Brother's Mind-Controlled Sisters 1: Brother's Cherry Surprise by mypenname3000


After gaining mind-control powers, Randy learns about his sister's incestuous lusts! , Brother's Mind-Controlled Sisters
A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research
Chapter One: Brother's Cherry Surprise
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Alex strode through the halls of The Institute of Apotheosis. For most technology companies, having a eighteen-year-old with no college degreewalking through it would be unusual. But the Institute wasn't most companies. They had a higher purpose than just making the newest device or killer app. They were in the business of making gods.

Some might call them a cult.

Because they followed the teachings of their dead founder, Dr. Henry Peter Blavatsky, they found it necessary to keep the running of the company as more of a family business. Alex was the son of the Institute's president, Deidre Icke.

Another thing that made the Institute unique was the sound of sex echoing through the halls. Alex passed by Department of Scrying, the door open, the moans of two young girls echoing from inside. He had a glimpse of Cindy and Mindy, eighteen-year-old twin sisters, kissing each other as they lay atop a table, their father, the director of the department, fucking one of their tight, young cunts.

Alex's dick ached and throbbed in his pants. He adjusted himself, picking up the pace on the way to his mother's office. He needed to get his dick wet. He wanted to slip into his mother's pussy. To feel the hot, tight sheath of the pussy that had brought him into the world wrapped about his dick.

The first three new gods had taught the world that incest should be practiced, and the Institute had followed their new deity's teachings with zeal. And right now, Alex was very eager to practice.

He reached his mother's office, bursting in and groaned at the sight of Deidre Icke bent over her own desk, her ass a bright cherry-red. She let out a groan as Alex's dad, Deidre's ex-husband, cracked his hand down on her rump.

As a cheating wife, he had every right to punish her. The last god, Michael Horne, had taught the world that after learning his own wife had an adulterous affair.

Alex groaned at the sight of his mom's spanked rump.


“Ooh, yes, punish me,” his mother moaned, the President of the Institute submitting to her punishment. Welcoming it. She wiggled her hips, her dark bush glistening with her excitement.


“You're just in time,” Alexis, Alex's twin sister, said. She sat naked on a chair, rubbing her barely legal cunt messy with their father's cum. “The drone's just about to drop off the package to the new god.”

“Who is it?” Alex asked, staring at his sister's cunt. He wanted to fuck her so badly. Ever since incest was revealed, he lusted for her.

But brother and sister incest hadn't been taught yet. Fathers could enjoy their daughters. Mother's their sons and daughters. Even sisters could love each other.

“Randy Lyon,” she answered, her fingers digging into her cunt. “I hope he has a sister.”

“Yeah,” Alex groaned, unable to pull his eyes away from that naughty sight.


The Institute hadn't anticipated what the new gods had taught them, but they were more than willing to follow them. The twelve new gods would change the world. They would reawaken mankind to spirituality.

And the Institute would be their most fervent disciples.


“Watch out on the right flank,” I said into the headset, my PlayStation controller gripped in my hand. “They're trying to cap the objective.”

“I got it,” my friend, going by pussyhunter69, said over the voice chat. He then laughed. “Bet the cuck didn't see that coming. Head shot and he's down!”

I grinned, staring at the screen, dodging the incoming attack from an enemy player. I fired, taking him down. I shifted on the bed, my TV only a few feet before me. The music of the game thundered through my bedroom.

But it wasn't loud enough.

“Randy, get your goddamn ass down here!” my father bellowed, his voice thundering through the house. “Right the fuck now!”

I sucked in a deep breath, gripping the black controller tight in my hand. “Shit,” I muttered. “Guys, I got to go.”

“Now?” pussyhunter69 groaned. “We're in the middle of the match.”

“Yeah, my dad's calling.” I hated living at home. Twenty and poor, I didn't have many options. I worked part time, using the money to help pay the bills since my dad had “hurt” his back on the job and now spent his disability drinking as much beer as he could.

Asshole. I did not know what my mother ever saw in him. I could only imagine she would have divorced him if she hadn't died.

I threw off my headset and shut down the system with the controller. I took a deep breath, steeling myself to the confrontation. Most days, he was too drunk to put the effort into yelling at me or doing something worse.

“You get your goddamn useless ass down here!” he bellowed again, his words half-slurred by the alcohol.

