Delta County Mississippi Pt. 05 by Schaka

An adult stories – Delta County Mississippi Pt. 05 by Schaka,Schaka In the segregated South of the 1940s, blacks were relegated to the least desirable sections of the community. In Delta City, it was by the Little Sunflower River and was called The Bottoms.

The houses were built on supports, so the Spring floods went under the house and not through. After the floods came the mosquitos. However, after the land dried, it was a picture postcard with homes nestled next to the flowing stream.

This story is a crossover from The Farmhand, continuing the Noah Moses character.

Delta County, MS- The Bottoms

Chapter 01

The Reverend Elijah Decuir was naked, sitting in the front pew of his church. Next to the ornate pulpit, Henry Carruthers was fucking his wife, Josana. He slowly stroked his sizable cock, marveling at Henry’s stamina and the size of his cock. In their 15 years of marriage and ten years of sharing her, he had never seen a man fuck her with such intensity.

The Reverend Decuir and his wife Josana were light-skinned Creoles, what people in the region called ‘high yellow.’ They were the product of decades of miscegenation.

Josana’s skin was a rich caramel, a testament to the tapestry of cultures that flowed through her veins—French, African, Spanish, and a hint of something mysterious that no one could quite place. Her slanted almond-shaped eyes, framed by thick lashes, were the deep brown of chicory coffee.

Her curves were as generous, from her full, jiggly D cups to her heart-shaped bubble butt. Her silhouette was reminiscent of the Black actress Tessa Thompson.

Her hair, damp with the sweat of her exertions, was as dark as the bayou at midnight. It cascaded down her back in a torrent of curls that caught the light and seemed to dance with a life of their own.

The Reverend Decuir was tall and slender. His skin tone was a deep espresso, blending the vestiges of his French, Spanish, and African forebears. His hair was coiffed neatly in tight, expressive coils.

Their sexual appetites were as complex as their lineage. Early on, they learned to separate sex from love. What the couple did with each other was make love. What Henry was doing was fucking. Many men had fucked Josana; only one made love with her.

“Is he fucking you good, Josana?”

The look on his wife’s face was rapturous. She was kneeling in the ornate hand-carved sanctuary, carved from African oak and trimmed in red and black velvet. Her big jugs swung, and she thrust her bubble butt back, burying Henry’s donkey dick deep in her pussy.

“Elijah, this is the best dick ever,” she gasped.

She was barely able to talk, such was the intensity of the feelings running through her body.

“Henry’s like a machine. He don’t say much, but he don’t need to!”

Josana turned her head and saw the intensity of the look on the face of the man mountain giving her the fucking of her life. Beads of sweat glistened on his brow, evidence of the fervor of their passionate encounter. His strong, work-roughened hands firmly grasped her broad hips, pulling her back to meet his pile driver-like thrusts. The intensity of their connection was palpable, fueling their shared desire. In that moment, they were consumed by the raw passion that bound them together, lost in the symphony of their bodies moving.

“I’se ready to cum, boss.”

Henry Carruthers’ voice was like the rumble of distant thunder. You heard and felt it.

“Yes! Fill me up! I want my pussy to overflow with your jizz!”

“Now you know he can’t do that, baby. We cain’t have no babies.”

“I know, I know,” she groaned, “but I need to feel his cum in me!”

Her face was contorted by lust, and her hips thrusting, she turned to her husband.

“Maybe you can suck his cum outta me afterward like you did last time,” she gasped, barely able to speak.

The reverend unconsciously licked his lips. The last time Henry fucked his wife was the first time he ate her pussy afterward. He savored the taste of Henry’s cum mixed with his wife’s pussy juices and wanted more!

Despite the latex shortage, condom manufacturing went through the roof in the war years. However, most of them went to the soldiers. The availability in the States, particularly in rural America, was spotty.

As he stood and approached the couple, his gaze fixed on the sight before him. A smile tugged at his lips as he recalled their decision to begin sharing Josana. There have been many men and women in the years since that decision. However, Henry was the best fucker by far.

Henry’s cock, powerful and unyielding, stretched his wife’s pussy to its limits. The intensity of their connection was undeniable, as evidenced by the creamy white foam that enveloped both Josana’s throbbing pussy and Henry’s pulsating member. Elijah couldn’t help but feel a mix of awe and arousal, a testament to the unbridled passion unfolding before his eyes.

