My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 21 – Cayman Island Girl's Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings by mrfootlong69


This is a purely fictional story. A continuation of the story of Ben Barnes and his family. , My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 21 – Cayman Island Girl's Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings

Characters Introduced:

Penelope, 40, Brianna's Mother, 5'5, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Iris, 18, Brianna's Sister, 5'4 White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Julian, 16, Brianna's Sister, 5'2,White, Blond Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Jillian, 16, Brianna's Sister, White, 5'2,Blond Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Keiko, 16, Orphaned Child adopted by Ben, Asian, 4'8, Black hair and eyes, 34C Breasts
Yuri, 14, Orphaned Child adopted by Ben, Asian, 4''6, Black hair and eyes, 34B Breasts
Tashi, 12, Orphaned Child adopted by Ben, Asian, 4'4, Black hair and eyes, 32C Breasts
Patrica, 37, Harper's Mother, White, 5'7, Black hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Paige, 20, Harper's Sister, White, 5'4, Black hair with Hazel eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Jordan, 18, Harper's Sister, White, 5'2, Black hair with Hazel eyes, 34B Breasts and a swan-like neck
Jordana, 18, Harper's Sister, White, 5'2, Black hair with Hazel eyes, 34B Breasts and a swan-like neck
Delilah, 16, Harper's Sister, White, 5'0, Black hair with Blue eyes, 32D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Gary, 14, Harper's Brother, White, 6'0 with a 12” 4 1/2” size cock
Louise, 38, Destiny's Mother, White, 5'8, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 36D Breasts
Oscar, 45, Louise's abusive boyfriend, White with a 6” cock
Maria, 15, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'4, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Marie, 15, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'4, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Mila, 15, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'4, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Clara, 13, Destiny's Sister, White, 5'0, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 32C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Lea, 11, Destiny's Sister, White, 4'8, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 30A Breasts and a swan-like neck
Nathan, 18, Destiny's Brother – protector of family, 13” cock with a 4” girth
Nelson, 18, Destiny's Brother – protector of family, 13” cock with a 4” girth
Estella, 34, Sydney's Mother, White, 5'4, Red hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts
Lucy, 17, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'6, Blond hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts
Kensi, 15, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'5, Red hair with Blue eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Danella, 14, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'6, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Danny, 14, Sydney's Brother, White, 5'6 with a 12” cock with a 2 1/2” girth
Kristy, 12, Sydney's Sister, White, 5'0, Red hair with Green eyes, 32C Breasts
Christine, 15, Sydney's cousin, White, 5'0, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Chastian, 15, Sydney's cousin, White, 5'0, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Mariah, 30, Sydney's Aunt, White, 5'2, Blond hair with Blue eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Allison, 32, New teacher at local school, 5'2, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 34D Breasts and a swan-like neck
Audrey, 15, Allison's daughter, White, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Andrea, 15, Allison's daughter, White, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Autumn, 13, Allison's daughter, White, 4'8, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
Alyssa, 15, Allison's daughter, White, 4'8, White, Black hair with Green eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck
George, 16, Vince's Nephew, White, 13” cock with 4 1/2” girth
Jake, 15, Vince's Nephew, White, 12” with a 2 1/2” girth
Keith, 13, Vince's Nephew, White, 11” cock
Kevin, 13, Vince's Nephew, White, 11' cock

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The story pick up right after Phillip's or Phyllis's delivery to the adult bookstore….

Ben asks Harper, Brianna, Destiny and Sydney if they would setup a meet and greet with their mothers and siblings and he tells each of them that he will offer a place in the family for each of them. He tells them to work out the details between them and that he wants a couple of days with each family in their home town. Harper is the first to schedule a visit.

“Harper, I want to go with you on my private jet and meet your mother, sisters and brother. I am going to book five rooms at the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach. One for the two of us, a couple for Jamal and Sheila another for the pilot Steve and one for your family. What does your mother do for a living?” Ben asks her.

“My mother, Patrica is a nurse at the county hospital. My sister Paige is in nursing school. I will call her and see when she has a weekend off” Harper says. Ben asks her what is the hospitals name and location. She tells him South Miami Hospital and the calls her mother. Harper tells Ben what weekend she is available and he books the rooms. He tells her that he will have a limousine pick her mother and family up at their house. Harper then tells her mother that Ben will send a car to get them on that Thursday. She tells her mother that she can't wait to see them.

Harper finishes her conversation with her mother she then kisses Ben and tells him she loves him and thanks him for offering his house to her mother and siblings. Ben then marks his calendar and goes tells Becky about Harper and her family. While he is going to see Becky Brianna comes up to him and asks that he consider her family.

Ben asks Brianna “What does your mother do for a living?”. “Master, my mother, Penelope, is a teacher. My sister Iris is graduated this year and my twin sisters, Julian and Jillian are sixteen. Are you really going to offer them a place here in your home?” Brianna asks. “First, this is our home. This is your house and yes I am going to offer your family a place in the family. It is important to me that our children know their grandmother and aunts” Ben tells her. “Will you make them your slaves?” Brianna asks. “Only if they want to become my slaves. I will not force them, as you know, and will not offer it to them unless they asks me about it. I am happy just to have them in our house. So if your mother is a teacher she will be available anytime in the summertime. Let me book rooms at a local hotel and get back to you” Ben says to her and then kisses her.

Ben makes it to the master suite and sees Becky feeding the girls and tells her about going down to Miami to visit Harper's mother and to Charleston to visit Brianna's mother. “Ben, make sure they come back and see the mansion and how their daughters are being treated. Don't show them BIG FELLA right off. It might scare them off” Becky says. Ben then goes back downstairs and Sydney comes up to him and asks him to invite her family.

“Master, my mother Estella lives with my aunt Mariah and my sisters Lucy who is 17 and graduating high school; Kensi who is fifteen; the twins Danella and Daniel “Danny” who are 14 and finally my twelve-year old sister Kristy. My twin cousins Christine and Chastian who are fifteen years old. I know that is a lot of people to take care of. I would love to have my mother around when I give birth to our babies. Would you make them your slaves, Master?” Sydney asks.

“Only if they want to be my slaves, I have never and will never forcefully make a woman become my slave. To be quite honest with you, I have a lot of women I already. I love you all but I am getting very thin. Your brother is fourteen, you think he can handle it here with all these beautiful women running around naked all the time?” Ben asks.

“I think he will have a boner the first month he is here. You know once they see BIG FELLA bouncing around they will want to have him. They will want to suck on him and take him into their bodies” Sydney says as she rubs on BIG FELLA.

“Tell me about your mother and your aunt. What do they do for a living?” Ben asks. “My mother is a social worker, and cleans houses. My aunt is into real estate and helps my mother clean houses with my older sisters” Sydney says. “I sent them money when I was working from my tips, but since I have lived here I don't make any money” Sydney says with her head down.

“What is it tell me, Sydney?” Ben says. “Well my mother is about to be evicted from her house and foreclosed on” Sydney says. “The hell she is come with me” Ben says as he takes Sydney into the Den and calls Liz. “Sydney write down your mothers address” Ben tells her.

“Hello Liz, I have a property I want you to purchase in Irving, Texas. I don't care the price, I know it is about to go into foreclosure. It is Sydney's mothers house and I don't want her family to be homeless. Get on it as soon as possible” Ben asks her. He gives her the address and she does some research and makes a couple of calls. Liz calls Ben back in an hour and tells him what it will cost and who owns the note. “Wire them the money, I will be in their offices tomorrow to pick up the deed to their house” Ben tells her and tells her to call back and confirm. She does and he calls Steve Rodgers and tells him to have the plane ready tomorrow at noon for a short trip to Dallas/Fort Worth. Ben then calls for a limousine to pick him up at the airport. He wants a stretch hummer limousine.

“Sydney, I just purchased your mother's house. Call her and tell her that you are going to be in town tomorrow and that you have a surprise for her” Ben says. Sydney has tears in her eyes, “Master, you just bought my mothers house for her. You are so wonderful”. “Baby, I did it for you. I cannot have my woman worrying all the time about her mother and sisters and brother. I will invite them back to the mansion tomorrow. So that they can see how you live and that you are loved and taken care of” Ben says.

Ben gets up and Sydney jumps up and jumps his bones, “Master, you are to good to me. To all of us. I know we probably don't say this enough. I LOVE YOU. I love my family here”. She kisses him and kisses him. Brianna comes into the room and sees Sydney and Ben together and asks “Am I interrupting something? Should I come back later?”.

“NO, Brianna come in. I have good news. Master just took care of my family and bought their house. My mother was a week or two away from being homeless and he took care of it with one phone call” Sydney says.

“Well Brianna, I was about to book a couple of days at the Charleston Place in downtown Charleston. Is that a good hotel?” Ben asks her. “I think it is one of the best in town” Brianna says. Ben then books the hotel for the following weekend. The weekend before he goes and meets Harper's family. Ben then takes both girls in his arms and heads to the pool. When they enter the pool area they see Destiny. Destiny comes over and asks Ben “Can I talk to you, Master?”.

“I am always here for you my love” Ben tells her as he goes and sits in a lounge chair with Brianna on one side and Sydney on the other side. “Master, I was wondering if that offer still holds. Will you meet my mother and invite her to come see your mansion?”

“Tell me again about your family, they live in North Carolina right?” Ben asks her. “Yes, they live in a town called Shallotte. It is right off the coast on Highway 17 north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My mother, Louise, is a high school teacher and part-time professor at the local community college. Her boyfriend is a real loser, he tried to get into my pants the last time I was there, his name is Oscar. My twin brothers who are 18, Nelson and Nathan they watch out for my sisters. They caught he trying something with my sister Clara, who is only thirteen. They beat him half to death. Put him in the hospital, he told the police he fell off of his motorcycle. The police knew it was my brothers and they congratulated them and told them not to do it again.

My older triplet sisters; Maria, Marie and Mila are 15 and then there is the baby in the house little Lea who is eleven. My mother desperately needs to get away from Oscar or my brother will kill him” Destiny tells him.

Ben thinks to himself “Virgin pussy”. Ben books a hotel in Myrtle Beach and tells Destiny that they will be there in four weeks to meet their family. He tells her to invite Oscar and that he will straighten out that prick. Destiny smiles and calls her mother.

Ben books a five rooms at the Marriott Ocean Watch Villas at Grande Dunes for five nights. Ben knows he is going to be really busy for the next couple of weeks with all these women.

“Mom, I am going to be in Myrtle Beach in four weeks. My boyfriend wants to meet you and the family. He has booked rooms for you and the guys at the Marriott Ocean Watch Villas. Yes, I look forward to seeing you and the family too. Yes I love it here in Alabama. I love you to mom” Destiny gets off the phone and tells Ben they are in. She kisses him and then strokes BIG FELLA.

Ben makes love to all three girls their in the pool area before dinner. Bill comes in and shakes his head as he gets in the hot tub. “Boy, Ben you have a rough life” Bill says with a smile. Ben cums in Brianna's pussy and she gets off and sucks BIG FELLA hard and Destiny takes her place.

Destiny rides BIG FELLA and then looks over at Bill and says “Are you going to soak in that tub or come over here and let me suck on that cock of yours and then have you stick that cock in my ass. I am in need of a good double teaming”. “You heard her honey, get your ass over there and let her suck on that cock of yours” Vivian tells him.

Bill gets out of the hot tub and goes over to Destiny and she sucks him hard. Bill then pushes deep inside of her ass. “Fuck me hard Bill, try to match Masters strokes” Destiny instructs him. Bill keeps up for about thirty minutes before he blows his load in her ass.

“That was great Bill” Destiny says. “I think we need to get Bill a cock ring so that he can last as long as Ben” Vivian says. Bill pulls out of Destiny and tells them, “You can get all the toys and contraptions you want, nobody is going to last as long a Ben. Fucking is his profession and he is great at it. For Christ's sake this is what he does with most of his time. Shit he should be able to last a long time”.

Clorine and her sisters come into the pool area and Ben blurts out that he needs some virgin pussy to suck on. They come up to his lounge chair quickly and Clorine is the first to straddle his face. Ben makes her climax five times before he switches to Zorine, then Florine and finally Corine.

The next day Ben takes Sydney, Peggy and Gina with him and they head to Dallas in his small jet. They go and pickup the deed from the bank after signing some documents and head over to Sydney's mothers house. They arrive in a stretch limousine and as it pulls up and stops the driver gets out and opens the door for Sydney, Peggy and Gina they are all dressed up with all of their jewelry on, diamond earrings with emeralds, necklaces and bracelets with diamonds and emeralds and of course their diamond engagement ring and wedding band. Ben then gets out and they go to the door arm in arm.

Sydney knocks on the door and her mother opens the door. “Mom, I want to introduce my husband Ben Barnes. Ben this is my mother Estella and my aunt Mariah” Sydney says as Ben shakes their hands and they invite him in. “It is nice to finally meet you two, Sydney has told me all about you two. How you take care of each other and the children” Ben says. “Ms. Johnson, I love your daughter with all my heart. I want you to know she is very important to me. This is Peggy and Gina two of my girls”.

“Ben is my daughter pregnant with your child?” Estella asks. “Yes she is, she is having sextuplets in November” Ben tells her. “Mom, I love Ben and I know if you get to know him you will love him too” Sydney tells her. “Honey, we are having some serious financial problems here. We are about to be foreclosed on and be put out on the street” Estella tells her daughter.

Sydney smiles as Ben reaches into his pocket and produces the deed to her house and he takes out his pen and signs it over to her. “Estella, I purchased your house yesterday after Sydney told me that the family was about to be homeless. I cannot have that, I will not let any member of my family be homeless” Ben tells her.

“Ben, I am not a part of your family” Estella says. “The hell you aren't. You are Sydney's mother, my babies grandmother. I will not allow my babies grandmother be homeless. That is not an option. I would like to invite you out to dinner, the whole family. I have made reservations at the Cafe on the Green Restaurant at the Four Seasons for thirteen at eight tonight. I was hoping that you would accompany us and then go visit my place in Alabama. See if it meets to your approval. I have my plane waiting for us after dinner and we can be back at our home by midnight” Ben tells them.

“Ben, you have your own jet?” Mariah asks. “Ben has two jets, the one we took today is his smaller plane. He has a large plane that holds over 300 people. This one holds only about sixteen right Ben?” Sydney asks “Yes, my pilot is waiting for us at the airport. I told him we would call him after dinner” Ben tells her. “I guess we should pack some bags then” Mariah says. They go back to their bedroom and get packed. Sydney's sisters come into the house and they call out “Mom, there is this huge limousine outside”. Lucy looks over into the living room and sees Sydney and screams “Sydney's home” and comes and hugs her sister. Kensi asks her sister, “Who is this handsome man?”. Danny comes in and sees his sister and comes in and hugs her “About time you came home for a visit. Who is this guy?”

“Nice to see you too Danny. This is my husband Ben Barnes. He is taking us out to dinner tonight so go get ready. Do you know where Kristy, Christine and Chastian are?” Sydney asks as Ben shakes his hand. “Nice firm grip, Danny. I like that. Being the man of the house. I would like to asks your permission to take your mother, aunt, sisters and cousins out to dinner. After your mother has accepted my invitation to come visit my house” Ben says. “These are my two girls Peggy and Gina”. They see that Peggy is obviously pregnant and around their age.

Estella comes out and tells her children to pack a bag. They all go and pack their bags. Christine, Chastian and Kristy come in and see Sydney and come over and hug her and they see Ben. “This is my husband, Ben and his girls Gina and Peggy. Ben this is my sister and cousins” Sydney says.

“Nice to meet you Kristy, Christine and Chastian” Ben says. Everybody gets ready and Ben takes the family to a fine meal and then they board his jet. When they are about to land Ben calls the security guards and tells them to turn on the lights on the house.

“Ladies and gentlemen if you would like to see the outside of my house please look out the windows” Ben says. Everyone scrambles to the windows as Ben picks up the phone and tells Steve to circle the mansion.

“Holy Shit, Ben is that your house?” Danny says. “Watch your language son” Estella says. “Yes, Danny that is where your sister and I live. We have over a thousand rooms, enough rooms for each of you to have your own room if you want to stay. I want you to feel free to stay with us” Ben says.

“You want us to stay here with you? Obviously you are rich, well that is an understatement of a lifetime. You barely know us why do you want us to stay with you?” Estella asks.

“First, you are my babies grandmother, your son and daughters are their aunts and uncles. Family is very, very important to me. Second, I know all about you. You do not become as rich as I am without doing background on people who you are involved with. I want you to know this is an open offer to you, your sister and the whole family. You can stay here with me for the rest of your lives, be treated to every fantasy or wish that you every wanted. The children will all be well-educated, they will all go to college and get their degrees” Ben says. “You do not have to make your decision now, tomorrow or the next day. Lets land and meet the family”.

The plane lands and they all get into the large van that is waiting for them. “Mom, that is Ben's other plane” Sydney says. They all look out at the huge plane and shake their heads. They drive around to the front of the mansion and see the sculpture of Ben and then they go in. The first thing they see is the painting of Millicente's depicting Ben. “Mmm, nice painting” Mariah says. “Well the cat is out of the bag” Sydney says as Karl Jr., James, Ray Jr and Freddie walk by completely naked followed by Reanna, Rachel, Sam and Sarah.

“I should have warned you. We are nudist here in the mansion” Ben says. Maize comes up to him and says “Welcome home Mr. Barnes”. She has clearly been having sex as she waits to receive Ben's clothes. Ben and Sydney begin to undress and Sydney tells her family, “We are all naked here in the house so you might as well join us”. They all nod and begin to undress as Sydney's friends come in. “Mom, these are my friends from the Cayman Islands, Brianna, Destiny and Harper. Girls these are my brother and sisters” Sydney says as she introduces each one of them. Harper sees Danny and his huge tool, “Nice cock, Danny” Harper tells him as she goes over and reaches out for his hand.

They all go inside the mansion once they are naked. “Ladies, there is one rule in the house. No hair below the neckline. We can take care of that in the morning” Sydney says. Mariah goes over to Sydney and whispers in her ear “How big is Ben's cock? That thing is freaking huge. How did you ever get that inside of you?”. Estella asks her daughter “What is with all those tattoos on your body?”.

“Mariah, Ben is well-endowed he is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” in girth. It took a bit of effort in January to get accustomed to him, but believe me it was well worth it. Ben makes me climax at least ten times every time we make love. About the tattoos, the one on my lower back is pretty much self-explanatory the one on my mound and the back of my neck represent that I completed my pussy and anal training. Which mean I took Ben in my pussy ten times in a row without interruption and my ass the same way. I also gave him twenty blowjobs in a row” Sydney tells them. “Sydney, I am going to take your brother with me” Harper says as she holds his hand and kisses him.

“Where is she taking your brother?” Estella asks. “Probably to pop his cherry” Sydney says. As they walk to her room Harper asks Danny, “Are you a virgin?”. Danny looks down and says yes. “Not after tonight. I am going to take your cherry, and then my sisters are going to drain your balls. Damn you are cute”. They get to her bedroom and she puts Danny on her bed and she starts sucking on his cock. She gets him hard and then she starts grinding on him. She makes him climax quickly. Brianna comes into the room and takes her place.

“Welcome to the family, Danny. I hope your mother plans to stay with us. It will be nice to have you around to fuck” Brianna says as she takes Danny's cock into her mouth. The three girls fuck him all night long. They get him to fuck them in the ass also. In the morning Danny is eating breakfast trying to get his strength back when Estella comes into the dinning room. “This mansion is fucking huge” she says.

“Mom, I don't know about you, but I want to stay” Danny says. “Of course you want to stay, you just had your balls drained by at least three girls. By the way, you sure resemble your father” Estella says. Danny gets up from breakfast and kisses his mother. “Thanks mom”. “Your father had a nice cock on him, that is why I had so many children. We fucked like rabbits until he died. He wasn't as large as you or Ben. Shit I don't think any man in the world can compete with that huge cock” Estella says.

“Are you going to have sex with Ben?” Danny asks. “Would that bother you son?” Estella asks. “No, Shit you need a good fucking. You need a good man in your life. Ben obviously knows how to keep women satisfied. I have met at least a hundred and fifty women so far. They all fondle my cock. Mom, please can we stay” Danny pleads with his mother.

Estella finishes breakfast and goes to the entertainment room where she finds her sister Mariah on her back with her legs in the air moaning and screaming while Ben pounds her. “Fuck sis you have to try Ben. He is so good at this” Mariah tells her. “How long have they been going at it?” Estella asks Peggy. “My Master has been fucking her for at least 90 minutes. By the way I am one of Ben's wives and Mistress of the house. Are you going to try him out?”

“I don't know” Estella says. “For Christ's sake, Estella, I am not going back to Texas. Ben is hopefully going to be my Master and I will be his slave. My pussy is his, any man who can pound pussy like him is alright with me. Fuck he is stretching parts of my pussy no man has ever been before. Ben Barnes will you be my Master? Will you accept me as your slave?” Mariah says.

“Damn, that was quick” Peggy says. “Yes, Mariah. I accept you as my slave. I am going to breed you. You are going to have my children” Ben tells her. “Whatever you want as long as I get to have your beautiful cock inside of me” Mariah screams out. “I want your daughters also” Ben tells her.

“Fine, if they are willing. They might as well have the best man in the world. Fuck this feels great. Estella you got to let Ben inside of you” Mariah says. “OK, I will” Estella says. “First off, you must have a blood test, lets go see Nadia. She is our resident doctor. She will check you for STD's and HIV. That is a must for anyone wanting to have sex in this house. Only exception is that they walked through the door a virgin like your son Danny. Second we need to shave that bush, no hair below the neckline” Peggy tells her.