I threw open my door and stepped into the hallway, running a nervous hand through my dark-brown hair. He sounded real drunk and belligerent. The bruises from his last tantrum had faded. I knew I'd have more. He never beat my three sisters.

Only me.

Alison's door opened. My nineteen-year-old sister thrust her head out, her light-brown hair falling in loose locks about her narrow face. She was my favorite sister. The only one that gave a shit about me. My older sister was a cunt and Livie, the baby of the family, just ignored me unless she needed something from me. But Alison was more than my sister, she was my friend. She was someone I could talk to. Someone that understood.

“Good luck,” she said, her smile tight, that worried look she got tensing her face.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said heading for the stairs. I wanted to drag my feet, to take my time, but that would just make him angrier.

My footsteps thudded down the stairs. I had grown tall, taller than my dad, but I had a lanky build, not as broad-shouldered as him. His years of working construction had given him strength that pounding back beer after beer somehow hadn't robbed from him.

There was no fucking justice in the world. If there was, Mom would be alive and this asshole would be dead.

I found my dad in the kitchen, my older sister Valarie with him. She had her arms crossed beneath her large breasts contained in a baby-doll t-shirt. The slut dressed to show off her body and our father… He appreciated it. With her bleached-blonde hair, she looked like our mother, but I doubt our mother ever dressed like a streetwalker. I mean, those shorts were so tight Valarie had a cameltoe.

Fucking bitch. She knew that dad perved on her and used it to her advantage.

“What did I do now?” I asked, trying to keep the irritation out of my voice. My disgust rose in my stomach, a burning churn of acid, at the sight of the bleary-eyed, balding man before me, his white shirt stained and stretching over his beer cut, an inch of flabby, hairy belly exposed thrusting over his jeans.

“This!” he growled, holding up an empty case of Coors, his favorite brand of beer.

“What about it?” I asked.

“There should have been four more beers in here, but there ain't.”

My eyes flicked to my sister. The twenty-year-old bitch licked her lips, her hazel eyes smirking.

“I didn't take them,” I protested. The one thing my father cared about was his beer. But how he could remember how many were in a case, I didn't know.

Drinking held little appeal to me after seeing it transform my father into this piece of shit before me, his breath reeking of that sour drink, his eyes bloodshot. He took a step towards me and threw the cardboard box to the ground. It bounced on the linoleum floor and slid into my feet.

“Don't lie to me. Your sister told me she saw you sneaking one yesterday.”

That fucking bitch. I glared at Valarie and she had this smile on her lips, this smirk of triumph. Of course she was sneaking beers. She had one of her friends over. That bitch thought she could get away with anything.

And she could. In that tight top and those ass-hugging shorts dad would let her get away with murder so long as she provided a scapegoat for his anger.

“Goddamn, you are such a whore, Valarie,” I snarled at her, my fists balling.

“Don't call your sister that!” bellowed Dad. “She's the only one in the family that does her chores. If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't have any food to eat, you ungrateful little shit.”

“Alison does the shopping,” I growled. “Valarie doesn't do shit but dress like a tart and—”

Dad's fist swung. I raised my arms, taking the blow on my shoulder. Pain throbbed as I stumbled back. He had meaty hands, so thick and perfect for battering me. His putrid breath washed over me as he roared his drunken rage at me.

My heart pounded. My skin grew tense as his next blow took me in the stomach. Air whooshed out of my lungs. I folded in half and fell down to my knees, coughing. I felt Valarie's eyes watching me. That fucking cunt. This was all her fault and—

Dad kicked me.

“Fuck!” I grunted, rolling onto my back as he followed, his heavy steps booming on the linoleum. I felt so small beneath him. A giant loomed over me.

I covered my head, my entire body tensed and—

The blow hit my lower back. Thudding pain rippled through me. I grit my teeth, grunting. I didn't want to cry out. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. I tensed before each blow, took it with a grunt, my heart screaming in my chest, my blood pounding through my veins. A hot rush beat in my ears as he kicked me over and over.







My anger boiled through me as the pain throbbed through my back. I clenched my fists, fingers biting into my palms. My asshole dad grunted over me. He wheezed like a leaky bellows, sucking in breath, exerting himself for once.

“Don't touch my beer, fucking little shit,” he grunted and stumbled off.

