How I met a cam girl that changed my life. Part 1 by BadGirlFriends69


While this is based on my real life, I have changed all names, locations and time lines to protect all parties privacy. If you like this story and want me to continue to writing the rest of it please consider voting on the story and leaving a comment. , (All names and location are fictional)

This is my story of how I found myself living with a Harem of sexy Vixens that changed my life from boring to extraordinary. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself first. I am 25 years old, 6’ 1”, 220 lbs. and have normal looks. I had hit a progressive jackpot at the MGM in Vegas when I was 22 years old. I was lucky to be smart enough to invest my good fortune and bought myself an apartment building. At 23 years old I was living the life. I had a 60-apartment building keeping my bank account flush with cash and I was partying every night in Sin City.

I had it all, well I had everything but a good woman. Truth is I have never been really confident with meeting females and living in the confusing political era of “Me Too” were the rules keep seeming to change really didn’t help my confidence. After a few expensive bad dates that mostly all ended up with me being to chicken to go for it I was depressed. I started out just watching porn and reading erotic books. I really wanted a woman that I could talk to and have sex with but dating was too costly with no guarantee of sex and so once free porn was losing its fun, I found out about live cam girls. I must have looked at hundreds of sites before I decided to try the site was clean and simple to use, I also like the fact that I saw a lot of professional porn stars that I used to get off too on free sites mixed into the pages of armature girls.

Six months later I had a list of girls that I spent time with daily, I could ask these ladies anything, talk about anything and get my rocks off at the same time as I got to watch them perform a live show just for me. I was then that I found Misty, I fell hard for her and hung out to do shows with her any time I saw her online. The Day I saw Misty use her John Holmes replica dildo and fit the whole toy to the base into her sexy tiny body, seeing her stretch her tight little pussy was like a dream come true for me and I wished that I could meet someone like her. You see while I have not had great luck dating woman, my even bigger issue was the fact that my 11-inch cock was too big to completely fit into the few sexual partners I have had… The irony of everyone wanting a big cock is that most chicks find it too painful to take more that the first 6-8 inches. This is why I found porn to be nice, the girls in porn never complained about taking big cocks to the base, they at least faked it better than any of my ex’s, who would always ask me to not go so deep or ask to stop because it was too painful… I know what a wonderful problem have right? Well I used to not think so, I just wanted to know what it was like to be completely inside a woman.

I was after doing a show with Misty one day that I decided to ask her if we could do a second show but this time, I wanted to do it cam to cam. Misty was surprised that I was ready to do a show right after finishing a 30 minute show, but she agreed and I for the first time masturbated on cam for her to see me as I watched her fuck herself with her big toy and gag herself with her free hand. I couldn’t believe how much I came the second time, the idea of her getting to see me had ampped me up so much, my cum shot easily was twice the size of my first.

The next day was bummer for me, Misty was not online and after doing some shows with a handful of other girls I decided it would be a good day to go out and hang in one of my favorite clubs. The last Girl I had done a show with had been a real wild chick that wanted me to dominate her you know a real BDSM type, playing with her had put me in the mood for trying my luck at maybe getting some in person action.

That night the club was packed, people filled the place from wall to wall. I stood at the bar drinking a Jameson and Ginger ale, waiting to see if I could get up the nerve to hit on any of the girls, but after two hours of overpriced drinks and music that was starting to make my ears bleed, I decided to call it a night. As I paid my tap and took one last look at the crowded dance floor, my jaw dropped as I spotted this petite, dirty blond in a slutty schoolgirl get up walking towards the bar and me. Her perky B cups bouncing firmly under the thin fabric of her slutty cutoff top. The too short pleated skirt kept daring to ride higher up her legs reveling more of her alabaster skin and showing just the bottom of her perfect palm able ass cheeks. I stood frozen as it was now clear to me that she was going to end up right next to me at the bar.

As she reached the Bar and ordered herself a Vodka, I tried to act natural despite the fact that my cock was having plans of it own and was forcing me to face the bar to hide its growing erection. I didn’t want to get caught staring at her, so I kept my eye on my drink as I tried to think of something to say. Like a true professional this cute and sexy mousy Girl took the lead and broke the ice. “Hey, haven’t we meet before?”