He laid his hand on Henry’s back, tracing the contours of strength beneath the skin. Each muscle stood out like a tightrope, a testament to Henry’s vigor and the many hours of toil that had sculpted such a robust frame.

“Cum in her, Henry!” He stroked his sweaty back as Henry, his body undulating with a steady rhythm as he thrust forcefully, redoubled his efforts stroking hard and deep into Josana’s pussy.

“Dear fucking god this is good dick!”

Josana’s passionate screams filled the air, a raw expression of pleasure and desire played across her face as Henry’s fucking excited every nerve in her body. The intensity of their connection was overwhelming, causing the world around them to fade into a blur as her senses focused solely on the intoxicating pleasure coursing through her veins.

Usually sanctified and revered, the church became a stage for their passionate encounter. At that moment, nothing else mattered except the electrifying connection between them as they reached new heights of arousal, leaving Josana breathless and filled with a sense of euphoria.

“I’se cumming, boss!”

Sweat streamed off him as his powerful thews drove his cock deep in her. Josana’s pussy clamped down, gripping the thick iron rod and stretching her cunt, trying to force him to cum.

Sweat cascaded down his massive body as his unmatched strength propelled him deep into her pussy. With each powerful thrust, he delved deeper into the depths of Josana’s pussy, their bodies merging in a passionate dance of lust. The intensity of their connection reached its zenith as Josana’s cunt muscles tightened around his cock, coaxing his release. Overwhelmed by pleasure, he succumbed to the force of her mind-blowing orgasms, cumming with her in a moment of shared ecstasy.

The Reverend Decuir knelt beside them, his gaze shifting from the pulsing cock in his wife’s pussy to the sheer bliss radiating from her face. His eyes widened in admiration as Henry’s cock pulsed, pumping a torrent of white hot cum into his wife.With a firm push against Henry’s beefy chest, he asserted his presence and authority.

“Pull out, Henry!”

Henry did as he was told, walking back on his knees. It seemed to take forever for his tool to finally exit Josana’s pussy. He rocked back on his heels, barely breathing hard. His cock was semi-hard and still dripping cum when the reverend pushed between them.

The Reverend Decuir stared in amazement at the size of his wife’s gaping cunt and the torrent of Henry’s cum streaming from it like water over a waterfall. He licked his lips in anticipation, then buried his face in her pussy.

“Yes, baby! Clean mama’s pussy! Get all his cum out of me.”

She pressed her overflowing pussy against her husband’s eager face, smearing it with her juices and Henry’s cum. Her fervent movements increased, causing the reverend to retreat momentarily to catch his breath.

As the Reverend Decuir gasped, catching his breath, the final drizzles of cum from Henry’s softening cock dripped into his mouth. Startled, he smacked his lips, and his eyes widened. It was a taste, unlike anything he had ever tasted. It caused his head to spin and his ears to roar. He raised his head, took Henry’s cock in his mouth, and lavished it with his tongue as he licked and sucked it clean.

This was Elijah’s first cock, but he knew it wouldn’t be his last. It was at once pliant but rigid with an unparalleled taste.

Josana was lying on her belly, warmed by the afterglow of an amazing fucking and watching her husband suck his first cock.

“Nice, baby, nice!”

Henry placed his hand on the reverend’s head and slowly pumped his cock into his mouth. Elijah Decuir wasn’t the first man to suck his cock. Back in the day, he and Amanda Tate went to parties where men sucked his cock. He even fucked some of them while they fucked her.

“It’ll be a while before I can cum again, Boss. But I don’t mind you sucking me.”

The reverend pulled the cock from his mouth and looked sheepishly at his wife.

“Go on, baby! Enjoy,” She smirked and patted him on the ass.

As he took Henry’s cock back into his mouth, her finger slipped between his ass cheeks and pressed on his anus. He was appalled yet aroused. However, nothing could stop him from the pleasure he was getting from sucking cock, not even when Josana buried her index finger in his anus, found his prostate, and began stroking it.

“Motherfucker,” the reverend screamed.

Initially, he shrank away, trying to get his wife’s invading finger out of his ass. However, she persisted in giving him his first prostate massage, and he thrust back, burying his wife’s finger deeper in his ass.

