Mejere pt.1 by Revy18

~~~This is the beginning and im not good with starters but I promise the next will be a lot better. I would like you to leave a comment and tell me what you think I should do and please nothing mean like “This story sucks and You should stop writing”. I just started righting stories like this so the first isn't gunna be that great.~~~


Four hundred years ago, their had been an “accident”. About thirty-five hundred people had been infected. We grew fur all over our bodies. Our nails turned into claws and our teeth fell out and were replaced by canine fangs.

The humans feared us so much that we were forced onto a shuttle and sent to planet Mejere. It was a cold planet with little life except the vast jungles that covered the land. The grass was a redish-green color and the plants were covered in some type of pink and red flowers.

We were separated into two races. The Fairens were a peaceful group. They were tall with light skin. They had blond hair and blue eyes. They were smart and fast but not good with hand-to-hand combat. The Galbens were different.They were tall with very tan skin. They had black hair and brown eyes. They were slower then the Fairens but they were skilled in every fighting style.

We started to build. Belkane was finish within three months. The city was large enough for all of us. We built our homes along the skirt of the great city. We elected our government and setup a trade route with earth. Everything went well for about a year until the Galbens wanted complete control. The ran through the streets killing every Fairen they saw. The rulers were enraged by their attack so they banished all the Galbens to the out lands. Fairens that communicated with them were to be killed. Only one Fairen and Galben were killed. This rule was easily enforced for the Fairens hated the Galbens and would do anything in their power to keep them away.

Chapter One

“Commander Kaedence, the enemies retreating!” My entire secter had been fighing none stop for three days. They had kept the Galbens from entering our camp.

“Good job. Make sure the area is swept and all enemy forces that are found I want killed on the spot.” I smiled to myself as I watched them race off. My name was Kaedence Dylara Huitt. I was the commander of The Blood Hounds. I was also one off the strongest fighters from the Fairens and I was the strongest female. I was six feet tall and had tan skin. I had sandy blond hair and grayish-blue eyes. I was a 36DD and I had a ok ass on me. I was skilled at weapons and hand-to-hand combat. If you haven't guessed already im a half breed. My mother was once a commander that had been caught by a Galben. My father was one of the captains from the other side. She was his slave. When she learned she was pregnant with me she escaped. She was killed after I was born for not having an abortion and I heard my father had been killed to. I had no friends growing up so I joined the Army. I went up the ranks fast. I was then chosen as a commander and placed at the head of The Blood Hounds.

“Commander Kaedence, what do you want to do about the walls?” Taessa, my vice captain, was smaller then me and she wasn't a very good fighter so I placed her right under me so she wouldn't have to fight.

“As long as they don't fall then they will be fine, come on lets go get something to drink!” I usually sitting by the camp fire with Zeriron.

“Drinking isn't good for your health. You should try a soda sometimes.” She said as she grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me toward my tent.

Zeriron was waiting inside for me. He had started drawing up plans for my mission tomorrow.

“Sorry im so late, the enemy had attacked again so I wanted to get some action for the day.” I reached for my medicine bottle but he snatched it up and put it in his jacket. I smiled at him.

“Don't worry bout it. I lost track of the time myself.” He smiled back at me. He pulled me into a hug and then he kissed me. “Go get your rest. You will be leaving at four in the morning.”

I kissed him again before I went to the showers. I turned the hot water on and got in. I had just put shampoo in my hair when I felt a pair of hands rap around my waist. He started to kiss me along my neck leaving little red marks. I turned around and started to work on his jawline. I kissed him until I found his member. I worked on it until it was hard and then I stood up. He entered me slowly. Zeriron was very gental with me because I was much smaller then him. He started to move faster. I let out a soft moan as I reached my climax. He released deep inside of me. Zeriron grabbed a towel and rapped it around me and carried me back to the bed. I got up next to him and fell asleep in his arms. I heard him say “I love you” in a distant voice.

I woke up with one of my coughing fits. Blood came between my fingers. Zeriron handed me my medicine as he wiped the blood from around my mouth. I felt very weak but I got up anyways.