The linoleum felt cool on my cheek, soothing away the burning pain. I groaned, rolling onto my back. Bruises throbbed on my back. I stared up at the ceiling, I hated living here, wanting to escape. To take some control over things. I wanted to have the strength to fight back.

My phone in my pocket dinged. A text message.

“Fuck,” I groaned, every movement made my body throb. Burning ache rippled through my body. I pulled it out and stared at it, frowning.


You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your life's needs. Tired of your father's angry demands? Tired of feeling like you have no control?

Well you're in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take control of the people in your life and mold them to your wishes.

I know you are as excited as we are by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.

So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life!

Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy!


Deidre Icke, Esq.

President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research

“Fuck,” I groaned, my body too sore to even process whatever stupid shit this message meant. Probably pussyhunter69 getting back at me for dropping the game in the middle of a match.

The pain in my back grew. I wanted to lie here, never moving again, but soon the bruises throbbed to much. With a grunt, I forced myself to stand. Sweat dripped down my face as I stood, bracing against the refrigerator's handle. I pushed off of it and stumbled forward. My dad already snored in his chair, passed out from the exertion of his beating.

My fist clenched. I could just punch him right in the face and…

My stomach twisted, a clammy writhe rippling through me. He'd just beat me again.

I trudged up the stairs and barreled through my door into my room. I collapsed on my bed, lying on my belly. I rested my head on my pillow, trying to ignore the pulsing aches of the bruises on my back. I'd feel this beating for days.

“Fucking Valarie,” I muttered.

The doorbell rang.

I didn't give a shit.

I just stared at my TV, a rectangular glare from my window shining in the upper right corner. I didn't have the strength to do anything. Frustrated pain rose through me, stinging my eyes. I squeezed them shut, fighting the emotion wanting to spill out of me. The back of my throat burned. My teeth ground together.

“You got a package,” Alison said.

“What?” I opened my eyes to see my sister walking in through my open door, wearing a pair of jeans and a frilly, pink shirt. She closed it behind her with a push of her sock-clad foot.

“A package,” she said, holding a brown box in it. “I think a drone delivered it. I thought I saw it flying over the Wilson's house.”

Drone? The text message popped into my mind. But I just didn't care because I saw what was on the pack: the bright blue ice pack.

Alison set the box on the floor then she scooped off the ice pack and pulled up my t-shirt. She winced, shaking her head, her eyes growing watery. She placed the pack down on one of those pulsing, throbbing centers of hurt on my back.

Ice soothed it away. I groaned at the numbing touch. “Thanks.”

“It makes me so angry that he does that to you,” she said, sitting on the bed beside her. “I know you didn't steal that beer.”

“Yeah, well, Valarie shook her tits at dad and blamed it all on me,” I groaned.

Alison made a disgruntled sound from her throat.

“You shouldn't stick around here,” she said. “You have a job. You could find your own place.”

“And who's going to take his beatings then?” I stared at her. “Valarie shakes her tits, and Livie just has to flutter her eyes and cry like a baby.”

Alison gave me such a sad smile. Her eyes swam with liquid emotion. She looked away, clearing her throat. Then she picked up the package and pulled it onto her lap. She stroked the cardboard, brushing the packing tape sealing it closed.

“It's so unusual,” she said after a moment, her voice strained, tight. “There's no return address on here. No shipping labels. Just your name.”

“Weird,” I grunted, wanting to hug her, but that meant moving. And the ice pack felt so amazing, the cold seeping through my back, driving back the heat.

“Well, let's see what it is,” my sister said.


Alex smiled as the feed on his mother's computer appeared. The drone's had installed the spy cameras through the new god's house. Alexis took his hand, giving it a squeeze, the fraternal twins eager to see what their new god had to teach.

Their mother sat, gingerly, at her computer, manipulating the cameras. She cycled it through the house, new security camera feeds flashing across the screen. A man with a beer gut snored on a recliner appeared in one, the TV playing before him. A eighteen-year-old girl lay on her back, texting on her phone in the next. Then an older girl, twenty with big tits and bleached-blonde hair, walked out the front door.

“There he is,” Deidre Icke said on the next shift. She pointed at the god lying on his stomach on his bad, an ice pack on his back. A girl his age, both nineteen or twenty, sat beside him. “Randy Lyon and his middle sister, Alison.”

“He has a sister?” Alexis said.

“Three,” their mother answered.

