Mom, Dee, Nicole & Me Pt. 03 by wose,wose


We barely exchanged a dozen words between us, until Mom parked the car in the driveway and stepped outside:

“Heck of a day. I could do with some R&R.”

“Sure,” I said, sneaking glances at my phone. Swiping away all the other useless notifications, I found no messages from Dee and a single message from Nicole, reading:


I smiled as I saved the number to my contact list and headed inside, barely looking up as Mom pulled off her jacket and let her hair down. I didn’t notice her coming close to me until she wrapped her hands around my belly and pressed her body onto me, to whisper in my ear.

“Thank you. For everything,”

I simply nodded, just feeling Mom against my body, her tough lingering against me. How long had it been since we’d been this close? It didn’t feel like any of the kiddie hugs she used to give me, not by the way she pulled herself against me or how we let each other linger. Or the way her fingers moved down my belly, teasing the edge of my pants…

“I could do with a shower,” I said, pulling away from her to go up the stairs and into the bathroom. I lingered there a while, looking at my cock, already at half-mast, and shook my head and told myself “it’s okay. You saw a MILF eat your mother out while you plowed her. Of course you’re hard.”

But Mom did look beautiful, with her head thrown back, her mouth hanging open as Nicole ate her out. Maybe I should ask her for some pointers, I thought, with the hot water washing over me, trying my hardest to ignore my cock standing at attention as the foam fell into my eyes. I tried to think of the way Nicole felt, bucking against my cock, the way Dee had made me cum…

The way Mom’s hand lingered on my thigh on the way back…

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to think of something -anything- else, not noticing the brief burst of cool air that spilled inside the shower until Mom’s body was pressed against my back.

“Heater in my bathroom’s busted. You don’t mind, do you?” Mom said and I made to turn around, but she simply pressed her hands on my shoulders, reassuringly.

“It’s okay. We can share. Best not peek,” Mom said softly, taking the showerhead. I heard her lather her body and thought of her standing behind me, naked and dripping all over as her body would brush against mine. Was that her breast, rubbing against me? I was too hard to think straight. I had to take control of the situation. I had to…

“Can you get me the shampoo, honey? Thank you so much,” Mom said, her voice barely above a whisper. I handed her the shampoo, turning to see her with her back to me, her long hair laid out along her back, lathering her hair, working the foam into her auburn locks. She wasn’t entirely naked, dressed in a too-small pair of panties that clung to her, so wet it had almost become see-through, letting most of the flesh of her wide, tight behind spill out. I groaned at the sight of it, watching the foam spill down along her back before pooling down through her crack.

“Need a hand, Mom?” I said, my voice sounding a little too coarse for my tastes, as I reached out to lather her hair, working the foam as I stepped closer. Mom didn’t stop me, even when my cock touched the fabric of her bikini bottom, my shaft resting against the stretched, too-thin fabric. I closed in, too hard to care until my cockhead lay against her back and she could feel my body resting against hers, as my fingers ran through her hair.

“A little lower baby,” Mom said, relaxing as I grasped a handful of her hair in my hand, the other moving down her hair, across her back. I ground against her, testing the waters, letting her feel my cock as it slid across her panties. Was that a moan? I couldn’t be sure. Not that it stopped me.

“Let me rinse your back,” I said, taking the showerhead, using it to wash away the foam from her hair, letting the water cascade across her ass, as my cock slid down across her panties, my fingers grasping her hair harder, trying a gentle tug. I tried again, sawing my length across her, moving lower with every motion, the tip of my cock rubbing against the outline of her pussy lips, sticking out against the wet fabric.

“Here, let me just…” Mom said, her voice down to a low moan as she took the showerhead from me, freeing my hand, letting me caress my way down her arm, across the side of her breast, along her back. My fingers hooked into the elastic band of her panties, sliding across the side of it, revealing the flesh of her ass, the pink lips of her asshole, a hint of hair surrounding her muff, as my cock slipped under her panties, resting across the naked flesh. Mom made a deep, animal noise, as she felt me slide under her panties, my shaft and balls resting against her ass, teasing her hot slit.

We said nothing as I moved against her, grinding onto her slowly, picking up speed as Mom tensed, then slowly eased, before she started to match my motions. For a few long, silent moments, the shower stall was silent, except for the low, deep animal sounds we made as we moved against each other. I tugged Mom’s hair back, making her lean against me, my free hand moving up her body, pulling up her bikini top to let her breasts flop free. I squeezed the plump flesh, working it in my hands, finding and tugging her nipples. Mom gasped, pushing harder against me, our bodies melting into each other.

