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While Jim is still struggling with how or if he can continue his sensitive story from the end of #13, I thought I'll write my own about secret stuff he's known little about. , Oh c'mon. Secrets can be fun. Well, the right kind of secrets. And that's the point. From our counseling, we knew the difference. Jim had his too. Read his stories #14 & 15 where he explains “secrets” so well. How he kept all that from me is a mystery.

Little did he know, something very similar was happening to me. It involved a small group of very close girlfriends from my work.

You know how women like to talk and especially women who are away on company familiarzation tours, while staying up late together, and sharing exotic drinks on the company's dime? Yea. We did that often. None of this might have happened if we didn't. Blame it on the Tequila!

I am about to tell you some secrets, well at least how I knew them and eventually taught them to three of my girlfriends. It was radical. The insights and the way we helped each other deploy them changed their marriages, their husbands, and their lives. The women all ended up feeling their marriages were much better for what they did to their husbands. And the husbands changed in ways husbands rarely do. So this story is really about women and for women, but I think all you guys might love the ride too.

First… Before I get into how all this started with the four of us, I need to explain my “operating premise.” Here it is….


Almost any woman can radically change her man into a subservient adoring partner once she knows how to expertly and worshipfully play with his cock and balls… and maybe his prostrate… and do it often during long “fantasy expanding sessions.”

I stumbled onto this realization with my boss, Alex. I had no idea what power I could have over a man in my prior years of marriage. But with someone new to inspire me, I learned to edge Alex and Jim for sometimes more than an entire hour before I finally let them cum In my mouth and I did that multiple times a week! My control over both of them developed to the point where they (especially Jim) did many adoring things for me, like cooking, cleaning, doing the wash, shopping for cool clothes, and allowing another man to sexually be in my life… because they both desperately craved that type of sex with me. Both knew they could not duplicate that intensity by simply “having sex with a new woman” as they both came to believe they would never find another who could “fuck with their minds” so well.

I ended up in total control of my guys within a short period of time. Because our “cock sessions” lasted so long, we had plenty of time to expand our crazy sex fantasies together, things that any of us would never have considered in our normal business, left brain, problem solving state of mind. It was all so yummy!

(Ok as a side note… Jim, here are some wild secrets of mine!)


It was 1995 and I was on a “Fam trip” with a group of colleagues and we were touring an exotic resort for three days/two nights. I roomed with a co-worker, Angela, who was a Latina and had been married for eleven years to her husband Jose. I had listened to her complaints about her marriage many times before. The marriage was stale, very argumentative (she was so fiery), and because she was so pissed off most of the time, it had become sexless.

We were unpacking our suitcases on our beds when, as I opened mine, right on top there was a new Penthouse and Penthouse Forum alongside a brand new “Pocket Rocket” vibrator and a pack of batteries! I burst out laughing which caused Angela to come over and see what was so funny!

Somehow Jim had slipped it all in the suitcase before I left. It was hilarious because only a year earlier, porno and vibrators were taboo things for us as conservative Christians. Jim was getting pretty bold!

I knew Angela, being a very nosey Latina, was not going to let this slide. Immediately she wanted to know all the details of why any husband would do such a thing. So for the rest of the afternoon and then later that night with two of our friends, Emily and Heather… the whole story came out. The WHOLE DAMN STORY! It probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for the unlimited complimentary margaritas. I should probably call these stories… The Tequila Tales!

Before the night was over, the girls ended up knowing everything about Alex and Jim and listened as I explained in great detail how I was shaping Jim through our fantasy sex sessions. (Well ok. Technically we were shaping each other.)

Looking back, I'm amazed I trusted them with information that could've caused serious problems for Alex but I think it was due to their intense interest, their probing questions, the intimate stories they all told about their own similarly stale marriages… and of course, I really do blame it on the Tequila!

The next evening was a repeat performance and this time it was ALL about their marriages, the problems they all had, (many of them similar), and if my strategies might work for them too!

This all happened at an incredibly romantic and sexy resort and that setting primed us for hours of group conversations. When it was over, “a pact” was formed between us that would last several years.