“Well, let's see what it is,” Alison said, her words sounding tinny through the cheap computer speakers. She ran her hands across the box the Institute sent Randy, holding it on her lap.

“Please, please, reveal it,” prayed the naked Alexis, making her young, firm breasts jiggle.


“It's a mind control device,” I said, remembering what the text message said as my sister pried at the tape sealing the strange package closed.

“Uh-huh. Been ordering dumb stuff off the back of a comic book again?” The tape ripped, taking strips of cardboard with it. “Like those X-ray glasses.”

“I was ten,” I said with a flush. Mom was still alive then and Dad still worked. “I wouldn't waste money on something like that now.”

“Yeah, it's not a video game,” she said, amusement in her voice.

My cheeks warmed more. I shifted and pushed down the twisting guilt. I worked a lot of overtime to buy my PlayStation 4.

“Well, if you didn't order it,” she said, pulling out a piece of Styrofoam and setting it aside, “then how do you know what this is?”

“Text message. A weird one. I thought it was a prank from one of my friends.”

“Right, a prank,” she said, pulling out a gold ring that looked like a circlet, sized big enough to fit my head. She furrowed her brow, staring at it. “Do you think I'm that gullible, Randy?”

“Well, you did believe me when I told you that the X-ray glasses worked but couldn't see through metal.”

She smiled. “I was nine. And I didn't want you to see my panties.”

“Mom did not appreciate you running around with her baking sheets covering your body.”

My sister giggled for a moment, twisting the golden ring between her fingers. “No, she did not.”

“So you're gullible.”

“I was nine,” she said, giving me a direct look. “You're the one that bought them. And since you're eleven months older than me, you should have known better.” Then, before I could object, she placed the golden ring on my head.

I gasped at the heat swelling about my head. Alison gave a shriek and thru herself back so hard that she fell off my bed. The band prickled about my skull. My brain fuzzed for a moment. My entire body shook and the pain… The throbbing, aching, pulsing bruises across my body, the ones not numbed by the ice pack, faded away. The soreness vanished.

“I-it melted,” she gasped. “It melted into your head.”

“What?” My thoughts prickled.

“It just glowed for a moment and then… dissolved into your head.”

I sat up, the ice pack falling off my back. I grabbed my head, running my hands through my hair, searching for the gold ring. I felt her set it on me. And… Nothing. My fingers stroked through my short, dark hair. Frown, I looked around on the bed for it. it must have fallen off. It couldn't have melted into me.

“Stop trying to prank me,” I said, the prickles rippling across my mind. “Where did it go?”

“I'm not pranking you,” my sister said, her voice tight. “It melted into your head.” She grabbed her own temples. “How are you making me talk. I can feel you… In my head!”

“What?” Prickling thoughts.

“You're… making me speak,” she said.

I frowned at her then shook my head. “Right, right, the mind-control. How far are you going to commit to this?” I rubbed my head, these fuzzing tingles were getting annoying.

“I don't have a choice,” she said, sitting up. “Who sent this to you?” She grabbed the box and pulled out an instruction manual. “The Institute of Apotheosis? What is that?”

“Apotheosis means falling towards divinity,” I said. “It's a Greek term for something becoming a god.”

“You are such a nerd,” Alison said, her eyes flicking to a bookshelf covered in Brandon Sanderson, Steven Erikson, R.A. Salvatore, Kevin J. Anderson, Robert Jordan, R. Scott Bakker, and Terry Goodkind books. Then she opened the manual and flipped through it, her eyebrows furrowing.

“What?” I asked her, a tiny prickle dancing on my thoughts, not as bad as the last ones.

“It says the halo contained nanomachines that have bonded with your mind. It gives you the power to project your brainwaves onto another person and control them.” She looked up at me. “Why would they send this to you? I mean, you're my brother. You're nothing special or important.”

“Because I'm a nerd,” I said, shrugging. What game was she up to? How far would she take this? I had to find out. “Stand on one foot.”

My thoughts buzzed worse.

She hopped up to her feet and then put all her weight on her right, shifting around as she clutched the manual. She balanced, staring at me, her face a weird mix of emotions, almost fear and almost… awe.

“I didn't even have a choice,” she said, lowering her left foot to the ground. “I just had to do it.”

“And yet you stopped balancing on one foot,” I pointed out, knowing I had her now.

“Well, you didn't tell me I had to stand like that forever,” she said defensively.