Peggy takes Estella up to the master suite where she shaves her pussy. She then takes her into the bedroom, “This is masters bedroom. This is where Master sleeps with Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn, his bed slaves and me on a regular basis. That is when he makes it to bed. They go in and see Becky with Danella and Kristy. Becky is sucking on Kristy's pussy. Estella hears her daughter scream out loud. “Your daughter is having an orgasm. Becky is sucking on her hymen. I loved it when my Master did that to me, before I begged him to pop my cherry. I think Danella is ready to be Ben's slave. You want to be Ben's slave don't you Estella? Ben will take care of you” Peggy says.

“Yes, I want Ben. It does look like Kristy is enjoying herself” Estella says as she walks over and asks Kristy “Are you enjoying your time at Sydney's new home, Kristy?”. “Momma, I want to stay with Becky and Ben. Let's stay it is beautiful here” Kristy says as Becky eats her pussy. “Are you just saying that because Becky is sucking on your pussy and making you have orgasms?” Estella asks. “Of course, I like having my pussy sucked. We are also very well protected here. We will want for nothing” Kristy says. Danella gets out of bed and asks her mother “Are you going to go to see Ben?”. “Yes I am” she tells her in response. They leave the master suite.

“Are you going to make love to him?” Danella says. “Yes, that is the plan. He is pounding Mariah senseless right now. Do you want to have sex with Ben?” Estella asks her. Danella looks down and says yes. “Well we are in the same boat. Are you still a virgin?” Estella asks. “Yes, Mom. I have never done anything with any boy” Danella says. “Ben is all man, a very well-endowed man. If you are going to lose your virginity you might as well loose it to him” Estella says.

They go and see Nadia and tell her that she needs a blood test to check for diseases. Nadia draws the blood and puts it in the testing unit. In twenty minutes Nadia has the results and tells her she is clean. “I had no doubt” Estella says. “Mom hasn't had sex in seven years” Danella says. Estella looks at her and asks “How would you know that?”. “I live with you mom, that is alright you abstinence is about to end as is my virginity” Danella tells her. They thank Nadia and go and find Ben still pounding Mariah senseless in the entertainment room.

“OH, GOD Sis, Master is in my womb. He is fucking me in my womb” Mariah says. Ben then rears up and grunts, he starts pouring his cum into her womb. “God that feels so good, Master. I am truly a happily fucked woman” Mariah tells everyone that is in hearing range of her voice.

When Ben is done climaxing in her womb, Ben pulls out of her womb and her cervix traps his seed inside of her womb. He slowly pulls out of her pussy and with a pop the huge bulbous head of BIG FELLA is extracted from her well stretched out pussy.

Ben takes his pills and supplements and tells Estella, “I want you to suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard. Then I want you to ride him while I suck on Danella's pussy. Danella you are a virgin right?”. “Yes Ben, I am a virgin” Danella says. “Well you are going to enjoy this. Get over here and sit on my face and let me suck on your beautiful pussy” Ben says.

Almost immediately Danella starts cumming from Ben's talented tongue. Ben licks either side of Danella's pussy and then licks and sucks on her clitoris hood. Ben then spreads Danella's labia and starts sucking on her inner lips and sticks his tongue into her pussy. Meanwhile Estella has gotten BIG FELLA hard by licking on the head and shaft. Estella straddles BIG FELLA and pushes down on him.

Ben reaches down and pulls her legs out from under her and puts them up next to Danella. After Ben makes her cum for the third time, he tells Danella to hold her mothers legs high and don't let them go. Estella has her whole weight suspended on BIG FELLA. Gravity is making her go deeper and deeper onto the large 5 1/2” girth of BIG FELLA. She is taking about 8 inches inside of her when Mariah is recovered enough to push her sister further down on BIG FELLA.

“OH GOD, nobody has been this deep before. GOD I FEEL SO FULL” Estella yells out as her sister moves her up and down on BIG FELLA. Estella starts to cum and screams out a loud orgasm at the same time her daughter has another orgasm. They both spray Ben with their juices, Ben swallows all of Danella's sweet virgin cum for the fourth time and he has her get off of his face much to her displeasure. Ben then takes Estella and rolls her over and begins really pounding her long and hard. Pounding her cervix into submission, it takes Ben an hour before he breaks through. Ben fucks her womb for thirty minutes making Estella moan and scream out in ecstasy as Sydney and her sisters watch.

Ben finally starts to pour his semen into her womb. When he is finished pumping her full he exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop. “So how do you like my Master, Mom?” Sydney asks her. Wearily Estella looks over at her daughter and tells her “That was the best fucking I have ever had in my entire life. I am Ben's if he will have me”.

Danella comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard. “Master, it is my turn” she says as she spreads her legs and smiles at him beckoning him over. Ben sucks on her hymen and makes her climax hard and while she is still on cloud nine he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy breaking her hymen. There is a trickle of blood running down her slit and her butt.

Ben starts out very slowly then builds up speed and depth. He pounds Danella for nearly 90 minutes before he pushes past her cervix. Ben pumps her womb for thirty minutes before filling her up. Ben then lays down next to Danella still firmly inside of her pussy. BIG FELLA is pulsating in her once virgin pussy. “How was your first time Danella?” Sydney asks her as Peggy brings over water and Ben's pills.

“It was fantastic, I climaxed over and over again. I lost count at ten” Danella tells her. Kensi is horny as hell from her time upstairs with Becky. Once Ben exits her sisters pussy she pounces on Ben. “It is my turn it ride this beautiful fat cock” Kensi says before she starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

Once Kensi has finished getting Ben hard she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. She breaks her own hymen and lets out a little cry. “Damn, that hurt a little” Kensi says. “It didn't hurt when Master took my hymen” Danella tells her. “That is because Master broke your hymen when you were still on cloud nine from your climax” Sydney tells her. Ben has started to meet Kensi's bounces and after about thirty minutes he flips them over and starts pounding her cervix.

“Ladies, I always cum in my woman's womb no exceptions. You can have sex with any man here, as long as they wear a rubber while fucking your pussy. Talking about fucking other men where is Danny?” Ben asks. “I haven't seen him since this morning at breakfast. Let me go find him” Estella says. “He is probably having sex with one of my sister slaves” Sydney tells her mother.

“Danny needs to watch out for Renee and Reanna. Mother and daughter that will drain him dry and keep fucking him” Ben tells her as Estella leaves to find her son. While she is gone Ben climaxes in Kensi's womb and then starts fucking Lucy.

Estella finds Danny in bed with Sheyanna and her sextuplet sisters. Sheyanna is ridding his 12” cock while Shiloh is getting eating out. Estella comes into the room and introduces herself to the girls. Simone looks at Estella's belly and asks her if she just received a load from their Master. “Ben is my Master now” Estella tells them. “Master is an excellent lover and provider. No woman can resist his charm and his huge cock. Although it is nice to have other men around here to fuck. Don't worry all my sisters and mother are pregnant with Ben's babies” Simone tells her. She comes up and welcomes her to the family with a kiss.

“All of us women are bi-sexual here. It is kind of rule. You will get use to eating pussy and having your pussy eaten by a woman” Simone says as she leads her to her bedroom. They proceed to suck on each others pussies in the sixty-nine position. After Estella has climaxed five times and made Simone climax four times she gets out of bed and heads back downstairs to tell Ben where Danny has gotten himself off to.

For the next couple of days Ben takes Kristy, Christine, and Chastain's virginity. He takes all of their anal cherries. When he is done he gets dressed and takes Harper, Peggy and Gina to meet her family. He kisses Estella, Mariah and their girls and tells them to get their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their lower backs and see Nadia about getting their RFID chips put in their shoulders.

Estella and Mariah walk him to the door and kiss him goodbye, “Master, come back soon. I need some more. We are going to miss you” Estella says. “You need to train us when you get back from picking up the other families. Master, if you show them BIG FELLA and make love to them Harper's family will be yours” Mariah says as she kisses her Master again.

Later after Ben and troop have left Mariah takes her nephew into her bed and makes love to him. Mariah sucks on his cock and gets him hard as a rock and as she is taking his cock out of her mouth Danny asks “Is this right? I love it but is this right”. Estella walks into the room a little shocked at her sister, she watches her suck on her son's balls and lick his shaft. “Just go with it Danny, it will be alright. We are all family and lovers now. When Mariah is done I want to sleep with you also. I want to feel you inside me” Estella says as Mariah positions her nephew's cock at her pussy.

Mariah then lowers herself down on to Danny grinding up and down on him. “I love you Danny” Mariah says as she lowers herself on his twelve-inch cock. She kisses him not as an aunt but as a red-hot lover in the through of passion. Estella comes over and lays down on the bed, she watches her son with his aunt enjoying each others bodies. Mariah takes Danny's cock out of her pussy and pushes it into her ass making her moan out in extreme pleasure. She grinds on him until Danny explodes.

Mariah gets off of Danny and starts sucking his cock clean with the help of Estella. They get Danny hard again, when he is he tells his mother if they are going to have sex that he wants to be in control and set the pace. “So you want some of your momma's pussy, BIG BOY?” Estella coos at him as she lays back and spreads her legs.

Danny pushes his twelve-inch cock deep inside of his mother's pussy. “Danny has a very nice girth to his cock doesn't he Estella? I loved how he felt inside of me” Mariah asks. All that Estella can do is grunt and moan. Becky comes into the room and sees the three of them together. She hands them a large package of magnum condoms and tells Danny that he needs to start taking the vitamins and supplements that Ben takes to keep his strength up.

“Danny you need to wear these condoms when you fuck one of Ben's slaves in their pussies. Enjoy yourself” Becky tells him and then kisses him passionately on his lips. Estella then takes her son's cock out of her pussy and puts it in her ass and starts grinding. “I think I am going to love living here in the mansion” Danny says with a smile as his mother rides his cock.

Meanwhile Ben, Harper, Gina and Peggy are on their way to Miami. They check-in to the Ritz-Carlton and rest for a while until it is time to pickup Harper's mother, sisters and brother. “I hope my mother like you Master. I want her to like you without seeing BIG FELLA” Harper says as Ben and Harper, Peggy and Gina enter the limousine for the short drive to her home.

They pull up to the modest four bedroom house in the limousine. Ben and Harper exit the limousine and go to the door. Patricia opens the door and hugs her daughter and tells her it has been too long since she has been home.

“Mom, I would like you to meet my husband Ben Barnes. Ben this is my mother Patricia” Harper says. The shake hands and Ben tells her “I can see where Harper gets her beauty from. You two could pass as sisters”. “Well thank you Ben, that is a very nice thing to say. I try to keep myself in shape” Patricia says as she escorts them into the living room.

Patricia introduces her daughters Paige, who is twenty five foot four with black hair and hazel eyes and a nice breast. Jordan and Jordana who are eighteen five foot two with black hair and hazel eyes. Finally sixteen year old Delilah. The baby of the family is Harper's baby brother who is six feet tall at fourteen. Paige whispers in Harper's ear “Harp, Ben is very handsome. Is it true what they say about black men?”. Harper responds by telling her that Ben is very handsome. After they chat for a bit Ben escorts them to the limousine and they enter and meet Gina and Peggy who Ben introduces as his girls.

They go to The Capital Grille and have a really nice meal and conversation. Ben invites them back to the Ritz-Carlton for a nightcap and to continue to get to know each other. They arrive at the hotel and go up to their suite. Ben pours Patricia and him a drink and asks her “Patricia, I want to invite you and your children back to my place. I want you to see where your daughter is living and how she is living. Harper is going to go to college in the fall. She is going to do most of it online”.

Patricia sits with Harper and Ben as the others watch a movie. “Ben, is Harper pregnant?” she asks. “You don't beat around the bush, do you? Yes Harper is pregnant with my babies. She is having sextuplets we don't know if they are boys or girls yet” Ben tells her. “Mom, I am very happy. Never been happier in my entire life. I am loved and cared for” Harper tells her.

“Just come home with us. We leave Monday, please Mom I want you to see where your grandchildren will be born and raised” Harper. “Okay, we will go” Patricia says as her phone rings. She excuses herself and takes the call.

“Harper, I have to go to work. It is an emergency. Kids let's go, I have to head to work” Patricia says. “Mom can't we stay” Paige says. Gina and Peggy are sitting on either side of Gary rubbing his crotch under a blanket. He is enjoying himself, “We will be alright here, Harper will look after us” Gary says.

“Patricia, I will have the limousine take you to work and I will tell him to give you a card and when you are done with work you can come back here. I will get the kids a room, Harper would love to spends sometime with her brother and sisters” Ben tells her and Harper agrees with him of course. Patricia tells them to behave themselves. She then leaves as Ben calls down to the driver.

Gina drops to her knees in front of Gary and tells him “Let's see what you are packing here”. She unzips his pants and takes them off and then his jockeys. “Damn, that is one nice cock” Peggy says as little Gina sucks on the head and shaft. Peggy joins her as Paige, Jordan and Jordana watch. “I didn't know you were packing that in your pants, Gary” Jordana says. “That cock must be at least twelve inches and four inches around”.

“Are you a virgin, Gary?” Harper asks. He nods yes and Gina looks up at him, she takes his cock out of her mouth and tells him “Not after tonight. I am going to fuck your brains in. I believe Peggy wants some of this also”. She continues to suck him off until he explodes down her throat.

“Let me have some of that beautiful cock” Peggy says as she takes it from Gina. Gary has a huge smile on his face as Peggy sucks his limp cock hard again. When Gary is hard she takes him out of her throat and looks over at Paige, Jordan, Jordana and Delilah and says to them “Gary sure does have a beautiful cock. Are you guys virgins?”. Paige, Jordan and Jordana say no but have always used a condom with their boyfriends their mother stressed that if they were to have sex to be careful and use protection. “So Delilah you a virgin. Ben loves to suck on virgin pussy” Peggy asks her.

“Yes, I am a virgin. Harper you share Ben with Gina and Peggy?” Delilah asks. “Yes, I do. He is too much man for just one woman to handle. Would you like Ben to suck on your pussy and make you climax?” Harper asks her. Delilah nervously nods yes and Harper tells her to get undressed and lay down on the couch. Ben comes over smiles at Delilah and kisses Harper. He gets in between Delilah's legs and starts sucking on her little pussy.

Ben licks her outer labia and then works his way to the inner lips. He sucks on her clit until it sticks out and continues to lick and suck on her lips. It isn't until Delilah has climax five times before he starts to lick her hymen. Ben makes Delilah climax over fifteen times and the last one last ten minutes.

“I think your sister really loves having her pussy sucked” Ben says as they watch her quake and shiver from mini-orgasms that she is continuing to have. Delilah is dazed and in a post orgasmic bliss.

Harper comes over and starts to undress Ben. When she gets to his pants she covers up BIG FELLA until she can see the expression on her sisters face. She turns around and let's BIG FELLA free to see Paige, Jordan and Jordana gaze upon the magnificent cock with their mouths open.

“I want that, Harper. I want to have your husband inside of me” Paige says. “You first need to have a HIV/STD certificate before Ben will have sex with you. Ben never uses a rubber he always goes bareback. We can get you three tested when we are home” Harper tells her sisters. “I don't know if I can wait that long after seeing something this big and beautiful” Paige says as she grabs BIG FELLA with both hands.

“You can have sex with my husband all you want once we get back home and you get your test completed” Harper says as she sees her sisters circle around Ben. Each one licks and sucks on BIG FELLA.

“Girls, I don't want you to mention this to your mother until we get back to Alabama okay?” Ben says. Paige, Jordan, Jordana look up at him and tell him okay and Paige says “As long as you give us this when we get back to your house”. “You have a deal, I will fuck you silly when we get to my mansion. I have a separate room for each of you with a private bathroom in each suite” Ben tells them.

“You want us to stay with you?” Jordana asks. “Yes we do. I want you to be around for my children. I want you to enjoy the lifestyle that I enjoy” Harper tells them. “If you won't make love to my sisters will you at least take my cherry, Ben?” Delilah asks.

“Sure are you up to it. You were out of it for a while?” Ben asks. She tells him that she is up to it. “If I take you girls in your pussies I will also want to fuck you in your asses” Ben tells them. “Trust me, it feels great having BIG FELLA stretching out your ass” Harper says.

Ben goes over and sucks on Delilah hymen until she climaxes again and then pushes a rock hard BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. Ben pushes past her hymen and pushes all the way to her cervix in one stroke and rests there waiting for her pussy to adjust a little to his size. Delilah's pussy is squeezing Ben's cock as he starts to fuck her slowly at first until she tells him to have at it. Paige, Jordan, and Jordana watch their sisters pussy grip BIG FELLA and being stretched to the limit.

Gina and Peggy are enjoying Gary on the other side of the room. “Gary I think you are going to love where we live” Peggy tells him. “As long as I get to fuck the two of you I will be very happy” he tells them. “We have many, many more pussies at the mansion for you to fuck also. My sisters are going to love your big fat cock”.

Ben pounds on Delilah for close to three hours before he breaks through her cervix and pumps her womb for forty-five minutes and pours his semen into her. He exits her womb and traps his huge load inside of her. Ben then takes BIG FELLA out of her once virgin pussy with a loud pop and rolls over on his back. Paige, Jordan and Jordana come over and clean off his cock with their mouths.

They suck and lick on BIG FELLA until Ben is erect. They lick around the big bulbouse head and Ben asks Delilah if she is ready to take BIG FELLA up her ass. She nods and Harper works her fingers into her ass with some lube. Harper then brings her baby sister over and puts her on top of Ben. Harper spreads Delilah's ass checks as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her. Once BIG FELLA is at her anal ring Harper then pushes Delilah down on BIG FELLA making it pass her anal ring as she cries out. Harper pushes her down on BIG FELLA until she has eight inches inside of her rectum and then pulls her legs out from under her.

Harper then starts sucking on her sisters pussy trying to make her relax as Ben starts to pump her ass. After about 90 minutes Ben turns Delilah over and starts to pound her ass. She is climaxing every ten minutes or so. They fuck for two hours before Ben erupts in her colon. Ben then picks her up and takes her to his bed with Harper and her other sister.

Gina, Peggy and Gary as asleep in the other room. They sleep all night and in the morning Ben asks them if they want to go swimming. They don't have their bathing suits so Ben calls the limo driver and they head to the store to pick out bikini's for the girls and a bathing suit for Gary. They head back to the Ritz-Carlton and go to the pool area after the have their bathing suits on. They each go downstairs with robes on.

“Peggy, I noticed your tattoos. In particular the one on your lower back, “Property of Ben Barnes” what is that about” Paige asks. “I belong to Ben, as does Gina and your sister Harper. Ben loves us all with all of his heart. I love Ben and am totally committed to him and the family. You will meet them on Monday” Peggy tells her. They go downstairs and swim and play in the pool. Harper goes over to Ben and hugs him “I think my sisters will make excellent slaves Ben. They seem very eager to have you inside of them”.

Delilah swims over and hangs on the other side of Ben. “How are you feeling this morning?” Ben asks her. “I am a little sore in both places, but it is a good soreness. I was wondering if you would be my Master and let me live with you and Harper?” she asks. “Let us think about it. I will give you a decision when we get to the mansion. Don't say anything to your brother or sisters and definitely nothing to your mother until we get to the mansion” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master” Delilah says and kisses him. The concierge comes in with a portable phone and tells Ben he has a phone call. Ben gets out of the pool and takes the phone. The concierge can't help but notice the outline of BIG FELLA in his banana hammock. He looks away and Harper catches his eye and she smiles at him.

Ben hands him the phone and tells him thanks. He gets back into the pool as the concierge leaves the pool area. “I think you embarrassed him with BIG FELLA” Peggy says. “You ladies love having me in this tight-fitting banana hammock” Ben says shaking his head.

Harper swims over to Ben and he tells them that their mother will be here late tonight. Harper kisses him and he whispers in her ear “Delilah already asked to be my slave. I told her that I would decide when we get to the mansion. I want your mother to move in with us also, whether she wants to be a slave or not”. Harper doesn't say anything she just kisses him on the lips. They swim for a while and then go back to the room and shower and change.

Ben asks the ladies if they want to go see a movie and catch a bite to eat. Peggy tells him “How about a bite to eat then the movie?”. They check the local listings and the girls pick out a chick-flick that they want to see. They go and get something to eat at a local place that Paige suggested.

The restaurant is a nice family restaurant that everyone finds something the like and Ben toasts the girls “To new friends and family”. Ben tells them that he can't wait until they see the mansion. Peggy and Gina are sitting next to Gary. Gary has a crush on both as they have their hands in his lap stroking his cock. They go see the movie and head back to the Ritz-Carlton. About two hours later the limousine picks up Patricia at the hospital takes her to the hotel.

She knocks on the suite and Harper answers the door. “Mom, you look really tired. Why don't you take a hot shower to relax?”. “That sounds like a good idea. Have you all had a good time today catching up with Harper and getting to know Ben?” Patricia asks. “Yes, Mom. Ben is a wonderful man. Very nice and extremely generous” Delilah says.

Patricia tells her that is good and heads to the bathroom to take a shower. Ben calls down to the concierge and asks for the masseur. He tells him he will be there in twenty minutes. Patricia gets out of the shower just as the masseur is entering the room.

“Patricia, I arranged for you to have a massage to relax your tired muscles” Ben tells her as he escorts the masseur into the bedroom. Ben tells him to give her a good hour and then come see him.

After the hour Patricia is loosen up and Ben asks the masseur to give her another hour. When he is done Patricia is really relaxed and relieved of all the stress. She comes out of the room in a robe and sees Ben give the masseur three hundred-dollar tip. “Are you hungry, Patricia? Would you like to order room service?” Ben asks her. She says yes and they all order dinner. Ben orders three bottles of champagne.