“You like that, baby,” she crooned.

“What are you doing to me,” he said through clenched teeth.

“Making you feel good, baby.”

Henry stroked his donkey dick as he watched the couple. He pulled his dick out of the reverend’s mouth and slapped it against the reverend’s face, encouraging him to suck it some more.

The reverend howled like a bitch in heat as he took Henry’s cock in his mouth. His head bobbed wantonly as he simultaneously got his ass finger fucked and sucked Henry’s cock. His cocksucking was so enthusiastic that Henry was ready to cum again in no time.

“I’se ready to cum again,” Henry rumbled.

“Cum in his mouth, Henry! You want that, don’t you, baby?”

Before the reverend could respond, Henry’s cock swelled in his mouth, causing him to feel discomfort at the corners of his mouth. Henry exploded in his mouth with all of the force of a firehose, forcing a powerful stream of cum into the Reverend Decuir’s mouth.

He gulped repeatedly, trying to swallow it all. His mouth overflowed, and cum squirted out of the corners of his mouth, covering his cheeks and running down his chin.

Simultaneously, under the incredible sensations of his wife’s prostate massage, he began cumming, spilling his seed on the church floor. The feeling was so intense that the church blurred around him. He collapsed to the wood floor, pulling his wife’s finger from his ass and smearing his cum on his belly.

“Oh my lord,” he groaned as he slowly regained his senses, “that was incredible.”

“Very nice, baby! Now we can share cocks!”

Henry was naked on his knees above the preacher. Despite his exertions, he breathed easily with the sweat streaming off his body. Even after cumming twice in s short time, his cock hung heavy, partially erect.

He stared at the preacher’s slender mocha ass, and his cock jumped. It had been a while since he fucked a man. Henry had never heard of bisexuality. He just knew that it felt as good fucking a man as a woman. And the Reverend Decuir’s slim ass looked eminently fuckable

Josana noticed his intent look and the pulsing of his semi-hard cock. She stroked her husband’s ass, her finger toying with his anus.

“Did you like my finger in your ass, baby,”

She beckoned for Henry to come closer. The reverend was in a twilight zone in the afterglow of his soul-shaking orgasm. He was lying on his belly in his warm sticky cum with his head supported by his arms crossed under it. His asshole twitched as he recalled the incredible feeling of being finger fucked.

“I loved it. We have to add that to our sex play.”

He started when Henry’s work-roughened hand stroked his ass. At some level, he knew what was coming. If he continued to lie here, Henry would fuck him.

He groaned when Henry’s index finger, much larger than his wife’s, pressed against his starfish, then entered.

“Josana, I’m not sure about this.”

“Shush, baby! We promised each other ten years ago when we began our sexual journey that we would explore all aspects of sexuality.”

She leaned down, her mouth close to his ear, and whispered, “I want to see you get fucked!”

The preacher’s ass rotated as Henry’s large finger fucked him. The pressure on his prostate was greater than when his wife did it.

“I don’t know, Josana, maybe…”

He moaned in disappointment when Henry pulled his finger from his ass. He reflexively raised his ass in the air and pushed back, trying to keep it there.

Josana nodded wickedly at Henry, who moved behind the preacher, lined his cock up with his anus, and pushed in.

“No! No!”

The Reverand Decuir tried to shrink away from Henry’s invading dick. However, Henry was much stronger and held his slim ass firmly as he slowly entered his bowels.

For the first time in their two hour fuckfests, Henry smiled. The reverend’s ass felt amazing and was as tight as his wife’s pussy. He lay on Elijah’s back, reached under him and stroked the reverend’s cock.

“It hurts, Josana, please make him stop.”

The Reverand clawed at the cum stained wooden floor, trying to crawl away.

“Relax, baby,” she cooed while stroking his back.

Her eyes were wide, bright, and gleaming as she watched Henry’s coal-black cock sink between the cheeks of her husband’s café au latte ass.

“Oh God, no! Make him stop! It hurts!”

Despite his protestations and the pain, a strange sensation coursed through his body. Nerve endings that usually only reacted to something coming out of his ass now reacted to something entering it.

Involuntarily, as though he were having a bowel movement, his sphincter muscles tightened around the massive invader. When Henry pulled on his hips, bringing him to his knees, he pushed back and felt the huge black man’s balls slap against his ass.

