Kim Possible 1 by dwightry


The First Part of a Kim Possible Series , Chapter 1 — Kim's wet dream

Kim Possible was lying naked in her bed. Her face
was a little red, her breath was shortened, her nipples
were pointing straight up in the air and had a familiar
wetness between her legs. The same moisture she’d had five
mornings in a row. Caused by the same dream, every night.
In the dream, Kim was tied on the bed nude with her
legs spread wide. Standing next to the bed Drakken's
sidekick, Shego. She was also nude, except for her
mischievous smile. Kim was not feeling scared, but
vulnerable. She tried to ask Shego what was going on, but she
realized that she couldn't speak.
Shego came closer to the bed, leaned forward and
whispered in Kim's ear “Let's have some fun” and then
started kissing Kim's neck.
Electricity ran through Kim's body. She knew what
was going to happen and now she was scared. She had never
been touched by a woman before and she was panicking in
her head.
Shego was moving down Kim's body. She stopped on her
breasts and began kissing them. She, then, took a hard
nipple in her mouth, licking and sucking it. Kim felt
good and her pussy began to get wet. She nearly gasped
when Shego bit the nipple she had in her mouth. Despite
the pain and the thoughts in Kim's mind that this was
wrong, her body was saying otherwise. Shego changed one
nipple with the other and Kim's body began to react even
more. She was beginning to build an orgasm when Shego
left her breasts alone.
Shego moved southern, stopping for a while on Kim's
belly button, licking around the area, making Kim even
hornier. Then she moved to Kim's legs. She started
massaging the inner thighs, which made Kim's pussy
twitch. Her pussy was craving for attention, but Shego
took her time on the thighs.
Then Shego brought her face between Kim's legs. Now
Kim was really racing on the panic highway. She had
fingered herself a lot and was fingered by a lot of her
boyfriends, especially on the case she claimed she wanted
a second orgasm but in fact she didn't have one during
sex because her partner was inexperienced or came to
fast. But she had never been licked. Not one of her
boyfriends ever licked her pussy. Even though they all
wanted blowjobs (she was famous for her blowjobs), no one
wanted to lick her or have a 69, no matter how much she
begged. And now she was going to get licked by her lethal
enemy's sidekick.
Shego touched her tongue to the lips of Kim's
pussy, and Kim's body spasmed. Then, with her fingers, she
opened the lips and started to really lick Kim's pussy.
Despite the initial thoughts of fear and wrong, Kim's
mind and body were now going into sexual heaven. But just
before she reached climax, Shego stopped. She waited for
a minute and then she found with her fingers Kim's clit.
With the touch, Kim let out a moan of surprise and
pleasure. She again tried to speak, but only moans came
out of her mouth.
Shego began to play with Kim's clit and then began
to lick it. All of Kim's thoughts were immediately erased
and replaced by one thought only. ORGASM! She didn't care anymore
about having sex with a woman or having sex with the
enemy. She just closed her eyes and let the moans of
pleasure come out of her mouth.
And then, again just before climax, Shego stopped.
Kim sensed her moving and opened her eyes. She saw her
standing above a table and looking for something. When
she founded it, she turned to face Kim. Kim's eyes
widened in awe and fear of what she saw. Standing there in front of her
was Shego, holding a huge black dildo. About 12
inches long and 4 inches fat.
Shego leaned forward and started to rub the head of
the dildo on the lips of Kim's pussy. Kim was scared to
death. She wasn't a virgin, that's for sure. She had lost
her “cherry”, as her friends call it, when she was 11.
But she had never had anything that big in her pussy. In
fact, the biggest she ever had was a 6-incher. And now
she was going to be raped by a 12-inch dildo, handled by
her enemy.
A sharp pain ran through Kim's body as Shego pushed the
Dildo in, and its head entered Kim's pussy. Slowly, the giant
dildo entered Kim's pussy. When it was all in, Shego
started moving it, simulating fucking motions. Kim relaxed
and started to enjoy it when Shego began once again to
lick her clit. “That's it! Lick my clit bitch! Fuck me
with that big dildo of yours! Make me cum!” thought Kim,
who was now on a highway of sexual pleasure. The biggest
orgasm of her life was building inside her, when an
annoying sound interrupted her. The alarm clock had woken
her up again before the orgasm. And again, it was time
for school.

