Bree 6 – The Awakening by rodeotexas


Girlfriends 1st Time with Dog & Pony , NOTE: If you have not read the previous Bree stories 1-5, I would highly suggest that you do, so you can have a historical perspective of the past history of the people involved, that events that lead up to each individual chapter and how this lifestyle has evolved among these friends. If you have not read Bree 5, it is a prerequisite as Bree 6 is the continuation of where Bree 5 laid the groundwork and left off, then Bree 7 – Shannon’s Encounter with Jake the Donkey, Bree – 8 (a standalone story that references Bree 1 –6).

I have tried to accurately represent the events as they were related to me and have submitted the manuscripts back to those who provided the information for review for accuracy.

As a reminder, you are encouraged to read these stories in succession so you will gain an understanding of how these events began and unfolded over time.

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Bree 6
The Awakening

About a month before the planned get together at the ranch, they all met in San Antonio at The Shops of LaCanterra to do some pre-holiday shopping. During lunch at Paesanos, Kate told them she wanted to talk to them seriously as a counselor and best friend. This got their immediate attention with concern showing on all their faces obviously thinking something may be wrong.

Kate stated

“I have a proposition and would like to offer each of you an opportunity to expand your horizons that I think would not only benefit each of you, but all of us as a whole and probably your spouses as well. Bree’s and Suzanne’s husbands and Rick, have now to some extent, already experienced and were very acceptable to these new improvements in their relationships and our overall friendships”.

At this point Bree said, Mindy couldn’t help but crack out a comment:

“What are you talking about, all of us have a group orgy?!

The others started laughing at this and then Kate said

“To seriously answer your question, No.
It has been thoroughly proven that friends having group orgies involving the opposite sex or spouse swapping is seriously damaging to friendships and relationships, especially long term friendships, and the majority of friendships are soon dissolved or at least damaged during to jealousy, feelings of inadequacy or lack of confidence”.

Again, it was Mindy that quipped

“So it is okay if we have just a girl’s only orgy!”

Bree said it took Kate and her awhile to get them to settle back down and quit making jokes so Kate could get the discussion back on track. Bree told me that Kate had very briefly previously told Suzanne that she had some ideas to make the get-togethers more fun and exciting but gave her no details. Likewise, Kate would not give Bree any specifics but told her she may need some assistance from her and possibly Suzanne at times at the upcoming girl’s weekend, that Bree would already know what to do and left it and that, with Bree wondering what Kate was up to knowing her as well as she did.

Kate could still confound Bree (and me!) as well as her other friends and family. Kate was very extremely smart and had finished high school and then college in a much shorter time than was typical and then entered medical school and obtained a M.D./Ph.D in four years – half the time it usually takes, then going on to establish a very successful psychiatry, marriage counseling and couples sexual therapy practice.

Once Kate was sure the conversation was back on track Kate stated

“I firmly believe we all firmly trust each other and will even state we love each other as sisters and would protect each other if the circumstance arises. I prefer not to go into details at this time. If y’all trust and love the others and me, as I believe we all do, I believe we will have a very enjoyable learning experience that will be a very great lifelong benefit to all of us.

I will tell you that it will include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. By participating in a group therapy session at the ranch, which I believe y’all love as much as Rick and I do, you will be in a physically and emotionally safe environment that y’all are already comfortable with.

With each of your individual permissions, my techniques will be a combination of subtle and not so subtle settings, procedures and situations. Specifically, my profession and medical ethics require me to be up front with you and I need specific permission from each of you if you will be willing to take a new experimental prescription drug, Flibanserin, as part of a clinical trial I’m participating in for the next month. The FDA may be approving this drug by the end of the year or early next year to treat Female Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder. When y’all come out to the ranch, a prescription liquid oral drug and another tablet will be taken in combination, just for the weekend. All the drugs are legal. Alone and in combination, the drugs will assist in assimilating and enhancing the experiences and sensations to the fullest extent. If at any time you may become uncomfortable, I will tell you what the liquid oral drug and tablet are and what functions they each have, then you may decide if you still want to continue. If not, it will be immediately stopped

(When they arrived at the ranch, Kate intended to tell them about the two drugs before they took anything. She had devised this statement to immediately bring out any uncertainties or insecurities they may harbor).

Y’all know my basic philosophy:

“If It Feels Good, Then Do It”
“If you are mentally and physically comfortable with an idea and it does not harm you or a willing partner, then why not?
Go For It!”

The girls all eagerly agreed and tried pestering Kate into revealing more details and what she had planned for the upcoming event but soon realized she would say nothing further. Before they departed, Kate handed each of them a bottle with a month’s supply of Flibanserin and dosage instructions.


All the girlfriends came in by mid Thursday afternoon. It was a late gorgeous Texas Autumn, leaves changing colors that had almost reached the peak color change, cool to cold nights to enjoy the hot tub and to have the big fireplace going, still just warm enough by day to lay out by the pool to get some sun though the occasional breeze could bring up goose bumps and harden nipples.

They were all delighted to see that Bree had brought her Great Dane Duke and enjoyed watching Duke and Kate’s Great Dane Trojan romping around with each other acting like puppies, the Danes glad to see other as well.

They unpacked, changed into very casual tops and old comfortable jeans and mixed drinks, relaxed around the pool catching up and enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine in the autumn air. Then they jumped into the big passenger ATV and headed down to the stables to look at the new horses that had arrived since the last time they were there.

As they stood there stroking the coats of the new Arabians, Kate asked, already knowing from previous conversations with them over the last several years, that they all enjoyed an incredibly rich sex life being in their peak hormonal years, all were in loving relationships and have very successful careers/businesses, how they have been feeling the last month, particularly their love life. They all said in unison in one variation or another that it had been unbelievably fantastic and they thought they were wearing their men out! Suzanne stated that sensations seem to be heightened along with some new ideas they have been experimenting with. She quickly glanced at Kate and Bree with a shy grin when she said this.

Mindy stated
“I imagine this it what it feels like to be a nymphomaniac, but a nympho on hypersexual overdrive! This new drug would probably help any woman that has a non-existent or diminished sex drive”. Then Mindy, with a leering look at the Arabian she was stroking, said

“I think we could wear out this big boy as well, the way we have all been feeling, in fact, I’m pretty damn horny now!”

as she playfully rubbed herself against the Arabian which got them laughing so hard tears sprang to their eyes. Kate managed to highly arch an eyebrow toward Bree at Mindy’s comment…

Kate commented not all could be attributed to the Flibanserin.
A woman’s mental makeup contributed a lot to it and was affected by being in a stable, committed loving relationship but confirmed their experiences fit the profile very nicely of the experimental trails.

This got them started in on Kate and what she had planned for the festivities. Even since Kate made the proposal to them a month ago, they had been excitingly looking forward to what Kate was planning for the next few days, especially since, as Bree told me, Kate was so general about it and would only just mention expanding their horizons, sensations and experiences and would not give any details, that even Bree did not know what Kate had planned.

The girlfriends’ were all intrigued with what Kate had planned. Especially with the knowledge that within a few short years, Kate had established a nationwide reputation for her practice with clients and even celebrities flying in from across the nation. They were fortunate to be able to benefit from what Kate had been and continued to freely offer to her closest friends. Their intrigued was spiked with their knowledge that Kate also had a special reputation for couple’s sex therapy.

When they emerged from the stable, Kate told them to walk over to the rail fence so they could see her last two newest additions, Stormy and Ki-Lin. Once at the rail, Kate let out a piercing whistle. Bree said after several seconds they saw two horses come galloping into view at a distance toward them, one all black and one all white, long manes and tails blowing in a flowing sweep as they ran toward the women. As they came on, they quickly realized these were very large ponies and not horses, but with the same confirmation as their bigger cousins.

The women started fawning over the beautiful animals realizing as they came closer they were seeing something special as they have never seen such beautiful animals before and they looked like something out of a fantasy story (didn’t every girl want a pony when they where little!)

Stormy was all black with a rich deep satin glossy coat while Ki-Lin was all white with a glossy silk coat. Kate told them they were Yorkshire Dale Ponies and Ki-Lin was especially rare and special since he was all white. Both strongly exhibited their breed characteristics for alertness, being courageous, intelligence and kindness. They were just slightly smaller than the smallest Arabian.

Kate told them that Rick had surprised her the day before Halloween with the two new pony stallion studs that she previously knew nothing about. They had talked about starting a new line and cutting back on the others so they could focus more on the genetic qualities of just one line for each of the breeds, switching out and reducing some of their stallion miniature horses and ponies and bringing in some others he had been looking at, like they had done with the Arabians. Rick had called while she was on her way back to the ranch from Austin to come to the stable before she went up to the house where he had surprised her with them.

Somehow he had affixed a pretty good imitation unicorn horn to the forehead of Ki-Lin!

Bree quickly glanced at Kate and gave her a big grin as she had immediately realized the allegorical reference.

(Later, Kate told Bree there were two allegorical references; Ki-Lin’s name being the other!)

Kate usually kept sugar cubes in her shirt breast pockets when she was going to the stables as a horse treat, and Stormy and Ki-Lin both were nuzzling Kate with soft velvet lips and soft velvet noses looking for their treats as the others looked on, pulling and tugging on her shirt with their searching lips feeling the outlines of the cubes. Kate was wearing a western style shirt with snap buttons that she had tied the tails together below her breasts and only had two snaps buttoned revealing an amazing amount of décolletage. Upon Stormy detecting the location of the cubes in her breast pocket, Stormy tugged with his lips on the outline of the cubes – and both of Kate’s snap buttons popped loose, now Kate’s firm ample cleavage was well-exposed with breasts threatening to pop loose completely!

As Kate withdrew a cube for each, Mindy quipped

“That’s a neat trick you taught them, better than some boys I have known!”

Kate saucily grinned at them and then watched as Stormy and Ki-Lin started in on the other women looking for treats even though they did not have breast pockets, causing first one then the other to giggle or laugh as the two ponies searched. Kate did not bother to refasten her shirt…

Mindy was wearing a soft persimmon colored thin micro fiber and stretch lace deep scalloped camisole with no bra and she started giggling as Ki-Lin’s nibbling lips and inquisitive nose repeatedly brushed against the vast expanse of bare cleavage that the deep scalloped camisole revealed, searching for sugar cubes, Kate noticed her nipples hardening as did Bree….

Suzanne commented, as she giggled with Stormy doing the same to her,

“the soft lips feel pretty interesting and he is quite talented!”

as Stormy’s searching tugging lips moved across her tightly stretched and deeply unbuttoned thin semi-sheer shirt and her own braless nipples, which were now clearly hard and visible against the thin shirt. Like Kate, Suzanne had the tails of her shirt tied up under her breasts.

