The Mind Control Device Chapter 15: Enjoying His Mind-Controlled Students by mypenname3000

The Mind Control Device Chapter 15: Enjoying His Mind-Controlled Students by mypenname3000 ,Introduction:


Dean is enjoying mind-controlling the students at his school! , The Mind Control Device

Chapter Fifteen: Enjoying His Mind-Controlled Students

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Dean Michaels

My cock spurted into my student's hot, tight, young pussy.

“Mr. Michaels!” Amanda howled, her convulsing cunt wringing out the jizz flooding her coed twat. The redheaded cutie shuddered, bent over my desk and receiving her reward for getting the top mark on the test in my second class of the day.

I loved being a college professor. To touch young minds—and young cunts—was a privilege. My mind-control device was giving my students the encouragement to excel in my classes. To try with all their might so they could get the rapturous orgasms their youthful, hormone-riddled bodies craved.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Steve grunted. The nerdy guy groaned as he spurted his cum into Shelly's pussy. The busty hottie trembled, bent over her own desk, her jeans and panties around her ankle as she took his cum.

He'd scored highest of all the guys. A 100%.

My cum pumped a final time into Amanda's juicy pussy. I groaned, savoring her twat working out that last blast. She whimpered, her red hair swaying. I pulled out of her a moment later, loving the sight of my cum bubbling out to stain her shaved twat.

“Thank you, Mr. Michaels,” she panted.


I gave her a playful spank on the ass, her butt-cheek jiggling. “Keep up the good work. If you keep excelling at your tests, you're going to get that reward again and again.”

“I want it, Mr. Michaels,” she moaned and then straightened. Her skirt fell over her naked rump. She bent down and drew up the pale-green panties she wore, a lacy and naughty delight. She hauled them over her rump, trapping my cum in her.

“Go over what few questions you got wrong on your test,” I said, shoving my juicy cock back into my pants. The air brimmed with that heady aroma of underage cunt.

The other students were doing just that: flipping through their engineering textbooks to figure out what they had gotten wrong on the test. I smiled at their diligence. Buzzing, I marched forward and began answering their questions and helping them learn what they did wrong.

So rewarding.

When the period came to an end, I had the next hour free. It was my time to get caught up on lesson plans, go over students' work, and to have a quick nap if I was feeling tired. But I was buzzing on the high of this device.

As my students started filing out, I started typing a new set of commands into the mind-control device wired into the college's network.


June “Junebug” Michaels

My friend, Britney, and I headed out of our second class of the day. I shifted my backpack as we chatted about the dress that our fellow classmate Michelle was wearing today.

“It does not go with her hair,” said Britney. “Why would she wear that?”

“I know,” I said, my pigtails bouncing around. We had the next class together, too. We had made sure we had as many classes as possible. “Just horrid. She needs to get her peepers checked.”

“Peepers?” Britney rolled her eyes. “You say the cutest, dumbest things.”

“Yeppers!” I said and bounced in place, grinning at her.

“Such a dork,” she said and giggled.

I giggled, too.

Then an idea popped into my head. “I have to go see my dad real quick. I'll catch up.”

“Uh… okay,” Britney said, sounding utterly bemused. “Why?”

I felt this hot itch growing in my pussy. It had been two whole hours since Daddy was in me, making love to me. Last time, I had ambushed him outside the IT department before classes. It was just after he installed the device.

“Just something only my daddy can do for me,” I told her and then hurried off, my backpack bouncing.

I needed some daddy dick.

I hummed as navigated the halls, a bright smile on my lips. I had the best daddy in the world. He'd mind-controlled me so I could have sex with him. I loved him for that because sex with him was the best. I'd always loved my daddy—he always made me feel so good when I sat on his lap or clung to him—and now I could love him like Mommy did.

Our family was perfect now.

I was going to surprise him. He had a free period, didn't he? I hummed louder, so eager to get some daddy love. I felt like most of his cum had leaked out of me when I used the restroom an hour ago. I needed more in me. His seed had to soak my pussy so I could have his baby.

If we had a daughter, she could grow up to be a daddy's girl, too.

I reached his classroom, threw open the door, and burst in. “Ta-da! You're going to get some…”

My words trailed off. Daddy was sitting naked on his desk hard and throbbing like he was waiting for me.

I glanced at his laptop and gasped, “You mind-controlled me!”

“I thought you'd be horny by now,” he said.

“Naw-uh, you just wanted to make love to your cute and adorable daughter. You're a dirty, dirty old man.”


I grinned at him and shrugged out of my backpack. He watched me stripping. I put on this coquettish smile and rocked my hips from side to side. I wanted to melt Daddy's bones. He needed to get so turned on that he would make love to me with such force. Just pound me and show me how much he craved my nubile flesh.

