Mistress Sicily Ch. 02 – Ranch Business

An adult stories – Mistress Sicily Ch. 02 – Ranch Business by DirtBoss,DirtBoss Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and none of this should happen in real life without full consent. Most of the characters in this story are committing criminal acts. If the idea of human sexual slavery, blackmail, nonconsensual sex, animal play, spanking, flogging, forced servitude, kidnapping, rape, or other such illegal activities bother you. Please don’t read this story. Please spend your time reading something you enjoy as this may not be it!

Anne was over the moon, and she got to stay another night in the Princess Room. Sis had gotten her knew Princess pajamas to wear and best of all a new riding outfit and saddle. Sis also promised that if she and Jimmy minded that she would take them riding tomorrow and there was another gift in the morning.

The two seven-year-olds spent the evening playing games on the console in the theater room. Else brought them dinner and cleaned up after. Movies started at 7 pm and Sis would be here to tuck them in at 9:30 pm. Else would be around to check on them through the night. It was Ron and Sis’s game night.

Every Saturday night starting at 7:30pm, the ranch earned its real money. Sis’s services were booked out for the next 14 months with only two weekends off for her family vacation to Bali. There were different kinds of clients the ranch catered to. Some people paid for the ability to live out their fantasy as a pet. Say a hucow, bunny, kitty, pony, or other such pet.

Some of the pets had designated dominants and others were freelance. The freelancer could pay extra, and Sis would find them a dominant willing to respect their contracted boundaries and play with them for twenty-four hours. In the past eight years of supplying these services Sis had paired close to 200 submissive pets and their dominant owners.

Each of the pairs paid Sis an annual stipend commiserates with their level of income for this service. If for some reason their play dissolved so did the stipend.

The second group was D/s couples that needed a safe space to live out their desires. There were two categories of these, and that was the monogamous and the swingers. Once starting the service Sis expected less monogamous than there really were. Almost 80% of her couples either played alone or within groups of two or three and were not interested in outsiders being involved directly with their scene.

The third group paid the most and were the most difficult to deal with and they were the dominants looking for new subs. These were usually masochists that tired of submissives easily and it was usually because they went too far and broke the submissive’s spirit. Ending up with what Sis referred to as Sub-Jelly. The few that had overstepped on the ranch never returned and went with a large taste of what they usually dished out from the hands of Sis and Ron.

Two that were treated that way, had been allowed to return as submissives. Sis had broken the two so badly that they only lived to serve her. She called them her doormats. They lived six days a week down by the tracks and worked in the Lighthouse homeless kitchen. They showed up at 6:30 pm. Went into the barn, showered, shaved any hair that had grown over the week, including eyebrows. Put on their gimp suits and prostrated themselves at the entrance of the playroom where their prostrated bodies fit into a ramp that all who entered walked across their backs.

The final category was the newbie looking for a submissive or a dominant and did not understand what they were doing. Many would think they were dominant and by the end of 24 hours would be on the end of a true dominants leash. Sis was not ready to submit Fran her newest submissive to the scene yet. She was too fresh. Fran, she had taken control over, just this morning.

It was a great night because Ron had one of his favorite personal customers here paying for their weekend each month. It was a lawyer couple that defended some of the worst dirtbags in the world and needed their monthly confessional with Ron to purge their systems for another month of getting the worst dirtbags off with a slap on the wrist. Tonight was about a group of politicians they got off.

Sis’s customers were a pair of her favorites as well. Each was a couple, but they played as ponies together. The only time the men were out of their chastity cages were when they were dressed as ponies. The only time the women were out of their belts was during this 24 hours Sis would have them bred by two of her big black draft stallions. It was always after a successful cart ride in her custom-built cabriolet cart. The only time she rode with the top up was if it was raining that day.

Sis’s 24/7 ponies and their trainer would arrive at 6:45 promptly. The trainer had been with Sis for the last two years after working under the previous trainer for a year. She was three years out of college. The trainer had taken a submissive male two months ago and Sis was going to have to talk to her about needing to train a replacement if she was getting ready to move on. Sis had found the pony trainers bored of training after about three to four years. As group submissive lifestyle ponies were a fairly predictable lot.