At dinner Ben toasts to family and friends, to their babies. They eat their meal and relax. Ben sees that Patricia is very tired and picks her up and takes her to the master bedroom and lays her down on the bed. She kisses him and tells him “I can see why my daughter loves you. You are very caring and loving” She accidentally brushes BIG FELLA and blushes. She starts to rub him and asks “Can I see what you are packing?”. “I don't know, what about Harper? I want you to like me for me not for my Johnson?” Ben tells her.

“You don't have to worry about that. I like you and about Harper. Harper can you come in here?” Patricia yells to her. Harper comes into the room and sees her mother grabbing Ben's crotch. “Harper, you don't mind if I see your husband's cock do you?” Patricia says. Harper says no and Patricia unzips Ben's pants and takes out BIG FELLA.

“Damn, that is a mighty fine cock” Patricia says as she starts to take him into her mouth. She licks and sucks on BIG FELLA. “Mom, I don't mind if you have sex with Ben but you need to have your blood tested for HIV/STD's” Harper says. Patricia takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Harper and Ben “I haven't had sex in ten years since your father left. I am not going to let this pass me by. I want him”.

She sucks him hard and tells him to fuck her. Patricia has twelve violent orgasms as her daughters watch her enjoy Ben. Ben then pushes past her cervix and starts pumping her womb. Which makes her scream incoherently. When Ben is finished pouring his cum into her womb he exits her and lays down next to her. “Girls, that was the best fuck of my life. Ben is a Master at fucking. Harper you are going to need to share Ben with me again. Where is Gary?” Patricia asks.

“He is in bed with Gina and Peggy, they seem to be stuck at the hip lately” Paige says. “Mom, you look like you really needed that” Jordan says. “You have no idea” Patricia tells her. Jordana and Paige suck on BIG FELLA getting him revived for another round with their mother. Harper goes over to her mother and kisses her and tells her “I am glad you enjoyed Ben. He is a wonderful caring man. Once thing is he always fucks his women in their asses. If you want to be his you will need to give him your ass. Have you ever had anal sex before?”.

“No, your father wanted it but I would not give it to him” Patricia says. “Well do you want to have Ben inside you again? You want to feel BIG FELLA filling you up and stretching you out in ways other men can't?” Harper asks. “OH, God yes please I want him I need him to fill me up” Patricia says like a woman possessed. Harper then flips her mother over onto her stomach and spreads her legs.

Harper spreads her mothers ass cheeks as Ben comes over and positions BIG FELLA on her anal ring, “Give me your arms, Patricia” Ben instructs and she complies, “This might hurt at the beginning, but it will get better I promise” Ben tells her as he grabs her wrists and uses them as reins on a horse as he pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Paige puts a pillow under her mother's face for her to scream into as her and her sisters watch Ben take their mother's ass.

After about an hour of constant pounding BIG FELLA gets all the way inside of Patricia's ass. Ben begins to really pound her with long hard strokes as Patricia starts to climax repeatedly. It takes Ben two more hours before he explodes in her colon. When completed he falls on to his new lover and she professes to him.

“I am yours, do with me as you choose” Patricia tells him. “So you approve of me and my Master being together?” Harper says. “Your Master, I thought he was your husband” Patricia says “He is my Master, I am his slave and his property. He owns me lock stock and barrel. I want nothing else but to please my Master” Harper says as she turns around and shows her mother her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo.

“If he fucks you like he just did me then you are a very lucky woman. Yes I approve of Ben being your Master as long as he makes me his slave. Girls I think we are going to be moving to Alabama if my Master will have us” Patricia says. “What about your job?” Paige asks. “My job is to please my new Master. I am sure that will keep me busy for a long time. Are you going to take my daughters as your slaves, Master?” Patricia asks.

“Delilah has already asked to be my slave after I took her cherries. I told you other daughters that I would make love to them when we got back to the mansion after they have had their blood tested. I need to make sure they are clean and disease free. I have to protect the family. I wanted to wait until you got to the mansion to take you and offer this but I guess that plan is out of the window now. I want you and your children to move in with me and Harper and become part of our family. I wanted to offer this to you regardless if you wanted to have sex with me or not” Ben tells her.

“Master, I am yours. Do with me as you choose. You need to have my daughters checked out for HIV but not me, why is that?” Patricia says. “I did a background check and it came back stating that you had not had sex since your husband left you. That Paige has had a few boyfriends and the twins had a couple. My goal was to protect the family, I needed to make sure about you and your children. Gary seems to love being a part of my family” Ben tells her.

Ben takes Patricia over to the next bedroom with Harper and they see Gina sucking on his cock. “Damn, Gary you have a pretty beautiful cock” Patricia says as Gary looks up at his mother's naked body. “So are you Ben's slave now like Harper and Delilah?” he asks her “Yes if he will have me” Patricia says as she comes over to the bed and takes the cock from Gina and starts sucking on her son's twelve-inch cock. She makes him explode down her throat.

“Damn, if Gary is this big at fourteen imagine how big he will get when he is fully grown” Patricia says. “I think he can add at least a couple of inches before he is fully grown” Harper says as she sucks on Gary. “Gary, you are going to love it at the mansion. The women are going to love making-love to you” Harper says after she has gotten him hard. Harper then proceeds to ride her brother's cock as Ben takes Patricia back to the other bedroom.

Ben fucks her three more times that night and finally falls asleep with BIG FELLA firmly lodged in her ass. It is early afternoon before people start to wake. Ben is in bed with BIG FELLA still inside of Patricia's ass. Ben has Paige, Jordan and Jordana in bed with him. Jordan is sucking on her mother's breast and her twin is sucking on her pussy.

“Good Morning, Patricia. How did you sleep?” Ben asks her. “Very well, I like waking up with BIG FELLA inside of me. I can feel your heart beating in my ass. Who is that sucking on my pussy? Gary?” Patricia asks. Jordana looks up a her mother from between her legs and smiles. “You see Patricia all my women are bi-sexual. Your daughters are just getting practice” Ben tells her as he gets hard in her ass and starts to fuck her again. When he is done they all go take a shower. Ben washes each of Harper's sisters.

“Master, I think we should go home and pack a few bags for our trip to Alabama. Don't you think? If we are going to move there” Patricia says. “All you will need is some clothes that you already packed. I will have my mover friends come down here and pack up your possessions and bring them to Alabama later. They are in Chicago now” Ben tells her.

“Master, if you keep fucking me I am going to get pregnant” Patricia tells him. Harper comes in and tells her mother that is the plan for all of them. They spend the day around the pool and then head out to dinner and to do some shopping. Ben picks up somethings for his many ladies at home. On the way back to the Ritz-Carlton Delilah asks Ben “How many slaves do you have, Master”.

“Sweetheart, I now have around three hundred slaves/lovers. Most of which have already or are now pregnant like your sister, Peggy and Gina” Ben tells her as they pull up. They head upstairs and they all strip. Gary goes to bed with Peggy, Gina and Harper who is stroking his cock. Ben goes to bed with Patricia and Delilah and the rest of the girls. Delilah sucks on BIG FELLA and gets him hard. “I want this inside of me again Master” she tells him as she pushes him onto the bed and then straddles him and pushes down on BIG FELLA. Jordan and Jordana suck on her “D” cup breasts as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. They fuck for three hours before Ben turns her over and starts pounding her cervix.

When he is about ready to climax he pushes past her cervix and pumps her womb full of his potent seed. She moans and grunts as he pours his load into her. “Master, are you going to get me pregnant?” Delilah asks. “Many times. All of your sisters and mothers will bare me many children” Ben tells her. “How many children do you have already?” Jordana asks.

“I believe the total is two hundred and thirty-five with another four hundred and seventy-nine due in the next nine months. I have plenty of room for all my children and my slaves. I love them all as I will love you and your sisters once they become mine” Ben tells them.

“How do you keep up with three hundred women?” Patricia asks. “It takes a lot of work. I have help. Gary will be some help with loving my women. I have fifteen men that live in the mansion with us, they will service you when you want. With them you control everything. They cannot make love to you in your pussies without a rubber if they are not sterile. You and Delilah are mine. I love both of you and you will give me many babies. I will give you a luxurious lifestyle that you cannot imagine. I only go first class as you see. I have a compound in the Cayman Islands that we use extensively. That is where I met your daughter and her friends. It was not my intention on making them my slaves but my women loved them and wanted this for them and they came very willingly. Julie, who you will meet, became my slave down in the Caymans this January and when we went to where your daughter worked with her friends she convinced them to come back with us. They willingly became my slaves and I take care of each of them. Her friend Sydney's family has become part of my family and are at the mansion waiting for us to arrive tomorrow. On Thursday I am going to meet Brianna's family and invite them back to the mansion. Family if very important to me, very important to me” Ben tells her.

They spend the rest of the day and night holed up in the hotel suite sucking and fucking their brains out. Ben fucks Patricia three times twice in her pussy and once in her ass, he fucks Delilah three times in her pussy and her ass. He always deposits his seed in their wombs when he has deposited his last load into Patricia she brings her new Master and lover close to her and tells him, “I am fertile now. You might have just gotten me pregnant”. “God, I hope so. You produce beautiful children and welcome our children to the family” is Ben's reply.

In the morning Ben calls Steve, Jamal and Sheila and tells them to ready the plane that they are ready to leave. They fly back to the mansion and upon arrival Ben drives them around the outside of the mansion so that they can get a sense of the shear size of the mansion. They see Cecil outside working with his landscaping. They arrive around the front and get out.

“Master, I love that statue of you in the fountain” Delilah says as she gazes upon it. Patricia and the rest take in the grandeur of the statue. “If you like that come into the foyer” Harper says. They enter and see the portrait of Ben. “I like that portrait, Master. Almost as much as I like the real thing” Patricia says as she drops to her knees and takes Ben's pants down and then off.

She kisses BIG FELLA looks Ben in his eyes and tells him she loves him and how he makes her feel. Patricia then starts sucking on BIG FELLA as Harper tells her sisters and brother that they go around the house naked so strip. Gary and his sisters comply as they see Gina and Peggy do the same.

Becky comes into the foyer with Tiffani and Mira. The later are holding hands. Harper introduces her sisters and brother to Becky, Tiffani and Mira. Becky comes over and welcomes them all the mansion. Harper informs her that they have all decided to become Ben's slaves.

“I see that your mother has already gotten comfortable with my husband and his enormous cock. Ladies there are a few rules in the mansion. I am Ben's wife, Peggy here is another wife and Mistress as are Brooklyn and Laurie. The four of us are your Mistresses. This is my mother Tiffani and Gina's mother Mira. There is to be no hair below the neckline, we will permanently remove all the hair. Gary, being a man it is your choice if you want to get the hair removed from your pubic region. I can tell you this that my sister slaves enjoy not having hair in their mouths when the suck on cocks and you have a really nice cock. Second rule is that when there are no guest in the house we are always naked as you can see” Becky tells them as James, Karl Jr. Freddie, Nikki, Reanna, Rachel, Sarah and Sam walk past.

Paige, Jordan, and Jordana introduce themselves to them and James welcomes them to the mansion. Ben introduces his daughter to the Harper's sisters and his future son-in-law Karl Jr. He tells them he fathered her when he was young. “I see Harper's mother really likes you” Nikki says as Patricia continues to work on BIG FELLA. Ben grunts and explodes down her throat.

“Becky, this is Patricia Harper's mother. She needs to get her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on her lower back as does Delilah here. Paige, Jordana, and Jordan need to get their blood tested and then have them come see me. But first let me show you around the mansion and show you your rooms” Ben says.

They take a tour of the mansion all the main rooms; the kitchen, multiple dinning living rooms, game room, entertainment room, indoor and outdoor pools. The master suite is also toured. Ben introduces them to all the slaves that are around some in the pool area some in the other rooms already toured. When they come to Anita, Anna and Ann's room they tell the new slaves welcome and ask Ben if they can play with Gary. He tells them of course but do not wear him out.

They continue till they get to the six rooms Ben has assigned for them. Paige enters her room and asks “Master, this whole big room is for only me?”. “Yes, my love you each have an identical sized room with your own private bathroom” Ben tells them as the four of them scream. “Master, I think you have just made their day”.

“OK, ladies let's go get your tattoos and your blood tested” Ben tells them as they head to Sheila and Nadia's rooms. Ben then goes and checks on Sydney's family. Estella and Mariah are in their rooms as Ben approaches Estella runs up to him and drags him into her room. “Master, I am pregnant” She tells him as she drops to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. “We have missed you Master” Mariah says. “I am pregnant also, please get my children pregnant also. I want to share this experience with them” she tells him as she kisses him and rubs his muscular body. “Christine, Chastian get in here” Mariah calls out. They come in and see Master and jump on him. “Master we are fertile now and want you to make love to us and give us babies” Christine says.

Estella takes an erect BIG FELLA out of her throat and as Christine lays down and spreads her legs. “Pump her full of you beautiful baby makers, Master. Then it is my turn to get a load” Chastian says. Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep into Christine's wet pussy as her sister gets in between their legs and starts sucking on Ben's huge balls and licking on the part of the shaft that is not in her sister. Instinctively Chastian realizes that her sister wants her to suck on her slit as it is expanding and stretching by the girth of BIG FELLA.

Christine moans out in pleasure and a little pain as Ben pounds her cervix with great speed. It takes Ben an hour before he breaks through her cervix and begins giving Christine her first load of the day. When he is done he exits her pussy with the usual pop and lays down on his back to rest as Chastian starts to work on reviving BIG FELLA. It takes her twenty minutes to get him hard again and when she does Ben gets in between her legs and sucks her to an orgasm and then pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy.

Ben pumps on Chastian's pussy for an hour until Becky comes into the room with Patricia and Delilah. “Master is enjoying his slaves” Patricia says. Becky introduces the women to each other and Patricia shows off her new “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo as does her youngest daughter. Estella welcomes them and tells them that she just joined and that Ben has yet to train her or her sister or their daughters. Becky goes over the training regiment with Patricia and Delilah and they both smile and look forward to it.

“I am Master's, he can take me anytime he wants when he wants and wherever he wants” Delilah says as her three sisters enter the room and see BIG FELLA being pumped into Chastian. Paige gets hot and wet looking at the action. Becky goes and gets Ben's pills. She knows that he is going to have to have sex with the three new girls that just got their clean certificates.

Before he leaves to meet Brianna's family Ben gets Christine, Chastian, Paige, Kensi, Lucy, Jordana and Jordan all pregnant with triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets although they will not find that out until late October.

Ben pumps and pumps on Chastian much to her excitement, she is very vocal in her enjoyment of her Master's love-making techniques. Her sister returns the favor and starts sucking on their Master's balls and shaft. When Ben pushes past her cervix Christine pushes two fingers into Ben's ass and starts milking his prostate. Normally Ben climaxes hard with a lot of force and produces a great about of semen. With Christine's help he triples his output. Chastain's belly is severely swollen when Ben finishes climaxes and exits her womb.

“Damn, that is one hell of a load inside of me. Thank you Master. I love you” Chastian says. “What was that, somebody put a couple of fingers in my ass and milked my prostate. Don't I cum enough for you ladies?” Ben asks. “Sorry, Master. I read about that online and wanted to try it. I didn't hurt you did I?” Christine asks. He tells her no it was just a shock. Becky brings in his pills and gives them to him as he goes over to Paige and asks her if she is ready.

Grabbing BIG FELLA with her hands, “Master, there is nothing else I want. I just hope it fits in my tiny little pussy” she tells him. “Baby, it is not going to be tiny after I get finished with it today” Ben tells her as she begins to work on getting BIG FELLA hard. Paige licks the shaft and around the huge bulbous head working with both hands. She eventually takes it into her mouth and as it grows larger Ben starts pushing it down her throat, effectively stretching out her throat.

“Damn, you can see the head going down her throat. It is bulging out her throat, see it moving back and forth” Christine says as she starts to play with herself. Once he is hard he puts Paige on the bed on her back and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her wet pussy making Paige moan out in ecstasy. Paige grunts and squeals as Ben pounds her cervix for an hour when he is ready to break through her tells the three sisters that he always cum in his woman's womb.

Ben hammers Paige really hard for thirty-five minutes before he breaks through and starts pumping her womb for an hour. He pours his seed into her womb for thirty minutes before he is done. He exits her and lies on his back and Jordan and Jordana come over and lay down with him. They kiss him and work on getting him hard again. “Master, you are amazing. You have just made love for a long time to Paige, Christine, Chastian. How long can you go?” Estella asks him.

“I can go for about three to four days straight with the help of my vitamins and supplements that help me with my stamina and sperm production” Ben tells them as Lucy and Kensi come into the room.

“Mom, you will never believe what is going on in Danella's room. Danny is pounding the crap out of her ass. They have been going at it for a while now” Kensi says. “What that isn't right. That is incest” Estella says as she gets up. “Estella, leave them be. If Danella is not complaining then it is alright. Danny can have sex with any of my slaves, his mother or sisters included as long as he wears a rubber when he is fucking their pussies” Ben tells them. Estella somewhat reluctantly tells him “Yes, Master”. “Those are the rules of the house” Ben says as he is finally erect.

“One of you ride BIG FELLA and the other come sit on my face facing your twin” Ben tells Jordan and Jordana as Jordana straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. “When I tap you on your hip Jordan get off my face and let me pound your sister and pour my seed into her womb” Ben instructs her. While lowering her pussy onto her new Master's mouth she utter “Yes, Master. Oh GOD that feels good”

Jordan is experiencing her Master's talented tongue for the first time. After about five minutes she climaxes hard. Jordana is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA both having orgasms as Becky tells them “Master is excellent at cunnilingus. As you all will come to learn”.

Jordana bounces and grinds on BIG FELLA to ten orgasms and 45 minutes until Ben is ready to pound her cervix into submission. He taps Jordan who is delirious having climaxed continuously for the last 45 minutes. Ben's whole upper body is wet as he turns Jordana over after her twin gets off of his face and curls up shaking from post orgasmic bliss. Ben begins to pound her cervix, it takes Ben an hour before he breaks through and Jordana screams as he does. Ben pumps her womb for about twenty-five minutes before pouring his seed into her fertile womb. When he is done Jordana has climaxed an extra twenty-five times.

Ben rubs Jordana's belly and she holds his hand “Master, that was fantastic. You are a FUCKING-GOD like your tattoo states” Jordana states as Ben pulls out of her well fucked pussy. He gets up and goes takes a shower. After the shower he goes sees Danny and Danella with Estella and Mariah following him.

Estella walks beside him and watches BIG FELLA bouncing between his legs. She can't help but take BIG FELLA into her hand and start stroking him. “Master, I love you and will abide by your wishes. It just came as a shock that Danny and Danella would be having sex together” she tells him as the enter Danny's room and sees him on top of his sister.

Danny is slowly fucking his sister in her pussy. He has a rubber on and they are like on flesh. “Hey mom” Danella says. Estella shakes her head. “What's wrong Mom?” Danny asks. “You are on top of your sister fucking her”. “Mom, I wanted Danny to make love to me. I love him and he loves me. He knows what I want without me even asking him. It is like we were made for each other. I don't want to have his children just have sex with him. Master is it alright if I sleep with my twin” Danella asks him.

“Yes, of course, as long as he wears a rubber when he is having sex with you in your pussy” Ben tells them. “Thank you Master” Danny says as he continues to pound his sister with long deep strokes. As they leave Danny says “OK, I will go faster” and begins pumping her sister faster.

Ben goes back to the room that Jordan is in and spreads her legs and sucks on her pussy while Jordana sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of Jordan's warm wet pussy. In one stroke he hits her cervix and pushes hard against it. He pounds her for a good 90 minutes Jordan's eyes roll in the back of her head as she has had at least twenty orgasms in that time. Ben then picks her up by the hips and then forcefully slams BIG FELLA deep inside of her crushing her cervix, he does this fifteen times before it gives way and lets him in. Jordan is whimpering and moaning at the same time as Ben assaults her cervix into relenting.

Once Ben is through her cervix his pumps her womb for thirty minutes before pouring his seed inside of her. Ben exits her womb lays down next to her and pulls her on top of him with BIG FELLA still inside of her pussy. “Let's rest for a minute or two” Ben says as Jordan cuddles with him. Jordana lays down next to him on the other side of her twin. They three of them sleep for a couple of hours. When he wakes up he exits Jordan and picks her up and takes her to her bed. He takes Jordana to her bed.

Ben walks past Kensi's room and she calls to him. Ben goes into her room and she pulls back the covers and asks him to make love to her. Ben smiles and kisses her and then goes down on her making her climax almost immediately. When BIG FELLA is hard he pushes him inside of her and starts stroking her with long deep strokes. Kensi pulls her legs up to give Ben deeper access into her. She is squealing and moaning while Ben pumps her with long deep strokes.

“Master, BIG FELLA feels like a huge softball pushing inside of me. OH GOD IT FEELS GREAT. Oh God I am cuming again” Kensi says as she lays there with her legs up in her arms enjoying Ben's pumping and pounding her young fifteen year old pussy. As Ben pumps his young slaves pussy like a jackhammer her pink pussy grips the huge 5 1/2” shaft and tries to keep it inside. The walls come out clinging to the shaft of BIG FELLA. Lucy comes into the room hearing her sisters moans, grunts and groans. She watches BIG FELLA as it goes in and out of Kensi's pussy.

“Lick my shaft and balls Lucy while I pound your sisters pussy, Please” Ben asks. Lucy smiles and tells him “Yes, Master” and gets in between their legs and starts sucking in Ben's big hairy balls and his shaft as he pistons Kensi's sweet young pussy into submission. It takes Ben two hours before he breaks through her cervix and starts pumping her full of his seed.

Ben exits Kensi's womb and her pussy with a pop and he lays down next to her and pulls her close. “Lucy will you go find Becky for me and get my pills for me. I am going to rest here with Kensi while you do that. Then we will make love” Ben asks her. She gives him a kiss and runs off to catch Becky.

