Heartening News

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Rachna returned to the site to oversee its advancement, and it was yet another busy day for the lady. Later that night, Rahul invited Urmi to his hotel.

“You look beautiful as always,” were Rahul’s first words as she entered the lavish suite.

“And you are looking devilishly handsome as always,” she complimented, and he walked towards her. He grabbed her soft cheeks and brought her lips to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing their bodies closer.

Their lips remained sealed as she slowly began to take off her clothes and gently began to pleasure her body.

She set her hair loose from the band, holding it while he watched in amazement, admiring how it fell and covered a part of her face, revealing every move she made inch by inch. She moved to the mirror and began removing her dress when she felt Rahul behind her and froze.

His hands got busy as they explored her body through her clothes. She felt his hand tug at the blouse and helped him open it.

He had spoken less of the business since they entered his suite, and she didn’t know what to make of it but hadn’t brought it up either. His hands encircled her waist, and her hair stood on the ends as she felt his breath on her neck. It’s like every part of her recognised him. His power over her was that strong.

Nuzzling her ears, Rahul took in the rose scent her hair produced. He was obsessed with how she smelled; it was a different fragrance each day, and she never did too much or too little. “I knew you were the right person for me from the beginning.” After minutes of silent torture, he finally said she bent her hair, blushing.

“Thank you for the opportunity, for everything.” She said and tried to turn to face him, but he pushed against her, pinning her against the dressing table. She summoned the courage to look at him through the mirror, and the look on his face made her lose it. He was clearly aroused, but it wasn’t just that. There was something else, and she knew what that was: pride. He was proud of her and about to show her how much.

He kissed the base of her neck and grinned when her shoulders went weak instantly. His eyes met hers through the mirror, and he slowly began pulling her blouse open. He wrapped it loose, and it dropped to the floor in a silent ripple, and just like that, her sari and petticoat followed, and the pin that held her hair soon joined, letting her hair pour all over her back. The room went quiet, and their breathing got louder. She stood there, looking at him through the mirror, her mouth open and her body stretching at every contact with his skin.

Lace bra and panties always looked good on her, and she never disappointed him. It showed a little skin here and there and hid her lower region in a floral design. He resisted the urge to go down there, and instead, he ran his hands along her hips, tracing every curve and pound of flesh.

Her breasts had gotten fuller since their regular lovemaking, and he was crazy about it, and she was incredibly proud about it. It thrilled him that she wasn’t just good in bed but good upstairs. The chances of finding all that package in one woman were slimmer than a shoelace. This was his woman. He had made her. He possessed her; she would never leave him, and he would treat her as such; at this moment, he would let her understand that, so he set to work.

Carefully avoiding bringing her to the edge immediately, he touched her slowly, his fingertips playing with her hair, bra-clad boobs, hips and stomach, and he smiled when she relaxed in his arms.

Her gasp was almost voiceless when he drove his fingers into her, and he saw her eyes flutter close. She was breathless as he went on and on, changing beat and rhythm till she collapsed on the table before him. Each time she attempted to touch him, he slapped her hands away; the moment was all about her, and he just wanted her to feel him.

“Just enjoy”, he whispered behind her, unhooked her bra, and she shut her eyes and spread her legs farther, giving him all the space he needed, just how he wanted it.

With great courage, Urmi turned around and took everything in her hands. Rahul’s back hit the wall as she struggled to pull open his fly, from which she pulled out his protruding cock. She went down on both knees and engulfed him with her lips.

Rahul groaned as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the movement of her lips on him. She was on fire. Her hands raked through his balls as she sucked him. She was fast and used her hands to assist herself as she accommodated his thrusts in her mouth.

She swallowed his cum and came up to help take off his shirt. As soon as all items of clothing were out of the way, Rahul grabbed her full ass in his hands and squeezed while he kissed her. His hands were all over her, tracing the line of her back, groping her heavy breasts and planting kisses around her face.

Turning her over, he leaned her against the table and stared at her in all her vulnerability as she moaned at his touch and wiggled her body now and then. He took a nipple in his mouth, and Urmi threw her hair back as she held onto his hair and rubbed in the same motion as his mouth. When he entered her, the world went dark, and his only thought was, “This is my woman, the one whom I brought up to this level.”

She gave him all of her, heat for heat and beat for beat, and she held nothing back. They were riding the same waves and never letting go.

With a shove, Urmi fell back on the bed, and Rahul joined her. He wasted no time pulling her legs open and thrusting himself inside her. His moves were quick, and the bed creaked with the impact. Urmi was moaning as he worked on her. His thumb grazed her clit while he was still in her, and then she lost all control. She came with loud moans and shaky cries, tightening her walls around him until he joined her.

They lay quietly side by side as Rahul stroked her hair after their lovemaking. He took a while to admire the beauty by his side, knowing well that it would take time before he had such access to her again.

“I missed you so much.” He said as his fingertips passed all over to drift over her bosoms.

“I missed you as well. It’s difficult to watch you from a far distance and not have the option to do anything.” Her voice was imposing, and Rahul grinned

“Rahul…” she moaned his name, which drove him wild. He took out his member and entered her swiftly, causing a loud cry of pleasure to escape her lips. He silenced her with his lips and began to kiss her boobs hungrily as he thrust into her. Their bodies shook from the immense pleasure they gave each other; soon, Rahul released himself into her and the two relaxed.

“Urmi…” he panted, making her focus her eyes on him. “Will you marry me?” He asked, and her eyes widened with shock.

Tears of joy formed in her eyes, and she wrapped her arms around him, “Yes!” She said with happiness, and Rahul smiled at her before rejoining their lips. They continued to pleasure themselves throughout the night to celebrate their soon-to-be union.

The next day, the workers gathered to listen to Rahul make the announcement of his engagement. Most women were already in tears as the men clapped after hearing the good news. Rachna stood far away from the rest but close enough to see what was happening. She was happy for Urmi.

She deserved this.

Suman stood not too far away, watching the scene with a neutral expression. If she was honest, she was unsure how to feel about this engagement. But her feelings for Rahul were still unclear, but she was happy for Urmi.

Everyone knew they would be happy together. It could be seen on their faces.

That evening, there was a massive celebration concerning the proposal. Suman, along with a few other women, prepared a feast. But it was nothing compared to what would be ready at the wedding. But that was until Rahul announced that the marriage would not be grand.

His announcement earned a series of whines and disapproval, but everyone respected their decision once Urmi stepped in, agreeing to her fiancé’s words. After all, they were in the middle of a vast project and could not afford to lose focus.

The preparations for the wedding came alongside the construction. It was very hectic. No one had expected Rahul to propose at such a time, but they could handle it well.

Rachna, Suman, and Vicky were the main organisers of the event. After all, they did not want to stress the soon-to-be-married couple; they already had enough to deal with the green building project. It’s not like the three were not busy as well, but they made sure to work to the best of their abilities.

A few weeks passed, and the wedding had finally come. Chairs had been set before the site office as the priest stood before the decorated altar. Rahul stood beside the holy man, looking incredibly sharp and strikingly handsome in his Sherwani and Churidars. He stood patiently waiting for his bride.

In one of the dedicated tents, Rachna, Suman, and, of course, the bride of the day sat together as they helped each other get ready. Urmi had personally picked out a golden lehenga for the day, accompanied by her make-up. Urmi appeared nothing less than a Goddess.

“Wow,” Suman awed as Rachna stepped back after adding the last touch of mascara.

“You look gorgeous, mother,” Rachna complimented, not bothering to hide her joy, surprise, and excitement. It was written all over her face.

“Is the dress okay?” Urmi asked nervously, and she used most of her savings to purchase her outfit. But she did not regret it. After all, it was all for him for Rahul.

“It’s breathtaking,” Rachna assured, and Suman nodded in agreement. She thought it was.

“Thank you, my girls.” Urmi smiled, and soon, they led her to the altar, and all eyes were on Urmi as she walked up to her stunned groom.

The ritual commenced, and the two signed all legal documents to confirm their union.

Rahul and Urmi were officially married.

The celebration was small but extravagant, and the attendees were not nearly as close as those at Rachna’s wedding. They were mainly close people at the site.

They danced, sang, and entertained themselves. The music blared as they moved their bodies till dawn. They ate and drank till they could no longer take in another morsel. A magnificent smile decorated Urmi and Rahul’s faces as they sat together, staring at them all. They occasionally glanced at each other with love and tightened their already joined hands.

The celebration, just like the others, was a success.

The newlyweds retired to Rahul’s hotel to enjoy the rest of their wedding night, making sure to thank everyone before leaving.

The next day, Rachna stepped out of her Gorakhpur site office with a travel suitcase in her hands as she looked at her surroundings again. The sun was yet to rise, making it the perfect time to leave. She got into the hired cab and was immediately driven to the airport. She did not want to be late for her flight back to Delhi.

