Daddy’s Girl Ain’t a Girl No More Ch. 02 by Nudeman_1234

“Ohh god, I drank too much last night.”

Kaitlyn emerged from the tent with messy hair and her face whiter than usual.

“I told you.”

Patrick was already up and had cooked himself breakfast, having handled the drinks a lot better than his daughter.

“Yeah yeah, I know. I mean I’m okay, I just feel a bit shit that’s all.”

“Ahh I see, well that’s nothing that a coffee and a nice cooked breakfast won’t fix.”

“Sounds good Dad, thanks.”

After breakfast Kaitlyn went to the tin shack bathroom and washed her face in the sink, thinking about the events of the previous night. Feeling a bit surreal in the light of day, she wondered about her reasons for kissing her father.

She’d never thought about doing anything like that before. So much had happened in that one day. It was the first time they’d really spent time together away from the rest of the family in years. Was the attraction something she just hadn’t noticed before? She was nineteen and really craved the affection of a man in her life, trying in vain to impress the few boys that she hung out with. For a while she thought that maybe she liked girls, and to some extent she did, but she knew deep down she was mainly attracted to men.

Kaitlyn wanted the kind of guy that would take care of her and stand up for her, someone assertive and masculine. Having not found anyone like that who seemed interested in her, she realised she’d found those qualities in her father.

Getting naked in front of him had been a real turn on for Kaitlyn. She’d fantasised about taking her clothes off in front of people a few times and that made her horny, but she wasn’t sure if she would ever actually do it in real life. When the opportunity came up to get naked outdoors with someone else seeing her though, she definitely got excited. After removing her clothes in front of Patrick and then getting more comfortable with it, she realised it was making her very horny. Kaitlyn didn’t let on any of this to her father of course, she didn’t want him to think she was some kind of weirdo.

She’d often thought that playing strip poker would be a great way to get naked in front of people and actually suggested it to her friends on more than one occasion. They never took her seriously though and the idea of actually doing it went straight over their heads. When Patrick suggested it she was definitely into the idea, she just never thought it was going to be her dad that she’d end up playing with.

It was also the moment she realised her father was attracted to her, and that made her question things.

Not only do I love getting naked in front of people, I could possibly end up doing something sexual with my dad? What kind of freak am I?

Kaitlyn did think Patrick was good looking and had a nice body, and she liked the idea of getting to see his cock. When she finally did, she loved it, and imagined what it might be like to fuck him. She’d had sex a couple of times to the same guy who was her boyfriend a couple of years beforehand, even though Patrick thought she was still a virgin. Those experiences weren’t terrible, she thought, but they weren’t overly satisfying either. Maybe her well built father could be the one to give her the kind of fucking she craved.

As the previous night went on and she’d had more to drink, she stopped fighting the attraction and decided to see how a kiss might feel.

Oh wow that kiss was incredible, I’ve never felt anything like that before.

But now Kaitlyn was sober and reflecting on the craziness of actually having sex with her own father. She had no idea whether she wanted to do that or not, she was so confused.

Does Dad want that too? I mean what about Mum? he would be cheating on her — with me! … fuck I don’t know.

Kaitlyn wandered back into site number fourteen, feeling much better than she did when she woke up. Patrick was sitting down checking through emails on his phone and thinking about the kiss he’d shared with his daughter the previous night.

“Feeling better hun?”

“Yeah definitely, much better thank you.”

“Great so what do you want to do today?”

“Umm, I’m not sure, what do you think?”

“Well while the sun is out and it’s another great looking day, I thought we could try another one of the bushwalking trails. I was flicking through the flyer and there’s one that marks out a couple of good fishing spots.”

“Okay cool, yeah that sounds good. I’ll take my book and read while you fish though.”

Kaitlyn wasn’t into fishing but loved reading her books so that worked out well for both of them.

“Sounds good, and who knows, if we find a quiet spot maybe we can go for that skinny dip?”

Patrick smiled at Kaitlyn and she realised this idea was becoming less of a joke and more of a reality. She was immediately forced to confront whether or not to encourage any kind of sexual behaviour between them. Not that simply swimming naked had to be that way, but she thought it was more likely to lead to something, especially seeing as how keen her father was on the idea.

After pondering it for a moment, she realised she couldn’t resist the thrill of getting naked outdoors again, especially with the risk that someone else might see her. That idea was definitely a turn on and she decided she would love to try it out.

“Okay, yeah why not.”

“That’s the spirit!”

