Seductive Scheming Step Mom by Superangell

A literotic sexstories: Seductive Scheming Step Mom by Superangell ,

My name is Phillip and I am now 22, this story took place when I was 20 and visited my dad and step mom. I hope you enjoy it.

The day finally arrived I was going to go see my dad and step mom again. It started out like every other day, I woke up got dressed and ate some breakfast. My mom and I had packed our stuff the night before so we were ready to go when I finished breakfast. We packed our things into the car and were off. It was the normal seven and a half hour trip from here to where my grand parents lived, with the usual stops on the way. We finally got there and I couldn’t wait for my dad to get there to pick me up.

When my dad arrived my mom and him said the usual hellos and caught up on a few things then I put my stuff in the back of his truck and off we went for another three and a half hour trip. We finally pulled into his driveway, I got my things out and took them inside giving my step mom and hug and a kiss on the cheek on the way in. while I was hugging her I couldn’t help notice that she was rubbing me a lot and squeezing me a little weird, I just shrugged it off as if it were just she had missed me a lot. I took my things into the spare bedroom closely followed by my step mom she asked me how my trip was and I told her it was fine but I was a little bit tired. She told me I needed to stay up a little bit longer so I could get a good night sleep, I agreed with her mostly because I hadn’t slept well for awhile. So I stayed up watching TV and swapping stories until my dad went to bed, I told him goodnight and that I wasn’t far behind him. He hugged me and told me he was glad I was there; I told him I was too. I told my step mom goodnight and she asked me if I wanted her to come tuck me in like she had done in my younger days, I laughed and told her no she said ok and I went to my bedroom shut the door got undressed and went to bed.

Later that night I woke up from a dream that was amazing, I was having wild sex with the hottest girl in my school, I was still dazed from just waking up but when I looked down someone was sucking on my dick. I just laid there not moving a muscle. I could see well enough to figure out that it was my step mom, but I was too shocked to move. As I lay there I kept hoping that my boner would just go away but as she kept going it kept getting better and better. As time passed I felt like I was about to cum and she realized it too and she stopped, I was a little disappointed but a little relieved too. What happened next made me think I was still dreaming, she stood up and when she did all I could see was her naked body in the moon light that was shining threw the blinds. My step mom reached down with one hand and started stroking my hard boner and with the other started playing with her pussy. As I watched her I could tell she was really wet because I could see her juices running down her inner thigh. She let out a slight moan and then stepped over me with one leg. She lowered herself down just a little bit making sure my cock didn’t penetrate her pussy she rubbed the head of my cock in between her wet pussy lips and I felt like I wanted to explode. Finally, I guess she couldn’t take it anymore, she lowered herself down onto my cock and I felt like I was going to die. Her pussy was so warm and tight, I had never felt anything like it before. Within minutes I had cummed and she did too I guess because she got off, licked her fingers, got dressed, and left. I laid there for the rest of the night unable to fall back asleep thinking about what just happened.

The next morning came very slowly, and I was still very tired. I waited till I heard someone moving in the house, then got up and got dressed myself. When I left my room I was worried it might be my step mom, thankfully it was my dad. I told him good morning and he did the same. He told me that he was about to go to work I told him that was cool and asked when he was going to be back, he said not until tomorrow. The only thing that went threw my mind was,”oh no”. I told him that would be fine and he gave me some money for lunch and dinner for me and my step mom. I hugged him goodbye and off he went. No sooner did my dads truck leave the driveway, my step mom appeared from their room, wearing nothing but a night shirt that barely covered her butt. I told her good morning and she smiled and said yes it is. We sat down at the table to eat some breakfast when I dropped my fork on the floor. She said “here let me get that for you”. She bent over facing away from me and I caught a great view of her pussy it was completely shaven and wet as hell. She stood back up glancing over her shoulder with a grin on her face then went to the kitchen to get me another fork. I shook my head trying to get the image out of my head but couldn’t no matter how hard I tried. She came back and sat down and asked me if I slept alright. I told her yes and spoke nothing else of it.