“He tight, and I like fucking him, Miss, and I don’t think I can cum anymore.”

Josana knelt close to her husband’s lust-contorted face. “We don’t want him to stop, do we, baby?”

The Reverend Decuir turned his head toward his wife and shook it. “No, but please kiss me!”

The husband and wife shared a tongue-filled kiss while Henry rhythmically fucked his ass. His big hands almost cover it.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop,” the preacher pleaded while thrusting his ass back.

Henry grimaced, enjoying having his cock buried in the preacher’s ass. He knew there was little chance of him cumming, but he loved the sensation of his cock sliding in Decuir’s bowels.

“I’m going to cum, Josana,” Elijah Decuir gasped while slamming his ass back against Henry’s dick.

Josana lay on her back, squeezed under her husband, and took his cock in her mouth.

“Cum now, baby,” she mumbled, sucking him.

Reacting to Henry’s cock in his ass and his wife sucking his cock, the preacher exploded, cumming as he had never cum before. His screams echoed through the church.

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming!”

Josana gagged as she tried to swallow the torrent that poured from her husband. In fifteen years of marriage, she had never seen him cum so hard or so long. Finally, she rolled on her back, and her husband collapsed to his belly. They lay there for a minute, recovering.

“I’se got to go. My wife has dinner waiting for me.”

The satisfied smile on Henry’s face broadened as he watched his cum stream from the reverend’s ass.

The reverend rolled to his back, further smearing his cum on his body. Josana lay on his body, smearing the cum.

“Okay, Henry, until next time. We’ll work on the roof tomorrow.”

“Yessir Boss.”

Henry dressed, left the church, and began the short walk to his home. He had lied about dinner. There was something else waiting for him at home. He saw his son’s truck parked in front as he approached it. He quietly entered his home, carefully avoiding the squeaky boards, and peered into the backyard through the screen door.

He was illiterate and wouldn’t recognize his name if it marched past him in letters the size of boxcars at slow speed. However, he had a native intelligence, what the people in the South called mother wit. He knew his son, Caleb, and his wife were fucking.

It didn’t bother him; he enjoyed watching them. He crept onto the porch and through the house, carefully avoiding the squeaky boards. It was a part of who he was: the voyeur, the silent observer of forbidden pleasures.

Now, whenever he saw his son’s truck in front of the house, he snuck in and watched them. This time he missed them fucking, but he did watch his wife suck their son off and then hold the cum in her mouth so he could see it. He was disappointed he missed them fucking and decided he had seen enough this time.

“Tilda! I’m home!”

Henry peeped through the door, watching Caleb pop up, and frantically looked around for his clothes.

His wife, Tilda, lay naked on her back, too drunk and far gone in her reverie to move. Caleb pulled her to her feet and hurriedly dressed her to prevent disaster.

Henry Carruthers held back, giving them a chance to dress. Then he stepped into the yard.

“‘ Evening Caleb, Tilda! Whew! It’s been a hot day!”

“Yes, it has,” Tilda said, plopping down on the swing with her legs spread and her pussy full of her son’s cum.

“Well, I’d better be getting home. Sharonda is due any day.”

His father looked from his son leaving to his wife sprawled on the swing. He had enjoyed the show and looked forward to the next time.

He knelt in front of his wife, pushed her dress up around her waist, buried his face in her fragrant sweaty pussy, and ate his son’s cream pie.

“Henry, what are you doing?”

“You don’t want me to eat your pussy,” Henry rumbled.

Still feeling the effects of her tryst with her son, Tilda threw her plump legs over her husband’s back. Her drunken brain was trying to process why it seemed when she fucked her son, her husband ate her pussy afterward. She was sure he didn’t know about her and Caleb but it did seem strange.

“I love it when you eat me out, baby.”

Henry cupped his wife’s ass and pulled her to him, relishing the ambrosia of their intermingled juices.

Chapter 02

Caleb hurried from his parent’s house and quickly walked to his truck in front of their home. He and his mother had a few close shaves, but this was the closest yet. Henry almost caught them fucking!

As Caleb reflected, he couldn’t help but recall the sight of his father’s bulging cock in his coveralls. The image lingered in his mind, but he quickly dismissed the thought of Henry watching them. After all, Henry was a devoted father and provider and more than a little mentally slow. It was unfathomable to Caleb that his father would engage in something as kinky as voyeurism, especially when it involved his son and wife.