I grabbed the hem of my blouse and drew it up and up my stomach. He licked his lips as he stared at my navel. I stopped right before pulling up my top right over my boobies. I wasn't wearing a bra today I had little A-cups. They didn't need the support.

“Do you like my boobies, Daddy?” I asked, pulling up the cloth enough to show off the very bottoms of them, the little swell rising up to my hard nipples.

“You know I do,” he said. “You got tits as cute as your mother. And you know how much I love your mommy.”

I giggled at that. “Oh, Dusk and I've grown up hearing how much you love Mommy.”

His smile grew and something like pride entered his eyes. “Making your woman scream her head off is something every man should aspire to.”

“And am I one of your women, Daddy?”

“What do you think?” he asked, arching his eyebrows.

“That I'm your sexy, little girl that you want to love with your big dick!” I yanked off my blouse. My pigtails flew. I threw my top to the ground, feeling my little titties quiver ever so slightly.

Daddy stared at me the way a wolf eyed a succulent lamb. I shuddered, so aching for him to devour me. I wiggled my hips back and forth, my body on fire. I grabbed the hem of my skirt, turned around and bent over.

I yanked it up, exposing my rump to Daddy and my freshly shaved twat. I had done that while he was making love to Mommy this morning. She wanted to have his seed in her. It was so romantic. My parents were awesome.

Daddy groaned as he stared at my tight, eighteen-year-old pussy. I shuddered, growing juicier and juicier as I wiggled my cute tush at him. My pigtails danced, swaying down my cheeks. They brushed my hot face.

Daddy's hands grabbed my butt. Squeezed. “Lord, you are gorgeous, Junebug.”


Dean Michaels

I grabbed my daughter's right rump and buried my face between her butt-cheeks. I just had to lick that asshole. She gasped as my face slid into her crack, my glasses sliding up my nose. My tongue flicked out, caressing over her asshole. I bathed her sour sphincter.

“Daddy!” she moaned. “Ooh, you're such a dirty daddy. Don't you know what you're doing?”

“Mmm, making my little girl's asshole feel amazing. Don't even pretend you hate this!”

I sucked on her butthole, reveling in the sour flavor of my little girl.

“Daddy!” she squealed, her asscheeks clenching about my face. “Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!”

I reveled in that. I swirled my tongue around her sphincter, loving the feel of her. My cock throbbed as naughty thoughts popped into my mind. I would ravish her little body. I would fuck my baby girl hard.

And she would love it.

My tongue caressed her wrinkled sphincter, sliding and swirling around that tight asshole. My right hand slid around her hip and reached down to the shaved folds of her pussy. She quivered there, whimpering as I tongued her butthole, reveling in the sour flavor.

I loved that dirty taste of my Junebug.

“Daddy,” she whimpered as my fingers slid lower and lower, crossing her hairless pudenda.

I reached her vulva. I felt her hot pussy lips and the juicy plumpness of her aroused flesh. Juices coated my fingers. I pressed my middle digit into her labia. I slid up and down her, nudging her clit, caressing all her folds.

Her butt-cheeks clenched about my face again. She whimpered while my tongue danced over her asshole. I caressed that dirty hole while fingering her twat. I brushed her clit again, bringing another gasp of delight from my daughter's mouth.

I could listen to her gasp all day.

So I pressed my tongue against her anal ring. I pushed on her sour ring, aching to penetrate her. She whimpered and moaned. Then she gasped as my tongue popped into her bowels. She threw back her head, whimpering out in delight.

“Daddy!” she moaned. “Oh, Daddy! Oh, that's so naughty. Mmm, Daddy! Daddy! You're in my butthole!”

Yes, I was.

I rubbed my fingers up and down her juicy pussy as I danced my tongue around in her asshole. I swirled it. Caressed her anal walls. I reveled in the sour taste of my daughter. I enjoyed every moment of this. My heart pounded as she moaned, clenching her asscheeks around my face.

“Oh, Daddy, that's amazing!” she moaned. Then she jumped as I brushed her clit. “Rub me there. I like it!”

I massaged her clit with my fingers. I caressed over her, teasing her. Touching her. I loved the feel of her butt-cheeks squeezing about my face. Her asshole gripped my tongue. I caressed her little bud, her juices coating it. My fingers grew so slippery.

Then I shoved my left hand up between her thighs. I slammed two fingers to the hilt in my daughter's juicy, young cunt. She gasped. Her back arched. Her cute moans echoed through my classroom. She could scream as loud as she wanted: the mind-control device would keep anyone from investigating.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she moaned as I thrust my fingers deep into her cunt. “Oh, Daddy, I'm going to cum!”