“Fuck,” I groaned, as Mom’s ass enveloped my cock, working it with every motion of her thighs, her plump, wet cunt running across my shaft, letting me feel her hot wetness against me. I lowered my knees, easing myself lower, letting my cockhead feel the entrance to her cunt, the caress of her asshole as I teetered over the edge.

“Language,” Mom scolded me as she took over in a single motion, standing on tip-toe to tease my cock, circling the head, letting me feel just enough of her hot wet hole to drive me over the edge before moving low again to work my shaft, then switching up again, pulling away just as I tried to thrust inside her, her motions driving me over the edge. I felt my cock tightening, my balls clenching as my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

“I’m gonna…” I barely had time to mouth as I came, my load coming out in hot, thick ropes against the fabric of Mom’s bikini bottoms, splashing down onto her ass. Mom didn’t stop, her ass and cunt lips still working my cock as I came, until I finally fell back, my knees buckling from sheer pleasure. Mom collapsed with me, her ass still grinding onto me as we fell against the shower wall. Moving on pure instinct, I moved my hand down her body, slipping under her bottoms to find her cunt, my fingers clumsily circling her clit, the touch alone enough to make Mom jump, howl, then finally shudder in my hands as her own orgasm hit her.

“Good don’t stop, don’t stooopp ooohhhh,” she howled, as she bucked her hips, her own body shuddering and we collapsed together onto the floor, savoring our orgasmic afterglow, until finally, Mom stepped off me, grasping a towel as she pulled her soiled bikini onto her, drying her hair on the way out “are you up for dinner? I’m famished.”

I nodded, then slowly stumbled my way out of the shower and back into my room.



I just jerked off my son, the voice came from the back of my head.

“No hands, doesn’t count,” I told the woman in the mirror as I peeled my bikini off from me, the bottoms still coated in his drying cum. You’d think he wouldn’t have any left, after the work Nicole gave him but…

Plenty for me left.

“No. This is it. Just a fluke,” I told the voice in my head as I began to search through my wardrobe, taking out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Fishing through my underwear drawer, I picked out a pair of panties “one-time thing. It’s done.”

Then maybe don’t wear the hot pants, the voice came again as I pulled up the panties, the fabric so tight it hugged the front and left most of my butt hanging out.

“It’s hot,” I said, as I pulled up the shorts, loving the way they hugged my butt, exposing the best part of it. It had been one of Roy’s last few picks for me before things turned sour.

Bet they’ll give Liam a few ideas, the little voice said, as I pulled up the shirt over me and headed downstairs to the kitchen, where Liam was hard at work staring at the microwave reheating yesterday’s pizza.

“How’s dinner coming along chef?” I said, sitting against the kitchen counter. Liam almost jumped at the sound of my voice, then placed his finger on my lips, counting down:


Liam jumped at the microwave, removing the pizza, gasping and blowing at his fingers as he handled the hot plate, before placing it on the counter. Behind him, the microwave door closed soundlessly and clicked into place, punctuated by a diiinnggg.

“Was that really necessary?” I said, trying a slice. Sure enough, the cheese stretched, the strings holding on until the perfect moment. I tried the slice and it wasn’t anywhere near as hot as I’d expected.

“The secret ingredient is timing,” Liam said, taking a bite from the pizza. We ate in silence for a while, each of us sneaking glances at the other, noticing the way he would gaze at my chest, the shape of my breasts against the fabric. Every now and then, he’d pretend to play with his phone, then put it back down. I hadn’t tried putting on a bra but I didn’t care. Two slices into demolishing the pizza, Liam said: “do you want to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” I said, pretending to focus on the pizza.

“About Nicole, the shower…all of it,” Liam said.

“I’m thinking we could have a movie night. We haven’t had those in a while,” I said, cutting him off. Liam stopped, fumbled for something to say and I stepped away from the kitchen to the couch, turning on the TV so I could look at nothing.

“Mom, I just wanna know if…” Liam started “I know it wasn’t nice, what we did, teasing you like that but I wanna know where we’re…”

I turned my head to kiss Liam, my lips meeting his before he could finish the sentence. He froze for a second, before finally relaxing, letting out brush turn into a kiss. He groaned, as my tongue dipped into his and we teased each other a little, before he took over, his lips sucking mine, the teeth nibbling it. His hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me in and I moaned as I felt him take control, his hands moving down my body, finding my nipples, flicking and teasing them over the top. I let out a soft, animal sound, egging him on as his hand moved down along my shirt, pulling it little by little, exposing the flesh, letting him cup my breasts, squeezing them, tugging my nipple. He was about to pull my shirt off him when I grabbed his hands.

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