Into The Wild – Taboo Desires Unleashed

An adult stories – Into The Wild – Taboo Desires Unleashed by Dirtyoldman1979a,Dirtyoldman1979a All characters are over 18 years of age.


Chapter One: Around the Fire

The sun has just gone down and all three are sitting around the camp fire drinking beers and smoking some weed.

“Man, how long has it been since we have all sat together?” says Amy thoughtfully taking a drag from her joint. “Ever since we moved out of mom and dad’s house?”

Jim chuckles and agrees, saying “Yeah! We used to spend so much time playing games, watching movies, hanging out.”

John pipes up, his face showing nostalgia as well, “Who knew our little sister could kick our asses at Mortal Kombat!” They all have a good laugh about the old days. They sit silently gazing into the fire for a moment until Jimmy starts talking again.

“We got the weed; we got the beer and the weekend. Too bad none of us are getting laid this weekend” said John sighing. His statement broke the silence before another quiet beat was taken. All three stared deeply into the flames trying not to let awkwardness fill the air.

“If I am being honest bro, my girl is not really doing it for me these days still,” admitted Jim with heavy breath. His handsome features seemed even more pronounced under the moonlit night. “Same here, man”, agreed John nodding solemnly. Both brothers had known each other’s relationship issues; it wasn’t something new. But seeing them verbalize it gave Amy pause. This marked the first time she heard her older sibling’s express discontentment with their love lives.

Talking sex between the three was nothing new, though usually limited to crude humor rather than serious talks. However, this talk was going to be different. “So, what are they not doing for you, withholding blowjobs” asked Amy as a half joking. Jim shrugged, looking slightly embarrassed, “Well…it’s that too.” he replied truthfully.

Amy expression changed very quickly. “John, is that the same issue? Your girlfriend isn’t giving you head either?” she asked concerned, looking directly at him. Feeling vulnerable in front of his family, especially considering his usually strong demeanor. “Similar situation actually. Different reasons, but yeah, basically.” He confessed softly.

Amy felt this would be a good time to let them know why she wanted to come up to the cabin for the weekend with them. “Actually guys, there’s something I want to tell you. I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago because I wasn’t satisfied anymore. And you know how sometimes we used to tease each other about our fantasies back then?” Amy started tentatively, glancing at John. “Well, lately, I’ve been thinking about trying some of those ideas to see if they might make me feel better. Well, this was an issue for my beta ex-boyfriend.” continued Amy hesitantly.

“OK, let’s each smoke a joint and we can be more relaxed take this talk in the cabin”. Jim suggested in an supportive tone.

Jim lit the joint and handed it over to Amy. After passing it along to John, he took one himself, drawing in the scent of pine needles mixed with marijuana as he puffed it. “You know, whatever makes you happy. It’s your life after all, sis.” he reassured Amy, offering his encouragement as he gives her the last hit of the joint.

Afterwards they stood up and moved inside the cabin.

Chapter 2: Inside the Cabin

As they walked through the doorway, the faint lighting of candles illuminated the room. Amidst the flickering flames, the trio settled onto the couch.

“So, boys, what is it that your dumb bitches are not doing, because I will set them straight…” Amy stated sternly. Her voice held determination, yet affection.

“Our problems about the same. Mine not just about not getting blowjobs, though I do love them, I would like them more if she ever acted like she wanted to do them or really anything fun in bed” explained Jim earnestly.

John chimed in, adding his own experience “My girl doesn’t seem to understand boundaries and needs. She wants what she wants, and I am lucky to get one thing I want”. John finished Jim’s sentence matter-of-factly. He turned toward Amy “Anything specific you want, sis?” he inquired genuinely.

“Hmmm, you know what, there is, I broke up with him because I wanted to have a threesome, but him, me and another man. I had done threesomes for him with another woman before, but he didn’t return the favor with men.” Amy expressed somewhat annoyed, making sure her words were clear without judgement or offence.

Neither John nor Jim expected this twist, “Damn Amy, might not be a good time to tell you Jim and I doubled up on quite a few women back in High School.” John said in a rather sad voice.

Amy just laughed, “And where did you think I learned about this stuff? Don’t worry fellows, I won’t judge you, I’m just telling you both about myself”.

“Damn, all we need is Amy saying she is in to giving head and we would all be set for the night” commented Jim sarcastically, easing the mood slightly. They all erupted into laughter, breaking the tension.

“OK, bro, sis, this is fun, but we are all pretty high and for sure we are all horny as hell, so I guess it is either a cold shower or a jerk off before any of us can sleep tonight,” suggested Jim wryly.