Stormy, thinking he had detected a sugar cube, intently worked his sensitive lips in one small area but was in reality Suzanne’s hard nipple! Suzanne allowed this continue for several moments allowing Stormy to nuzzle and repeatedly lightly tug on her hard nipple thru her shirt with his sensitive lips before Suzanne backed away laughing looking directly at Kate and Bree.

Suzanne then pointedly looked at Mindy and stated

“it must feel real interesting to you…!”

With the girls giggling at Suzanne’s comments, Mindy, always being the cutup and not one to ever be outdone, pulled her camisole down and off to one side baring a hard nippled and full firm enhanced breast while making a pretended show of offering her bare nipple to Stormy to muzzle while saying

“I May Not Have Any Sugar Cubes But These Are Just As Sweet!”

Causing uproar among them as they dared her.

Again, this caused Kate and Bree and Suzanne to quickly exchange glances with each other as they all laughed.

The distraction was enough.
Stormy saw what was still exposed and being waved right in front of his muzzle.
His sensitive inquisitive lips managed to latch on and firmly tug on Mindy’s playfully offered bare nipple causing Mindy to loudly squeal breaking the others out in hysterical laughter!

With feigned indigence, Mindy loudly stated

“Well! At least it felt a lot nicer than some guys I had known.
This one has some talent!”

With this pronouncement all four women dissolved in peals of hysterical laughing


Back at the house, Kate prepared to tell them about the liquid oral drug Xyrem beforehand due to medical and legal reasons so they could decide then if they wanted to continue. Kate handed out medical pamphlets and selected research bibliographies on Xyrem and informed them it was a very effective legal, though tightly controlled drug, which greatly enhances sensations and experiences, arousal, desire and sheds inhibitions. Finally, it is commonly known as Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid or as they probably have heard it – GHB, the date rape drug. Kate stated it only becomes an issue when it is over administered; excessive alcohol is consumed, and of course, administered to an unknowing person.

Bree said there was silence, as the girls assimilated this last part. Kate reemphasized the portions of the main affects of sensations, experiences and inhibitions. More silence…then Mindy inadvertently came to the rescue by stating:

“Don’t believe we need any more chemical assistance to help our sex lives, I and the others have never been so horny before in our lives thanks to that other med you gave us, and after looking at the new movies and toys this weekend, I’m going to set a speed record back to Dripping Springs and rape a certain someone, IF I don’t jump one of you first or make a little trip to the stables…”

Bree said they just about fell out of their chairs they laughed so hard, and Anne and Suzanne had both snorted their drinks up through their nasal passages which rolled them even further.

Then Suzanne asked how they were going to control how much they drink, y’all know what happens when we all get together!

Kate responded she will have her bullwhip out and a lash or two will get you wild fillies back in line. Suzanne then theatrically moaned:

a little S & M, how kinky!
You being the sex expert after all
I bet you can wield that whip real well and have all kinds of stories!”

Bree said the others chimed in with simulated S & M antics and comments. Once they calmed back down, Bree said she then spoke and told them that back in college at the sorority house, a bunch of the sisters, including her, took some GHB and Ecstasy on two different occasions because they have all heard about date rape drugs. There were a lot of incidents involving GHB and Ecstasy so we wanted to actually know what it felt like in a controlled and safe setting in case someone tried to slip it to us and we could recognize what was happening before we got in trouble. San Marcos, Austin and Dallas seemed to be the hot areas for the use of these drugs; Dallas especially was notorious for Ecstasy. We also heard about the benefits of GHB and Ecstasy that Kate just described, and it was very definitely true about those benefits!

Bree said that Suzanne then chimed in that she had tried it in college with her boyfriend at the time and found the effects very interesting and satisfying, and then Anne said she had used GHB and Ecstasy more than quite a few times as well. Obviously, since I did it more than once, that speaks for itself!

Kate asked Mindy if she had any recreational experiences in the past. Mindy admitted she smoked grass several times over the years and even dropped some acid with her boyfriend a few times because they heard it could enhance the sex and it was truly

“Mind Blowing Sex!”

Kate said it is very well medically and socially documented that LSD does drastically increase sexual experiences as well as Peyote, which contains Mescaline as the active ingredient. An interesting fact is Peyote is only legal to use in certain Native American religious ceremonies in the Southwestern U.S, however it is completely legal in Canada. Magic mushrooms have also been used during sex but there is a greater mind altering effect with a lesser sexual effect. Anne joking said they all should make a trip out to Big Bend (Big Bend National Park, Texas) to go Peyote hunting or go to Canada!

So girls, what do y’all think, do you want to continue?
Kate asked

Bree said both Mindy and Anne were the first to loudly say YES and YOU BET! With Suzanne saying it will be fun, it sure was back then! The only time we get to really let our hair down and be carefree is when we are with each other at your ranch or Bree’s ranch, and of course, only if they boys aren’t around!

Suzanne also added to stoke the inner fires: “but like Mindy said earlier, I may have to take one of those new toys back to bed with me to get some RELIEF!”
Again it was Mindy who quipped

“And I will help you!”

As she playfully leered at Suzanne as they all laughed.


Kate had set out appetizers late in the afternoon before a light dinner. On the kitchen counter with the appetizers, Kate had set out a small bowl partially filled with tablets and instructed all of them to take one (the next day, Kate would tell them the tablets were Ladialis – the female Cialis, which greatly promotes blood flow to the genitalia). Like all medical doctors, pharmaceutical sales staff came by the office pitching their wares and offered plenty of free samples for the patients to use.

After dinner, she mixed in a low concentration of the liquid Xyrem into the first of their drinks, each drink thereafter had another very small dosage added until Kate judged by their actions that the Xyrem was reacting very well in concert alone and with the other two drugs and that the girls had no side adverse effects. Once this point was achieved, no more of the Xyrem was ingested and she let the regular social lubricants they were drinking do the rest. Kate said she also took the three drugs but kept the Xyrem one at a very low dosage so she could effectively guide the others if needed and to clearly remember the events.

The girl’s own excitement about experiencing something new and mysterious had very obviously created a vast more ebullience than was usually present than even in their past get-togethers. This even affected Trojan and Duke who picked up on the girl’s emotions and enthusiasm and were even more rambunctious around them than normal. Bree commented that with their highly sensitive noses, they were probably picking up on something else! This elicited gales of laughter.

(It was the next day that Kate told the girls that she thought their ebullience combined with the Xyrem and the Flibanserin created a synergistic effect, while the Ladialis had the physical effects of drastically increasing blood flow to the genitalia). As the mid evening approached, they prepared for their usual new adult films and toy screenings and changed into the new gift robes that Kate had presented to them.

As welcoming gifts, Kate had purchased expensive La Perla crushed silk kimono robes with colorful floral prints that were short sleeved. They just barely came to the bottom of their butt cheeks when standing and had side slits that went ¾ of the way up the hips. They were so sheer as to be transparent. Kate knew sheer silk lingerie had the capability to make women feel and look stunningly beautiful (like they needed help as they all were gorgeous!) Due to the extreme fine silkiness, the robes were very difficult to keep tied and the slightest motion caused them to immediately become loose (part of Kate’s plan…).

Kate had stated that the previous time out at the ranch, Mindy and Anne had come out wearing short lingerie robes and no panties while Kate and Suzanne had thongs on.

This time, due to the transparency and shortness of the new robes, Kate and Bree said it was immediately obvious that this time all five of them were all naked under the robes! This was a little game they have been playing with each other for several years, wearing thongs or no panties under their robes when they are relaxing with each other and started several years ago when one goosed the other and it became a non-stop game trying to catch one or the other unawares. All five of them have had their entire genital areas denuded by laser hair removal, leaving just a very small decorative triangle or short narrow stripe above their pussies, except for Kate who had a small heart as appropriate for her professional career.

From the girl’s previous get together, Kate knew they enjoyed the fantasy/anthropomorphic toys and she had a dozen new ones placed on the two tables that were in front of each sofa. Mostly all the ones present this time were from Bad-Dragon and Zetacreations and also included one double-headed fantasy dildo – a 22 inch long dildo with two heads on either end for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation for two female partners! Her clients of both sexes also had very favorably commented on the fantasy aspect of these toys and that it had made their sex lives much more interesting and also added other creative dimensions they have previously not thought about.

There was also an assortment of new flavored lubes including several bottles of Bad-Dragon Cum Lube that the other four have not yet experienced and would later take home.

(Kate knew that Trojan and Duke would probably be instantly attracted to the flavored lubes thereby implementing part of her plan that the others would not be aware of, as if female arousal sex pheromones being emanated by five turned on hyper horny women in a warm room wouldn’t be enough!)

All of them squirted flavored lubes on their fingers to feel the texture and to taste the flavors and as expected, it wasn’t long before they started play grab ass and goosing each other with the slick fingers, prefacing the goosing with “See How This One Feels!” When Bree looked around for a hand towel to wipe their hands, Kate said let Trojan and Duke lick your hands. As Anne’s widely splayed fingers were being licked she commented, “if only their husbands had long powerful hot tongues like this” with which Mindy quickly agreed, causing Kate, Bree and Suzanne to quickly look at each other. Suzanne couldn't help but start giggling causing both Mindy and Anne to look at them and say in unison “What?”

They all agreed that while the flavored lubes were best for oral sex, they absolutely loved the Bad-Dragon cum lube. They couldn’t get over the super slick silky texture and most of all, the white clinging string-like thick liquid properties when it came out of the bottle. Thick white strands of lube that would stretch for several inches before breaking and still completely water soluble for easy cleanup. Kate told them y’all ought to hear how it sounds when you are using it, squishing & sucking noises, plus it lasts a long, long time, which got them giggling.

Once Duke and Trojan finished the hand licking with their long, hot powerful tongues, they started following the scents where the lubes had been playful placed by the previous goofing around, forcefully trying drive their noses into pussies or between ass cheeks or swiping out a long tongue in at these two areas while the girls walked around and then started running which only encouraged Duke and Trojan more. Whenever they were successful, a shriek or a squeal would erupt causing the others to go into hysterics, while Kate, Bree and Susanne had to somewhat play act their part when this happened to them so as not to arouse any suspicions from the other two…and also not to be too obvious on letting them to be licked…

When they had a chance moment to be alone, Bree said that Kate told Suzanne and her that she thought that Anne would be the least inhibited but thought Mindy exhibits typical behavior to cover up nervousness and uncertainty with boasting, quick witty comments and was the quickest with comebacks so Kate thought this was an attempt to make up courage. You, Suzanne and I have already done this to some extent or the other, so Kate and Bree would sit on either side of Mindy on one sofa while Suzanne sat with Anne on the other. (Bree was clued in on part of Kate’s plans and Suzanne to a lesser extent, but it was Kate’s main intent to let nature take its course)

Kate told Bree and Suzanne the other two will probably not go as far as fucking in the presence of the others, this will probably be done alone or possibly one on one with another, but will possibly allow Trojan and Duke to do some oral and may also use a dildo in front of the others based on Mindy’s and Anne’s previous trip to the ranch (Mindy catching Anne unawares while she was engrossed watching a particularly interesting and graphic scene and thrusting a dildo into Anne’s pussy.