It was hearing the sweet ring of her voice that I went from excited to all out panic, this girl did not just look like Misty, this Girl was Misty. She must of seen how uncomfortable I was because the next thing I knew she had her hand on mine and whispered into my ear “I thought you looked familiar, Your BadGirlFriend69 right?.. It’s me Misty we saw each other the other day at work, right?”

I didn’t know what to say, I had never considered that I might someday run into one of the cam Girls in real life much less the real Misty. I stammered trying to think how I could not look like a creepy stalker, after all I had no clue, she was in Vegas much less that she would be in the same club as me. “O Hi ya, sorry, that is me… I didn’t-” She cut me off placing her fingers to my lips and looking me straight in the eyes with her big brown eyes she asked “Was that thing you showed me real? And can it really cum twice like you claimed?” All I could do was node my head yes and follower her lead as she guided me through the club and out into the casino lights of the Vegas night.

I didn’t know where Misty was taking me, I was still to shocked about the whole thing. I was begin to wonder if I had too much to drink and if I was really passed out at the bar making a fool of myself instead of being led by the hand through the Vegas streets by my dream girl. It was not until we got to her hotel room door that I decided it must be really happening…

At the door Misty turned to me and said with a hint of blushing cheeks “I know this is cliche, but don’t think this is something I always do. I texted my friends that I was bring you here so I hope you are as nice as you always seem at work and that we can have fun for real tonight… After seeing you on cam to cam the other day, I couldn’t believe I saw you at the club tonight… Funny normally it’s the girl that’s afraid of being stocked, not of looking like the one stocking…”. I just smile down at her and did my best to look confident.

Once in the room, Misty turned and kiss me. I immediately wrapped her in my arms, I was amazed at how soft her tiny body felt in my hands. We continued to Kiss and grope one another as we made are way deeper into the room until, I felt the back of my legs touch a chair. Misty broke our kiss and with a devilish smile she spoke with a deep hungry moan as she began to pull at my belt “Don’t worry baby, tonight is going to be a lot of fun, let’s get these pants off and let you take a seat so that I can get you ready like only a good woman can.”

The next thing I knew, I was naked and sitting back in the room chair growing to my full mast as I watch Misty make a show of her own striping. With each piece of clothing to which there were very few, I was amazed at just how lush her pale skin looked, her perfect perky B-Cup tits whit their already hard gumdrop sized nipples made my mouth water in anticipation of when I would get to suck on them. When Misty was down to her big reveal, having only her tiny skirt between me and her naked body, she turned and bent down, giving me the best view of her sweet ass as she slowly lowered the skirt down over her pale globs, she pulled her cheeks open just enough for me to have a good look at her tender, small brown eye. Despite all the shows I had done with Misty online, she had never been willing to do any anal play, but I always had wanted to at least taste her perfect ass, I was hoping that my chance was coming.

As Misty’s skirt hit the floor, she spun back around and dropped to her knees before me. My Cock was already at my full length but once she wrapped her bright red painted lips around its head and ran the tip of her tongue under the crown, I felt my cock swell to its full girth and it was mind blowing feeling her lips spread wider as my cock swelled. With a pop she pulled off of my cock and smiled up at me with her big doe eyes “I just had to taste it before I start, The camera definitely was not lying about your manhood…” Misty spent the next half hour holding my cock up against my stomach in her right hands death grip as she licked the underside of my cock and balls. Once she had my ball covered in her drool, she used her left hand to take hold of one of my balls and began to rhythmically squeeze it while she fit my other ball into her mouth and sucked and liked it with the force of a woman starved. The only reprieve my ball were given from her relentless attack was when she would switch hands so that she could work my other ball. I was in a state of pleasure that was all new to me. I had never really considered ball play before, but I was hook now.

