The Undeniable Pt. 04

An adult stories – The Undeniable Pt. 04 by CrimsonXpassion,CrimsonXpassion Be aware: This is a work of taboo fantasy and the characters are fictional and are 18 years or older. Your discretion is advised.

Chapter: 4

Back Home


“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I shouted, running across the front yard of my house towards my friends waiting for me inside a car honking at me.

“Move your ass, dip shit!” Martin shouted back from the driver’s seat. “Gonna be late for training.”

Dressed in a hoodie and in running pants with my backpack strapped over my right shoulder, I sprinted until the closest door at the back of the car opened up for me by Tristan.

“What the hell took you so long?!” Matt exclaimed from the passenger seat up front.

“Sorry guys,” I apologized after closing the door. “I overslept a little is all.”

“Tell that to Mr. Bishop after he’s done yelling at us,” Martin grumbled right before he stepped on the accelerator and drove off for our school.

I can’t blame them, coach Andrew Bishop had been working our ass off for weeks since it was confirmed that we will be in the grand swim meet after we graduated. It’ll be the greatest tournament of our lives that will determine which school is gonna earn this year’s championship. And so to be ready for the competition ahead of us, we trained on dryland and practiced at the pool four to eight times per week. And if someone is late, Mr. Bishop will definitely make us do sixty push-ups and an excruciating amount of laps around the football field.

“You got laid, didn’t you?” Tristan suddenly said to me with a knowing grin on his face.

“What do mean?” I replied, trying to play dumb.

“Don’t try to deny it. I can see it in your eyes.”

“You don’t see shit in my eyes.”

“Yes, I do,” my old pal insisted, chuckling. “It’s all in the eyes, man. One hundred percent, unadulterated, satisfied horndog right there. So who was it, Daphne?”

“Fuck no!” I repudiated at the mention of the meanest bitch in Seaside.

Was it Heather?” Matt mocked, digging into the conversation in a better mood now than a minute ago. “Or was it Katie, Miss Green?”

“Try all you want, you’ll never found out shit,” I responded with a devilish smile. “Unlike you assholes, I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Or fuck and tell,” Martin sneered before making a turn to the left. “Wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll finally admit that you’re as gay as I always thought you were.”

“Bite me, ass-nugget!”

And with that said, we laughed as we always do after an argument. That’s how we remained such good friends for so long. Though they may know that I did recently had sex, they’ll never guess who my secret lover is unless I tell them. And that’ll never happen, not in a thousand years.

Twenty minutes earlier, I was in the shower at 4:15 in the morning with cold water to be fully awake for my practice at five. Standing in a walk-in shower under the spray, the cubicle of glass was just starting to fog up the moment I turned the water to warm. The sigh of contentment barely escaped my mouth when I suddenly heard the door of the enclosure open from behind me.

“You mind if I come in?” Vivian asked using her sexy, husky voice.

Almost startled, I quickly turned around to sooner see my mother standing over the doorway. Like me, she is completely naked with her hair messy as always after waking up from bed.

“Looks like someone is a little stiff,” She remarked after giving a needy look at my morning wood that was growing at full mast simply by her presence alone.

“Yeah,” I replied, smiling ear to ear as I relaxed. “I could use some…relief.”

“Mhmm,” Mom hummed, happy to hear it before she invited herself and stepped into the steaming shower.

Her wide hips rolled seductively and her big mommy boobs hanging from her chest swung hypnotically side to side. She then moved underneath the large showerhead under which the hot water was cascading over her head to flatten her hair passed her shoulders while the liquid was streaming down her curves. Thus without wasting any time, she grabbed me by the dick in one hand and snaked the other behind the nap of my neck to pull my face to hers. My arms were already around her waist by the time we started kissing nice and smoothly, our lips lovingly smooching and delicately smacking in turn. Vivian’s enthusiasm made her hand jerk off my rod like a tool in need of more loving for it to reach its full capacity. And it worked like a charm.

In my need to heat things up faster, I slipped my hands throughout her sexy, full-figured body to gently palm and knead one of mom’s incredibly soft boobs while taking one of her ass cheeks up for grabs. Only then I started to slowly thrust my hips upward, rubbing my throbbing erection in her grasp.

“Wanna take Mommy from behind?” she then murmured soothingly with a burning desire to which I responded with a hasty nod. “I thought so.”

And so while pulling me in tow by my cock, Vivian stepped back, turned around, leaned over and placed her hands flat against the wall of glass. My aroused mother then widened her stance to lower her rump and arched her back. I was hypnotized on the spot, admiring the erotic display presented in front of me. My dear, sweet mother was facing the see through wall looking downward with her long bronde hair hanging like a wet curtain from her neck over her right ear.

Her matronly backside is so round and juicy that the extra junk in her trunk made her butt a thing of plumped art. I could easily make out the sides of her barely sagging tits that hung enticingly from her chest. At this moment, she is like the manifestation of my wettest dreams as she reached back and pulled one meaty ass cheek aside, giving me an unfettered view of the pinkish, feminine lips splayed open of her vagina.

