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While based in fact — we had friends at one of our military assignments that closely resemble Dana and Ed — this is a work of fiction. Everyone participating sexually is over 18 years of age.

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Dana. That was her name. “Delightful” we would learn of later. She was our neighbor a few houses down the street. Trish and I met her and her husband, Ed, at a neighborhood social, and we followed up with socializing as couples. It was a simple “grill some dogs for the kids and burgers for the adults” get-togethers. They were a fun couple with two smaller kids that our kids loved to play with.

Trish and I shared. We each loved setting each other up with others. For her, it could go male or female, but I was straight. That’s probably typical heterosexual male, but it was a line I had not crossed. Trish chose to go bi. Rule number one in our game was respect. Part of that is never forcing the other into anything unwanted. We could talk about doing anything, but forcing the other was not part of our game.

We also were quiet about our sharing. We have friends that know and friends that don’t know. We want to keep it that way. So it was a surprise that Trish came to me Tuesday morning saying, “We need to talk.” She went on to say that Dana had approached her having heard a rumor that we shared one another. Trish was taken aback by this as we had never had a non-share person approach us. There was a leak in our previously confidential circle somewhere. More than that, Dana wanted to participate, and she wanted me first. She was convinced that Ed would not want to share or participate, so she wanted to go it alone.

We had never done a share with only one partner of a married couple. We had firm rules we adhered to, and we didn’t want to cross that line. If both partners didn’t want to join in, we weren’t going to be the instigators of a potential marital breakup. Trish and I talked it over and decided she would tell Dana that I would innocently approach Ed about how I know people shared, and I would ask how he felt about it. Based on his response, I could move the conversation from there. I would approach him during the cookout Saturday afternoon and evening. Trish and Dana would be elsewhere in the house talking “mama talk.”

Trish easily obtained Dana’s permission after assuring her I would be discreet by not mentioning that Dana knew anything of the subject of our conversation. She also explained to Dana that if I brought Ed into the ladies conversation to ask her the same question, she should act a little surprised and ask clarifying questions to help cover her. If I did bring Ed in it would be because he responded positively in our conversation. For Dana’s protection, we wanted it to seem that it was Ed’s idea which came from his and my conversation.

The remainder of the week went by normally. I occasionally thought of the conversation I would have with Ed Saturday night. I have had these conversations with others before but never where one partner knew of our lifestyle, and the other didn’t. I wasn’t concerned. Anything short of an emotional explosion would be manageable. Trish chatted with Dana once during the week, and Dana pressed her for more details of our lifestyle. Trish informed her politely that no further information would be forthcoming until Saturday evening. I confirmed with Trish that she, like me, would enjoy having Dana and Ed as one of our sharing couples. That put my mind at ease for our respect for one another and our own relationship.

Saturday afternoon arrived. Dana and Ed and their kiddos were at the front door.

Ed and I took the kids outside in the backyard and engaged in some rough kids play. We wrestled with our own kids and then with each other’s kids. We played ring toss with them and generally tried to tire them out a little. After a couple of hours, the ladies informed us that it was time to put the dogs on for the kids. The potato salad and macaroni salad were ready. I popped the hot dogs on the grill – gas grills are a great invention. We had their dinner ready in short order. While Trish and Dana fed the kids, Ed and I started the burgers, and by the time they were done, the kids were cleaned up, in their pajamas, and watching a favorite movie. We hoped they would drift off to sleep soon.

We had an enjoyable dinner catching up with one another’s past week and talking of future plans. We all pitched in to clean up. Checking on the children, we found them fast asleep with the movie still playing. We each picked one up and moved them to the beds in the kid’s room. At this point, I made the excuse that I had something I wanted to talk to Ed about and we would join the ladies in the family room in a little while.

Ed and I grabbed a double of scotch neat and headed to the backyard. The ladies tapped open a bottle of wine and went to the family room. When Ed and I were settled on the deck out back, I started talking.