“Yo, Caleb!”

Caleb turned and saw Noah Moses, his best friend, sitting on his porch. He was shirtless wearing cutoff jeans and was barefoot, the epitome of summer ease in the Bottoms. A mason jar of homemade corn squeezings swayed in his hand as he beckoned, a silent invitation to join him in the season’s simple joys.

In their adventures, he and Moses had tag-teamed a few women, including the unforgettable Callie Collins, on more than one occasion.

“How are they hanging, Moses?”

“Low and full, homie!”

“Where’s your new lady friend?”

In The Bottoms, rumors tend to spread like wildfire. It was an open secret that had been circulating for several weeks. Kay Randall, a local farmer’s wife, had been paying regular visits to Mose. He seduced her while doing odd jobs on her farm. Now she was addicted to his dominance of her and his black cock.

At least once a month, while her husband was at his lodge meetings, she came to fuck Moses. Initially, she was shy and ashamed that everyone saw her and knew what she was there for. Later, after several months, she saw them as friends, waving to them as she made her way to Moses’ cabin.

“She cain’t get down here as much as she would like. Have a drink.”

” I’m too well raised to refuse,” Caleb joked.

He walked up to the wooden porch and sat on a rickety well worn wooden chair.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, he ambled towards the familiar comfort of the old wooden porch. Each step he took resonated with years of memories in the creaking planks. He eased himself onto a rickety wooden chair, its worn surface telling tales of countless evenings just like this one.

“You need to be careful! If your father figures out what’s happening between you and your mother, there’ll be hell to pay.”

“I know,” Caleb said, “but I’m addicted to the kinkiness of screwing my mother.

“Y’all are like teenagers with the hots for each other. I could hear her moans over the fence.”

“Are you going to chastise me or give me a drink?”

“Bring another drink for my friend,” Moses ordered.

Caleb was confused. Moses said Kay Randall hadn’t been around for a few weeks. He couldn’t help but wonder which resident his friend had been fucking.

Caleb was stunned when Sally Hagen, the wife of Reverend Hagen, the pastor of the White church in Delta City, walked out. She was barefoot, clad in one of Moses’ work shirts. A deep blush colored her cheeks as she shyly handed Caleb his drink. The scene left him stunned, unsure what to make of this unexpected encounter.

“Thank you, Mrs. Hagen.

“You’re Caleb, right? You work at the Goldstein’s store?”


As Mose ran his hand under the shirt and fondled her behind, Caleb couldn’t help but notice a certain boldness in his actions. A boldness that said this woman was his to command and fuck.

The front of her shirt fell open, revealing a sight that caught Caleb off guard in the dim twilight. Sally Hagen was a redhead, heavily freckled with thick reddish fur covering her pouty pussy. This unexpected revelation intrigued Caleb, his mind racing with questions and curiosity.

“Stop, Moses!” She slapped his hand away.

Sally Hagen was embarrassed that her relationship with Moses was an open secret in the Bottoms. It intrigued her that he threatened to share her with his friends. She wondered if this handsome young black man would be her second black cock. If so, so be it.

She and Moses first hooked up when he worked at the church for her husband. Ever since that first time the fucked in the back of his old truck, he threatened her with making her a whore for black dick. She wondered if Caleb was to be the next Black man to fuck her.

She heard from one of Ellen Goldstein’s close friends that she was in a relationship with her stockboy. It was probably untrue and just idle gossip. But as she looked at him, she thought it would be nice work if you could get it.

“Don’t you slap my hand away. Come here, woman!”

Sally let out a surprised squeal as Moses grabbed her hand and pulled her over his lap. He lifted her shirt, exposing her bare heart-shaped pink bottom. The sound of his hand meeting her skin echoed through the air, creating a mix of pain and pleasure in her.

Caleb watched in stunned amazement as Moses spanked her. In an era where black men were lynched at the mere accusation of sex with a woman, Moses was spanking her while he watched. Her behind was smaller and rounder than Ellen Goldstein’s.

Sally Hagen’s playful giggles transformed into moans of arousal as Moses continued spanking her. Caleb couldn’t help but notice the dampness between her thighs as her arousal grew.