Chapter 2- School

Every morning, the last five days, Kim had the same
problem; she didn't have enough time. Enough time to
finish the dream, enough time to masturbate. If she
started to masturbate, she would be late and her mother
would come looking for her or even worse the twins. So,
she went and make a quick shower, put her clothes on and
went down to have breakfast, still very very horny.
In school, she had a hard time concentrating in
anything other than a male body. She was aching to have a
quickie, just to get off, but for the time being she was
single. And although she knew that a lot of guys wanted
to get into her pants, she was too shy to make the first
move. The only option, if you would like to call it one,
was to masturbate in the bathroom or the girls' lockers.
The problem of concentration was getting harder by the
minute. She caught herself touching her itchy pussy over
her jeans during the math class. She was lucky she was
sitting in the last row and next to her was the class
geek, who was too occupied, trying to discover the
treasures of the inner depths of his nose with his
During lunch time, the problem got even worse. She
almost forgot to pay her lunch, because she was starring
at very cute freshman. At the table, she didn't pay any
attention to what Ron had to say. If she had paid any
attention, she would have noticed that the guys where
treating Ron with respect and the girls were smiling and
giggling when they past by him. Even some of the guys had
the same response as the girls when they past by him. Kim
wasn't noticing any of this. She was lost in her own
world of fantasies. She was thinking how big the dick
of the tall brown haired guy who was sitting at the next
table was.

The bell rang, bringing the school day to an end.
“At last” thought Kim, “I can go home and masturbate. The
twins have soccer practice and mom won't be home for at
least an hour”. But then she remembered that today was
Friday and she had cheerleading practice and she was
late. She ran to the locker room, changed into her outfit
and went to practice.
After two long hours of cheerleading practice, Kim
was tired but still very very horny. The team hit the
showers and then Kim panicked. Before the dreams started,
she had no curiosity or lust for the female body. But
today was the first day after the dreams started that she
was going to have a shower, a naked shower with other
Kim made up her mind. She was going to get in the
showers and act normally. After all, she wasn't a lesbian
and she had thousands of showers with these girls. She
got out of her outfit, grabbed her towel and went into the
Although she tried to act normal, she was sneaking
views of the girls breasts and pussies, some shaved and
some not, and her own pussy was getting wet and not from the
water! She imagined what it would be like to burry her face
in the DD breasts that the new blonde girl had or how
good would it feel to make her archrival, Bonnie, shut up
by feeding her her pussy. She wanted to masturbate so
badly. But, by now, everybody would be home. She thought
what to do. And then smiled.
Kim took a long shower, making sure every girl had
left or was about to leave when she stepped out of the
shower. She was cleaning herself with the towel when the
last girl said goodnight and left. Kim had the locker
room for herself. The locker room doors weren't lock until the
last team had its practice and after the last person had
left the building. The basketball team was having practice
right now, so even the boys' locker room would be empty
for at least an hour.
Kim lay on the bench and spread her legs. With her
left hand she started rubbing her left breast. She
started pinching her nipple. Her right hand was rubbing
her small patch of red pubic hair. Then her finger found
her hole and went in. Her body began to react. She rubbed
her breast harder and faster and her fingers found her
clit and began massaging it. Slow at first and then faster and
harder. Moans of pleasure came out of her mouth.
Kim had closed her eyes and imagined that a huge dick was
fucking her pussy and that Shego was licking her breasts.
With that thought in her mind, she came harder than ever
before. She caught her breath, dressed up and left,
thinking that she would be better for a while. What she didn’t know what she had just made some guy very happy the evening.



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