My hands were immediately placed on her wide, flared hips the moment I pushed my phallus forward and penetrated straight into Vivian’s pussy. And deeper I went through the velvety tunnel of pleasure until we gasped in unison when I finally hit rock bottom. Only then I began to steadily pull and push my boner in and out of her honey pot.

“Ugh…ugh…ugh!” Mom sensually grunted, using the wall of glass as leverage to push back and slam her ass at me.

Receiving her unspoken message loud and clear, I eagerly obliged and started pounding her with long, powerful strokes. The collisions of our wet bodies became constant, causing a loud, slapping sound that echoed inside the enclosed cubicle. My cock was like a well-oiled piston as I kept on thrusting consecutively throughout the slippery channel of my mother’s dripping sex. Her moans of pleasure were a treat for my ears as she pressed the right side of her face onto the foggy surface of the glass along with her tits while glancing at me.

Maybe next time, I’ll set a camera or something to see how hot and sexy she looks from outside the shower while fucking like this. The idea stirred me up so good I couldn’t resist giving a playful slap on Vivian’s round butt. I just love it when her soft, succulent ass shakes with every blow of my hips.

“You like that?” I asked, growling under the excitement. “You like it… to have a piece of your son…deep inside you?”

“Oh baby!” Mom replied while her panting started to sound heavier and more demanding after each successive stroke of my shaft. “I don’t wanna a piece…I want…the whole thing.”

At that exact moment, my second hand spanked her other wet, fleshy bun, only this time harder than the first. The impact sounded like a gunshot, causing a squeal of surprise and delight that came out of Vivian’s pretty mouth. I sooner grabbed a hold of my mother’s love handles and began pumping my dick faster back and forth inside her hugging cunt.

The clapping of her booty against my pelvis became more frantic as I was quickly building up the pace. I was in fact hammering her butt cheeks so hard she braced herself to steady her stance while absorbing the hits of my battering-ram that came in again, again and again, as if I was trying to breach into her cervix. We were both by then grunting like a couple of wild beasts.

My balls were instantly aching from the incredible load that was churning up inside me. The pressure was almost agonizing as the vigorous rubbing of my strong shaft inside her engorged pussy made me primed and ready to burst. And thus with the fuse of the dynamite lit, I was just few a strokes away from detonation.

“Oh, God…oh, God!” Vivian cried pushed over the edge just before she threw her head back and exclaimed louder. “Oh my God! Yes…yes…Noahh! FUCK ME!!!”

And as she screamed, the bomb went off, sending a shockwave of pleasure from deep inside her pussy up through her rippling tummy and her dangling tits. While she kept on howling in pure ecstasy, her climaxing vagina squeezed my hardon and coaxed my nuts to release their payload. I could feel the heat of my semen making the journey up my shaft. I was cumming so quickly I only had enough time to dig my fingers into the supple curves of her hips and slam my crotch against her upturned ass one final time. I was fully embedded inside my mother’s overheated pussy when I threw my head back as well and roared between my gritted teeth, like a lion breeding his lioness.

At that instant, my cock violently lurched and fired one strong rope of hot jizz at a time. And while Mom’s head was resting onto the glass wall, I was sure that she could feel me filling her with my potent seed.

“Oh baby…that was a big one,” she uttered at the ecstatic shiver that pleasantly ran up her spine. “You’re so good to me, Sweety.”

That was one of the many times that we had sex in the house ever since we came back from our grand adventure oversea at the cruise. Things got a lot more fun and exciting the night after I finally bedded my beautiful mom after she plainly made peace with the truth that we had become a couple, for better or worse. It was incredible how fast time went by as our bond evolved and got a heck of a lot stronger with each day we spent together, doing everything a husband and wife would do for the rest of the trip on the Oceanus.

Of all the activities we did while on board, sex was the most frequent of all given that we have broken down the last conservative barrier between us. Confined in our cabin, we did each other every morning and every evening. And once our grand journey was about to come to an end, we spent the whole day fucking and making love in almost every way we knew how. I was relentless, and she was insatiable, the perfect match.

Following the end our trip, we shared our phone numbers with our new found friends, Don and Leshawna before we said our goodbyes and parted ways at the airport. I still can’t stop wondering if these two truly are what I suspect them to be.

Anyhow, our return home was as normal as any we had before. It was almost as if we came back in Toronto as we were; a regular, loving mother and her handsome son. That was until we made it back into the house without bothering bringing in our luggage just yet.

We barely walked through the door from the garage when we barged in, our arms wrapped around each other and our mouths inseparable as we kissed like starving lovers. Too horny and eager to mind for anything else, our hands were hasty in undoing and ripping off one another’s clothes as we made our way to the living room. It was there on the couch that we settled with me comfortably seated and naked, (if not for my shorts and boxers piled at my ankles) and with Vivian straddled on my lap before my cock got swallowed inside her vagina.

