James_(0) by DanielLecher


Vegas aint the best place , On October 5th, 1995 a man by the name of James Bruce Gunner was put under arrest under the charges of invasion of privacy, trespassing, and rape. However, when they went to retrieve him for his trial, his cell was empty. To this day his nickname was “Ghost” for his escape out of a maximum security holding cell.
On December 24th, 1996 a woman was brutally strangled and killed in her Oregon house. Reports showed that this was the woman raped a year earlier by James Gunner. No witnesses were found and the case became cold when no more evidence was found.
On September 1st, 2001 a man reported that he had recognized James Gunner in Las Vegas. The lead went nowhere.
This is not a happy story

James sat down on the bed. Before him laid out was his kit. He had it all worked out, the place, the how, the when. All he needed was the who. He opened his suitcase on the bed with him. Inside were all types of uniforms: Janitor, plumber, receptionist, etc. He looked over at his plan. It would work.
A gorgeous brunette by the name of Rachel Gates walked out of the airport to the heat of Las Vegas. A heat wave was currently beating down upon the whole state of Nevada, but still she was determined to have a good time on her only week off in her busy work schedule. She quickly called a cab. She did not seem to notice the man who was slowly approaching her from behind. As the cab pulled up the man quickened his pace. The driver got out to get her bags. The man now came up right behind her.
“Let me help you with that.”
The woman turned around to see an airport security guard calmly smiling at her.
“Why thank you.” She said, returning the smile.
The guard grabbed two of her bags and set them in the trunk. He then opened the door for Mrs. Gates as she stepped in. As the cab pulled away, the guard hailed another cab.
“Follow that car”
“What are you a stocker?”
A hundred dollar bill fell in his lap.
“Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

James quickly took off his Guard uniform and put in his ear piece. He then took out his Janitor’s uniform and suited up.
Mrs. Gates stepped out of the cab to the steps of Caesars palace. She walked up to the receptionist desk just as James arrived. James quickly entered an elevator and waited. He listened very closely to the room number Mrs. Gates would be staying at. Suddenly He clicked a number and began to rise just as Mrs. Gates entered an elevator. James reached her level and walked to the door. He slid his encrypted hacking key into the slot. A green light appeared on the handle. He stepped in just as Rachel stepped off her elevator. James moved quickly, placing micro cameras all over the room, on the walls, on the vase, on the bed, everywhere. Rachel slipped her card in just as James entered the bathroom. As she entered, James worked quickly to unhinge the grate on the shower floor. Hearing a noise come from the bathroom, Rachel went towards the door. James had just put on his fake sideburns when she entered the room.
“Excuse me, what are you doing?”
James maintained his cool. “OH, sorry ma’am. Just fixing a rusty pipe. Won’t take five minutes”
Rachel stared at him, eyeing him.
“Have I seen you before?” She said a concerned look on her face.
James smiled. “I get that a lot”
She stared for a few more seconds before saying “well, just hurry.”

Five minutes later he had installed a camera in the drain, in the shower head, micro cameras in all the corners of the room, and an audio clip behind the toilet. He then let himself out and walked to the elevators. Now came part two of the plan, just sit back and let people do what people do in Vegas.

He sat in his room again, watching Rachel on the computer monitor as she settled into her hotel room. The set was perfect, with cameras allowing him to see the whole room. As he watched her, his mind drifted to the first woman he pulled this scam on. Oh, Scarlett. Why did you have to be difficult? His mind came back to earth as Rachel had begun to undress. He smiled, hitting the record button on him computer. He watched as Rachel unbuttoned her velvet shirt, revealing her big breasts. James smiled. He had chosen the right girl. He switched cameras to get a better view of her front as she unhooked her bra. She let her bra drop to the floor and began to zip down her skirt. James began to feel pressure build up in his pants. Man, those breasts were like cantaloupe. And what was better was they seemed to defy gravity. She had just removed her panty when James realized she wasn’t interested in taking a shower.
She reached into one of her suitcases, taking out a pill vile and a vibrator. James now was curious. What were those? He asked himself. She took one and swallowed it. She sat on the bed waiting for the pill to take effect, all the while slowly rubbing herself. A minute had passed when she suddenly grabbed her bag again, this time pulling out some rope. James watched as she tied her legs and left hand to the bed. She then took the vibrator and slowly shoved it inside her. Once in she took the remote, and after slipping her hand into a premade noose and tightening it, she pressed a button. James watched her as she dropped the remote, taken suddenly by the pleasant sensation. His pants suddenly began to tent as he watched her squirm. Only ten seconds in she started to climax, her face full of pleasure. However she didn’t stop there. She began to climax again and again, all the while James watching in disbelief. This one was going to be a lot easier than expected.