Giving each other a goodnight hug and kiss they retired to their rooms. Amy got the master with the king size bed. Jim and John each went to their rooms and closed their doors.

Chapter Three: Is it Bedtime

Inside their respective rooms, Amy, Jim, and John found themselves struggling to fall asleep despite the potent combination of alcohol and weed coursing through their veins. Unable to suppress their raging libidos Laying in his dark room, tossing, John hears a beep on his phone, it is a text from Jim.

“Bro, I can’t sleep.”

“Did you jerk off.”

“No, and you did not either did you, did you?”


“Bull, shit you did cause of who you would be thinking about.”

Their text is interrupted by a group text from Amy.

“Just so y’all know, I’m also awake. Can you both come here.”

“Give us just a few minutes” both texted back.

“You think she is thinking about us John.”

“Well, we better go find out.”

When they arrive outside Amy’s room, she opens the door, dressed only in her lace bra and matching briefs. “Come on in,” she invites them, leading them to her bedroom. Turning on the lights, the trio finds themselves in a large, cozy room adorned with wooden furniture and colorful pillows. The walls feature framed photographs capturing cherished memories of their childhood, reminding them of simpler times.

Amy climbs onto the comfortable king-size bed, nestled beneath plush blankets embroidered with various patterns.

“I think you guys have figured out why I asked you two to come to the cabin now.” She looks at them with a playful grin. “I told you earlier that I needed to explore new ways to satisfy myself. So, here we are.”

“I want to be with both of you at the same time.” She states simply, removing any doubt about her intentions. “Is that alright with you guys?”

“Jim, Amy, I know we all are really horny and high, but I don’t want anyone pressuring anyone else into doing anything they aren’t comfortable with.” John spoke seriously, looking into their eyes for agreement.

Looking at each other nervously, Jim finally breaks the silence. “John, can you say you do not want to do this? Of all the times we did a girl at the same time.” Jim remarked.

John looked at Jim with a bit of anger. “She is our sister Jim, not some slut we picked up at the club.” John responded defensively.

“Boys, turn around and look at me and what I am not wearing now. Please.” Amy orders calmly. “Are you going to stair or get out of your pajamas too? Because I think it’s unfair otherwise,” Amy says firmly.

They remove their clothes slowly, undressing together while acknowledging their initial anxiety and curiosity about what lay ahead. Once naked, they stand facing away from each other, giving themselves time to mentally prepare.

“Okay, I think everyone knows what happens next so, you two must have a way you do this with other women” Amy smiles warmly.

“We usually flip a coin on who she gives a blowjob to while the other licks and fingers her clit. But, I really want to find out what you taste like Amy” Jim chuckled causing Amy to giggle along.

“Fine with me, I have not had a blowjob in a month, and I really want to find out how our sisters mouth feels.” John said casually.

Amy sat at the edge of the bed and opened her leg to expose herself fully. This action made Jim immediately hardened and couldn’t wait any longer. He rushed forward and knelt down beside her, gently pulling her closer and began caressing her body sensuously. His hands smoothly traced the curves of her waist and the swell of her breasts. Glancing up, he saw her watching him intently, desire sparkling in her eyes.

“Lick my pussy Jim, lick it like you own me.” Amy ordered seductively. Without hesitation, Jim lowered his face and planted gentle kisses on her inner thighs, building anticipation. Slowly, he eased his tongue towards her center, taking care to lavish attention on her folds. Amy moaned softly, enjoying the delicious pressure of his lips against her skin.

“How does our sisters pussy taste Jim?” John called out teasingly. Jim decided to not answer with words but show how much he was enjoying licking his sisters sweet tasting pussy by digging deeper and sucking harder, making Amy moan loudly. Watching Jim eat her out sent an electric pulse surging through Amy’s core. She felt a burning need for release growing stronger within her. With every pass of his tongue, she could feel her arousal intensifying.

“How does Jims’s tongue feel playing all over clit and pussy walls Amy?” John taunted sexily. Her breath caught in her throat, and her heart raced wildly. “It feels amazing…oh God! Bring your cock over here and put it in my mouth so I can show you how good I feel about what Jim is doing to my clit” Amy cried out suddenly, as pleasure burst forth within her.

Feeling the urgency in her tone, John hurriedly moved closer to her, positioning himself so that she could take hold of his erection. As she guided him towards her open mouth spitting on it and stroking her saliva all over his thick cock before

Her nimble tongue danced around his shaft, leaving tantalizing trails of wet heat wherever it touched. She gave him a look filled with promise, knowing exactly how much power she held over him in that moment. His groans echoed around the room, reverberating off the walls, heightening the intensity of their shared encounter.