“We were out to save our marriages and gain control over our husbands.”

Sounds crazy huh?

It was loads of fun and over the coming months worked better than any of us had hoped possible on that first trip together.

We would all regularly go on these Fam trips at least once every three months. That left us time to practice what we planned with our husbands before the next trip, where we would then review and revise our strategies for the next three months.

Well, before the year was over, radical changes occurred in every couple. I'll start by telling you about Angela because she became my closest friend, initially the most successful with her husband Jose and the one that the other three women looked at saying… “If she can do it, so can I.”


Angela's Story

Angela and Jose were 31 and 33 respectively. Married 11 years. Nice home. Both were very attractive, in shape, professionals and possessed many of the stereotypic traits of the Latin culture. Well… they yelled a lot at each other. It had gotten bad enough that Jose mostly slept in the guest bedroom. He drank too much. He worked too much. He went out with “the boys” too much and increasingly took Angela for granted.

She of course responded in kind with a distinct disadvantage… she was raising the kids, did all of the household chores, including the cooking. The marriage might have crashed if it wasn't for the help of her mother who loved taking the grandkids for the weekend, or the week if Angela was out on our business trips.

Angela was over worked, discouraged most of the time, and yet found it hard to realistically contemplate divorce. Her family just didn't do that and financially that option seemed scary if not impossible. She was living under a heavy cloud and that caused her to become a borderline alcoholic.

Enter Ashley's Story…

If you've followed along Jim's Creating My Hot Wife story line, you know our story. Although my marriage was not nearly as rocky and definitely not combative, it still was similar as being stale, sexually unexciting, and increasingly infrequent. Both Jim and I were 20 years into a marriage, (more than any of these three girlfriends) and we were just worn out with the details of life… kids, careers, cars and mortgages. We weren't thinking of divorce, but beneath the surface there was a fear we had lost our passion for each other and might never get it back.

All of that resonated with the girls. Angela thought it scary to see a good couple like us get to that point. It didn't give her much hope… until the “plan.”


“Ashley, I don't have an Alex in my life. How would this ever work for me? Jose might be an asshole but he's pretty bright. He will see right through any of my attempts to manipulate him sexually. I want it to work, but I don't see how this could.”

“Angela… first, you can't look at this as mere manipulation. It has to be all about reviving eroticism in yourself first and then with your husband. Remember how I explained to all of you last night that we discovered eroticism to be entirely “right brained thinking” and quite different from your “left brain” problem solving thinking? Right now your looking at the marriage with all of its issues from your left brain. It won't work that way. You need to discover your powerfully sexy right brain, and how to train yourself to look through the “right eyes” as much as possible. Believe me… the hardest part is changing yourself. If you can do it, so can Jose.”

“But how do I do that? You had Alex! I don't… unless you're willing to loan him to me! Seriously, an affair is just too full of problems for me to consider. And believe me, we Latinos are very jealous people. My husband is a 'no way Jose!' He would never agree to your 'arrangement' with Alex like Jim did.”

I replied, “You don't need Alex or another guy. What you need is right here in these magazines and with this vibrator. I want you to find some private time everyday to practice. I'll give you the vibrator and I want you to promise me you'll use it every night before you start looking at the magazines. Even if the 'Rocket' doesn't get you 'there,' it will get you ready for the stories and the pictures. Once you are warmed up, open them. Look. Read… While you are playing with yourself. If some pictures or stories don't do it for you, keep going. You will find some that do and when you do, it will be really delicious. Keep doing it every night until you can get yourself off more than once and until you want to do it again in the morning. You said Jose is not sleeping with you any more? That gives you the privacy you need. I'll get you more magazines. We have a stack at home. By the time you've gone through a few of them, you will find fantasies that work for you. I promise. And you will start to wonder why you never discovered this before! Can you at least try that?”

“Maybe. Sounds embarrassing just talking about it though. I have no idea what fantasies I would like. I only get myself off when I'm really really horny and that's maybe once a week.”

