; as the laughter died down somebody said too bad this wasn’t the beginning of the universe Science class, that was the big bang. We both laughed for a bit.

Natalie finally got her composure after a couple of false starts of snickering, and then said, “Speaking of Science class, I have Mrs. Bergenstein for Chemistry. it's a wonder he did not have a bang himself. She was mixing a couple of chemicals- not sure what they were- she wanted to make a small mess by adding baking soda to show us to be careful not to make messes. Trouble is he got a way stronger reaction than he anticipated. The janitor will be mad at her for at least the rest of the week.”

We turned our attention to our food for a moment. I had a ham and swiss sandwich with barbeque sauce. Guess mom was trying to make my first day as good as she could. Given the pleasant company, it was easy to enjoy a simple pleasure such as a favorite sandwich. “Hey, you have a Snickers bar, wanna trade for my bag of Fritos?” she asked. “Wow, so nice to have a trade offer, instead of a jerk just taking it”. “Sure”, I would have preferred the candy bar, but it really was a fair trade, and I wanted to please Natalie. I like Fritos; the day would have been better if Natalie had given me the Fritos and let me keep the Snickers too. “Ok self, this is school, not heaven”.

My recounting of the day's events stopped as I came to the corner of the school. “This must be the bench she was talking about. It faces the parking lot and the road. Nice to have it all to myself since school is out, so everyone is hurrying home. As I sat on the bench, the sun gently warming my shoulders and the back of my neck, it struck me how nice it was that she had asked me to ride with her. A chill of excitement countered the warmth as I considered, “’ride with me’, that means she wants to hang together! At least for today.” This was a wonderful feeling of belonging, of being safe, and of having value. I just hope it lasts.

Again I became lost in thought. It was strange that after lunch no one hassled me all day. As a matter of fact, when I left the cafeteria two boys stopped me. They appeared to be underclassmen, yet they were already bigger than me. One of them asked, “So, ah, are you like uh, friends with Natalie?” “Yeah” I said, more hopeful than with certainty about our friendship. “Cool” he said, to which his partner added, “very cool”. Then they smiled and walked down the hall.

Just before my last class, three girls said hello and said, “so your friends with Nat” . it wasn't really a question, it was more of a statement to confirm. I nodded my head yes. They all seemed very pleased with this, they smiled, and then one giggled. That got them to all giggle a bit. Then one of them patted my arm and said, “Nat is so sweet, I'm glad.” “Sweet- not exactly the way I would describe her, sure she was being nice and she had been friendly, but she was way too intimidating for me to think of as sweet”. Just then I snapped out of my recollection of the day.

“Hop in!”

It was Natalie, she had leaned over and opened the passenger side door to her truck. She gave me a big toothy smile and beckoned me in with a shake of her head. She patted the seat and asked if I was ready to go. “Ok, maybe she is sweet”. I might have known, a big gal needs a big truck. This was the full sized crew cab Dodge Ram, with a large chrome bumper protector, chrome wheels, and a chrome trimmed bed liner. It was lifted a couple inches higher than normal- not absurdly lifted, just a bit higher than from the factory.

I hoisted myself in and closed the door behind me. The door made a strong thud noise as it shut, implying solid, sturdy strength, “much like Nat herself” I mused. The seat was a soft, sumptuous, light tan colored leather which matched the dashboard. There was the pleasant “car leather” smell and a subtle air freshener pine scent, yet there was something more in the air; a womanly smell with wildflower tones. It was Nat- “she must have put on perfume since we were together for lunch.” I imagined her putting it on just after she got in her truck, putting it on to smell nice for me! I felt myself getting excited by this.

“So how was your first day?” “Huh, what?” “Geez quit daydreaming and pay attention.” But Nat just chuckled and started down the road. Rephrasing, “Sooo,…How do you like our school so far?” “Oh, I like it real well. Have you gone here all four years? I asked. “Yeah, I have. This is a really nice place if you give it a chance.” She paused, seemed like she wanted to say more, but was weighing her thoughts. “What I mean is, if you get in with the right group of friends, it is a nice place. I suppose that’s true of most places”. I did not want to contradict her, nor did I want to get into all my troubles at previous schools, so I just smiled and shook my head, like I agreed with her.

“Say, how about I show you around? Your folks aren’t expecting you home yet since they figured you would walk home, right?” I was so glad the subject had changed, I would agree to just about anything. “Sure, I’d love a tour” I said with my most gallant tone. So Nat showed me downtown, pointing out her favorite burger stand, the big and tall shop where she bought clothes, her go to place for pizza and the garage where she got her truck’s chrome. “Did you get the truck lifted at that garage too?” I asked as we left the outskirts of the town.

