Love in the Family Pt. 01A by WritingwhatIlike

Love in the Family Pt. 01A by WritingwhatIlike

Hank was just being polite.

“Hey, I’m headed out to the Hole, if anyone wants to come,” he said to the room where his parents and his sister were hanging out. He figured if anyone was going to take him up on his offer, it was his sister, Abby, but to his surprise, both Abby and his mom, Andrea, said they’d go.

He shouldn’t have been surprised – it was mid-summer and very hot – but he had just extended the offer out of basic decency. Now here he was, driving his jeep, mom beside him and Abby in the back, packed up for an afternoon of swimming and sunning.

“Thanks for the offer, I was thinking we should go for a swim but didn’t want to make the effort,” his mom said, smiling at him.

Hank smiled back but didn’t reply. He was preoccupied because his crush, Emma, from school had posted on her Insta she was going to be there. Hank hadn’t been sure he was going to see her again after they graduated, but wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to gawk at her in her swimsuit. Gawking was all he could do, as he didn’t have the courage to talk to her directly.

It wasn’t a bad thing to show up with his mom and sister in tow – it wouldn’t look as odd as showing up alone – but his mom was pretty sharp. She would spot his interest if he stared at any one girl very long. She’d pester him about going over to talk to Emma, and he’d refuse, and it would just be a thing.

Now, instead of an afternoon of gawking, he could look forward to an afternoon of careful not-gawking-but-really-gawking.

Hank pulled his Jeep into the parking lot, trying to find a spot with shade. There weren’t much left, but he managed to find a spot that would get shade later. The three Jenkins piled out of the Jeep, grabbing bags, towels and chairs before heading to the trail that led to the Hole.

The Hole was a natural swimming spot primarily used by locals but in the last few years had seen some money dumped into it to make it more accessible. It had gotten busier, but it hadn’t exploded in popularity yet.

Hank led the way, his chair and bag bumping against his back as he followed the trail to the water. Once there he spotted a prime location for setting up their chairs: far enough away from the water to get some shade, but close enough he could see everyone who showed up.

“Here’s good, yeah?” he asked, as he set his stuff down.

His mom checked out the spot and nodded, putting her load down. Abby followed suit, and then they were doffing outer clothes to reveal their swimwear underneath. This was the moment.

Hank had bought himself a speedo a few weeks ago, but hadn’t shown anyone in the family, nor had he actually worn it in public. He thought he looked good in it, enough even to snag Emma’s eye, but he dreaded the comments his mom and sister would make. Taking a deep breath, he shucked off his shorts and shirt, revealing the skimpy swimsuit.

Running over the uneven rocks as best he could, Hank darted for the water to conceal himself and get away from the mom/sister commentary. He heard something but ignored it and soon he was underwater, the cold spiking to his core. The frigid water was another good thing about the Hole.

When he ran out of breath he surfaced and swam to the opposite side of the pool he’d chosen – there were many – and sat on a natural shelf of rock which kept most of him underwater. He could see his mom and sister still by the chairs. His mom was shading her eyes to see where he was, and waved when she saw him. He waved back.

Hank surveyed the pools in his view, looking for Emma. She didn’t seem to have arrived yet, and this position would give him a perfect location to spot her when she did, so he stayed put.

After arranging their stuff, his mom and Abby made their careful way over the rocks to the side of the pool he was in. He ignored them, but couldn’t help but notice Abby had filled out since the last time he’d seen her in a bikini. Impressively so. His mom hadn’t changed much, but she’d been impressive his entire life. Her dark hair hung to her shoulders, contrasting with the white bikini she was wearing. She was tall and thin, but with a decent set of breasts which matched her frame.

Hank knew his mom was hot, but didn’t pay attention to it. She was his mom.

To his regret, Hank watched as his mom dove into the water, swimming to him and sitting next to him on the rock shelf.

“The water’s amazing!” she said, a big smile on her face, water streaming down her body. Hank did his best not to see her as a sexy mermaid swimming up to him. She wiped her face of excess moisture and looked around the Hole.

“Yeah, I love it here in the summer,” he responded, unable to keep quiet in the face of her enthusiasm.

“Any particular reason you chose to come here today? Seems like last minute.”

Hank shrugged. “I dunno. I might see someone I know, and it’s better than hanging around the house.”

“Someone you know, hmm? Should I keep an eye out for anyone in particular?”

Hank just rolled his eyes. He knew how much his mom liked to tease him.