Wearing nothing but a black bra on her top, Mom grabbed the backrest of the couch before she began to ride me, her dear stallion. I couldn’t be more at home as I was holding my milf by her moving hips to sink my fingers into the endearing flesh of her love handles. Slowly at first, she gradually built up speed and lengthened her strides, rising up her big, round ass and dropping it down hard on my solid thighs.

“Ohh…ohh…ohh!” she chanted in pleasure at each strokes that made the knob of my boner hit the sensitive entry of her womb.

Before long, the orgasmic tide she had been craving for finally came to overwhelm her swelling insides. She tighten her grip on the couch’s cushion as she felt an enormous wave that took her without warning.

“Yes…YESSS!!” Vivian cried out, her face tense by the premature climax as she arched her spine and mewled with her eyes closed. “Ahh, it’s so good!”

At that moment, I watched in awe while this goddess of love and fertility who I call Mom gyrated her hips and shuddered from the euphoric convulsions that rolled through her twitching body. Not a minute longer went by before she quickly recovered and resumed bouncing on me to regain the pace.

Meanwhile, I was staring at her bra encased tits shaking just inches from my face. The two magnificent orbs, packed into the garment displayed a large amount of cleavage. It didn’t take long for me to take the hint that her ample breasts were also urging to be freed from their little prison. Thus the more Vivian continued to ride me, the better I could notice how bad her bra had become uncomfortable for her globes. Probably due to the fact that it must’ve become smaller than she could manage to wear. Her boobs appeared to be expanding in size with the cups painfully squeezing her tender flesh while the straps were digging into the softness of her shoulders. It was so unbearable for her that she snarled in frustration as she let go of the backrest and sat up straight without stopping rolling her hips while reaching behind with both hands to unhook the damn thing from between her shoulder blades.

“This bra is killing me!” She groaned, impatient to get it off.

Thus in her urge to get this over with, it took her a second to remove the undersized bra. The relief was instant and almost orgasmic by the way she moaned as she dropped the garment only to gently rub her precious breasts.

“Ohh…that’s much better!”

Thereafter, I could do nothing but sit tight and watch Vivian caressing her now naked boobs wobbling on her chest as she rocked her hips faster. My hands couldn’t help themselves but to cup both her juicy melons from below and softly massage the delectable tits wonderfully pliable and heavy. It was quite obvious how much Mom loved how well I treat them judging how she closes her eyes every time she is on the receiving end of the shameless pleasure only I can provide. In the mean time, she kept on hopping and impaling herself repetitively on my rock hard cock roughly balls deep with me giving a firm squeeze on her breasts, causing her to gasp.

“Yes, Sweety!” she sighed in her delight to have her girls manhandled like that. “Ohhh!”

Her reaction was only natural since I moved my face closer and caught my mother’s left nipple between my lips. Her eyes instantly flew open the moment I started to suck in as much tity as I could in my mouth.

“Oh, Noah! You’re…ohh, God!”

With my wet tongue licking and teasing her super-sensitive nipple, and with my hard shaft sawing within her, Vivian whined on and on as if she was in absolute Heaven. By the time I made her gasp for a little bit more, her instinct took control over her as she hugged me with her left arm around my shoulders and started cradling the back of my head with her right hand.

Encouraged, I sucked and sucked harder, like a starving baby. My tongue flicked on the tip of her nipple that sent a current of buzzing sensations through her body with her engorged clit set on fire. The sudden burst of sinful pleasure sent Vivian into an overdriving state that made her violently work her hips and pull my head tighter against her bosom. The room flooded by the sound of my mother’s moans along with the constant squeaks of the couch protesting against the pounding treatment.

My face was so deeply buried in her succulent tit-flesh I could barely even breathe. Even so, I didn’t relent. Instead, I fervently continued to suck on my woman’s delicious breast that was heightening the fire in our bellies. That was before I switched to the other nipple to bite and pinch the delicate nub between my teeth as gently and carefully as possible. That was more than enough for Mom to squeal at the arrival of a second shockwave that blew her away.

“Oh, God! Honey…it’s too much…too much!!”

The desperation in her voice was adorable before she groaned and rocked her hips even faster while hugging me harder in her arms. As her panting sounded pleading to my ears, her overheated loins were all the evidence I needed to know that a new orgasm was about wreck havoc inside her pussy. And at that instant, I sucked her breast like a vacuum to tenderly dig my teeth onto her tasty flesh.

Ugh…ugh…AAHHHH!!!” Vivian screamed, feeling her fluids that manifested like water out of her outstretched slit. That’s it…that’s it…oh fuck!!”

By then, she leaned back and made her tity pop out of my mouth. She was crying out as if she just stepped over the edge of a cliff and fell into the fray of an orgasm more profound than what meets the eye. I was totally enthralled as I watched my mom rolling through the joyous rapture with her beautiful boobs that rose and fell on her chest while her body jerked and twitched on my dick that sooner exploded full blast inside her to my immense satisfaction.

That was only round one that day before we eventually picked ourselves up and did our thing such as me taking care of the luggage still in the car, and her getting herself busy in the kitchen to prepare a warm meal. It was nine in the afternoon when we went to bed for a good night sleep. I was all too happy the moment she told me that her bedroom is now our bedroom. So to commemorate our first time sleeping together in our house, we gladly went for round two.