The drive home from the airport was slow as Rachna thought about what she and Rahul had discussed. It was a lot, but she was willing to try it. She breathed in and out as if doing a tedious physical activity.

Once she arrived at the Solanki mansion, she took her time to look at the colossal structure. It felt like she hadn’t been here in ages; this was her home now. She took in the view she didn’t even realize she was looking forward to seeing.

She squared her shoulders and kept her head high as she ascended the steps to the front door. The moment her hands pushed open the door, smiling faces met her, and Payal quickly walked up to her, engulfing her in a bone-crushing hug. She grinned from ear to ear.

“Welcome back, Rachna.”

Rachna updated her mother-in-law about her family news and upcoming projects.

“Oh, that’s great,” Payal said, “It implies we will be visiting the south more often.”

“Yes, Mom,” Rachna said, “So get ready, and tell Dad to be also ready.”

After a noisy session of gossip over tea and snacks, Rachna excused herself to freshen up.

She got into her room and strolled in to find the house unusually quiet, and then she remembered most of the household was probably at the site. She entered the kitchen and helped herself to some pineapple slices in the fridge.

She went to the room, took off her shoes and held them in her free hand. She entered the room to meet Divya, dressing the bed. She was bent over, arranging the pillows that were on the bed. There was a vacuum cleaner on the floor, and Rachna knew she was carrying out an overall cleaning.

“Is Kabir home?” She asked.

Divya jerked at her voice as she turned to see her. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“It’s okay,” Rachna replied. “Is he around?” She repeated her question.

“No, ma’am, He hasn’t been home all day,” Divya replied. She stepped away as Rachna sat on the bed, taking off her jewellery.

“Come sit.” Rachna said when she noticed her moving towards the door.” Please sit. I need reports.”

With trembling hands, Divya dropped the things she had in hand and perched on the edge of the bed next to Rachna. She always had respect and a little fear for her madam because of the apparent reason that Rachna was a world power. It felt strange talking to her every time; now, sitting beside her was another feeling. She fumbled with her hands, unsure of what to do with them, but they soon rested on her lap, entwining each other.

“I’m listening,” Rachna said, urging her to resume.

“Well, we have been talking, and he is excited about the option of buying some flats and reselling them, and he is worried you would turn him down. But he said he would try, and it would be up to you.”

Rachna nodded. She could picture the image she had created of herself in front of him. She was sure he saw her as a monster, a wicked and selfish lady who didn’t want to give him a chance to prove himself to her.

“He still touches you?” Rachna asked as her eyes scanned Divya’s skin. She wasn’t in her maid’s attire and looked snatched in the short denim gown. Rachna felt pangs of envy for a while as she thought Divya had chosen the outfit to please Kabir.

The question surprised Divya, and she blinked repeatedly. “I’m sorry…”

“You dressed all up for him, I can see.” Rachna pushed forward.

Divya cast her head down in shame, and Rachna immediately regretted what she said. If she were factual, she would have fueled the affair that went on between Kabir and Divya. It was her order. But now, after her discussion with Rahul, she couldn’t stop imagining Kabir’s hands all over Divya’s skin.

She couldn’t blame him, though; Divya was beautiful. Her big, bold eyes were the most prominent feature on her face and the most flattering. She fluttered her naturally long lashes each time she appeared confused, giving her this charming look that Rachna always admired. Still, today, she felt jealous, felt like by fueling the relationship Divya had with her husband, she had just given away free fish to a hungry cat.

It wasn’t supposed to bother her, but it did, and she hated it.

“I just wanted to look simple,” Divya said. Her voice was timid, and she looked uncomfortable.

“This dress you have on is way beyond simple.” Rachna pointed out. Her eyes trailed the fleshy skin that popped out of the chest area of the dress.

Divya noticed her stare and placed her hands closer together as she tried to hide her cleavage.

Rachna sighed and cursed herself. Shame on herself for making Divya feel this way after she had pushed her into this. “It’s okay.” She said. She stretched her hands to pull Divya’s arms away. “I think your dress is beautiful.”

She saw the confused look on Divya’s face, blinked, and spoke again. “I think you’re beautiful, Divya.”

Divya felt the room become unbearably hot as she stared wide-eyed at her madam. There was only one question in her head. What is going on?

Their faces were only inches apart, and a rasped breath echoed across the room before Rachna leaned in closer and kissed Divya.

She waited for a reaction, and when she got none, she pulled away to see Divya’s eyes were still closed, her lips slightly parted, her neck a little stretched, waiting for another kiss.

Rachna took a while to study her. She was beautiful. She had sacrificed herself for her, and she had been loyal. There was no harm in tasting that, too, so she reached for another kiss and another, and soon, she felt Divya’s stiff body melt into hers as she leaned closer, wanting more.

Divya’s mind was blank. She was only aware of her madam’s lips on hers. Rachna was the woman she always admired and always wished to be like. She saw it as an honour when Rachna permitted her to lie on the same bed she always came home to with her husband. But it was different to eat with the pride and eat with the pride leader. She couldn’t believe it.

They both adjusted on the bed as the kiss got intense. Rachna brought Divya’s hand to her waist, encouraging her to feel the fullness of her hips.

She pulled away when she felt Divya stiffen again.

“It’s okay, Divya. I want you to touch me.”

Divya swallowed as she stared into Rachna’s eyes. “I am not sure what you like, ma’am.”

“Rachna,” Rachna corrected. “And don’t worry; satisfy me how you satisfy him.”

She pulled Divya further onto the bed to make her feel comfortable. She drew down the front zipper of the gown and helped Divya out of it. She began working on pulling away from her clothes when she felt Divya’s hands around her, assisting her out of her blazer and putting it away, too.

Her two hands settled on Divya’s breasts as she leaned in for another kiss. This one was longer. Her tongue dived in between Divya’s lips, and Divya reciprocated the act. They tasted their lips and needed more. Soon, the spark they had been withholding came to life, and they couldn’t ride the boat any longer.

“Tell me more about what you two discussed,” Rachna stated as she drew back. Her eyes were dark with arousal. She could feel some wetness in her pants already.

“I….. he…” Divya began with a shaky voice.

“Take your time,” Rachna said. She unhooked the bralette Divya had on and threw it to join her clothes on the floor. She gasped at the size of Divya’s large and perky breasts. They always seemed smaller under her clothes; those bralettes she wore did a great job of keeping them in place. “My God,” she muttered, running her hands across the fleshy skin. “Speak, Divya.”

Divya moaned as Rachna closed her lips around a nipple and pulled gently. “I…… Ahhh,” she said, pressing her breasts further into her mouth.

With a pop sound, Rachna let her nipple go. The watered bud stood helplessly on end, aching for more attention. Divya whined her disapproval.

“You want me to touch you?” Rachna asked. Her hand pushed aside Divya’s panties and found her pink clit.

Divya nodded when she felt Rachna’s thumb give the first stroke. “Yes, please. Ohh….. yes, ma’am.’

“Then speak,” Rachna commanded. She took the nipple in her mouth again as her hand on Divya’s clit vibrated harder, sending shocks to Divya.

Divya writhed in her arms as her body let go, collapsing on the bed. Rachna moved beside her, her lips and hands still performing their duty religiously.

“He always talks about you,” Divya said. Her eyes fluttered as she tried to stay sane.

Rachna took a break from sucking. To Divya’s surprise, she tore the lace panties with two hands. Two fingers slipped inside Divya’s pussy, and she screamed.

“So he talks about me,” Rachna said. “I’m listening. Tell me more.” She said.

Her movement inside Divya slowed as she let the girl talk.

“He says he looks at you from afar, and all the…… Damn.”

Two hard strokes rocked her insides, and she resumed speaking. “He said all he sees when he looks at you is a Goddess, and he wishes more than anything for you to give him access. He craves for you.”

“Hmmm,” Rachna said. She couldn’t decide whether the sound she gave was from the pressure she felt between her legs or the joy she got from knowing Kabir still had her on his mind.

“What else?” She asked Divya. Her strokes had reduced to a slower pace, and Divya shivered each time they went in again after withdrawal.

“He was making love to me just a few days ago, and when he came…” She paused in embarrassment, but the torment between her legs made her spill everything she knew. “He screamed out your name instead of mine. He…” It was hard to admit, but even she knew that no matter the number of times she slept with Kabir, his heart would always be for one woman only, and that was Rachna. He did care about her, but the heart, they say, wants what it wants.

Her confession to Rachna made Rachna stunned, and even amid pleasure, her sense of humanity was awakened. She had actually starved her husband for a mistake his father made, had given her maid to him free of charge, and he had done nothing but love her more. She felt terrible for him; he didn’t deserve that treatment. She also felt bad for Divya. Being with a man who knew he wanted someone else, not you, wasn’t very pleasant. She could see from Divya’s eyes that she and Kabir had created something. She knew it wasn’t love, but it was a feeling, and it wasn’t easy, so there and then, she decided to show Divya what it meant to be taken care of.