Moses delivered a final strike and firmly pushed her off his lap. With a thud, she landed on her buttocks, her legs splayed open, revealing her wet, swollen cunt.

“You see how he treats me,” she simpered.

“Get over here and suck my dick, then you had better get dressed and get home. Your husband will be looking for you.”

Sally Hagen eyed Caleb and then did as she was told. There was a kinkiness to fucking a black man and having him order her around.

She developed a taste for black cock when her husband was pastor down in Vicksburg. Meeting Moses was a stroke of luck. Not only was he a good fuck; he was a Dominant, ordering her around.

She crawled over to Moses, unbuttoned his jeans, and extracted his tool. She glanced at Caleb as she took her black lover’s cock into her mouth. She had never been in a threesome, let alone with two black men.

“Are you sure you don’t want some pussy, Caleb,” Moses asked.

“I need to get home.”

Caleb hesitated, watching Sally’s ass wiggle as she sucked Moses’ cock.

“You don’t have to fuck her long,” Moses said, “just stick your dick in her and see how tight that pussy is.”

. Caleb glanced up and down the dirt road that ran through the bottoms. His parents lived next door but they were probably in the yard trying to catch a breath of air. Amanda’s home was half a mile down the road so she and his wife wouldn’t see him.

It was an overcast night, and the Bottoms were pitch black, lit only by the lights in the houses. No one could see them on the porch unless they walked by on the road.

He stood, squatted behind Sally, and stroked her ass.

“Come on, Cowboy, climb aboard. I ain’t never done two men at once. And for sure, not two black men!”

Caleb squatted behind her, grasped her slim hips, and slowly slid into his second white pussy. She was tighter and wetter than old lady Goldstein.

“Aww fuck!”

Sally thrust her hips back, burying Caleb’s cock deep in her hole. It was incredible to her that she was sucking a black cock while another fucked her. There was the risk of pregnancy, but long ago, she accepted that risk.

“Good pussy, huh, Caleb?”

“Mmm, yes! Nice, tight, and wet!”

After fucking his mother, there was little chance of cumming. He settled in for a nice long fuck.

“That wetness is where I came in her, ain’t it, Sally?”

Her mouth was full of Moses’ cock so she could only mumble and nod her head. She couldn’t believe her luck in having not one but two black cocks. She thrust back, burying Caleb’s sizeable cock deep in her needy hole.

He was big, not as long as Moses, but with more girth. It was painful when he entered her, but now her pussy was being stretched as never before.

She groaned her disappointment when Caleb pulled out of her pussy.

“I got to get home, Moses. My wife is due to have our baby any day now.

Sally stopped sucking Moses, stood, and eyed Caleb seductively.

“I get down here as often as I can. Maybe we can finish what we started another time.”

Boldly, Caleb walked over, stroked her ass, and gave it a firm slap. That elicited a pleasurable squeal from Sally. He wished he could stay and fuck her, but he had to get home. The baby was due any day.

“I’ve got to get home. Perhaps another time.”

Caleb watched her ass seductively sway as she sauntered naked into his friend’s house. In a future generation, she could be a runway model. Her tall, slender figure exuded a captivating elegance, accentuated by her modestly proportioned breasts that barely left a trace beneath Moses’ shirt.

“I had better get home,” Caleb said, gulping down his drink and standing.

“Ok, homie, later!”

Sally was standing just inside the house naked, holding her dress in one hand.

“Maybe we can finish what we started another time, Caleb!”


Chapter 03

Amanda Tate was sitting on her porch wearing the de facto casual dress of Black women in the 1940s, a bottom-up-the-front print dress from the Montgomery Ward’s catalog. Because of the heat, she wore no underwear. She held a bottle of Hamm’s beer, a gift from old man Goldstein, the manager of the defense plant.

“Evening, Amanda.”

“Evening, Caleb. You can’t go upstairs. Sharonda is in labor, and the midwife is with her.”

“She’s having our baby,” he said excitedly.

“That’s what being in labor and with the midwife usually means,” Amanda chuckled. “Have a beer. This could take a while.”

Caleb’s legs trembled as he sat on the steps, his hand outstretched towards the cold beer. Lost in his own thoughts, his gaze absentmindedly drifted upwards, only to unexpectedly catch a glimpse beneath his mother-in-law’s dress. His eyes widened momentarily, surprise washing over him. Quickly realizing the impropriety of his unintentional glimpse, Caleb averted his gaze, trying to shake off the arousing image.

