An aides first day. by Bear66


Advice and comments welcome. , It was Lisas first day at her new job. She had heard about jobs as aides for people that due to one reason or another needed help. Help cleaning or shopping things like that. She went through the class and upon graduating was assigned her first client. He was tall and a bit overweight. He could not get around easily due to back problems but was still some what independant. She started working for him and helped him five days a week.

She kept his apartment clean and cooked his meals. He would make out a shopping list and once a week go to the store. She also had to empty his commode every day she worked. It was an easy job and he did not work her too hard. He mostly lay on his bed in the living room and his commode was next to it for easy access. Then one morning she came to the apartment and let herself in and saw he was still asleep.

He was moaning and had a hard on sticking up out of his pajama shorts. Being young and virginal this was the first cock she had seen in person in all of her sixteen years. She quietly moved to side of the bed and looked closely at the enlarged hardened penis. She felt her pussy get wet and begin throbbing. Her hand slowly and tentatively moved to his penis and ever so gently touched it.

She snatched her hand back when his penis responded to her touch by twitching more and growing larger and harder. She felt some of her juices slide down her leg. She decided to go for it. She slid out of her shoes , unbuttoned and removed her blouse , took her bra off , then slid out of her pants and panties. Standing next to the bed now totally naked she climbed onto the bed straddled his lower body.

Her wet pussy was just above his penis as she lowered herself down onto him. She pushed all the way down on to him feeling when she popped her own cherry. There was a little pain but she ignored it and began moving up and down on his cock. Not realizing that her actions had awoken him she continued using him to fuck herself. It did not take long before she climaxed and he ejaculated.

She gasped when he told her that it had been great. Turning red she quickly got off of him and tried to cover up. Too late for that pointing towards the desk he told her that his computer had recorded the whole thing due to a security program that he had running constantly. He told her that he would review it ever night and erase it if nothing interesting happened. Oh God she thought what will happen now.

Don't worry as long as you do as I say that recording will never be seen by anyone else. Things will change. From now on when you come here you will immediately go to the back room and take off all of your clothes. You will do your job naked. You will come here wearing black flat heeled shoes , silky black thigh high stockings , very short black skirt , four pairs of silver hand cuffs as a belt , a sheer white sleeveless, collarless front button silk blouse. You will do your job each day but for the last half hour we will fuck.

One of things he would have her do is on Saturdays they would go to the local mall and he would enjoy forcing her to expose herself to random mall goers. Unexpectedly this would get her soaking wet and they would go nack to his apartment and have sex. Then one Saturday they went to the mall and he had her push his wheelchair to the tattoo artists shop and he had the female tattooist sit. Her in a chair in front of her shop and using the cuffs fastened her to the chair with her legs wide spread.

Then she pushed the shorts up around her waist fully exposing her groin. Unbottoning her shirt she removed it. Now sitting completely naked in the concouse of the mall. Her cleint sat off to the side watching all this with a growing hard on. The tattooist set a small stand out with a bowl and a sign on it. The sign read ” fuck this slut only ten dollars”. A crowd quickly gathered and a line formed.

At one point during the eight hours she was being used a blind man with a guide dog came by ant the tattooist stopped him and told him there was a naked woman here he could fuck if he let hois dog fuck her after he had. Not having sex for awhile he readily agreed and after fucking here they put her down in position to be mounted. Many in the crowd took out their phones and recorded her being fucked by the dog. The dog quickly mounted her pushing his cock into her cunt and machine gunner her pussy until they both climaxed to the amusement of the crowd. Afterwards they brought out a hose from a flowershop and pushing it into her vagina first then her anus the cleaned her out.

Men and some women lined up and used her sexually. After eight hours of almost continously being sexually used her unconcious body was freed and she was taken out to her car. She was placed in the passenger seat and her client was assisted behind the wheel. She had recovered enough by the time they had returned to his apartment that she could go in and retrieve his wheelchair and they went into his apartment.

After she showered and cleaned herself rhey made love and went to sleep. Before sleep claimed her she hoped she would have a position with her new perverted boss for a long time.



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