“Ed, I know that some couples share sexually with other couples. I’ve wondered about that, and I wanted to get your thoughts. Have you ever thought about that? What do you think?”

Ed responded. “I’ve also heard of couples doing that, and I’ve always been curious. It’s always been a subject that makes my imagination go into high gear. The idea of fucking another guy’s wife with his permission seems pretty exciting.”

“And the idea of Dana being fucked by another guy with your permission?”

“I’m not into cuckholding, but honestly, the idea of Dana being fucked by another guy is a turn-on.”

I took a sip of scotch, looked Ed in the eyes and stated firmly, “I get that. Let me be blunt. Would you fuck Trish while…”

Ed interrupted. “In a New York minute! Trish is so hot! I, er, uh, with your permission, of course – and hers, too.”

“Ha ha ha ha!” I laughed. “Well, if you’re that anxious, let’s go see what the girls think.”

Ed paused, suddenly unsure. “I’m not sure Dana will like this.”

“So, you’ve never talked about this with her? Not even in bed? You’ve never expressed your fantasies with one another?”

Ed thought for a moment and said, “No.”

“Then now is a good time. Just listen while I introduce the subject to the ladies. I’ll take the lead. Let’s see how Dana reacts.”

Ed nodded, and we picked up our drinks and headed inside for a conversation with our wives.

Dana and Trish looked up as we walked in. Trish smiled knowingly, as did Dana. I picked up a happy twinkle in Dana’s eyes. She knew from our previous conversation that if Ed reacted positively, we would come in to talk.

“Did we interrupt anything? May we chat for a few minutes?” I asked.

Trish came back. “Of course! We were just chit-chatting. What’s up?”

“Ed and I had a short but interesting conversation just now, and we wanted to ask you both, but especially Dana, what you thought about the topic. I know what Trish thinks, but Ed needs to hear her thoughts, so you first, Baby.” I looked at Trish. “What do you think of swinging?”

Dana jumped slightly, and her eyes went wide open. She gasped. That was perfect. She was reacting as we had asked her to. Trish responded, “I find it an exciting way to keep the spice in your married life.” Ed’s head jerked up as he looked at Trish in surprise. “That’s right, Ed, but I believe it takes a lot of work. It’s not about falling in love with another person. That MUST be avoided. It’s about sex and the fun and joy you can have by having it with a variety of people. It’s also about respect. Continuing to respect your spouse or partner in the face of temptations to be disrespectful. Respect for your swinging partner MUST also be there always.”

Ed spoke up suddenly. “It sounds like you have some experience.”

I jumped in, “Ed, slow down. You were going to listen – at least at first. Hold on to that question until we hear what Dana has to say. Dana?”

Dana looked at Trish who discretely nodded to her, then at me, and finally her husband. “Well, I feel a bit trapped, but I tend to agree with Trish. It sounds exciting, but you would have to be careful of all those things she said. We, Ed and I, have never really talked about this kind of thing before. We don’t talk about the sexual fantasies we might have. I’m almost afraid to ask how you feel about it, Ed, but how do you feel about swinging?”

Ed paused to think for a moment and then said, “Like you, Dana, I’m almost afraid to say because we never have talked much about these things. We’re being open tonight, so I’m going to say what I’m thinking. First, Dana, we need to communicate better and talk about our feelings and fantasies more.” Dana nodded in agreement. “Secondly, as Rick discovered in our earlier conversation, I’ve had a fantasy of sharing you for a long time but was afraid to talk about it for fear you would think I was a pervert. I feel as you have expressed earlier. Discretion and respect are important – very important both ways. Continuing to love our partner is vital to this. With that in place, I fully support sharing, or swinging as it’s called.”

I quickly asked Ed, “In the interest of better communication, please tell Dana and Trish what you said when I asked earlier if you would fuck Trish.”

Both ladies looked at Ed as he stated firmly, “I told Rick that I would fuck you in a New York minute if I had his and your permission. And before I get into real trouble, I also need Dana’s permission.”

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