Her pussy clung to my digits. My other fingers massaged her clit. I fucked my tongue in and out of her asshole. Her moans grew so loud. They reverberated around through the empty classroom. They were so delicious to hear.

Her pussy clenched hot around my digits. She squeezed them tight while her asshole gripped my tongue. I massaged that sour sheath with my dancing tongue. I rubbed her clit and plundered her cunt. I gave my Junebug pleasure.

“Daddy!” she howled and came.

Her pussy went wild about my digits. Juices gushed out, soaking my left hand. I ripped it from her cunt and grabbed my cock, stroking her cream up and down my aching shaft. I kept tongue-fucking her asshole and massaging her clit.

She bucked and moaned. Her cute gasps filled the air. The fresh scent of her pussy cream reached my nose. Her body trembled. I loved every second of it. My dick throbbed and ached. I had to be in my little girl.

“Junebug!” I growled and rose.


June “Junebug” Michaels

Daddy grabbed my waist, picked me up, and spun me around. As my body trembled through my orgasm, he bent me over his desk. I was right next to the naughty laptop that he'd typed his commands into that had summoned me.

“Daddy!” I moaned in delirious delight. My pussy cream ran down my thighs. “Oh, Daddy, I need you. Love me!”

“Oh, I'm going to, Junebug,” he growled, sounding so strong. So in control. My daddy was a stud.

His cock pressed between the cheeks of my ass and found my sphincter he'd so thoroughly soaked in his saliva. I gasped in delight as he pushed on there. My naughty anal ring widened and widened for his cock.

“Daddy, you're loving my butt!”

“Yes, I am, Junebug!” he growled as he entered me.

I gasped, feeling his dick sliding into my asshole. That velvety heat melted down to my pussy. It was different from him being in my cunt. He couldn't knock me up, but that wasn't bad because it still meant that I got to have his cum in me.

Daddy slid deeper and deeper into my asshole. I arched my back, rubbing my hard nipples into the cool surface of the desk. I whimpered as his pubic hair pressed into my rump. He bottomed out in me. I had all of his big dick in my asshole.

The only dick I needed in me.

Then Daddy drew back. I squealed in delight.

My naughty butthole clung to his cock. The velvety heat he created with his shaft melted to my cunny. My naughty pussy drank it in and felt super, duper good. Especially after that wonderful orgasm he'd just given me.

“Ooh, yes!” I moaned, feeling all tingly and good right now. “Daddy, Daddy, I love you so much.”

He planted his hands on either side of me on the desk and moaned, “I love you, too, Junebug!”

Daddy rammed his cock back to the hilt in my bowels. Hard. Fast. He plunged into me. I squealed in delight. The anal friction blazed hot. His wiry pubic hair smacked into my rump. His balls cracked into my taint.

The sound echoed through the room. It was wonderful to hear. I savored it. I whimpered and moaned, loving Daddy's every plunge into my butthole. He buried deep into me. Hard. He slammed his cock to the hilt in me.

I loved it.

He buried that dick into me. He plunged that hard cock into my ass like a champ. It was amazing. He rammed so deep into me. So hard. He buried over and over into me. It was the best thing in the world.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned. “Oh, Daddy, that's great. That's the best. Ooh, you're ramming that cock into me. You're burying hard and fast. I love it!”

“I love your tight asshole, Junebug! Goddamn, you're going to make me explode!”


I squeezed my butthole around his dick, my cunny aching more and more. His every thrust into me fed my growing orgasm. I loved cumming. There was nothing better than Daddy or Mommy or even Dusk making me cum. My family was the best.

Incest was the best!

I whimpered and groaned, squeezing my bowels around Daddy's thrusting dick. The friction swelled and swelled. That wonderful pleasure would consume me. I would have such a huge orgasm. It would be amazing.

Daddy buried his cock to the hilt in me over and over again. He slammed deep and hard. He plunged with skill into me. It was amazing. I groaned, squeezing around him with such powerful pressure.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Daddy. Oh, Daddy, that's great. I'm going to cum! That's how much I love your cock, Daddy!”

“Prove it!” he groaned, slamming his cock to the hilt in my bowels over and over. “Show Daddy how much you love his cock in your butt!”

“So much!” I howled, gripping his cock as he drove back.

The pleasure swelled and swelled in my cunny. My hot pussy dripped juices as it fed on the wonderful sensations of Daddy's dick burying into my anal sheath. That naughty heat swelled and swelled.