“Boy, we are way past you getting bashful after what we did this morning.”


His cock thickened in his pants as he recalled finger fucking Amanda and her sucking his dick.

“It looks like you and my daughter’s plan goes into action tonight.”


“She told me about your scheme. Y’all want me to fuck you until my daughter can fuck again. I ain’t got no problem with that. But have you thought about what happens if I get hooked on your cock, or you develop a taste for my pussy?”

“Amanda, Shar just didn’t want me fucking someone else and getting hooked. If I get hooked on your pussy, at least we keep it in the house.”

“You mean you think you’re man enough to fuck me AND my daughter?”

Amanda turned the beer bottle up and took a long swallow. As she did, her dress rose, fully exposing her twat. Caleb could see it gleaming in the twilight.

Impulsively he leaned over and French kissed his mother-in-law’s pussy. He forced his tongue between her cunt lips and licked up and down, being sure to flick her clit.

“Fuck, boy! What are you doing?”

Amanda tried to close her legs and push him away. Not that she didn’t like getting her pussy licked, but they were in the open, and the other neighbors might see them.

Caleb forced her legs open and buried his face in her gushing cunt. She was almost as wet as her daughter.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!”

Caleb shoved a finger in Amanda’s pussy as he sucked on her clit. Amanda’s ass rose off the wooded chair, and her hips thrust forward, overcome with lust.

His tongue ached at the root as he forced it as deep as he could in his mother in laws cunt. Her pussy was sweet, not as sweet as her daughter’s was, but sweet and juicy. Her pussy was bigger and he could get his tongue and finger into it at the same time.

Amanda bucked on the chair as her son-in-law gave a master class in pussy eating. He was good, as good or better than many men who had eaten her out.

“You like eating my pussy, boy?”

Caleb mumbled his assent as he slipped a hand under her hips and pulled her closer. He added a finger and pumped them vigorously in her hole while sucking her clit. Her pussy began to spasm, and he knew she was close to cumming.

Just as she did, he pulled the finger from her honey hole and slipped it in her ass. At the same time, he pushed his thumb in her hole and began rocking them back and forth, fucking her ass and her pussy with her clit in his mouth.

Amanda had her share of men and women eating her out. Back in the day, when she and Henry Carruthers were an item, they went to orgies up in Mound Bayou. Some of those people were virtuosos at pussy eating. They couldn’t match her son-in-law. As she rode the crest to a soul-shaking orgasm, she wondered if she would be able to give this up when the time came.

Amanda’s orgasm exploded. It was like she was being turned inside out. The kinkiness of having her son-in-law eat her pussy on the porch where anyone could see them drove her over the top. Her hips pumped against his face as he expertly took her pulsing clit in his mouth and sucked it as she came.

They heard a baby’s wail as she slumped in the chair. Her dress was high on her thighs. She was sated with her juices running through her ass crack.

“I’m a daddy,” Caleb exclaimed, pulling back.

“Yeah, and a damn good pussy eater.”

Amanda eyed her son-in-law speculatively. The next several weeks would be interesting.

The midwife met him as he rushed into the house.

“You got a healthy baby boy, around 10 pounds. You can spend a few minutes with your wife, but not too long; she needs rest.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She grabbed his arm as he tried to push past her.

“And no fucking for at least a month. That’s a big baby for such a small woman; her innards need time to heal. You understand?”

Amanda walked up next to him and hooked her arm in his.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure they don’t do anything. Come on, DADDY! Let’s go see the baby.”

“I’ll be back tomorrow to check on your wife,” the midwife said.


The following morning, Sharonda’s breasts immediately began expressing milk when the crying baby awakened her. She sat on the side of the bed and pulled the baby from the bassinet she inherited from one of her mother’s friends.

With the soft glow of dawn caressing the room, Sharonda awoke to the familiar stirring of her little one. A yawn escaped her lips as she adjusted Caleb’s oversized t-shirt—the one that had become her makeshift nightgown.

The baby’s cry, more a gentle summons than a demand, tugged at her heartstrings, and instinctively, her body responded. As she guided her little one to her, the warmth of skin against skin mingled with the soft sighs of contentment. The sensation of milk expressing was both a marvel and a mundane fact of life, a testament to the quiet miracles that unfolded in the stillness of the early hours.

