Jack and Randy – Chapter 08 by Story Teller 101


The adventures with Randy continue. , My weekend booking with Anthony and Becky got off to a flying start. I hoped we all could go the distance.

I squealed as Randy disengaged. I turned and sat on the floor still coming down from my high. Becky tackled Randy to the floor and began to lick and suck his cock. “Come and help me Beth” she said “his cock is so big and tasty”. I smiled as I watched her arse wobble as she pleasured Randy’s cock. I wasn’t sure if he liked it or not but she obviously did. I knelt down and joined her. I felt exposed as my cum-dripping pussy was on display. I was prepared to call a halt if Anthony tried anything but he zeroed in on Becky and began to hump her. With a cock at both ends she was in heaven. I had trouble convincing her to share Randy.

After our attention to Randy, and Anthony’s attention to Becky, the two of us again headed for the shower and more fondling. Becky seemed insatiable. “Oh Beth I am so turned on” she sigh, as if I hadn’t noticed. After the shower Becky and I went into the Lounge, still naked, and sat on the couch together. Anthony wandered in with Randy. He sat down opposite us and spread his legs. Poor Randy didn’t know what to do. Anthony called him over and I watched spellbound as Anthony again had his cock and balls licked by Randy. “I want this on tape honey” Becky said and rushed off to get the camera. She filmed him for about five minutes and then handed him a mask. “Put this on for our production” she said. Production? Just what were they planning?

I had stocked the fridge with food and Becky and I got dinner. I was starting to enjoy being naked. It felt so free. Becky and I kissed several times and that made it even more exciting. We sat in the lounge and ate our meal. I had wine and we shared that. I was busting to know what Becky meant by “our production”. She explained that several people she knew were interested in a video of her and Anthony when she told them about their “dirty” weekend. I was unsure but she insisted it was ok. Any footage of us unmasked were for them alone. Scenes when we both wore masks were for their video sale. While still unsure I said that as long as they promised not to show me unmasked I was happy to be in their video. She kissed me. “Don’t worry darling. It is all good”.

Anthony said he already had footage of me with Randy wearing a mask. He wanted Becky next. She certainly didn’t hesitate. Back in the playroom he started the camera and Becky, in her mask, had Randy licking her and then mounting her. She moaned a series of obscenities while Randy humped her. If I didn’t know better I would have said she was doing it for the video but she wasn’t. Like a true bitch she was enjoying Randy as he ravaged her. My pussy was tingling as I watched. She was quite the performer. When Randy finally pulled out she went down on him with Anthony filming every lick and every deep throat suck. He was hard again himself. I think he was as excited as Becky.

Again I took her to the ensuite and showered with her. “That was amazing” I said “you really do like doggy dick don’t you?” She laughed “don’t say anything to Tony” she whispered “but I like being fucked by a dog more than my husband”. We again got dry and Becky called to Anthony to come to the bedroom “and bring the masks. Both of them”. Anthony appeared with the two masks. “Put yours on honey” she said. I figured this was where Anthony would film us together, perhaps in a 69. Becky opened her carry bag and pulled out a strap-on dildo. I gasped. Not only was it about 10” long but she could hardly get her hand around its girth. “Where the fuck did you get that” Anthony exclaimed. Becky just smiled. Then she turned to me. “You will lick me sweety and then put this on and fuck me. OK?” I told her it would be my pleasure. “No darling, it will be mine” she said.

Anthony was still shocked at the toy and how she had it. But not too shocked to start filming. We began to play act with me supposed finding her naked and she being horrified. Then I pushed her to the bed and began to pleasure her pussy and clit. Her orgasm was real. She was right into it. “So you like my tongue” I said, hamming it up “then you like this” and retrieved the strap-on. “No. NO” she cried as I put it on and approached her. “It’s too big. I can’t take it” she wailed. Of course I knew that wasn’t true as she took Randy’s knot with relish. I pressed her down on the bed and eased that silicone cock into her. She began to moan and groan and I knew she wasn’t faking it. For my part, I felt a strange power. I suspected it was the same feeling a guy gets when he mounts a women.

For the next half an hour I fucked her on her back and then doggy style. She was like a limp doll, taking thrust after thrust of that monster cock. Finally she collapsed on the bed as I pulled it out. I looked at the camera and smiled. Well, as much as I could wearing a face mask. Anthony stopped the camera. His cock was actually throbbing. “Oh shit” he said “that the most erotic thing I have ever seen”. Becky rolled over and Anthony got on the bed. “No not now” she moaned “my pussy is wrecked”. He looked downcast until she said “but my mouth is fine” and she sucked him off. She then climbed off the bed and waddled into the shower.

When she came back I asked if she was ok. “Better than ok darling” she said “that was the best fuck I have ever had. Before this weekend is over I will show YOU how good it is”. My pussy twitched. I stared at the dildo now lying on the bed. I hoped I could take it all.

It wasn’t late but we were all tired. I went down to the playroom to find Randy looking ready to go again. While hard to resist I had to put him on hold. “There is always tomorrow boy” I said “don’t worry. Both your bitches will want you to perform”. I feed him and then shut him in the playroom. Back in the bedroom Anthony and Becky were cuddling and kissing so I made a hasty retreat to the lounge. Still wired from the strap-on adventure I began to finger myself. I had cum twice when Becky came looking for me. She saw three fingers in my pussy and chuckled “getting ready for the strap-on darling” she said and sat down beside me. “I am really looking forward to fucking you Beth. Making you moan and squeal while I thrust that big boy in your sweet pussy”.

I kissed her passionately. “Yes my sweetheart. I want that so much” I said softly “but right now we need sleep”. “Not yet” she whispered and replaced my fingers with hers. Three, then four, then she folded her thumb into the centre of her hand and I moaned as she began to fist me. “Good God honey” she said “you are going to have no trouble taking that cock are you”. I had to agree. I was primed and ready for whatever she wanted to do to me. In fact, I welcomed it.




2021-02-18 15:47:22
Great chapter, I can wait to hear about the other place with many dogs, take your time and finish this weekend properly.
Please dont let us wait long. Pieter from the Nederlands.


2021-02-18 15:45:52
Damn, this tale just keeps getting better and better. Thanks – once again – for sharing with us.

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