I whimpered, my nipples throbbing. I squirmed there, rotating my skinny hips. I stirred my bowels around Daddy's cock. It added that extra stimulation. He groaned and buried deep into my butt. His balls smacked into me.

They brimmed with his cum.

I climaxed.

“Daddy!” I howled, my asshole going wild on his dick as he pulled back. “Cum in me. Flood me. I love your jizz being in me, Daddy! I love you!”

“I love you, Junebug!” he growled and rammed forward.

My spasming asshole embraced his cock. He grunted and then erupted.

My pussy convulsed harder, juices gushing down my thighs, as I reveled in Daddy flooding my butthole. He pumped spurt after spurt of his jizz in me. My cunny drank it up and released euphoria to wash through my body.

I whimpered and moaned as the rapture splashed across my mind. Stars burst through my vision. My naughty butthole milked Daddy's cock. I wrung his spurting shaft, drawing out every drop of jizz he had in him.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you!” I howled, my pleasure hitting that wonderful peak.

“Love you, too, Junebug,” he panted. “Love you so much, I built this device to make love to you.”

I beamed at that. “I'm so glad I inspire you, Daddy. Just so glad.”

“Yes, you do.” He groaned and then he pulled out of me.

I shuddered as he popped out of my butthole. I felt so wonderfully full of all his cum. I shuddered and spun around. I threw my arms around him and kissed him on the mouth. He tasted of my sour ass. I didn't care. That just made the kiss naughtier.

I kissed him, loving him, and then a new itch seized me. My eyes widened. I gasped and broke the kiss with Daddy. I stared at him in awe before I darted to my clothes. I grabbed my skirt, my butthole clenching.

“You're mind-controlling me again!” she gasped. “Ooh, what am I going to do next?”

He winked at me. “Enjoy the surprise.”

He was the best daddy in the world.


Eve “Dusk” Michaels

My third class was about fifteen or so minutes underway when my little sister sauntered into the classroom.

No one seemed to notice her entering but me. She scanned the class and then saw me. Her cheeks were bright red. Her blue eyes bright. She had an angelic face, just full of round, cherubic beauty. Her pigtails danced as she skipped to me, her backpack bouncing and rustling.

She stopped before me and said, “Slut, Daddy came in my asshole. You have to suck me clean!”

Everyone ignored her outburst while I groaned. I could feel that I had to do just that. I craved it. I knew it was Daddy mind-controlling me—just the way a slut like me deserved to be controlled—but it felt so real.

Like it was what I wanted to do.

So I did it.

June spun around and bent over. I just turned in my seat, flipped up her skirt, and groaned at the sight of her tight rump with cum bubbling out of her butt-crack. Incestuous, salty cum that I hungered to feast on.

Licking my lips, I buried my face into my little sister's ass-crack.

My tongue flicked out the moment I did, licking up that sour-infused cum that had flooded out of her butthole. As I did this, I shoved my right hand between my thighs and pressed up beneath my skirt to find my naked pussy.

I frigged myself.

My glasses shifted as I lapped my sister's butt-crack clean. I did a thorough job, wanting little June to be as clean as possible. And because I wanted every drop of our daddy's cum. I craved his salty load. After all, I was a slut through and through.

I had to enjoy my daddy in any way I could.

“Ooh, that's it, Dusk,” June moaned.

“You like that, munchkin?” I asked and then licked down to her asshole.

“Of course I do! I love sex with everyone in the family.” She squeezed her butt-cheeks around my face. “Mmm, that feels so nice. You're going to make me explode, Dusk.”

“I am!”

I fluttered my tongue around her asshole. More of Daddy's cum bubbled out of her. A naughty delight rippled through me. I thrust three fingers into my cunt as I licked up that jizz. I savored that salty, sour spunk melting across my taste buds.

June's asshole made Daddy's cum even tastier.

I loved being my daddy's slut. It was the greatest thing in the world. There was nothing better than enjoying his wonderful spunk. I sealed my lips around her asshole and sucked. I drew the jizz out of my sister's butt.

Reveled in it.

June moaned, her asscheeks clenching about my face. I frigged my pussy, thrusting my fingers into my juicy depths. Mr. Phelps continued his boring lecture. Students took notes, not caring that I was rimming my sister's asshole and sucking out all of our daddy's cum.

Daddy was the best. I loved him so much. He was a genius. I was proud to have mind-controlled myself into being his slut. I would be his whore-daughter until the day I died, doing whatever filthy, nasty, and delicious things he commanded.

My cunt clenched down on my digits.

I frigged myself faster. I sucked hard on June's asshole. More and more of Daddy's cum bubbled out of her and filled my mouth. It was such a wonderful treat. I reveled in this moment. I savored every second of nursing on her asshole and drawing out all that wicked cum. I felt so naughty. Such a wicked, kinky, dirty slut.

