Fall (lawn mowing part 3) by Georgebass


In the fall of that year, I was in 2nd grade in high school, I worked hard at school and partied on the weekends. I was 18 years old and had no boyfriend but had slept with some guys from school. I had big tits size D and enjoyed having sex. One night I had been out, I went home a little early, about one o'clock in the morning to the townhouse I lived in with my parents. I snuck in the front door and as I came home I saw my parents walking around naked. They had gotten up from the couch. , In the fall of that year, I was in 2nd grade in high school, I worked hard at school and partied on the weekends. I was 18 years old and had no boyfriend but had slept with some guys from school. I had big tits size D and enjoyed having sex.

One night I had been out, I went home a little early, about one o'clock in the morning to the townhouse I lived in with my parents. I snuck in the front door and as I came home I saw my parents walking around naked. They had gotten up from the couch. Dad tried to hide, but I could see that he had a standing dick and Mom was damp in the crotch. Her pubic hair looked sticky. Did they have sex on the couch?

“Excuse me,” I said anxiously.

Mom had pretty big tits and a little belly. Her nipples were large and stiff with a dark ring around them. They were both 47 years old and had a little stomach, but were ok trained. They used to jog once a week. Mom had long brown hair and Dad was a little gray.

I quickly went into my room and closed the door. I could hear them going to the bathroom and washing themselves before going into their bedroom which was right next to mine. I undressed and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. There was a smell of sex in the bathroom. I had never seen my parents have sex before. It was very strange and embarrassing, but felt that I was a little horny. I went to bed and listened, if something more happened next door. I heard some wet noises. They were probably kissing. I do not think they’d finished what they were doing when I surprised them. I could not sleep but touched my tits a little. Suddenly I heard rhythmic sounds from my parents' bedroom. I felt myself getting wet in the pussy at the thought of Daddy's big cock sliding in and out of Mom's pussy. The creaking of the bed got louder and louder. I put my ear to the wall to hear better. I could hear them both moaning. I really wanted to see what it looked like and carefully slipped out of my bedroom. I put on a white nightgown and opened my door very carefully. They continued to fuck on and had apparently not heard me. I bent down and looked in through the keyhole. I could barely see my mom riding Dad, she sat over him and his cock went in and out of her pussy. Her big ass popped up and down and trembled. I lifted my nightgown and felt my pussy. I was really horny. It was like seeing two strangers fucking in front of me. Soon, Mom jumped off and jerked Dad frantically. He squirted all over his stomach. Mom laid over him and put her tits in his face. Then I got to look straight into my mom's pussy from behind. She was quite hairy in her pussy and ass. Her hole was a little open after the fucking. Suddenly my mother got up and walked towards the door. I tried to hurry, but could not close my own door until she was out in the hallway. She paused for a moment as I gently tried to close the door before she entered the bathroom. I was very embarrassed and laid down as quietly as I could. I masturbated and tried not to make a single sound. I dreaded Sunday breakfast the next day.

The next morning I went down for breakfast. Dad cooked and Mom read the newspaper. It was a bit quiet but after we had eaten my mum said, “last night… It's all right… That you are curious. We have a sex life too.”

“We have heard you and Sven sometimes.”

Sven was the boy next door, a year older than me. We used to have sex occasionally, but he was not my boyfriend.

I was embarrassed and did not quite know what to say.

“It's all right,” I said.


“There is nothing to apologize for.” replied mother.

“If you want to watch, we can do it in an orderly manner,” she continued.

I blushed and said, “Okay, maybe so.”

That day I went and took some sun and afterwards I stopped by Sven's who lived next door. We sat in his room and kissed a little while he stroked my tits. I told about what had happened the day before.

“Wow,” he said, wanting to know all the details.

“Do you think my mother is sexy?” I asked.

“She has delicious tits, just like you.” he laughed.

The summer before, I had fucked his dad a few times. (see Lawn mowing) His name is Karl and he was sitting in the living room watching TV. His mother Helen was not home.

Sven pulled his cock out of his pants and wanted me to suck him. It was nice to feel it in my mouth, I circled around the cock head with my tongue, while Sven tried to get my clothes off. He pulled up my dress and pulled down my panties and stuck a finger into my hole.

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door and Karl came in.

“Hey,” he said.

“Can I watch? It's boring to watch TV while you fuck,” he continued.

Sven nodded. I continued to suck him as if nothing had happened. It was so sexy that someone looked at us.

Karl sat down in the chair right by the bed so he could see my mouth on his son's dick.

Eventually I got up and took off all my clothes.

“Mmm”, Karl exclaimed, “delicious”.

I lay down and Sven laid down between my legs and licked me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his tongue and Karl looking at us. Sven laid with his ass up in the air directly towards his father. When I looked up I saw that Karl had taken out his cock and jerked it.

“Fuck her,” he said.

Sven did as he said and put his cock in my pussy. He moved it slowly all the way in before driving on, faster and faster.

“Good,” said Karl.

After a few minutes Sven came, he squirted all over my stomach and tits.

Sven told Karl that I had seen my parents having sex the night before and that I had been discovered.

“Yes, your mother has sexy tits,” he said.

Karl was still jerking hard next to us and soon went forward and squirted over me too, before he sat back in the chair again.

Just then Helen came home from training and quickly realized that we were in Sven's room. We laid naked on the bed and Karl sat with his cock still stiff with remnants of semen on his tip.

“Hello!” she said.

“What's happening here?”

She bent down and gaped over Karl's cock and licked some semen.

“Has everyone cum, except me?” she asked.

“Not her,” Sven and Karl replied in unison.

“Okay,” said Helen, and slowly began to take off her clothes.