Bree said that Kate then asked Bree and Suzanne how they were feeling and Bree replied she has never felt so horny in her life; Kate said she felt the same, the combination of the meds were more pleasantly effective than she initially thought would be. Suzanne quietly responded by gently caressing Bree’s pussy while Bree pulled Kate to them and started caressing Kate’s pussy and breasts. The instant that Bree’s finger touched Kate’s rock hard prominently protruding clitoris, Kate’s knees went weak and as her knee’s slightly buckled, Bree’s finger easily slipped inside without any effort causing Kate to let out a long moan. Kate realized that the combination meds must have had all the clitorises exceptionally engorged. Kate then placed her hand on Suzanne’s pussy and had just started caressing her openly parted slit and feeling her exceptionally engorged clitoris when they heard the other two coming and had to break apart. Bree said they were caught though – Kate, Suzanne’s and her face were all flushed and Anne & Mindy immediately picked up that something had been going on.

Mindy quipped

“Have y’all being keeping yourselves busy, Hmmmm?”

While Mindy caressed Anne’s tight curvaceous muscular ass and Anne’s face flushed which got them all rolling

The girls mixed another round of tall drinks prior to screening. This time Kate instructed each of them to open their mouths and lift up their tongues and Kate then added a final dosage of the salty tasting liquid Xyrem that she had mixed with simple syrup and placed it directly under their tongues telling them to hold it there for at least a minute before swallowing.


They then rearranged the sofas to where they were both angled toward each other and facing the huge 72-inch 3-D Laser television (Kate indicating so they could see the television better but Kate wanted it so the occupants of each sofa could clearly see what the others were doing). While they were bending over pushing on the large heavy sofas and tables, their short robes had ridden well up their firm butts and Duke and Trojan managed to get accurate long swipes between the slightly parted legs on four of the five women, eliciting squeals or laughter from each as it happened.

Kate later told us she thought this would happen and on pretense, went back toward the kitchen but then stood in the doorway to see if her prediction would come true. Kate also noted that all four would just twitch their asses out of the way of the invading tongues but would not physically try to shoo Duke and Trojan away. Kate also said that Trojan caught Anne particularly unawares with her legs partially as she pushed on a sofa to reposition it and he must have slapped his tongue all the away around to her swollen and engorged clitoris, or actually penetrated her pussy as her knees slightly buckled allowing him to get in another good lick. Kate said when this happened, Anne slightly opened her mouth, suspecting to probably let out a little moan, then quickly looked around to see if the others had noticed and only then did she twitched her ass away from the invader. Kate said Trojan and Duke had the advantage here as all five of them had small tight muscular curvaceous butts and any little angle of bending over would result in openly parted butt cheeks clearly revealing pussies and tight anuses.

They started the first of the movies. As usual the cutting up started – making fun of the actors and doing exaggerated simulated scenes, threatening each other with dildos. Half way thru the movie they paused it to get another round of drinks and also get some shot glasses and liquor. By the end of the first movie they had done a few shots each.

By the time the second movie got to the third scene, the kidding and roughhousing had slowly died away and Kate noted it was replaced by caressing each others thighs while slowly swirling a finger over their own clitorises somewhat indiscreetly, progressively thighs slowly parted as each others hand slowly dipped its way down the others inner thighs and moved its way upwards to gently supplement what the owners hand was doing and then to totally take over.

Mindy, sitting between Kate and Bree was enjoying having a hand stroking each of her thighs. Suzanne discovered that Anne also had a very prominent clitoris that was large enough to clearly be visible to where Mindy, Kate and Bree could see it from where they were sitting, of course Mindy already knew this from earlier that evening just before she and Anne walked in on the other three…

THEN, Anne made a show to the others of slowly applying Dragon-Cum lube to a very, very particularly long and very, very thick anthropomorphic fantasy dildo leering evilly toward Mindy. Mindy suddenly realized what Anne was up to and jumped up and ran around the room shrieking and laughing trying get away from Anne, Anne chasing Mindy around the room with the dildo, everyone laughing clearly remembering what Mindy previously had done to Anne the last time Mindy had a dildo in her hands and now it was payback time!

The physical exertions quickly loosened Anne and Mindy’s robes to where the belts came totally undone. Bree told me she wished I could have seen the sight: two beautiful women running around the room chasing after each other, robes had parted and were blown back behind them as they raced around the room, full firm hard nippled breasts heaving and flouncing up and down with each step, Trojan and Duke barking and chasing getting in their way, everyone cracked up laughing to the point that everyone was tearing up.

And Bree told me “Then It Happened”
Bree thought is was a combination of Mindy being partially blinded by her tearing laughter as she ran from Anne that she tripped over Trojan and landed bent over the armrest of the sofa, ass up in the air and Mindy’s face in Kate’s lap! Bree said she barely had time to roll onto the floor to get out of the way when she saw Mindy fall toward her and she saw Anne’s eyes and face light up with a look of triumph.

Anne reached Mindy and quickly threw a leg over her back, facing away from Mindy’s head, pinning her into place and held the very long and very thick glistening anthropomorphic fantasy dildo up in the air in victory.

Bree told me I had to get a real clear mental picture of this; all of them have had their entire pubic/genital areas totally denuded by laser, leaving just a very small decorative triangle or a short narrow strip above their pussies (except Kate’s heart shape design!). With Mindy bent over the armrest, Anne, Suzanne and she could see that like Kate, Mindy had very small labia lips, and when aroused, her labia would swell and openly part on their own like they very obviously were now also showing Mindy’s exceptionally engorged clitoris. Her upturned ass cheeks were widely parted, openly exposing not only her glistening pussy but also her tight anus, Anne standing on one long leg with the other thrown over Mindy’s back, Anne’s own pussy and engorged glistening labia was exposed, her firm heavy breasts heaving up and down trying to catch her breath.

Bree said by this point we were all more highly aroused and hornier than we have ever experienced! They could see that Mindy’s labia were extremely engorged glistening with moisture and openly parted, displaying the tight vaginal opening. Bree said like everyone else, she could not remember each of their own labia’s and clitorises ever being that engorged or so sensitive thanks to the meds! Bree said: then, Anne lowered the dildo and slowly started rubbing the tip and shaft back and forth along Mindy’s parted labia and clit causing Mindy to laughingly shriek hysterically non-stop.

Suzanne yelled out “Here Catch” and threw Anne a bottle of the Dragon-Cum lube, Anne then squirted a long generous silky stringy thick stream of lube against Mindy’s pussy and exposed anus. Mindy now earnestly started trying to raise her head up off Kate’s lap to get away, realizing that Anne was going to try and insert the extremely large dildo. However, Kate had placed her hands over the back of Mindy’s head and kept her face forced down into her lap. Moreover, with Mindy’s thrashing around to escape, Kate’s robe had parted and Kate had partially turned toward Mindy and Anne, spread her legs wide and thrown one leg out of the way to where Mindy’s entire face was now against Kate’s pussy!

Bree said she watched in amazement as Anne then shifted the tip of the dildo and caressed Mindy’s tight anus, causing Mindy to make even more frenzied movements to escape, then Anne leaned forward and moved her free hand to Mindy’s hard sensitive swollen clit and started gently stroking it as she began to start making little up and down motions with the dildo against Mindy’s tightly clinched anus. Bree said the very tip of the dildo had a small tapered projection about one and a half inches long and about half that in width before the shaft rapidly grew in width and the tip had just begun to barely slip in and out of Mindy’s tight ass (Anne never had any intention of actually trying to fuck Mindy’s ass with the extremely long and thick dildo, however she did plan on something else!). With the excellent slick and thick lubricating qualities of the Bad-Dragon cum lube, Mindy felt the tip slowly and easily penetrate past her tightly clinched anal ring and then felt Anne begin to slowly start fucking the tip in and out of her ass. Fearing that the rest of the extremely long and very thick fantasy cock may soon attempt to follow, Mindy shrieked loudly:


Anne loudly replied


Anne teasingly started withdrawing the narrow tip of the dildo from Mindy’s ass, before slowly plunging the tip back in, withdrawing, and then pushing it back in, rapidly building up the thrusting pace as well as her pace with her other hand against Mindy’s exceptionally engorged sensitive clitoris. Bree said Suzanne, Anne and she were fascinated watching Mindy’s swollen labia lips rapidly part open and then snapped together with little wet slapping noises with each rapid withdrawal and thrust of the dildo tip. Mindy kept on thrusting until she could start to see the graduated thickness of the dildo just beginning to gradually ease inward…

Bree said at this point Mindy began to loudly moan with each thrust as Mindy’s tightly clenched anus began to relax as she became exhausted trying to keep her anus tightly clenched and from the effects of the ministrations against her clit. When Mindy felt the thicker part of the dildo start to overcome her resistance and began to gradually slide past her anal ring in ever increasing increments with each thrust, Mindy began a plaintive “Noooo” and only THEN did Anne remove the tip of the dildo from Mindy’s ass.

Anne then picked up the bottle of Bad-Dragon cum lube, inserted the tip of the bottle into Mindy’s pussy, push the bottle partway in, then squeezed long and hard until a long large rivulet of thick white stringy lube began to run out, then withdrew the bottle and held it up, seeing that almost half the contents were now inside Mindy.

Mindy strenuously renewed her physically efforts to free herself, and if anything, laughing and shrieking even more against Kate’s pussy, with Kate having a big satisfied smile on her face. Anne moved the tip of the dildo to Mindy’s vaginal opening and started to make little in and out motions with the tip of the dildo, causing Mindy to thrash and laughingly shriek even harder, and gently began easing it in ever gradually with slow short thrusts into Mindy’s tight pussy while continuing her ministrations with Mindy’s clitoris!

Now, from dating Kate in college, I could imagine her own labia well swollen and openly parted even without the boosting effect of the meds but it was even better than this, Kate also had a very large protruding clitoris with an almost non-existent clitoral hood. With Mindy’s face in her pussy she was getting all the stimulation she needed to get off!