It was amazing.

My cunt was on fire. My pussy throbbed and ached, feeling so juicy. I shuddered, swirling my tongue around her asshole. I caressed her with hunger. My tongue danced and darted around her. I fluttered up and down her butthole, reveling in the feel of her.

Then I sucked.

Cum bubbled up into my mouth.

My pussy clenched on my fingers as I feasted on our daddy's spunk. I savored it. Wanted to make it last, so I danced my tongue around her asshole again. I stroked her while she whimpered. My fingers plunged into my cunt.

She needed that, too.

My left hand cupped my sister's shaved twat—when had she done that?—and rubbed up and down her hot flesh. I would make her explode. She would have a mighty orgasm. It would be fantastic to share that moment with her.

I couldn't wait to make my little sister squeal her pretty, little head off. It would be the most fantastic moment of my life. I would enjoy every second of it. I would frig my cunt to a wonderful climax. We'd share our sisterly incest together.

“Oh, Dusk, yes!” she moaned. “Ooh, that's so good.”

“Mmm, good,” I purred, grinding the heel of my hand into her plump vulva and tight slit. Her juices soaked me.

My tongue darted around her asshole. I fluttered it in fast circles. It was just a heady rush to enjoy her. I groaned, loving basting her butthole with my tongue in between suckles that drew out the cum lodged in her asshole.

That cum was so yummy. My cunt clenched around my digits. My orgasm built faster and faster. I would have such a huge one. I massaged her. I rubbed at her cunt with my digits. As I sucked out more cum, I thrust them into her.

“Dusk!” she gasped, her butt-cheeks clenching around my face. “Yes!”

That wonderful cum flowed into my mouth as my fingers sank into her pussy. I pumped them in and out of her, loving how her twat squeezed about them as I nursed on her asshole. My own cunt grew hotter and hotter.

I frigged us both with intensity. Two fingers into her tight cunt and three into my depraved twat. I moaned, my pussy drinking in the friction. I swelled towards my orgasm. I rose for it. I was so close to exploding. I would cum so hard.

She gasped and moaned. Her butt-cheeks squeezed about my face. I sucked so hard on her asshole. I nursed on it now, drawing out more and more of Daddy's cum. There wasn't much left in her. I had to suckle harder and harder to get any of that sour, salty spunk to spill across my tongue.

So I applied all the suction I could.

I fingered both our twats with wild intensity as my cheeks hollowed. I sucked and sucked and sucked. Cum bubbled out of her asshole. She squealed in delight. Her pussy convulsed and spasmed around my digits.

“You cleaned out all the cum!” she howled. “That's why I'm cumming!”

Those words set me off.

My pussy writhed and spasmed around my fingers. They went wild about my twat. The pleasure surged through me. I groaned, reveling in every moment of this bliss. It swept through my body. I whimpered and shuddered, my cunt worshiping my digits.

Pleasure surged through me as I kept nursing on my little sister's butthole. I savored the sour flavor. My eyes squeezed shut, my glasses jostled by her spasms. Her pussy convulsed around my fingers. My cunt writhed around my digits. The pleasure hit that delicious peak in me. My mind drinking in the ecstasy.

“Oh, Dusk, thank you!” cried my sister. “Ooh, but I have to get to class now!”

She pulled her butt-cheeks away from my face and darted off. I panted, my fingers sliding out of her cunny. I kept mine in my pussy for a moment longer. Then I pulled them out. I shoved my left ones in my mouth, sucking off my little sister's fresh-tasting cream.

God, it was delicious. Daddy knew just what I needed. Nursing on my digits, I paid attention to the lecture. I had to excel in my classes to earn more naughty rewards. I gripped my pencil in my pussy-soaked fingers and took notes.


Dean Michaels

Dolly stepped into my classroom the moment June left.

I had wanted to fuck the busty cheerleader during my first class. Sadly, she'd failed to get the highest grade in class, so she didn't get that reward. But that didn't mean I should miss out on enjoying the girl. Her bleached-blonde hair swayed about her youthful face. Twenty and gorgeous.

“Mr. Michaels!” she moaned and ripped off her t-shirt. Her large, young titties spilled out. She wore no bra. She had prepared herself before coming in. She cupped her breasts and shook them at me. “Is it wrong that I want to wrap my big, lush titties around your dirty cock, Mr. Michaels? To feel your dick warm with your daughter's ass on my boobies.”

“So wonderfully wrong,” I said, sinking down in my chair. “Do it.”