“Angela, I rarely if ever masturbated before Alex. I never looked at porn. I had no fantasies. I often did not cum during sex with Jim and had never cum more than once during sex. Now, I have a ton of fantasies in my repertoire; I've got stacks of magazines; I love the sexiness of beautiful woman; I can normally cum five times during sex and sometimes a bunch more. It only took practice.”

“But you had real men to help you. I don't!”

“Believe me Angela, you don't need them to get started. I want you to discover that eroticism is in your mind and something you are responsible for creating. That's where your power will come. If you can create it, then you will never have to be dependent or a victim to a man again. Even if this doesn't work with Jose, you will change your life for the better. Trust me!”

“Ashley if I'm going to do this I'll really need your help. You're so confident in sex. I'm not.”

“Come here Angela. Lie down with me and let me read you a couple of my favorite type of stories.”


So that's how it began late on that second night of the first Fam trip together. We were both a bit drunk. We had talked with the other two women about sex for two nights in a row. And I was terribly horny.

As Angela laid down beside me, I picked out a couple stories in the Forum that were all about women discovering their sexuality. I can't really remember which ones. I've read hundreds of them but I remember how the stories were getting to me. I was hot and horny and soon desperately needed to cum. When I started hearing Angela breathing heavier, I couldn't take it any longer and slowly started unbuttoning my blouse revealing the sexiest lingerie that I had brought with me on the trip. That seemed to only increase Angela's breathing so I kept reading stories. Luscious stories. And when I found one about two straight women discovering sex together, I found the courage to unclasp my bra in front allowing my breasts to be exposed and my fingers to start rolling nipples. Angela gasped at the sight and distinctly shivered while lying now snuggled up next to me.

I kept reading. Story after story until I found one about a woman, just like us, discovering the joys of using a vibrator to replace a sexless husband. When I saw that story, I whispered to Angela…

“You read this to me please. I want to try out this new vibrator while I listen to you.”

Angela was obviously very turned on or she might not have done it. But as she started reading in a very low sexy Latina voice, I lifted my butt off the bed and slipped my skirt and sexy thong off my legs.

Once I turned the Rocket on, Angela gasped again at the sound… but she kept reading while I slowly massaged my clit and vulva and eventually buried it inside me to reach my G spot. When it entered me the buzzing sound went almost quiet. That made her pause reading but as she cleared her throat, she carried on all the way through my orgasm, with my arched back and my vibrating body.

“Ashley… that was amazing! I've never experienced something like that with a woman!”

“Well I'm not done! Help me reach the next one. Please suck on my nipple while I continue with the Rocket. I can't stop now!”

Without hesitation she leaned over and tenderly sucked and made love to my breasts. That was when I knew this was going to work with Angela.

I stroked her hair as she sucked both of my breasts and together with Jim's gift vibrator, I came two more times. I finally pulled her head up to me and we were transfixed looking deeply into each other's eyes when she leaned in to give me the first real kiss she had ever given a woman.

My hand instinctively went for the buttons on her blouse when I got this idea…

“Angela, I want you to undress yourself for me. I need to watch. Just give in to your feelings and get naked for me… because i think you want to make love with me. Can we do that please?”

She never answered. She was too scared to talk and was so turned on she was shaking… but she did start to unbutton her blouse and slide her skirt down. And then by mustering all the Latina fortitude she possessed, she got up and slowly, very slowly removed her blouse, her bra and her panties. I looked on with lust I had rarely known for a woman and said…

“Angela, you are simply gorgeous. Turn around slowly for me. I want to take you all in. What a beautiful butt and your beasts! They are perfect. I love your big nipples. And you're trimmed! I love that pretty pussy of yours! Come here. I want to taste it!”

I was the first woman to ever put my mouth on her pussy. It was something Jose rarely had ever done for her. She was tangy but not unpleasant! In fact, I had earlier discovered a woman smells different than a man. Men are more musky, a much bolder odor. Women are more delicate, sweeter, and even elegant. Jim had been telling me that for some time! He was also right about the way vaginal lips feel in your mouth and on your tongue. Why do we women wait so long to try this?

