SoF: Friday the 13th by The Midnight Shade


18 year old Tiffany Cox is by herself. And need to come up with a solution quick before Jason finds her. Fan made. I own nothing. , 18 year old Tiffany had seen most of her friends get killed. The camp was quiet, and she had no clue if any of her friends were still alive.
She had heard the stories of Jason Voorhees but never believed in him. None of them did. Not until the hockey masked psycho came out of the woods and put his machete into one of their friends back.
After they split up shr watched Chad get eviscerated open from the ribs down.
She had searched the grounds mostly away from the cabins. Thats when she came upon his shack. A dead body inside festering and decaying.
After her intial shock she put on his fabled mothers sweater.
Tiffany was a flirty girl who loved to party. She loved to drink and have a good time.
Other then the sweater she was wearing at the moment she had a pair of cut daisy dukes with her butt cheeks showing at the bottom.
The only thing she knew was the police were on their way.
She had to survive for only a few more minutes until they arrived. She waited near the main road out. Taking controled breathes and saving her strength.
It wasn't long until she heard a female voice cry out in the distance.
A scream that was cut short.
She had nothing on her.
Only a walkie talkie.
The last person who had one had stopped talking a few minutes before hand.
She was in fear of what she could do, or lack there of if Jason found her.
The night was warm with a cool wind.
Her skin prickled she was kneeling next to a large boulder.
She slowly crept along the boulder looking out trying to get a view of the road. It was empty.
The insects chirped and the wind made the tree gently sway. Other then that the only thing she could hear was her own breaths.
She turned around.
Slowly, stealthily made her way back to the median of the boulder.
Behind her loud footsteps sounded.
Her eyes went as wide as saucers. She slowly turned around and saw the hulking killer pacing towards her.
His shoulders heaving in rage.
She tried her best to stay calm slowly standing up.
He wasn't but ten paces away when she cleared her throat.
“Jason!” she called in harsh voice.
He stopped in his tracks.
“Jason? Don't kill the girl you see! Otherwise mother will be very, very angry.” she scolded.
“Turn around Jason. Right now.” she said.
Jason did as told. Always listening to mother.
She stripped the sweater throwing it. Revealing her short pink shirt held at her shoulders. She turned to run but realized she had no where to go. That Jason would catch her in no time. Swallowing hard she began to face the crazed maniac once more, just as jason turned to face her.

Mother was gone. But there was one of the counselors standing a few feet from where his mother was once standing.
He began to lift his machete when she called out.
“Jason! What did mother say? Your not supposed to hurt me.”