They both giggled and Patrick was very happy with Katie’s answer.

“I’m going to take my bathers too, just in case we want to swim and there’s nowhere private.”

“Yep good idea.”


“I don’t think there’s a single fish in this river!”

“Haha, I think maybe it’s the skill of the fisherman!”

Patrick laughed, she was probably right, he wasn’t exactly that into fishing himself, most of the time it was just an excuse to have a few beers outdoors.

“Well it’s a nice quiet spot at least, and seeing as there’s no fish, we won’t be disturbing them if we go for a swim.”

“Yeah it’s getting hot sitting here, I’m definitely keen for that,” Kaitlyn replied.

“Okay great.”

Patrick wasn’t sure whether to suggest the skinny dip idea or not. A few people had walked past in the last hour while he’d been fishing. Kaitlyn, however, had been sitting reading her book and dreaming about how much fun it would be.

“So … au naturel?” she said with a cheeky grin.

“Umm,” Patrick giggled, “yeah I could be up for that, but there were a few people that walked past earlier.”

“Yeah, I know, but once we’re in the water they won’t know that we’re naked.”

“Good point I guess, okay well I’m game if you are!”

“I’m game,” Katie replied, looking very cheeky.

Patrick was loving this new daring version of his daughter. When he first suggested skinny dipping yesterday he definitely meant it as a joke. Now the very next day they were actually going to do it. Another chance to see Katie nude, how fantastic.

They both began taking their clothes off near some rocks on the river bank, Patrick down to his undies, and Kaitlyn revealing a very sexy looking pink bikini. Her top was low cut, revealing most of her bulging white breasts, and the bottom was a g-string. Patrick had never seen her wear anything like it before, and wasn’t about to resist the temptation to tell her what he thought about it.

“Damn honey! you look amazing in that!”

Kaitlyn smiled, “why thank you Dad.”

Then after a quick head check to see that no one was coming, she promptly pulled down the bottom half of her bikini, placing it in her bag with her other clothes.

Patrick gasped, now seeing Katie’s lovely pussy right in front of him, with every chance someone could come walking along the track. He then watched as she removed her top half, her breasts springing free from the small amount of material that was containing them. He noticed that her nipples were firm, and as he looked admiringly over her gorgeous smooth bare skin she giggled, causing her boobs to bounce up and down.

Immediately Patrick’s dick began to get hard. Concerned about what a passerby might think, he quickly whipped down his undies and made a dash for the water.

“Come on I’ll race you!”

Katie laughed and ran down to the river after him, splashing as they hit the water and then plunging in once it was deep enough.

“Ohhh, yeah that’s fresh!” she said, emerging from the surface and shaking her wet hair from side to side.

“Haha yeah it’s a bit chilly, I reckon we’ll get used to it though.”

They were waste deep and Kaitie was standing with her tits out proudly. Patrick was trying to be casual about it, finding it very difficult confronted with the site of water trickling over her hard nipples. He was amazed how comfortable his daughter seemed to be with her nudity. As his erection grew he reached down and touched his cock while looking at her tits. She was swaying her arms around in the water and looking out at the surroundings, so it was easy for him to get a good view and not be noticed.

Having the time of his life and feeling very horny, Patrick suddenly noticed a dog run onto the river bank. Assuming that meant someone was about to follow he told Katie to get under the water.

“Shit,” he whispered, “get down there’s someone coming.”

Katie submerged herself deeper to cover up her breasts and was giggling at her father about how naughty they were being. Following the dog, was a short man who looked to be in his sixties. As the dog got closer it noticed Patrick and Katie in the water and quickly ran to the edge, barking at them. The owner called out and the dog stopped barking but was still very excited, watching the people in the water and wagging its tail. As the owner came up closer to clip his dog to the lead, Katie decided to say hello to him.

“Oh hello, sorry about my dog, she just love’s people that’s all.”

“That’s okay, she’s beautiful, I don’t mind,” Katie replied, admiring the happy looking Labrador.

“Thanks, nice day for a swim hey, what’s the water like?”

The man seemed unaware that the couple in the water were both naked.

“Yeah it’s not too bad, bit chilly at first but nice enough,” replied Patrick.

“Fair enough, well I’ll leave you two …”

The man stopped mid sentence and glared in Katie’s direction who was a few metres back from her father. Patrick turned to see what had caused him to stop speaking and noticed Kaitlyn had come up high enough out of the water to reveal her breasts. Patrick also glared at her and wondered what the hell she was doing as the man nervously finished his sentence.

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