Only this time, we were no longer in the mood to fuck like we usually do. Instead, we made sweet love with her laid on her side, facing me as I joined her up close. We then snuggled comfortably into each other’s arms before I moved my entire right leg between her thighs. She didn’t hesitate to clamp them together as soon as my trusty phallus was on point to achieve a full penetration between her legs. In this position, we kissed, fondled each other and had the most tangled up sex ever, taking our sweet time savoring every second to every minute of it. It felt as if we picked up where we left off that first night that changed everything.

Three whole months later, things just got even more interesting day after day. During our first days living together as a related couple, our libido was off the charts. In other words, we had sex any way we wanted it, any way we needed it and anywhere we could so long as it was inside the house. From twice to four times a day, we fucked so much that we quickly adapted to our new way of life in terms of personal modesty. Seeing my hot, beautiful mother dressed in shirts and panties or in her silky nighties is a constant turn on for me.

As for her, not a moment goes by when she isn’t eyeing me when I’m topless with a hardon in my boxers. It was only a matter of time before we became legit nudists on our days off with the both of us stark naked and having fun all day without worrying about what time it is.

Years ago back when I was a kid, we used to have movie nights all the time on Saturday or Sunday. It was a tradition that we were both fond of before we one day stopped and forgot all about it as I got older. That was until I suggested that we should do it again for old time sake. And agreed she did with a smile to die for. Little did Vivian knew that instead of watching comedy, drama or action and adventure stuff like before, I picked an uncensored triple X movie that surprised her enough to make her raise her eyebrows and drop her jaw.

“Porno?!” she uttered either in shock or in disbelief with her arms crossed over her bare tits. “You want us to watch porno?”

“Yep,” I replied cockier than ever as the movie was just getting started. “For studying.”

“Studying?! You want us to watch a dirty movie to study.”

“Well yeah. If we’re gonna keep having sex, we might as well learn a few tricks.”

“Oh really?” Mom responded no longer seeming so upset at all, pondering while peaking at the movie about a young guy planning on seducing his mother for sex. “Well, when you put it that way.”

Thus, a couple of moments later as the movie played out, we could barely keep our hands to ourselves, enjoying the show from the couch. One thing eventually led to the other pretty fast given that we were both nude and increasingly aroused. So much so that Mom was jerking me off to tease me in retaliation to my hands playing with her boobs. At last as the milf and her stud in the movie finally started to go at one another, Vivian and I followed suite with double the passion. The whole thing lasted for at least two hours with us doing exactly as the couple was doing. And by mimicking them in the act, we French kissed, cuddled and did some more foreplay for what seemed like five minutes before we got into eating each other’s genitals in 69. Our need to quench our thirst made all sorts of slurping noises coming out of our sucking mouths, which brought us to the sweetest of orgasms before I got to drink up my mother’s love juices while she had a taste of my white yogurt.

“Yes, ohh yeah!” Vivian purred, moaning in her horny state as I moved my hips and jabbed my javelin of flesh in and out of her coochie. “That’s good…keep going…just like that. Do me nice and slow…make it last!”

Thus at that moment, nearly like every position we already did before, Mom came to love the sidewinder style with her head comfortably set on a pillow while lying on her right side, facing the TV with me holding her left leg up in the air. Just like the porn actress being boned by her younger partner, Vivian’s thick thigh was against the core of my body with her calve rested on my right shoulder. By then, I was caressing the soft skin of her beautiful, chubby leg, massaging her gorgeous buttocks and then rubbing her lower back with a single hand while adding some nails to tenderly scratch her spine.

On the receiving end of my phallus, Vivian was perfectly relaxed lying there on the couch, allowing me to do all the work of plowing her deep into her vagina. Meanwhile, my sexy milf of a mother put on a show for me, pleasuring herself by pinching and tugging after one of her nipples and playing with her clit.

For the rest of the film, we switched to one position to the next, having sex all night, dozing on and off, fall asleep then start all over again until we drifted off in La La Land all dead tired and sweaty. My naked mother was as comfy as a futon beneath me as I finally closed my eyes for good without pulling out with my face rested between her breasts.

Every moment we spent together at home was a blast from the start. Mom actually once told me that she’s as happy as she’ll ever be with me and my manly cock. However, good things don’t last forever, not when life has something to say about it. Her work in the interior designing industry got busier and busier as weeks gone by. Something about a big project that kept her in her office at the city almost all day every day.

I didn’t have so much free time neither given that it was my finishing year in high school. Studying and doing my homework was a bigger pain than ever. And it got especially frustrating since that having good grades is more important than sex for the time being according to Mom. And she wasn’t kidding now that our sex life has started to cool off. One time I almost managed to have her bend over the kitchen table until she hit the brakes, arguing that work comes before pleasure. But that didn’t stop me from being a bad boy from time to time. That was until she gave me “the talk”.