“Yes, Mr. Michaels,” she moaned and fell to her knees before me. The nubile, twenty-year-old cheerleader wrapped her tits around my dirty dick.

She squeezed those pure, lush, and delicious breasts around them. I liked small tits, but there was something exciting about a busty coed. Something ripe about those mounds that just begged for a man to defile them.

I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic. I sent it to my wife and then leaned back and enjoyed Dolly's work.

She squeezed her tits around my cock. She slid her breasts up and down my cock. She pumped at them with this wicked gleam in her eyes. She licked her lips as she massaged me. Her touch was exciting. Sensual. It had my dick aching and throbbing.

I would have such a huge orgasm. I would spurt cum all over her tits. She groaned, squeezing her breasts around my dick. My cock throbbed and ached. I loved this. I leaned back and smiled, enjoying the warmth of her breast caressing my cock.

“Damn,” I panted. “Oh, damn, that's good. Yes, yes, just like that. Polish my dick clean.”

“Yes, Mr. Michaels,” the cheerleader moaned. She stared up at me with such wicked delight in her blue eyes. “I'll buff your cock clean. Ooh, we'll get all your daughter's sour ass off your cock. Then you'll fuck my pussy and breed me, Mr. Michaels.”

I smiled at that. My wife's breeding desires had infected me.

“Hopefully,” I said. “If not, well, we'll have plenty of time to try.”

“Yes, Mr. Michaels!”

She squeezed her tits around my cock. She gripped them in her lush breasts and worked them up and down. Her bleached-blonde hair fell around her excited face. She stared at my cock emerging from between the valley of her tits over and over again.

I typed one-handed: G10D40;lick the tip of 840F21 dick every time it emerges from your breasts


Her breasts slid down my cock. My tip emerged. She ducked her head down and licked across the crown of my cock, sliding right over my slit and gathering up the precum. I groaned, loving how I could make her do what I wanted.

“Just like that,” I groaned, my cock throbbing between her tits. “Mmm, you're going to get a face-full of cum if you keep doing that.”

“Oh, no,” she gasped, her tits sliding up my cock and then back down. She licked my tip. “I hate getting cum in my face.

G10D40;loves getting cum fired in her face


“You sure you don't love it?” I asked as she slid her tits up and then down.

She caressed the crown of my dick and gasped. “I do. Ooh, I do love getting cum splashed on my face. I don't know why I would say that. Mmm, just fire that jizz all over my face.

All;compliment G10D40 when she has cum on her face and do not think it is weird at all


I smiled, loving my power. It was such a rush to have this. To control the faculty and student body so thoroughly. I couldn't wait to send her out into the school with my jizz dripping down her features. It would be so exciting.

Her breasts swept up and down my cock. She massaged my dick with those perfect tits of hers. They were outstanding. My cock throbbed and ached as she pumped them up and down faster. Her tongue swept around the crown of my dick every time my cock emerged from between her tits.

She slid up my dick and back down. Her tongue bathed my tip. She coated me in her saliva. My cock throbbed and ached. The pressure in my balls grew and grew with every moment of her youtnful titties sliding up and down me.

“Damn, Dolly,” I groaned. “You're going to have so much cum covering your face.”

“Yes, Mr. Michaels!” she moaned. “Oh, that's so hot. It makes me so wet. I'm going to love it!”

“You'll be so pretty with my cum on your face.”

“Yes!” She squeezed her tits around my dick. Her bleached-blonde locks swayed about her face. She rubbed her breasts faster and faster up and down my cock. “So pretty.”

The pressure grew and grew at the tip of my dick. My balls ached. I groaned, squirming in the chair. I sucked in deep breaths. My heart pounded in my chest. Blood screamed through my veins as my sexy student worshiped my cock with her beautiful tits.

Her hot tongue added that extra bit of delight. She gathered up my precum. She sent tingles racing down to my balls. The pressure grew and grew in them. I was moments from erupting in her face. I would shower her in my jizz. I would paint her features.

“Fuck, Dolly!” I moaned.

“Mmm, Mr. Michaels, you can do it. You can cum all over my face. Won't that be so hot!”

“Yes!” I groaned, my heart pumping fast. “Damn, that's good. I'm going to jizz all over your features. Don't stop. Slide those tits up… and… and… Shit!”

Her tits engulfed the crown of my cock. The silky pressure massaged my aching dick. The pressure hit that boiling point in me. I groaned out and erupted as my tip emerged from between her tits. As she ducked her head down to lick me, I exploded.

Hot cum jetted from my dick.

I splashed my spunk all across my sixteen-year-old student's face. I groaned, my chair creaking. My balls unloaded. Spurt after spurt of cum fired into her face. I basted her features. I coated her with all the passion brimming in my balls.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled.