As they sat there, they watched as Abby dove into the water over and over. She swam like a fish and was able to slip out of the water with ease before arching back in with a graceful dive.

Several minutes passed in silence this way, until Hank saw Emma appear with a gaggle of friends in tow.

He must have made some kind of sign, because as soon as he saw her his mom asked, “Is that your friend?”

He couldn’t lie. He said, “That’s Emma. She went to school with me.”

“You should go talk to her, she looks like a nice girl.”

The ‘nice girl’ his mom was referring to was a blonde girl his age, wearing a one-piece white swimsuit, flip flops and a sunhat, carrying a bag. She was gabbing with her friends, all girls, as they looked for a place to set up.

“No, Mom, I don’t know her that well.”

“You’re never going to, unless you talk to her.”

“It’s fine Mom.”

She sighed, but didn’t say anything.

Hank watched as the group of young women sorted out their stuff, and took several selfies doing it. After a bit they ventured to the same pool Hank was at, getting close enough for him to examine their beauty in great detail. His mom had already sussed out his motive, so he didn’t feel the need to hide what he was doing.

At one point Hank’s heart skipped a beat when Emma looked over at him. She gave a half wave before the girls all jumped into the water at once.

“See?” his mom said. “She knows you. Go say hi.”

He couldn’t. He’d tried to in high school and had seriously botched the attempt, stammering and blushing his way to infamy as a loser. “She doesn’t know me, she’s just being friendly.”

“Aw. Being friendly is a good quality in a person. Maybe try waving back next time.”

“Sure, Mom.” Hank went back to watching the girls shriek and splash each other, tantalizing glimpses of bare flesh surging out of the water now and then.

He shouldn’t have been surprised when his dick began to grow. He was below the water, and no one was near but his mom, but he still felt like there was a glowing sign over his head that said ‘hardon’. He’d never gotten an erection in the speedo and was surprised at the amount of constriction he felt. His face heated up when he realized how obvious his state would be to anyone who saw him out of the water. He was stuck here until it went down.

Hank groaned with pain and shame, as his dick stretched his suit out even further, until he was at full mast. He glanced down and confirmed that yes, he was sporting an awkward, stretched out tent in his speedo. He put his head back, closing his eyes. He needed to think of something else to make it go down.

Unfortunately, his tight suit pressed on him in a distracting way, enhancing the pleasure coursing through his dick. It’d never go down. Maybe he could wait until dark and get out then. After a bit, his dick still hard, his mom suggested they go to their chair to have a drink and a snack.

“It’s okay, I’m fine here. You go on ahead,” he muttered, his face burning.

“Hank? Are you okay?”

He nodded, wishing for the thousandth time his dick would just go down.

“Are you not able to get out of the water?” she asked, in a more understanding tone than he expected.

He nodded again.

Terror flooded Hank when his mom started to shift her way down the rock bench. He was about to move away when he felt her hand grab his arm under the water.

“Sshhh,” she said. “It’s okay. Your dad used to have this problem when we were younger. I can help.”

What? How could she help? Shield him from view so he could get out of the pool and go back to his chair? As he was about to suggest it, he felt his mom’s hand let go of his arm. Her hand tickled as she felt down his body. Hank almost swallowed his tongue when she put her hand in his lap, brushing up against his hard, cloth-encased dick.

“Mmmm, there it is,” she said from her spot next to him. They were both facing towards the pool, as if just sharing quality mother and son time.

Hank didn’t dare move or say anything as he felt his mom dig into his suit, pulling it down far enough to let his dick spring free. This was helping? She put her small hand on his hot cock. He jumped, almost falling off of the rock shelf.

“Hsst”, she warned. “Stay still. I can’t do this if you move around too much.”

‘This’ turned out to be a rolling, swirling action of her hand on his johnson. It felt like heaven. No one had ever touched him there before, and combined with his already primed dick, he felt himself close to coming.

Perhaps sensing he was close already, his mom slowed down her hand’s movements. “You can’t react. You can’t make a face, or grunt, or anything. Okay?” she warned.

Hank nodded, unsure if he’d be able to do it. He’d been so close before she stopped, it was almost painful. He waited for her to continue; cock close to bursting. When she did, he bit his lip to keep quiet. It only took two strokes before he was coming, his dick spitting semen into the water. As he spewed his load, he kept his face as neutral as possible, only breathing hard through his nose.

“There, how’s that?” his mom asked, giving him a few more strokes on his overly sensitive dick.

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