“Noah, I love you and I know that what we’re having here is amazing, but I’ve been your mother way longer than since I became your woman. And as your mother, I’ll be ashamed of myself if you fail your exams just because you’re too focused on banging me than to study. You have a bright future ahead of you, and I’ll be damned if I ruined this. As for you, you’re not my boy anymore, you’re my man. So as the man of this house, I need you to take charge in your life and take your responsibilities more seriously. Meaning, if you keep up the good work with your grades, you’ll get the hanky panky you deserve. And while you’re at it, you’ve been slacking off with your chores lately. And in case you haven’t notice, Mommy has too much on her plate at work to take care of everything around here. So pretty please, with some sugar on top, do this for me or I’ll make you eat dirt after I kick your butt, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I wisely answered, knowing that my mother never bluffs.

And so back in being a good boy, I did as she asked and got myself back on track to finish what I started at school. In the end, it all worked out for the better. I managed to nail my exams with A’s and B’s, and the house is at all time neat and clean whenever Mom is home or not, which made our loving making sessions ten times more rewarding than gaming with my buddies online.

Self control was also something I had to work with given that my hormones were always stirred up every time Vivian was nearby. It didn’t matter what she wears, the incestuous desire to take my mother and bone her just like that was as ever present within me as it is now. I was so worked up in holding back my impulses while studying for my math test that it didn’t occur to me at the time how sex deprived she was as well after spending so much time at work only to come back home exhausted day after day.

It finally took one long, bad day for her to be so thoroughly frustrated that there was only one thing that could make her feel better. Her remedy was her lover boy of a son sitting on the couch watching Netflix on the TV just when she stepped inside the house. I almost jumped my ass off the couch, startled by the door that just got slammed shut right before Vivian appeared in the living room with her blouse already unbuttoned and her cleavage out in the open.

“Bedroom, now!” she demanded the moment she untied her long hair and shook her head to then kick off her sneakers and toss her shirt on the floor.

And thus, by the time she left, leaving behind her bra, I was already on my feet to follow her in a heartbeat. Mom was halfway across the hallway when she finished unzipping her skirt that fell on the floor succeeded by her panties that she threw out of the bedroom door. I was so excited at this point that I already had my clothes shed off before I entered our room with my sexy, naked mother seated on the edge of the bed, smiling at me with a wanton look that made my skin crawl in the most pleasant way.

“Come’ere, Honey!” she beckoned me just as she finished peeling off her stockings from her gracious legs.

My blood was running hotter through my veins and my rod was fully erect for Vivian’s fingers to grab and point between her eyes. Like always, she treated me with one good lick from the bottom of my shaft to the tip of the head before she gobbled it in one swift motion.

Barely a second had passed and I was already impressed how aggressive she was as she bobbed her head back and forth and sucked my thick magic wand in her heavenly mouth with a hunger that I’ve never seen in her before. I moaned as I could feel her tongue sliding below my pole to then lick it back to the tip. My breathing was heavy as I stayed focused on the feeling of my mother’s lips around my cock until she suddenly pulled out in one audible “plop”.

“Take me, Noah!” Vivian muttered, blinded by lust while looking up at me straight in the eye without stopping jerking me off as if afraid that my erection would go away otherwise. “Mommy had a really bad day. So fuck me silly…make me forget all about it!”

And without further ado, she laid back on her left flank over the mattress, her head supported by her left hand as she expectantly addressed me a dirty girl smile. How could I ever refuse an invitation like that? Especially after she half lifted her right leg and grabbed a handful of one fleshy ass cheek to show her lovely, damp pussy.

Mom’s hips were wiggling in invitation as if her own body was independently expressing her eagerness on her behalf before I stepped in and connected the angry head of my phallus to the threshold of her entrance. My left hand was holding the love handle beneath her while the other one delved onto her soft thigh in order to pull myself and penetrate my woman to the hilt.

She immediately started to shiver and sigh, feeling the blissful wave of pleasure that washed off her worries away with my tool brushing through her sensitive walls. It was all too delightful for me too as I groaned at the excessive sensation of the bumps and wrinkles of my mother’s insides that raked my shaft, caressed from all angles.

My left hand was already toying with her rump for my fingers to run in circles on the curves of her booty and to dig in until I felt the dense muscles beneath all this sweet, sweet fat. And as I began to beat my rigid meat in and out of her welcoming pussy, her cheeks rippled as they shook at the repeating collisions of my pelvis against her butt. Our bodies were clapping together in no time as our pleasure mounted.

Vivian’s tits slightly wobbled after each impact while she peered back at me over her right shoulder. To my content, her eyelids were dropping, and her head rocked gently as I moved back and forth always. She enjoyed this immensely, much more than I did. And as I my rod kept on drilling into her satin walls, her fluids were seeping out, which made it easier for me to glide in and out of her tight grip.

“Faster, baby!” Mom sighed plaintively the moment she put her free hand between her legs to start rubbing her mound and clit with no more than two fingers.