“Fine, stand on one foot until I tell you otherwise.” My forehead creased against the prickling. That was damned annoying.

Alison balanced on her right leg again, giving me such an annoyed look. “You have the power to control my body, and this is what you want to do with it?”

I gave her such a weird look. “Why, what would you want me to do with it?”

Needles stabbed into my brain. Sweat broke out across my head. I grabbed my temple, groaning.

At the same time, my sister said, “To force me to tell all my secrets that I've been hiding from you.”

I blinked at that. What was going on here? Bracing myself against the sensations assaulting my thoughts, I asked, “If you don't want me to know about your secrets, why did you just answer the question that way?”

“Because I want you to know,” she said, her face going beat red, her eyes wild. She waved her arms, fighting to hold her balance. “I'm just too embarrassed to ever let you know.” She pleaded at me with her eyes, but I couldn't tell if she wanted me to stop or keeping going. “Unless you… make me.”

“Well, what's your secret?” I asked. How would she try to trick me with this game?

“That I want to have sex with you!” She screamed out the words. She let out a whimpering groan, her arms windmilling to keep her balance. “I masturbate thinking about you all the time. I want you to be my first. I love you, Randy. I want you so badly.”

My dick became a tent pole in my jeans. Heat flushed through my body. Pictures of my sister lying on her back, her round breasts jiggling naked, her hands plunged between her thighs, assaulted my mind. My heart pounded as I stared at her.

“Oh, god, oh, god,” she said. “Can I put my foot down? This is hard enough without fighting to keep my balance.”

“You want to have sex with me?”

“So badly.” She shivered which made her teeter. She let out a little screech, as she leaned too far forward. She threw her weight backward to try and stop her fall. But she over-corrected. “No!”

Alison crashed onto her back.

I gained my feet to help her, a laugh about to burst from my lips. Served her right to take the game this far. But a look of panic shot across her face. She scrambled to get back up, whimpering like a hurt puppy. She gained her feet and immediately went to balancing on one foot. Tears fell down her cheeks.

“I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I tried, Randy. I tried to obey you. I'm so sorry.”

Jesus. Seeing the tears flood down her cheeks made me swallow. She wasn't playing around. She couldn't fake that desperate apology. Disobeying me had freaked her out. And she hadn't even done it on purpose. She just lost her balance.

“It's okay,” I told her, a tiny crackle danced on my thoughts, just the lightest of buzzing. “You don't have to cry. You didn't do anything wrong. You can stand on both your feet.”

The moment her left foot touched the ground, she threw herself at me. Her arms went around my neck. I became so aware of my younger sister's body against mine, her breasts so round, her figure slender and lithe. She almost had my height, a few inches shorter. My arms went around her without thought, holding her close.

My dick throbbed. The ache swelled in it. Her confession filled my mind.

I stared at her, my thoughts racing, my balls growing so tense, so full of cum. That ache grew at the tip of my dick. “You really want to have sex with me?”

“Yes!” She tightened her arms. “I know it's wrong and disgusting. I know I shouldn't have these depraved thoughts. I just can't help myself. They consume me. I want you so badly. I want to make love to you. I'm such a terrible person.”

Incest was wrong, and yet… She wanted me. A girl, even if she was my own sister, wanted me. And she was in my arms. If I told her to, she would have sex with me. My sister. Alison. The one member of my family that wasn't terrible to me. That cared about me. I could turn her into a slut like Valarie. I could fuck her so hard.

A cold twist writhed through my stomach.

Why would I want to do that to Alison? Why would I want to hurt her? I would never hurt her.

“D-do you think I'm disgusting?” she asked.

“No,” I told her. “I don't. It's…”

She pressed against me, squirming her hips and grinding her crotch against my dick. It throbbed in my jeans. Tingles raced through my body. My sister felt so good against me. So warm and lithe. I swallowed, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Then…” She shook. “Then you can tell me… Tell me it's okay. Tell me I don't have to feel guilty for wanting to love you. Mind-control it away!”

“If you didn't feel guilty, if you didn't think incest was wrong, what would you do?” I asked.

“Kiss you,” she whispered. “I've wanted to do it so many times. I've wanted to just confess my shameful feelings to you. I thought… I thought you would hate me. I feel so terrible just having these desires.” She ground against me. “But you're so hard right now. Please, please, take it away from me.”