Ben loves to see his girls run. Lucy has an amazing 36C breasts and they bounce as she runs off to get his pills. In thirty minutes she comes back with the pills and gives them to him and goes to the bathroom to get him a glass of water. Ben takes his pills and lies there while Lucy sucks on BIG FELLA. “That is a beautiful sight” Ben says. Kensi looks over at him and ask what. “The sight of a beautiful woman sucking on my large cock. Seeing it bulge out her cheeks and throat”.

Kensi looks down at her sisters cheeks and throat and says that is very sexy. She kisses and caresses her Master. “Master, I feel like we just hit the lottery. Why are you so generous with us? Not that I am complaining or anything. I know you love having sex almost as much as we enjoy the love-making and the fucking. I see all these women here and just wonder” Kensi says in between kisses.

“It was my adoptive mothers last wish. She was white and looked a lot like Becky. They resemble each other so much that once I saw here I knew I had to be with her. Becky was only thirteen when we first hooked up. She has since bore me seven children. None of this would be possible without her. My mother's last wish was that I support and protect abused and neglected women. Even Mira I felt a connection to, her husband abandoned her with his children and pursued an unlawful investigation. If nothing else I would have supported her for the rest of their lives. I love all my women. All of you the same, Lucy I am more than erect now. Ride BIG FELLA for a little bite while I make out with your sister” Ben says. Lucy, after she takes BIG FELLA out of her throat, says “Yes, Master” and proceeds to grind on BIG FELLA.

“Kensi, tell me more about Danny and Danella. Have they always been so close?” Ben asks her. “Yes, it is kind of eerie how close they are. One will start saying something and then the other will finish the statement. They excel in school because if one knows something they both know it. Danny is good in Math and Sciences and Danella is better at English and artistic classes. I wonder about them making love to each other. It must be like make love to yourself” Kensi tells him.

Lucy is having an orgasm as Ben kisses Kensi. Lucy's large 36C breasts are bouncing as she grinds on BIG FELLA. “Lucy, after you have had ten orgasms I will flip you over to your back and pound your cervix into submission and then pour my seed into your womb” Ben tells her. “AHHHH, OK, it is your womb. I belong tooooooo you. My body is yours. OH GOD” Lucy says and then starts babbling something incoherently. Ben lets her grind away and has her grind her way to twenty orgasms before he flips her over and pounds her cervix into submission. It took Lucy ninety minutes to have twenty orgasms and it takes Ben another two hours before he breaks through her cervix and then stroke her womb for thirty minutes then pours his seed into her. When he exits her she kisses him tells Ben she loves him and that he is a “FUCKING GOD”.

“I have heard that once or twice before” Ben smiles and takes Kensi with him as Lucy passes out from orgasm overload. Lucy has climax over forty-five times. They go see Danella and Danny. They are laying in the bed snuggling with each other as Ben and Kensi enter the room. “Master, you want to have sex with Danella now?” Danny asks. “Can, Danny fuck me in my ass as I grind on BIG FELLA?” Danella says. “We would” Danny says and Danella interjects “really love that”.

“When you make love to me” Danella says “I will feel what my sister feels” Danny says, “It will be like you are making love to both of us” Danella says “We feel what each other feels, that is why” Danny says “It is so special when we make love to each other” Danella says as Danny continues “It is like we are making love to ourselves. We feel each other and ourselves at the same time”.

“That is a little strange. You two know what each other are always thinking and feeling?” Ben ask. “Yes” one says and the other says “Master”. Danella gets off the bed and goes to Ben and takes him to the bed. She begins to suck on his cock. She takes him into her mouth and then starts bobbing up and down. Danella looks at Danny and he tells Ben “She wants you to help her get BIG FELLA down her throat. Gently push her head down on your cock for her, Please” Ben does and slowly forces his cock all the way down her throat.

“Danella loves how it is stretching out her throat. I tell her that her throat is bulging out. She like this and it feels great. I can feel the veins in BIG FELLA rubbing her throat Master” Danny says. “Danny, I am not your Master. I am Danella's Master” Ben tells him as he enjoys Danella's blowjob. “Ben, whether I call you Master or she calls you Master it makes no difference it comes from both of us. I am no way gay but I feel the love she has for you. I love you also”.

Once Ben is hard Danella takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and tells Ben in her own voice that she will get use to that eventually. She mounts BIG FELLA and Danny inserts his cock into her ass and after a while Ben and Danny match their strokes.

“Master, I can control when Danny climaxes by telling him not to. We have gone five hours so far” Danella says. Ben and Danny are enjoying Danella's body as Estella and Mariah come in at watch with Kensi. After about an hour Danella says “Come for me brother”. Danny starts to grunt as he pours he seed into her colon, when he is done he pops out of her ass Danella rolls over on to her side and Ben does the rest as he gets on top of her and starts drilling her hard and fast battering her cervix into submission. When he is done coming Danny tells him “Damn, that feels so warm in her womb. Danella really like it when you came in her womb. It hurt like hell when you broke through her cervix”.

“I can get use to that feeling of you breaking through my cervix” Danella says. Ben gets up after kissing her and rubbing her swollen belly. Danny goes over and cuddles with his sister and they start kissing. It is like they are talking to each other as they stare in each others eyes. “Master, we are going to like being your slave” Danny says. “He can feel you when you are inside of me and we like the feeling” Danella tells him.

Ben leaves their room and walks down the hallway. Eun Mi and Eun Kyung see Ben passing by and yell out “Master, Mater” and come running for him. They pull him into Mi's bed and Kyung asks “Master, you fuck us now!”. It sounded more like a command from the twelve-year-old as her twin starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Eun Jung, Eun Hee and Eun Sun come into the room and scream “Master, Master you fuck us all”. Ben shakes his head “Not Sun, just suck her pussy”. Eun Sun pouts and comes over to Ben “Baby you are too young”. He picks her up and kisses her. “I love you and want to keep you pure. Please let me keep you pure and a virgin until your thirteenth birthday Sun baby”.

“Master, you make love to Gina and she is a year younger than me. I want to give you all of me. I want to give you my whole body” Eun Sun says. “Sun, you have. You have given me your whole body” Ben tells her and then pushes Mi off of his cock and lays down on the bed. He puts Sun on his face and starts sucking on her virgin pussy as Mi rides BIG FELLA. Ben makes love to each of them that night. In the morning their cousins come in and take their turn with Ben and BIG FELLA. Hyejung is the first to get a ride on BIG FELLA, then it is her twin Hyomi, then the thirteen-year old twins Hyeri and Hyerim. In comes Eun and she tells Ben that she wants her turn.

Becky looks for Ben in the morning and Estella tells her that the “Eun's have him”. Becky shakes her heads and takes Ben his pills and some cold bottles of Ensure. Ben asks Becky to have Brianna, Peggy and Gina packed a ready to go by the next morning. He asks her to call Steve and Jamal and tell them to be ready to fly to Charleston, South Carolina to visit Brianna's family.

Ben spends the rest of the day making-love to his Korean slaves until Crystal comes in and tells Ben that Jill and Cloe just broke their water and are going into labor. Ben asks her to get Peggy and tells her that he will be there in a couple of minutes. Ben finishes up with Eun Kyung pounding her into unconsciousness. He takes Eun Sun with him and they go to witness Jill and Cloe giving birth to his sons.

Jill is the first to give birth to her triplet boys she gives African names in honor of her Master's heritage those names being Johari “Young Strong and Powerful” Benjamin, Jaja “God's Gift” Jonathan, Jalil “Exalted Honorable” Jackson, they all weigh around eight and a half pounds. Right after Cloe gives birth to her triplet boys she names, Chioh “Power of God” Abraham, Chioke “God's Blessing” Issac, Chiumbo “A Little Creation” Adam, they weight over nine pounds each. Nadia comes over and tells Ben that he has six perfectly healthy boys.

Crystal comes over with tears in her eyes and tells her Master, “Ben, the boys are a spitting image of their father. There is no denying these are your boys, Master!”. They boys have their fathers trait, they all have huge penises. Eun Sun asks Ben “What does she mean, Master?”.

“My brothers all have large penises, Sun. Just like their father, our Master” Peggy says with a smile. Ben kisses his little slave Sun and tells her that in three years he will get her pregnant. He kisses Jill and Cloe and tells them they did a very good job delivering they beautiful baby boys.

Ben then goes to his bedroom with Peggy and Eun Sun. He takes a hot bath with both and then goes to bed with the two of them and starts making out with them. In comes Gina with her bag packed and sees Ben with Sun and Peggy and joins them. Gina sucks on BIG FELLA and Ben tells Sun to straddle his face. He makes Sun climax twenty-five times before he blows his load down Gina's throat.

Ben then falls asleep with Gina, Peggy and Sun curled up with him. The next morning Ben kisses all three and tells them that he loves them. He has a morning stiff cock and tells Sun he is going to pound her ass. She screams “Yes, Master. Please fuck my ass. Peggy goes and gets the lube from the bathroom and lubes her up. Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her anus and begins fucking her with long deep strokes. Sun chants encouragement to Ben almost incoherently. It takes Ben an hour before he blows his load in her ass.

Ben then gets up and takes a shower and packs. He collects Peggy, Gina and Brianna and head to the landing strip and and twenty minutes later they are in the air heading to Charleston. “Master, thanks for doing this for me?” Brianna says. “No problem, Brianna. I look forward to meeting your sisters and mother” Ben tells her as she snuggles next to him. “Will you make them your slaves and love them like you do me?” she inquires.

“I will only make them my slaves if they want to be … ” Ben says as Brianna starts rubbing on BIG FELLA. “I intend on bringing them back to the mansion and showing them how you are treated and how we live. Your mother is a teacher. At the worst of it I will offer her triple her salary to teach my girls and eventually my children. We have a lot of children that are going to need educations. I have nine teacher slaves now. The New York slaves are in college to get their teaching degrees” Ben tells her as she works BIG FELLA stiff.

“Look what I did? I need to release the pressure on this beast” Brianna says as she unzips Ben zipper and bring out BIG FELLA. She starts to suck on him looking up at him as she does. Brianna makes love to BIG FELLA licking and sucking on the huge cock. While she rubs BIG FELLA with both hands she tells Ben, “My mom is going to love you. Whether you show her BIG FELLA or not. My sisters are going to be yours, I know they are going to like you and beg to be your slaves”. Right before they are to touchdown in Charleston, Brianna makes Ben climax hard down her throat.

They exit the plane and Jamal loads the awaiting limousine with the luggage and they head off to the Charleston Place. They arrive and Ben checks in while Jamal tours the facilities with Sheila. Ben makes reservations for spa treatment for the four women and dinner at the Charleston Grill for the entourage. Jamal and Sheila come back to the desk and get their keys and Ben informs them of the plans. They take their baggage to their rooms and chill until the spa sessions.

While the women are getting their spa treatment Ben, Steve and Jamal lounge around in the sauna and take in a steam. “Ben, you sure do know how to live life to the fullest” Steve tells him. “Caillum is really enjoying his new lifestyle. He did not think he would after the initial shock of seeing Randee and Ruby with you” Steve says. “I did not intend on that happening it just kind of spiraled out of control. I do love Randee and Ruby. I do believe Caillum is enjoying the lifestyle” Ben tells him as they exit the sauna and head to the pool.

“Look at the ladies, it seems they like the spa treatment. Are you ladies enjoying yourselves?” Ben asks. “Yes, Maa. Ben” Gina says. “This is very nice of you Ben” Sheila says. After their spa treatment they go back to their rooms to relax before dinner.

Brianna calls her mother and tells her they will be by in the morning to pick them up around nine. They get dressed and head downstairs to the Charleston Grille. For appetizers they have Black River Caviar, Crispy Sweetbread Piccata, Fried Bandera quail, Tuna Carpaccio, and two orders of Charleston Grill Crab Cakes. For dinner they order Thai Fish, Lacquered Duck Breast, Seared Flounder & Shrimp, Frogmore Stew, Prime Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Domestic Lamb Rack, Grilled Wild Salmon, and Butter Poached Lobster with side of Kimchi Fried Rice and Pimento Cheese Grits.

After dinner Ben, Brianna, Peggy and Gina take in the town for a couple of hours. They go back to the hotel and rest till morning. Ben laying down with his three lovers Brianna on his left, Peggy on his right and his sweet Gina on top of him. Before Gina falls asleep she tells Ben “Brianna's family is going to love you as do I and my family does. I cannot imagine life without you in it my love” with that she lays her head down on his chest and falls asleep.

The next morning they get up and get ready to meet Brianna's family, the go downstairs to the Palmetto Cafe for breakfast before leaving. They have the Palmetto Omelet that has crab and lobster in it, Huevos Rancheros, Country Fried Steak and Lowcountry Shrimp and Grits. After their fine breakfast they get into the limousine and head over to Brianna's childhood home. She grew up outside of Charleston in Mount Pleasant which is a short drive over the river from Charleston.

They pull up to the house and Brianna tells Ben, “I never thought I would be coming back here riding in a limousine with the man I love, being pregnant with his child”. “Peggy, Gina stay in the car while we make the introductions and we will be right back out” Ben tells them and they smile and say “Yes, Master”.

Brianna knocks on the door and her mother opens the door. Brianna has Ben's hand in hers and introduces Ben to her mother. “Mom, this is my husband Ben Barnes. Ben this is my mother Penelope”. “Ma'am it is nice to finally meet you. I can see where Brianna gets her beauty from” Ben tells Penelope. She smiles and says “Thanks Mr. Barnes, would you come in please”.

“You sure do travel in style, Mr. Barnes!” Penelope says. “Please, call me Ben. Yes I do like to travel in style. If you can't go first class you might as well not go. I would like to invite you and your daughters out to a day of shopping and then dinner at Hominy Grill. I was wondering if City Market was worth a look? I have also booked a sunset cruise on Schooner Pride for tomorrow evening. Would you and you girls like to join us?” Ben says.

“Yes, City Market is a good touristy place to go, I hear that the sunset cruise on the Schooner Pride is well worth the money. Ben, I would like to introduce you to my daughters Jillian, Julian and Iris” Penelope says.

Ben takes each girls hand and kisses it and tells them it is nice to meet them. “Would you ladies like to join us for a day of shopping and then a hopefully nice meal?”. They smile at him and say yes they would. Brianna goes over and hugs her sisters and they see her huge engagement ring. “That is a freaking huge ass ring, Brianna. How many carats is that diamond?” Iris asks. “Mom, come over here and check out Brianna's ring” Julian says.

“I don't know how many carats it is, I never asked I just accepted it. How many carats is it, Ben?” Brianna asks. “It is over 8 carats. Brianna has a necklace and earrings that match back home. Or did you pack those also?” Ben says. “I packed them I thought I would wear them tomorrow evening” Brianna says. “Well, lets go. We can talk in the limousine” Ben says and the leave the house.

They enter the limousine and Ben introduces Gina and Peggy to Brianna's family as his girls. Ben sits next to Penelope with Brianna on his other side. They strike up a conversation about her work, his work (which he does not have one really).

“I have a few investments I look after. I am pretty much retired. I have more money than I could ever spend and make wise investments. Brianna tells me that you are a school teacher. What grades do you teach?” Ben asks Penelope. “I teach elementary school, first thru third grade. I enjoy teaching but it has gotten frustrating lately” Penelope says.

“Well, Mom, Ben is building a very large school in Alabama” Brianna says. “I have about ten teachers lined up to teach there and can always use another. When you visit this week I will take you by the site and let you see for yourself. I will also introduce you to the other teachers” Ben tells her.

“Ben, can I ask you a question?” Penelope says. “You can ask me anything you like. What is your question?” Ben tells her. “Is my daughter pregnant?” she asks. “Yes, she is. Brianna is due in November. She is expecting triplets, we believe they are girls” Ben says. “Mom, you are going to be a grandmother. Ben is an excellent father. Just wait and see our place. It is absolutely beautiful, our child will want for nothing” Brianna says.

“Did he trap you into this Brianna?” Penelope asks. “Mom, I am with Ben because I love him and I love how he treats me and takes care of me. I can leave him at anytime I want, he has assured me of a very comfortable living. I will want for nothing for the rest of my life, my children will have everything they ever wanted. Ben is sending me to school, I am going to college in the fall. I want to be a teacher like you” Brianna tells her mother.

“We will see when I go to Alabama with you on Monday” Penelope says as they arrive at the Market. The girls shop for a long time and Ben and Penelope talk while the girls look around the stores. Ben and Penelope stop at a coffee shop and tell Brianna to go ahead to the other building.

“Ben, I see that you are very affectionate to my daughter. She seems very much in love with you. I would like to reassured that she is going to be taken care of and not hurt” Penelope says. “I don't know what I can say to reassure you. You are off for the rest of the summer, right?” she nods “Why don't you spend some time with us at my mansion. See how we live for a couple of months. Determine for yourself how well I take care of Brianna” Ben tells her.

“I will think about it. The girls really are enjoying their shopping trip” Penelope says. “I haven't met a woman who didn't like to shop” Ben tells her. Brianna buys stuff for her friends and fellow slaves at home as does Gina and Peggy. Gina and Peggy buy some nice jewelry for themselves and their mothers. When done shopping they head back to the limousine and head to Hominy for dinner.

Ben, Peggy and Gina all get the shrimp and grits. They all get the She Crab Soup. They eat their meal and talk about what Brianna's sisters are doing what they like and dislike. Iris tells Brianna that Ben is a charmer. Brianna just smiles and tells her he is very romantic. After finishing their meal the drive back to Mount Pleasant and Julian asks her mother “We want to spend some more time with Brianna, Mom. Catching up you know girl talk is it alright if we go back to their hotel and spend the night?”.

“Come on girls you will see her tomorrow and we are going back to their house on Monday” Penelope says sternly. “It is alright with me if they come over. We have two adjoining rooms and they can sleep in the other suite that has two rooms in it. Although I don't think your daughter are going to get much sleep with all the chit-chat they are going to do” Ben tells Penelope.

“You don't mind having the girls over?” Penelope asks. “No, it would be nice for Brianna to spend some alone time with her sisters before we get back to the mansion. I will pick you up tomorrow around eleven” Ben tells her. “OK, I will start packing bags for a couple of months stay at your place” Penelope says. “Girls, behave and mind Ben when you are in his hotel” Penelope tells her girls.

“Mom, we are not children anymore” Jillian says. Ben and Penelope smile and she tells them she knows. Ben walks her to her door and she pulls him close and tells him “You have my whole family with you. If you do anything to harm my girls I will hunt you down”. Ben smiles at her and tells her that he will treat all her girls like he does Brianna, “Just like the princesses they are”.

Penelope kisses Ben goodnight on his cheek and tells him “I am trusting you more than I trusted any man in my life other than my late husband”. Ben then kisses her back straight on her lips, a full sensual kiss full of passion and desire. When he breaks the kiss Penelope is weak on her legs, “I have never been kissed like that before”. “Penelope, that is how I always kiss Brianna. I love her with all my heart. She is my family now as are you and your other daughters. I take care of my family as you will see when we arrive at the mansion” Ben tells her.

Ben leaves Penelope as she enters her house. After she closes the door and the limousine pulls off she thinks to herself, “Damn, if Ben fucks as good as he kisses I know why Brianna is with him”. She then goes to her bedroom and brings out her box of toys and starts masturbating to the thought of Ben.

In the limousine Brianna tells Ben, “I don't think my mother has ever been kissed like that”. “Ben, you can kiss me like that anytime you want” Julian says and her other two sisters agree with her. Ben and Brianna just smile at them and then he kisses her very passionately when they break their kiss Brianna has her hand in Ben's lap stroking BIG FELLA.

They arrive at the hotel and exit the limousine. Jillian notices the rather large bulge in Ben's pants and whispers to her twin about it. The head up to the suite and after they enter Julian asks Brianna after Ben goes to the bathroom, “Your husband must be rather well-equipped. We noticed his large bulge in his pants when we got back to the hotel”. “Yes his is packed with a very large cock” Brianna says as her sisters along with Gina and Peggy sit around the large living room.

Ben hears them talking to themselves and decides to watch a little television in the bedroom to give them some time to themselves. After about an hour or so he goes and checks on them. He puts on his robe and enters the room to much giggles. Brianna comes up to him and pulls him over to the couch. Her three sisters are sitting there next to each other. Gina and Peggy are on another couch. Brianna kisses Ben and tells him to go with it. She kneels in front of him and pulls open his robe and lowers his boxers. Julian, Jillian and Iris both take a deep breath. “OH MY GOD, he is freaking deformed” Jillian says. “That is the biggest fucking cock I have ever seen” Iris says. “It must be true what they say about black men. They all have huge cocks” Julian states.

Brianna giggles and kisses BIG FELLA. “Ladies, First I am not deformed and second black men are usually bigger then white men but not always” Ben tells them. Julian asks if she can touch it and Iris just grabs it and starts stroking it. Peggy looks at her Master and he knows what she is thinking and he nods. “So you three like my Master's cock do you?” Peggy says as she takes her clothes off. She shows off her tattoos

“Ben is my Master, my lover and my husband also. He also is Gina's Master, lover and husband just like your sister. We are all pregnant with his children. We love Ben with all of our hearts and are very obedient to him. We belong to him, he possesses our bodies, minds and our souls. We are his lock stock and barrel. He is ours the same way” Peggy tells them.

“Can we share him? You guys all share him right” Julian asks. “First, if you are to have sex with him you will need to get a clean HIV/STD test done, if you are not a virgin. We can do that Monday when we get back to the mansion. Are you virgins?” Brianna asks.

