Revenge on Rachel by curiositykilledthecat


A couple take revenge on an ex-girlfriend. Warning: This story is extremely graphic and violent. If you are easily offended by these things, please do not read on. , He smiled nervously at her.

“Are we really doing this? I thought it would never happen.”

Will shook the long, dark hair out of his eyes. She had mentioned it in the bedroom before, and he had been so into it, but he’d definitely thought she’d be too scared to follow through. Ella was full of surprises.

She fiddled nervously with the phone in her hands, trying to give an outward appearance of being cool. She was scared, but she wanted this more than anything. Her veins filled with fire when she thought of this woman. She had almost ruined them years ago, and Ella could never bring herself to forgive her.

6466 Briar Crescent Road. Meet me at this address at 4 PM, and we will have our reunion I can’t wait!

It was easier once Rachel had started texting back. She would have done it again, if given the chance, to try to take Will away from her, and Ella couldn’t stomach it. This would be easy. This would be fun.

The doorbell rang. Ella and Will locked eyes, and for a second, he could see the terror swallowing up her warm brown irises. And then, like a flash, it was gone.

He went to get the door. As it swung open to reveal the girl standing behind it, she smiled beatifically. Rachel had missed him and his lanky frame. She was so focused on his face that she was taken aback to see a slender hand encircling her wrist. She looked down for a second, realized it wasn’t his, and became afraid. Her eyes followed the wrist, dainty and feminine with dark nails and a sparkling amethyst ring, up the pale arm until… Her! She looked into her eyes and felt the air sucked out of her lungs. There was something fierce behind those eyes. Something that would hurt her.

Ella smiled at her, cold and menacing.

“Hi, Rachel. We’ve been expecting you.”

“I—you didn’t tell me about this. I’m not really into…”

Ella laughed, impressed with how wicked it sounded coming from her own throat.

“You think we’re going to have sex with you? Oh, honey. You really are a dumb whore.”

Rachel pulled back, struggling to get her wrist free as Ella caught the other with her free hand, loosed a zip tie from her pocket with her teeth, and had her arms trussed in a matter of seconds.

“I think I should leave,” Rachel bleated, panic bleeding through her voice.
“I think you should stay. I’m not done with you yet.”

Will said nothing, hardly looked on. He never made eye contact. He had never been more turned on in his life. The unexpected evil in Ella was something he couldn’t even have dreamed up, and he wanted a taste for himself.

Ella dragged Rachel by the wrist to a wooden chair in the living room. She kicked her knees to make her sit down, tying her ankles to the chair legs until she was completely immobile. She gagged her with a purple scarf that left fuzz on her tongue. Ella stood back and admired for a second. She was a better captive maker than she’d imagined. She was even surprising herself tonight.

“You know why you’re here, right Rachel?”

Rachel shook her head, eyes wide with terror and regret. Ella gave her a sharp kick. Rachel let out a muffled howl of pain.

“Oh come off it, you dumb cunt. I said, you know why you’re here, RIGHT?”
Rachel nodded sheepishly.

“You hurt us once. Hurt me once. And were ready to do it again. Now, I can’t have that, Rachel. I can’t have someone spit in my face and then smile around town, completely unscathed. No one would respect me, right?” She kicked again at the captive girl’s knees.

Rachel screamed and then nodded again.

“So we’re here to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while. We’re here to teach you a lesson. Are you afraid?”

Rachel nodded soundlessly.

“You should be.”

Ella strode out of the room confidently. Rachel took her absence to squeal and struggle and look pleadingly at Will, trying to catch his eyes. He would save her, she knew he would.

Will did not look her way for a second. He kept his eyes trained on the doorway. As Ella came in carrying a large tool bag, he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into a deep, passionate kiss.

“Baby, can I please…”

“Just wait a little while. We haven’t had any fun yet, William.”

His eyes followed her hungrily as she dropped the bag beside the chair. It clanked and clinked, filled with heavy metal things that Rachel couldn’t imagine the use for. Ella smiled at her again.

“I saw what you were doing. He won’t help you. He likes this. He wants this. He wants to fuck me while I cut you, and I’ll let him. I’m an excellent multitasker,” she hissed, spitting venom through her teeth.

She pulled a thin silver scalpel from the bag, razor sharp blade glinting in the afternoon sun.

“I was thinking first, I’d leave a little artist’s signature. I want to brand you.”

She wielded the scalpel over Rachel’s stomach. She stood back and contemplated, then wripped the girl’s shirt just above her stomach.

“Good canvas. But what will we say?”

She thought for a moment, then took the blade to Rachel’s skin. She guided it so that it cut deep enough to leave scars, but it barely bled, little droplets pooling up at the edges of the wound. First a line, and then another, taking shape into a W. It was beautiful for a moment, the blood against bare skin. Ella leaned down, licking the blood with her tongue. Then she pulled back and spat it full in Rachel’s face. She blinked disgustedly, trying to shake the drops from her face.

Next an h, a round o from which she hollowed the middle too, a crooked r, a slanted e. And there she was, bleeding and branded. The whole world could know now. She hoped the coroner’s report included this. Hoped they put it in the paper. She was ready for this woman to die humiliated. She saw that Rachel’s eyes were squeezed shut. She reached down into the bag again and pulled out a pair of speculums like the kind they used for surgeries, forcing them beneath her eyelids until they were propped open, unable to blink or shut.