And this part I really remember… for the first time I wished I had been blessed with a longer tongue. I could get mine inside her pretty deeply but I could not reach her G spot with it, no matter how hard I tried. And I tried!

Loving on her was a bit of a mind trip. Was I becoming a lesbian? Would I still like cocks after realizing how much I loved pussies? I was so incredibly turned on using my mouth on her, it seemed at that moment I might never love cocks again! Sounds silly to me now, but in the moment I simply adored her sex.

[If you are a woman reading this, don't wait as long as I did. There's no way your aversion to lesbian sex can be greater than mine was. If I got there, you can get there. I'm convinced every woman is partly gay and I say that because eroticism is always exciting no matter the source of its trigger. With Angela, I completely crossed that line and I'm grateful to this day that I did.]

We made love for the rest of the night. Back and forth, watching each other, loving on each other's breasts and pussies. We were both learning and we didn't want it to end. Each time we switched from the receiver to the giver, we both got better at it. I guess we were taking notes on what felt the best receiving and then tried to repeat it when it was our turn to give. We both had countless orgasms and the bed was soaked.

I remember it ended when we decided to move to her dry bed just before dawn where we tried “69” with each other simultaneously using everything we had learned that night.

We woke up with our two friends knocking on our door, wondering what happened to us after missing breakfast. We were still in that 69 position and evidently had fucked and sucked each other to sleep!

As I scurried for my bathrobe to open the door, both of them came in suspicious as hell. There was no way we were getting out of there without fessing up. So… details, details, details were required before they would let either of us get dressed!

Looking back, the honest intimacy of recounting our night together bonded the four us and solidified our quest for eroticism and our plans to use it on our husbands. Unintentionally, it might have been the most important thing that happened that trip.

That night was not exactly the first time for me but it was the first time for Angela and I couldn't imagined a better “first time” between a woman's legs.


That started it all with Angela. I became “her Alex” but without all of the complications and guilt she would've had with a man. Over the coming weeks, she devoured my stack of magazines and she became a very multi-orgasmic woman. Of course, our two friends wanted to know every sordid detail as we often had drinks together over the coming weeks. They both were extremely interested in Angela's evolution. Our conversations were the best, most exciting, most erotic any group of women could have.

So here's Angela's story as it evolved…


We got together often when Jose was gone on business. We normally had the house to ourselves because taking the kids to the grandparents was always easy. Our playing together was ever increasingly sexy. We ALWAYS lounged around her house naked. I think we both loved to watch each other move, how our butts and breasts swayed and I'm telling ya, we worked them on each other! It never got old.

We tried many toys, a dozen dildos (including our favorite 2' long double headed monster that could do us both at the same time), and at least that many types of vibrators (including a couple internal ones that came with remotes.) Boy did we have fun with those at work, and social gatherings and all that sex play facilitated exploring many fantasies. Every imaginable thing or person was “on the menu.” It was playful, safe and kinda innocent as we set our quest for new edgy outrageous fantasies. Without them, sex between us would've gotten old as we both learned that hot sex was mostly new and edgy mental scenarios. What we did physically to each other only facilitated the sexiness we felt being lovers together.

Angela was “the first” for so many things with me. She was the first woman I ever fucked with a strap-on and I did that to her countless times. She insisted. I obeyed!

She was the first person to “fist me”… and outrageously, that first happened while we were in her big SUV and parked in her church parking lot as people were walking in and out of church. I never imagined doing something like that with someone. I'm pretty shy about things and I didn't even consider fisting possible. But she had read some story about how to do it well and insisted on trying it with me. Holy crap! Fisting became MY favorite thing with her very small delicate hands. She got really good at twisting her hand inside me just right to trigger my G spot and my cervix at the same time. There is no orgasm that matches that kind of intensity gals. Believe me!

Angela was a natural with it all. In fact, she had far fewer inhibitions, and a wilder imagination than I originally did when it came to sex. That made the formation of our “plan” for Jose seem fun for her, and ultimately fun for Jose.