Iris says she is not and so does Jillian. Julian has her head down and tells Brianna “I only jacked my boyfriend off. Never had sex before never felt right. I want to give Ben my virginity” Julian says. “If I make love to you I will also fuck you in your ass. I will take you in both places and that is not up for negotiation” Ben tells her.

Holding BIG FELLA, “Will it even fit in my ass?” Julian asks. “Yes, it fits and it fills you up like no other man can. It feels wonderful having BIG FELLA inside of you. Once you get over the initial pain of loosing your cherries” Brianna says.

“First thing you three have to agree to. We do not discuss what goes on behind closed-door in public. It is nobody's business. Do you three agree to this?” Ben asks and the three agree, as Julian drops to her knees and starts to lick and suck on BIG FELLA. Once he is hard Ben takes her into the bedroom and puts a towel underneath her groin to catch the blood. Ben then starts to suck on her virgin pussy making her climax hard.

While Julian is still in her orgasmic bliss Ben pushes the erect BIG FELLA past her hymen and up to her cervix in one long deep thrust. Ben pumps her pussy and Julian comes down from her orgasmic high and says “I thought it was going to hurt when you broke my hymen”. “Master knows how to make it not hurt. He breaks it while you are still having an orgasm. That is how he took my cherry” Gina tells her.

Ben slowly builds up his pumping of Julian's pussy stretching it to conform to the size and girth of BIG FELLA. Julian is moaning and grunting as Ben pumps her pussy, she spreads her legs wider and grabs his ass with her hands trying to pull him deeper. Brianna comes over and lays next to the two lovers and asks her sister “Do you like how my husband Ben is taking you, making your pussy stretch to accommodate his huge cock?”.

All Julian can do is nod. Brianna asks “All you have to do is ask Ben and he will give you what you want and what you desire. Tell me what you want, let me hear what I already know?”. Julian starts to have another orgasm and looks over to her sister. “Tell me, Julian tell me” Brianna says. “OH, GOD. I want to be Ben's slave I want him. I want him to have my pussy. My pussy is his to do with as he chooses” Julian says.

“You see once my Master fucks you, you will want no other man. You all will become his slaves. He will not force any of you to become his slaves” Peggy says. “I guess he doesn't have to, what with that tool of his” Iris says.

“Ben, please be my Master. Accept me as your slave” Julian pleads with him as Ben continues his assault on her pussy eventually breaking through her cervix and pumping a huge load into her womb. Ben fucks her pussy three times that night and in the morning he pounds her ass into submission. In the morning, after putting a fourth load inside of her, Julian wakes up and there is a large bulge in her stomach. “Master, you sure did put a lot of cum inside of my belly” Julian tells her new lover and Master.

“Are you alright, Julian?” Ben asks her. “Yes, I have never been better. My ass hurts a lot after that pounding you just gave me” Julian says. Jillian comes over and hugs her twin, “That look so hot when Ben was fucking you. We could see your pussy gripping his big fat cock. I can't wait until Monday or Tuesday when he will be making me his slave”. Ben gets up and heads to the bathroom and as he walks past the bed Jillian asks, “Ben, what does that say on the top of your cock?”. Ben comes over and shows her.

Jillian grabs him and pulls on BIG FELLA “mmm. BIG FELLA, what an appropriate tattoo” she says as she kisses BIG FELLA on the head, “You will be inside of me soon, stretching me out. Ben, will you make me you slave like you did my sisters?” Jillian asks him.

“Hopefully you come back with a clean test on Monday, if you do I will be more than happy to make you my slave” Ben tells her. Ben tells everyone to get a shower and get ready to go downstairs to breakfast.

They head to the Palmetto Cafe, they order the Lowcountry Shrimp and Grits, a couple of Palmetto Omelets, Waffles with Blueberries and Strawberries, French Toast and a tray of fresh fruit. After a fine meal they head back to the room to gather their swimsuits. Brianna's sisters don't have theirs and they call their mother to bring them when she comes.

Ben asks the ladies if they would like to go shopping while they wait for Penelope to arrive. They all say yes of course and they go downstairs and go to the shops that are within walking distance. Ben leaves a message at the front desk for Penelope to call his cell phone when she arrives. They shop for about an hour before Penelope arrives at the hotel. They all go upstairs and change into their swimsuits and head to the spa. Ben takes off his robe and enters the pool. Penelope notices the outline of BIG FELLA in his banana hammock and smiles at Ben.

Julian swims over to Ben while Penelope gets a massage and kisses him and asks him if he is going to take her mother. “Would you want me to?” Ben asks. “Master, she needs a good fucking. She hasn't had a man in over ten years, focusing on us rather than herself” Julian states as Brianna come over to them “Master did you see my mother looking at BIG FELLA, she couldn't keep her eyes off of you”. “Yes, I saw and when we get back to the mansion I will present myself to her and let her make up her own mind about whether or not she wants to be my slave” Ben tells them.

Brianna grabs BIG FELLA and tells Ben “You show her my big friend here and she will be putty in your hands”. “Is that all I am to you is a huge cock to fuck?” Ben says to Brianna tongue in cheek like. “No, Master. True I was infatuated by your large member but it is you that I love and how you treat me and my friends and now my sisters” Brianna tells him as she looks into his eyes.

“Penelope are you enjoying your massage?” Ben asks. “Yes, very much so. This is very nice of you” Penelope says as the guy starts working her legs. They leave the spa and get ready to go to sunset cruise. Ben heads into the shower with Brianna. Gina and Peggy take the other shower. Brianna gives Ben a nice blowjob in the shower and after they finish washing each other they get out dry off and head into the bedroom. They get dressed and tell Penelope that the shower is ready for her and her girls. After everyone has showered and freshen up they head out with Jamal and Sheila to the sunset cruise.

The cruise takes them around Fort Sumter, around Charleston and up the river. After the cruise they eat a late dinner and head back to Mount Pleasant after dropping Jamal and Sheila off at the hotel. Ben tells Jamal that they will be leaving around noon.

They arrive at Penelope's house and they exit the limousine. Penelope sees her friend on her front porch and introduces Ben to her. “Ben this is my next door neighbor, April. April this is Brianna's husband” Penelope says. Ben shakes her hand and Brianna says hello. “Brianna where did you find such a handsome man? Does he have any brothers?” April says. “He found me and I do not think he has any brothers” Brianna says.

They go inside Penelope's house and the girls back a bag. The phone rings and it is April on the phone inviting Penelope, Ben and Brianna over for a drink. They go over and April introduces her children to Ben. Traci and Tasha are the oldest twins at sixteen beautiful blond hair and blue eyes like their mother and a huge rack. Sabrina and Sonia are next they are fifteen slightly shorter and a little smaller chest, then she introduces the triplets Mona-Lisa, Kristen and Robin who are fourteen with red hair and green eyes. Finally the men of the house thirteen year old triplet boys Rick, Ralph and Randy.

Ben shakes the guys hands they have nice strong grips. Penelope tells April that they are going to Ben's mansion in the morning for a couple of months and asks if she could look after the place for her. April says she will and they chat for a bit. Ben, Penelope and Brianna excuse themselves and leave after Ben tells them it was nice meeting them.

Ben tells Penelope and the girls that he will be by in the morning to pick them up. He leaves with Brianna, Gina and Peggy going back to the hotel for the night. That night he sleeps with all three of his women.

“I think my mom will make an excellent slave. She will absolutely love the mansion and the new school that is being built” Brianna says as they lay in bed. Gina is working over her favorite toy in the world, BIG FELLA, “Master, I have missed you and our time together” Gina says after she takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and before she starts licking on him. “We needed to be careful down here. I missed you too and you to Peggy baby” Ben says to them as he kisses his little Peggy. “I think you are right, Brianna. Your mother is going to like it at the mansion. She will have children to look after and teach. She can work with my teacher slaves and educate our children” Ben tells her.

“What did you think of April and her children?” Gina asks “They were nice, she has a lot of children ages 13 to 16. They are all quite beautiful. She has three sons that are 13.” Ben says as Gina gets on top of Ben and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Gina humps on BIG FELLA as she lays down on his belly and chest. Gina looks up at Ben and tells him she loves him and falls asleep with BIG FELLA in her ass. They lay there that night just like that. IN the morning they get up and shower eat breakfast and check out of the hotel. They take their baggage to the airport and then head to Mount Pleasant to pickup Penelope and the girls.

When they arrive the go inside. Ben sees the girls with their luggage and asks, “Are you ladies ready to see where we live?”. They all say yes. “I have a large bedroom ready for each of you with a private bathroom” Ben tells them. “OH MY GOD, that is wonderful. Not having to share a bathroom for once in my life” Iris says. Ben and everyone laughs at this.

Ben carries their luggage out to the limousine, it take him three trips with all their luggage. April comes over and tells Penelope that she will look after her house. Ben sees her boys and calls them over. “Rick, Ralph and Randy is it. I want you to do me a favor. I need you to cut the grass and keep an eye on the place for me while Penelope is away. Can you guys do that for me?” Ben asks them they tell him yes and Ben gives them each two hundred dollars.

“Ben that is too generous of you. It is way too much money for them” April says. “Nonsense, the boys will do a good job looking after the lawn. They will earn the money” Ben says as they pile into the limousine. They head to the airport and drive up to Ben's private jet. Jamal is standing by and takes the luggage out of the limousine and puts it in the storage compartment underneath of the plane. Ben escorts Penelope as they board the plane. Brianna tells her mother that this is the smaller of the two jets airplanes that he owns.

Steve calls back on the intercom and tells everyone that they are ready to take off. They are in the air little over and hour before Steve circles the Mansion. “Ladies if you would like to take a look at the mansion from above” Ben says as Penelope, Iris, Jillian and Julian look out the windows. “Ben, you live here. It looks like a huge hotel” Jillian says.

“We have over seventeen-hundred bedrooms, large living rooms and dinning rooms. An indoor and outdoor pool, sauna hot tubs. We have game rooms and entertainment rooms. Ben has a very large house” Brianna says.

They land and pile into the limousine for the drive over to the mansion. Ben tells the driver to drive by the school first. They drive around the large school, it is a two level building with all the facilities that you would find in all schools. Ben tells Penelope that it will be ready for the upcoming school year. He tells her he will take her over and show her the building in the next couple of days. The drive around to the front of the mansion and exit the limousine. Penelope is the first to see the statue of Ben.

“Oh, My who is the model for that I wonder?” Penelope asks. Julian and Jillian just giggle as they enter the mansion. Brianna tells her mother and sisters that they are nudist in the mansion and on the grounds. They are protected by security guards around the perimeter of the estate. Brianna, Gina and Peggy start to strip as Becky, Laurie, Tiffani and Mira come to the foyer. Becky comes over and kisses Brianna and the other two.

“Mom, this is Becky, Ben's wife. Her mother Tiffani and Gina's mother Mira and finally Ben's second wife Laurie. Peggy is Ben's third wife” Brianna starts to take off her clothes as does Gina and Peggy.

Julian, Jillian and Iris start undressing and coax their mother into undressing also. “First rule in the mansion is no hair below the neckline of any woman, second no clothes are to be worn while in the mansion” Becky tells the new ladies. Ben starts to undress and Penelope has her first look at BIG FELLA. She looks up and sees the portrait of Ben hanging on the wall. “I see who the sculpture's model is now. That is one nice cock you have there Ben” Penelope says.

“Thanks, Tiffani will you escort Jillian and Iris to Nadia's room to have their blood tested. Julian here needs to see Sheila about her tattoo on her back” Ben asks of Tiffani. “Yes, Master. I will shave their pussies while we are at it” Tiffani says. “Ben, she just called you Master?” Penelope says. “Yes, I called him Master. I am his slave and his lover. All the women here are Ben's property as it says on our lower backs. We belong to him as much as he belongs to us” Tiffani tells her.

“Mom, I gave Ben my virginity Saturday night. I begged him to take me as his slave and he accepted me without question” Julian tells her. The three girls go off to get their pussies shaved, get their blood done and for Julian her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo.

Ben takes Penelope around the mansion and shows her all the rooms in the mansion introduces her to the slaves they run into. Ben then takes her up and shows her to the rooms he has set aside for her and her three girls. Ben lays her down on the bed and then goes into the bathroom to get a towel and clippers. “Time to get rid of that bush of yours Penelope” Ben tells her. “Why did you bring us here? To serve you, to become your slaves?” Penelope asks.

“I brought you here so that you could see that your daughter Brianna is taken care of. She is loved and cared for, I love you daughter and she is going to have my children. It would be nice if our children can get to know their grandmother and aunts” Ben tells her as he uses the clippers to take off the bulk of her pubic hair. Ben then takes the shaving cream and lathers her pussy up. He goes and gets a bowl of hot water and comes back and start to shave her pussy clean of all her hair. “Once you decide to become my slave I will have Emily permanently remove all your hair below your neckline, just like your daughters” Ben tells her as he finishes shaving her. Ben then puts a hot towel on her pussy.

“Penelope you do not have to decide today or tomorrow or even the next day to become my slave. This is an open invitation, I want you to feel comfortable here in the mansion. Take a tour of the new school, play with my children. I have many babies and many more on the way. Feel free to ask any of my slaves if they are happy here with me. Ask the men if they are happy with their new lives” Ben tells her as he takes the once hot towel off of her pussy and then applies lotion to her freshly shaven pussy.

Vince comes in and excuses himself, “Excuse me, Ben. My nephew George just called me and told me some horrible news. My brother and sister-in-law got in a car accident this past weekend and have passed away. I need to go to them and be there for them. The funeral is this weekend” Vince tells him.

Ben asks Vince how many kids did his brother have. Vince tells him four boys they are 16, 15 and twins that are 13. Ben picks pus the phone and calls Steve and tells him to ready the plane and that Vince will be there to tell him where they are going. “Vince, go take care of your brothers kids. If they want to they can move down here with us. See Tiffani she has a credit card for you. Steve will drop you off and then come back and pick you up when you need to come back to the mansion” Ben tells him. Vince thanks him and then leaves to pack his bag and head to St. Louis.

Penelope asks Ben “You have never met Vince's nephews, but have opened the door to your mansion to them why?”. “Because family if very important. If Vince's nephews are to make it they need as much family around them as possible. Plus it would be nice to have some more men around the mansion” Ben tells her.

“Feel free to explore the mansion and the grounds, Penelope” Ben tells her as he gets up to leave her. “That is it, you aren't going to make love to me” Penelope asks. “Only if you want to have me” Ben asks her. Penelope then takes him into her mouth and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Once he is hard she takes him out of her mouth and tells Ben, “I have fantasized about doing that since I saw you in your bathing suit”.

Ben then spreads her legs and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. It is extremely tight for a forty-year old woman. Ben pumps her with long deep strokes as Julian and Jillian come into the room with Becky. They watch as Ben pounds their mother, “Pound her Master. She really needs a good fucking” Julian says. “OH, GOD he is so deep, deeper than any man before” Penelope moans out. She spreads her legs further out to get more of BIG FELLA inside of her, grabbing Ben buttocks and pulling him deeper coaxing him. “Fuck me deeper, take all of my pussy” She says.

“Tell me what you want Penelope. Tell me what you want!” Ben keeps says as he pounds her cervix. “Give into him, Mom. Give in to the pleasure he is giving you” Brianna says as she watches her mother climax time after time. It takes Ben two hours to break through her cervix and start pumping her womb. Penelope groans out that she is coming for the twentieth time as Brianna asks her “Do you like my Master?”. Penelope screams out “Yes, oh GOD Yes” as Ben pours his seed into her womb.

Penelope passes out from all the excitement and orgasms she has had. Jillian and Iris present Ben with the results of their tests and show them their backs. “Master, I know that you have not taken me yet. But I am here for you when you want me” Iris tells him.

“Let me show you to your rooms” Ben tells them as he takes them by hand to the next two rooms he shows Iris to her room and then Julian her room and finally Jillian. They go into the private bathrooms and come back to Ben and give him a big kiss. “Master, we love our rooms and especially our private bathrooms. You have no idea what it is like to share a bathroom with your two sisters” Iris tells him. They look in on their mother and she is sleeping with a huge smile on her face.

Ben then takes Iris into her room and has her suck on BIG FELLA getting him hard while Becky goes and gets his pills. Becky comes back and gives him his pills with Tiffani who tells him that Vince is on his way to St. Louis to attend his brothers funeral. She tells him that she gave Vince the credit card that has his name on it. Ben then puts Iris on her hands and knees and pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy.

Ben grabs her arms and starts riding her like a horse pounding BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy stretching it out and pounding her cervix. Iris's lining of her pussy is gripping the huge shaft of BIG FELLA trying to keep him inside of her. Ben asks Julian to lick his shaft that is not in her sister. Peggy and Gina suck on Iris's big 38C breasts. Iris has orgasm after orgasm, she comes down from one orgasm and starts another one. This goes on for two hours until Ben breaks through her cervix and pumps his load into her womb.

When Ben is pouring his seed into her womb Iris screams out “OH, GOD YOU ARE A MASTER. YOU are a FUCKING-GOD”. Brianna comes over and asks “So you like my Master?”. Iris looks at her and tells her “OUR MASTER, MY BODY BELONGS TO HIM NOW!!!”. When Ben is finished cumming he exits her womb and traps his semen in her womb.

“How was that Iris?” Ben asks. “Best sex ever. Never came that many times or that hard before. I am yours body and soul” Iris says. Ben then turns to Jillian and asks her if she is ready. He pulls out of Iris and Jillian comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard.

“I think she is ready” Ben says as he picks her up and takes her to her bedroom. Gina, Peggy and Brianna follow him into her new room. Ben spreads Jillian's legs and starts sucking on her freshly shaven pussy. Jillian starts to climax and she starts to squirt into Ben's awaiting mouth. Ben eagerly drinks it all in. When she finishes climaxing Ben mounts her and starts filling her wet pussy with his long thick cock. Ben makes her climax thirty-five times before he is finished filling up her womb with his seed.

Ben then gets up and takes Gina and Peggy to his room they take a long hot shower and then goes to sleep. It has been a long time since he has slept in his own bed with his bed slaves. One by one Ben bed slaves come up and get in bed with their Master. Ben is extremely tired and they stay in bed for twelve hours. When Ben wakes up he checks on Brianna's sisters and mother. After making-love to Penelope twice, once in the ass and once in her pussy they get up and get dressed and go check out the new school.

Ken is out front when they pull up, Ben gets out of the car with Penelope, Becky, Alana and Alexandra. He introduces Penelope to Ken as his newest slave and Brianna's mother. Ken smiles and tells her it is nice to meet her. Ken tells Penelope that he is Ben's oldest friend. They tour the almost completed school, Ken tells Ben that it will be ready on time. Ben asks about the office building in town. Ken tells him that should be ready by the end of October.

Ken tells him he has already contacted Doctor Reynolds about his floor. Nadia and Emily are working on their spaces. Ben tells him he wants an office for Suzanne and Scarlet for their social work. Ben and troop get back into the vehicle and Ben takes Penelope on a tour or the property. He shows her the security entrance, the security guards living quarters, the delivery shed, Jamal and Sheila's, Omar and gang's and Ken and Carol's houses. Ben takes them down to the large lake and they see the lake house being constructed. Ben then takes them over to the horse ranch that he just purchased and introduces himself to the previous owner Abner. Abner is now an employee taking care of the horses he once owned.

Abner thanks Ben for buying the ranch and letting him and his family live on the ranch and work with the horses. Ben tells him to just keep the place in order and the animals in perfect health and everything will be fine.

They drive back to the mansion entering by the security gate. Upon entering the mansion Sam comes up to Ben and tells him that Stephanie, Reanna and Rachel have gone into labor. Ben undresses and goes with Becky to Nadia's birthing suite and witnesses Stephanie giving birth to her girls. Stephanie names her sextuplets Becky Heather, Sally Jennifer, Paula Michelle, Abigail Mary, Sarah Louise, Benjamina Phillipa, all weighing around six pounds. Next to give birth is Reanna who gives birth to triplets she names Montana Rachel, Morgan Sarah, Moriah Samantha, they weigh a whopping eight pounds each. Finally Rachel gives birth to her triplets she names Tiffani Susanna, Reanna Ella, Renee Sarah-Samantha, they all weight around seven pounds.

Ben is giddy with his twelve new daughters, he starts crying he is so happy. “Rachel, Reanna, Stephanie you have made me very very happy. Our babies are very beautiful” he tells them. Ben then kisses his three lovers and his twelve baby girls.

“All my ladies are very special to me, Penelope. Just like you and your daughters are special to me. I love all my ladies equally and with all my heart. This is what I was put on this earth for, to love and take care of my women” Ben tells Penelope as he gets up and leaves the three women to recover from child-birth. He leaves them and heads down the hall with Becky and Penelope. Penelope holds her new Master's hand and leads him into her bedroom. Iris, Julian and Jillian come in. Penelope takes BIG FELLA into her hands and kisses it.

“Master, let us take care of you” Penelope says before she starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Becky smiles and goes and gets Ben's pills. She brings the bottles and notices he is running low and calls Abigail to refill his prescriptions for the supplements and Viagra. Becky enters Penelope's room and watches Penelope taking all sixteen inches of BIG FELLA down her long throat.

“Mistress Becky, Can we keep Master with us tonight?” Julian asks from the backside of Ben. She is on her knees sucking on his balls her twin Jillian is licking Ben's ass crack and kissing his large buttocks. “We want Master to put a couple of loads of his potent seed into our wombs before he has to leave to meet Destiny's family” Jillian says.

Iris is kissing her Master as Becky tells them sure. “Make sure after he climaxes for the fourth time to give him ten supplements and his vitamins. Please don't wear him out too much tonight” Becky says as she puts the pills on the nightstand as Penelope takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and then puts Ben on his back on the bed. “Master, this is where BIG FELLA belongs.” Penelope says as she straddles Ben and pushes down on BIG FELLA. “You belong in your loving slaves bodies” Penelope continues. She grinds on BIG FELLA pushing him all the way to her cervix and back out so that the bulbous head is still inside of her pussy.