“I don’t want you to pretend like this isn’t happening,” she said angrily. Every act she didn’t fully experienced pissed Ella off a little more. For a moment, she was distracted as she felt Will’s hands graze her thighs, his warm lips nuzzling her neck. She tilted her head back and kissed him deep, weaving her tongue in and out until her knees were ready to give way. He slid his hand into her panties to find her dripping. He slipped finger inside of her and she moaned, so ready she felt she might die if he didn’t fuck her. He slipped the panties around her ankles, lifted her dress in the back, and entered her. It was heaven for both of them after the long wait as he thrust eagerly inside of her, reaching around to rub small circles into her clitoris. She helped his hands, enjoying both sensations so much she knew it wouldn’t be long.

“I’m close,” she whispered to him. He pushed harder into her, moving faster and deeper until finally she couldn’t take it anymore. As they both came, she picked up a knife from the bag and drove it deep into Rachel’s thigh until it hit bone, looking into her eyes as she moaned for the last time. Rachel screamed, her eyelids trying to flutter. The wound was deep and bleeding profusely.

“Don’t worry, Rachel. This isn’t over yet.”

Ella rummaged in the bag again, taking out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a canister of table salt, as well as a round of bandages. She doused the window with alcohol, enjoying the pain she heard in response. She dumped the salt, rubbing it deep into the bloody crevasses of her gaping thigh. Then she dressed it, wrapping it tight with the bandages. She didn’t want her to bleed out yet.

Ella picked up the knife again, wiping it clean.

“How did you feel about that, Rachel? Did you like watching, and knowing you’ll never have him? Are you turned on right now? I bet you are, you slut.”

Ella smiled wickedly, approaching her again. She sliced off her shorts with the knife easily, ripping her underpants away until the shreds of fabric didn’t hide her anymore. And then she took the knife and shoved it in, point first, to the whore’s dirty orifice. She thrust again and again, seeing the streams of blood running down her wrist and relishing every noise of pain. Will came to rest on his knees in front of Ella, hungry for a literal taste. He ran his tongue gently over her, already dripping wet again. This torture racket really did it for her. He grabbed her breasts with his hands underneath the dress, rubbing them roughly. Then he slipped it deep inside of her, and she moaned with pleasure. He timed the thrusts of his tongue with the thrusts of Ella’s knife, the sounds of exquisite pleasure and excruciating pain intermingling into a strange and sexy music. Ella came magnificently, back arched and head thrown back with the sensation. She pulled the knife out and dropped it on the floor, not caring to clean up like last time.

She took out the scalpel again. She ripped Rachel’s thin top easily, irritated to see no bra underneath. It was easy to find ways to hate this girl, but it would make her work quicker. She brandished it again for effect in front of Rachel’s face. Then she slid it over her chest, slicing off a nipple on the right side. It bled a lot. She howled with pain. Ella did the other, squeezing her breasts to anchor them as she sliced. The blade was so sharp, it took seconds until the other was in her hand as well. Rachel tried to speak, the gag muffling her. Ella was curious as to what she might say, so she generously untied the gag.


That was all she said.

“Please what?” Ella feigned ignorance, “Oh! How rude of me. Are you hungry?”

Rachel looked confused. Ella grabbed her by the back of the neck, holding her head in place. Will forced her mouth open and dropped the bits of flesh Ella had sliced away inside.


Rachel looked horrified, trying to spit the chunks of herself out. Ella was furious at her disobedience. Will went to retrieve them as Ella struck her backhanded, knocking a tooth flying into the corner of the room. She tried again.

“I said, CHEW.”

This time, Rachel obeyed without hesitation. Ella put the gag back before she could vomit. She already had enough of a mess to clean up. She took the scalpel and carved her face, working around the gag to slice her cheeks from ear to ear.

“What a nice smile you have now, Rachel.”

She cut off the tip of her nose until it was flat, exposing the cartilage underneath the flesh.

Ella realized she had to relieve herself. She didn’t want to go away but… No, that would be too disgusting.

Wait, wasn’t disgusting what she wanted? She raised herself above Rachel, wrenched the gag free again, and pissed into the wounds on her face, sending the hot liquid streaming down right into the gashes on her cheeks. Rachel screamed in agony, accidentally catching the liquid in her mouth. Ella laughed.


By now, Rachel had learned to obey.

It had been hours since Rachel first showed up at their door, and Ella was growing tired. Not out of pity, but out of malaise, she was ready to end it. But first, she wanted to hear her beg.

“Why should I let you live?” she asked matter-of-factly.

“I’ll do anything. I won’t tell anyone. I’ll leave you alone forever, move away, never contact you again,” Rachel wept, her words almost unintelligible because of the wounds in her cheeks.
“Is that all?”

“I’ll give you money, if that’s what you want. I won’t tell anyone, I swear. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. I am so sorry,” the tears streamed thickly as she sobbed.

“Me too, Rachel. Real sorry.”

Ella stepped forward and slit her throat, watching the blood bubble out at her. Will came to grab her from behind again, bending her over. He couldn’t wait anymore. They fucked as she died in front of them, blood and air and life leaking all over their living room as they blissfully thrust away. It was over in minutes; Will had had too much of watching, and he had nearly cum just from the sight of Ella cutting her. He finished inside of her, pulled out, and lay back on the ground. It had been a long day, fodder for fantasies for years to come for him. He couldn’t believe that had been inside of his docile girlfriend, a hellhound that could kill and cut and fuck all at once and still lust for more. He loved it.

That night, they took her to the pig farm about a mile down the road. The sows had eaten nearly all of her by morning. They were never caught.



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That was amazing you crazy son of a bitch

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That's a great angle for a snuff story, and very well written.

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I loved it, people should really read the tags before they read something if they are going to be offended by it, I would rather read about it in stories to get my feelings out than to actually do it to someone, fuck off haters, great story.

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I did include tags as well as a disclaimer at the beginning of the text warning that this was both graphic and violent… It's on you if you chose to ignore those.

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