Tale from S Virginity

Hey again, I was laying down thinking for a bit about how I got here, sitting spread-legged in front of a webcam, anonymous users paying to mess with the vibrators in my very happy holes. Twitching and moaning in just the right light and after a particularly generous donation that pushed the vibrator in my pussy to its limit, pushing me over the delicious edge I thought I would tell the tale of how I popped the cherry of my well-endowed cameraman. Twitching in a puddle of my own making, open-mouthed, just waiting for him to take the bait and show me what a facefuck really meant, I can’t help but think of the first time. And for my more pervy Fans Yes I waited until I was of Legal age well a little past 19. Don’t judge

It was a bit after the incident at the club, I was still working out some things in my head. I was both pleased and shocked at my actions. I could feel the horny little minx inside me and it scared the bejeezus out of me. All my childhood I had been taught what a proper lady was supposed to be like. Keep an aspirin between my knees, be careful around boys, and don’t be too friendly. They might get the wrong idea, and all ideas seemed to be the wrong idea. No sex before marriage, I guess that my little oral escapade would have counted as something that would disqualify me. But what did that mean? The advice for sex was even worse, mother had said just do what your husband wants he will know. Father was less helpful, not wanting to talk about it at all. My childhood was no real help in this instance, perhaps the internet would be better?

My foray into internet porn and sex advice will be the subject of a story for a different time. But let it be known that by the end of my weekend, I was quite pleased with the various things I had learned. I was exhausted, bed soaked, and had come to two very clear conclusions. The first was that I would need to stock my room with a vast variety of sex toys. The second was that I needed first-hand experience, I needed to pop my cherry and I knew exactly whose bone I would be jumping.

After a bit of cleaning up, I called up my oblivious dick provider, an old friend from high school that I hoped still went to the same college as he had said. A couple of texts later though all worries were swept aside and we had a “date not date”. E as I will call him was from a pretty similar background as me, with the noted exception that he lived farther into the woods. Which helped him build some very interesting muscles that had not escaped my youthful eye. When I had last seen him he had grown to a respectable 6′ 1″ and had been packing. Guys always think they are so slick trying to hide but when you get out of the pool, those swim trunks tend to stick in all the right places. The best part though was that he was a respectable young man that I felt safe around. Like a sexy puppy, eager to please but won’t bite if you don’t give him a treat. Boy did I have the treat to give him.

It took a while but soon my small one-bedroom apartment was ready. I had cleared away all the books and pizza boxes, scattered papers were “Organized” into piles. There was enough sitting space on the couch and most importantly my bedroom was immaculate. I had redecorated as best that I could. A nice but older blanket with a cute Eastern pattern hung over the window, Christmas lights crisscrossed the ceiling, and my bookshelves on the shared wall had red and black candles placed in strategic corners. I had even put my old sheet on the bed hidden by red blankets so if I made a mess I wouldn’t ruin anything of importance. I was ready to lose my virginity! And with the newly rented guy flick (Something with superheroes, lots of action, and probably cars) and pizza on the way I was confident. E was a strong, handsome man, whose dick made my mouth water, and he probably wouldn’t see this coming.

The knock on my door had me jumping out of my skin, and I blushed to realize where my mind had wandered to. Flushed I ran over to let in E who took one look at my flushed face and broke into his annoyingly endearing grin.

“Hey, there S long time no see, how long has it been? Six, maybe seven decades?”

“Shut your stupid face, you are lucky we didn’t keep you around for your brains.”

“OH, that’s right what was it your cousin said, that my perfect ass makes up for my dumb mouth?”

He playfully ran his hand over his admittedly rock-solid ass spanking it and laughing loudly enough for me to blush, hurrying him into the apartment. I sat him down on the couch hoping to hope that no one had noticed what was essentially my first-ever booty call, making a fool out of himself. A quick look around the neighborhood from my front door confirmed that yep it was the middle of the day and everyone was at work. Perfect, I thought remembering some of the porn I had looked up last night in anticipation. Those girls had been quite loud about losing their virginity, and while I was fairly confident that most of it was acting, I was not confident I could be much more composed. So the lack of an audience on the other side of the wall was a small mercy I was grateful for.

“So, S, I’m starting to feel a little bashful with you staring a hole through my pants,” E chuckled nervously.

“Umm, I picked up pizza and some soda for the movie let me get you a plate,” I tried to pretend nothing happened moving to the kitchen.

“You don’t have to do that, I’m handicapable I swear.”