Anne, with difficulty, managed to slowly start doing longer and longer strokes, gently and slowly forcing more of the very long and very thick anthropomorphic dildo very gradually into Mindy, stringy white lube would cling to the dildo and stretched on each withdrawal, lube loudly squished out with every thrust and very slowly dripped in long thick stringy strands from her pussy as the lube was displaced with loud squishing sucking noises on each inward plunge and withdrawal. Mindy’s struggles were getting weaker and weaker as she became exhausted from all her continued laughing, being pinned down by Anne and Kate and the effects from the alcohol and then her struggles ceased with an occasional moan now starting to be emitted.

After awhile of gentle pushing in and tugging out in increments, Anne was slowly thrusting the entire full length of the dildo in and out of Mindy’s pussy slowly building up the pace. Bree and Suzanne watched Kate raise her hand up and start caressing Anne’s butt cheeks. Anne raised up and removed her leg off Mindy’s back and then folded her leg underneath her resting it on the armrest still standing on one leg and then scooted her butt backwards toward Kate to allow Kate unfettered access and soon Kate had a finger in Anne’s pussy and another in her anus and was slowly finger fucking and gradually building up speed. Bree also immediately noticed that while Mindy’s head was now no longer held down between Kate’s legs, Mindy did not make any effort to move or raise her head away…

Bree said that at this point, Mindy’s struggles had long ago ceased and ever increasing loud moaning and groaning was coming from Mindy and it was obvious from Kate’s little movements of her pussy that a little oral action was also being conducted by Mindy. Bree looked over at Suzanne who had her legs raised up with feet propped up on the sofa facing the other sofa, knees and legs spread widely apart, and was slowly rubbing her clitoris as she alternatively watched between her spread legs, Anne fucking Mindy with the dildo and Mindy performing cunnilinigus on Kate.

Bree said she watched Suzanne stop rubbing her clitoris and pick up a thick ten inch long anthropomorphic fantasy dildo that she then applied Bad-Dragon cum lube to, then insert the tip of the bottle into her upturned pussy, push the bottle partway in, then squeeze long and hard until a large rivulet of thick white stringy lube began to slowly run out, then insert the tip of the dildo and start to slowly fuck the dildo gradually in and out of her pussy with loud squishing sucking noises, gradually easing it in ever deeper while displaced stringy thick strands of white dragon cum lube slowly emerged, ran slowly down and across her anus and then very slowly drip off and stretch toward the floor without breaking the strands, all the while Suzanne continued to watch Anne, Mindy, Kate and her with enraptured attention between her widely spread legs, occasionally gazing deep into Bree’s eyes with a lustful smile…

Anne slowly increased the pace of the dildo to where it was pounding into Mindy’s pussy, Mindy repeatedly uttering loud Ungghh! Ungghh! Ungghh! noises against Kate’s uptilted pussy with each deep inward thrust. Kate kept tempo with her finger fucking of Anne’s two orifices, Anne now vigorously rubbing Mindy’s clitoris. Bree looked over at Suzanne who still was watching them with that enraptured look, now keeping up with Anne’s tempo and her own dildo fucking. Suzanne had more than ¾ of the large dildo inserted and Bree said with the look of concentration on her face and her physical actions, she was going for more!

Kate had long ago quit holding Mindy’s head down and now was gently stroking Mindy’s head with her free hand while Mindy kept her face in Kate’s upturned pussy, Kate’s robe was completely untied and openly parted to either side of her magnificent breasts that Bree was now caressing while Bree caressed her pussy with her other hand. Anne noticed Mindy’s anus start powerful rhythmic muscle contractions as Mindy’s orgasm began, redoubling her efforts with the dildo and clitoris. Mindy yelled out a very long and pussy muffled “I’M CUMMMINNG!” causing Kate to trigger her own powerful orgasm as she felt Anne clamp her vaginal and anal muscles down on Kate’s fingers and start powerful rhythmic contractions as her own orgasm ripped off, and then Suzanne uttered a very loud drawn out orgasmic


Kate later remarked it felt like her fingers were in two nutcrackers when Anne clamped her muscles so tight! Feeling the strong anal rhythmic contractions around her finger was very exciting!

Everyone’s pace slowly tapered off till it stopped with the very large dildo completely buried in Mindy! Anne continued to watch Mindy’s anus have rhythmical contractions as she continued to have a prolonged orgasm. Only when the contractions stopped and Mindy laid there quietly, body heaving trying to catch her breath, did Anne very slowly began to withdraw the dildo as Mindy’s orgasm died away. As the very thick and very long dildo was withdrawn with a sucking noise, Mindy let out a low drawn out moan that only finally stopped when the entire length of the dildo had been removed. Bree said Anne had an awed look on her face from being able to insert the entire dildo. It was much longer and thicker than the one that Suzanne had been using! Mindy reached a hand over to Anne and started caressing her leg as she whispered “I have never had such an amazing orgasm in all my life! Never have I felt anything so deep or being so full!


Bree said at this point they had to pause the movie because they all had to take a break to compose and recuperate. Especially Suzanne, Mindy and Kate, who went to wash their faces with cool water and clean themselves up. Mindy walked by bowlegged playful muttering I may never walk or be the same! They all slugged down a drink while they wiped the sofas and hard wood floors of the spilled dragon cum lube, refilled their drinks and sat down so they could continue the movie.

Bree said they had the same planned sitting arrangement – Suzanne and Anne on one couch, Mindy sitting between Kate and Bree on the other. As the movie continued the caressing slowly started again – caressing each others thighs then progressing to slowly swirling a finger over their own clitorises, thighs that parted as each others hands slowly dipped its way down the other’s inner thighs to supplement or take over what that person was doing herself. Glances occasionally exchanged between the two sofas…

Bree said she watched Kate squirt some Bad-Dragon cum lube onto her hand and began caressing Mindy’s pussy and manipulating her clit, then gently started finger fucking her. Mindy slouched further down on the couch with her ass partially hanging over the edge, raised her legs and propped her feet up on the coffee table, spread her knees and legs widely apart and tilted her pussy up. Bree said occasionally, Kate would dip a finger downward and gently rub it against Mindy’s tight anus and then alternately go back to finger fucking her pussy and then starting to finger fuck Mindy’s ass, keeping up an alternating pattern between pussy and ass.

Bree said Mindy had by now moved her hand from where she had been caressing Bree’s own inner thighs to where she could directly start caressing Bree’s pussy. Bree said she then turned lengthwise and reclined against the arm rest and raised one long leg up and over the back of the sofa and dropped the other leg off onto the floor to where her legs were now widely splayed apart with her upturned pussy toward Mindy.

Bree said Kate then handed Mindy the Bad-Dragon cum lube while Kate held a normal sized fantasy dildo. Mindy poured a generous amount of lube into her palm of her hand and Kate rolled the dildo in her palm coating it, then Mindy used her other hand to place lube on each of their pussies. Then as Kate began caressing Mindy’s pussy with the dildo she handed Mindy a anthropomorphic fantasy double-headed dildo and nodded toward Bree. Bree said Mindy looked at her, Bree gave Mindy a smile with a nod and Mindy immediately grasped the idea and coated the double-headed dildo with lube. Mindy then started caressing Bree’s pussy and tight anus, and then began gently sliding fingers into each opening. Mindy then extended her arm with the double-headed dildo and gently started caressing Bree with it. As Mindy started working the dildo into both openings with slow short strokes, Bree raised her hand up and closed it around the hand that Mindy was using to hold the dildo to guide her strokes and tempo. Mindy’s other hand was occupied with Kate’s pussy…

Occasionally, Kate would catch Mindy glancing over to the other couch, where Suzanne and Anne had similar activities going, Mindy looking at them intently for a moment and then going back to watching the film as everyone continued their slow physical activities with an occasional glance at Bree…

In her spare time in preparation for this part of her plan, Kate had spent the last month and a half creating a DVD compilation from various website showing beautiful women getting licked and being mounted by dogs in missionary as well as doggy style, with a lead in at the start showing three beautiful women in skimpy bikinis romping around with three large dogs, then laying out by the pool, stripping and letting the dogs perform cunnilinigus on them. In addition, Kate carefully screened and picked out a few videos from Caledonian-nv and a few other sources.

Then the DVD compilation started playing. Mindy, Anne and Suzanne were clearly startled then obviously rapidly became enraptured as evidenced by the quick recommencement of their ministrations on the others. Kate closely observed Mindy and Anne and caught them only now infrequently glancing at the activities occurring on each of the couches, both their attentions mainly being glued to the screen.

Kate noticed that Mindy’s dildo fucking of Bree was beginning to pick up the pace cluing Kate to increase the speed of her own thrusting of the dildo into Mindy, she looked over at Suzanne and saw her own pace had picked up with her dildo fucking of Anne’s pussy, and Anne’s hand was finger fucking Suzanne’s pussy with the same tempo, while Mindy and Anne were still intently watching the television with rapt attention.

Kate caught Suzanne’s attention and then nodded toward Trojan and Duke, who were laying by each one of the sofas where Kate and Bree had previously commanded them to stay. Kate and Suzanne both lowered one of their unoccupied hands to them, snapped their fingers and Trojan and Duke came over to them where both immediately smelled female sexual secretions on hands and started licking them. Kate and Suzanne then both slowly drew their hands, licking tongues following, toward Anne and Mindy’s widely parted legs and up to their pussies, where Kate and Suzanne where stroking dildo’s into Mindy and Anne’s pussies at moderate pace, while Mindy was stroking the double headed dildo into Bree with one hand and finger fucking Kate with the other hand.

Trojan and Duke tentatively started licking Anne and Mindy. Both were so engrossed with the movie and with the dildos slowly plunging into their well-lubricated pussies and having their clits rubbed by the others they were only on the verge of being slightly aware of oral action having been commenced upon them!

Anne was the first to moan “Ooohhh” due to her very large prominent clit being so exposed as a tongue caressed it and hearing this clued in Mindy that she also was feeling a new wonderful sensation along with the dildo stroking into her pussy, letting out her own low moan, tremors radiating out through their bodies as their nipples grew almost painful hard. Both slowly turned their eyes from the television and slowly gazed down with a faraway look to see Trojan and Duke licking the juncture of their thighs, working their way up and around their labia’s, and as Anne had already felt, across their clitoral regions. Anne and Mindy then looked at the girls sitting next to them and then over at the other sofa action, then slowly turned to face back toward the screen just in time to see the beginning next series of dogs mounting women.

Suzanne and Kate carefully watched Duke and Trojan as they licked Mindy and Anne also watching Mindy and Anne respond to the additional stimulus. When they noticed them start to try to get closer and closer to the source of the taste, pressing their tongues with more vigor against the dildo occupied vaginal openings; both slowly withdrew the dildos from Mindy and Anne. Trojan and Duke pressed their tongues against the swollen parted labia’s and began to move their tongues in and out of the vaginal openings As Mindy and Anne’s pussies relaxed and opened to the long muscular invaders.

