“The Extinguishing Sister” by EDK

A literotic sexstories: “The Extinguishing Sister” by EDK ,

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Warning: This story contains themes which some might find disturbing, such as snuff.

“I’m taking the car,” Cindy said, picking up the keys off the kitchen counter, as her twin sister Vanessa was right next to her, looking into cupboards for food. “I just got called in to work. Someone got sick, and they asked me to fill in.”

“What?” Vanessa asked, slamming the cupboard. “You can’t do that! I already claimed it! Mom and Dad said I could use it this afternoon.”

The 5’4″, 22-year old, petite, curly haired, identical twin girls didn’t care for each other, to say the least. For the most part, these two suburban Boston, Massachusetts ginger redheads were typical people, but they had a seething hatred for each other.

They constantly argued and bickered over both small and large things, but the intensity of the fights were always the same, no matter the magnitude. Perhaps the biggest arguments were over the car. The sisters reluctantly agreed to share one, instead of using their individual funds to get a vehicle each, as a cost saving measure. Their parents were both busy at work often, so there were many situations where there was only one option to drive left, which created a lot of conflict.

“But I actually HAVE to use it today, for work!” Cindy said, tempted to pull her sister’s hair (which happened before). “That’s WAY more important than hanging out with your goofy friends! Can’t you ask them to pick you up?”

“But I claimed it FIRST!” Vanessa growled in anger, pounding the counter. “I don’t care about your fucking job!”

“You don’t even HAVE one!” Cindy shouted, getting right up in her face, as their green eyes stared at each other up close. “I’m working my ass off to pay tuition, pay most of the gas, and to move out soon!”

“And it won’t be too soon, either!”

“You’re just sitting at home on your lazy ass, staring at your damn phone!” Cindy continued. “You made Mom and Dad pay for, by the way! At least I bought mine!”

Even at 22, Vanessa had no job, and didn’t feel like getting one, since her parents paid for everything. The lazy girl worked a few years ago to help pay for the purchase of a car, but quit afterwards once getting what she wanted. That meant Cindy had to pay for the gas, other than what the parents chipped sometimes in.

Instead of working, Vanessa preferred to sit around the house, browsing the Internet, texting friends, and masturbating. It drove Cindy nuts that she worked her ass off, while her twin did nothing but stay at home, text and play with herself. Their parents didn’t even seem to care, which made it even more frustrating.

“Well maybe you’re not even going to work!” Vanessa speculated. “Maybe you’re just going out to blow some guys again!”

Back in the day, Cindy was considered one of the biggest sluts in High School, and all of Boston. She often sucked cock for money, and always had at least a few boyfriends at the same time (who didn’t know about each other). It was common for Vanessa to slut shame her.

“Oh yeah?” Cindy said, with devious smile on her face. “Well I actually FUCKED your boyfriend the other day! He actually said I do a better job than YOU!”

That was a lie, but she still said it anyway, knowing it would really piss Vanessa off even more. Plus, Cindy fucked so many guys, it wasn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. However, she didn’t realize at that moment how much of a huge mistake that comment was going to end up being. It would soon cost her very, very dearly.

“You know what? That’s IT,” Vanessa said, with a nerve having been struck. “I’m gonna fucking do it. I’ve thought about doing this for a long time, but I’m gonna go for it!”

“The fuck are you talki- ” Cindy began to say, but suddenly felt extremely strange. “HELP! WHAT’S GOING ON!!?”

Cindy now sensed herself as much smaller, warmer (plus with no body, arms or legs) and now in Vanessa’s hand. The still human sister peered down at her sister, who was now only a few inch tall flame of fire in her palm. It also had some smoke coming from the top (but Vanessa used her power to make sure no alarm detectors went off). Cindy’s confused and worried looking face could be seen on the flame.

“You’re just fire now!” Vanessa explained as she gave an evil smile, while preparing to take a photo of her sister’s new form, using an iPhone. “Smile, cunt!”


“I’ve been studying and practicing a little magic lately,” Vanessa explained, right before snapping a photo. “I met some people recently. They taught me a few tricks.”


“Pretty cool. Isn’t it, bitch?” Vanessa asked, before laughing and showing her twin the picture. “Or maybe ‘pretty lit’ would be a better way to describe it.”