. Jenna’s eyes fluttered closed, savoring the weight of her baby in her arms, and though she was tired, her heart was full. There, in the soft embrace of morning, life’s simple truths were cradled just as tenderly as the child at her breast.

Caleb sat up in bed as the baby suckled. ” Good morning, Shar.”

“Good morning, baby. You can nurse the other one for your breakfast.”

Caleb turned on his belly and took the other nipple in his mouth. His mouth instantly filled with warm, sweet breast milk.

“Mmm! Tasty,” he mumbled around the teat.

Sharonda carried in her heart what she had not shared with Caleb. The memory of her lesbian tryst with Callie was a hidden gem, one that sparked with an intensity that surprised her each time it flickered through her mind.

As Caleb lay beside her suckling, he was unaware of the silent storm within his wife.

The baby’s suckling was rhythmic and soothing, yet it stirred a longing within Sharonda, a yearning for the soft touch and whispered promises shared with Callie. It was a connection she couldn’t shake, a desire that refused to be silenced. She needed to see Callie again, to feel the rush of forbidden pleasure, to share the joy of motherhood with her. But how?

Their world was simple, uncluttered by the trappings of modern communication. No telephone lines disrupted the horizon, no buzzing devices disturbed their peace. Yet this simplicity now presented a challenge. Sharonda knew she must find a way to send a message, a subtle invitation that would bring Callie to her doorstep under the innocent guise of visiting the newborn.

The bay crying woke Amanda up. This would be the first chance to see the baby feeding, and she wanted to watch. She slipped on a robe and headed to the kids’ room down the hall. She tapped lightly on the door and walked in unannounced.

She was stunned to see the baby nursing one tit while a naked Caleb sucked the other. His hand was on Sharonda’s belly, and his hard cock lay on her thigh.

“Good morning, ma’ dear.”

“‘Morning Shar! I’m sorry to barge in like this, but I wanted to see you feed the baby.”

“Which one,” Sharonda giggled, nodding her head at her husband nursing.

Caleb stopped nursing briefly. “‘ morning, ma’dear.”

“Caleb, stop!” Sharonda slapped her husband’s hand away from her pussy. “No sex for a month. Remember what the midwife said.”

Amanda’s eyes moved from her daughter nursing the baby and her husband nursing to his hard dick.

“I can help with that,” Amanda said quietly, “that is if you guys still want me to be your surrogate fuck. Come with me, Caleb.”

“No, ma’dear.”

“No, you don’t want me to fuck your husband?”

“I want to watch,” Sharonda said, “I may be out of action, but I’d love to watch you two.”

“Are you sure,” Amanda and Caleb said as one.

“Yes, I am! And ma’ dear, you can start by taking care of his morning wood. I usually suck him off.”

Caleb’s gaze followed Amanda as the soft fabric of her robe cascaded to the floor, revealing her voluptuous curves. There was a palpable shift in the air—a mix of anticipation and vulnerability.

Amanda moved closer, her eyes flicking from Caleb to Sharonda. There was a silent conversation in those glances. Amanda and Caleb had breached the taboo that prevented in-laws from having sex. Sucking her son-in-law off while her daughter watched was the next step in her sexual surrogacy.

For Caleb, though he and Amanda had sex several times in anticipation of this moment, doing it while Sharonda watched was the next step in implementing her plan.

Sharonda was having second thoughts as she cradled her nursing baby in her arms. The rationale for having her mother act as a sexual surrogate was to prevent Caleb from catting around while she was out of action. She was particularly concerned about him getting involved with his old girlfriend, Callie.

However, since she and Callie shared a lesbian interlude, she knew that Caleb leaving her for Callie was not the problem. The problem was her feelings for Callie. She wasn’t sure what it was but she wanted more encounters.

“Go back to nursing, ” Amanda said as she took his cock in her hand and stroked it a few times.

“Come on, baby. Share my breast milk with our baby.”

She cradled her husband’s head in her free arm and gasped when he returned to nursing.

Amanda licked the copious amounts of precum from her son-in-law’s cock. She had numerous erotic encounters in her life; this had to be the kinkiest.

She took Caleb’s cock into her mouth for what would be many more times.


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