Marcie and Leo Ch. 105

An adult stories – Marcie and Leo Ch. 105 by Azuldrgon,Azuldrgon There are times when we write stories that seem off for whatever reason. This one felt like it needed to be here in the larger story because it illustrates a truth about relationships of all kinds. I am leaving this in the Romance heading because it shows a real conversation between our heroine and her husband. Not every relationship is about daily sex games all the time or a Barbie-style no sadness kind of thing. When you really care about someone, you are there for the good and bad. It’s not always sexy, but reality is always better. If you are looking for a wank story, please pass this by.

One of the dangers of writing about Marcie and my exploits is that I tend to hold back at times. The truth is sharing what we do is one thing, but there’s a part of me that likes to have some sort of privacy. That is one reason I have never written an illustrated story about us, nor have I talked about scenarios that do not stay within the realm of the genre’s I choose to submit my stories in. Marcie and I have never shared a lover. We have never done anything worthy of a fantasy story. We have never strayed into the harder genres like non-consent or the other more directed genres we have no interest in. It’s just that we have a more conventional type of relationship.

My friend, Pierre, does not. He is happily married, but also has a sub as well who serves both he and his wife. We had a few chances to see their chemistry during some of the previous chapters both in this series and the preceding one. That’s why the news of their separation kind of stunned me. Pierre “loosed” his sub. He told it to me during a conversation recently and I was thinking about it when Marcie walked in.

“You okay, Leo?” she asked.

“I’m okay. Pierre had to lose this sub.”

She looked at me for a moment before she spoke.

“What does that mean?”

I know many readers will remember that it was a little bit of coaching from Missy before her passing and my training that taught Marcie about the lifestyle. Even though we dabble in parts of it, we were never fully submersed in it, so there are many facets Marcie was not familiar with.

“Think of a breakup.”

She looked at me and started to frown.

“Are they alright?”

“Pierre spoke to me about it since I’m one of his friends. I could tell he wasn’t all there, but he chose not to share details.”

‘I feel bad now. I thought they were a cute couple when we saw them.”

“She was a wonderful young person who brought Pierre joy. I loved the way they meshed. But then again, I was not privy to all the details. He mentioned that he was closing his shop for a couple weeks to allow himself time to heal though.”

Marcie smirked a bit.

“I guess in that kind of business, it’s nice to be able to do that.”

“What do you mean?”

Marcie kind of did a double take.

“I’m sorry, Leo. I’m not used to being able to do something like that. When you mentioned that your building shuts down for both the week of Thanksgiving and two weeks for the winter holidays, I kind of understood because it saves you on having to try to work through an abundance of vacation requests. I didn’t think Pierre could do something like that.”

“Well, it’s just him and his other assistant, I guess. It’s probably easier.”

“Do you think he can afford to be closed for that long?”

It was then I started to see what Marcie was thinking. I started texting Pierre at the same time, offering help if he needed it. He texted back that he’d be okay but thanked us for the offer. I looked at Marcie and smiled a little. Then I moved closer and hugged her tightly before pressing my lips against her forehead.

“What did I do to deserve that, Baby?” she asked.

“The usual,” I answered. “I think it’s amazing how you allowed my life to merge with yours.”

“Well, one of the things that I had to have Mitch understand was that even though he was marrying me, he was marrying into my family. Your family just includes more people who aren’t blood related.”

She smiled after she said that.

“I worry about some of them when we talk about the issues going on in their lives. The fact that you are more open to helping them versus trying to be the behind-the-scenes guy helps a bunch.”

I kept holding her.

“I am never going to savor the spotlight. That’s Matt’s thing. I like being in the shadows.”

“Well, I am glad you let me bring you into the light at times, Leo. Just like on that trip I just took you on. You could have been defiant about knowing every single detail. But you didn’t. When you told me you trusted me, I felt more love than I ever thought I could from someone as tactically minded as you.”

“You have my heart, Marcella. I trust you more every day.”

“You have mine as well, Leonard. Although I think my name flows off your lips better than yours off mine.”

I smiled as I kissed her forehead a second time before releasing her from my grip. As we moved to the kitchen to work on our dinner, I was encouraged by the song by Firehouse when they sang about finding the Love of a Lifetime. I also considered myself lucky. Who knew I’d find two?

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