Her fingers drove deeper, and Divya came up on the bed, but Rachna quickly sat over her, pinning her back down. She rode her dangerously with her fingers, watched Divya beneath her yelp, and move in intense pleasure. Her breasts moved with the motion of the fingers within her, and Rachna stared in amazement, in pure lust.

When the first liquid hit her hands, she pulled back and was shocked when she felt her body being shoved onto the other side of the bed. Rachna and Divya soon switched positions, and Divya was on top of her.

They breathed harshly as they stared at each other. She saw a fire in Divya’s eyes, the type she had never seen before. Her soft hands undid her bra and removed her panties in the gentlest possible way. Rachna stroked her breasts as she watched Divya undress her and move downwards, spreading her legs wide open so the air from the fan blew against her soft clit.

Divya’s hot breath replaced the cool breeze in between her legs, and as her lips closed around her pussy, Rachna squirmed. Her hands raked through Divya’s full hair as she used her tongue to stroke the insides and outsides of Rachna till her high-pitched scream escaped from her lips along with her orgasm. Divya wasn’t done. Her fingers replaced her tongue, and she rocked Rachna, watching her moan and grabbing the sheets as her fingers paraded her territory.

They locked lips as she increased the pace and swallowed Rachna’s moans as she came the second time.

They lay side by side as they basked in the aftermath of their exercise, and when their breathing grew quiet, they just lay still.

Some minutes passed, and Rachna turned to see Divya looking at her, unsure what to do next. She reached in and kissed Divya again.

Rachna was curious to know. She asked her, “How did it start?”

Divya turned towards Rachna, letting their boobs brush against each other. “Oh,” she said, “That was too much for me. He was so engrossed in your thoughts, ma’am, that he ravaged me.”

Rachna was amazed. She caressed her cheek, letting her forearm sink into her breasts and said, “Tell me more, Divya. I want to know everything.

Divya laid back, staring toward the ceiling and smiling while recalling her encounters with Kabir. As Rachna caressed her boobs, she giggled and began to narrate her story.

That day, ma’am, as soon as you had gone out of sight, I was by his side, his arm around my waist. ‘You see, Divya,’ he said, ‘Rachna, my wife has gone.’

I couldn’t move. Kabir’s hand was caressing my bum, his fingers probing through the crack of my ass over my clothes. In one of his hands, he began to paw my breasts.

Once we were alone in the room, I fully expected him to jump on me, but surprisingly, Kabir had other plans. He told me to go to the kitchen, get a glass of milk and bring it to the bedroom. I didn’t understand why, but I nodded. He also told me once I was there to sit and wait in bed for him. Just grateful I wasn’t being sexually assaulted immediately, I agreed and went to the kitchen.

Just then, it hit me. This was like a suhaag raat, the first time an Indian couple has sex after marriage, along with a ceremonial glass of milk. Kabir wanted to treat me as a husband going to his wife for the first time. It didn’t matter that I was already married to you.

I did as he asked. I was sitting on the bed, with the anchal of my sari over my head, waiting like a shy Indian wife for my husband. The glass of milk was beside me on the bedside table. Kabir entered the room and gave a low whistle.

‘Oh, my Rachna!’ He gushed. ‘My Rachna is ready for me on my bed!’ His voice was full of lust, and he barely controlled himself from jumping onto the bed. He walked around and took a few sips from the glass of milk.

‘You are no longer a maid.’ He told me. ‘From now on, you are my unofficial wife. His words and his tone were affecting me. I knew I was already wet from his assault on me, and now he was almost making me cum with his words.

He jumped into bed, lifted the anchal I used as a veil, and started kissing me. He treated me roughly, unlike anybody who treats me, ma’am. He was sucking on my tongue and biting me on the lips. Despite my initial reluctance, I could slowly feel my resistance crumble. No one had kissed me like that in a while, ma’am. Kabir seemed to be an expert kisser. He knew when to probe and when to sit back. Besides, he kept his hands busy, mauling my breasts, pinching my bottom, or rubbing me between my thighs. I did not know what to expect from him and started to enjoy being kissed like that.

Then he started to strip me. I tried to slow him down, as this would be the first time I would be naked in front of another man. He pulled away from the pallu of my sari, and pretty soon, my sari lay crumpled on the floor. He then pulled the string on my blouse, unbuttoned it from the front and told me to raise my arms. I tried being a little coy and shook my head.

Then, very calmly, Kabir told me, ‘Divya, please.’ I immediately raised my arms. Kabir grinned as he removed my blouse, ‘Now that’s a good wife.”

I was also eager to see if he would back up his boast. Kabir caressed my boobs over my bra before undoing it. My breasts leapt out, freed from the constraints of clothing, free for a man like him to ravage them. My nipples were pinched, pulled, sucked on and kissed quickly, and I could see Kabir knew what he was doing. He made my nipples erect and pointed in no time. You see, ma’am, you nicely pay attention to my boobs when humping me. Right at that moment, my breasts were in love with Kabir.

Kabir then turned his attention to my bottoms. He ripped out my petticoat and panty in no time. I lay on the bed like a newly wedded bride, except I was stark naked save for my bangles, necklace and anklets. Kabir was still fully clothed. I suddenly felt shy and tried to cover my cunt with my hands. That exposed my top half, and Kabir took full advantage, playing with and pulling my breasts. I was not wet but dripping like a faucet.

Kabir now stripped off his clothes. He was fast and smooth and barely took any time. He had kept in shape, and his muscles were ripped. I am sure he could take you on and barely break a sweat. I gasped as he pulled down his pants and underwear, and his cock sprang into view!

‘What do you think of this, Divya?’ He stroked his cock on my face.

It was large, much more significant, and thicker than you can imagine. I stared at it, amazed.

‘You are very much bigger,’ I then told him.

Kabir laughed and said he would do things to me that nobody would be able to, and I would do something to him that I never did for anybody. And he was right, ma’am, he was absolutely right!

Kabir now moved and started to slide his naked body all over my naked body. My hands still protected my womanhood, so he told me to move them. I played a little coy and shook my head.

Before I could even process it, my body betrayed me. I didn’t want to, but. I started to cum. So slowly, I parted my hands and let him take a good look at my pussy.

Kabir smiled. ‘That’s like a good wife.’ I merely nodded, lost in my passions.

We were now grinding against each other, and I was in his arms. He was kissing me all over, and my hands were busy rubbing and stroking his manhood. And then, he rubbed his now erect and monstrous cock over my naked clit, grabbed my hair in one hand, while his other hand grabbed my bum. ‘I’m going to enter you now, Divya.’ He told me. He then positioned his cock, and rammed it into my pussy!

He screwed me long and hard, ma’am. I was, lying on your marital bed, and my clothes were strewn all over the room while your husband was screwing me deep! It had been his fantasy of having a ‘suhaag raat’ with you for a long while, and I was making that happen. Kabir was taking his time giving me a proper dose. I was succumbing to him.

Divya paused for a minute, her eyes vivid as she recollected the event.

“But it was too much. His huge cock was already pounding my stretched-out pussy. It touched me in places Kabir was touching me. I was ashamed, yet I was hungry and couldn’t take it anymore. I started to quiver with thrill as my body began to convulse with an orgasm. The temptation of a huge cock was too much, and I began to cum. That was the moment I surrendered to him.

I must have cum at least three times before Kabir himself came. All the while, his mouth chewed on my lips, his tongue probed deep into my mouth, and he kissed and licked every naked part of my body, leaving a slimy residue of his spit all over me. And then his body started to buckle. I knew he was going to cum, so I held him tight.

Kabir exploded inside me, grunting and pushing his cock even deeper into my pussy as his hips bucked, and he pumped and pumped and pumped into me. I held him against my body for a while until I could feel his manhood slowly become soft inside me. But somehow, I thought he wasn’t done for the night, and I was right!”

Divya paused for a minute, recollecting her thoughts. She ran her hand through her pussy a few times before continuing her story.

“After he had cum into me, Kabir immediately sat up. I looked at him in surprise. I thought he was done. I was wrong. He then dragged me by the hair.

I had just been screwed and screwed well, so I was still in a daze. Kabir then pulled me by the hair and placed my mouth right above his now slimy and wet cock, glistening with a mix of our juices. Without a word, I swallowed his cock and began sucking it. I held the base of his cock and sucked and licked while my other hand rubbed his hairy balls. I took a momentary pause and even licked his balls. Kabir was lying on the bed, calmly watching as I licked him back to another erection.