I looked at the clock to see that it was three. I started to get my gear together.

I was to find the enemies camp and report back to Zeriron. I had an idea as to were it was and it would probably take about a week to get their. I left my room to go find Taessa.

“Hey, wake up.” I hit her on the head. “Im not gunna wait on yo forever.”

Taessa wasn't much for getting up early but she was the only person I could trust to bring along with me.

“Ok im up already. I don't see why you don't take Zeriron with you. I know ya'll would get it done faster and probably cleaner to.” She said still half asleep.

We left the camp about and hour later. The sun was just starting to come up. Zeriron watched us turn into our wolf forms before he closed the gate.

“Taessa we should make it to their territory in about two days and their camp in a week. I want you to watch every step you make and never go anywhere without me. Your gun is to always be loaded and ready to fire. Any movement you hear or see is to be checked with caution.” I didn't want anything to go wrong and only have Taessa to back me up.

“Understood Commander.”

We walked for twelve hours before our paws started to hurt. We stopped and looked around the area. Nobody seemed to be around so we dropped our gear. Taessa went to go gather some wood and I started to set up the tent.

“KAEDENCE!” Taessa screamed.

I dropped everything and started to reach for my gun when a strong pair or paws grabbed me. I kicked out with all my strength and they released me. I starred coldly at Roharon. He was one of the commanders from the Galbens. Two of his men came up behind him with Taessa. She was lifeless. A tear fell down my cheek as they dropped her to the ground, her throat cut. I recognized the other two men as Drua and Kaein. They watched me carefully. Kaein was the first to come at me. He reached out with his claws and caught me across my chest. I couldn't fight three commanders on my own so I tried to run for it. Roharon grabbed me. His hold on me was to strong to break. He held me while Drua tied me. I felt helpless against them.

“Roharon to base. Commander Kaedence Dylara Huitt has been captured. We will be returning as soon as possible.”

I felt my heart drop. I didn't want to go back with them. I had heared stories about their land and I didn't like them. Any Fairen that was captured was broke and sold off as a slave.

“So Kaedence, now that we finally got you what do you think will happen?” His question sounded more mocking then anything. I growled at him. That was my first mistake. Roharon hit me across the face. Drua and Kaein laughed.

“You two head back towards her camp. I want a complete layout of the area including everyones rank and weaknesses.” Roharon ordered them.

They left as soon as he finished speaking. Roharon was definatly stronger then both of them and he loved to show it.

Roharon turned and looked at me with a sinister grin.

“When we get back to my camp everyone will expect a broken commander ready to train.” He had me pinned against the tree. He kissed me on the cheek. I kicked out at him. “You might be fighting now but I promise you that before i am finished you will be begging for more. He ripped my shirt apart. He untied me and stepped back to look at me. I thought I might could take him on by myself but as soon as I tried he had me on the ground. He twisted my wrist back.

“I wonder what would happen if I was the one to break you.” Before I could saw something he had me on my knees and his member in my mouth. I started to cry. I was being taken by the enemy.

“For a half breed your not that bad. I think I might hav e to keep you all to myself.” He mocked me.

He started to grow harder. He turned me around and started to enter me. I hit and kicked at him as hard as I could but he wouldn't stop. I felt my body began to rip. Tears stained my face and my hair was in my eyes. blood came from my body and Roharon just laughed as he started to move in and out. I had never had someone this big in me and I t felt so good. I tried to cover up my pleasure by hitting him and a soft moan escaped my lips. I felt so good. He stopped and began to pull out.

“If you want more then you'll have to beg.” I felt so ashamed of myself and I grabbed his hand.

“Please Roharon.” He smiled at me before he entered again. It seemed like the night would last forever. He released his seed inside of me. I feel into his arms.

“See that wasn't so bad was it?” He asked me in a panting voice. I only nodded at this before I started to feel sick. A round of heavy coughs escaped my mouth. Blood came from the corners of my mouth. I reached for my meds in my pockets. I took them before Roharon tired me back up so I wouldn't run. I was to tired to even move. I covered my body with my tail and fell asleep wishing Zeriron were here with me.



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