Tiffanies mind ran at one hundred miles a second. The next thing she knew was her legs were moving forward.
Her hand slowly reached out.
Constant thoughts of that machete swinging out and cutting her in half.
She was frightened beyond her wits at the masked man standing before her.
But her hand touched his privates and slowly began to rub them. Eyes staring up at his through the hockey mask.
She laid a hand gently on his chest as she slowly began to go to her knees. Her other hand unzipping his pants.
With shallow breathes she pulled out his member. A large thick thing. She began to stroke it a few times still unsure of herself.
She slowly leaned in as the member grew. Her dainty hands and thin fingers holding it light. She opened her mouth shutting her eyes as she began to take the member relucantly into her mouth.
This wasn't the first time she had sex. Or had given oral. But it was the biggest she had ever taken.
She felt like she was shoving a hard pulsing sausage down her throat. Jason began to breath heavily.
She still didn't know if that was a good sign or not.
She slowly slid the member in and then down her throat. She gagged on it but forced herself to keep going. She couldn't his full member down the first time as she pulled back and went in again. Trying to relax her jaw as much as possible.
Her legs still quivered and the exposed flesh from the daisys felt almost numb in the cool breeze.
She sucked hard now firmly gripping his member pumping her hand.
Jason's open hand slowly reached out gripping a fistful of her hair.
Tiffany's eyes shot open not knowing what to expect.
Then he pulled in.
Shoving her head on his member.
She shut her eyes again feeling a bit of pain now as her lips touched his pants and felt the member sliding down her throat inches at a time.
He yanked on her hair and pushed again. Her head like a rag dolls in his grip.
Her continued sucking and pumping her hand. She even felt a part of herself getting excited. She felt as if he was enjoying it.
She began to bob with his forceful grip. Slurping and sucking. Her tongue didn't have a lot of room but swirled under his member.
She began to moan on his member. Her head tilting feeling her crotch become moist in excitement. Her hands started reaching down unbuttoning her deniem and unzipping the shorts. She slid them down as far as she could reach and began to slid her middle finger on her white satin panties.
She slowly pulled away and stood up truning around. She slid of her panties and her would be shorts. Bending over she grabbed his member and leaned back. Feeling his large cock as her soaking lips. She bit her lower lip as she slowly began to slide herself onto the fat, long member.
She cringed gasping, feeling like she was impaling herself.
“Oh my god.” she whispered as Jason let out a grunt.
Inch by inch she felt his hot hard member enter her slit.
Her ass popping as she was bent over. She began to pump her hips.
Moans beginning to arise from her.
Jasons free hand grabbing her by her curved waist and slammed her onto his pelvis.
One of her knees popped up in a sudden reaction. Her gasp was clear. Sweat forming on her back and face.
Her hands began to grope her breasts taking the large member that felt so deep in her.
Jason began to pump his pelvis hard and and in a jerking manner.
She half gasped and half moaned with every powerful pump. Feeling her body begin to shake.
With another heavy gasp she reached back slapping her ass.
Jason's head tilted curiously as his other hand let go of the machete.
It fell blade first and stuck into the ground. Wobbling to and fro. His now free hand grabbed her hair as he pumped harder. Her ass wide and pounded against his pelvis.
Her moans became louder, her head rolling barely able to keep up. An orgasm washed over her as she cried out in an intense moan. Feeling her body clentching around him. However he kept going strong and fast.
She was biting her bottom lip again. Her eyes closed. Her legs quivering.
“Its… Its too much.” she breathed. Her hand underneath her shirt fondling her small breast and pinching her choclate chip nipple.
The hulking psycho released her hair grabbing the back of her shirt. He pulled slowly tearing it from her body and discarding the remains. Her flesh nearly glowed in the moonlight.
Her body thin. Small waist with curved hips. She moaned louder feeling another orgasm rising.
She moaned louder and louder until it hit. Riveting waves of pleasure washing through her whole body. Her wetness running down her legs.
Her breath now visible in the night.
She pulled herself off going to her knees. Knowing she had to finish him with her mouth.
She licked under his shaft till she reached the tip circling around his head and engulfed the member.
She furiously sucked and slurped again. This time her throat was a bit more accommodating. She felt like it went down easier, her hand flipping her hair to one side.
Her mouth worked harder then she ever had before. Wanting and needing him to cum. Not strictly for the sake of survivial this time.
Sirens whooped in the distance. However she focused on her task in hand.
She felt the member getting closer. Getting hotter and throbbing faster. She felt it lifting in her mouth. Shoving it down her throat. Her shorts and panties around her ankles like shackles. Suddenly her eyes popped open as the member exploded down her throat. She pulled herself away from the member coughing up a large amount of thick cum. The member exploding again hitting her chest and breasts in a thick stream.
She fell back trying to swallow and cough. The thick streams on her chest slowly running down her breasts and nipples.
Jason stood in a daze his mind blank.
She started gasping scambling to pull up her shorts and panties. She stood up just to fall back down. She rest for a moment on her hands and knees panting. Trying to regain her strength.
Jason slowly began to look around again. Seeing her on all fours. He peered to his right seeing his machete. He picked it back up silently as he took slow stalking steps towards her.
“Hey!” a male voice roared, Jason slowly turned around followed by a loud bang. The hulking murderer fell back hitting the ground.
Tiffany looked back seeing a blonde man in a deniem jacket dropping his single barreled shotgun.
“Run!” he roared sprinting toward her. She started to scamble to her feet grabbing her torn shirt.
They ran together as she wiped herself off.
“Who are you?” her light valley girl voice cried more then asked.
“My name is Tommy Jarvis. Someone named Jenny called me here! I'm here to rescue you!”
“What about everyone else?” she asked
He shook his head. “You don't want to know. We have to get to the police.”
They came out to the main road sprinting. Seeing the flashing red lights across a wooden bridge.
Jason paced from the side of the road. Grabbing Tommy by the throat.
“Run!” he choked as Tiffany kept going.
Jason stared at him his shoulders heaving in a rage.
Tommy pulled out a pocket knife stabbing him in the neck.
Jason took a step back releasing the man.
He landed and began to sprint towards the police. He saw her cross the bridge as police officers met her. Tommy came next as Jason slowly pulled the blade from his neck. Spurting blood. He turned around as police to cross the bridge.
Hearing his mothers voice to tell him to come home.
“Your job is done.”



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