I thought he wanted to cum in my mouth, so I was prepared for it, but Kabir had other ideas. When he felt ready, he clutched my bum and turned it towards him. He pushed me onto my stomach on the bed and got into place behind me, ready to ravage my butt this time. He started to spank my bum. He spanked my ass until I was crying loudly, and my bum was stinging, and then he spat on his hands and rubbed me around my pussy. Holding my narrow waist with his hands, he positioned his cock at my cunt and, in one quick motion, thrust deep inside my vagina.

I screamed as Kabir continued to drill me from behind until he couldn’t take it anymore. For the second time, he shot his load deep inside me. The bed was a mess, and I was a mess. As we both lay there, panting, trying to catch up on our breath after this passionate act, his cum leaked from me, down my legs and onto the bed. Everything was wet and icky. I lay there with my eyes closed. Kabir then told me to hug and snuggle against him, which I did. He was sweating all over, too. We fell in each other’s arms as he groped my bare boobs for a long time. Sleep eventually came to us because we were drained out.”

Divya finished the story of her first night with Kabir.

“Do you want me to continue, ma’am?”

“Yes, dear,” she said as she listened with amusement.

The following day, I woke up first. I looked at Kabir lying next to me. When Kabir came up, he ran his hand through my hair and made some comforting sounds.

‘Oh, Divya,’ He hugged me. I could feel his pecker slowly start to rise. ‘It is now my turn to give you some pleasure.’

I looked at him, puzzled. He then swiftly moved his head down to my nether regions.

‘Ah!’ I cried out as his mouth latched on to my pussy.

It was utter bliss. Kabir was using his hand and his mouth alternatingly to awaken my hunger. And it worked! Every flick of his tongue sent waves of pleasure through my body, and every probe of his fingers made my back arch and toes curl. I was now screeching and moaning and taking his name.

He then raised his head and slowly moved up, kissing my navel and boobs.

As he sucked on my nipples, I wrapped my legs around him, rolled up over him and straddled him. I was utterly lost. I kissed him in his mouth.

We kissed, playing with each other’s tongues. His hands were now groping and squeezing my tits. His cock was now rubbing my clit. I reached back, held his cock and lowered myself onto it.

“Oh, Divya! You are so wet!’ His cock slipped quickly into my well-lubricated vagina.

It was so odd. He was your husband. He knew he was married. And yet, he was seeing you in me. It was just ‘sex’ to him.”

“OK, well, it was multiple orgasms, scream at the top of my lungs sex, but still… just sex. He has had me ever since. Nowadays, it’s mostly two to three times a week, in the afternoons.”

Divya finished her story.

“That was everything,” Rachna said as she smiled. “You’re terrific. You have done a fantastic job.

“Ma’am,” she asked slowly, “Will I get a raise?”

“Of course, you will,” Rachna assured her, “And much more than that.”

Divya looked happy and asked, “Did I hurt you, ma’am?”

“No, not at all.” She pulled her closer and kissed her, rubbing her tits, “You are now my very close friend.”

“Oh, thank you, ma’am,” she exclaimed happily, “I can do anything for you.”

“Come over to me,” she said while pulling her over and kissing her, “Tell me where he took you on vacation?”

Memories of vacation and their lovemaking flashed before Divya’s eyes. Her smile said everything to Rachna. She pulled her face closer, letting her hair cover their faces and kissing her smiling lips while their naked bodies rocked against each other.

“Tell me your best experience, ” she asked Divya.

“Well, ma’am, ” she spoke, “Those were the best moments of my life. Whenever I went to a trial room, he would trespass there.”

“How?” Rachna became curious, feeling familiar wetness in her pussy building up.

“Once I was trying different bras,” She began narrating her story, “He came inside the tiny trial room.”

“Oh, wow!” Rachna exclaimed, “He was so restless. Then what happened?”

Divya blushed and buried her face in Rachna’s boobs. Rachna giggled, lifted her chin and said, “Oh, come on, Divya, speak up.”

Divya shook her head, “I feel shy, ma’am,” she said.

Even after several requests from Rachna, Divya didn’t speak but kept blushing and hiding her face in Rachna’s boobs.

Suddenly, Rachna understood what Divya wanted to say as Divya continuously mauled her breasts. “Oh, I see.” She exclaimed with a sigh. “He rubbed his cock here, ” she said while fondling Divya’s boobs.

“Yes, ma’am,” she moaned in pleasure, recalling that moment, “He came all over my tits.”

Rachna grabbed her boobs and sucked each of her nipples, and said, “Oh, your breasts are so lucky. I can’t hear your whole story. I want my husband. I want to feel the same. You can go now and rest for the whole of today. Others will handle the rest.”

“Don’t worry, ma’am,” Divya assured her, “He will love you more. He keeps thinking about you.”

Rachna released Divya slowly from her grasp and let their breasts caress each other. Divya got up and dressed under the watchful eyes of her madam. She packed the vacuum cleaner and moved out, closing the door behind her.

Rachna sighed in relief. It felt good to know Kabir still thought of her. It felt better to know he hadn’t been so lonely. Divya was a great rider and had taken care of him well. Otherwise, he might have gone into depression. But that was passed. She needed to reset some things, and she needed to begin immediately.

“Will she need Divya again? Who will be the best bet to keep Kabir occupied in her absence?” Questions keep coming to Rachna’s mind. “Divya, who else?” she murmured.


The mall was jam-packed as everyone was shopping for the weekend. Rachna strode past people as she took items from the shelves and placed them in the trolley she carried. She bought everything in large quantities as she needed to prepare the best lamb curry.

She hurried away from the shop and drove home in a hurry. She was thankful Kabir was not yet home; she needed enough time to prepare everything before his return.

Divya and Prisha were by her side. They exchanged surprised glances. It was strange to see Rachna walk into the kitchen to do anything. She only went there to grab water, juice, or fruit. Even so, sometimes, she would send the maids to fetch it for her.

“Don’t worry, guys, you both should go. I want to do the cooking today.”

They left the kitchen for their quarters, gossiping about the new character they had noticed their madam develop.

Rachna asked Alexa to play her some blues as she set to cooking. She washed and began cooking the basmati rice on the stovetop. She began humming to the music that serenaded the house as she coated the lamb with coriander, paprika, cumin, and the other spices she had bought from the store.

Soon, her tomato sauce was simmering with the cooked lamb, and the house smelled like heaven. She heard when he drove in, and she smiled to herself. She was right on time.

Although he saw her favourite car parked in the garage, Kabir wasn’t sure if his wife was home. He was still stunned by their conversation and had begun making plans already. These plans kept him away from home, but he was too excited to feel the stress.

He had a long shower, taking his time to analyse how his day had gone. It was successful, and he deserved a good night’s rest. He thought of Rachna and considered sending her a text message, asking how she was doing and if she needed him to come to pick her up, but he quickly wiped off that thought. She wasn’t still so good with him; they had only made a little progress, and he would be stupid to ruin that by being clingy.

He wiped himself down and stepped out to the greatest surprise of his life. A bed table on the bed held a beautiful-looking lamb curry dish. Its scent filled the room; he didn’t need to taste it to know it was so good.

Rachna was seated on the bed, too. She looked tired but smiled when she saw him.

“I made this for you. I hope you like it.” She said.

Kabir looked around to see if Divya or Prisha were anywhere in sight. “Hold on. You prepared this yourself?”

Rachna chuckled. “Do you think so low of me?” She asked.

Kabir laughed loudly. “Oh no, I’m just surprised. Wow… I can’t wait to try it.”

He put on shorts and sat beside her, adjusting the table so it was across his body. He took the first bite and closed his eyes, chewed in pure bliss.

“How is it?” She asked. Her smile was toothy.

“Delicious is an understatement. I never knew you were such a good cook. I thought that was Suman’s quality.”

“Well, Mr Kabir, there are many things you don’t know about me.” In a singsong tone, she said.

Kabir raised a finger. “I know one thing, though, and that is that anything about you is amazing. At this point, I think there’s nothing you’re not good at.”

Rachna giggled, “Okay, I’m flattered.”

Kabir complemented her meal as he ate. She laughed when he licked his fingers, savouring the delicious taste of the lamb.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you,” Kabir said as he looked her over. She was wearing a simple flannel gown that revealed just the right amount of skin that any man would want to see, and it graced her figure perfectly.

Rachna smiled. “I’m sorry. I’ve just been so busy with work. I just needed to put things in place. But in reality, I’ve always been here.” She said. “But now that everything is stable, I can only promise you more times like this.” She motioned at the nearly empty plate from which he was taking a large chunk of lamb.

Kabir laughed heartily.

“Well, I must say you have done an amazing job, Rachna. You have stunned the whole world. I only hope I can help you take this to another level.” He said.

“You’re already going great, Kabir. Your strategy is amazing, and it’s certainly working.” Rachna assured him.

Kabir’s head went down as he asked his next question. “I see you accepted Dad’s deal, too. You’re being so kind, Rachna. He told me you were even nice to him when you two talked. I hope you can finally find a place in your heart to forgive him for what he did.”