While their mother is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA Iris sucks on Ben's huge balls and licks on the shaft that is not already in her. The twins Julian and Jillian are kissing their new Master. When Ben is ready to cum he reaches up and grabs Penelope's shoulders and pushes BIG FELLA past her cervix and starts pouring his seed into her womb. When he is done pouring his seed into her he lifts Penelope off of him and puts her to the side.

Iris almost immediately starts sucking BIG FELLA clean and then starts to work on getting him hard again. When Ben is fully erect he puts Iris on her stomach and spreads her legs out, he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. Pounding her like a jackhammer much to her delight, Iris moaning and groaning encouragement to her lover to fuck her pussy. Ben pulls her arms back and uses them like reins on a horse. Iris is moaning and screaming her lungs out as Ben rides her hard pulling her arms and arching her back. He is reaming her out very hard and fast. Iris then explodes pouring her cum out of her stretched out pussy. Ben finally pushes BIG FELLA all the way inside of her, as he passes her cervix Iris lets out a loud moan and screams “Pour your mighty seed into my fertile womb, My Master”.

Jordan and Jordana hear the screaming and come into the room. They witness Ben pumping a huge load into Iris. They see BIG FELLA pulsating as it pumps the load into her. “Damn, that is very sexy. I have never seen that before” Jordan says “You can actually see the load leave BIG FELLA and go into Iris” Jordana says. Julian tells Ben she is next as Ben finishes and exits Iris well-worn pussy. Julian then sucks BIG FELLA clean and then gets him hard again.

“Iris are you alright? That was some fantastic fucking” Jordana asks her. All she can say is “Master is a FUCKING-GOD” and then she passes out from exhaustion. Once BIG FELLA is hard Ben puts Julian on her back with her legs above his head. He pushes BIG FELLA into her wet sixteen year old pussy stretching it wide. Julian coos and tells her Master that it feels good to have him inside of her, stretching her. “Making love is like an occupation to our Master. He has mastered giving and receiving pleasure from women” Tiffani says as she comes into the room and checks on Ben. “Are you doing alright Ben, do you need anything. Something to eat maybe?” Tiffani asks.

Ben as he humps on Julian tells her that he could use some meal bars and ensure. Tiffani tells him “Sure thing, Master. Will be right back with it. Need to keep your strength up so that you can continue to enjoy your slaves bodies”. “Tiffani, it is us slaves that are enjoying our Masters loving caring touch” Julian says out of breath from the pounding she is taking. Ben continues to pound Julian as he squeezes her ample 36C breasts. Tiffani leaves and comes back with Ben's supplies just as Ben erupts in Julian's womb.

Ben exits her and lays down and eats his meal bars and drink his Ensure. He takes his supplements and vitamins with the Ensure as Jillian sucks on BIG FELLA. When she finally gets Ben hard again he sits on the end of the bed and he has Jillian straddle him and ride BIG FELLA while he sucks on her 36C breasts. Penelope is rested and gets up and comes over and kisses her Master who is getting ridden by Jillian. “Master, you really pounded me good this time” Penelope tells him. “I love you and your girls” Ben says as he squeezes Jillian's ample butt cheeks. “Are you going to be happy living here with the family, Penelope?” Ben asks her. “Master, I love it here. We all love it here don't we girls” Penelope says. “Master, I love it here with you and my sisters and mother. I love you” Jillian says.

“After I hopefully bring in Destiny's mother and siblings into the family we can concentrate on training you guys. I have many new slaves that need to earn their “Queen of Spades” tattoos” Ben tells them. “I need to train you and your daughters, Penelope. Patricia and her daughters and Estella and Mariah's and daughter also. That is seventeen ladies that need to be trained. I think we will start after Reanna and Nikki's weddings” he continues.

“Master with you making-love to us all the time we will eventually all get pregnant” Penelope says. “That is the idea, you are mine now. Your body belongs to me, I plan to get all of you pregnant multiple times. Is that alright with you” Ben asks. “Master, as long as you keep fucking me I will be very happy. I will have as many babies as you wish. My body belongs to you and I am yours body and soul. I don't have a worry in life other than pleasing you” Penelope says.

Ben grabs Jillian's shoulders and pushes her all the way down on BIG FELLA and starts pouring his seed into her womb. Hope comes running into the room “Master, mom is going into labor and is calling for you. You don't want to miss your daughters being born” she says. Ben picks Jillian up and kisses her “I got to go see my daughter being born, I love you with all my heart”. “Master, go and see your babies being born, I know you love me” Jillian says. Julian and Iris go with him. “We want to witness the birth also if you don't mind?” Iris says.

“Sure come along, we are all family here sister” Hope says as she grabs Iris's hand. “We are all Ben's slaves and lovers” Hope tells her. “We are all here to serve our Master and provide him with babies. I love Ben with all my heart. He has taken great care of me and my mother. He has given me a beautiful baby boy, he is about to give me five beautiful sisters to love”.

“I love your tattoos on your back Hope” Julian says. “You should see it with my two best friends Faith and Charity. It is a nice portrait when we are together” Hope tells her.

They get to the birthing suite just as Jess starts to give birth to her quintuplets she names Desideria Abena, Elisamarie Abeni, Elise Adana, Constancia Aissa, Delphine Akilli, they weigh a little over six pounds each. “Jess you did a great job, our daughters are very beautiful like their mother and their sister” Ben says as he kisses his lover.

“That was amazing. I have never witness childbirth before” Iris says. “You will experience it very soon” Ben tells her as he kisses her and rubs her belly. “Master, you have five more daughters my love” Jess tells Ben. “Thank you so much, honey” Ben says as he kisses Jess and then Hope. Ben then goes with Hope to her bedroom and Faith and Charity come in. Faith and Charity haven't met Iris yet and Ben introduces them to each other. Hope has them in a line and Iris sees the tattoo that when the three are together form a jungle scene.

“Master, It has been way to long since you have made love to us” Charity says. “Baby, I am always here for all of you. I love you all so much. You make my life worth living” Ben tells her as she puts her master on the bed. Faith comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Iris is there watching Faith suck on the sixteen inches of BIG FELLA, making-love love to it passionately. Hope and Charity are kissing Ben and rubbing his chest. Ben after twenty-five minutes of Faith's working over his cock explodes down her throat. Faith continues to suck on BIG FELLA getting him hard again and when she does she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy.

“Iris we have a lot of men around here that will have sex with you, but it is our Master's loving touch that we all crave” Faith tells her as she begins to grind on BIG FELLA. Florine, Clorine, Zorine and Corine walk by the door and see their Master with Faith. He sees them and tells them “I need some virgin pussy to suck on while Faith, Hope and Charity ride BIG FELLA”.

They all scream at once “Yes, Master!!!” and come running into the room Corine is the first to straddle Ben's face and he goes to town on her fresh virgin pussy. Corine as usual starts to have orgasms almost immediately. She sucks on Faith's breasts as she is getting eaten out. Hope looks over at Iris and tells her to watch Corine's reaction as she starts to have a loud orgasm and starts squirting into Ben's mouth.

“Master is stroking my sisters hymen. That is why she is going off like that. Master loves sucking on virgin pussy. As much as we want to lose our virginity to him, it is more important that he as virgin pussy to eat. He has trained our asses. Have you taken him up your ass yet?” Zorine asks.
Iris tells her no. Zorine reassures her that she can handle his size. Right about the time Corine has her third loud orgasm Candice, their mother, comes walking into the room.

“Looks like Master is enjoying his virgin slaves. Hey I am Candice, their girl's mother” Candice tells Iris. Iris introduces herself. “Master, you still need to get me an my girls pregnant” Candice tells Ben. He gives her the thumbs up motion. He makes Corine come one last time and then flips Faith over to her back and drives BIG FELLA into her womb and fills her womb up.

“Candice, when are you fertile?” Ben asks as she pulls out of Faith and Hope sucks on BIG FELLA. Candice tells him next week. “Find out about your daughters also. I will take turns making-love to each of you and hopefully we can get you all pregnant” Ben tells her. She comes up to Ben and kisses him “Thank you Master”. “You like it hear in the mansion don't you, Candice?” Ben asks.

“Master, I love it here with my sister Gretchen and my new sister slaves. My daughters love you and their new sisters and all the babies. We all love you. You take such good care of us. I LOVE YOU, Ben Barnes” Candice says. “Just wanted to make for sure” Ben says as Hope has gotten him fully-erect. He lays down on the bed and Hope jumps on top of him and starts grinding on BIG FELLA. “OH, GOD I LOVE YOU MASTER” Hope screams out as she grinds down on BIG FELLA. Florine is the next to get her pussy sucked and she starts climaxing just like her sister Corine. Florine sucks on Hope's ample breasts as she has one orgasm after another. Candice strokes her Master's chest and the top of his head and then kisses her daughters one by one telling them to enjoy their Master and to obey his wishes. They all say duh.

Hope grinds on Ben for about an hour before his is ready to cum in her womb. Florine has climaxed so many times by the time he is ready to turn Hope over Florine actually passes out. “I think Florine enjoyed having her pussy sucked” Corine says as she watches her sister shake. Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside Hope's womb past her cervix and starts pouring his cum into her. “Get me pregnant, get us pregnant. Our sons need brothers and sisters to play with. I want more children. We want more children Master” Hope says and Faith and Charity nod in agreement.

All three are fertile and will become pregnant again. In comes Suzanne with a cell phone, “Master, Vince is on the phone and wants to talk to you” she says. Ben takes the phone and talks to Vince asking him how is it going out there.

“Master, I have been given custody of my four nephews. My cousin Jan wants to come and visit with Suzanne and the girls, Can they come for a visit please?” Vince asks.

“First thing, Vince I am not your Master. Second sure Jan can come for a VISIT. This is your home too. How many children does Jan have?” Ben asks. “She has sixteen year old triplet girls and thirteen year old triplet boys” Vince says. “When will you guys be ready to come back to the mansion?” Ben asks. Vince tells him Wednesday coming.

“I will send the plan that morning to pick you up” Ben tells him. “Jan is really looking forward to spending sometime with Suzanne. She told her all about you and the family. She is looking forward to meeting you” Vince tells her.

Ben thinks to himself “Shit more women to keep up with”. Suzanne takes the phone back and says goodbye to Vince. “Master, thanks for letting Jan come down and visit with us. I know you are going to love her. She is very nice and beautiful, like a model. She looks just like Kate Upton” Suzanne tells him as she kisses him and starts to suck on BIG FELLA cleaning him off and getting him hard for Chasity. Once she has gotten BIG FELLA hard she kisses his head and then kisses Ben passionately on the lips as he lays down on his back and Chasity starts to fuck him.

“Master, you are so generous. I am so happy that Phillip or should I say Phyllis harassed you and the family. I love Vince, but I also love you too if that makes any sense at all. I can't wait to give you children” Suzanne tells Ben as Corine comes over and kisses her and gets on top of Ben. She straddles his face and he starts sucking her pussy like her sisters. “OH, Master. I love it when you suck on my pussy” Corine coos as she kisses Chasity and then starts sucking on her breasts.

Chasity grinds on BIG FELLA having multiple orgasms as Ben sucks on little Corine's virgin pussy making her cry out orgasmic bliss every five minutes for over an hour. Ben then has Corine get off of his face and he turns Chasity over and pounds her cervix into submission. “Master, I am fertile. Give me your seed and make me pregnant. I want your baby growing inside of me” Chasity says in Ben's ear.

When Ben starts pouring his seed into her womb Chasity starts to scream out “I love you Master, Ben”. “I love you too. I love you all” Ben says as he pulls BIG FELLA out of Chasity's well-fucked pussy. Suzanne comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA cleaning it off with her mouth. She sucks him hard again and then takes him out of her mouth.

“Master, will you fuck me in my ass. I love it when you did that with me” Suzanne says. Ben smiles and puts her on the bed and spreads her legs out. He puts some lube on her anus and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. “OH, Yeah fuck my ass” Suzanne screams out. Zorine comes over and looks on. Suzanne tells her to lay down in front of her and let her suck on her pussy.

“Make sure you like her hymen, but do not penetrate her hymen” Ben says. “Yes, Master” Suzanne says as Ben pushes BIG FELLA deeper into her ass. “Pound that ass” she tells her Master. Zorine pushes her head down on to her pussy and Suzanne starts sucking her virgin pussy. It takes Suzanne some time to get into the hang of eating pussy, but when he hits the mark Zorine starts cuming and she climaxes really hard. Suzanne sucks down all of Zorine's climactic juices. Meanwhile Ben is pumping away in her ass. He explodes deep in her ass and lays down next to her as Faith, Hope and Charity come over and snuggle with their Master. Zorine is smiling as Suzanne continues to suck on her pussy and gets her off for the final time.

Suzanne looks over at Ben “I realize now why you love sucking on virgin pussy. It taste fresh and sweet”. “That was good, Suzanne. Not as good as Master but very pleasurable” Zorine says.

“Master, that was fantastic. I love it when you fuck me in my ass. Funny that I never let Vince do it before I met you. He always wanted to fuck me in my ass but I never let him do it until I became yours Master. I love my new life, serving you and my sisters. I know Jan is going to love you also” Suzanne says as she comes over and snuggles with Ben.

Ben tells them to sleep. He has two lovers on his chest and two on either side. The quadruplet 'zines are in between his legs cleaning BIG FELLA with a wet wash rag. They then kiss and lick on BIG FELLA. Ben spend the rest of the night “sleeping” with the eight ladies.

The next morning Ben gets ready to go to Myrtle Beach to meet Destiny's family. He has arranged rooms for Jamal and Sheila and Steve, plus rooms for Destiny and her children. He has reservations for dinner the first night with Jamal, Sheila, Steve, Destiny, Peggy and Gina and himself. The next day he will meet Destiny's mother.

Ben takes Destiny, Peggy and Gina with luggage to the landing strip and they board the plane and head to Myrtle Beach. They arrive and Ben rents two cars one for himself and the other for Steve and Jamal to use. They then head to their hotel the Marriott Ocean Watch Villas at Grande Dunes and check-in. They go to their rooms and check them out and get ready for their dinner at
Capt. Dave's Dockside Restaurant. They all head out for a tour of Myrtle Beach they head to Muriel's Inlet for dinner. They eat a fine meal, Ben orders steamed clams, muscles and oysters rockefeller for appetizers and they all order caesar or a candied pecan salad. Ben gets the Low Country Shrimp and Grits, Ben's girls get the Shellfish Cioppino, stuffed grouper, grilled grouper.

Steve, Jamal and Sheila order whatever they wanted. They know that money is no object when they are with Ben. They all eat and enjoy a pleasant evening with pleasant conversation. After dinner Ben takes his girls to Broadway on the Beach and go shopping a little. Destiny tells them there are outlets they can check out tomorrow after they meet her mother.

They buy a few things. Destiny sees a custom tee-shirt shop and goes in and orders tee shirts for every slave at home. She has them shipped to the mansion. They go back to the hotel and Destiny calls her mother and she tells her that they should be there around eleven in the morning.

“Master, I just got off the phone with my mother. She said she will be here by eleven in the morning” Destiny tells him. “Is Oscar coming with them?” Ben asks “Yes, she said he is” Destiny says. “I need to talk to your mother and brothers about him. If they want me to take care of him I will” Ben tells her. “Master, are you planning on making my mother and sisters slaves?” Destiny asks.

“Would that bother you?” Ben asks with Gina and Peggy sitting next to him. “No, Master. I would love to have my family with me when I give birth to our child. I would love it if my mother would accept my new lifestyle with you and my fellow slaves” Destiny says before she kisses Ben. They get undressed and go to bed. “Know this, I love you with all my heart. I plan to ask your mother, sisters and brothers to come live with us whether or not they want to join the family and become slaves” Ben tells Destiny as she snuggles next to him.

“Master, I believe when Nathan and Nelson visit the mansion and see all the beautiful women there, they will have very hard erections they cannot control” Destiny says. “Destiny, I want to talk to your brothers first about Oscar and then your mother” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master” Destiny says as she kisses him. Gina starts working over BIG FELLA as Peggy snuggles on the other side of Ben.

“Master, Destiny's mother and sisters are going to love you just like my mother and sisters. You are a wonderful man. Generous and kind. I love you” Gina says after she has gotten BIG FELLA hard. She then pushes down on BIG FELLA and it pops into her ass. Gina pushes down onto BIG FELLA until she cannot take any more in. She then lays down on Ben's chest and that is how they sleep that night with BIG FELLA firmly engaged in Gina's ass.

The next morning they get up and make love. Ben is careful not to go to deep inside each of their pussies not wanting to harm his babies. Peggy in her last trimester is clearly showing. When Ben makes love to Peggy, Gina and Destiny kiss and caress each of them. “Master, I love making-love to you with my sisters. Sharing you with them, sharing myself with all of you” Peggy says as she kisses Ben then her two sister slaves. “I wish more people could share this and enjoy the complete and utter joy of being completely loved” Gina says. “Mira is in love for the first time in her life I believe. She loves making-love to you and Tiffani. I see them all the time holding hands and making out. I am happy for her” she continues.

Between grunts and groans Peggy yells out her love for her Master. The three of them make love till ten and take a shower. Ben dresses in an expensive Italian suit, the girls have on designer dresses with their jewelry. They go downstairs and head to the Sand Dollar Pool Bar. They tells the Concierge they are expecting nine for lunch. Ben has two guest suites for them reserved on the same floor as his suite. They enter the restaurant and Destiny leans over and whispers to Ben, “I think we are overdressed for this place”. Ben smiles at her, “I want to give Louise a good first impression”.

They have tables arranged for thirteen and go have a seat. A couple of minutes later Destiny sees her mother, sisters and brothers enter the restaurant. She hugs her mother and introduces Ben, Gina and Peggy to them. “Mom, this is my husband and lover Ben Barnes. These are his girls Gina and Peggy. Ben this is my mother Louise, my sisters Maria, Marie, Mila, Clara, Lea and my two brothers Nathan and Nelson” Ben shakes the guys hands and Peggy and Gina give them a kiss on the lips. “Destiny, you have very handsome brothers” Gina says

“Where is Oscar?” Destiny asks. “That ass finally got his” Nathan says. “Destiny he is out of our lives forever” Louise tells her. “It is nice to finally meet you Mr. Barnes. Destiny has told me all about you and how much she loves you” Louise continues. “It is nice to meet you too, I see where Destiny gets her beauty from. And please call me Ben”. Ben sits next to Louise for lunch. Gina sits in between Nathan and Nelson. While Ben talks to Louise and the girls Gina and Peggy rub on the guys large cocks through their pants.

“Louise, after lunch the ladies wanted to go shopping at the outlet mall. Then I have reservations at the Pier House Restaurant. Here are your keys to the two rooms I have for you” Ben tells her. “That sounds like fun, Ben. Doesn't it girls?” Louise says. The girls all say yes. “You sure do know the way to a girl's heart” Maria says “What is that?” Ben asks her “Shopping. We love shopping” Marie tells him laughing.

They eat lunch and Ben notices the look on Nathan and Nelson's face, “Are you guys enjoying your lunch” Ben asks them. They look at each other and then Gina and Peggy and tell him “Very much so, Mr. Barnes. Food is really good and the company is even better” Nathan tells him. “Please call me Ben. Gina, Peggy how do you like Destiny's brothers” Ben asks. “They seem very nice. BIG and strong” Peggy says as she makes Nathan cum hard with one hand and another on her fork.

After lunch Nathan and Nelson go get the bags and Ben gives them the key to their room and he gives Louise a key to her room with the girls. Peggy and Gina help Nathan and Nelson go to their rooms. When they enter their room, Gina asks them “I want to see what I just had my hands on during lunch”.

Nathan and Nelson pull down their pants and reveal their thirteen inch cocks. Gina takes Nelson's cock into her mouth and Peggy does the same with Nathan. They give them a quick blow job. “You two have beautiful cocks” Peggy says as she licks her lips.

“You guys are going to love our mansion. Ben is going to invite your mother and sisters to the mansion. We have many sisters that would love taking care of your needs” Gina tells them as she kisses the head of Nelson's cock. “Nice big fat cock, looks like you two are identical twins” Peggy says. The guys get dressed and the four of them head out of the room and go meet Destiny and Ben in their suite.

Peggy and Gina go over and talk to Destiny. They tell her that her brothers have really nice cocks. Destiny looks over at her brothers and then their crotches. She pulls them into the bedroom and clothes the door. “What is going on?” Ben asks. “Apparently, Nathan and Nelson have been hiding something from their sister” Gina says. “What is that?” is Ben's reply. “Huge fucking cocks, I would guess they are 13” long by at least 4” wide” Peggy tells him. “So that is what you two where doing at the other end of the table, giving them a hand job while we ate” Ben says. “Then we gave them a blowjob when they got to their room” Peggy says.

In the bedroom, “Peggy says that you guys have been hiding something from me, let me see them” Destiny says. “What are you talking about?” Nathan asks her. “Your cocks, they tell me they are huge. Pull them out and let me see them” Destiny says. The brothers reluctantly do as she asks and she smiles at them. “Ben is going to take mom, the girls back to the mansion. You two are going to fit right in” Destiny says as she strokes their cocks. “I have a lot of friends at the mansion. My girlfriends that I stayed with in the Cayman Islands are going to love you two” Destiny tells them.

“Keep this from Mom, Ben is going to invite her tomorrow afternoon. Tell me what happened with Oscar” Destiny says as the brothers zip up their pants. “Oscar hit mom a couple of weeks ago and we got the sheriff to locked him up” Nathan says. “When is his court date?” Destiny asks they talk and Destiny tells Ben about it and he says he will take care of it. Destiny smiles and tells him thanks.

