Camping with Jess and Rachel by nutmegman,nutmegman

Camping with Jessie and Rachel on the Connecticut Shore

By: Nutmegman

Everyone is over 18. This is a continuation from Camping with Jessica and Marcy.

Jessica and I had agreed to meet Rachel at the Rocky Neck State Park campground in East Lyme, Connecticut. I had made a reservation for one site and was bringing my big tent. I had told the girls they just needed bathing suits, clothes, towels and some money. The weather prediction looked good for the first weekend in July.

The week dragged on. I couldn’t wait for Friday and another 3 night weekend camping trip with my beautiful Jessica and sexy Rachel. We had met Rachel; while cleaning my parents station wagon; at the car wash vacuums and hit it off. We made immediate plans to camp at the beach in Connecticut the next weekend.

A slight problem as my parents needed their station wagon and Jessie didn’t have her own car. So I had to do some very creative packing into my 2 seat Honda CRX. But the little hatchback is amazing and everything fit and with a tiny amount of room to spare.

My boss had originally said I could leave at 2pm on that Friday. But those plans changed.

Noon Friday my boss said “Lou, I’m very sorry but I have a family emergency and you have to close the store at the normal 6:00 pm today. I’m leaving and won’t be back until tomorrow. Have a good time with the guys.”

I groaned and said I understood and would take care of it. I tried calling Rachel but couldn’t reach her and left a message at her house to call Lou or tell her I would be running late today. I also couldn’t reach Jessie and left a message for her to call me.

I was in the store with the office manager named Cheryl. Cheryl was slightly older than me by a few years. A bleach blond and flat chested as one could get. She constantly made self degrading comments about needing a boob job. She did have a nice sashay of her hips. But had a 6 year old daughter and a mean 3rd husband. Her husband was an asshole, but I tolerated him as he was also a customer of the store.

Cheryl said “Your friends will understand that you’re just running late. Life happens. Who is going with you?”

I told her “Jessie and another friend.”

Cheryl said “A guys weekend away, how fun? Is this a gay thing?”

I looked at her and said “Fuck you, you flat chested bitch. I’m not gay.” And I went to work to keep busy.

The phone rang and Cheryl answered and yelled to me across the store “Lou, it’s some lady for you on the phone.”

I walked to the phone and said “Hello”.

Jessie was on the other end and was practically bouncing with excitement. I told her I had to work to 6 pm instead of 2 pm due to an emergency with my boss’ family. I said I would zip right over to get her and we’d leave immediately. I also asked her a favor.

I turned my back away from Cheryl and said to Jessie “Would you please put on some short shorts and a sexy shirt and stop by here ASAP and give me a very sexy kiss and body hug? I need to show Cheryl the bitch that I am not gay.”

Jessie said “Sure. I’ll borrow my moms car and be there in 15 minutes and we’ll show her!”

I hung up and went back to work. Cheryl asked me who that was and I said my girlfriend. She started laughing and walked away.

Sure enough, 15 minutes later the front door jingled and Cheryl went up to the person. But it was Jessie and she walked right past Cheryl to the back of the store where I was working and said “Hi Lou, I need a hug to hold me until later today.”

I turned around and saw Jessie was dripping in sexiness with a halter top and her sexy boobs half out and super short, short shorts with a little of her sexy tush sticking out the bottoms. I reached out to her and gave her a lusty kiss and hug and grabbed her tush. I was hard as a rock and Jessie ground herself into me.

Cheryl was watching and her jaw was practically on the floor at our exhibition.

I walked Jessie over to Cheryl and introduced them to each other.

“Jessie this is Cheryl; Cheryl this is Jessie, my super sexy girlfriend.”

Cheryl said hi in a very meek voice and looked Jessie up and down and as I was beside Jessie, I noticed she looked down at my crotch briefly. But both Jessie and I noticed the look.

I was wearing loose fitting business casual pants, so the slightest anything showed and right now I had a raging hard on.

Jessie turned around again and gave me another suck my soul out kiss and ground herself against me. She slowly released me and reached down to give me a squeeze, giving my hard on a more pronounced view that Cheryl saw with wide open eyes.

Jessie then surprised me and went to say good bye to Cheryl and gave her a big hug and whispered something in her ear. Jessie then said she can’t wait for me to pick her up when I get out of work and can’t wait to go camping with me and Rachel and wants to fuck my brains out!”

Cheryl’s jaw hit the floor at the mention of Rachel’s name.

Jessie left and I turned around, grinning like the Cheshire Cat and went back to work on the computer in the back.

