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“Come on baby isn’t this what you wanted? My big cock stuffing your tight little pussy full?”

His teasing words as torturous as his cock, making me want more, making me become a needy slut desperate to be fucked and used until I couldn’t think anymore.

“Please Daddy, please fuck me, I’ll do anything. My pussy needs you so bad!”

I whined and begged for any movement while one of his hands ran over my body and the other he kept over my hip, locking me in place, unable to squirm and move on his dick that was deep inside my pussy.

“I know baby, I feel it. Feel you clenching my cock, trying to grind your hips into me huh? Fuck I love seeing how desperate you get for me, such a good girl for your Daddy”

My whimper was so soft at hearing his praise, head tilted back to rest on his shoulder and moan when he reached up to pinch my nipples causing me to shove my ass as hard as I could into his hips, needing his dick to be as deep inside me as possible.

“That’s it baby, take that dick. You’re such a fucking whore for my cock aren’t you?”

“Yes!” I shouted.

He shifted my legs, putting them both on the outside of his own and then making them spread as he widened his stance. I could feel the cold air hit my wet pussy, my clit so sensitive I cried out at the sensation of being so exposed.

Once more he set to running his hands over my body. Gripping my breasts, grazing over my thighs so slowly as they traveled up almost touching my pussy before he passed by and had his hand over my abdomen.

“I’m right here baby. You feel me? This is where my big cock is inside you. So deep and you love it.” His hand pressed down as if he was trying to feel his cock from the outside. The two sensations, feeling him touch me inside and out was too much, I felt so close to cumming, so close to being shoved over the edge that my brain was drunk on the feeling. My mouth open as I gasped for breath and whimpered when he kissed my neck.

“You’ve been such a good girl baby, so perfect for Daddy. Feels so good to be in your wet pussy. Having you grip my cock is the best feeling. I’ll keep you just like this the entire day baby. You gonna be a good girl and keep my cock warm?” He asked

“Yes Daddy! Please let me be a good cockwarming slut for you. I need to be a good whore for you Daddy. I want to keep your cock wet with my tight little pussy! Oh my god!! Ughh please Daddy let me milk your cock!!!”

I was spiraling, needing to serve him, needing to please him and give him everything he wanted if it meant I could feel this good. My pussy was in heaven. My body burning and with every caress he gave there was desire for more. It felt like fire as his hands skimmed over me, I needed it to continue, for his sweet torture to not stop until I couldn’t breathe.

My pussy felt so full, so stretched and perfect, I started to cry. So overwhelming that I couldn’t help but cry out when I suddenly felt his finger slide down over my clit. I couldn’t stop screaming even if he didn’t move his finger, just placing it on my clit, that was so sensitive and needy.

“Come on baby, cum for Daddy. Let me feel you cum on my cock” He was being so gentile and firm, ordering me to cum and I was helpless to do anything else.

“Give it to me baby, cum all over Daddy’s cock!”

I screamed my release, grinding my hips into him and squirming on his cock as I came so hard. My pussy squeezing his dick so tight I could hear him groan and he praised me for being such a good girl for him.

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