Cindy looked up at the phone, horrified by the picture. She couldn’t believe the fact that’s what she looked like now. Plus, her sister had never displayed any magical abilities before, so this was very bizarre and out of the blue. Not to mention, she never even knew magic was a possible thing.

Cindy knew that even as a flame, her senses still felt all too real to be a nightmare, even if part of her hoped it was. Her sister somehow really did turn her into fire for whatever bizarre reason. Trying to talk sense into Vanessa was the only thing she could do. However, with as stubborn as her twin was, she had a feeling it wouldn’t get very far, but still had to be tried.

“By the way,” Vanessa said, displaying a video, “I’ve also been using my power to copy some of the pics and vids your countless boyfriends have been taking, whenever you’re whoring around with them.”

Much to extreme embarrassment, Cindy saw herself on the screen, bobbing her head with a large dick in her mouth, while sucking and slurping. Her green eyes were looking right at the camera, as she moaned in lust. It had been filmed only last night.


“I’d rather not,” Vanessa said, now showing off some dirty pictures she had collected, by swiping through them. “It’s funny seeing how much of a typical slut I always knew you really are. I’ve got tons of these things now.”

“You can’t be doing this!” Cindy said, becoming even more frightened. “There’s just no way this is happening!”

“I am, though,” Vanessa said, displaying and scrolling through more pictures. “There’s nothing you can do about it.”


“You’re not gonna be changed back,” Vanessa warned, while putting her iPhone away, as she headed towards their shared bedroom. “You’re gonna be like this for the rest of your life, which won’t last much longer.”

“What does that mean?” Cindy gasped, yet even more scared now, but having a good idea of what the answer was. “Don’t pour water on me! I swear I’ll do anything!”

“Oh, I’m not gonna pour water on you, per se,” Vanessa said, as they reached the bedroom. “But I kinda will. You’ll see what is, and what do you mean that you’ll ‘do anything’?”

“Um – I’ll – I’ll give you money every time I get paid!” the fire stuttered, desperately bargaining for her life. “I – I’ll – Uh – I’ll let you use the car whenever you want! I’ll do favors for you, whenever want!”

“Hmmmm… Nah,” Vanessa said (although not seriously considering the offer anyway). “I’d rather extinguish you. Mom and Dad will never know what happened to you, and your thousands of boyfriends will have to find some other slut to get their dicks sucked from.”


“Heck, maybe I’ll breakup with my boyfriend, and start dating one of yours instead,” Vanessa thought, rubbing her chin, daydreaming. “I bet I’d be a better girlfriend than you. I’m already a better person in general than you, anyways, because you’re a piece of shit.”

“OK! OK! You can have them!” Cindy conceded. “Just don’t do this to me! Please!”

“But I could possibly have both!” Vanessa pointed out, warping the fireball to where it was now on the floor, so she could get dressed.

Vanessa began taking off her shoes and socks, starting to quickly undress. It was now time to do something she’d been fantasizing about for quiet a while. She could barely wait to start. The redhead could already feel her twat wet from excitement.

“What are you doing?” the fire asked, automatically suspicious of anything her sister was up to.

“Like I said, whore, you’ll see,” Vanessa replied, with a wicked smile that would’ve given Cindy chills if she wasn’t fire.

As her sister kept begging for this madness to end, Vanessa took off her white shirt and bra, revealing her B-cup tits. Afterwards, she slipped off her shorts and panties. Her clearly aroused and wet, pink pussy had trimmed, light blonde pubic hair surrounding it.

“Like my naked body, bitch?” she asked, showing herself off. “It’s nicer than yours, by the way.”

“What are you doing?” Cindy repeated, but again not getting an answer.

Vanessa sat her ass on the ground, and tilted back on the side of the bed, with her legs spread wide open. She began playing with herself, only inches away from the flame. Her fantasy was now coming to life.

“W- Why are you… Masturbating?” the fire asked, seeing her own sister pleasuring herself right in front of her.

“Mmmm…” Vanessa groaned looking down at her, enjoying the sensation of her own fingers, while she used the other hand to play with her tits. “I’m gonna have a nice little orgasm, and squirt on you!”


“Even you’re smart enough to know what’ll happen once you’re covered in water,” Vanessa commented. “Right, stupid?”

“VANESSA, NO!” Cindy pleaded, realizing the answer. “THIS IS SICK! DON’T DO THIS!”