Jim continued to feverishly devour her femininity, sending waves upon waves of ecstasy crashing through her body. Meanwhile, John watched with fascination as Amy skillfully handled his length, drawing out his orgasm ever nearer.

“OMG, Fuck Amy I am about to blow my cum, quick where do you want it, in your mouth or on your tits?” John demanded eagerly.

Pausing briefly to consider her options, Amy replied confidently, “Take it right there on my tits, and make sure you cover them completely!” Her demand elicited an excited growl from John, further fueling his rising excitement.

Knowing John was about to cum, Jim wanted to make Amy cum hard at the same time by hitting her G-Spot at the right moment.

Carefully he entered inside her pussy without hurting her sensitive parts, trying different angles until finding the perfect spot. Then he started thrusting lightly inside her with steady rhythm, creating waves of pleasure throughout her body.

Meanwhile, John aimed his erect penis toward Amy’s beautiful breast. It took several attempts before he managed to shoot his seed accurately enough, covering her breasts entirely in a sticky white liquid. The sight of it left him deeply satisfied and grateful for having such a willing sibling to share these experiences with.

“Ok, you licked me good Jim and made me cum hard and you pleased so much I made John come hard. Please fuck me to make you cum hard. I want your cum to be on my breasts Just like John did. Please Jim, please fill me up with your dick.” Amy begged impassioned, her voice trembling slightly from emotion.

Jim drove his rock-solid erection into Amy’s tight pussy as he heard John cheering them on encouraging him to give it his best shot, Amy wrapped her legs around Jim’s waist, holding him closely as he pushed inside her with each powerful stroke. Their movements were graceful yet fiercely erotic, reflecting the chemistry between them.

” I am cuming.” Jim announced hoarsely. Hearing those words, Amy’s breath hitched, her entire being aching for the final, glorious explosion of pleasure she knew would follow.

“Jim, I changed my mind, I do not want you to cum on my tits like John, I want you to cum on my face.” Her request surprised Jim, but seeing her confidence and determination fueled his desire even more.

“Ok Amy, I am going to paint your face now.” He gripped his shaft tightly, steadying himself, and then unleashed a powerful stream of hot semen onto her waiting face. Amy watched in anticipation as the first drop splashed onto her forehead, followed by another landing near her eye. The sensation of Jim’s ejaculate trickling down her cheeks and onto her lips was intoxicating. She reveled in the knowledge that she had brought him to such a state of bliss. With a final sigh of satisfaction, Jim collapsed onto the mattress, panting heavily.

Sucked, fucked, buzzed, stoned and content, they all feel asleep together very quickly.

Chapter Four: The Next Morning

A golden sun ray peeked through the window curtains, casting its warmth onto the faces of Amy, Jim, and John. Groggy from sleep, they stretched lazily beneath the blanket still entangled around them, relishing the lingering scent of sweaty bodies and sated passion.

Amy, feeling particularly energized despite the night’s events, rose first from the tangled heap of limbs.

Amy decided to make a pot of coffee as a wake her to amazing loving brothers up with the pleasant smell of freshly brewed java. While waiting for the water to boil, she thought about the previous night’s activities and the intense bonding experience she had shared with her brothers.

Jim and John stirred gradually awakening. As they came fully conscious, they noticed Amy standing nearby, looking serenely composed. They were struck by her beauty, the rosiness of her cheeks, the glint in her eye – everything seemed to suggest a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing.

Amy with the first cup of coffee in her hand takes a sip and then says “Jim, John, last night was very special, I do not want anything to be awkward between us. You two did what brothers do when they love their sister, now have some coffee while I make you two breakfasts, we will talk about everything later”.

The two men looked at each other, their expressions mirroring surprise and confusion. Yet neither argued with Amy nor questioned her statement, instead accepting her explanation graciously. They sipped their coffees gratefully, allowing the rich, invigorating nectar to help clear their minds. As they savored the drink, they gazed admiringly at their radiant sister. Her words may have been cryptic, but there was no doubt in their hearts – they loved their little sister dearly, and nothing would change that.

“We love you Amy and we hope we showed you that last night.” said Jim, pouring affection into his words effortlessly. The sincerity behind his choice of language reflected genuine feelings of concern for his younger sister.

John nodded fervently in agreement, adding a personal touch to his reaffirmation of loyalty, saying, “Amy, whatever happens, remember that we’ve got your back. Our relationship means too much to let something trivial damage it.” Both brothers exchanged looks, conveying a message of unity and support that Amy couldn’t fail to notice.

“John, Jim, You two showed me the most love I could ever feel last night, thank you my brothers.” Amy states, filled with gratitude and love, reached forward to hold hands with her siblings, tears welling up in her eyes.

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