Bree and Kate both told me that very obviously, both Mindy and Anne were enjoying being eaten out by Trojan and Duke as both of them started bucking their hips up to meet the oral attacks, they could hear their squishing sounds made from their juices bubbling up from within. Mindy and Anne later told the others they were more than a bit surprised at the pleasures they felt as the powerful long tongues dove deeply inside them, flicking their G-spots. Both were getting into the act with some abandon, eyes occasionally closed with a slow moan emerging at these times but mainly still watching the big television with rapt attention, glancing occasionally at the real life action at the other couch, hips bucking towards Trojan and Dukes long muscular tongues, then raising their legs and bending them back to their chests to facilitate the tongues to penetrate deeper.

Juices ran down from their pussies over their anuses, the areas wet and glistening. Mindy and Anne’s panting told the others that they were really into it, but just to make sure, Kate asked

“Mindy…are you okay?”

Between pants Mindy got out

“Oh yeah, this feels sooo fabulous”

as she dissolved back to her pleasures.

“I mean, I can make him stop…”

Kate said in a low voice. Mindy replied

“N…no…Don’t!…its OOOoooo…OK!”

She said, stuttering with pleasure, never missing a beat.

Kate had earlier told Suzanne that if things had progressed this far, she was to ask Anne something similar. Trojan’s tongue was now moving up, down and sideways and occasionally licked her anus, providing Mindy with more stimulation as she pushed her ass toward the tongue, trying to get the tongue to penetrate the tight opening. Kate glanced over at Anne and Suzanne and saw Anne making similar encouraging physical movements with Duke. Suzanne saw Kate looking at them and gave her a slight nod and a big smile.

It wasn’t long before Mindy and Anne were both getting quite vocal that increased in volume as they approached climaxes, then, in succession, both ripped off very loud screaming orgasms startling Trojan and Duke. Anne was the first to let go and that seemed to cause Mindy to quickly trigger her own sympathetic orgasm. Mindy and Anne both drop their legs to the floor in splayed positions and the others could see both Mindy and Anne’s taut abdominal muscles still fluttering from prolonged orgasms, their labia’s snapping open and then shut from their vaginal muscle contractions as the orgasms continued, Anne’s very swollen prominent clitoris sticking out like a beacon. Mindy’s own clitoris, though not as big as Anne’s or Kate’s, was swollen well beyond normal arousal and orgasmic states, thanks to the Sildenafil, and could also be seen clearly visibly sticking out from the other couch

(In later discussions on how each of the three meds alone and in combination affected them, all five discussed they have never seen their labia’s so engorged and swollen before, and their clitorises! They did not know they could swell to those proportions, be so hard and so very sensitive! Even long after an orgasm they remained super sensitive and easy to trigger them into another orgasm with just the slightest manipulation. And the vastly heightened sensitivity of their vaginas, they could feel the long HOT muscular tongues penetrate every millimeter and Hotly swipe against their G-spots).

Trojan and Duke both moved back between the splayed legs and barely got a teasing lick in before Mindy and Anne shied away saying

“NNNo, No More, I’m Too Sensitive!”

As it was now midnight and between all the liquor, drugs and orgasmic releases, all were clearly exhausted, as they rose to cleanup and then go to bed, Anne asked if Kate had anymore movies like the last one. Kate replied she just might… which Bree said got each one of them grinning…

Bree said Mindy and Anne went to their individual rooms followed by Kate, Bree and Suzanne. Kate told Mindy and Anne to leave their bedroom doors open to help circulate the heat from the fireplace. Suzanne and Bree had an interior adjoining door to each other’s bedrooms and this in turn was connected to a long combination hallway/dressing closet that led to the master bedroom in the other wing. The three women had purposely closed their own doors shutting out Trojan and Duke; sure they would wander into the bedrooms with open doors looking for company. Bree told me that after a few minutes of getting cleaned up and preparing for bed, Suzanne and then she preceded to Kate and Rick’s master bedroom…

Kate had lit the fire in the master bedroom fireplace, with just the light from the fire brightly lighting the room. Kate had also turned on the master intercom to the other bedrooms and the three women listened carefully to the voices and sounds emanating from Mindy and Anne’s bedrooms. They could clearly hear the nails of Trojan and Duke as they clicked on the wooden floors as they entered the bedrooms of Mindy and Anne and of Mindy and Anne talk soothingly to them. They clearly heard Anne gasp and say “My, You Are A Big Boy!”

With an infectious giggle, Suzanne commented it was a shame that Kate did not have a video feed as well. They all fell onto the king-sized bed trying to smother each other’s giggles and laughter that threatened to burst out of each of them, their actions causing their robes to come loose and slide completely off with their attempts to muffle each other as they listened to what soon was obviously and very nosily going on in each room. Bree said that at one point they had all grabbed to cling to each other to smother each other’s laughter as they could clearly hear by sounds alone, that both Anne and Mindy had reached a point and audibly realized, with very loudly spoken epithets, that they had taken on more than they could handle by themselves!

Bree told me softly

“As we continued to listen, Kate’s, Suzanne’s and her’s clinging soon turned into caressing and then something more”

Bree looked into my eyes as she continued with a soft voice

“With a smile at Suzanne and her, Kate then reached under one of the large pillows and pulled out a bottle of Bad-Dragon cum lube, and two long thick fantasy anthropomorphic dildos – one that looked like two long dildos that were joined in the middle for simultaneous vaginal and anal pleasure for two women…!”

Bree said several minutes later, a very, very loud orgasmic cry came through the speaker that was shortly followed by a very different loud voice echoing the same sentiments…
Causing them to erupt in gales of laughter that they were sure heard in the other hallway!

The sun streaming through the master bedroom floor to ceiling window wall awakened Bree. She gently stroked Suzanne until she also awakened and then both slowly and quietly got up from the bed so as not to awaken Kate, and then they proceeded to the interconnecting hallway to their bedrooms. Bree went to look for Duke and Trojan to let them out and feed them but she could not locate them. Bree said she then went down the wing where Mindy’s and Anne’s bedrooms were. Mindy’s door was open and her bed was empty, however, Bree said she saw that Anne’s door was closed. Quietly, she opened the door and saw both Duke and Trojan and softly called to them, she also saw Mindy and Anne sleeping and cuddled together, naked thighs and butts exposed, with Mindy spooning Anne with one hand cupping an exposed full firm breast.



Except for Kate and Bree, the girls slept in late and then all went briefly Fredericksburg for lunch and to stroll along main street to look in the shop windows before heading back to the ranch, then laid away the afternoon by the pool on the warm day, some topless, with very skimpy RIO string bikinis on. Even though they were all in their very early thirties, due to their strict exercise regimes they all had better bodies than most high school/college age women.

Kate kept them all maintained on a low dosage of the liquid Xyrem all day long with the two tablets at periodic intervals which helped them be more receptive of what transpired the previous night and to help enable a free flow discussion and explanation, plus it kept them extremely horny all day long. Periodically they got in the hot tub and steam sauna so Anne and Mindy could get over their soreness.

While they were all lying around the pool relaxing in the warm sun, Kate gave the perspective on the changing sexual mores in today’s modern society to Anne & Mindy that she had previously told Suzanne and Bree

In today’s society, that there were a lot of conflicts that involved outdated sexual mores and misbegotten religious beliefs which thoroughly impacts and damages today’s modern couple’s relationships and yesteryear’s relationships.

Take for example Bestiality, the majority of society’s social mores and conventions have all been devised by men, with women throughout history not participating in the development due to their status as second class citizens or worse. Further she was firmly convinced that the forbidden sexual more of bestiality was conceived after men witnessed what primitive unbridled primal lust and passions could be arisen from a woman being physically, powerfully and thoroughly fucked by an animal – an instinct and fright unburied and awakened deep in a man’s subconscious psyche, that a woman could be so powerfully aroused and exhibit such primal lust just by the brutal and furious physical fucking act of an animal, that it threatened their masculinity! A belief perpetrated through the ages by men, subjugated upon women, because men were afraid of their masculinity being affected!

What they just experienced was rapidly becoming less and less of an issue and once again being accepted as norm, as society became more modern, liberated, educated and willing to explore new feelings and sensations. Kate told them like she had told Suzanne, her husband John, Bree (and me!) as well as her own husband Rick, that they would be amazed at how many people they may actually know that had also become more adventurous and liberated, that she herself had contributed to research articles on these subjects. This quite shocked Mindy and Anne as they realized that Kate, Bree and Suzanne had been doing this for some time and what more, their husbands knew, accepted and encouraged it!

Kate gave a brief history of sex around the world that involved interspecies sex: how in antiquity, it was socially common in most cultures around the world especially in the Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Asia, the Far East as exhibited by the many temple frescos and paintings that still exist today, occasionally it was incorporated into religious rituals, the ancient Greece and the Roman empires where the most explicit recorded incidents of socially accepted private and public sex involving humans of both sexes and animals occurred, especially the Roman Games and Circus. Even in ancient Europe and the Scandinavian areas it was very prevalent as exhibited by archeological artifacts and art. It was only during the European Middle Ages that it was temporarily driven underground. Luckily, the Indian Subcontinent, the East and Far East Asian cultures escaped these influences except where they were only minimally impacted by later exposure to European colonialism. It was during The Age of Enlightenment that started in 1700 thru 1950 that it began to re-emerge. Then in the 1950’s, Kinsey followed by Masters and Johnson brought it fully back out into society. Sadly, societal misconceptions still persist but they are gradually being eliminated with great strides in social acceptance in the last 30 years.

Kate told them a lot of their personal groundwork had already been previously laid out; they all had been close and best friends for years, they were mentally and physically comfortable with each other as demonstrated countless times over years past and the intimacy grew even more as the years went on. They were all extremely drop dead gorgeous and kept strict physical exercise regimes, and based on their family history, they all will keep their beauty long into their late years and advanced years she thought, similar to Raquel Welch.

Finally, Kate stated it was a medical and psychological proven fact, that women that were close friends were often sexually uninhibited with each other and to a much greater extent comfortable in open displays of their nudity when around each other. Not only by their own personal examples of being nude or lying out topless when they were with each other, but also examples are exhibited countless times as they well knew with not only their own past experiences with their other girlfriends over the years but with the innumerous preponderance of pictures showing women sunbathing topless together but less frequently seen are women topless together with men or men nearby, women going into clothes changing rooms together when shopping. The most widespread and well known examples were the Internet social and picture/video websites showing women kissing or having sex with each other, and lastly, that almost all adult movies produced have at least one girl on girl scene and commonly two or more girls with one guy with them all interacting with each other. You definitely do not see guy on guy unless you have a gay video.

