Trouble by ashley

A literotic sexstories: Trouble by ashley ,

my first story

Kristy was troubled but she didnt try to get in trouble ..Her parents sent her to this place where they supposedly taught kids to behave..She was 14 ,had long black hair with red highlights,she was 5″4,white and weighed 106,she was really pretty….After she arrived she could tell she wouldnt like this place it was about a week after she got there that she met Josh,she immedietly didnt like him,he was mean to her.He was 6″,muscley ,black short hair,white,and totally hot,he was 23. She was sitting in her room and he came in to talk to her about her behavior,he sat on her bed and she just glared at him,she was under her covers naked and so she told him to leave.He told her to shut up ,she cant tell him when to leave and he moved closer to her on the bed.”You have really been alot of trouble,you need to learn how to behave”he told her as he got up and exited the room…A few minutes later he was back and he came in and shut the door “get off the bed ” he told her she shook her head “im not even dressed” he just told her to get up now,so she got up and off the bed , Josh was looking at her naked body and smiled at her “very nice” she tried to cover herself and he ignored that and sat on her bed “come over here,kristy,come bend over my lap” she just stared at him horrified “hell no”,he remained sitting “what your mouth ,whore and get over here or else it will be worse” she say his cold serious look and walked over to him,then he grabbed her and bent her over his lap and started slapping her ass gently, then all of a sudden he started belting her,she screamed out suprised and got hit harder.”Now bitch ,you better start being better cuz this is your punishment got it?” she didnt say anything so he yanked her head up by her hair and asked again “got it?”

she moaned and said “ya” he slapped her “ya? you better say yes sir,show some fucking respect”she weakly said “yes sir” and he let her head drop and continued belting her harder and harder each time.then he pushed her off and she fell to the floor as he got up and left.

The next day kristy was with a few people and they all started making trouble with the adults ,cussing and saying stuff,just having fun with them seeing how they would react.They all got sent to there rooms .Kristy layed on her bed and stretched then got up and started taking off her clothes .she soon got into a t shirt and shorts without a thong or bra.She then layed down and was resting when all of a sudden Josh came in.”ever heard of knocking?” ignoring her question he said “i thought i told you to behave yourself bitch” she just yawned “chill,i was just funning” he locked her down and came over to her bed ,grabbed her roughly and pulled her out of bed,then threw her into the wall “ouch that fucking hurt” he slapped her,not very hard though.”take off your clothes bitch” she looked at him like he was crazy “uhhh no i dont think so” she rolled her eyes “take your clothes off now or i’ll take them off for you” she looked at him to see if he was serious ,he was. “i-i d dont want to ” he laughed “bitch i dont care about what you want” she gave him a sad face “please dont make me,please josh” he looked away for a second then back at her “just do it or i will really hurt you”she started taking off her clothes and stood there naked in front of him “good girl now get on your knees” she did as she was told and got on her knees ,he smiled and unzipped his pants then took them off,then took his boxers off to reveal a huge cock ,kristy looked at it wide eyed “stop staring and suck it” she kept staring “suck it or i’ll hurt you bitch”

he grabbed her by the hair and moved her head closer to his cock,she opened her mouth and he shoved it in “good bitch”

she sucked harder and then he started hitting her back with his belt and she ,suprised, accidently bites down on his cock

he groaned and pulled her up off her knees,giving her a hard slap

“you stupid bitch,damn you” he slapped her 2 more times hella hard

she held up her hands in defense

“please.josh im sorry,stop it”

he looked at her and finally after a few minutes ,listening to her cry he said “ok kristy just dont do it again,im warning you”

she put her hands down and stood there unsure of what to do

“go sit on the bed,now” he watched her as she sat down “ok now lay down and spread your legs” she looked at him with fear “why? what are you gonna do…..please josh im a virgin”

he smiled “well baby bitch its about time you lost your virginity”

she started crying harder and begged him to not do anything and just go

“just lay down and spread your fucking legs bitch” he yelled

she layed down reluctantly and spread her legs

“stay like that, if you dont i swear to god i will hurt you”

she nodded and he went into the bathroom and shortly he returned with a condom on

he smiled at her on the bed with her legs spread, she looked so fucking hot

“good girl ,you listened”

she looked at him with fear in her eyes but she had stopped crying

he got on the bed on top of her and looked down smiling “are you ready for me kristy?”

“no, please stop now ,i promise i wont be bad anymore”she pleaded for him to stop

he looked down at her coldly “no bitch,im gonna fuck you hard and i know you want it,dont you?”

she shook her head no

he slapped her “do you want it?”

“nnn no please stop”

he slapped her 2 more times “do you want it?”

“yes i want it”she said weakly

“yes what?”

“yes sir”

“good girl” he started fingering her and laughed “mmmm your wet, you like this slut”

“nn no ii dont”

he slapped her again “yes you do ,dont deny it”

she stopped talking

he put his cock to her tight pussy and she started crying again “please dont do this josh”

“shut up bitch and stop crying unless you want me to gag you”

“please dont gag me i cant help it im scared”

“fine cry all you want bitch but shut up, i wanna enjoy this”

she stopped talking but cryed more

he started pushing “damn you are tight” he smiled

he say how much she was crying and pushed harder

finally he entered her and she screamed

her blood dripped out on the bed as he started fucking her

“mmm baby i know you like this, just enjoy it”

she screamed again as he fucked her harder

her screams were turning him on and he pumped faster

he slapped her cuz her sobbing was getting on his nerves “stop crying bitch”

she kept crying “i cant he llp itt”

he just went faster and harder

finally he came

“ohh baby ”

he callapsed on top of her leaving his cock inside as she sobbed

The End……………..yeah it probably sucked but its the first story i wrote so show some mercy with your comments people.

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