Tonight, as requested Toni had the two large drafts, and two male carters with four female individual sulky racers. The sulky track was separate from the carting track that she would be taking her four on tonight. There were five sulky races set up for tonight and three buyers were looking for new ponies to purchase. Sis had a couple that needed to move on while they still had their stamina. Being in their mid-thirties they were going to begin to slow soon.

Sis was greeting the members as they arrived. Julie the college volleyball coach from Sis’s alma mater had her favorite pet on her leash, dressed out as a yorkie puppy. Sis was sure it was still the head of the psychology department. He had spent years trying to get athletic funding cut at the university and the volleyball coach put him in her bitch suit and he quieted down.

“Are you carting today, Mistress S? I like the little fuzzy ball sack and cock cover for you puppy. It adds authenticity.” Sis told the 6’7″ dominant female.

“He is only out of it now for official duties and I have the university winding those down so I can finally get him in it 24/7. The little cover feels so authentic when he lies on my lap, and I rub his belly. I am trying to figure out a way that he can lipstick for me out of the cover.” Mistress S giggled at her own joke.

“If you figure it out, let me in on it and we will get rich selling it to bitch puppy owners worldwide.” Sis said. “I will get the two carters hooked up to a surrey for you and your pup to enjoy the carting course. Would you like to drive them, or do you want a driver?”

“Is the driver cute?” Mistress S asked.

Sis knew the 40-year-old dominant was always horny, so she had picked out a sub special and trained him to drive ponies for just her type. He was chosen for his physique and the ten-inch cock he carried between his legs. She had not had a weekend since putting him to service that he had not been used.

“He is standing along the wall over there. The chocolate skin in the crotchless pants and driving coat. His cage is light red. The key is on the reins of the ponies. They are being hitched as we speak, by the time you and him arrive with your pup the ponies should be ready. Enjoy your night.” Sis told the tall woman.

Toni texted that her four were hitched and ready when she was and the pair for Julie were almost ready.

“Get the sulkies ready for the racing and stick with them. The four gymnasts from the college are racing against Mistress Q’s four in a group of five different distances. The finals will have all eight sulkies in a five-mile run. The first four are the individual races. Each win is $5K for the competitor that wins, and the final is winner take all $100K so I expect some marks will need medical attention in the morning.” Sis texted back.

Sis pulled the women’s basketball coach and the track coach aside before leaving. Each had a previous player on a leash crawling in front of them. She told both men that she had a $40K finders fee for a five-year contract pony girl or $100K for a no contract lifetime pony girl finders’ fee. She will be replacing three or four in the next year. They both agreed to be on the watch for what she wanted.

Sis headed down to the arena where her cabriolet would be hitched up. Sometimes she would have a footman ride on the back for a show but not tonight. Sis grabbed four sugar cubes and walked to the heads of her ponies. She had the males in front and the females behind them offset about three feet. This allowed the whip to reach flesh as needed for correction and direction.

The males were each twenty-six years of age and the females each twenty-five. Sis had them on a strict diet and they were with a trainer for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, staying in shape for her weekend.

Once the sugar cube was given and she could see the roller in the curb bit being worked by the tongue, she lowered the eye pads. The team was so well trained that she had never shown them the pony trail. They followed the rein and whip direction. If she used her voice, it meant a pony was going to be beaten for a mistake. It had never happened with these two teams.

Sis could see the tongues through her specially made curb rings. The lower molars next to the rear molars had been removed on these four. They each had dental device for daily wear to fill the gap. This allowed the round metal of the bit to ride on the lower gums like a regular horse. The curb was a metal arch that sat on the back of the tongue and when the reins pulled back the curb begins to push up on the roof of the mouth.

The driver had to take care not to damage the ponies’ mouths and make them curb sour. Sis created a hard rubber ring that attached to each side of the curb to hold the ponies’ mouth open if they had a relaxed jaw. It allowed for easier breathing and made a gag unnecessary. The ponies could push down on the rubber with their jaw muscles to swallow any saliva collected in the mouth. So effectively the pony was gaged by the ring and bit but not a mess covered in saliva.