To her demand, I increased the tempo while putting some extra strength into it. As a result, her matronly ass was clapping louder at the coming and going of my bouncing hips. I was then entranced by the sound of her voice moaning in liberating pleasure that made her sacred tunnel fit around my dick like a rubber glove. The sensations I felt was ceaseless. As before, it felt as if Vivian’s body was trying to swallow me whole to keep me there with her inner muscles tensing, stroking and sucking me in without pause. I couldn’t be more into it as she clamped her thighs together adding more pressure.

My movements reached a more vigorous pace as soon as I felt her excitement rising, and saw her chewing her lower lip and shoot at me a seductive glance that could only mean one thing. So I redoubled my efforts, making the headboard of our bed bump against the wall.

“Almost there…almost there!!” Mom cried out, her fingers flicking on her clit faster as she bowed her head and bared her teeth grunting huskily. Huh…huh…huh, yeah!!”

I couldn’t hold it for much longer neither while sensing the pleasant numbness spreading all over my crotch as every pounding clap of my abdomen and groin against her pert cheeks was followed by a surge of tingling ecstasy.

“Ahh, baby!!” she added through her teeth. “Fill me…fill me good!”

More than willing to fulfill her request since she’s still on birth control, I clawed my fingers into the flesh of her butt and thigh and roughly took a handful each the second I gave in. Our rutting reached a feverish rhythm now that we were both gasping and moaning in unison each time I plunged through her moist vulva.

Unable to utter a coherent word, I doubled over leaning on the wide curve of my mother’s stuck out hip and cushy ass as the first orgasmic wave took my breath away. Vivian’s vagina sooner clamped down on me as she felt my warm jizz pouring out of my cock like a squirting fountain. By then, she frantically fingered herself to ease out the powerful climax to join me in the bliss. Her passage was then pulsating around my phallus, drawing out more sperm out of me. It felt as if I was a cow being milked by a strong hand.

Almost an hour later after the passing of the afterglow, Mom informed me that she had had enough of the stress in the city. There was just too much hassle and not enough peace and quiet for her to continue her career that way. Now that she could think more clearly after the great sex we had, she decided that from now on, she will work online at home, where her heart is.

A week later on a beautiful Saturday, Vivian took me to the building where she won’t be working there any more to pick up her stuff and bring them back home in a few boxes. Lucky for us, we nearly caught every green light along the way before we made it to the house and started unpacking the car to set everything up inside. What was once my room became her very own office with everything that she’ll need; meaning a desk, a drafting table, a rolling chair, lamps, a coffee maker, etc.

And last but not least, a red sofa for two that we installed next to the wall at the back of the room. We did a good job putting everything in order to make it as nice, cozy and practical as a home office can be. With all the portraits of her finest work as an accomplished interior designer hanging on the walls, Mom couldn’t be more satisfied and happier that everything had gone the way she wanted it.

“Now, let’s do something about your reward for helping your dear old mother,” she said to me with an alluring glare in her brown eyes just before she gently pushed me on the sofa and dropped down to her knees right between my legs.”

“Wow, Mom! You…” I responded only to gasp instantly when Vivian wrapped her lips around my rapidly growing cock after she tugged my shorts out of the way.

It was so hot watching this matured woman suck me when I pulled her bronde hair aside so I could see my seven and a half inch pogo slip in and out of my mother’s mouth with her ruby red lipstick. And right after she looked up at me with soulful eyes, she began to deep throat me one inch at a time to take the whole thing, just how she likes it.

After all the practice she had manipulating my tool and pleasing me orally, Vivian only got better and better in the art of fellatio. She came to like it so much that it became sometimes difficult for her to resist my morning wood poking either on her belly or her butt under the sheets. Depending on her mood, she would treat my cock and balls like a delicacy made straight out of a five star restaurant, or like a meal she wants to eat with a mouthful. The pleasure her warm, slippery tongue and her soft, smooth lips simply made me feel like the luckiest man in the world the way she can play with my fuck stick like a flute.

By pure curiosity, I did some research regarding sex and what good it does for my health. As it turns out, it actually has a greater range of benefits than one might think. For example, it improves the immune system by 30% at least after having sex once or twice a week, builds up the cardiovascular, relieves the stress and helps to have a good night sleep and more.

And it all worked out in my favor for my body to reach a new height of performance. With all this training on dryland, and all this practicing doing laps after laps and one dive to the next in a single pool with my swim team, having sex with my mom was the whipped cream and the cherry on the cake for me to gain the best shape of my life. If I would compare myself to a superhero, it would be Spiderman typically thin and ripped as he is always depicted in the comics.

It didn’t took long for my boys to notice the extra muscles I’ve been carving out, including coach Bishop who had nothing but good things to say about my development the better I performed hitting the water for the past three months. I became so fast in fact that I always end up two to four laps ahead of my teammates.

“Whatever you’re up to right now, keep it up,” he once said to me with a smack on the shoulder a week ago after a particularly tiresome training session armed with his good, old whistle.

“Copy that, coach!” I answered only to giggle the second I turned heels and walked away wondering what would be his reaction if only he knew what is really going on between me and my secret lover behind closed doors.