There has been for sometime now an accepted social standard, what we call sexual mores, for girl on girl but still not with guy on guy. Advanced medical researches with the advent of CAT and MRI scans now indicate these two different standards may be actual hardwired in the female brain and not from mass social behavior or beliefs. Starting in the 1950’s with Kinsey then followed by the Masters & Johnson research team and then subsequent exhaustive studies since then had continually borne the support of the original supposition and is now firmly confirmed as fact that – two or more women friends can have sex with each other and not be defined as lesbians or gay. Much earlier references can be found as early as the late 1800’s. But it was only with Kinsey and Masters & Johnson was this exhaustively studied with literally thousands of case studies and became well publicized just in time for the sexual sixties and The Pill.


Friday Night

As evening began Kate started ramping up the dosage of the liquid Xyrem to a higher level than she had administered on Thursday. For this evening’s activities, she wanted to take it to the next level; the girls also took the two other oral tablets. Carefully, she observed all four of them, she included, for any adverse reactions. If anything, they were drinking more heavily than the night before. Kate had previously taken the three meds in combination before and with alcohol so she knew her tolerance to Xyrem combined with the alcohol and kept her dosage slightly lower just in case.

The girls all changed into the new La Perla robes – but everyone immediately noted everyone was nude underneath, all clearly comfortable with their own and with each other’s beautiful voluptuous hard bodied figures. Drinks were prepared with bottles of straight liquor at hand with shot glasses, and the new selection of movies still to be screened. As they started screening movies, each one of them had a fantasy dildo besides them for protection (they said) and when they thought one or the other was going to make a move they jokingly shook a dildo at them.

With the ramped up dosage and the increased consumption of liquor, they had just barely made it to the end of the first movie with a lot of caressing each other and gentle physical play with the dildos that was beginning to get really serious. There was not much cutting up this time, just a real fast progression to the caressing and sexual phase. Kate had already considered cutting them back before they flame out too early this evening before her next stage kicked in. The second DVD compilation started that showed beautiful women riding beautiful horses in skimpy or no attire, or grooming horses while they were naked. These scenes where to transition later to women interacting with the horses on a sexual level but they did not quite get this far…

After several minutes of the second DVD, Anne held up a very large dildo and lewdly started caressing it and asked Kate

“Kate, do you have any horses to need to be serviced for semen collection?”

and Kate replied

“As a matter of fact I do, shall we adjourn to the stable?!”

As one, they all seemed to jump up at the same time from the sofas, eagerness expressed in their physical actions. Kate took a couple of large bottles of Bad-Dragon cum lube with them and they got into the ATV while still wearing the robes, Bree said even the wind from the ride down to the stables would cause the silk robes to become undone.

Once at the stables they went to the area that was specially constructed for the semen collection/breeding activities that had the thick soft rubber tiles, washbasins, refrigerators, laboratory equipment and mounting platform.

Kate flipped on the spot infrared radiant heaters to take the chill out of the air and to warm them and then went to get her new stud Arabian. Mindy suggested they remove the expensive robes so they wouldn’t get wet or dirty and Bree said the robes practically flew off!

From the previous time, they went and prepared a warm bucket of water and added the disinfectant soap and got the loofah sponge as Kate brought out the Arabian.
They then squatted down, legs spread for balance and Mindy and Anne started washing the Arabian’s underbelly and sheath watching the long thick turgid penis begin to emerge and then start to wash it.

Bree and Kate later told me I had to get a clear mental image of this – five gorgeous nude women, squatting down with legs spread for balance, four on one side, Bree on the other side, Mindy and Anne slowly and sensually washing a long and thick horse cock and making soft comments to each other as it got longer and harder. Kate and Suzanne were squatting behind Mindy and Anne stroking their backs and butt cheeks. Bree said in this position, with them all being so horny that words adequately fail to describe the extent, she could clearly see that Mindy and Anne’s labia’s were engorged, swollen and openly parted, their clits were rock hard and sticking out, just as her own was along with Kate and Suzanne’s! She could clearly see that Mindy and Anne’s vaginas were copiously secreting – their folds glistening with moisture with actual dewdrops of secretions clinging to their folds and reflecting in the light, as she was sure everyone else was experiencing the same degree of arousal. Kate noticed there was no joking or cutting up with each other this time, just sensual caressing movements by the others and soft sexy awed comments.

After washing the now almost hard cock, Kate handed Mindy the Bad-dragon cum lube, which she poured on her and Anne’s hands and then started to slowly guide their hands in unison up and down the long thick massive shaft. Bree placed her own hands briefly along the shaft to get some lube and then placed her hands around the penis head and started to revolve them back and forth around the head.

After a short while, Kate and Suzanne caressingly reached under Mindy and Anne butt cheeks to where each of them could rub a finger back and forth against their tight anuses and then slightly forward to the opening to their pussies. Mindy and Anne now had only one stroking hand each on the massive shaft as they had placed their other hand down low on their abdomens and were caressingly dipping lower and lower until both of them were caressing their own pussies and then slowly started dipping a finger inside and then alternately finger fucking themselves and rubbing their clitorises. Kate and Suzanne started circling their fingers around the puckered anuses and gently started to slip the tips of long fingers in and out, slowly thrusting in and out, slowly burying the digits deeper and deeper as Mindy’s and Anne moans got deeper.

Mindy and Anne started to pick up the pace of their stroking the massive shaft as they kept time with the finger fucking of their own pussies and tight anuses by the other two women. Bree was on one side of the Arabian handling the penis head, Mindy and Anne on the other, Bree’s said she could feel the penis head start to swell prior to ejaculation and she barely had time to aim the cock at Anne and Mindy and hose the powerful ejaculating stream at their hard nippled breasts thoroughly covering their upper bodies which then ran down in big copious rivulets across their flat taut bellies and then down and across their pussies and dripping off their pussies in rivulets.

Mindy and Anne breathlessly exclaimed

Did you feel how hot that is?
Did you feel the force of it!”

Bree noted Mindy and Anne’s hands were now thoroughly covered in dripping equine cum and they were still slowly working their clitorises and finger fucking their pussies.

Kate was also clearly aware of the dripping equine cum covering their pussies as she could feel it run down to where she was finger fucking Mindy’s tight ass and interpreted this as a sign of excellent progression that the two women were now knowingly finger fucking horse cum into their pussies! Kate was closely watching to see when Mindy and Anne where building up to an orgasm as they were now starting to buck up and down more frequently on the finger fucking of their pussies and anuses and uttering louder moans, Kate wanted to interrupt their orgasms just before they came so she could implement the next part of her plan…

All five of the women were reacting to that hugely powerful male smell combined with being so incredibly horny like they each have never before felt, doing something to each of them on a basic primal level, imagining something so outside of culture and society, so basic to reproductive life, that their heads spun with that scent, and, something beyond their control coursed that scent to their brains which reacted and made their clits start to ache and throb and that inner hole start to feel starving to be stuffed, just absolutely painfully starving.  Imaging what exactly did it feel like with that huge monster member inside their pussy…? .

Imaging she’s being pumped by that horse. Feeling that hard cock trying to get in but it is so huge and your pussy is sooo tight and it just barely creeps in. Your impatient hot pussy wanting to enclose itself around the cock. Squeeze it. Pull it deep inside. You thrust up against the cock encouraging more to go in. Your pussy exploding in lubrication feeling his massive cock start to slide in easier and then the actual thrusting begins that rapidly builds up to a crescendo of hard pounding thrusts – driving deep, deeper and bigger than anything before experienced, your body violently jostling with each thrust, then feeling the flare…
The huge expansion of that cock head, turning from soft to rock hard–momentarily completely swelling inside almost to the point of pain, the feeling of that huge, enormous, unbelievable beast of a cock filling her pussy till she burst, the force and power and oh, YES, the masculinity of the beast, .filling you up so your stomach swells out, so you scream in simultaneous pleasure and almost pain, because it is literally both at the very same time, and then he’s done , but you are not. Far from it. The head is still flared out, trapped inside your womb as you mindlessly thrust back with overwhelming primal fuck lust, all you can think of is the vibrations inside you, feeling the hot voluminous cum swelling your womb and then spreading your legs and see that cum dripping down. But then putting them together, squeezing to hold it and to milk it, gyrating your hips feeling that massive cock still in you. One powerful thought overriding everything else. You want your pussy stuffed.  Closing your eyes and imagine his cock in you right now…fucking you…

As they got near their climax, Kate softly asked Mindy and Anne if they wanted Kate to bring out two other horses, they both moaned out “Oh, Yeaah” and “One is not enough” and then Mindy surprised Kate by suggesting that Kate bring Stormy and Ki-Lin out (Kate thought this was real interesting since Mindy was the one to makeup for bravado by her quick quips and antics).

As Kate took the Arabian back to its stall and then bring out Stormy and Ki-Lin, Mindy and Anne refilled the wash bucket with warm water and added the cleansing solution without cleaning their bodies of the copious cum that generously coated them from hard nippled breasts downward to their pussies! Bree got out another loofah sponge and handed it to Anne as Mindy and Anne would each have a pony to wash on their own.

As before, Mindy and Anne squatted down with their own pony and started to sensually wash the sheaths and then the cocks as they emerged, with Kate and Suzanne again stroking their backs and butt cheeks, then applying the Bad-Dragon cum lube. After a couple of minutes of slow sensual stroking, Kate noticed that Mindy was just starting to pick up the pace as Kate’s hand once again started it’s teasing of Mindy’s anus and pussy, Kate decided it was time…

Kate told Mindy and Anne to get the full sensual benefit of feeling the ejaculations, she suggested they get on all fours and straddle the penises and move your pussies along the cock head and just back of the head, this way you each can rub your clitorises against the head and feel the head swell and flare against your pussies and feel the powerful hot ejaculations against your pussies and clits.

As they fondled the stiffening penises, Mindy asked in a low voice if the penises could accidentally actually go in. Kate replied saying the penises are too big and your vaginal openings are too small as she glanced from Bree then to Suzanne and gave them one of her infamous coy winks…

Mindy and Anne got onto all fours and positioned themselves directly under the ponies. Since these were Yorkshire Dale ponies they were much larger than miniature horses and the two women were able to get directly under them with their backs brushing against their soft silky underbellies. Bree and Kate poured liberal quantities of Bad-dragon cum lube on the shafts and then told Mindy and Ann to spread their knees apart, arch their backs and push their asses up and then helped the two women position the shafts. Then, own their own, Mindy and Ann started to slide their parted cuntal folds along the length of the shafts, Bree, Suzanne and Kate caressing the other two and watching Mindy and Anne picking up the pace

Kate later told us that she had previously slipped some crushed up Viagra (pony sized dosage!) to the two ponies when she had fed them earlier so even after ejaculations, the pony’s cocks would still stay pretty hard and engorged.