“Wow, i'm impressed that you noticed that. Naw, the truck was already modified when I got it. Actually, that’s kinda how I got it. You see, this dude got it done, then did not like it, so he sold it to me.” “Lucky for you” I responded. She drove for a couple more miles, then turned down a dirt road. This seemed a bit strange, and I was just starting to get uncomfortable when she explained where we were going. “This spot coming up is really special. It is pretty. It is peaceful. It is my favorite place to fish. Sometimes I just come here for some quiet, umm… solitude! That’s the word I was looking for. Anyways, Nicolas, I hope you like this place too.”

About then the road had become more of a path, She slowed the truck to fast crawl the last 50 yards to a still mirror-like pond of water colored green in spots by seaweed. It was framed on 3 sides by tall trees and thick brush. On the open side we approached it, which was obscured by weeds and tall grass until you got up near the bank.

Nat climbed out of the truck and closed the door. She then looked back in and gave me a big grin. “Guess this is my que to get out as well.” By the time I got down she was standing next to me. There was a gentle breeze blowing across the water, caressing our faces, and making me slightly dizzy. Without realizing it, I leaned against Nat. I did not lean hard, just kind of brushed up against her side. She immediately draped an arm around my shoulder. It felt so nice, I tilted my head towards her. Because of the height difference, this put the top of my head into her armpit and my face against the side of her boob. “Oh does this feel great”, I thought. “What are you doing? You don't poke a bear, don't make her mad.” I suddenly pulled away.

“Oh, i'm sorry”, Natalie said. “I didn't mean to take things too fast for you” “Too fast for you?” “I'm the one putting my face against the side of your boob!” I blurted out. I thought she would kill me for that, how could I have been so dumb. But instead, she giggled. This was the first time I had heard her giggle. She had laughed, chuckled, and perhaps snorted when amused. but this was the first time she let out a sound I would have described as a giggle. She closed the narrow gap between us, now standing very close indeed she smiled and looked down into my eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” she gently asked. I raised up on my tiptoes and opened my mouth to reply. She bent down to meet my rising, and before I could speak, my open mouth met her lips. Finding my mouth engulfing her lips she muttered something like “oh” and opened her mouth as well. And just like that, I was having my first French Kiss. Her tongue slid into my mouth, big and strong, like the rest of her. It pressed to the roof of my mouth for a moment, then it pressed my tongue. I started to drool, “oh great, just what she wants, a sloppy kisser”, but to my surprise, she guided me through it with what she was doing. Then she relaxed her tongue, sliding it back into her mouth. I did not want to break contact with it, so my tongue had followed hers, and was now in her mouth. She had become passive; letting me probe deeply into her. We mutually broke the kiss, panting with excitement. I leaned in boldly, and we repeated the process, our tongues danced and danced.

“This all started when you pressed your face against the side of my boob. How would you like to feel the front of it? Nat said flirtatiously. I closed my eyes and sighed. “This is the most wonderful dream” “This ain’t no dream honey” she replied

I opened my eyes. Nat giggled again. Then she rapidly pulled her top off. This revealed a blue lacey bra that was holstering her large breasts. There was about 3 inches of cleavage, what a dark mysterious crevice! In contrast to the rapid shedding of her top, she removed the bra slowly, and deliberately. When her tits were freed they giggled, making me even more excited. Her nipples were quarter sized and were starting to harden- wonderful thing, that cool pond breeze. She wave her hand entreating me to become one with her bosom. I took hold of one of her tits with both my hands and lifted it. The weight was so sweet to my hands. lifting it a bit gave my mouth access to her nipple while we both were standing. “Maybe being short has its advantages!”

“Mmmm, suck me baby”, she cooed, and then kissed the top of my head.

She now had wrapped both arms around me and was caressing my back as she pushed my face into her tit. I immediately shucked on her nipple. “It is so big, it almost fills my mouth!” I did not know what I was doing, but she seemed to be responding. Her nipple was getting hard and stiff; while moans of pleasure were gently filling the air.

“Do you trust me?” she asked throatily. I pulled away from her nipple and gasped, “Yessss” I hissed as my hands continued to grope her breast. She took my hands, and place one on each breast, then her hands applied pressure to mine causing me to squeeze both her breasts. As my mouth now started sucking on a fresh nipple, my fingers began to pinch the previously sucked nipple. Both were becoming very hard. “If you trust me, let me take charge now, Ok?” she said huskily.