As the time slowly ticked by, it was now 5:15 and not a soul had entered the store since Jessie.

I kept moving my head as I had a neck ache and to my extreme surprise, Cheryl came over and started rubbing my shoulders, head and back. I said “That feels so good.”

Cheryl then whispered in my ear “I saw your hard on earlier. Are you still hard?” She looked over me and into my lap and said “I see you are still hard. Maybe we should close early and lock the store and make use of the back room? Would you like me to suck on your hard cock? Would you like to fuck me today? I am so wet and can’t stop thinking of you fucking you and your girl friend Jessie. And who is Rachel?”

I moaned and moved slightly to reposition my now growing very hard dick into a more comfortable position.

Cheryl, in the mean time, walked to the front of the store, locked the door and closed the blinds and put the closed sign up. She came back to me as I was watching her and not moving. Just a few hours ago she thought I liked men and now she wants me to fuck her. Go figure.

Cheryl came back and rubbed my neck some more and then slid her hands down my chest and to my rock hard dick. She said “It is hard, very hard. I want to put it in my mouth and run my tongue all over it. I want to taste you right now!” With that she grabbed my hand and led me around the corner to the back storage area.

Once there, she pushed me back against the shelving, undid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor in one very quick move. She looked up at me and licked her lips and lowered herself to her knees and pushed my underwear down. She commented how she liked the black sexy underwear and bet that Jessie would too.

I was now standing there, dick standing out straight, pointing right at her.

Cheryl opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and licked the head. It certainly felt good. She slowly put her lips of the top and snaked her tongue out and under to the sensitive area. Then she slowly slid me into her mouth. It was heaven. He mouth was hot and wet and my dick became harder, if that was possible. Then slowly more and more until all of me was inside her mouth. I’m only around 5 inches and she seemed to like that. She bobbed on me a few times and reached out to hold my balls in one hand and the base of my dick in the other. She was a master at blowjobs, that was for sure. It made me wonder if I had more time, what she could have done to me.

After a few moments, she took me out of her mouth, turned around and bent over the table pulling her dress up with her. She had no panties on. Cheryl then said “Fuck me right now! I’m so fucking horny and wet, I need you inside me now!”

I turned and plunged right into her and slammed myself into her again and again. I was real hard and she was very wet and slippery.

Cheryl started to moan and then said “YES. I’m coming! I haven’t been fucked in months and need this SO BAD. Fuck me harder!” And I did.

Cheryl then said “Oh my god, I am coming again!” She grabbed the table edge and just stopped and she came and came and finally released the table.

I glanced at my watch, amazed that 45 minutes had vanished. I backed away, looking for my pants and took out my handkerchief to wipe off my dick. Cheryl had other plans though and sunk to her knees and cleaned me right up. No wiping needed on my part. I did not come and was still very hard.

Cheryl then looked up at me and said “Well, you’re certainly not gay. I won’t say that to you anymore. I’m sorry. I’ll be nice from now on. Especially if you can fuck me like that again?” She then gave my dick a kiss and asked “Do you want me to blow you until you come?”

I replied, “Thank you, but not this time. I’m saving that for Jessie and Rachel”.

Cheryl replied “Those are some lucky girls. I want to hear about it next week, maybe we can close the store together again. Will you tell me? I’ll SO make it worth your while!”

I said “Sure”. I looked at my watch and said I’m out of here and wished her a good weekend.

We locked up the store and I hopped into my little red sports car and zipped out of the parking lot. I drove home real quick and changed into light shorts and a t-shirt and put my work clothes into my laundry and ran out of the house and back into the car, which I had packed the night before.

I arrived at Jessie’s house and she was waiting for me. I gave her a quick kiss and hug and opened her door for her to get in. Then got in my side and off we went. The tunes were cranked, the ac was on and we had a roughly 75 minute ride if the traffic gods were with us.

When we got on the highway, I lowered the volume and glanced her way. I took her hand in mine and it felt like electricity. I looked at her, briefly taking my eyes off the road. I brought her hand up to my lips and gently kissed each finger. My heart was beating rapidly. I then took her hand and placed it on my heart and looked back at her.

Jessie’s eyes were sparkling. She also looked like she wanted to jump me right there on the highway. And just like that, the traffic got heavier as we went through Hartford Connecticut on route 91 southbound. I released her hand and put my two hands on the steering wheel and watched the crazy multi lane traffic as we worked our way onto Route 84 east briefly before getting on route 2 south.

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