We started by agreeing that “make-up sex” was in order along with her sincere apologies for being such a bitch! Yea… she had to own being a bitch. Once I felt she really did get that, we planned a series of romantic meals at home for him with the kids gone. She knew his favorite eight dishes so we planned eight meals alone together over the next month. Each weekend the grandparents got the kids. They were totally supportive of her expressed desires to repair the marriage.

I took Angela shopping and we gradually redid her entire wardrobe together. This is how we did it. On the weekends of her secluded time with Jose, we would shop and send him out golfing with his buddies. We would scour several malls and having already found the shops in each that had the sexiest outfits, we always came home with bags of clothes.

When Jose got back and showered, and was treated to his favorite dish and wine, Angela would put on a show for auditioning each set, telling him she wanted his choice for the top one or two outfits. She made sure the lights were low, usually just candles, and the music was sexy. Barry White was their favorite. Of course, she always finished with a strip tease so he could choose the lingerie as well. Jose loved it! And always wanted it to end quickly so they could fuck! Angela instead took control. He had to wait until she was done with the show and all of the outfits, except the last one.

That was when she led him into the candle lit and incense infused bedroom while she stripped down. This time she ended up naked and then started removing his clothes in the cute sexy way she always did mine… only to push him over backwards onto the bed.

This was the critical moment. Jose had to submit to her aggressiveness and thankfully he not only did, but he loved it.

What followed was sex, and sex that was all about Jose… she followed my instructions and just played with his cock and balls, using her mouth and tongue and copious amounts of oil with her hands. The goal was to not let him cum for an hour! (Easier said than done) And I tried to teach her the signs a guy makes when he is about to cum, and how to pinch his cock to stop the orgasm. It took several sessions to get pretty good at backing off before the inevitable eruption.

And finally… after Jose was aching and begging to cum, she sucked him very hard letting him cum in her mouth.

The next night, she did him again. This time she sucked him off twice. Both nights she didn't cum nor did he really touch her. That was normally a trigger to a fight. Not this time nor the next night or the next night or the next. Angela didn't get mad. She had a plan. This is what we schemed together…

“Angela… keep doing him until he gets used to you sucking him off and then letting him fall asleep. It will gradually get increasingly less exciting… but serving him will become a normal thing between you two and sooner or later he will both feel a bit guilty for not servicing you and at the same time be needing and wanting something new to enhance the excitement.

When he starts asking why you continue doing that for him, tell him you've been reading magazines about women who love giving head. (She actually had been) And it all had gotten you so turned on you started doing yourself while fantasizing about sucking cocks, his cock. And once you started doing him that way, you became addicted to the feel of him in your mouth and the taste of his cum.

[I instructed her to watch and learn what things excites him and ALWAYS, ONLY talk sex with him while she had her hand or mouth is on his cock or balls.]

Then… Ask him if he would like to hear some of the stories. He will say yes if he is erect. Believe me. Then start with some good ones and watch where his triggers seem to be. You will probably be surprised! That's when you'll need to start introducing new stories.

Do your best to not let him cum. If he does, call it a night. Later on you'll learn how to reignite him for his second orgasm.”


Jose was easy. He loved the new attitude and attention and things progressed rapidly over the coming weeks. She sucked him off most nights for the first two weeks and during that time, they were both way into “story led fantasies.” Here's how rapidly it progressed…

•By the second week he was wanting to finger in her while she read and stroked his cock.

•She got him to read stories, by insisting he do it while she licked and sucked both his balls and cock.

•The stories gradually drifted into guys who loved watching their wives having sex with others, both women and men

•By the third week he was regularly giving her oral while she read to him

•They started the game “Doable or not doable” rating women AND men every time they were out in public and people watching

•She discovered he had two strong triggers… beautiful women with nice rounded butts like hers and big full breasts with large nipples, also like hers.

Then the “game changer” occurred. Jose confessed a dark secret that he had started going to strip clubs once their sexual life had waned, largely because his group of guys insisted he join them. (She decided to accept that excuse without getting mad)

Angela responded by saying how much she had started getting excited by reading about beautiful women and sexy guys and therefore understood his strip club forays. Jose was both shocked and relieved when she said it was ok if he still went with his friends. I encouraged her to start playing with the fantasy of him taking her to the club. That fantasy became white hot for them both and the key trigger for the unlikely scenario that followed.