“What do you think?” she said to me.

“Are you ready for a little 69?”

I nodded. She laid down next to me and I rolled up on her with my ass over her face. She felt my pussy and it was still wet. She pulled me towards her and stuck her tongue into my pussy. I bent down and gently licked her hairy pussy lips. She smelled strong and delicious. She had exercised and was probably going to take a shower when she got home. It tasted salty. She fucked me with her tongue and I stuck a tit against her pussy. It was good to feel the pussy hair against the nipple. Helen licked my clit and I felt like I was approaching an orgasm. I started shaking and was afraid to bite her pussy. I rolled off her and Karl was ready to fuck her. His cock had become stiff again from looking at our 69. Sven sat in the chair and jerked gently.

I went to the bathroom to wash myself, and when I came back Helen came while Karl fucked her. Svein had jerked up and squirted over his mother's huge tits.

I snuck home to myself.

Mom and Dad sat and watched TV and I went to my room.

Next Friday, Mom said, “We were going to drink red wine and have sex tonight. If you want, you can watch. We think it's okay with openness about sex. Do not feel pressured. ”

I did not answer and went to my room and thought about listening to music all night.

I heard them open their wine and sit in the living room listening to music. I looked out and saw that they were sitting on the couch and cuddling. Dad had a hand on Mom's tit.

I closed the door and went in to myself again.

A little later I heard them turn off the music and go into the bedroom. They did not close the door completely. I waited a bit and wondered if I dared to go inside. I was very excited. I changed into the nicest underwear I had. A black bra and a black g-string panty and pulled a red sweater and a purple short skirt on me. I got up and went out and knocked gently on the door to their bedroom.

“Come on in,” they said.

They laid almost naked on the bed. Dad wore boxer shorts with a big bulge on. Mom was wearing only a bra and a black panty.

“Sit at the bottom of the bed,” Dad said and I did as he told me

Mom caressed Daddy's dick on the outside of his panties. I could see they were horny. Mom lifted his cock out. It was quite large and he had huge balls hanging down. She held the balls in her hand and kneaded them gently. Dad loosened Mom's bra and took out the big tits. He took one nipple in his mouth and licked it. I just sat at the bottom of the bed and did nothing. Just looking at what happened. Mom spread her legs and Dad stroked the outside of her panties I could see the hair on her pussy and it protruded on the sides. a small wet spot formed where her hole was. He pulled the panties aside a bit so the pussy came into view. Mom moaned. I leaned forward a little so I could see better.

“Just get closer,” Mom said and I laid down on the side of the bed. I felt the skirt pull up a little. Maybe they saw my panties?

Mom pulled off her own panties and threw them on the floor. Now she was completely naked and spread her legs as best she could. I saw her asshole too and wondered if Daddy fucked her there too. He touched her everywhere down there. Then he took off his panties and was naked too. I got strangely horny watching them. He was not so hairy, but had a good bush over the dick. Mom touched her clit with one finger.

“Do you like it?” she asked me.

I nodded. I pulled up my sweater to get to my tits. I had to touch a little on myself.

“It's okay,” said mother.

“Just enjoy yourself.”

I lifted my tits out of my bra so I could touch my nipples. They were hard and very sensitive. Dad got up and knelt next to Mom and stuck his cock against her mouth. She sucked it while continuing to cuddle with her clit. He stuck it deep into her mouth and moaned. Mom sucked his cock. She stuck a finger in her pussy and held around Daddy's ass with the other hand.

I felt my pussy get wet. I lifted my skirt up a bit and spread my legs a little. I wanted them to see me. I felt free and felt my big stiff nipples.

“Take off your sweater,” Mom said.

I did as she said and took off my skirt too and laid there in my underwear, with my tits over my bra.

“Shall we fuck in front of you?” Dad said.

“Yes,” I mumbled.

He pulled the cock out of her mouth and moved to get into her pussy. I got his ass in front of my face and when he penetrated her he bent forward so I could see the dick go into her pussy. They could not see me, so I pulled my panties to the side and put my hand on my pussy.

Dad slowly began to fuck her in a missionary position. Her pussy lips received his big cock. That looked delicious.

After a few minutes, they changed positions. Mom stood on all fours and Dad took her from behind. He spent some time getting his dick properly in, but when he was at the bottom, mom leaned forward and opened the bedside table and took out a black dildo. It was natural and had even balls.

“Take this one,” she said to me.

I received it and felt it in my hands. I licked a little on the tip, it was almost like a real dick. I took it in my mouth and made it wet, before I took it on one of my tits. It had a vibrator, so I turned on some vibration.

“Mmmm,” I exclaimed.

They turned and smiled at me.

I turned on harder vibrations and switched to the other tit. I took it in between my tits and licked the tip. Dad fucked mom hard in pussy.

I took the dildo down to my pussy and took it to my clit. I had to turn down the vibrations so it would not make me cum right away. I took off my panties. Mom and Dad both laid down on the bed and jerked each other while they watched me. I couldn't hold on any longer and drove the dildo into my pussy and fucked myself. I was so horny.

I took off my bra too so I was completely naked.

Mom laid over Dad in a 69 and took his cock in her mouth. Daddy licked her pussy.

I stuck the black dildo deep inside me and felt that I was coming soon. I started moaning louder and louder. Daddy's cock started shaking and I saw that he sent his load in mom's face. I came in a huge orgasm. Daddy's cock was still hard so Mom sat on it and started riding. She put her tits in his face and soon she came too. She sat down hard on the dick and shook.

We laid on the bed for a while, before I put down the dildo and took to my clothes and went into my own room. I said nothing.



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