“Mr. Michaels, paint my face!” the cutie moaned.

I did. I pumped more and more spunk onto her. The arousal protocol did its work on me. I shuddered, my balls growing tighter and tighter. The jizz surged out of me. It painted across her features.

I fired that last blast. I panted, gasping for breath. I gripped the armrest of my chair. My glasses shifted on my face as I sucked in deep breaths. It was an amazing orgasm. I loved every moment of this. I savored all the passion.

“Damn,” I panted. “Goddamn, that was amazing. Look at you, Dolly. Just so beautiful.”

“I am,” she moaned, staring up at me with her face painted in my spunk. My pearly cum ran down her lush features. When it reached her plump, bee-sting lips, she swiped her tongue out and gathered up my seed with obvious delight. Her brown eyes shown.

Then she stood up and sat on my desk as the next part of her programming kicked in. she stretched out on her back, her naked tits heaving. Some of my cum had landed on her lush tits. A line had run down to her fat, pink nipple. She grabbed her skirt and pulled it up, exposing her lack of panties.

I blinked in surprise.

Not because she didn't have on any panties—I'd ordered her not to—nor that she was shaved—I would have been surprised if this slut had a bush—but because of the tattoo of a rose she had blossoming right above her pussy slit. It had a suggestive shape, like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting. My dick throbbed as she parted her pussy lips with her digits

“Please, please, Mr. Michaels, slide your cock into my cunt and breed me like the cheerleader-slut I am!” she moaned, staring up at me with brown eyes.

I groaned at the words she chose to say. I just programmed her to beg to be bred.

“God, you are a cheerleader-slut in need of my cum, aren't you?” I asked.

She nodded, whimpering. The cum ran down her features to soak the dark roots of her bleached hair. She wiggled on my desk, her pussy begging for my cock. I brought it to her, buffed clean of June's ass by those magnificent breasts.

My third student of the day… I loved my mind-control device. There were so many gorgeous ones out there. I had to pace myself. I didn't want to over-indulge. Moderation in all things was important to a balanced life.

But I would have my fun with them. Eventually.

I slid into Dolly's cunt. I groaned at her silky pussy lips spreading over the crown of my dick. She took me with ease, whimpering as I went deeper and deeper. She grabbed her tits, squeezing them as I plundered her juicy depths.

I bottomed out in her juicy twat.

“Mr. Michaels!” she moaned, squeezing around me. “Ooh, it's so nice having a man's cock in me.”

“I bet it is,” I groaned and drew back, her hot flesh clinging to me.

“You're not one of those boys.” She stared up at me. “That's why you have to breed me. I have to be a mommy young. While I'm ripe and fertile.”

“That's right,” I groaned, pumping away at her juicy twat. She gripped me with that pussy. She held me tight. Her cunt massaged me, the heat swelling down my cock.

I drove hard into her. I fucked her passionately. I loved every moment of burying into her cunt. I would have such a huge orgasm. Just leave her dripping in spunk. It would be incredible. I fucked her harder. Faster. Her tits heaved.

Pleasure crossed her face as she took my cock.

I smiled back down at her, loving the enthusiasm she showed. It burst from her, eyes sparkling with delight. She squirmed in place, her juicy pussy clinging to my dick. She held me with such force. Such wonderful, aching delight. Her flesh would have me exploding fast.

So I fucked her harder. Faster. I pounded into her cunt, ready to flood her fertile depths with every drop of cum I had in my balls. My nuts smacked into her taint over and over again. The slapping sound echoed through the room.

“Oh, my god, yes!” she moaned. “Mr. Michaels! Ram that big dick in me! Give me a baby!”

“I'm going to breed that slutty cunt!” I panted. “Shit, Dolly, how many raw dicks have you taken?”

“None! Always made them wrap up. But you, Mr. Michaels…” She arched her back, thrusting her young, firm titties in the air. “Bareback for you. Nut in me!”

Her pussy clenched down hard on my cock. I groaned, savoring that silky embrace. I fucked into her with hard and passionate strokes. I enjoyed every moment of plundering to the hilt in her cunt. I savored that hot, tight, juicy twat being wrapped around my dick. It was amazing to feel. To experience her cunt squeezing around me like that.

I pumped away at her. I buried with heat into her cunt. She gasped and moaned, her pussy clenching around my cock. The heat of her passion rushed up my dick. That wonderful bliss soaked my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her cunt squeezing tight to me. “Oh, that's incredible. You're amazing, Mr. Michaels.”

“Your cunt is sucking at my dick,” I growled. “I'm going to fire so much jizz in you!”