“I never held anything against him, Kabir. I just needed some time to make the best decision, and you know what, I chose family. Because that’s what we are, and we are all we truly have. It is in the past, Kabir. Right now, I need him, and I need you. I need all the members of this family. I am Rachna Solanki, and I love that very much.”

Kabir stared at her with so much emotion. He just put the tray aside and gave her a big hug.

“So, I heard you went on tour with Divya.” She said as he resumed eating. How did it go?”

Kabir went quiet for a while, and then he spoke. “It went well, business and business. We needed funds to run the plans we laid down, all for you.”

“And Divya?” Rachna pushed.

Kabir decided it was time to stop the games. He was beginning to build something with Rachna and wouldn’t let a lie throw it under the carpet. Whatever would be, but at least he wouldn’t hurt her by lying. He dropped his spoon and took a deep breath. “I’ll be truthful with you, Rachna. I did look at her. A lot of things happened, but in all, you were always the one on my mind.”

She nodded and gave him a pat on his hairy legs. “Finish up. I’ll go shower for a minute.”

The bathroom door closed behind her, and soon, the shower came running. Rachna stripped off her clothes and stood, letting the water run from her head down to her toes. The day had been stressful, but she had wanted to do that for Kabir, and she was glad she pulled it off.

She heard Divya come in and clear the dishes. Rachna shook her head in wonder when she heard him belch loudly. He truly enjoyed the meal, and she couldn’t be happier.

She lathered her skin with bath jelly and grunted in approval when the fragrance grazed her nose.

“Kabir,” she called, “Please, I need your help here.”

He wasn’t sure if he should knock or not when he got to the door. She had a way of taking him by surprise. He had never seen her in the bathroom and wondered what help she needed.

“You sent for me.” He said as he opened the door just a bit and poked his head.

“Yes, please. Come in, please.”

With gentle steps, he walked in. The shower was still on, and she was nude from head to toe. She had soap bubbles on her skin, and the water formed lines over her body. Her front faced the wall, while her back was visible to him.

He swallowed at the sight of her wide hips and skinny waist. Her ass looked even bolder than he remembered, and he didn’t know if it was an illusion caused by the water or if she had added some extra skin.

She handed him her body sponge. “I can’t reach my back. Please help me.”

Kabir felt his member begin to rise in his shorts as he took the sponge and began helping her stub her back. She held her hair up using both hands so the sides of her enormous breasts were visible to him.

He guided the sponge around her back with gentle strokes, going clockwise until her back was fully covered.

He did his work but didn’t want to let go of the sponge. She didn’t want to either, so she spoke. “You can also help me everywhere you know.”

He drew the sponge down her ass and ran the foamy material around her butt cheeks. The swelling between his legs became intense, and he heard her gasp as he passed the sponge between her thighs and scrubbed thoroughly.

He turned her to face him with one hand, and she obeyed. Her eyes were coated with pleasure, and he could see the peaks of her breasts standing on end as the water made them glitter.

Slowly, he ran the sponge across her stomach and up to the space between her breasts. Every sound on earth seemed to stop as he advanced closer till his hands brushed her breasts, pushing them open to clean the spot between them. Then, Kabir decided to stop being gentle and let his action proceed to her breasts.

Rachna moaned as the sponge grazed her nipple over and over again. She could see the bulge between his shorts and his hardened expression. He had moved closer, and they had water splashes all over him. His eyes rose to look at her as if asking for permission, and when he saw hers were already closed, Kabir let the sponge drop to the bathroom floor and dipped his head to take a jelly-glazed nipple in his mouth.

Rachna arched her back as she melted in his arms. He moved even closer as his arms enveloped her. His second hand tweaked her nipple while she bucked in his hands.

She could feel the wetness between her legs and the vibrations in her skin. She also found his member within his shorts and began stroking it. The motion seemed to have a massive effect on her, as his game on her nipple only increased. He played her nipples like guitar strings as she stroked him hard and fast. The liquid soap only made the sensation phenomenal, providing a smooth gliding and lubricant.

He let her go the minute he came and took off his shorts. With fire in his eyes, he arrived at her and kissed her violently. They locked and fumbled their lips till they were out of breath.

“I’ve waited for this for a long time.” He said. Rachna had never heard him sound so dark; it sent chills all over her body.

That, and the look he gave her, told her he was about to devour her.

He was now naked with her, and they dripped with water from the fountain above them. He made her sit on the tub’s edge and drove his finger into her with a grunt.

Rachna screamed. Anyone in the house at that time did hear her. He did it with so much hunger and need that it sent shocks sparking through her. He was rough, and he wasn’t apologetic. For a man who had been starved for so long, he wanted to ensure every moment of that meal was worth it.

Her hands slipped, landing on two spots on the tub, and her body fell backwards, causing her hair to swim in the water the bath had collected from their shower. The shower itself seemed to intensify as it rained down on them. Kabir rotated his fingers inside her like a mechanic screwing a nut. He moved in and out with solid and vibrant strokes, causing her to come over the tub, her scream shaking the building’s foundation.

“Ka…” She tried to say something but was pulled down from the tub and onto her knees. Before Rachna could realise what was happening, he had her on all fours, ready for him.

The weight that found its way into her moaned like a sex maniac. She felt him pound her insides from behind. Her breasts flapped so hard against her chest that he came to the rescue with those large fingers. The closure only made him go deeper inside her. He rode her as he squeezed her giant, succulent breasts. He made sure to pinch her nipples as he slammed against her g spot till she yelled her release. He fired more quick shots, and as he joined her, he kissed the nape of her neck, letting her know how much of a treasure she was.


A week and a half later, Rahul and Urmi completed their first business trip to Palani Hills, and everything was just as planned, Bhavi being a great host through it all. The visits to the plot of land were exciting, especially as Urmi appreciated the southern hill landscape more than she could imagine. The altitude was exhilarating, and the thick vegetation interbedded with picturesque cascades bent Urmi’s impartiality. Undoubtedly, the land was exquisitely located, and its perimeters seemed to their advantage.

During this visit, a day was dedicated to assessing the land, its deeds and its value, which preceded the project proposal to Bhavi. Urmi was decidedly the face of the team, while Rahul was only there to advise her in her shadow, so her decisions were always grounded. The agreement was that they would split the sales proceeds in half, and Urmi would cover the building and sales costs. It was a fair deal, and Bhavi would have to be out of sorts to turn it down.

The time arrived to seal the deal. Rahul and Urmi set up a bundle of rudimentary tables and chairs beside the site, overlooking the hills. It was a makeshift space to sustain the signing of the contract. Urmi joined pen to paper with her signature, and as she finalised this, she aspirated an abundance of pure air.

The mystical and bountiful nature of Palani Hills added a peculiar value to this project that she thought the Gorakhpur building didn’t have. Eco-tourism was undoubtedly the future for India, and she wanted to specialise in that.

“Don’t you think this is just wonderful, Urmi? This wouldn’t be possible without you, you know?” Rahul said with serene excitement. He stood with his arms crossed next to her, like the shadow he was portraying, but deep down, he wanted to celebrate with a dance and a song.

A faint mountainous breeze blew Urmi’s front hair strands to one side, distracting her from her trance.

“From where I stand, I can finally see how far I’ve come, and it completes me so much. But again, it is all thanks to you, my Rahul.” Her voice reflected a state of calm that she hadn’t experienced in so long.

Smiling at that statement, Rahul leaned his elbow on her shoulder and replied with the one thing he truly believed in: “Trust my words, and this business model will become the new construction paradigm for India.”

The Palani Hills project finally saw the light of day three months later. The contracted workers were already laying the first bricks, and that alone was becoming the main talk of the town. Such a rush! Reporters were covering news pieces on the site and interviewing Urmi every chance they could. The birth of the Palani Hills eco-resort stood out in several niche articles, and Urmi’s printed name was far-reaching.

However, just like Rahul, from time to time, Solanki would also fly over to meet with construction company people in the Kodaikanal area. He and his wife, Payal, had patched up and moved on. They would come to Palani and stay in luxury hotels where they would spend their passionate nights. More than ever, Solanki felt validated and valuable in the eyes of his daughter-in-law; it propelled him like a turbo engine.

He had promoted Prisha as his personal secretary, joining his office with Binita and Anya. Behind the scenes, it was Rahul who passed on vital business tips to Solanki and let Prisha take the credit and impress Solanki. She continued her informer job with Rahul and reported Solanki’s moves regularly to him.

