My First Male-to-Male Experience by Divided Father038

A literotic sexstories: My First Male-to-Male Experience by Divided Father038 ,

This was when I had my first teenage boy to boy sexual exploration

My First Male-to-Male Experience


Growing up, I came from a family who’s values toward how one person should act in public versus in private, the two put side by side, it was like night and day. Within the little neighborhood I grew up in, there were other kids my age, but only two of which I came closely to know. Thier names were Sam and Dan (true identities will never be revealed other than myself) and out of the three of us, I was the oldest by one year and several months. Sam who was the youngest at age eleven, and Dan only several months behind me, at the time were the only two best friends I had.

Now when we were younger, Sam only at a ripe young age of four years old, we found out later that both his parents were molesting and sexually exploiting him for their own needs as they saw fit. His father sometimes forcing him to take showers alone with his dad, all the while, being sexually tortured and used as his father’s personal fuck toy. There were times where his father would penetrate so hard and deep within Sam’s anal region, that Sam would have to stand for hours slightly bent over while his mother would be tending to the streams of fresh blood slowly oozing from his no longer virgin ass.

As three of us got older and grew into our sexually curious teenage phase of raging hormones, all the times of being sexually used as his parents’ personal toy, Sam was somehow embeded with thoughts of male on male sexual contact in his mind, and couldn’t help but wonder who he could get naked first, me or Dan.

I’m not going to lie and say that everything that had led up to this point in my life I regret, cause by God I don’t, not for a minute. But the one thing I do regret, was every time I was ever naked with Sam or Dan, was when I was spun out of my mind on as much meth that was fed to me during our sexual exploration of one another. If I could, I’d go back and either do it all again sober, or tell myself to not to get high.

The first time I ever got high and naked with both of them was when we were hanging out in the house I lived in. Sam said he wanted to play strip poker on this particular day and had brought over his lucky double deck. As we set around the dining room table, each wearing the same amount of clothing (or so I thought) Sam shuffled the deck and while dealing out, said the rules.

“Ok guys, the game is Dueces Wild, but with a twist.” As he grinned devilishly dealing out the final cards.

“The twist, if you get any amount of dueces, you have a winning hand, but if you have the joker as well, those dueces are killed and you have to automatically forfeit a piece of clothing for each deuce you hold.”

Being the worst at card games, I started sweating a little as I glanced over at Dan who was already shaking his head with fear. Once the game got started, I glared at each card dealt to me as I picked them up one by one; Queen of hearts, . . . King of spades, . . Jack of clubs, . . . deuce of spades, . . . and finally with a deep breath in. . . YESSSS!!!! I shouted in my head as I placed the Ace of clubs with the rest of my straight.

As a smirk started creeping across my face, I quickly recovered myself so not to give away my hand. Dan had brought over a cheap set of poker chips and the anty was two bucks, with the betting starting with Dan. Tossing in five dollars, Dan just smiled, winked at both of us as he raised it to fifteen. “I call your five and raise another ten” I firmly boasted reassuring myself of another look at my cards, praying that I wasn’t dreaming.

“Alright, I see your fifteen and raise it five more” Sam blurted tossing another chip into the pile. After Dan had called, Sam asked us if we needed any cards, and receiving a no from both sides, he bet twenty more and eagerly awaited the response.

With Dan folding only two pair, fours over eights, I called his twenty, and getting ballsy, raised him another twenty-five. “You don’t have the guts to call that” I said placing my cards facedown as I stretched my arms back behind my head with confidence and pride.

Taking longer than usual to make up his mind, Sam finally called and as I flipped over my cards, the look on his face was priceless as he smacked the table with his cards in disgust, swearing I had cheated somehow and that his trips of nines was the best hand.

“Ok looser,” I said filled with such a devilish bellow; “you know what to do sucker” as I motioned for him to loose his t-shirt.

“Yeah, yeah. .”Sam grunted as he pulled off his shirt in defeat and disgust. “There, you happy now” he scowled as he tossed it into the pile designated for the losers.

By the fourth hand, I had lost my shirt, jeans, and boxers and only one sock, while Dan was only down to his boxers and the expression on his face told me that he was about to loose those as well. Sam was only down to his boxers and both socks and yet sat there oh so confident like this hand was his.

After the betting was done, I quickly folded in hopes that I could regain some pride for myself as I sat there with both hands now covering my teenage sized penis, when both Sam and Dan had layed down their cards together, Dan jumped up for joy as he screamed loudly as possible; “Haaa, you son of a bitch” he pointed downward at the straight flush he drew by only one card.

“Read it and weap you cock sucker” Dan yelped as he celebrated wildly that he didn’t have to be the one to perform any requests but merely give one. Sam sitting there in awe and discontent, shamefully stood up, looked up at the ceiling as he removed the remaining articles of clothing from his young smooth tight teen body.

As he placed his clothes into the pile, he glanced over at me seeing that I had been covering up my well circumcised pecker from view, then humbly awaited Dan’s request. Thinking long and hard about what he would have Sam do, Dan finally ordered all of us into the living room.

“I think I’ll have you…” he muttered looking at the semi-hard member that was slowly growing between Sam’s legs, unable to no longer hide his own hardon pushing against the inside of his old wornout and yet tight fitted boxers.

“I command that you have to be stroking my cock very slowly, but at the same time, be giving B a blowjob at the same pace. You can either go as fast as you want, or as slow, but the pace must be the same.” Praying to god that Dan wouldn’t make Sam do this for long, I went along with it, sitting on the foot stool in front of Dan, my legs being spread apart ever so gingerly as I watched Sam kneel between us, take hold of Dan’s now almost full-on stiffy, then very slowly, yet in a greedily way, used his free hand to take hold of my semi-limp penis and started rubbing it all around.

Before I knew what was really going on in front of me, I felt the tip of my dick become moist and warm as I looked down to see Sam start to engulf it into his mouth, firmly yet in a ever so passionate way dash his tongue all around my tip.

Suddenly, with the visions of Sam sucking on the head of my dick, and seeing Dan enjoying the stroke job from Sam, I felt this sensation of extreme arousal overcome me, like a flood of water racing down the mountain side, I lost control of my entire body as every slim inch of my dick rapidly got hard as it started throbbing all over.

To be continued. . . .

Please let me know what you all thought of it. There is more to come.

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