Night fell. She had left her room over an hour ago. James both hated and loved this part of the plan. He hated waiting, loved the sex. He started to catch himself from falling asleep. He turned on the television for background noise. Another hour. Then another. And another. James turned the volume up on high and just let his eyes slowly… BAM! The noise caused James to fall out of his chair. He quickly jumped back up and hit the record button. He sat back down and watched the show
Rachel only had a few drinks. Well, that’s what the guy she brought kept saying. Anyone could clearly see she was hammered as shit. She pulled him into the room and before the door was even closed they were both naked and kissing. The guy was massive, probably a heavy weight lifter. However his arms weren’t the only big muscle he had. He quickly pushed her onto the bed face first. He held Rachel’s back as she attempted to turn over. He guided his dick to her slit, but before he entered her he stopped.
“How hammered are you?” he asked, trying to see her face.
“What do you mean?” She replied, he face red from all the drinks.
“Will you remember this tomorrow?” He replied, getting straight to the point.
“Does it look like I care or do I look like I want to fuck?” she said, raising her ass.
Smiling, he reaimed his cock to her ass, slowly pushing just the head in. Rachel had never done anal before. Yet again she was probably too hammered to care. Besides, he seemed to be going slow enough. How wrong she was. The second the head of his cock entered her, he slammed his entire shaft into her. Rachel began to scream very loudly. He stopped and cupped her mouth.
“Is there anything to shut you up?”
She nodded, crying now.
She pointed at her suitcase beside the bed. He reached down and, while still balls deep inside her, opened it up. He smiled when he saw the suitcase.
“You fucking slut. Ball gags, vibrators, oh and what’s this?” he pulled out the rope.
He smiled and started to pull varies things out. First he tied her wrists to the bed post. Then he stuck a ball gag in her mouth. However he frowned when he saw the cord.
“How do you tie this?” He said, taking the gag out. Crying, she simply shook her head. He thrust the gag back in and started hammering her from behind. She cried into the gag in pain. He stopped and pulled the gag back out.
“How?” he said again
This time she spoke. “You have to put a lock through the two holes.” She said through sobbed
He smiled and reached back into the bag. He found the lock and quickly put it on the gag. He then snapped it shut. He turned his attention back to the bag. He pulled out the bottle of pills. He read the description and laughed.
“Increases sensitivity by a hundred fold. What is this? You really are a slut.”
He continued to read. At the very end he smiled. “Can be taken orally or inserted directly into patient’s rectum. Thanks doc.” He brutally pulled out, causing a loud pop. He opened the capsule and took a pill out. He smiled as he brutally shoved it up her ass, causing Rachel to scream into her gag. He then waited the minutes for the medicine to take hold. Rachel could all ready feel the increase in sensitivity, the coldness of the air, and the creases of the cloth. But nothing even came close to the burning pain of her ass. She thought she was going to pass out. Hearing her increase in moaning, he quickly shoved his dick into her once again. This time he did not slow down. Like a bull he rammed her over and over again. Tears were now flowing down her cheeks. Eventually she just passed out from the pain. He continued to savagely fuck her until he came, almost thirty minutes later. As he pulled out he cum squirted onto the sheet, slowly coming out of her destroyed ass. It started to close up again.
“Oh no we don’t” He said with a smile. Pulling out the largest dildo in the collection, he quickly shoved it back into her ass. Rachel’s body naturally started to push it out again. He watched this and stopped it.
“Now we can’t let this happen, can we?” he said, quickly dressing and walking out the door.
He returned ten minutes later with a bag. Rachel was still unconscious as he sat next to her used body. He reached into the bag and took out the biggest and widest butt plug he could find in Vegas. He almost felt sorry for her; the plug was wider than an appetizer dish and was at least five times the diameter of his dick. Without a moment’s hesitation he shoved it in. He watched as her muscles squeezed around it, adjusting itself to accommodate it. She stirred in her sleep.
“My gift to you” he said, almost laughing as he left the room.
James couldn’t believe what he just saw. He watched him leave the room and close the door before hitting the record button. The tape stopped. He sat back and stared at the screen. He smiled to himself.
“Mrs. Gates, you are going to have one hell of a wake up.”



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