Whenever Urmi and Rahul, Rachna and Kabir or Solanki and Payal visited Palani Hills, Bhavi fixed them with comfortable and work-friendly accommodation in the town of Kodaikanal, only a short drive away from the construction site and the offices. As per the understanding, the travel and stay expenses were to be borne jointly between the parties involved – Bhavi and Urmi. Despite the agreement, Bhavi went the extra mile whenever she hosted her guests. Similarly, Urmi invited Bhavi to Delhi and Gorakhpur on one pretext or the other. Rahul had trained her well to return the favours. Everyone else involved in the project continued to work remotely from Delhi.

Similarly, Kabir was over the moon about his part in all this. He spent most of his days in his office with Divya as his secretary, making phone calls and calculating and controlling the numbers as a team. As Rahul predicted, his social side had bloomed and sold a positive image of the project’s team. As time went on in this role assigned by his wife, he sulked less about her absence, and the more he would be his natural playful self with Divya during their time off at home or the office.

An unexpected addition to the team was Guptaji, who caught wind of the new Palani Hills project in its early days through a gossip chain. He had communicated with Urmi via telephone and offered to be a full-service broker between the investing tourists and the reservations. Urmi trusted his capabilities in the sales and investment domain and agreed to it.

That is how Guptaji found himself working on the hill stations and in the area of Kodaikanal. He had settled quite well in the South and made a living through the early commissions in the pre-sales of resort packages. His high score was on the day he bumped into a group of British hikers who stopped by the building site. It astounded these visitors to see how unorthodox the planning was and the type of materials used, like an elusive super-intelligent design, was in place.

When Guptaji caught their attention and promoted its facilities with his silver tongue, the British tourists admitted their interest in the holiday packages. Eight different packages were bought through Guptaji, cementing his growing success in Palani Hills.

In the distance, Urmi witnessed this negotiation as part of one of her supervising rounds. While remembering her past under Guptaji, all she could do now was smile, letting the feeling of empowerment wash over her.


As Rachna entered the gym along with Divya and Prisha, the walls echoed with the sounds of clanging weights and the rhythmic beats of energetic music. The air was thick with the unmistakable scent of hard work and determination. Prisha, her loyal personal maid, followed behind, her eyes filled with admiration for her mistress.

Rachna began to undress with a graceful movement, and her every motion was imbued with effortless elegance. She unbuttoned her silk blouse, revealing the smooth expanse of her porcelain skin beneath. The fabric slipped off her shoulders, cascading down her arms and pooling at her feet, revealing a lacy black bra accentuating her ample curves.

Prisha, ever attentive, approached Rachna with a gentle reverence. She assisted her mistress in unclasping the bra, allowing it to fall away, revealing Rachna’s supple breasts, their perfect shape accentuated by the dim lighting of the gym. Prisha’s eyes lingered for a moment, entranced by the sight before her, before she shook herself from her reverie and moved on to the next task.

Next, Prisha retrieved a sleek, form-fitting gym outfit from Rachna’s bag. She held it up, admiring the fabric’s vibrant colours and sleek design. The outfit was made of a high-performance material that clung to Rachna’s every curve, accentuating her toned physique. As Prisha approached, she could see the anticipation in Rachna’s eyes, a silent request for her to dress her.

Prisha carefully slid the leggings up Rachna’s legs, her hands caressing the smooth skin as she went. The fabric hugged Rachna’s thighs tightly, emphasising their strength and firmness. She then helped Rachna step into a pair of matching athletic shoes, lacing them up with care.

Finally, Prisha handed Rachna a form-fitting sports bra, its vibrant colour contrasting beautifully against her fair complexion. As Rachna eased her arms through the straps, Prisha adjusted them, ensuring the perfect fit. The bra provided ample support for Rachna’s bosom, highlighting her assets without compromising comfort.

Once fully dressed, Rachna stood before the mirror, her gaze meeting Prisha’s reflection. They shared a moment of unspoken appreciation, recognising the beauty and allure radiating from Rachna’s transformed appearance. The gym outfit accentuated her strength, confidence, and undeniable sensuality, a testament to her physical prowess.

With a nod of gratitude, Rachna and Prisha headed towards the workout area, ready to conquer the challenges that awaited them, their bond deepened by the intimate act of dressing and the unspoken understanding between them.

As Rachna began her intense workout in the gym, she asked her maid, Prisha, to give her a report on her father-in-law, Solanki. Prisha stood beside her as she began her warm-up, her face flushed and her clothes slightly dishevelled. Without hesitation, she began to recount her steamy lovemaking session with Solanki last night.

He was so forceful, but I loved it, Prisha said with a low moan. He started by pulling me close and kissing me deeply. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as he took control.

Prisha described how Solanki had then pushed her onto the bed, ripping off his clothes and spreading her legs. He made me suck his cock, and I did it eagerly, she said with a hint of pride. I could feel him getting harder and harder in my mouth. He tasted so good.

I eagerly took his cock into my mouth, my lips wrapping tightly around his shaft as I began to suck and lick at it with a frenzied hunger. My tongue danced along the length of his beautiful cock, swirling and flicking against the sensitive skin as both of us moaned in pleasure. I could taste his arousal, the salty tang of his pre-cum mixing with the musky scent of his desire.

He groaned and tangled his fingers in my hair, urging me to take more of his monstrous cock into my mouth. But I could not and felt its tip hitting my throat. I gladly obliged, as my lips stretched to accommodate his size as I bobbed my head up and down, taking him deeper and deeper. I used my hands to stroke and massage his balls, adding to his intense sensations.

I continued to suck and pleasure him, and I could feel him growing harder and more extensive in my mouth. I knew he was close to the edge and wanted to push him over it. I increased the speed and intensity of my mouth movements, sucking and licking with a voracious hunger.

Her voice grew breathless as she continued. Then he entered me, and I swear I saw stars. He was rough and dominant, but I loved every second of it. He pounded into me with such force, and I couldn’t help but scream for more.

Prisha’s eyes glazed over as she relived the intense pleasure she had experienced with Solanki. He knew how to knead my breasts and make me beg for more. And when he finally came, it was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

Rachna listened intently, her own body beginning to tingle with arousal. “And did he do anything else?” she asked, wanting every juicy detail.

Prisha nodded a mischievous smile on her face. “Oh yes, he made me do things I never thought I would do. But I loved every minute of it. He’s such a skilled lover.”

I prepared the bedroom with utmost care to set the stage for our clandestine rendezvous. Soft candlelight flickered across the room, casting a warm and intimate glow. The air was infused with the scent of jasmine and sandalwood, creating an atmosphere of seduction that would surely captivate Solanki’s senses.

I was dressed in a form-fitting black satin dress that accentuated every curve of my voluptuous figure, and I felt a surge of anticipation coursing through my veins. My dark tresses cascaded down my shoulders, framing my face with an alluring allure while my eyes sparkled with a mixture of nervousness and desire.

As the clock struck nine p.m., I heard the familiar sound of the front door opening, signalling Solanki’s arrival. I took a deep breath, steadying myself, knowing that the moment of truth was drawing near.

I made my way downstairs, my steps barely making a sound against the plush carpeting. With each step, my heart pounded louder in my chest, a symphony of anticipation reverberating within me. As I reached the bottom of the staircase, my eyes locked with Solanki’s, and a magnetic force seemed to pull us together.

Solanki stood tall and distinguished, his salt-and-pepper hair adding an air of maturity and sophistication. His eyes, a deep shade of hazel, bore into his soul, revealing a hidden desire that mirrored my own. He wore a tailored suit that hugged his broad shoulders, accentuating his masculine physique.

Wordlessly, we moved closer, the electricity between us palpable. Our bodies were magnetically drawn to each other, and I could feel the heat emanating from Solanki’s proximity. I reached out, my delicate hand brushing against his muscular, firm chest, feeling his breath’s rapid rise and fall.

Our lips met in a heated embrace, a passionate collision of longing and desire. Time seemed to stand still as our tongues danced in a tantalising tango, our mouths exploring each other with a hunger that had been suppressed for far too long. My body melded against Solanki’s, our curves fitting together like two pieces of an intricate puzzle.

As our embrace grew more intense, we moved towards the bedroom, our bodies entwined in a dance of seduction. The soft glow of candlelight illuminated our entangled figures, casting erotic shadows across the room. My dress slipped off my shoulders, revealing my luscious curves to Solanki’s hungry gaze. He played with my bra straps and slid off my shoulders as I took my arms behind to unhook my bra.

With each caress, each whispered word of desire, our inhibitions melted away, leaving only raw passion in our wake. The room was filled with the symphony of our moans and sighs, a testament to the forbidden pleasure we were indulging in. He kept mauling my breasts, licking my nipples while I writhed in extreme pleasure, holding his massive cock in my hands.

At that moment, Solanki and I surrendered to our deepest desires, transcending the boundaries of master and maid and embracing the intoxicating allure of our forbidden love.

As I lay on the bed, my body still buzzing with pleasure from her latest encounter with him, she couldn’t help but crave more. I had always found him attractive, with his rugged features and muscular build, but she never imagined that she would end up in bed with him like that.