I stood there, realizing what she wanted. What I wanted. My hands drifted down her back. Incest was wrong… But my cock didn't care that she was my sister. She felt so wonderful in my arms. So lithe and beautiful.

“Incest isn't wrong,” I ordered. Needles jabbed so deep into my brain. Darkness fuzzed across my vision. “You never have to feel guilty for wanting to have sex with your brother. It's okay for brothers and sisters to love each other.”


“Yes!” Alexis said and threw herself at her brother.

Joy beat through Alex's heart as his naked twins sister planted her hot lips on his, pushing him back. He felt his parents watching them sink to the floor of his mother's office, Alexis pulling at his clothing, stripping him naked as she ground atop him.

It was allowed. A god had declared it. He could make love to his sister. His dick had never been harder.


Alison let out such a relived moan into my neck. Then she pulled her head back. Her puffy eyes stared into mine. The tear stains on her cheeks combined with her smile to make her so radiant, so feminine and alluring. She didn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. She could be so natural, so raw, and light up my soul.

Then her lips met mine. Dry, at first, like mine were. But then we moved them together. I closed my eyes, kissing my first girl. I held her tight against me, loving the taste of her. The feel of her. She shuddered against me, her tongue brushing my lips, caressing them.

My heart pounded faster and faster. My blood surged through my veins. Boiling heat washed through my entire body. My dick pulsed and throbbed, struggling to break free of my jeans. I cupped her ass through her pants, squeezing those pliant cheeks through rough denim. I moaned into the kiss.

I loved my sister, too.

Our kiss grew hotter and hotter. Our tongues joined the fun, brushing each other, teaching each other. Her hands shoved up my t-shirt, rubbing at my naked back. I didn't feel any pain from my bruises as she touched me, her fingers stroking fire across my back.

The fire raced to my cock. An inferno ignited.

I broke the kiss. “Alison…”

“Just order me,” she said. “Order me to have sex with you. Command me. Make me do it.” She had such a breathy voice, so wanton. “Control me!”

“Strip us naked and then we're going to make love,” I ordered, my thoughts fuzzing like thick wool ran across them. “Right now.”

“Yes!” she moaned, her eyes so wide. “You're making me do what I've always wanted. Ooh, yes, you can make me do anything.” She pulled off my shirt. “You could make me suck your cock. Or do anal. I'd have to let you fuck your dick into my asshole if you ordered me to. And swallow. I'll swallow all your cum if you tell me to.”

“Always,” I groaned. “You'll swallow every drop.”

“And I'll have to let you cum in my pussy. No protection. You could breed me. I wouldn't have a choice. I'd have to let you just flood my unprotected snatch.”

I realized these were her fantasies, all the things she'd been so ashamed of thinking about while masturbating. My dick throbbed at the last one. Breeding her? Why did that sound like the hottest thing in the world?

“Brothers should always breed their sisters,” I groaned as she threw my t-shirt to the ground then ripped off her own.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped, peeling off her top and revealing her round breasts constrained in a light-blue bra, her nipples dimpling the cups. “I have to let you! You made me want this!”

She attacked her jeans with a frantic need to strip naked. I just watched her shove them down her hips, her panties matching her bra. A dark spot spread from her panties' crotch. She was wet. She wanted this so badly. She kicked off her jeans, leaving them in a messy pile on the floor, half inside-out before she reached behind her.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned as she slipped off her bra, revealing the first ever pair of live breasts. “A brother can touch his sister's tits whenever he wants.”


“Of course!” she moaned. “Where else can he touch her?” she asked with such eagerness. She shoved down her panties, a trimmed, light-brown bush adorned with her juices, hiding her treasure.

“Her pussy! Her ass! Her entire body!” I groaned as she stepped out of her panties. “It's all his to plunder!”

She fell to her knees before me. I groaned at the hottest thing I had ever witnessed, her firm tits jiggling, lust smoldering in her dark eyes. She attacked the fastener of my jeans then ripped down the zipper. She yanked off my pants and boxers in one motion. My dick bounced out before her face. She stared at it, shuddering.

“What?” I asked.

“It's bigger than I imagined.” She licked her lips.

“A sister is never afraid of her brother's cock. She loves it.”

“Yes!” Alison opened her mouth and swallowed my dick's tip.