As the day went on my step mom didn’t change her clothing, she just sat and walked around the house in that shirt. I watched her, catching a glimpse of her ass every once and awhile. Lunch time rolled around and she asked me what I wanted to eat, I told her I didn’t care, she smile at me and she said oh really I said yeah. As I sat there on the floor, she stood up and walked over to me, lifting her shirt up she said,” well how about you eat this”. I looked at her in shock I told her she was married to my dad and it would be wrong. She laughed and told me that she and my dad hadn’t done anything sexual in years and that she just wanted to feel good sexually. At this point I was still in shock so she reached down and took my hand, I stood up and she led me to the couch. She sat down and laid back, spreading her leg. She pulled me down and put her hand on the back of my head, I told her that it was wrong but it didn’t seem like she care. And to be honest with you I kind of didn’t either. The pulled my head straight into her wet pussy, and let out a loud moan and my lips made contact with hers. She started thrusting her hips against my face, moving her pussy up and down. I said screw it and thrust my tongue deep inside her tight pussy. We did this till she cummed then I got up and sat down. She asked me if I was alright and I said I didn’t know and walked to my room and shut the door.

Hours passed and all I could think about was my step mom. I heard a knock on the door and asked what she wanted she told me to come meet her in her bedroom in about five minutes. I said ok and five minutes later I started toward her room. The door was shut so I knocked and she told me to come in. I opened the door and left it open, the room was completely dark and I couldn’t see a thing. I moved my hand along the wall looking for a light switch and found it, I turned the light on and looked around and couldn’t see my step mom anywhere so I stepped further into the room. I heard the door slam and spun around and there was my step mom naked about 2 feet away. She grabbed me and kissed me on the lips hard. I gave in and kissed her back rubbing her body with my hands and squeezing her butt once and awhile. While we were kissing she reached down and took my pants off (I don’t wear underwear). I picked her up and with one quick motion slid her down onto my hard cock. She let out a moan and wrapped her legs around me. I walked over to the bed and laid her down and started fucking her deep and hard. We fucked in every position we could think of. We had been fucking for about an hour and we had been making so much noise we didn’t hear the door open and close. I heard a “oh my god” come from the other side of the room and spun around expecting to see my dad. When I spun around instead of finding my dad I saw my step sister and her two friends staring at me and my step mom. I quickly covered myself up and my step mom laughed. I looked at her in confusion and looked at my sister. My sister and her two friends looked at me and smiled. I looked at my step mom and asked her what was going on. She got up and told me that my step sister and her two friends were still virgins and they wanted me to take their virginities. I told her there is no way in hell that was going to happen. But it was too late they had planned this from the second I told them I was coming to see them. My step mom grabbed me from behind and all four of them tied me down to the bed.

As I lay there thinking what have I gotten myself into. My sister and her friends stripped down and took turns rubbing my cock. My step mom told them they couldn’t have me till she had cummed. It took her maybe twenty minutes to cum since my sisters friends were sucking on her nipples and rubbing her clit. The two friends started to argue about who was going to get to do me first, but as they argued my sister took it upon herself to just jump right on. I could feel her hymen break and she sat there for a minute to let the pain go away and then she rode me till she came. Her friends took their turns and when they had finished I had cum in all of them. They didn’t untie me until I promised not to leave the room so I did and they untied me. I laid there too tired to move. One of the girls said that my cock was still hard so I looked down and it was, I thought to myself,” how is that possible” my step mom leaned over and whispered ”looks like you aren’t done yet”. I told her fine but we were going to do it my way this time and all of them giggled. I made them stack up one on another my sister and one of her friend and my step mom and the other one. I grabbed my cock and thrust it deep into my sisters pussy pulled it out then pushed it into her friends. I moved over after a few minutes and slid it into my step mom, then into the other friends pussy. I fucked them all until I had cummed into each of them again. My cock finally went down and I laid there exhausted.

That night my sister and her friends spent the night and me, my step mom, my sister and her two friends fucked all night till my dad came home. And when he left for work again. We did it all over again.

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