As Angela started enticing him to take her along next time and they played with how sexy it would be for her to be there in her new sexy outfits while making all of his friends drool… she planted the idea of how jealous his friends would be because they knew their wives would never come to the club. Jose started seeing how lucky he was to have such a wife and proud that she was not some prude but liked sex as much as any guy!

And they so went! And then went again!

And as going became a regular thing, she made sure they always sat in the middle of his buddies who loved seeing her dress up in her new sexy outfits.

His buddies started fawning over her and CONTINUALLY said they all wished their wives were more like her.

They started teasing her about participating in the weekly Wednesday night amateur strip contest which they regularly attended.

After she and I created a routine and after finding the right song we developed a routine and practiced it with a pole at my palates class. When Angela got pretty good at it trying to tease me, she gained enough confidence to agree to do it! (Only if I secretly came too and watched from the shadows)

She was fantastic! We could feel the energy she exuded as her bikini top came off and all the guys could see her beautiful breasts for the first time. And finally after bending over so many times, looking back between her legs at the guy, she slowly rolled her thong off her legs exposing her completely shaved pussy. It was breath taking as she ended the song masturbating herself with the pole between her legs, leaving it dripping with her juices.

She won first place and $300… and cried with joy on the shoulder of a very proud husband… amid the hoots and hollers of his buddies (I cried too! So hard, a lap dancer came over to check on me)

Angela was offered a job at the club, and agreed to try it only if Jose and his friends could be there on her night. She continued doing that for the next two years!


The club became “her Alex” in so many ways. It ignited their mutual desire. It ignited their minds and their sexual lives together became white hot. And it was just a few short steps before… They both started fantasizing about letting his friends fuck her.

The first step in that progression was me. I became the first person included in their ménage à trois. It was an easy step for Jose. He liked me and even more when he found out Angela and I had fucked each other so often. Doing him with Angela was fun. Really fun and we continued do so for the next couple months… as she and I started introducing the fantasy of letting his friends fuck Angela. After letting him fuck me, he could hardly resist the idea of letting her fuck his friends. Watching her fuck became the most intensely erotic experiences of his lifetime and something he would do anything to regularly repeat.


Much of that happened within the first six months. Angela and I kept Emily and Heather up on our progress along the way but it was the second Fam trip that started it all with those two. This trip was a bit longer, a 5 day 4 night affair in Jamaica at a very exotic and famous resort. It had been open for years and they were planning on opening another soon. We were there to observe and advise. The club had two sides to it. One “for the prudes” and “one for the nudes.” We had to agree to attend both sides to be ***********ed. That was an easy choice for Angela and I, less so for Emily and Heather. But they came and the discussions we would all have in the sexy atmosphere of all that nudity would set a life changing course. There was an unbelievable amount of sex going on at that resort and Angela and I were not going to miss out, neither were we going to allow Emily and Heather to sit on the sidelines.

How happened will take another story. In fact, a number of new stories. Golly… I've got some work to do!

Please give me a positive vote. I'll need the encouragement!


In Conclusion

To the writing of this story, I have never told Jim what we were doing together, with her or any of the other women. He would've wanted to be part of it or teased me into starting to “do women” at the club. I didn't want that.

Plus, we were so honest and trusting with each other that we both agreed certain type of secrets, secrets that were not harmful or demeaning to either of us, were often more sexy as a secret. I'll write more about why we both believe that some type of secrets can be beneficial to a marriage and why we came to those conclusions.

The whole thing with Angela and “the girls” was very different. Angela had a purpose and it was ostensively to help her turn Jose into a husband more like Jim. That purpose worked for both of us. We had loads of fun as a side benefit, but without ever worrying what “this” meant between the two of us. We weren't falling in love. We weren't becoming lesbians. We were just on a mission to change the world!

Well… at least our husbands. And this was merely the beginning of Jose's transformation.

Next up is how Angela and I worked our magic with Emily and Heather.



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