I groaned at the feel of her hot mouth around my cock. Her tongue fluttered around the crown as she sucked hard. Her cheeks hollowed as she loved my dick. My balls clenched and tightened. A girl—my sister!—sucked my dick. Gave me a blowjob.

It was incredible. Her mouth felt so wet and warm about it. The sensations shot through me. My balls boiled in an instant. I wanted to enjoy this, to savor her lips sliding up and down my dick, but I couldn't. It felt so good.

And I hadn't jacked off today.

“Alison!” I moaned as my cock erupted. “Sisters always swallow!”

She gulped down my cum as it spurted into her mouth. The pleasure shot through me. Pulsing rapture that had me gasping and groaning. I grabbed her brown hair for support, clutching a fistful of it as my body swayed. It was incredible. It made masturbation feel so pathetic. Her mouth sucked at my cock as it spurted, making every blast feel more intense.

More powerful.

More right.

I should be cumming in mouths and pussies, not wasting it on my stomach. My sister needed this jizz. She swallowed it with such moaning passion, enjoying what she had long fantasized about. Her eyes smoldered with her joy.

“Damn,” I grunted as the last spurt fired into her mouth. She sucked hard, gathering out the last drops.

Then she popped her mouth off and opened it wide, making an aaahhing sound. She had no cum in it.

“Good,” I panted. “That was good.”

“Uh-huh,” she squirmed, stroking her dick. “Are you going to breed me now?”

It was tempting, but I looked down at my sister squirming her hips. She had a wet pussy and… I had watched a lot of porn. There were things I wanted to try before her pussy became too messy with my spunk.

“Lie down on my bed so I can eat your pussy!” I said. My thoughts hardly tingled at all.

“Yes!” she squealed and hopped up to her feet. She darted to the bed and threw herself down on it, legs spread wide. Through her bush, I could see the tight slit of her pussy part to show off her pink, wet flesh. “Sisters have to let their brothers touch their pussies whenever they want.”

“That's right,” I groaned, advancing on her, licking my lips. “And you want it all the time, don't you?”

“All the time,” she panted. “Thank you for taking away the guilt. For letting me enjoy this.”

I paused, staring down at her. “Of course. I love you, Alison.”

She shuddered on the bed, her eyes so wide like that was the greatest thing she'd ever heard in her life. She spread her legs even wider, practically doing the splits. Her breasts jiggled, piled into two firm mounds on her chest.

“Feast on my cunt, Randy!” she moaned. “Then breed me. Breed your sister! Brothers have to breed their sisters.”

“Yes!” I groaned and buried my face into her pussy.

She. Tasted. Amazing.

My tongue slid through her folds, gathering her tangy flavor. Her narrow face twisted with rapture. Her entire body heaved as my tongue flicked her clit peeking out of its folds. Her legs spasmed. The bed creaked.

“Randy!” she moaned. “Oh, Randy, yes, feast on me!”

I feasted.

I grabbed her thighs, feeling her silky-smooth flesh beneath my palms and fingers, as I devoured her pussy. Her pubic hairs caressed my cheeks as I pressed my face tight into her snatch. I licked and flicked my tongue through her folds. I devoured every bit of her. I enjoyed her. Savored her tangy cream pouring out of her and onto my tongue. I dived through her folds and brushed a membrane stretched across her pussy's entrance.

Her cherry.

My dick throbbed. I hadn't gone soft like I normally would after cumming. I groaned, my cock twitching with my pounding heart as I feasted on my sister's delicious snatch. I licked and lapped, sliding my tongue up and down my folds. I didn't know what I was doing, I just had to taste her everywhere.

And she loved it.

“Randy!” she whimpered over and over. “Randy!”

Her face turned redder and redder. Her hands squeezed her firm tits as she undulated her hips. She ground her cunt on my mouth as she shuddered and panted. She sucked in deep breaths between moaning my name while more and more of her tangy juices flooded my mouth.

I lapped up every drop I could, my tongue brushing her clit. She shuddered. I flicked her clit again. She moaned and squeezed her tits. She liked that. She liked that a lot. So I attacked her bud. I flicked and swirled my tongue about it, I stroked in fast circles around it. And then I sucked on it.

“Randy!” she shrieked.

Juices squirted from her pussy. I jumped back in shock, her cream flooding down my face as my sister thrashed on my bed. She moaned out in incoherent passion as I realized she came. That she'd ejaculated and coated me in her tangy delight.