With her ponies blinded Sis removed the cages from her males and the belts from her females. Each nipple ring got its own bell of a different tone. Same with the Prince Alberts on the males and the heavy ring through the upper most labia majora for the females. The only rings not belled were the clit rings on the females. The four septum rings were placed though the permanent gauges surgically installed there.

Sis had changed into her driving suit. She had Black leather smooth boots that stood on a one-inch platform with a ten-inch heel. Her skintight custom body suit zipped up to her navel letting the inside half of each breast be seen as they bounced down the path. She had on a three-row diamond choker and a black leather carter’s hat with her hair pulled out the back in a platinum ponytail.

A few of the male ponies that had been uncaged but not blinded yet were getting erect watching the tight leather wrapped ass walking around her cart and ponies preparing to drive the four.

By the time the first mile of the cart path was behind them Sis wished she had put her Kegel device in before suiting up. Seeing the tight firm asses both male and female accentuated by the ballet position the hoof boots created. Pulling the 600-pound cart and 160-pound dominant up the steepest parts of the course made her want to rub one out. At the summit she saw that she was not the only one.

The women’s volleyball coach had her driver tied on his back across the seat he had been driving from before. Her puppy was on the floorboard in front of the seat. She was in a modified reverse cowgirl pushing herself, standing on the floorboard, back onto the mostly seated lap of the driver. Effectively driving his ten inches into her vagina with the puppy trying to get his face in where the two were joined to help his mistress with her pleasure.

Sis was happy that she was enjoying her day at the ranch. Her four ponies were starting to sheen up, so she was going to release them in the long straight flat to get some of the spunk out of their system. Sis flicked the reins and by the fourth rein command the four were running and keeping their strides in time. It was always a beautiful sight to see a well-trained team run.

The bells helped them keep time with each other’s strides. In training when one would get a little out of time on the strides the driver would flick the butt or thigh of the one out of sequence to speed their pace until time was matched.

Before the end of the straight she let them slow and blow to catch their breath before the tricky descent back to the ranch proper. Sis stopped and took a picture of her team with the pines in the background, back lit by the sulky track lights. She would blow it up and frame it, sending each of her ponies a framed copy.

Sis took the bottle of electrolytes out of its holder and gave each of the ponies a short drink of it. Climbing back onto the Cabriolet Sis started the long descent with four switchbacks in it for the ponies to navigate.

She knew from experience that the ponies’ upper thighs, glutes and abs would have filled with lactic acid by the time the bottom was reached and would need to be slowly walked out before they ended the carting for the night. The entire ride had taken five hours by the time Sis was back in the arena getting her ponies ready for their treats.

She left the two females hitched. Took the males as they had been adorned except for, she removed the bell from their Prince albert rings and set them on the cabriolet seat. She hooked a leash to each of their collars.

Most of the pets in the large, fenced yard had ring gags, a few of their owners did not want their mouths used so they had panels or ball gags in their mouths. But any with rings were allowed to be used. She left the two males in amongst she counted twenty-three pets in the yard tonight. Any who wanted to help them with their pony cocks could.

Sis looked back from the barn and saw that both ponies had been knocked to the grass and many of the pets were fighting for their use. One of the large male hounds had gotten a bunny to her back and was banging away inside the bunny after getting excited by the tussle over the ponies. God some of those pets could get aggressive.

Sis removed the bells from the nipple rings and the large ring though the top of their outer vagina. She led the two females to the breeding pommels. Sis nodded to the girl in charge of the studs, and she knew that these two got Midnight and Ghost, Mistress never cared which got which mare as both studs were about the same size and girth.

The two kitten pets that had been chosen to get studs ready and clean mares were turned in with Ghost and Midnight. The studs, like the mares, were blinded and had curb bits with rings in place. The mares knew exactly what to expect and what the expectation was on getting ready.

Sis placed the breeding buck just above the ring in the upper vagina. She lifted the ring, and it went over a hook that pulled slightly and this pushed the clitoris down and out of its hood to make the ring in it swing free.