“What does Ben mean he will take care of it?” Nathan asks. “I have been keeping him up to date on what is going on with Oscar. He was going to make him an offer he could not refuse this weekend. Get him out of our lives forever” Destiny tells him.

“I understand from Destiny that Oscar tried raping your sisters and that your mother does not know this? That you two have been keeping him at bay, protecting your sisters from him. Let me tell you this, Oscar is going to jail for a long time. He is going to be a big burly guys bitch as soon as he gets to the penitentiary” Ben tells them. They head out and meet Louise and the girls.

“You ready to go shopping?” Ben asks the girls. They all say yes as Maria, Marie and Mila surround Ben and take him by arm. Clara comes over to Destiny and tells her that Ben is very handsome. She whispers in her ear, “Is it true what they say about black men?”. “What is that?” Destiny asks. “They are all well-endowed?” Clara asks. “He is, but not all white guys are small” she tells her as she looks at her brothers. “Are you still a virgin?” Destiny asks her in her ear. Clara nods yes.

They all pile into the car and head to the outlet mall, where the girls go shopping while Ben and Louise talk over coffee. Destiny, Peggy and Gina each have their own credit card. “Ben, you are going to let the girls loose in the stores alone?” Louise asks. “Yes, they all have their own money and they know I cannot deny them anything they want. Destiny is very sensible as are Gina and Peggy” Ben tells her. In about an hour Peggy calls Ben on his cell phone and asks him to come to the bathing suit store. Ben pays for the coffee and takes Louise to the store.

In the store they see the girls with several swimsuits they have bought. Ben comes over to Peggy and asks where are Nathan and Nelson. “Come on out you two. Lets see you guys in your swimsuits” Peggy says. Nathan and Nelson come out wearing two white banana hammocks. Their large cocks laying to the right hip. “OH, MY GOD. You cannot go out wearing those” Louise says astonished by the sheer size of their package.

“I think they look very good in those suits” Peggy says with a smile. Maria, Marie and Mila look on and take in the size of their brothers package. “I don't think it is bad at all, Ben has a suit just like those. It is called a banana hammock, for obvious reasons” Gina tells Louise

“What do you guys think?” Destiny asks her sisters. “Very becoming, the pull off the look very well” Marie says. Ben purchases all the bathing suits and a couple of shirts the girls have picked out. “Lets indulge the ladies, Louise. It will not hurt anything” Ben tells her.

After they leave the swimsuit store Peggy and Gina surround Ben and Louise and they tell her that Ben spoils his women. “I love my Ma.. Ben with all my heart. He is very generous and caring. I know that I am loved always. He protects me and cares for me” Gina tells Louise. “Ben came to my mothers defense when no one else would. My mother and sisters live on his estate. They all love him with all their hearts. You will hopefully meet them very soon” Peggy tells her.

They continue to shop and then go to dinner and eat a magnificent meal of seafood delicacies. They head back to the hotel and Louise goes to her suite with the girls. They get their bathing suits on as do the boys and Destiny, Gina and Peggy. Louise does not go to the indoor pool with the girls.

Nathan sees the tattoos on the back of Destiny, Gina and Peggy and asks his sister about them. Destiny tells him “Nathan, we Gina, Peggy and myself belong to Ben, we voluntarily submitted to being his. I love Ben with all my heart. He has given me a purpose that I never had before. He has given me his children that I am growing in my belly. Gina and Peggy are pregnant also. We all love Ben”.

“Nathan, Nelson we are sexually free. We love Ben with all of our hearts. When you come to visit our mansion on Monday you will see how we live and we hope you will become a part of our family” Peggy tells them.

Ben takes off his robe and Clara sees BIG FELLA for the first time, in a banana hammock, as he gets into the pool. She gets in the pool with him and swims over to him. “You love my sister don't you?” she asks him as she straddles his waist. “Yes, I do. I love all my women. Of which I have many. I want you all to come home with us and visit our mansion. If you like it I want you all to consider it your home also. You will want for nothing. Be taken care of and pampered for the rest of your lives” Ben tells Clara and her sisters as they swim over to him.

“Ben can we sleep in your suite tonight, I think Peggy and Gina have plans with our brothers?” Marie asks. “You girls like their new bathing suits?” Ben asks the triplets. They shake their heads yes. “What is it with the tattoos on Gina and particularly on Peggy and my sister?” Maria asks.

“The Queen of Spades tattoo indicates they prefer black men” Ben says. “Well at least one black man” Clara says as she rubs BIG FELLA with her leg. “The Property of Ben Barnes tattoo is pretty self-explanatory. They belong to me body and soul. And yes Marie you guys can sleep in our suite tonight. Chit-chat with Destiny about the mansion. We have two pools one indoor the other outdoor, both are olympic size. We have a horse ranch, a lake house and over seventeen-hundred rooms. I have a room set aside for each of you with a bathroom in each suite” Ben tells them.

“You have seventeen-hundred bedrooms each with their own bathroom and you have one for each of us” Marie says. “Yes, although I had envisioned Lea being one of my bed slaves” Ben tells them. Lea is on the other side of Ben as Destiny and Peggy swim over. “What is a slave, a bed slave?” Lea asks. “I am a bed slave so is Gina” Peggy tells her, “We sleep in Ben master suite with him and his wives. Most bed slaves are virgins, Ben loves eating virgin pussy” she continues.

“I hear you have something planned for Nathan and Nelson tonight” Ben asks Peggy. “Yes, we plan on staying with them if that is alright with you” Peggy says. “You know the rules” Ben says and she nods. “Enjoy yourselves” Ben tells them. Peggy and Gina swim over to Nathan and Nelson the talk for a while and get out of the pool and head upstairs.

“Where are they going?” Lea asks. “Gina and Peggy are going to have sex with our brothers” Clara tells her. Destiny, the triplets Maria, Marie and Mila swim around for a while and then they all get out with Ben. “How about some ice cream sundaes? Anybody up to a sundae?” Ben asks. They girls all say yes and they head over to the poolside restaurant for a sundae and a drink. Ben gets a strawberry daiquiri and gets virgin daiquiris for the girls along with their sundaes.

Marie leans over and kisses Ben on the cheek and whispers “Virgin daiquiris for virgins. Hopefully not for long, we need to talk about this slave thing”. “Thanks for the drinks and the sundaes Ben” Marie says aloud as she places her hand in his lap and strokes BIG FELLA. They eat their sundaes and drink their daiquiri's and then head up to the suite.

Once in the suite Marie takes the lead and tells her sisters “We need to get out of these wet suits” and starts taking off her suit. Her sisters go with it and take off theirs also. Ben is in the room with five virgins and Destiny. “My Master loves virgin pussy, sisters. Are you all virgins?” Destiny asks. They all say yes and Maria tells her “Not for long, I plan on giving my virginity to your husband, boyfriend, lover and Master. Hopefully he will be my Master” as she comes over and pulls down Ben's banana hammock.

“Wow, what a beautiful BIG cock. BIGGER than anything on the porn I have seen on the internet. What does it say on the top? BIG FELLA” Marie says “How appropriate is that tattoo” Maria says as she kisses BIG FELLA and then the three triplets sisters start licking and sucking on BIG FELLA and his balls. Ben moves over to the bed and lays down and enjoys the three tongues on his cock. He calls Lea over and asks her to straddle his face. Once she does he begins to suck on her pussy making her cum almost immediately. Marie has BIG FELLA in her mouth and tries to take it down her throat without much luck.

Destiny seeing her sister having trouble with BIG FELLA comes over and instructs her on how to get it down her throat, “Marie, swallow and keep swallowing when the head hits the back of your mouth. I am going to gently push your head down on BIG FELLA continue to swallow and relax you gag reflex as it passes down your throat. You can do this”. Destiny starts pushing her sisters head down on BIG FELLA and in about ten minutes it passes her gullet and BIG FELLA is successfully down her throat.

“Damn, you can see it bulging out her throat Destiny” Maria says Clara and Mila watch as they see the bulbous head of BIG FELLA move up and down their sisters throat. All three girls starts playing with their pussies. Ben in the meantime has gotten Lea off three times without stroking her hymen yet.

Ben starts to pull little Lea's lips apart and starts licking through her inner lips, circling her engorged clit and down to her anal ring. Once he strokes her hymen she moans out loud and he continues until she has a really powerful orgasm. Destiny knows what is going to happen and goes gets a wash cloth to put in Lea's mouth as she has her first orgasm from having her hymen sucked on.

Ben makes her climax five times from sucking on her hymen and Lea passes out from orgasm overload. Destiny puts her on the other bed, Lea has a huge smile on her face and is still shaking from mini after orgasms. Ben looks up and tells Clara she is next before he grunts and starts pouring his seed down Marie's throat.

Clara straddles Ben's face as Marie takes a limp BIG FELLA out of her mouth and immediately Maria starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Ben starts sucking on Clara's pussy and just like her sister starts cuming almost immediately as Maria works diligently on BIG FELLA trying to revive him. “So do you like my Master?” Destiny asks her sisters. Clara shaking from another orgasms tells her “Hell yeah”. Marie smiles and agrees with her sister. All Lea can do is smile and give a thumbs up.

Ben spends the rest of the night sucking pussies and getting blown. Marie finally gets Ben hard again and with Destiny's help gets it down her throat. Destiny helps Mila and Clara get BIG FELLA down their throats also. In the morning they all take a hot bath after kissing Ben. They all tell him they want to be his slaves. Ben has Destiny go get the girls clothes and comes back with Louise.

“Ben, my daughters didn't keep you up all night talking did they” Louise asks. “No, I didn't hear a word out of them” Ben says with a smile looking at Destiny. Ben sits on the couch with Louise and asks her “I want you and your children to come home with me and Destiny to see how your daughter lives and how she is taken care of”.

Lea and Clara come out of the bedroom first and hear Ben ask her to go to the mansion. “Please mom, can we go see Ben's mansion. We really want to see it” Lea says as does Clara. The triplets come in and join their siblings. “Mom, Destiny has told us all about their mansion. They have horses and indoor and outdoor pools” Marie says. All the girls plead with Louise and she says okay.

“Now that is settled lets go get breakfast. Destiny can you go and make sure your brothers are ready?” Ben asks. She smiles and nods in agreement before heading down the hall to her brother's room. She knocks and Nathan opens the door in a robe. She sees Gina and Peggy with Nelson working him over. Both girls are sucking on his large 13” cock. “Master wants to take us out for breakfast. Hurry up and get dressed” Destiny says.

It takes them a half an hour before they are ready and come back to Ben's room. The girls have a smile on their face and are holding unto the boys arms. “Are you girls getting along with Destiny's brothers?” Ben asks. “Yes, Ben. We like them very much” Peggy says. “They are really nice” Gina says with a smile. “Guess what? Mom has accepted Ben's invitation to go see his mansion in Alabama, we leave tomorrow” Marie tells them.

“Would you two like to come and see the mansion with your sisters? You can meet the rest of the family, Destiny's friends from the Cayman Islands, I know they are going to love you” Ben tells them. “That sounds exciting. I would love to meet the rest of the family” Nelson says still holding Gina's hand. “I am hungry lets go eat and then can we go to the beach?” Lea asks.

“Sure lets go” Louise says. They head downstairs to the restaurant and eat breakfast and then head back upstairs. The guys go to their room and get into their banana hammocks while Louise and her daughter go to their room. When everyone is ready they head downstairs to the beach. Ben grabs thirteen lounge chairs and sets everything down and takes off his robe next to Louise.

Louise takes a deep breath when she sees BIG FELLA in Ben's suit. “Your daughter loves when I wear this swimsuit” Ben tells Louise. “It is very becoming of you” Louise says. As they lay down on the lounge chairs. Ben pulls out suntan lotion and tells everyone they need to put on sunscreen. “Ben will you do me and I will do you” Lea asks as she sits down in front of him. “Isn't Ben very handsome Mom?” Lea asks. She agrees as she sees her little daughter wiggle her ass on Ben crotch.

“Ben, I love you swimsuit. It matches my brothers. Doesn't Ben fill out his swimsuit nicely Mom?” Lea says as Clara comes over and starts putting sunscreen on Ben. “Yes he does, Lea” Louise says almost blushing. Everybody but Louise has lotion on when the kids go play in the surf. Ben and Louise are left on the lounge chairs with Destiny. Ben goes over and starts putting lotion on Louise.

While Ben is doing that Destiny asks her mother “Have you ever been with a black man Mom?”. “Destiny how can you ask me that? It is so embarrassing” Louise says as Ben continues to rub lotion on her. “There is no reason to be embarrassed” Ben assures her. “I have never been with a black man, Oscar my last boyfriend was a limp dick bastard. I don't know why I stayed with him so long. I stopped having sex with him over two years ago. He wasn't doing it for me. I guess I just gave up. I know Nathan and Nelson never liked him, they would always get into fights. I don't know why I am telling you all of this?” Louise says.

“Look at your children down at the beach Louise, they are having fun. Enjoying themselves. I know you are going to like it back at the mansion. The family is very supportive and we will take care of you, if you like it there you can stay as long as you like” Ben tells her as he finishes with her back and starts on her front her arms and legs. The waiter comes over and asks if they would like a drink. Ben orders two strawberry daiquiri's one virgin and asks Louise what she wants. She has the same.

They lay there soaking up the sun, talking and drinking their daiquiri's while the watch Louise's children, Peggy and Gina splash around in the water. Peggy and Gina come back up and lay down on the lounge chairs. They are both spent being pregnant it take a toll on them. “I love the beach, Louise you should see Ben's compound in the Cayman Islands. It has it's own private beach” Peggy says. They stay on the beach till right before dinnertime and head back upstairs. Ben talks to Louise the whole time. They seem to enjoy their time together.

Ben goes upstairs with the girls and tells the girls to get ready for dinner. He takes Louise by hand to his suite. Ben takes her to the bathroom and slowly takes off her bikini, and then his bathing suit. He kisses Louise very passionately before he turns on the water in the shower. Louise looks down at BIG FELLA, “OH MY GOD, you are huge. How did you ever get that into Destiny?”.

“It takes time to get use to the size” Ben tells her as he pulls her into the shower and starts washing her. She soaps up her large breast and then washes her pussy playing with her clit. Louise grabs BIG FELLA and starts stroking it. Ben leans over and whispers in her ear “We can't have sex until you get a clean HIV/STD certificate. You can get it when we get to the mansion tomorrow. Do you want to have sex with me?”. She tells him “Yes, GOD, Yes” as Destiny gets into the shower. “Do you like my choice in husbands, Mom?” Destiny asks her. She says yes. Destiny tells her that she needs to get her bush shaved off.

“What is it with the tattoos, Destiny?”. “First the “Queen of Diamonds” tattoo means I prefer black men. The one on my mound means that I have completed my pussy training, the one on the back of my neck means I have completed my anal training. The tattoo on my lower back is self-explanatory. I belong to Ben, he owns me I am his slave. He did not force me I came willingly as you will” Destiny tells her. “I don't know if I want to be his slave, I know that I need him to make love to me. I want that cock inside of me, stretching me out” Louise tells her daughter.

“You know if my Master fucks you in your pussy he is going to fuck you in your ass. Have you ever done anal before?” Destiny asks her. She shakes her head no. “Once he fucks you, I guarantee you will want him and will be begging him to be his slave. Ben knows how to treat women and how to get them off, repeatedly” Destiny tells her. Ben washes off and gets out of the shower. He hands Destiny the shaving kit so that she can shave her mother's big bush. When they are done they go and wait for the girls who come in and see their mother in a robe.

“Girls, I need you to go and get your mother a dress to wear and some shoes” Ben tells the triplets as they smile and go and get them. In comes Lea and Clara as Ben starts to get dressed. “Mom, did you get a chance to see Ben's penis? It is freaking huge” Lea says. “Did you have sex with my baby, Ben?” Louise asks him as he puts BIG FELLA into his shorts.

“Not exactly, I sucked on her pussy and made her climax a dozen times. As I did all your daughters. Marie, Maria, Mila and Clara gave me a blowjob” Ben tells her. “It was fantastic, Mom. My whole body tingled when Ben sucked on my pussy. I want to be his, his lover, his slave. Ben wants me to be his bed slave. He is going to keep me a virgin” Lea says. Ben smiles as Clara explains her experience with Ben, having BIG FELLA down her throat and it erupting into her stomach. “Mom, I want Ben to be my Master just like Destiny. I wanted Ben to pop my cherry last night but I can wait as long as I am his”.

Ben comes over and sits next to Louise and tells her that he wants all of her family to come live with him. He wants to take care of them. She takes BIG FELLA out of Ben's shorts and starts stroking him. You let my daughters suck on BIG FELLA and I want my shot.

She kneels before Ben and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, licking around the head. Louise bobs up and down on BIG FELLA as her triplets and sons come into the room. “Wow, Mom it really looks like you are enjoying Destiny's husband” Nathan says with a smile. “Damn, Mom you can really suck cock” Nelson says. Destiny comes over and pushes her mother's head down on BIG FELLA and tells her “Breathe through your nose and keep swallowing, you can get the whole thing down your throat”.

It takes Louise ten minutes to get the whole thing down her throat and Destiny keeps pushing BIG FELLA in and out of her mother's throat until Ben erupts down her throat 45 minutes later. Ben is exhausted as is Louise and he asks if the girls would just like to stay in the room and order delivery. They say yes and Ben orders pizza and sodas. Ben then asks the girls if they all want to be his slaves. The triplets are first to say yes as does Louise, Clara and Lea. Ben tells the guys that they are welcome to have sex with any of his slaves. “You already have spent the night with Gina and Peggy. They went over the rules with you. No bareback in their pussies. No bareback in their asses until you get a clean HIV/STD certificate. Are you guys okay with me making your sisters and mother my slaves?” Ben asks them .

“Yes, Ben we have all talked about it. Gina and Peggy have told us about the mansion and the many beautiful women that will look to us to satisfy them as much as we can” Nathan says and Nelson agrees with him “You will treat our mother better than that fuck-stick Oscar ever did. We won't have to worry about you raping our sisters like we did with Oscar. We had to beat the shit out of him a couple of times to keep him in line” Nelson says.

Ben then takes the triplets into the bedroom and shuts the door. The girls strip and they lay down on the bed as Ben comes up and starts licking one of the girls pussies. Lea opens the door and comes over and gets in between her new Masters legs and starts sucking on BIG FELLA while he pleasures her sisters. Ben is still in the bedroom sucking on pussies when the pizza is delivered. He is sucking on Mila's pussy when the pizzas are delivered and he lifts his head and asks her “Do you want me to stop and we can eat?”. All Mila does is lift her head and put her hands on the back of Ben's head and pushes him down on her pussy.

After he made her climax three more times Louise comes into the room and tells them to get up and get something to eat. Lea takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and rasply says “I have four loads of Ben's baby batter. I don't think I have room for anything else”.

The three of them go to the other room eat a couple of pieces of pizza and then Ben takes Lea and the triplets back to the bedroom. “Lea, I am going to keep you a virgin in your pussy. But I am going to take your anal cherry. It is going to hurt at first but it will get better soon” Ben tells her.

Ben gets the lube out of the bathroom and a towel he comes back and puts little Lea on her stomach and spreads her legs wide. Ben starts pushing lube into her ass as Mila gets a pillow to put under her head so she can scream into it. Ben then lubes up a rapidly hardening BIG FELLA. When he is fully-erect and lubed up he positions it at her anal ring that Marie as exposed by spreading her ass cheeks.

Ben pushes hard for five minutes and her anal ring finally gives way and lets BIG FELLA in. He shoves inch after inch into her and then when he has gotten eight inches into her ass he leans over and tells Lea in her ear “Baby, I love you. You are mine now. Your ass belongs to me, you are mine and I am yours. When we get back to the mansion I will have my tattoo artist give you your “Property of Ben Barnes” are you alright?”. “Yes, Master. It hurts but I will get use to it. I belong to you now, go easy on me let me get use to the size of BIG FELLA” Lea says.

Ben starts off slowly, after about twenty minutes he builds up his pace and starts fucking her hard and deep. He eventually gets twelve inches into her ass. Lea eventually starts to enjoy the pounding and climaxes five times before he cums deep inside of her ass, filling her colon up with his seed. Ben pulls out of Lea's ass with a pop as Destiny comes into the room. She witnesses her little sister succumb to her Master and become his.

Destiny comes over to her sister and welcomes her to her new family, “You will enjoy being a bed slave with Ben. Marie suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard while I take care of Lea”. Without hesitation Marie sucks and licks BIG FELLA clean. She then works at getting him hard and when she has accomplished her task she asks “Master, will you take my virginity and make me a woman, your woman?”. Ben smiles and tells her yes and to get on her back, he spreads her legs and guides BIG FELLA into her tight virgin pussy. Marie cries out when Ben pushes past her hymen and when he pounds her cervix.

Destiny comes in with a cleaned up Lea and tells Marie and the others “Master always cums in his slaves wombs, unless they are already pregnant. Which you all will be soon”. It takes Ben 90 minutes of pounding Marie to finally get through her cervix. Her sisters Maria and Mila look on and watch her pussy stretch to accept the huge BIG FELLA. The see their sisters pussy grip BIG FELLA as he pulls out so that only the large bulbous head is still inside of her. “Master, my pussy is on fire. I can feel it stretching beyond belief, you want to get us pregnant Master?” she ask him.