E chuckles at his bad joke causing me to roll my eyes, the man may be a giant goofball but he knew how to put me at ease. Soon we were snuggled next to each other munching on junk food and binging solid C movies. Very much the platonic Netflix and chill I had suggested. E was good company, he made even the worst movie entertaining, joking about a mistake here, and making this bit of bad acting hilarious there. He had me in stitches more than once, and let me tell you the quickest way into my panties is to make me laugh. Sitting next to E on the couch and laughing my butt off was starting to get my engine revving. He was warm and welcoming, and every once in a while, he would brush against my thigh under the blankets. He leaned over the table to get at another piece of the pizza and took a nice long look. He was fit, defined muscles in his arms, and yes a nice round bubble butt. Maybe not the bodybuilder type but I was never one to discriminate against a little bit of a belly. His jeans hung off his hips giving a nice peek at his v and at that moment I was done watching whatever nonsense was on the TV. No, my new goal was to get him out of those pants and into something more comfortable, namely me!

I bit my lip trying to think of how to do this, we had always been pretty close, but he had always been respectful of my boundaries. That was good, for sure but I wanted to establish new boundaries, ones that let me take him balls deep until he fills my every hole. How to do that avoiding my normal stumbling blunt nonsense. It doesn’t matter how horny a guy is, having a lady say, I would like you to pull down your pants and have 15 minutes of your dick in my vagina whenever I call is a bit intimidating… Now that I think about it plenty of guys would jump at that. But how to bring it up in conversation? Luckily I saw my chance as the heroine on TV was having a bit of a wrestle with her villain.

“God that’s hot,” I used my best bedroom voice.

“What do you mean?”

“That, Being manhandled and wrestled into submission, they are a couple of thin costumes away from a pornhub feature film,” I gestured toward the screen.

On the screen, the villain had managed to pin the hero to the floor where he licked the tip of her ear and started making pretty lewd motions offscreen. Sure in real life that would be creepy as shit but in an intimate setting with consent? Later I would come to realize this kind of play was called CNC Consensual Non-Consent, and I would lean HARD into it. But stories for different days.

The scene had turned my horny dial well beyond my shyness dial and I was done playing coy. I put my hand on his upper thigh inches from his cock and looked him dead in the eyes. He stared back a scared expression on his face, too shocked to speak, so I did instead.

“Here’s the deal E, I know you have had a crush on me since middle school. I have enjoyed our friendship as well, but I don’t know where we will end up. What I do know is that you are smoking hot and I am horny as hell, so the deal is we take one step past friends into friends with benefits territory.”

E looked confused, seemed to think for a moment, but couldn’t quite get the right words.

“Look I won’t push this if it’s going to complicate our friendship too much,” I began.

“NO, I mean, no, I would love to be friends with benefits with you just, I don’t know, I have had a crush on you forever, and I can imagine a life with you, I don’t know if I can handle being just friends with benefits forever,” He cut me off, then petered out himself.

We sat there for a moment thinking, I absentmindedly ran my fingers up and down his leg wondering if I had moved too fast. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to handle a physical relationship, the stress from the expectation to the bone could render a man limp, at least that’s what it said online. At least that was my fear until my fingers brushed over what was a very excited cock held in place by his shorts. I grinned knowing I probably was going to get exactly what I was asking for, maybe even more.

“Let’s just try it out for now ok E? Either of us can say stop at any time and go back to just friends if that is how we feel. But we will never know until we try,” I said very reasonably as I wrapped my hand around the outline of his cock.

I loved the solid feeling of it, knowing thoughts of me doing this. I gently stroked him over the fabric, looking up through my lashes at his slack-jawed expression. It was clear he could feel it and judging by the quick breaths each stroke pulled out of him, it probably felt really good. Just watching him react to my hand gave me a perverse sense of control that had me forming a wet spot on my skirt, just as I saw his precum start to soak through his shorts. I looked up at E again grinning as he cleared his throat with a partially feral look in his eyes.

“Ok, I never could say no to you S, so what was it you were saying? That it was hot when the villain wrestled the Hero into the ground,” He said playfully.

It took me a second too long to realize what he was thinking, so when he lunged at me I was taken by surprise. He had an arm around my torso before I knew it and we struggled for a bit on the floor as each of us tried to get the upper hand. Limbs flew this way and that but neither of us could manage to overpower the other. That was until I was on top of him, knees pinning his arms and my arms straining to hold his legs on the ground. We had been in this position before but this time he went still for a moment, and for a moment I was worried.

“You, you are not wearing any panties,” He practically whispered.

I just laughed at his sudden bashfulness, damn right, what was the purpose of my wonderful white skirt if not to show off and provide easy access to my goods. Goods that he was currently getting an eyeful of. He struggled to get up pulling up his legs with all his strength causing me to lose my balance and sit directly on his face. Several thoughts went through my head, feelings of self-consciousness, that I was pretty sure his nose was a good way into my butthole. God, I hope I smell good because I am a wet mess. That was until I felt a firm warm lick across my lips, that shot a nice little bit of pleasure straight into my brain burning away all thoughts beyond, riding his face. I readjusted giving him more access to the goods and soon he got into a good rhythm. Licking from my clit to my hole, tongue separating my lips partially in between. I loved the feeling of his tongue on me. Grinding down on his face only made it better. I growled in frustration as the heat in my lower body started to rise. I could feel the pleasure building to orgasm but my thighs started to burn with an equal urgency. I wasn’t sure if I would make it, I started to desperately grind my need harder and harder against E’s face.