Bree and Kate were each firmly pressing a cock shaft against their pussies while Mindy and Anne supported themselves and concentrated on sliding their pussies and clitorises against the cocks, Suzanne was now stroking Mindy’s back and ass, teasing her tight anus and slowly entering a finger tip in and start slowly thrusting the finger in and out, gradually inserting the finger all the way (and Suzanne had long fingers!) Then the two ponies started assisting by making small humping motions…

With the ponies making small humping motions, this spurred on Mindy and Anne as well to speed up their sliding along the shafts and penis heads hoping to time their climaxes with the ejaculations against their clitorises and pussies. As Kate, Bree and Suzanne watched Mindy and Anne pick up the pace as Kate and Bree continued holding the pony cocks in place, they quickly noted that with the faster pace the cock heads of both ponies were now banging against Anne and Mindy’s pussies jolting the two women before sliding up thru their parted swollen labia and over their clits. This went on for several moments with Mindy and Anne very obviously and very intently banging their vaginal openings against the slowly thrusting pony cocks THEN first Anne and then Mindy went a little too far forward and when they rapidly did the return move, they respectively jammed onto the cock heads wedging it partially in each respective tight vaginal openings! Anne and then Mindy suddenly felt their vaginal openings opened up wider than either had ever experienced, both of them explosively blew out loud UNGGHH! out of their mouths as their eyes got big.

Both cock heads were momentarily halted when both of their vaginal muscles involuntarily clamped down trapping the cock heads within their constricted openings.


Slowly the cock heads flattened in shape from the muscle pressure, which then allowed two inches of cock to very slowly slip past and into their tight vaginal sheaths with a squishing noise from the Bad-dragon cum lube. Anne and Mindy both had their mouths hanging partly open as they rapidly began breathing in and out and both appeared to be in a total state of disbelief, shock and surprise that the massive cocks had actually gone in!

Knowing this would happen, Bree and Kate had repositioned their hands to where they were slowly stroking Mindy and Anne’s hard throbbing clitorises.

As the two inches of cock slowly slipped deeper into them, they felt every inch slowly go deeper, their eyes got wider and wider with disbelief with each inch.

Both ponies gave a slight hump and two more inches slowly advanced in with loud squishes. Kate and Bree asked the two women if they were OK and if they wanted them to pull the ponies back. Between pants, both Mindy and Anne got out variations of


Guttural moans slowly emerged from each of them that got deeper and more drawn out as the ponies gave another little hump forward and three more inches slowly slid in. Mindy and Anne uttered a deep long drawn out


as both spread their knees as wide apart as possible…

By now, including the heads, almost nine inches, a bit less than three quarters, of the massive thick anaconda cock lengths were now tightly imbedded into the two moaning and groaning women. Up to this point, Stormy and Ki-Lin have only been making slight humping motions trying to wedge their cocks in and have not actually started fucking.

Anne and Mindy’s chests were heavily heaving causing hard nippled firm breasts to sway and heave as the two lustful beautiful women each instinctively grasped the front feet of their respective ponies with both hands and began very short backwards and forward fucking motions onto the massive invading phalluses, while Suzanne and Bree were continually stroking Mindy and Anne’s clitorises and feeling the massive cocks begin to slowly thrust in as both women did their best to thrust back onto the massive invaders.

Mindy and then Anne started to slightly fuck backwards onto the shafts, fucking the massive shafts slowly and deeper into each of them with each slight humping movement, Stormy and Ki-Lin started counter moves, the pace was slow because the vaginal sheaths were tight and the cocks so big that it took awhile for the vaginal sheaths to slightly relax enough along with the amount of precum being freely liberated inside them for the massively thick and long shafts to start slipping back and forth a little more freely with loud squishing noises.

Both women started to undulate their pelvises onto the impaling shafts and also were forcefully humping backwards trying to meet the slight humping forward stroke by Stormy and Ki-Lin, trying to work more in. Slowly Mindy and Anne succeeded in getting close to ¾ of the entire shaft lengths imbedded. Long drawn out wet, sucking, squishing noises were clearly heard as the two women slowly fucked the shafts and Stormy and Ki-Lin slowly started fucking.

Slowly the pace picked up by the girls causing the Stormy and Ki-Lin to actually start fucking with a slow tempo which built up to faster and faster, the ponies and the girls actually both got rhythms established, their fucking back timed with each thrust, feeling themselves now freely sliding up and down the thick members with loud wet, sucking, squishing noises, precum freely squirted out of each of the girls tightly filled pussies as they pushed back down onto the fucking shafts.

Mindy and Anne were both loudly groaning and then both started saying louder and louder as they heard each other

Fuck Me!
Fuck Me!!
Fuck Me!!!

Since Stormy and Ki-Lin were also trained to be studs, they did not cum quickly as they were used for service or semen collection a few times a week as well, plus the Viagra was definitely affecting them.

Kate, Suzanne and Bree watched amazed as the large heavy balls were ever slowly getting closer to Mindy and Anne’s sexy curvaceous asses. With Mindy and Anne actually fucking back, more of the cocks were slowly going in. Each time they met the thrust with their pussies they could feel, and Kate, Bree and Suzanne as well, could see another fraction of an inch of the black and pink cocks blast into their hot tight vaginal sheaths. It took almost a couple of minutes fucking and fucking back watching large heavy testicles swinging closer and closer to their asses, until finally they were soundly thumping against their asses with loud slapping noises and banging against their hard clits which apparently in turn spurred them on more.

Kate, Suzanne and Bree watched Mindy and Anne convulse as they continued to work their hips up and down while the massive clocks were thrust into them, watched the cocks slide back and forth into them with long, long strokes with loud squishing sucking noises on each thrust and withdrawal. At least ten or twelve inches of cock were withdrawn and then thrust back in at a time with a moderate tempo with no telling how much remaining inside them on the withdrawal. Each powerful fucking thrust lifted Mindy and Anne’s asses up from the force.

Suddenly Mindy screamed


then Anne started yelling out she was going to cum too and then she yelled out


Mindy and Anne felt the shafts suddenly stiffen even more than they had been, and grow in thickness inside of them

They felt the shafts pulsate hard

Ki-Lin and Stormy began to buck

Mindy and Anne each spread their legs apart as far as they could!

Their cervixes have been slowly dilating from the thrusting and pounding against the cervical opening because both could feel the cocks start to push into their cervical openings and then they felt the tip of the cocks push past the cervical openings and then thrust deep into their uteruses. Mindy and Anne both audibly sucked in a huge breath of air as the cocks pushed past then begin thrusting and swelling in their tight uterine tunnels causing both women to begin Lamaze like rapid breathing in and out as both women again began thrusting forward and backwards on the throbbing monster cocks the width of soda cans, taking thirteen to fourteen inches in and out with each push and pull and fucked the massive shaft like they have never done for any other lover! Then they felt the flare of the cock heads inside their wombs locking it tightly against the openings as if balloons had suddenly inflated in their wombs. Then they felt the hot cum explosively shoot directly into their uteruses with a powerful force like a fire hose, the massive shafts began jerking up and down so fiercely that it lifted and held their asses up! Felt copious hot cum shooting into their wombs, blasting the walls actually filling their wombs. It was so, so hot, and the volumes being pumped into each of them, they could feel their wombs fill and then swell with the quantity, the feeling of all this caused
Anne to scream out


Mindy was just making loud UNGHH, UNGHH noises over and over again as she got pounded, her pelvis fluttering up and down and from the look on her face and twitching body, the girls could tell she was in the midst’s of another long drawn out continuous wave of orgasms. Large gushes of semen began erupting from around their impaled pussies and sprayed out a couple of feet.

Anne was muttering softly

Sooo, Sooo HOT!

Kate and Bree still kept gently manipulating Mindy and Anne’s clitorises.

Stormy and Ki-Lin were now just making small humping motions and after a minute or so they then stood still. Kate later said that due to the Viagra, it was a few minutes before the flared heads reduced in size to allow a very slow withdraw from the uteruses thru the constricted cervical openings and back into the vaginal sheaths. It was another couple of minutes before the massive cocks began a very, very slow withdrawal due to the still very swollen cock heads and swollen shafts, slowly they began to slither out with long drawn out sucking sounds. Both Mindy and Anne had long collapsed onto their heaving chests, asses upturned high in the air, suspended on the massive impaling cocks.

The withdrawals momentarily stopped as the giant mushroom shaped flared heads neared the tight openings of their pusses, Stormy and Ki-Lin slowly tugged backwards which had the effect of pulling Mindy and Anne backwards. The still flared cock heads once again changed shape in response to the constricted openings, and then with much, much greater difficulty going out than it was entering, tugging the girls backwards, first one edge of the flared cock heads slowly emerged on a slanted angle, hung tight another moment then other edge of the flared cocks slowly slipped thru and the flared cock heads slowly and finally popped free with a loud noise, dropping the girls hips where they collapsed onto their stomachs.

Their vaginas, now no longer plugged up, looked like a waterfall with copious amounts of cum gushing out that formed a large spreading puddle.

Suzanne gasped in amazement at the amount of cum and then sucked in her breath audibly and then whispered to Kate in an awed voice

Look at the GIRTH and the LENGTH!

They must have been impaled on almost 14 inches of three plus inch thick cock and both have been FUCKING BACK against it!

Kate gently whispered in her Suzanne’s ear as she caressed her arm

“Bree and I know, it feels sooo wonderful”

And Kate amusedly watched Suzanne’s eyes get wide and her jar become slack and then drop in disbelief!

They watched the rubbery heads as they slowly deflated and sprung back into shape as they continued stroking Mindy and Anne’s backs.

Then Suzanne noticed Mindy move her hand underneath to feel her still gaping pussy that was still gushing cum


Mindy loudly exclaimed causing Anne to rapidly reach down and feel her pussy and she also let out a loud gasp

Kate told them no, your vaginas will go back to its normal shape almost immediately. They helped Mindy and Anne stand up and watched as they stretched the kinks out of their backs, rivulets of cum slowly ran down their magnificent heaving breasts and bodies since each of them wound up laying in the spreading pools of cum, drops of cum dangled off the tips of their hard taut nipples. Additional cum gushed forth from their pussies as they stretched and ran all the way down their legs to their feet. Anne stated how weak her legs were, as she tried to put them together, Mindy replied hers were the same way.