But here we were, tangled in the sheets, our bodies slick with sweat and desire. He had been surprisingly gentle and attentive, exploring every inch of my body, making me moan and writhe beneath him.

But now I wanted more. I wanted him to take me in ways I had never experienced before. And he was more than willing to oblige.

He trailed kisses down my neck and breasts, his hands roaming over my curves. I arched my back, begging for more, and he obliged by sliding down between my legs. His skilled tongue and fingers repeatedly brought me to the edge of pleasure until I was writhing.

And then, with a wicked grin, he entered me, filling me completely with his massive throbbing cock. He moved with a primal intensity, taking me to new heights of pleasure. I cried out in agony, my body trembling as I reached my peak.

But he wasn’t done with me yet. He flipped me over, taking me from behind, his hands gripping my ass cheeks as he pounded into me. I could feel the pleasure building again and begged him not to stop.

He obliged, thrusting harder and faster until we both reached our climax, collapsing onto the bed in a sweaty, satisfied heap.

I knew I was following your orders but didn’t care then. All I cared about was the intense pleasure your father-in-law had just given me and the promise of more.

I and your father-in-law were like animals in heat, our bodies entwined in a frenzied dance of lust. The room was filled with the sounds of our moans and the scent of our sweat. We couldn’t get enough of each other, our desire burning hotter and hotter with each passing moment. I begged for him to release inside me, to fill my cunt with his seed and claim me as his own. Your father-in-law complied, thrusting harder and deeper until we both reached our peak in a powerful climax.

Prisha completed her story, saying, “We collapsed onto the bed, spent and satisfied, knowing we would continue indulging in our forbidden love. There was only the primal and insatiable desire that consumed us both.”

Rachna couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy at Prisha’s description. But she also couldn’t deny the growing desire Prisha had for Solanki.

“Then what did you do?” Rachna asked Prisha, feeling aroused.

“I licked his cock,” Prisha grinned, “he played with my boobs while I swallowed his cock coated with our mixed juices fully in my mouth. Ah, it tasted heavenly. Why are you feeling jealous?”

Rachna felt goosebumps as she dismissed Prisha with a smirk, already planning her own encounter with her beloved Rahul. “Then what happened?” She asked.

Prisha’s eyes lit up as she continued her story proudly, her voice becoming more sultry and seductive. Well, after I pleasured him with my mouth, he couldn’t resist me any longer. He flipped me over and entered my pussy from behind, pounding into me with such force that I couldn’t help but scream with pleasure. His cock was hard and throbbing, filling me up completely. And I was so wet and ready for him. It was like we were made for each other.

Rachna’s breath hitched as she imagined the scene unfolding before her. She could almost feel Rahul’s hands on her own breasts, his magnificent cock buried deep inside her pussy, just like Prisha described. “And then? she urged, wanting to hear from her every explicit detail.”

Prisha’s grin widened as she continued, her hips rocking slightly as she relived the moment in her mind. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back against him, his thrusts getting harder and faster. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he mauled my breasts and whispered dirty things in my ear, driving me wild. And then, when we both couldn’t hold back any longer, we came together in a mind-blowing orgasm that left us both breathless and satisfied.

Rachna couldn’t help but feel aroused and a little envious at the same time. But she knew that she would soon have her own story to tell with her beloved Rahul. And it would be just as wild and intense as Prisha’s. She recalled how she had sucked his cock, and he had erupted in her mouth, his jet hitting her throat, and she had swallowed every drop. A chill ran down her spine.

“Come here,” Rachna commanded, and Prisha came close to her, expecting something.

Rachna’s hand slipped into Prisha’s pants, fingers eagerly seeking out her wet and throbbing pussy. She could feel the heat radiating from between Prisha’s legs as she spread them more expansive, allowing Rachna full access. Her fingers delved inside, searching for any sign of wetness or arousal.

As she probed deeper, she could feel Prisha’s hips bucking against her hand, begging for more.

“So this is where my father-in-law screwed. You naughty!” And then, her fingers brushed against something that made Prisha gasp and moan in pleasure. It was a tiny, sensitive spot that sent sparks of pleasure throughout her body.

Rachna grinned, knowing that she had found Prisha’s sweet spot. She continued to tease and caress it, making Prisha moan and writhe with pleasure. And as she did, she couldn’t help but feel a surge of arousal herself, eager to experience the same intense pleasure that Prisha was feeling.

Prisha’s body trembled as she reached her peak, her juices flowing freely as she climaxed. Rachna’s hand was drenched in her arousal, and she couldn’t help but bring her fingers to her lips, tasting Prisha’s sweet nectar.

Breathless and satisfied, Prisha looked at Rachna with a wide grin, knowing that she had just experienced a mind-blowing orgasm thanks to her mistress’s skilled touches.

“Now, what about me?” Rachna asked, “How will I be satisfied?”

Both Prisha and Divya smiled. Prisha said,” I will love to lick your pussy.”

Divya added, “And I will lick your tits.”

Prisha eagerly knelt before Rachna, her mouth watering as she pulled down her mistress’s pants. She couldn’t wait to taste her, to feel her juices on her tongue. As she exposed Rachna’s bare pussy, Prisha could see the glistening wetness between her thighs, and she couldn’t resist diving in.

Her tongue flicked over Rachna’s clit, causing her to moan and arch her back in pleasure. Prisha took this as a sign to continue, and she delved deeper, lapping up every drop of her mistress’s arousal. She could feel Rachna’s hips bucking against her face, and she knew she was doing a good job.

Meanwhile, Divya lifted Rachna’s gym outfit and sports bra underneath, revealing her beautiful breasts. She wasted no time in taking one in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the nipple and sucking gently. Rachna’s moans grew louder as she was pleasured from both ends, her body trembling with desire.

Prisha’s tongue continued to explore every inch of Rachna’s pussy, flicking and teasing her until she reached her peak. Rachna’s body convulsed in ecstasy, her juices flowing freely into Prisha’s mouth. As Divya continued to pleasure her breasts, Rachna’s climax was even more extraordinary.

Soon, Divya joined Prisha and eagerly knelt before Rachna’s cunt, their lips slightly parted as they gazed hungrily at her glistening pussy. With a mischievous glint in their eyes, they continued pleasuring their mistress.

They both dove in without hesitation, their tongues working in perfect harmony as they explored every inch of Rachna’s womanhood. Prisha’s tongue danced along Rachna’s folds, teasing her clit, while Divya’s tongue plunged deep inside, swirling and flicking against her walls.

Rachna moaned in pleasure, her hands gripping onto their hair as she was brought to a shattering climax. Her body convulsed as she released her sweet juices, which both Divya and Prisha eagerly lapped up, savouring the taste of their mistress’s arousal.

But they didn’t stop there. They continued to pleasure Rachna, their tongues and lips working tirelessly to bring her to multiple orgasms. Rachna’s moans grew louder and more desperate, her body trembling with pleasure as she rode the waves of ecstasy.

Finally, with one final scream, Rachna reached her peak, her body going limp as she collapsed onto their faces. Divya and Prisha looked up at her with satisfied grins, knowing that they had fulfilled their mistress’s desires and brought her to the ultimate pleasure.

Breathless and spent, Rachna collapsed, her two dedicated lovers still eagerly pleasuring her. And as she basked in the afterglow, she couldn’t help but think how lucky she was to have such skilled and devoted maids at her command. Rachna had assigned Prisha to screw Solanki, her father-in-law, while Divya took care of her husband, Kabir. Rachna did not want any distractions from them while she freely indulged with her beloved Rahul. Both had been doing their duties remarkably well.


The air in the gym was filled with the thick scent of sweat, followed by a series of grunts and clashing of equipment. Three women in tight-fitted sportswear were in the large room’s far corner. They managed to grasp the attention of most males in the room as they worked on themselves. Their creamy yet firm, perfectly sculpted bodies had that effect.

The three women were like shining stars. Their beauty, aura, and determination brought all eyes to them, and they were true eye-catchers. The men present often shoot suggestive glances but either do not pay attention to them or ignore them.

Prisha worked the treadmill as she stared at herself in the mirror, making a mental note that she would be down from there in a few minutes. She was sweaty, and the growl her stomach made every now and then told her she needed to be fed. Divya, on the other hand, seemed fine. Her machine was set at a higher level than Prisha’s, but she looked less stressed, like she was having so much fun.

Giving up, Prisha backed away and grabbed a bottle of water, from which she took a long drink. “Girl, you are on fire.” She said to Divya, who gave her a sly smile but didn’t stop for a second.

Rachna was perched atop one of the gym’s stationary bicycles, paddling with all her might as she released several huffs. Prisha stood by her side with a timer in her hands and was left responsible for keeping track of Rachna’s time on the equipment. She was ensuring her movements were coordinated and precise. And, of course, they were. This was Rachna they were talking about, after all. Prisha occasionally uttered a few words of encouragement, which was very helpful to her ma’am.