I just shook my head in an affirmative, not wanting to break contact with my new found pacifier. I felt myself being turned and lifted up into the back seat of the truck. I just kept on playing with my jugs, it had me almost oblivious to anything else. Next I felt my pants being pulled down, then she slowly lowered my boxers. I froze, mouth-on-tit; she was now looking at my little boner; surely she would laugh at me, and this would all be over as quick as it had started. To my surprise she gently caressed my balls and told me I look so hot with my hard dick leaking precum.

Next she reached up into the bin between the front seats, while her other hand continued to rub my balls. I would not have noticed her reaching, but it caused her to stretch, shifting her chest up from my hands and mouth. She fumbled around for a few moments. Finally, she had to lift up completely off of me to get whatever her quest was. She then produced a jar of lube.

Holding it in between us she said, “You’ll thank me for this later.”

She got a glop of it on her right fingers, setting the jar aside, her left hand resumed it's attention to my balls and encircled my petrified member. At the same time her right hand smeared the lube into my butthole. She rubbed up and down my crack several times. Then she got another glop, This time it was perched on just 2 fingers. She returned to my derriere, and instead of just smearing, she positioned a finger at my hole. She gently circled it as it puckered involuntarily. I then felt pressure as it tried to enter me. As I started to tense up, she squeezed my balls more forcefully. It did not hurt, but it distracted me a bit. As she relaxed her grip, I felt her finger inching its way in.

“Just relax, and trust me, this is going to feel good. Suck harder on my tit while I stimulate your dick and pussy.” She whispered.

“What did she just say about a pussy? Maybe she means I'll stimulate her pussy. Right, we will get to that as soon as she is ready.” No time to think though, for as her finger went in deeper, she kissed the top of my head. I was really sucking hard on her nipple. Hard to believe it did not hurt her. Now it was at least past her first knuckle. She moved it in and out. It did feel good. Momentarily, she pulled it all the way out. “Oh, put it back”, I couldn't believe I just thought that. Then I felt a stretching as it went back in, “but wait, why would it stretch? Oh yeah, I forgot the second finger of jelly. i'm stretched because she must have added a second finger to me”.

“That’s it honey, relax and let me make you feel real good” she cooed.

All I could do was moan into her smothering breast as I felt the stimulation of my tongue on a nipple, my hands kneading her breasts like dough, my dick and balls being rubbed on, and my anus signaling pleasures as never before imagined. Then, when I thought it could not get any better, I felt a jolt of pleasure beyond all others. This caused me to spasm with joy. Then it happened again. By the third time, it had registered as a wonderful spark somewhere between my butt and my balls, yet up inside me.

“That's your anal g-spot. It has a medical name. They call it your prostate. You should know that name for your health’s sake, but for me just think of it as your g-spot.” Then she pulled her fingers out of me and stopped playing with my junk. She raised up off me, detaching from my mouth-tit connection. “Did I spoil the mood? Is that why she started talking all clinical and stopped messing around?” My questions were answered before I could verbalize them. She needed both hands to shift and take off her pants. This exposed her blue panties. Unlike her bra, the panties were not very frilly. They appeared to be rather substantial and supportive. She then began to remove them; as she did so, her dick sprung forward from between her cheeks, where it had been tucked. Obviously, held in place by the special undergarment.

“Her dick is quite nice and big. wait HER DICK!” My mind screamed at me. “What is going on? How did that get there between this woman’s legs? More importantly, how do I get out of here?” I blinked my eyes to make sure I saw it correctly. “Yep, it's a penis alright. Large, uncircumcised, getting erect.”

“Just like I said, you are going to love this.” She said as she pulled me to her.

In one deliberate movement she returned the tit to my mouth, which had been open all this time, she took hold of my balls and gently began to roll them around in her hand. As her body now pressed against me, I was pinned between the bench seat and her. Then I felt her hard dick press where her fingers had been only moments ago. I tensed up. “No. No.” I tried to resist her. I tried to speak but my voice was muffled by her breast. I pushed out like I was pooping to try to push against her dickhead and resist it. It had the opposite effect. I felt my ring open as I pushed out, plus my movement caused my bum to be pressing against her cock. And within a few seconds it was in me.

The first thing I felt was a lot of stretching and a tremendous full feeling. There was a slight burning and tingling radiating from my outer ring into my innards. I tried to push off. That’s when I realized I was squishing a breast with one hand while my other hand lifted the ‘under boobage’ of a breast I was salivating all over. I tried to talk again but nothing intelligible was coming past that huge tit.

“You are doing great!” she exclaimed. “Did I just hear you right? You are fucking me, and you are telling me it is great.” I started to squirm, if I could just get free, maybe this nightmare would stop. As I shifted I felt a sharp pain. “She has my balls. I can’t go anywhere without them… And they are not going anywhere as long as she has got a hold on them.”