The shape of the buck lifted the mare’s ass as her chest was moved down to the buck and the front d-ring in her stiff collar was hooked to the top of the buck and tightened down. This locked the torso in place. Sis hung two ten-ounce weights one through each nipple ring, distending the breasts and creating discomfort as they swung during the breeding.

The shape of the buck allowed for hooves to either be up or down. Sis chose down for these two and pulled them as far forward as possible to help open and straighten the vaginal canal. The studs measured 12 1/2″ inches each and 3.25 across the shaft. Their glans could grow to four inches during ejaculation. Mares bred by these two left bruised internally and completely sated.

Sis filled each girl’s anus with a two-inch wide, four-inch-long shielding plug so there was no chance of it getting injured during copulation. A three inch around syringe shaped like a short cock was worked into each of the mares with slimy lubricant covering the outer vaginal area. The kitties had their charges good and ready. Sis covered each cock in the lubricating slime.

The first was Ghost. She lined him up with Chestnut’s vagina and slowly pushed his ass to get it started in. He now understood his job. It was hard for him to stay mounted the first few months of service. He had been at stud for over a year now and he stepped into the mare in slow short strokes until at least half his length was inside her.

Sis heard Chestnut start to neigh as Ghost was getting in. It had been a month and Chestnut’s vagina had shrunk back in that time with the Kegel insert in her belt and the exercises required by the trainer.

Midnight had a slightly different technique, entering Wego, not that either mare could tell as the initial discomfort of entry was overwhelming. Sis stepped back and began to record with her phone. The sounds and smells were overwhelming. Sis showed the urine as it released form each mare as the cavity became too full and the pressure on their bladders was showing that they were in full continuous orgasm. The difference in tension felt by the studs was minimal as the hot wet hole was just tight continuously.

The braying of the mares was loud and continuous. The sounds of the weights slapping the buck and swinging as the studs pounded the crotches of the mares. Then the grunting began, first with Midnight then Wego that he had mounted, followed by Ghost and the last to begin the grunting of a mare bred was Chestnut. Sis captured the flow of seminal fluids and vaginal discharge mixed with lubricant flowing down the buck and out of the mares when the studs were pulled back and the kitties dove in to do their jobs with the mares first.

The kitties would spend time getting the studs clean before the next use. Sis made a note in her phone as these two kitties were exceptional at their jobs. They deserved a treat. She took a picture of each face over the upturned backs of her pony girls. It always took a good fifteen minutes for the mares to recover.

Sis removed the weights from now bleeding nipples. Held the electrolyte sippers up to their mouths and gave each a sugar cube for a job well done. Sis slowly removed the hooks and ring holding the two in place, removed the shield protecting their rectums and put their belts on for the next month. These two reported to Rosie on Mondays and Thursdays for cleaning. The two males had Tuesday and Friday for their appointments. The four on their own had started having Rosie laser them instead of waxing.

Sis led the two mares on wobbly legs to their stalls and put them in sleeping harness and blankets for the night. They would be released at 6 am to return to their human lives. Sis then went to find if the males survived the pet onslaught.

She found the two with a kitty and a bunny licking their now soft organs. When Sis rolled the two to their stomachs to lift them to the boots both leaked seminal fluids from their rectums. It looked like they must have had a good time. Once she got the two into their stalls, she reinstalled the two special made cock cages that fit behind the prince Albert and kept tampering down from the wearer. She blanketed the two for the night and left them to rest.

Sis met with each of the couples she played with every month two weeks after their Saturday. This gave time for the night to sink in and take hold. It also gave time for the pain and soreness some of them suffered to lessen and the level of arousal to return for some.

As the girls were on a thirty day to thirty-one day returning cycle, last month, this month or next month were their best breeding chances for this year. Last month the mare’s periods started sixteen days after the cover by Ghost and Midnight. This month it should start at about ten to fourteen. The two women had been on the same cycle since beginning pony play with Sis. They had begged her two years ago to help them conceive. She decided 6 months ago to start the process with Ghost and Midnight.

Sis checked her calendar and moved their review date back a week to three weeks from last Friday.