Bree had told Kate earlier she wanted to try to fuck the small Arabian after Mindy and Anne had finished getting “serviced”. Kate had recently purchased the Arabian and Kate had quietly told her earlier she had barely managed it, with Rick’s assistance – thereby implementing the final part of Kate’s plan, but Bree took another look at Mindy and Anne and realized they were clearly exhausted and Bree agreed it would be best to wait until another time. Besides, Suzanne had previously talked to Bree on coming out to our place in another month and she had not yet met Jake…

Kate and Bree led Mindy and Anne to the shower stall, gave them already prepared large bottles of douche, adjusted the water temperature and hosed them off while Suzanne used a loofah sponge on them. Then Kate and Bree helped the three dry off with large fluffy towels. Then they got back onto the ATV and went back up to the house and they all climbed into the hot tub where they could relax.

An early cold front blew in early Saturday morning. Kate had previously arranged for a masseuse and a pedicurist from one of the Fredericksburg spas to come out to the ranch to pamper the girls. They spent the day in and out of the hot tub and the steam sauna and getting pampered. The large fireplace was kept going all day and well unto the night.
For lunch, Kate fired up the large BBQ pit and served them grilled bacon wrapped stuffed quail with a peach raspberry chipotle glaze. For dinner, she was going to serve them a grilled pork loin with scalloped potatoes.

Again Kate maintained the low dosage of the liquid Xyrem until early afternoon when she stop it along with the Flibanserin but kept them on the Sildenafil for the benefits of increased blood flow to the genital region.

In the late afternoon as they all again relaxed in the hot tub with tall drinks, nude, Kate continued the group discussions and the women listened as Kate continued to tell histories of sexual practices, beliefs and misbeliefs, that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction. As she told them earlier, they include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. In a sex positive world, everyone has the freedom and resources to pursue a fulfilling and empowering sex life

Kate was curious to see if they would fully interact with each other that night without the chemical assistance as they finished watching the movies. Even though they all still drank enough to get soundly intoxicated. In anticipation, Kate had also fortified Duke and Trojan’s dinner with Viagra…

As Kate expected, Mindy and Anne were too sore to progress much more beyond caressing thighs then pussies and gentle finger fucking. However, Bree stated that Mindy and Anne were both intensely curious about two of the Bad-Dragon anthropomorphic fantasy dildos that were equipped to ejaculate the Bad-Dragon cum lube. These two dildos were very long with slightly tapered tips that gradually grew in width till they were approximately the same width as a very, very large human cock. So, with Suzanne, Kate and Bree all sitting side by side on the large sofa with Kate and Bree holding the large full 60 milliliter ejaculation syringes that were connected by tubing to the dildos, Mindy and Anne each knelt astride one of the dildos directly in front of the other three then demonstrated how skillful they were in wielding dildos on Kate and Bree as well as their tongues while making slow up and down movements onto the dildos, slowly and gradually fucking more and more length and ever-increasing thicknesses into their tight asses while slowly rubbing their clits. Mindy and Anne both used the same technique – holding the dildos with one long finger extended to slowly enter Kate and Bree’s tight asses as they worked the long and thick dildos slowly into Kate and Bree’s own tight pussies.

Bree said that Suzanne was keeping herself occupied next to them with another fantasy dildo as Duke and Trojan gave her oral stimulation as she caressed Bree’s legs. Then Suzanne discovered that Duke knew how to do missionary style! Due to Duke’s large body and long legs Suzanne discovered the angle was

Oh Sooo Perfect!

This was Suzanne’s only second time to be fucked by Duke and he was three times the size of her own dog Toby. The first time she got fucked by Duke was not long before, when she was at Bree’s in-laws lodge near Silverton, Colorado when Suzanne and Bree had gone up by themselves to prepare it for winter, but it had been doggy style and the knot had not gone in. However, in the missionary position, she was free to spread her legs widely apart and tilt her pelvis up to better feel the still small knot being rapidly pushed in and then back out thru her vaginal opening, lost in the feeling of getting soundly, thoroughly and deeply fucked like she has never before experienced, For the first time she got to feel a cock rapidly thrust in and out of her cervical opening and into her womb, feeling the copious hot precum squirt out past her tightly filled vaginal opening with loud squishing and sucking noises with each thrust and withdraw. The knot had now swollen to where it was just pounding the outside of her vaginal opening. When Suzanne orgasmed the first time, her orgasm allowed the now moderately swollen knot to enter and stay in, there, it kept on swelling firmly locking them together.

Shortly afterwards Suzanne let out a loud whispered stuttering

“On My Gawd!”

Bree said at this comment, the other four paused in their ministrations to look at Suzanne. She had a very shocked expression on her face as she realized the knot was still swelling to waaay beyond unexpected proportions and she had never experienced anything even remotely like this inside her, the huge knot creating very intense pressure against her G spot and exacting numerous racking orgasms. The girls could clearly see Suzanne’s formerly flat and taught lower abdomen bulge outwards as if a balloon had been inflated inside.

Suzanne then loudly stuttered

“Damn, it feels like it is getting as big as a bowling ball!”

Causing the others to erupt in laughter.

Bree reached over and gently caressed Suzanne’s breasts and then leaned over to gently suck a hard nipple into her mouth as she swirled her hot tongue around and around…

Suzanne suddenly let out a low drawn out guttural moan and they then watched Suzanne have an astounding earth shattering and very loud shuddering, trembling orgasm as she got to experience a cock explosively erupt and ejaculate copious amount of hot cum directly into her womb and feel her womb swell from the large liquid volume.

Bree said as the girls resumed their own ministrations, they kept an intermittent eye on Suzanne whenever they heard her moan or groan as she uncontrollably continued to have numerous racking orgasms over and over and over again from the huge knot pressing against her G spot so hard and for sooo long. Due to the Viagra, it was a very long twenty minutes before the massive cock began to very slowly slither from Suzanne’s tight vaginal sheath and opening.

By the time Duke’s cock finally emerged with a loud PLOP! accompanied by a large outpouring of cum, Suzanne could only lay there exhausted, unable to move as Trojan immediately dived in to clean up and shortly bring her to one final tremendous orgasm that Bree said actually had Suzanne’s eyes rolling back into her head.

Likewise the four were also exhausted and were still in their original positions, with Anne and Mindy’s knees widely splayed to their fullest extent, rock hard-engorged clitorises prominently protruding, and fully astride the dildos. The full twelve inch length shafts deeply embedded, the girls still occasionally moaning, enjoying feeling the pressures deep within, of the dildos buried deep and the Dragon-Cum lube that Bree and Kate and ejaculated deep into them as they timed the ejaculations with Mindy and Anne’s orgasms. Their respective orgasms along with the Bad-Dragon cum lube, allowed both women to relax enough to slowly slide onto the final two inches of the long thick shafts with loud drawn out groans as their orgasms were drawn out further by the penetrating sensations and the feel of 60 milliliters of dragon cum being ejaculated deep into their rectums.

Bree and Kate got up from the sofa, kneeled behind Mindy and Anne and took a hold of the dildos. They gently caressed their backs and then pushed them slowly forward still making sure the dildos were still deeply embedded, when Mindy and Anne were resting against the sofa, Bree and Kate very, very slowly began to withdraw the dildos, as the tips emerged, both Kate and Bree wondered if they could have taken the whole length and thickness! Kate, Bree and Suzanne cleaned the areas up while Mindy and Anne went to their bedroom baths to unload the 60 milliliters of dragon cum that each had inside of them. Afterwards, they all sat on the large sofa in front of the roaring fire, having a large Armagnac brandy nightcap as soft music played and gently caressing each other until they all had calmed down enough to go to bed.


After their intense weekend group therapy session, they all agreed this beat the hell out of the seven year itch or a mid-life crisis as each of them loved their spouses too much to ever cheat on them with another man and thought they all could convince their husbands to their point of view on how much fun it could be, thereby also helping their husbands to avoid future temptations or thoughts of infidelity.

Interestingly, they all commented they would have gone ahead and did all of this without the chemical assistance (except for the liquor!) but it sure vastly heightened the new experiences and new sensations, it was pretty damn interesting and most of all, Fun!

The guys were already comfortable with the girls extremely close relationships and when the guys got together they kidded each other the way guys do – that they were sure there were probably some sexual hijinks going on between more than one of them when they got together considering what the trips to the ranch were about with the films and toys, and were pretty sure they probably got carried away at times.

At times, one or the other had stated “boy, wish we could have seen that, I can’t even imagine how hot that would be, they are all so gorgeous”. It did not take a very active imagination because all the guys have seen the other women in skimpy bikinis and sexy sleep loungewear, seen what they packed for their trips to the ranch, witnessed the harmless flirting they all did with each other and with the other spouses in front of each other, and witnessed the girls antics playing grab ass with each other.

Kate told us that in general, when men were joking about subjects like this, it was their own mechanism to derive truths, perceived feelings and thoughts from other guys without compromising their masculinity. Also, in particular when their husbands had previously been together, that it was a way for them to absolve and eliminate any lingering insecurity issues that may have been lurking – watching how close the girls were with each other and with their respective husbands/fiancé and had quite some time ago come to firmly conclude that the harmless humorous flirting the women did with the other guys in front of their spouses/intended was just that, harmless. That the guys have long ago accepted that they all cared too much for each other to know that it would never go past the flirting stage.

Later, when John, Todd and Mark came out to the ranch at times, Kate arranged to be alone with each of them and skillfully drew them into discussions concerning marriage and friendships, how to improve upon them, how males and females can form life long friendships with each and with the same gender, and the mental and actual physiology that is involved. Kate said this led the ground work into more in-depth explanations of the female make up and physiology, gave allegories of how close female friends, even married friends, have a special bond with each other, which may include more than just two close girlfriends, how occasional casual sex can happen with each other, and it is just that, a sexual release. That all the love, emotion and marital commitment is still reserved for the spouse/fiancé/boyfriend, and there is absolutely no threat or jeopardy to their own relationships. While women may show and experience a love for each other, it is as dear and caring friends. Those there selves knew this by viewing the preponderance of the Internet social and video websites.

As I write this it has been a slow stealth campaign that has been insinuated into their spouse’s lives. Such as leaving hints and clues around: book marking certain websites, not deleting web browser histories, downloading certain live and animated images and stories where they were sure to be found, even ordering toys from Bad-Dragon and Zetacreations, but definite progress was being made.

Well, the girls now had a lot more things to do next time they all get together for a girls weekend besides screening new videos and toys, plus Bree and Kate told me there has been cautious discussions on which additional friends may also be suborned…



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