I loved it. She looked so beautiful convulsing on my bed, her cream flooding out of her, making a wet spot on the bed spread. I shuddered, my heart pounding as I drank in the sight of her. My dick throbbed and ached.

“Yes, yes, breed me, brother!” she moaned. “You have to. Brothers have to breed their sisters!”

“They do,” I panted, grabbing my cock.

“And you have to touch my pussy whenever you want,” she added, fingers digging so deep into her tits. “And I know you want to touch my pussy right now.”

I wanted that forbidden, incestuous contact of our flesh. The union of our bodies. I licked my lips, tasting more of her tangy passion. With a growl, I pounced on her. I landed on her body, the bed creaking beneath her. Her hands shot down, grasping my dick.

With a naughty smile spreading across her flushed cheeks, she brought me to her virgin pussy. She pressed me right against her cherry. She rubbed my dick up and down her dripping snatch. She was so hot.

“Breed me, brother!” she moaned. “I love you so much. I want to have your baby even if I didn't have to be bred by you.”

“I love you,” I grunted and thrust my cock.

I popped my sister's cherry.

I sank into her hot, untouched depths. Her incestuous sheath sank around my cock. I groaned. We came from the same flesh. From the same womb. We had the same DNA inside of us. This was so wrong. So forbidden.

And it felt so amazing.

I kissed my sister hard, letting her taste her pussy as I fucked her cunt. My hips moved on their own, pumping with a desperate need. I was in my first girl. My sister… I was fucking my sister. This was incredible.

I groaned into the kiss, the pleasure caressing my dick. Delight spilled through me. An ache built and built at the tip, driving me to plow forward. My balls smacked into her taint, growing tighter as my next load of cum built in them.

Jizz that would fertilize my sister's egg and breed her.

I fucked her harder. I wanted to take my time, but I was too horny. This was all to much. My sister was my whore. I could make the woman I love do anything. And that would turn her on. She would cum so hard for me, doing any perverted thing I wanted.

And I had other sisters.

I broke the kiss, “Holy shit!” I panted. “I can get people to do anything.”

“Anything!” she moaned, her eyes so wide. “You have to breed that bitch-slut Valarie and the crybaby. They're your sisters, too.”

“But you're my favorite,” I told her.

She beamed at me, her pussy clenching down so hard on my thrusting dick. And that made her cunt feel even better. The silky friction burned around my dick. The heat sank through my shaft to my balls, bringing my cum closer to erupting into her fertile depths.

I kissed her again, her breasts rubbing on my chest. I loved the feel of her beneath me, her thighs locked about my waist, our bodies intertwined. United. Oh, we would do such naughty things together. We would fuck each other so hard. We would turn Valarie into a whore and Livie… Livie into a baby-slut. I would fuck her eighteen-year-old pussy so hard.

Together with my favorite sister.

Our tongues wrestled as our bodies pumped together. My dick pistoned in and out of her pussy faster and faster. My balls smacked on her flesh. I held my sister, loving the feel of her. Loving her so much.

“Alison!” I groaned, breaking the kiss, so close to cumming. My dick throbbed, ached. I hit that point where I couldn't stop thrusting, on the verge of erupting. I just needed a few more strokes into her hot, tight sheath and I'd spill into her.

“Yes, yes, breed me, Randy! Breed your sister!”

I buried into her.

My balls convulsed.

My cum fired into her.

I flooded my sister's pussy with my incestuous seed. I shuddered as she squealed beneath me. Then her cunt went wild about my dick. Her flesh spasmed about it, milking my cock, increasing the rapture shooting through me.

Intense ecstasy slammed into my mind. I groaned, every muscle in my body buzzing in delight. Stars burst across my eyes, detonating into supernovas celebrating our incestuous passion. My dick quivered inside her pussy as her cunt wrung me dry of every drop.

Euphoria billowed through me as I collapsed on my sister.

“Yes, yes, yes, Randy,” she groaned, trembling beneath me. I made her cum again.

“We're going to have—”

“Quit that damned racket!” our father bellowed from below. “The fucking game's on! And when are you going to start dinner? Your little sister's hungry!”

“Livie,” I groaned. “She heard us and ran down to tattletale.”

“She needs to learn,” Alison said, stroking my back. “And so does Dad.”

A weight relaxed off my shoulders. I didn't have to be afraid any longer.

To be continued…




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