Our incestuous activities also did wonders for Mom. Of course it was mostly thanks to the Zumba classes she decided to partake not so long after we came back home. And in addition to the sweet love we’ve been doing regularly, she lost thirteen pounds cooking the food she carefully selected for our meals to be exclusively nutritious and full of protein. Though that didn’t stop her from doing our favorite dishes such as her beloved lasagna from time to time, the result of it all became apparent after losing some of that belly fat. And in time, the folds around her waist melted away just enough for her hourglass shape to be more refined and distinguished for a full-figured woman such as herself.

Now that her waist has become narrower between her mommy hips and her shapely shoulders, she might as well be as sexy and curvaceous as Ashley Graham with whom she has a lot in common with her round, busty breasts and her bulbous ass.

Those were exactly the thoughts I had in mind when Martin dropped me off back home at ten after this morning’s training. The first thing I wanted to do was to go to bed and have a little snooze after the extensive session me and my buddies had under the iron fist of our coach. But the plan quickly changed the moment I opened the front door of my house to hear the loud noise of a vacuum cleaner running inside.

Curiosity got the better of me as I put down my backpack on a corner and walked my way to the kitchen where Mom must be cleaning. And she was there alright, her hair tide in a bun while passing the vacuum on the floor dressed in a white tank top and in a very tight and very short, green Dolphin booty shorts with white stripes.

Now that is something I’ve never seen her wear before, and I absolutely approve. Especially when she bent down to move the floor brusher under the table, unaware of my presents while my eyes were feasting on her amazing ass. And as her posture made her round cheeks shape up like a big heart, the garment that might be a little undersized was showing off more than just half of her meaty mounds above her thick thighs.

After all the exercise I had at the gymnasium lifting weights for both my arms and my legs and doing burpees, jump lunges, planks, donkey kicks, pushups, pull-ups, squats jumping rope, medicine ball and flutter kicks, Seeing my mother like this was the last straw that made me even more aroused than earlier in the shower. My whole body felt like it was on fire while my balls were tingling below my rising erection. At this point, it was too much for me to hold it together. I couldn’t wait and couldn’t stale the young stallion in me upon spotting my mare, my dam (mother for horse) right there for the taking.

Too eager and too horny to pass the chance of getting another go with this hot milf half bent under the table, my hoodie and running pants were on the floor in no time before my sucks and boxers followed. Wearing nothing but a simple shirt on my back, I quickly tiptoed my way to the plug and grabbed it. Vivian was just about to be done doing what she’s been doing when I pulled the thing from its socket.

“What the hell!” she uttered the moment her vacuum cleaner completely shut down just before she turned about only to find me close enough for her waist to be taken in my arms. “Noah, what are you doing?”

Her question was hastily answered with my lips pressed to hers and my hands palmed over her butt. She barely could say a thing on the matter after I took her off the floor and sat her down on the dining table as she squealed in her surprised state. And by the time Mom succumbed and responded to my assertive kisses, she hugged me back, moaning under the excitement of having her young buck all over her.

That was the key that unlocked our mouths to open for our tongues to meet and swirl in circles. And while she was busy pulling in my head to kiss me more passionately, I sneaked my thumbs into her waistband and started pushing down her booty shorts from her hips.

“What’s gone into you?” Vivian asked almost out of breath before I grabbed her shoulders and roughly laid her down like a plate on the table.

Like that, I easily tugged off the green piece of cloth past her legs to discover unsurprised that she is pantyless. After all this time, she never once stopped keeping her mound bald all because she knows how much I love to watch her ravishing, puffy slit and to have my cheeks and nose cushioned against her soft skin when I eat her inside out. And that’s exactly what I’m about to do the moment I spread her knees apart and went down to dig in.

“Ahh!!” Vivian squealed again at the sudden contact of my lips to hers down south with my arms now wrapped around her round, meaty thighs from underneath.

When it comes to the art of cunnilingus, Mom was the best teacher I could’ve asked for, just as I was her one and only student devoted to give her all the pleasures she could only have dreamed of. Not that I was bad at it or anything, she just taught me how to own my skills, how she likes it and where she wants it. As a result, giving head to my mother is even more pleasurable than eating the tastiest dessert in the world. She grew to love it so much that she event texted me once while I was still in class:

“I’m gonna sit on your face tonight ;)”.

And she did with her fingers in my hair, just as she is doing now the moment her left hand reached down by reflex to seize me by the back of my head.

“Yes, Noah! Vivian said in total surrender before she let out a little gasp of pleasure. “Lick me…right there…mmmhh!”

Following my mother’s directives, I pushed my tongue further between her warm, dripping lips and began lapping on her juicy labia. She instantly spread her legs wider as if to serve me her sweet pink pussy that I was eating with a voracious appetite. To me, giving head to a woman is like French kissing with only me putting in all the tongue I want. Thus after a few more of that while nodding up and down, I spotted her clit poking out from her fleshy hood to sooner slide my tongue upwards to gently lick around the tiny orb of flesh several times before I sucked it into my mouth.