“Do it! Oh, please, please do it! I want that more than anything, Mr. Michaels. I want to feel your cum jetting into me. It'll be amazing. It'll be perfect. Oh, Mr. Michaels, yes!”

I groaned, savoring her cunt's pussy squeezing around me. She held me tight. She gripped my dick with that amazing snatch. It felt amazing to be in her. I pumped away at her with hard thrusts. Powerful thrusts. I buried into her again and again.

The ache was swelling. I couldn't take much more of this delicious, young cunt. I slammed to the hilt in her, the pressure squeezing about my balls. Her cunt gripped me as I drew back. Her back arched, her cum-splattered face twisting in rapture.

“Mr. Michaels!” she moaned. “Oh, Mr. Michaels. Yes!”

“Yes!” I groaned. “Fuck, yes!”

My cum erupted into her. I pumped my jizz into her pussy. I flooded her cunt with every drop of spunk that was in my balls. I shuddered, the heat blazing through my thoughts. My back arched as I basted her fertile depths.

The girl's pussy spasmed around my cock. She gasped, “Mr. Michaels! Yes!”

Her cunt massaged my dick. She rippled and writhed around me. Her hot sheath sucked at my cock. She worked out the cum that jetted out of my balls. I groaned, savoring every last spurt of my cum that fired into her depths.

“You're breeding me!” she howled.

“I fucking am!” I gasped.

The pleasure slammed into my mind. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. My heart raced from the bliss that she gave me. Her pussy sucked at my dick. She wrung out my cum with such hunger. Her brown eyes burned.

With a groan, I fired the last blast of cum into her cunt. My pleasure hit that wonderful peak. Her pussy rippled around me, massaging me as I savored that one heartbeat of overwhelming perfection. That moment of maximum bliss.

“Fuck,” I panted as I came down from my high.

“Mr. Michaels,” she whimpered.

I would never get tired of hearing one of my barely legal students moaning my name with that throaty, satiated delight. I stared down at her, watching her tits rise, enjoying that smile gracing her plump lips. I had ravished her. Given her such pleasure.

Maybe even bred her.

Panting, I pulled out of Dolly's pussy. I sank back on my chair while she sat up, a flushed smile on her jizz-painted face. She slid off my desk with a happy moan, her skirt fluttering down around her thighs. My cum basted her barely legal womb.

I glanced at the clock. The lunch hour was almost upon us. I had arrangements to make. She pulled on her blouse and then sauntered out of my classroom with a parting, “Thank you for breeding me, Mr. Michaels.”

“You're welcome,” I said, smiling at my sexy student.

Then she sauntered out to go back to her class where she would no doubt be complimented for wearing my spunk. I shuddered and then rolled my shoulders. I wanted to make sure what happened next went perfectly.

842FA4;report to Mr. Michaels's classroom the moment the lunch hour starts


Kimberly “Kimmie” Michaels

My phone beeped.

I fished it out as my friend, Natalie Meyers, drove myself and Tonya Albertson to the sex shop. My more uptight Christian friend had a nervous quiver to her as she drove us. She'd never been in one of those places.

Before yesterday, when she'd fallen under the influence of my husband's mind-control device, she hadn't done much more than have sex with her husband. Though he was a commanding and dominating guy who enjoyed her naturally submissive side. They had a fairly passionate love-live. Now it had swelled to include their entire family.

Then I made her into my lover today. Some lesbian passion between naughty wives. It wasn't cheating with women. At least that was how I saw it. Not cheating with women or family.

I smiled at the pic my husband had texted me. He had a busty girl's tits wrapped around his cock. Clearly, he was enjoying himself at the college. I didn't mind him with other women. In fact, it made me hot.

My husband was just that virile. That much of a man that he needed more pussy than I could give him. Our daughters, too. I shuddered, my pussy getting so wet as I stared at that pic. I sent him a text back:

“Having my own fun. We're going to have a live-in bang maid,” I texted him. I looked back at my bitch neighbor who was all but my sex slave already. “Two of them.”

“Tonya,” I said to the bitch. “You're daughter's nineteen, right?”

“Yeah,” Tonya Albertson said.

“You should invite her over today,” I said, a naughty itch rippling through me. I remember Gina being such a brat to my daughters when they were younger.

“I will,” Tonya said, so eager to please me.

“Oh, my god, we're here,” Natalie said. She had a breathy quiver in her voice as we pulled up before the Pink Pussycat—the local adult store. I had bought a few naughty schoolgirl outfits from here over the years.

But I'd never browsed their other offerings. I smiled. “Tonya Albertson is treating me to some delights,” I texted to my husband. “Isn't that wonderful?”

To be continued…




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