Else woke her mistress with her mouth at 7 am. She had seen Mistress go to bed at 2 am. Sir still had not gone to bed he finished using his toys about a half hour ago. Else left her Mistress to shower and went to get Anne ready for the day. She had woken young sir, and he was in the shower that Else heard.

Breakfast was eaten, Anne was in her new outfit and Sis had texted Fran.

“Anne wants to try out her gift so we will be in about 1 pm. Please have my stuff ready. I will want to see Ray’s new item as well as yours. I will also show you a surprise while there. No reply necessary. Your Mistress!”

Sis was dressed similarly to Anne eating breakfast. Black English Equestrian boots. Tan jodhpurs, white blouse, plaid riding jacket and a black helmet to wear once riding. Jimmy was dressed in western boots, denim jeans western shirt, denim jacket and had a tan cowboy hat to wear once riding.

The three walked into the arena. Hank stood with two medium sized horses that Jimmy and Anne had never seen and Sis’s stallion “Nightmare” standing beside the two.

“Anne, yours is the white one, he is a boy but is called a gelding. It helps calm them down. But he is still a boy. The roan is Jimmy’s, and it is a mare. She can still have babies just not with your horse.” Sis said.

“What is the horses name?” Anne asked.

“Neither of your horses have names yet, that is part of the gift for each of you, naming your horse.” Sis told the children. Why don’t we ride around the path and you two can let them earn names by the time we get back.”

Nightmare always took a few minutes to settle under Sis. He was high strung, and the two new smaller horses had him a little worked up. Sis settled him before they got to the long uphill climb. Hank rode in front on his sorrel roping horse, just in case one of the kids’ horses did something unexpected. By the time the four reached the top the sorrel and two smaller horses were blowing pretty good.

“Let’s get off and let them rest and get a drink if they want. You always take care of your pony, and they will take care of you. When we get back, we will brush them out and check their feet before we put them in their stalls.” Sis told the kids.

The horses each drank a little, except Nightmare, he hadn’t even worked up a sweat. Once they were mounted up the mile long straight was in front of them.

“Hank clip on a safety rope on each of the kids’ horses and let’s let them run a bit. Anne stand, in your stirrups and set your hands like Hank has been teaching with the reins over the top of his neck. Same with you Jimmy except your reins go over the pommel so you can grab the horn if you need to.” Sis instructed.

Hank hooked a rope to each of the horses’ bridles and built them up to a run. Anne and Jimmy were soon yelling and giggling as the horses ran faster and faster, under Hank and the Sorrel’s control. Nightmare gets a little too aggressive in a race to run him with the kids’ horses and Sorrel and he just doesn’t get along at all when competing. Two strong males both trying to dominate the other.

Sis had to admit that she had formed Hank from that mousy boy in the library into a good horseman and a man Else could be proud of. Else liked to be used by Ron but she loved to cuddle her Hank.

Nightmare quickly caught up once Sis saw the “Race” was over. Hank was letting the three horses walk off the run in the last eighth mile of the straight before the descent. Nightmare was prancing on a tight rein beside Anne and her horse.

“Have you thought up a good name for your horse yet?” Sis asked.

“I am thinking Lightening because he is so fast.” Anne said.

“Lightening is a good name for a horse, so Lightening it is. I will get a chest brace for him and have his name in it for next week when you and your mom and dad come out.” Sis told Anne.

“What about you Jimmy?” Hank asked. “What’s her name.”

“I think I will call her Strawberry because I think she is a sweet horse.” Jimmy said.

“I like that,” Anne said, “Strawberry and Lightening.”

“So it is,” Sis said, “We have Strawberry, Sorrel, Lightening, and Nightmare out for a ride.”

Hank and Sis taught the kids how to take off the saddles, remove the blankets, wrap a rope around the horse’s neck so you can remove the bridle and put on a halter. Then tie them properly with a bow line knot. Then brush them out. Hank picked up all the horses’ feet except Nightmare. Sis was the only one he would allow to pick up his feet, other than the female farrier that did all of Sis’s horses shoes. Including the ones on the boots for her human ponies.