“Oh, that’s it. Keep pleading for your life, whore,” the masturbating girl groaned, as she occasionally closed her eyes and tilted her head back. “I’ve been fantasizing about this for a long, long time.”

“STOP THIS! PLEASE!” Cindy yelled, with her yells becoming more frantic.

The redhead was so turned on by her sister’s begging. Every word brought her a little closer to the climax that would extinguish Cindy. She had been thinking about doing this for a long time, but never had the guts to actually do it, until getting a nerve struck.

Vanessa wasn’t totally sure why she had this very strange fantasy, but embraced it anyway. Whenever she masturbated, she imagined this very scenario. Sometimes, she’d even have a dream about it. When she eventually got interested in magic, and began studying it, the realization came to her that this weird idea could come to life.

As much mutual hatred between the two that there was, Vanessa originally wasn’t going to do it. After all, it would be murder. No matter how annoying or rotten Cindy was, she didn’t deserve to die, and was family after all. Over time, Vanessa slowly changed her mind, getting more and more fed up with the constant bullshit. All it took was just one too many insults or attacks, especially one that struck a nerve.

“Mmmm. It just so happens I’ve been drinking lots of water to stay hydrated in the heat lately,” Vanessa said, feeling the heat from the flame on her twat. “Plus, I’ve used my power to enhance how much I cum. So it’ll be a nice, long squirt that’ll totally put you out.”


“Nope, I just want you gone. Besides, like I said, this has always been one of my biggest fantasies.”


“Mmmm, it’s getting there. Each second that goes by we get closer and closer to your end, bitch!”


Vanessa loved the fear she was putting her through. She thought it was fantastic that Cindy was now totally at her mercy, and now begging instead of being combative. Plus, all the years of bickering, fighting and overall bullshit were almost over. The car would now be solely hers, and so would the room. There’d be no more constant arguing, or of her sister’s annoying habits, or tattling to Mom and Dad.

“Speaking of squirting, how many times have you gushed into a guy’s mouth?” Vanessa asked, ignoring her pleas, as she continued pleasing herself. “I bet dozens of times, you fucking slut. That’s all you are. Just a damn SLUT!”


It was no use. Vanessa had already made her mind up. No amount of pleading was going to make the slightest bit of difference.

This was Cindy’s fate, which obviously was a bizarre and cruel one at that. Whether she liked it or not, this was it. Her life was done. All she could do was sit there, and watch her psychotic sister masturbate, and hear the sounds of her fingers rubbing against the aroused and lubricated pussy as she talked.

“Oh, it’s getting closer!” Vanessa warned, breathing more deeply now as her pussy felt better and better. “Mmmm. I can feel it! I’m gonna cum all over you, whore!”


“I’d rather resolve our problems by gushing all over you!” Vanessa said after laughing, and while still rubbing her increasingly lubricated pussy.


“I’m gonna get every bit of dribble on you as I can, slut,” Vanessa moaned, taking her hand off her breasts, and now using it to finger herself, to get even closer to climax. “The floor is gonna be all WET in the spot where you are right now.”

“JUST STOP THIS, YOU CRAZY BITCH!” Cindy screamed, becoming frustrated that her sister wasn’t listening, and knowing time was running out.

“Oh, see that? This ‘crazy bitch’ is about to cum any second now!” Vanessa said, with a big smile, as a couple short bursts of pre-orgasm cum squirted out. “You’re just seconds away from disappearing forever!”

“VANESSA, PLEASE! WE’RE SISTERS!” Cindy begged, pleading again.

The fire was desperately hoping something would come along to rescue her, but there wasn’t. Nothing was going to. She was going to be extinguished. The doomed girl began thinking of her family and friends, all of whom she’d never see again.

“Time to die now, bitch! Here it is!” Vanessa groaned, bordering on climax. “OOOOOHHHHH!”

The moment Vanessa was looking forward to, and which Cindy was dreading, finally arrived. A huge orgasm overcame the masturbating sister, as her eyes rolled into the back of her head from enjoying the climax. She began shaking and squirting, as she kept rubbing her throbbing twat.

Cindy watched in horror while screaming. Her green eyes and mouth were wide open in terror. Her twin sister’s pussy juices was the last sight she’d ever see, and the yelling from the intense orgasm was the last sound she’d ever hear. A ton of cum (its plentifulness enhanced by the magical powers) shot out from her twat upward like a fountain, and landed perfectly on the flame only inches away.