At first, he seemed to be into it until he started to struggle against my legs pinning his arms to the ground. I sat down hard in defiance determined to get that O even if it killed him. But he managed to wrestle his arms free knocking me forward, ironically face down ass up. I didn’t think that ever happened outside of pornos. Looking back over my shoulder I could see E standing over me panting, he had already managed to get his shirt off but was struggling with his pants. I gave a gentle chuckle causing him to blush, then spun around so I was on my knees in front of him, which made him blush an even deeper shade of red.

His embarrassment didn’t last long as he pinned me to the floor and in one swift movement was inside me. Agh I tried to moan, my poor kitty while excited was trying hard to adjust to her first cock ever. I wouldn’t say it hurt so much as pinched and stung. He felt larger inside me than I had expected, filling me up snugly almost painfully, luckily the shenanigans before had me soaking and that helped quite a bit. Note to self cock feels larger than it looks. E on the other hand was enjoying everything, he pushed himself ever deeper poking what I assume was my cervix with even more excitement. I struggled to adjust managing to get on my hands and knees taking him doggystyle and let me just say I rate doggystyle at YES.

Things immediately got better for me, the pinching feeling disappeared and the snugness went from uncomfortable to delectable. E pushed into me with ever more desperate need, shaking from the pleasure. Moaning, I slid back on his cock taking him to the base with a wonderfully wet SMACK. SMACK SMACK SMACK, I pushed back on his cock milking it, enjoying his gasps of pleasure and satisfaction. God, it felt good, a warm feeling started to build in my groin and I knew this would be a big one. Fuck yes, I was as desperate to get him inside me as he was to thrust inside me. I sped up and pushed back harder, my breasts jiggled under me from each impact, I couldn’t hear him anymore, just my ragged breathing and blood rushing from my head to my clit. But no matter how hard I fucked him, milked his cock with my pussy, it just wasn’t quite enough.

“Goddamnit, just cum” I whimpered to myself, fucking myself onto his cock like a woman possessed.

Later E told me that he hadn’t even heard me but that he just needed to have me, that a savage instinct took over. But in the moment I begged the universe to let me cum and E on command reached forward grabbed me by the shoulders, readjusted, and POUNDED into me using his full body weight. His cock hammered home punching my G spot on the way to my Cervix which enjoyed the manhandling, emphasis on MAN. Each rapid deep thrust sent electricity running through my body straight to my brain which promptly overloaded. I could only squeak out as the man attacked my pussy as if it owed him money. Each thrust brought me higher and higher, closer and closer until the last thrust. Many of the readers of my blog ask, what does it feel like to be cum inside? He thrust hard and both of us fell to the floor rigid, unable to process the pleasure we both felt in the moment. I could feel him cum and each spurt of cum caused a new orgasmic spasm that shook my entire body. I soaked him as I squirted for the first time in my life. Being cum inside? It feels like YES!

We lay there for quite a while, pretty sure that we both passed out from exhaustion. By the time we woke up the movie was over and it was dark out. I woke up before E enjoying the sore feeling between my legs. That was a lot better than I had imagined. I had been warned that losing my virginity would hurt, and it did but that didn’t last long until it was hurting in a much more delicious way. Though considering the complaints from my kitty this kind of activity would have to be much more gentle if I wanted to hop on cock regularly, and if all sex was this good on average I would be having as much as I could safely manage. I had cum so hard that I passed out that I SQUIRTED! I didn’t even know that was possible, oh sure I saw the porn, but I thought those girls were just peeing on the guy to make him feel good, gross but whatever floats your boat. Nope, this was a full-on, this feels good gusher.

I bolted upright jerking E awake, Fuck I squirted! I looked down with dread and yep skirt and carpet soaked, fuck how was I going to explain a cumstain this big to the landlord. Groggily I looked at what I was looking at and grinned with pride until he saw my face.

“Don’t worry about it S I have a carpet cleaner” He laughed.

I burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation, the man had just fucked me and was now offering to clean my carpet, what a dork!

“This is why you’re my best friend E! Now how will I pay for your services?”

I looked at his now flaccid cock ominously licking my lips and bent forward, managing to get a small taste of myself off his cock as he managed to just barely dodge me laughing.

“Please, S, you already drained me dry, I’m done?”

I laughed some more then looked him dead in the eyes. Well let’s end it here, that was how I lost my virginity, and let’s just say E isn’t as fast as he thought he was and by the next morning I knew exactly what he tasted like and E found out what empty balls truly feel like LOL.

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