With them all brushed the four were put out in the small arena and Hank would put them in the pasture after lunch with the rest of the horses, except for Nightmare, he was always in a pasture alone or with mares that were in heat and ready to be bred.

Even Sis did not remove him from the breeding pasture until the mares had all finished their cycle. He earned the name Nightmare for a reason.

“Anne go take a shower and get dressed to go home. Else will polish your boots and clean your riding gear, having it ready for next weekend. I think going forward you will be able to ride on Saturdays and Sundays as your family will spend the weekends out here at the ranch with us. The guest house will become the “Joy” house.” Sis explained to the seven-year-old.

Jimmy and Anne went to shower as did Sis. Sis was washing the dust off and Ron entered the bathroom.

“I have a situation that needs your attention before you take Anne home. Jimmy can stay here, and he can help me fix the tractor in the shop, but this won’t wait.” Ron said.

Sis put on a skirt that stopped mid-thigh in black, a red bra, see through sheer white blouse, and a pair of 6″ red heels. She grabbed a red clutch, covered her lips in red with some eyeliner and mascara. Her blonde hair went back in a ponytail.

“What do you think?” Sis asked.

“What submissive could deny that woman?” Ron said, rhetorically.

“Let’s go see this emergency” Sis said.

Sis followed Ron to the Barn and up to the playroom to find his toys naked, hooded and in their natural state of laser removed hair. Then she noticed a third on Saint Andrew’s Cross. She was hooded but had some crappy tattoos on her arms, and a poorly done carp on her thigh. The hair covering her crotch was a strawberry blonde. Some light freckling on her creamy white skin. Just slight tan lines could be seen where a very skimpy bikini had been worn some time ago.

“I recognize your toys. Tweedle and Twaddle, who is that?” Sis asked.

“That is Tweedle’s bastard daughter from a one-night stand in college before he met Twaddle. She has been a drain on his account since birth. She showed up and threatened to blackmail him. He blew her off as an adult and loser druggie. She showed up here this morning and threatened to expose our entire fun. Tweedle wants us to take her.”

“I will deal with her starting this afternoon. You release them with the understanding that she left for Mexico with a man they never met. They have not seen her since.” Sis said. “What did she show up in, I don’t see any cars here except theirs.”

“She was in their trunk and got out this morning when she sobered up.” Ron told her.

Sis shook her head and left the playroom to take care of her other commitments for the day. How could two high end lawyers be such amateurs?

Anne got into the SUV with Miss Holmes as she was told to call her. They headed to her house. When they arrived, Miss Holmes showed her mom and dad the pictures of her with Lightening and in her new riding outfit. Also, a video of her, Jimmy, and Hank running the horses away from her.

“I told Anne that starting next Friday night, you as a family will be spending weekends in the “Joy” house at the ranch. She will be able to ride Lightening on Saturday and Sunday as we do adult things. Now Ray if you would take Anne out in the yard and have her explain what must be done when we finish riding, I have some things I need to check with Fran.” Sis said.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Ray said and took Anne’s hand.

As soon as the back door closed Sis held out her hand, “Where is my key?” Sis asked.

“It is in here with the bag.” Fran explained.

“I am giving you twenty-five swats on each cheek for not having the key to his cage always secured. He could have unlocked any time he wanted and played with my toy. You will start to take better care of my things. Get that skirt off and get over my legs right now.” Sis ordered.

Fran looked to hesitate, and Sis locked her green eyes with the deep blue of her own.

Fran quickly left her skirt bunched on the floor and settled on her Mistress’s legs.

Sis rubbed the smooth waxed ass cheek presented to her hand.

“This cheek is evens, and this cheek is odds.” Sis said, rubbing the right cheek then the left. Don’t lose count or we start over.”

Smack, “One Mistress,” Smack, “Two Mistress,” Smack Three Mistress,”….

“Daddy, what is mommy counting.” Anne asked.

“Mommy is counting for Mistress Holmes.” Ray said pulling his daughter out to the front yard where she couldn’t overhear the punishment of his wife.

“Don’t you mean Miss Holmes Daddy?” Anne asked.

“Yes honey, Miss Holmes.”

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