“Oh, Honey!!” Vivian whined this time as she started to grind her pussy against my face the minute I sucked in more of her clitoris past my lips to flicker the tip of my tongue all over her sensitive spot. “Oh, God…yes, keep going!”

Lost in the moment with my eyes closed, I continued my oral assaults while making lewd sounds, licking her wet folds again a dozen times more. That’s when I had to end it there before Vivian could get any closer to a climax.

“What…what are you doing?!” she protested the second I pulled away after removing her hand from holding my head any longer. “Nooo, don’t stop now!”

“Sorry, Mom,” I replied with a mean smile on my face while my hot mother robbed of her orgasm was watching me jerk off my cock still rock hard.” I need you bad.”

And to make my point, I took position between Vivian’s thighs and cruelly teased her by slowly paint brushing her vulva with the knob of my dick.

“Gosh, you’re so bad!” she scolded without any conviction while panting excessively and glaring at me with a wild look in her eyes. “Making me all wet and worked up just so you can have your way with me. I thought I taught you better than that.”

“I’m the man of this house, remember?” I said talking back to my mother after licking my lips covered by her womanly juices without leaving her gaze for a second.” And I want my woman right here, right now.”

Thus, I took hold of my fleshy stinger and placed the head on her delicate flower to tease her again, sliding my tool up and down her wet folds before it finally slipped in.

“Oohhh!!” Mom moaned, using both her hands to grip the edge of the dining table above her head.

I watched as the first couple of inches disappeared inside her hot snatch. It took one move to ease myself all the way in until my balls gently met with the bottom half of her ass cheeks. Her grimacing face was priceless to see judging how she was biting her lower lip, and how her eyeballs were rolling backwards behind her eyelids. Taking this as a very good sign, I sealed my grip on her love-handles and gave my mother no more than a second to brace herself before I started to fuck her at a steady rhythm.

“Ugh…ugh…ugh!!” Vivian passionately groaned for starters each time I slammed my groin into her crotch.

And as I kept on thrusting tirelessly and grunting like the horndog I am, I couldn’t help but smile while looking down on my woman. Her eyes were closed shut unlike her mouth. Yet as if someone just pressed the mute button, no sound was coming out until she gasped after my ninth stroke inside her pussy. Other than that, she is clearly not wearing a bra beneath her tank top. Just watching her big tits wave and jiggle stimulated me to ravish her insides harder. Her body instantly began to shake so much that her boobs might as well be dancing back and forth on her chest at the same quick pace as my rocking hips pounding her.

It’s still crazy to me how things has changed since our relationship became so much more than how it was during my childhood succeeded by the years that came after. The first memory that came in my mind was the way she looked like the day I won my first trophy when I used to play soccer once upon a time. Mom was so happy and proud the way she smiled at me with gleaming eyes as I ran straight into her embracing arms. I was eleven then. Now, the faces she makes are those of desire, pleasure and unlimited love, just like she’s making right now with her eyes peering at me tenderly with the adoration of a woman for her man rather than a mother for her son.

“Yes…yesss!!” Vivian sighed in ecstasy now that I was pummeling her shaking body into submission. “That’s right…fuck your Mommy…take what’s yours!!”

With a determined look on my sweating face, I began to give her all I got as the obscene slapping sound of us mating reverberated throughout the kitchen. And the table joined in on our incestuous chorus with its legs grazing the floor under my forceful advances. I can feel my pleasure building up in my phallus which I was constantly pumping with my whole body while still standing on my two feet.

“Noah, I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum!” Mom suddenly announced right before she let go of the dining table and overextended her arms for a big hug. “Kiss me…come’ere and kiss me!”

Sensing that we are both about to climax, I couldn’t comply more the moment I bent down and let her hug me with her legs wrapped around my hips and her arms around my neck. We kissed wetly between heavy panting and hasty moans without caring that our saliva was trailing down our chins. We were so close that I could feel the muscles of her thighs tensing after every thrust of my cock.

“AAAHHH!!!” Vivian wailed while I roared after we broke our kiss, overtaken by the uncontrolled explosion of our newest electrifying climax.

Holding her still with my hands on her shoulders from below, I slammed into her one final time to further empty the load until there was nothing for my mother to milk in her convulsing vagina. I was then completely out of juice and out of breathe lying on my half naked mother to whom the intense orgasm was subsiding bit by bit.

The dopamine rush in my brain felt real nice and exhilarating, and my body was nothing but sweaty under my shirt and depleted of stamina over my Vivian still shivering beneath me. It’s also good to have her soft boobs and her hard nipples pressed against my jacked up chest as we were both gulping for air in our lungs. We just laid there for several minutes and enjoyed each other’s warmth with my semi-hard dick still fully pinned inside my mom’s coochie.

“So…how was your training?” she asked as soon as she caught her breath while smoothly running her fingers on my back.

“Let’s just say…it wasn’t as fun as the sex,” I answered raising my head up so I can see her beautiful face topped with damp strands of hair on her forehead. “I’m beat.”

“I bet you are,” Mom chuckled before she pulled me back in for our lips to meet again more softly with a burst of love.


To be continued.

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