They stood before a mirror, and God, did they look good. Rachna’s eyes remained focused on the mirror. Her eyes are fierce, and her heart is ablaze. Beads of sweat fell from the top of her head, and her body glistened as she tried to catch her breath. She knew how attractive she looked, which was always one of her strengths.

“And… done!” Divya announced, but Rachna did not stop after adding an extra minute.

She got off the bicycle, and Prisha handed her a towel. She gently wiped her sweaty face with the soft material, releasing an exhausted pant. “Wow, that was exhilarating,” Rachna laughed.

“You were amazing, ma’am. I am pretty sure you broke a record,” Prisha commended.

“I have never witnessed anyone go for that long,” Divya stated, staring at her timer with awe.

Rachna smiled, “Stop this flattery. I am certain you two can do way better than me, considering you two are way stronger than me,” they all laughed, but they knew she had a point. The two maids lacked brains, so they made up for it with strength. “I will grab a bottle of water,” she said before leaving the two alone. While waiting for their madam’s return, they busied themselves with dumbbells while performing squats.

Just then, the instructor walked in, and his eyes focused on the piece of paper in his hands before two women managed to grasp his full attention. He watched as Divya and Prisha grunted. He admired how they precisely lifted the dumbbells; they had proceeded to pilates, and the coordinator was impressed by their strength and coordination.

He took the liberty of roaming his eyes up and down their bodies, which would be an understatement. Their bodies were fit and exemplary, with firm biceps and abs. Their legs also appeared very strong; they were nothing compared to the fat or skinny thighs he would usually see in the gym. His legs had already begun to move towards them before his brain could stop him.

He didn’t even want his brain to stop him. It would be too late as he has already advanced toward them.

Prisha could see one of the instructors coming over from the mirror that faced them. He had been looking at them so much that she knew he would eventually approach them. Well, here he was.

“Good day, ladies,” he greeted, and the two stopped their workout. They turned to face him, little specks of sweat embroidering their faces. Their breath came out a bit forced, but they managed to control it so as not to look unflattering.

“Nice abs,” he said to Prisha as he gave her a hand. “Yash is my name.”

“Prisha,” Prisha replied. She was too tired to smile and too tired to fake one.

“And those biceps are amazing. Wow.” He added when she placed her hand in his for a handshake. “Hello,” he said, this time to Divya.

“My name is Divya. It is nice to meet you, Yash.” Divya replied, looking at him in the mirror.

“You girls are awesome.” He said, addressing them both. “I admire women who take time to stay fit. It is crucial. When you’re older, no health issues will come your way.”

They returned his greetings and smiled as they thanked him for his compliment. He smiled, “I must say, I am quite impressed by you two’s physique,” his praise brought smiles to their faces.

“Thank you,” Prisha said, appreciative of his words.

“Oh, do not thank me. But I must ask, what are your routines? What plans do you two follow to achieve such impressive bodies? Do you perhaps come here often? I do not think I have seen either of you around,” his blabbering and series of questions shocked them, but they kept their composure as always.

“We do not follow any workout plans or routines,” Divya stated, and the instructor looked at them with disbelief. Divya continued, “We are workers. We do housekeeping, dish and car wash, mop the floors, and even do gardening, so it is easy. Keeping fit is very important.”

Prisha added, “We lift heavy objects as well, not to mention we run up and down the stairs several times a day.”

They looked proud of their achievements as their eyes twinkled.

The instructor nodded, pouting his lips as he considered their words. “I guess all that work can also shape your bodies. I am amazed. You two must work very hard,” he said, and they smiled at his words.

He nodded. “That is impressive. But I have a doubt. Does your employer not exploit you?”

Divya stopped and said, “Exploit? How dare you say that?”

“You girls are put to so much work to do.” He said, trying to clarify his perceptions.

“On the contrary, we are motivated, indebted and ready to do anything for our ma’am.” The conviction in Divya’s voice surprised the gym instructor.

So, is it just you two here? Or did you come with someone else?” He enquired, and the two maids looked at each other with uncertainty. They answered him despite their discomfort. After all, their ma’am was a public figure. It was not their place to make her whereabouts known.

“Yes,” Divya spoke from where she kept running but getting nowhere, literally. “We have to impress our ma’am.” She said as she gestured at Rachna, who was facing another mirror doing acrobatics. She did very few heavy exercises and preferred dancing to the music that played at the gym.

But it was not like Rachna was invisible either.

“We are only here to assist our ma’am,” Divya informed, piquing the instructor’s interest.

“Your ma’am? Who?” he asked, wondering who could be the employer of these two ladies. Did their employer need them as bodyguards? He would not be surprised.

The two ladies gestured towards Rachna, who leaned leisurely against her equipment, gulping down her water from a bottle. The instructor’s eyes widened with surprise, “You mean Rachna, ma’am?” he asked, and they nodded affirmatively.

“Is that Rachna Solanki?” he again asked in awe. “You mean Rachna of the green building is in my gym?” He asked again and again as they smiled and nodded in affirmation. He went to where Rachna was.

“Hello, ma’am. I’m Yash Dahna, the owner of this gym. It is a pleasure to have you here.”

Rachna smiled sweetly. “Thank you, Yash. I must say, your facility is amazing. Every piece of equipment here is first class, and I will likely come here again.”

Divya and Prisha did their best to hold back their giggles. “I did not know you were with these two charming ladies, and I simply appreciated their biceps. They are quite fit.” He explained, and she nodded. He noticed the smile the other lady gave quite reached her eyes. Like it was a compliment they got regularly or they really enjoyed getting it. It was either of the two.

“That is quite alright, and yes, they are,” Rachna said, a small smile forming on her lips.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said happily. “Please, if you need water or anything, just call one of the attendants, and it will be delivered to you.”

“I sure will.” She replied.

He went over to Divya and Prisha and gave them the same information he had provided Rachna.

“If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know. My office is just down the hall,” he offered, and the three women nodded. He hurriedly excused himself. He then informed his workers that Rachna and her girls were in the gym. If they needed anything, they should be attended to as soon as possible and with VIP treatment. They provided a tray of fruit salad only a short time later, courtesy of the instructor. They requested a few other things and got them shortly after. The gym attendants well took care of them.

Rachna finished up and lay on a workout mat, waiting for time to elapse before she began contemplating her way home. From where she sat with her back to the wall, she could see Prisha and Divya making silly jokes and poking at each other. The two girls had a way to create a TV show wherever they went.

She loved that.

The three continued their workout, and soon, word of Rachna’s presence in the gym spread like wildfire during the harmattan season. The building became packed, and soon, a commotion erupted, and the two women froze in their movements.

To her surprise, a multitude surrounded Rachna in seconds; her eyes widened, and her jaw slacked a bit. “What is going on? What happened?” Rachna asked frantically.

“Nothing bad has happened,” a man from the crowd laughed. “It seems only good news follows you.”

“Yes, that is true. Which is why we want to know where the party is!” A woman said excitedly, and Rachna’s brows furrowed with confusion.

“Party? What for?” she asked, not knowing the great news that was about to occur to her.

“You have been chosen for the best builder of the year award, Rs one million, and citation.” Someone announced, and Rachna’s heart stopped. It seemed as though all the air in her lungs had ceased as she tried to comprehend the words that had just been spoken. Was this a prank?

Divya was immediately beside her. “Rachna, ma’am, it’s true!” Divya squealed with excitement as she checked the news on her phone. “Ma’am, this is great. That is Rs 1 million and a citation. Oh, I’m so happy for you, ma’am,” Rachna was quickly by her side and watched the live broadcast with awe and disbelief.

Rachna immediately felt a throbbing in her head as she tried to make sense of the scene before her. “Seriously, I never knew about this.”

“We are proud of you.” The crowd echoed.

Her vision felt blurry, and she faltered in her steps. Prisha was quickly by her side and wrapped an arm around her waist, “Ma’am? Are you alright?”

She tried her best to keep smiling as she packed her things hurriedly. “Thank you so much, all of you. I really appreciate it.” To Divya and Prisha, she said, “Pack up. We’re leaving.”

“I feel faint,” Rachna admitted, still in a daze. “This news is very shocking,” she chuckled, and the two maids helped her to the car. Still, not before she had finished addressing the crowd, “I will get back to everyone once I settle down, but I promise you, there will be a party to celebrate this great news!” Her announcement earned a series of cheers and applause before Prisha and Divya took her to the car.

As soon as Rachna returned home, she freshened up and settled on the sofa, placing her laptop on her thighs. She scrolled through her emails and news feed and was shocked to find that she was chosen for not just one award but many. They were numerous, and she felt dizzy once again.


To be continued

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