As all this was happening, Natalie was busy too. She had penetrated me to just about the depth of her fingers and stopped. Now she pulled part way out. Then slowly pushing back to about the same depth, and once again. Then she pulled back until she was almost out and started sliding into me a bit faster. That’s when she hit that spot. She hit it with her fingers, and now with her dick.

“MMMMMHHH” I moaned into her nipple. I did not want to enjoy the feeling. Even worse, she knew I enjoyed the feeling. “That’s it my sweet baby, take it all. Let me fill you up” she whispered into my ear. She thrust a bit deeper, again hitting my joy spot. Her hand encircled my little penis and began to stroke it in time with her thrusts. “Ya, let me love you. Let me fill your pussy, my sweet baby.” Her words stung. So humiliating. She was dominating me so thoroughly. A part of me was broken by this. And so I surrendered my ass. She thrust into me deeper and deeper. She seemed to sense that I had given in; that she had conquered me. I instinctively wrapped my legs around her waist.

She was picking up a rhythm now. In and out, in and out she sawed. Up and down her hand slid on my tingling little cock. She started thrusting her nipple against my tongue in time with the other movements. It was too much for me, my head got light, then my ears buzzed, and I spurted my load on my belly, my humiliation almost complete. As I finished, her hand released my spent organ, as if she knew it would now be too sensitive. She adjusted her hands to the bench for support, and began to thrust even more vigorously. Bang, bang, bang she hit as deep inside as she could. Her big ball sack slapping against my greasy butt cheeks for a soundtrack to my violation.

“Oh yeah baby, I’m making you my bitch now! Get ready. I'm gonna give it to you. AHHHH YEAH. Here ya go” she grunted at me.

I then felt a warm sensation in my gut and then a wet sloppiness. I guess that is her cum. “So now what? Would she now just drive away leaving me here, lost and discarded like a used condom? That’s about all I am. Just a sheath to be soiled and thrown away”. Natalie had turned out to be a bully. A different kind of bully. A raping bully. She had denigrated me more thoroughly and completely than anyone else ever had. “How was I such a fool? Why did I trust her? How could she betray me like this?”

The thoughts stopped as Natalie now lifted up off of me. I was grateful to have her no longer against and on top of me. While laying motionless on the truck back seat, she stood up lifted to her tip toes, then she stretched in front of me, her soggy, limp cock swayed a bit as it began to shrink. ‘I wonder what will happen next… maybe she’ll just leave and let me alone. That would be a reprieve from this torment, but how will I get home?’ Natalie had moved away from the rear bench and now opened the front passenger door.

“Hang on, I've got some tissues here in the glovebox” she cheerfully said from over the front seat. “We need to clean up and get you home. Your parents will be expecting you.” After wiping herself with a couple she handed the box over. “Here, i'm afraid we made a bigger mess of you than me” A bit taken back by her cheerfulness and politeness I stood up. “Was she playing dumb or in denial about what just happened. Or maybe this was part of, “setting me up for something else”, but what?”

Natalie returned to the back. She had put her pants back on and was straightening her twisted bra so she could put it on. “I think someone was a bit too enthusiastic” she said, pointing to her breast. There were tooth marks and redness where my mouth had been. “I bet this will be sore tomorrow” she chuckled. “I never had anyone clamp down quite like that; guess sometimes love hurts,… Hurts a lot!” She laughed at her joke. She got her bra and top back in place. Then she looked at me and shook her head.

“Come on, we gotta get a move on!” And then she took tissues and wiped the cum off my belly, then my butt cheeks and where it was running down one leg. “i'll wipe your cock too, but it is tender right now, so I figured you can do that better for yourself”

I got dressed and crawled into the front passenger seat. Natalie looked at the GPS where she had put my address when I first got in and backed out to the dirt road. I saw the trip home would take 6 minutes. I was silently staring at the GPS the whole way home. Both to reassure myself that Natalie was really taking me home, and to note just how soon this would all be over. Natalie, in the meantime was chattering about school, the town, her mom and dad, who knows what else. I really wasn’t paying attention. The six minutes couldn't pass quickly enough for me, when we pulled up in front of my house I tried to hop out before the truck completely stopped.

“Oh, hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to talk your leg off, and not give you a chance to speak. Well, here we are. You can tell your parents you were hanging out with a friend and lost track of time.” She said in such an annoyingly cheerful tone. Before I got out of the truck she grabbed me and pulled me in for another kiss and played with my tongue for a few seconds before breaking it and she leaned in to my ear and whispered “if you submit yourself to me like you did earlier i’ll let you suck my breast like that as much as you want”

By then I had closed the door and was halfway up the driveway when she shouted something that made me freeze dead in my tracks.

“See you tomorrow~”



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