Misty’s ball worship came along with her telling me with each transition how much she had bin craving a cock that would fill her up and as she put it “HURT ME”. I had never heard a woman say that she wanted it to hurt in real life before. Misty’s skilled mouth and hand on my balls hand me making a mess of myself as my pre-cum was now flowing like a water faucet, covering my abs and her hands in its flow. To my astonishment Misty was working me up so much that the flow of pre-cum was now drenching my balls. This only seemed to make her squeeze and suck on my cum makers even more, eliciting a moan from Misty as she told me that “I am going to drain these cum bags tell you Bust Dust!”. I didn’t know what to say or even if I should say anything, I just didn’t want her to stop.

Like all good things in life Misty’s worship of my now extremely swollen sack did come to a end, but unlike most things in life, things got even better. Misty finally freed my cock from her death grip and began to suck the head of my cock. Then with both her hands she took a ball from my bloated sack and squeezed them hard, I all most yelled for her to stop from the pain, but the pain vanished as Misty started to swallow my cock, she took half of me in her first go and by her third head bob I could feel her nose touch my base as her throat convulsed and gagged around me, the pleasure of her oral skills washed away the pain of her hands tight grip on my nuts and before I knew what I was doing I let out a long and loud moan of my own as I felt muscles deep inside myself that I had never felt before contract and my cock swell to new heights as I let lose the most intense cum release of my life. To Misty’s credit she never stopped gagging herself on my dick as I came and when I had finally fired the last of my cum rope into throat, or her belly might be more accurate to say, Misty wasted no time in freeing my cock and started licking me from the back of my ball sack to the tip of my dick. As I sat in the chair trembling from the most intense orgasm of my life Misty kissed and licked my manhood and whispered “I wanted you to cum before you get inside me, I want a long ride from my new favorite man.” I do not know if it was her oral attention or the impact of her words, but my cock began freely flow its pre-cum once again. The Volume of my pre-cum made Misty smile as she rubbed my leaking cock all over her face, smearing her make-up as my juices mixed with it on her face.

As I tried to rise from the chair to return the oral favor to Misty, She pushed me back down and crawled up into my lap planting a passionate kiss on me as she aimed my cock at her slippery pussy. “It’s okay baby, between how wet I am and the ungodly amount of nut you are pouring out we don’t need you to get me ready, just let me ride you for the first round to get used to you.” And with those words Misty impaled herself on my mast, she didn’t take it slow or even try to control her hips as she slammed her tight hot cunt down onto me. I could not believe that in one motion Misty had taken all of me and I could feel herd hard little clit pressed against me. Misty let out ear piercing scream after scream as I felt her pussy quiver around my thick cock that seemed to feel as if it was trying to grow even thicker and longer to rip her and poke her even deeper. After the waves of passion finally started to settle, Misty started to ride me with hard fast thrust of her hips. I could feel our combine sexual juices mixing and running down my legs and under my ass in the seat. We kissed and groped until Misty broke our kiss and screamed for me to suck her tits that she thrust into my face, a task that I was more than happy to oblige.

Misty’s gumdrop sized nipples tasted sweet like vanilla and cherries. The feeling of my cock being strangled by the walls of her fiery cunt as the head of my dick repeatedly crashed into her cervix, was all becoming too much for me to hold back. Taking her hip into my hand I began to add my own strength to her down ward impalement and focused my attention to just her right nipple, doing my best to suck it off of her chest without letting my teeth bite her. Misty let out one last mighty roar as she slammed down for the last time in my lap, as her Orgasm ripped through her. He body shook and contorted so violently I feared that she might of bin having a seizure, not that I could of done anything about it as my own need to cum had taken hold and all I could do was increase my own attack on her nipple as I let free my second stream of cum, delivering it directly into her womanhood, If she had not been on the pill, then a child surly would of bin conceived.

As Misty calmed from her bliss, she gently stroked my head and back urging me to free her nipple from my lust full mouths embrace, reveling her once pale pink nipple to be a much darker purple. Misty laughed “No one has ever given me a kicky right on the nipple before, it even goes over my whole areola.” As Misty rose out of my lap the combine mixture of our fluids and a fair amount of blood came leaking from her now gaping cunt. Misty scooped some of the mix into her hand and without a thought she began to lick her hand clean, only to go back and get herself another helping. I sat there watching as the woman of my dreams scooped up our love and ate every last drop from her inside and out of her sinful body.




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