Cindy was now being doused in her own sister’s cum. Over the course of a few seconds, the scream gradually faded as the fire was being reduced, until she was gone. The noise of her final cry was replaced by a sizzling sound.

The realization of her twin being dead was the greatest moment of Vanessa’s entire life. The fact her sister was now gone turned her on so much, another intense orgasm started, just as soon as the other was ending. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head again, as she gave out a loud scream from the ectasy. More cum squirted out to go along with it.

“OOOOHHHH, YEAH! SHE’S FINALLY DEAD!” the climaxing redhead yelled in passion, as the second orgasm overcame her body.

Vanessa, having to catch her breath from the double climax, stopped masturbating and scooted closer to where her sister just was. She saw that the fire was gone. Instead, there was a steaming, dark scorch mark on the carpet where Cindy had been a moment ago, with a wet stain on it. The only remnant of her left was a bit of smoke in the air, from the now extinguished flame.

A big smile and laugh came to the redhead, as she realized her sister was finally gone. Her fantasy had actually come true. It was done! Vanessa’s sister was now out of her life forever.

Her twin sister, a person she came from the same womb on the same day from about 22 years ago, was now dead. That meant there was now no more of her arguing, fighting, screaming or shouting, among many other things. That was all in the past now. It was over.

“Good riddance, you stupid fucking cunt!” she said before laughing, looking at the spot where she was a moment before.

“You were a total piece of shit. Nobody – and I repeat – NOBODY is gonna miss you,” she continued, getting her face up close to the spot. “NOBODY! Your days of backstabbing, bitching, lying, and slutting around are all over now.”

Vanessa was obviously not perfect herself, and clearly worse. She was guilty of several things things she attacked Cindy for. She was oblivious to her own faults. By Vanessa’s very own logic, she just as much deserved to have the same thing happen to her, but didn’t understand that, being blinded by the petty hatred for her own sister.

Vanessa suddenly felt like she had to piss. She started peeing on the spot where her sister had been moments before, right on the scorch mark. There was a sigh of relief, as the urine traveled down (the redhead didn’t drink the healthiest drinking diet, so the piss was a darkened yellow color). The freckled girl looked down, with a big smile on her face, enjoying the disrespectful gesture.

“Consider this a parting gift,” she said before laughing.

After she was done, it was time to get dressed, and then hang out with her friends, like originally planned. With Cindy out of the way, her outings would be cancelled a lot less often, and the car would be to herself. She hoped her parents would pay for all the gas now.

“Welp, once I’m dressed, I’m gonna use MY car,” she said, still talking as if her dead sister could actually hear her, but obviously couldn’t. “Because you can’t make it in for work today, or any other day for that matter.”

She walked to the closet, and began picking out some of her sister’s clothes. Vanessa put on a pink tank top that she always liked, but her sister would never let her wear it. With her out of the way, she could no longer stop her.

“Maybe I should call them,” Vanessa started to joke. “I should let them know I turned you into a flame, and extinguished you, so you can’t come in anymore. They’d probably celebrate, because I bet they couldn’t fucking stand you either.”

After she was fully dressed, it was time to leave. Vanessa spit in hatred on the spot Cindy had been. She opened the door to leave, and took another look at the scorch, with cum, piss and spit mixed in. She gestured a middle finger to the spot, before leaving to start a new and sister-free life.

The remaining smoke lingering in the air soon dissipated after Vanessa left, so there were now no more visible remnants of Cindy at all. She was totally gone. What remained were now just little individual air particles.

The parents never eventually figured out what happened to Cindy. They thought her sister seemed inappropriately and oddly cheery since the vanishing, but never suspected she had anything to do with the disappearance, despite their rivalry. The redhead would simply go down as an unsolved missing person’s case, never to be figured out.

Vanessa went on to have a much easier and care free life, while practicing more of her magic (and getting better at it, too). She had the ability to bring Cindy back if she wanted to, but never did. That bitch was going to stay dead.

Whenever Vanessa would masturbate, she’d often do it in the exact spot where her sister was extinguished. She never bothered to remove the scorch mark, leaving it as a reminder of the best day of her life, which was the last day of Cindy’s. She’d always remember the day she got rid of her twin, and the terrified final scream.

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