“Yes, the five of you are going to bare me children” Ben tells her as he pours his seed into her womb. Ben spends the rest of the night with the triplets, Lea and Clara. Louise watches her daughters being deflowered by their Master. She is a little envious of them giving themselves to him, giving him the gift of their virginity. Ben senses this and tells asks her “You have never had anal sex before right?”. She tells him she has never had anal sex before. “Then give me that virginity. I love you no matter what. You are mine now along with your daughters. You will be loved and taken care of for the rest of your lives”

Marie, Mila and Maria have identical pussies. It takes Ben six hours to break them in. Ben finishes with Clara and falls asleep still inside of her. In the morning Ben takes a shower with all of his new slaves getting them clean and fresh. He tells the triplets that they need to shave their bushes when they get to the mansion. He tells them that Emily will permanently remove their hair below their necklines. When they are done showering and getting dressed Ben addresses everyone, “We came her as strangers and we leave as family. I love you all. Welcome to the family I can't wait until I show you your new home. You will be pampered beyond your wildest belief. Men you will have sex until you will run and hide. I will have the family doctor prescribe you the same vitamins and supplements that I am on. You will not believe the array of women I have waiting for you to love. Girls you are free to have sex with any of the men in the mansion. They know the rules that I am about to explain to you. No going bareback in your pussies, anal and oral of course are okay to go bareback. No man will ever force you to have sex with them. You are in control of who and where you have sex. If you do not want to have intercourse with a man than just tell him so. They know the consequences of forcing themselves on my women. Truth be told you will not encounter that with the men who have been residents of the mansion for long. You are in control of when you have sex. Except with me, your bodies are mine. I will request sex with you whenever I want wherever I want”.

“Master, when we get back to your mansion you better have your doctor ready with the blood test because as soon as I am declared clean BIG FELLA is mine” Louise says. “Master, I think you might have bitten off more than you can chew” Gina says with a smile. Everyone laughs at that. They go and get into their cars and Ben tells them to follow him to the airport. Sheila, Jamal and Steve are already there waiting for them.

They depart and within an hour they are on the estate. Ben has a large van there waiting for them. He then drives them around the estate. Showing them the property the vast holdings. “As you can probably tell by now. I am quite wealthy. Jamal and Sheila live on the estate along with several other of my friends. Steve lives off of the estate at his choosing. In the next couple of days I will show you the lake house that is being built. Here is the new school that I am building, it will be ready in September for the new school year. Yes girls you will still go to school, in fact you will all go to college and get your degrees, in what I will leave to you to decide. Here is the front gate to the estate. We have sixty guards that patrol the parameter of the estate twenty-four hours a day” Ben tells them as he then drives around the mansion, “This is your new home, you each have your own master bedroom, complete with a separate bathroom. In the room each of you have your own television, cable and eventually your own laptop”.

They all look out at the huge mansion and gawk at the size of it. Ben pulls around to the front and parks in front of the statue of himself. “Nice statue, Master” Louise says as her family files out of the van. They enter the mansion and notice the portrait hanging in the foyer. “I should have told you, We always go naked in the mansion” Ben tells them as he starts to strip. Becky comes into the foyer with Tiffani and Mira, who are holding hands as usual. Gina strips quickly and introduces Nathan and Nelson to her mother. Mira smiles and as she sees their large package, “Welcome to the family, you two will fit in perfectly with the family. I am Mira, Gina's mother and Ben's slave” she says as she strokes the boys cocks. “Master, Destiny's brothers have really nice cocks” Mira tells him. “Will you take Nelson, Nathan and Louise to see Nadia and have their blood tested?” Ben asks.

“After, I come back clean, you are mine. I am going to fuck your brains in” Louise tells Ben as she strips. Once the girls all strip Ben takes the around the mansion, showing them the many rooms. He introduces them to everyone they see, he shows them the indoor and outdoor olympic size pools. The hot tub and sauna. The living room, entertainment and game rooms. He then takes them to their own bedrooms. He shows Marie, Maria, Mila and Carla their own bedrooms with their separate bathrooms. Ben then takes the four girls with Lea to Sheila's room and he tells her they need to get their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their lower backs. He kisses each one and tells them he will see them later.

Ben then walks down the hall and sees Nathan and Nelson in Nadia's room. She is done with them and they are clean. He takes them to Emily's room and tells them that the women love their men to be completely hairless in the groin area. Emily can permanently remove their pubic hair safely. They say okay and go and get their hair removed.

Suzanne comes up to him and tells him that Vince will be home the day after next with Jan her children and the boys. Ben kisses her as Louise comes down the hall with her certificate. “See, I am clean” she tells him before dropping to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

“Come along, let me show you bedroom Louise. Louise this is Suzanne” Ben says as she takes BIG FELLA out of her throat. They shake hands and Suzanne giggles, “Seems you have another dedicated woman to take care of, Master”. Louise grabs Ben by BIG FELLA and pulls him down the hall, “Where is this bedroom?” Louise questions him. He tells her and they go to her bedroom and she puts him on the bed and continues to suck him until BIG FELLA hard. Once BIG FELLA hard she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy.

Louise grinds on BIG FELLA moaning and screaming as it stretches her pussy. She professes her love for her Master. Telling him that her pussy is his to do with as he wants. Lea comes into the room and shows off her back tattoo. She has the 'zines with her. “Baby come over here and let me suck on your virgin pussy. Florine, Clorine, Zorine, Corine I want you to suck on Louise's breasts and her clit as she rides BIG FELLA” Ben tells them. They all yell “Yes, Master”. It is funny how the girls the same age gravitate to each other Ben thinks to himself as he sucks on Lea's pussy.

Destiny comes into the room and sees her mother with Ben and smiles “Welcome to the family, I knew you would love my husband. You like how BIG FELLA stretches you out?”. “OH GOD, I have never been this well fucked before” Louise tells her daughter. “It looks like you are doing the fucking and the girls are sucking on your breasts and clit. Another one is licking on the remaining shaft that is not inside of your stretched out pussy, Mom” Destiny says.

Becky, Tiffani and Mira come into the room and watch as Ben is getting ridden by Louise. Becky has Ben's pills with her. She knows he is going to need them. “Destiny there is a package that was just delivered with your name on it” Becky tells her. Destiny says cool and runs off to get the package. She takes it to her room and takes out a couple of the items and brings them to her mother's room.

“Mistress Becky, Tiffani, Mira I have a gift for you from Myrtle Beach” Destiny says as she holds up one of the Tee-shirts she had made. It is black with white lettering reads “I LOVE BIG FELLA”.
“I got one for everyone” Destiny says as Becky, Tiffani and Mira laugh. “That is cute. I don't think we should wear them outside of the mansion though” Tiffani says.

Ben then grunts and pours his seed into Louise. Lea has been climaxing every five minutes since Ben has started sucking on her pussy. Ben has Lea get off of his face and Destiny tells Ben he has Lea's juices all over his face. Louise kisses Ben and tells him “I am yours Master, please train me and get me pregnant with your babies”. “Okay, you are going to need to get BIG FELLA hard again. Start sucking on him and get him hard again” Ben tells Louise and she moves down and starts working over BIG FELLA.

“Master, look at what I got everybody” Destiny says as she holds up a shirt. “Jesus Christ, I don't want anyone wearing those outside the estate” Ben says. “You don't like them. I thought it was such a cute idea, Master. We all love BIG FELLA and how it makes us feel. We love you and the sex is outstanding” Destiny says.

“I know you love me, all of you. But we need to be discrete in public. I got to quit wearing those banana hammocks also” Ben says. “You don't need to wear them here” Becky says with a smile as she see Louise get BIG FELLA hard. Once he is hard he puts Louise on the bed spreads her legs and pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy and starts pounding her ruthlessly hard. “Fuck me, AHHH, FUCK ME. Stretch that pussy” Louise moans loudly.

Ben jackhammers Louise's pussy for about an hour before breaking through her cervix and dumping a load into her womb. “You belong to me now. You body is mine” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master” is her response. Ben pulls out and has Florine suck him hard again while Becky gives him his pills with water. Lea comes over and helps her new friend suck their Master hard. Once he is hard Lea and Florine kiss each other and then kiss their Master. “Welcome to the family, Lea” Florine says as she leads Lea over to the side of the room and they lay down in a sixty-nine position and start sucking each others pussies. Ben spreads Louise legs again and pushes deep inside of her and starts jackhammering her pussy, almost immediately she starts cumming hard.

“It is nice that Lea has already made friends with my other bed slaves, Louise” Ben says as he pumps her pussy hard and fast. All Louise can say is “Uhhhh, Huhhh”. Ben pumps her pussy hard for a good ninety minutes before he is ready to climax and when he is he pushes past her cervix and pumps her womb full of his baby making seed.

Ben lays on top of Louise and she asks him “Do you always push your cock past your lovers cervix and pump them full of cum?”. Ben tells her every time and takes BIG FELLA out of her stretched pussy. Louise strokes BIG FELLA until it is hard again and Ben gets on top of her and starts pounding her stroking her with long deep strokes. He pulls all the way out to the tip of his cock and then slams back down all the way to her cervix.

Destiny asks them if they are going to fuck all night. “Hell yes, this is the best sex ever” Louise tells her daughter. “So you really like Ben” Destiny asks. “Yes, he is incredibly sexy and sweet. He has a huge cock and can go for a really long time” Louise says as Lea comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA. “Mom, you have to share our new Master” Lea says after taking BIG FELLA out of her mouth with a loud pop. Ben trains Louise's pussy and then starts her anal training in the morning.

The first time Ben pushes BIG FELLA into Louise's tight anal ring she starts screaming. Ben pushes her head into the pillow and tells her to take it. That it will get better. Lea, Marie, Maria and Mila wake up from her scream and come into the room and watch Ben stretch out their mother's ass.

“OWWW, that hurts Master. My ass burns, it hurts… AHHHH” Louise yells at Ben. “Take it, Mom. Trust me it gets better, it hurt like hell when Master fucked me in the ass the first time then when my ass stretched and got use to the size it began to feel great” little Lea tells her.

Ben just keeps pumping pushing inch after inch into his new slave, “You are mine, Louise. Just like your daughters. Your body belongs to me” Ben tells her. Louise screams “Yes, MASTER?”. Ben pounds her ass eventually getting ten inches of BIG FELLA into her ass. He steadily pounds her for forty-five minutes before climaxing in her colon. Ben lays down on Louise and tells her, “After a couple more times your ass will loosen up and you will really enjoy it”.

Ben takes BIG FELLA out of Louise and goes to the bathroom and takes a shower to revive himself. Upon returning to the bedroom Lea asks him “Master, who came up with the name of BIG FELLA for your cock?”. “That was my wife Becky, she gave my cock that name before we were married and had Sheila tattoo it on me”.

Ben has Marie and Maria suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard as Becky comes into the room. “Mistress Becky, Master told us who named his cock!. It is a very appropriate name” Lea tells her with a smile on her face. Becky smiles and says thanks as Ben shakes his head. Becky gives Ben his pills and a couple bottles of Ensure. “Do you plan on being here all day with Louise?”.

“Yes, I am going to finish her training. You might want to call Vince and tell him to inform Jan and the kids that we are nudist here at the mansion. Don't want to be a shock when they come in through the front door” Ben tells her. “They plan on being here tomorrow morning. I will call Vince today and tell him that” Becky says as she kisses Ben. “Have fun you guys and please don't wear my husband out”.

Ben pounds Louise five more times before she gets use to it in her ass. The seventh time she rides BIG FELLA to orgasm after orgasm. “Master, why did you come for me and my daughters? You seem to have plenty of women who want and crave to have sex with you and do your bidding. Not that I am complaining about the great sex. Just wondering why you did this, why you offered us this lifestyle?” Louise asks after Ben has poured his seed into her colon for the seventh time.

“Louise, ladies family is very important to me. I consider everyone in my mansion my family. Destiny needed her brothers and sisters with her and I wanted to have you with us when we start building our family. She is going to provide the family with a lot of babies. I love Destiny with all my heart as do I you and your daughters. I think Nathan and Nelson are going to enjoy their time in the mansion” Ben tells her.

“Of course, Nathan and Nelson are going to enjoy themselves they are having sex with all these beautiful women. If you keep pounding our pussies like this you are going to get the five of us pregnant also” Louise says. Maria is sucking on BIG FELLA and when she gets him hard she takes him out of her mouth with a pop. “Enough with the talking. Pound my Mom's ass three more times and then take my anal cherry Master” Maria says.

“OK, I will take your anal cherry, Maria. Marie, Mila, Clara do you want to loose yours tonight?” Ben says and the three girls grin and nod yes.

Ben pushes an erect BIG FELLA into Louise's loose fucked hard ass. He pounds her and asks her “Do you like anal sex now?”. She smiles as she moans from the pleasure her master is giving her, “Yes, Master I love making-love with you. I am yours my body belongs to you. I give you my body freely” she says as Ben jackhammers her with long hard deep strokes. Ben fucks her ass for the next three hours and finishes her anal training. When he is finished he takes another shower with the triplets, Clara and Lea. Ben lubes up Marie's ass, lifts her up and lowers her onto BIG FELLA pushing deep inside of her. Ben grabs her shoulders and pushes her down on BIG FELLA and she begins to scream. Ben pulls her up and down on BIG FELLA getting her to take about ten inches inside of her anus.

Ben fucks Marie's ass for about thirty minutes before he exits her ass. HE then picks up Maria and spears her with a steel hard BIG FELLA making her scream out in pain. He pushes her down by her shoulder until she takes ten inches inside of her anus, fucking her for a good thirty minutes. Ben repeats this with Mila and finally Clara. When the four of them have finally gotten their cherries popped he gets out of the shower dries off and then dries off his lovers. He tells them to follow him.

Ben takes them into the next bedroom, which happens to be Marie's and proceeds to pound the four girls asses for the rest of the night. Ben is sleeping with all five girls around him in the morning. BIG FELLA firmly inserted in Clara's little ass when Becky and Destiny come into the room to wake him up. Ben had just finished pounding little thirteen year old Clara's ass when he fell asleep when they came into the room.

“Master, Master Cecil and his family have just landed and they are on the way to the mansion. I thought you might like to welcome them to the mansion” Becky says. Groggily Ben looks up at Becky and tells her “Okay, I let me get up and take a shower”. Ben then proceeds to get a shower and then goes down to the foyer to meet Cecil and his crew.

“Welcome to the mansion, I am Ben Barnes” Ben tells them as he sees Jan and her triplet sixteen-year old girls, Kaley, Leah and Mandy stripping naked as is Cecil. Jan tells the boys “Go ahead and get naked. They go around the house naked here in the mansion”. Ben sees her boys strip and notices their twelve-inch cocks dangling.

“Damn guys you have nothing to be ashamed of. Look at those huge cocks, Mom” Mandy says. “Yeah they look like the spitting image of your father, he had a huge freaking cock. Not as big as Ben's though” Jan says. Suzanne and Scarlet come into the foyer and welcome Jan and the boys. They, of course, are naked and come over and kiss Jan hello and her girls. “Man you boys sure have grown up since the last time we saw you” Scarlet says. “They have really nice cocks” Suzanne says.

Vince and his wards are the next to undress. George has a 13” cock with a 4” width. Jake who is fifteen has a twelve-inch cock and the twins Keith and Kevin have eleven-inch cocks. Ben asks the if they are virgins. George says no but he has always worn a rubber the other boys say they are virgins as does Jan's boys.

Suzanne tells them “Not for long” with a huge smile. Ben tells them “George you will need to have a blood test done to check you for HIV/STD's. Guys you are more than welcome to have sex with any of my women. I have over three-hundred women here in the mansion that are horny all the time. Rules of the mansion are; 1. No forcing yourselves on the women, I don't think you will have a problem with that. 2. if you have sex with one of my slaves in their pussies you will need to wear a rubber, we have plenty here. 3. if you have sex in their asses or if they give you a blowjob no condom is required. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. Suzanne will you take George to Nadia and have her give him his blood test? Let me show the rest of you to your rooms”

Suzanne tells him of course and then leads George off to Nadia's suite to get him his blood test. On the way he asks her about her tattoos and she tells him all about them and that she is very happy living in the mansion. He gets his blood test and it comes back negative, she then takes him to her bed and proceeds to make love with him. She sucks him hard and then puts a rubber on his cock. “George, I hope you enjoy your new home. I am sorry about your parents” Suzanne says.

George flips her over on to her back and then pushes his cock deep inside of her womb. They make love three times that day. Meanwhile Ben takes the rest of them to their rooms, he shows Jake, Keith and Kevin their rooms. He tells them if they need anything to tell Becky or Tiffani. He then takes Jessie, Jason and Joey to their rooms. Each one is amazed at the size. Finally he takes Leah Kaley and Maddy to their rooms. Finally he shows Jan her room. Ben is exhausted and lays down in her bed.

“Ben, are you alright?” Jan says as she lays down with him. “Yes, I am just really tired. I have been having sex with some new slaves for the last three days and really need some sleep” Ben tells her as she lays down next to him. She cuddles him as her girls come into the room and say they love their new rooms. They see Ben laying down with their mother and ask if he is alright. Jan instructs them to get wet wash clothes and they proceed to give him a sponge bath.

Maddy says to her mother as she cleans BIG FELLA and Ben's huge balls, “Momma, are we going to stay here. I am a virgin and would love it if Ben could teach me about sex”. Her sisters agree with her as Becky and Tiffani come into the room and introduce themselves. Becky tells Jan she needs to get a blood test before she can have sex with her husband. She tells the girls that they are welcome to have sex with him when he is ready.

“Becky, I will get the blood test. Ben needs to sleep for a while and rest. He is very tired” Jan tells her. Becky has two bottles of pills for Ben and gives him his pills with water. “He has been having sex for three days. He loves his women” Tiffani says. “He is very beautiful” Leah says as she rubs his stomach and chest. “Very, Very Beautiful” Maddy says as she takes BIG FELLA into her hands. Maddy cleans Ben's cock and balls carefully and gently. When she is done cleaning Ben's cock she kisses the head and then starts to lick it. Her sisters come down and sit in between his legs and start licking and sucking on BIG FELLA while Jan kisses him.

“We will take care of you Ben, just relax and rest” Jan says as she kisses him. After about twenty-five minutes of the triplets sucking and licking on BIG FELLA he erupts all over the triplets faces and the girls take turns sucking the cum out of BIG FELLA as it goes limp. They then clean their faces with their fingers sucking down all the cum.

Ben then falls asleep as the girls wash him up again. Jan slips out of the bed and tells her girls to let him sleep. She goes to Nadia's room and gets her blood tested and it comes back clean. Tiffani, Mira and Becky show her around the mansion.

They come to Suzanne's room and see her making love to George. George is pumping away as she pants and moans. “Damn, that is so sexy. It seems like George is really enjoying his new home. Doesn't it Jan?” Tiffani says. “Yes, he does seem to be enjoying himself with Suzanne” Jan says. They show Jan the rest of the mansion. They see a very pregnant Sam and Danni laying down watching television in the game room. Becky introduces them to Jan.

“Are you thinking about joining the family? Ben is a very wonderful man. A great lover and provider” Sam tells her. “I love my master more than life itself. He has given me a lot of babies” Sam says as she rubs her belly. “Master loves his family and we love him” Danni tells Jan as she comes over and sits with them. “How many babies are you having?” she asks. Sam tells her nine and Danni six.

“Damn, that is a lot of babies for you girls to deliver” Jan says. “We are on a special diet and pretty much on bed rest. We are do any day now” Danni says. Gretchen, Missy and Denise come into the room. Gretchen and Denise are due in three weeks. “How are you doing baby? Hello I am Gretchen, these are my daughters. We are all Ben's slaves as is my sister and her daughters” Gretchen tells her.

“Hi, I am Jan. Vince's cousin, so Ben made all you his slaves?” Jan asks. “No, he did not make us do anything. We came very willingly, Master if very generous and caring. He loves us all, he gives us his whole heart and his loves us completely. We want for nothing and we willingly provide him with babies. Master always wanted a large family, well now he has it. He slaves have given birth to two hundred and forty-six babies so far with another sixty-five due in the next six weeks. My sister is trying to get pregnant now. It is the duty of his slaves to provide him with children. Mira and her girls are all pregnant as is her friend and her daughters. Suzanne and Scarlet are pregnant along with their daughters” Gretchen tells her

She continues “If you become Ben's slave you and your daughters will get pregnant. It is enviable with all the pounding. Your pussy will tingle and be stretched beyond your wildest dream. I have always had problem achieving orgasms with my former husband. He was really small and never gave me an orgasm. I have multiple orgasms every time with Master, he know how to make a woman climax over and over again. When you are with Master you know you are the most important person in the world to him. I love Ben Barnes with all my heart as does my daughters. My son Freddie loves it here in the mansion”.

Jan, Tiffani and Mira then go to the indoor pool and swim a little and then lay down in the lounge chairs and talk until Becky comes in and asks if anyone has checked on Ben. They all shake their heads and get up and go to Jan's room. They see Jan's triplet girls surrounding Ben. Maddy and Leah are between his legs caressing BIG FELLA and Kaley is cuddling with Ben. Ben is sleeping very soundly.

They hear moaning from the next room and go and see Jessie and Jason double teaming Valerie as Violet is with Joey in the next room. Joey looks up at his mother and tells her “I always liked Violet, she is beautiful isn't she”. “Yes, she is remember Ben's instructions, always wear a rubber when you have sex in their vagina” Jan says with a smile. “Mom, we call it a pussy and I have a rubber on” Joey tells her.

Ben sleeps for another eight hours with Jan's triplet girls. When he wakes up he sees Jan with her new tattoo on her lower back. “Master, Becky said I could get my tattoo. I want to be yours, will you be my Master?” Jan asks him. He says yes and her daughters ask him to be their Master also. He accepts them.

Becky takes the three girls to Sheila's room so they can get their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos while Ben eats and takes a shower. When he gets out of the shower he lays down with Jan. “Tell me about yourself. I know you are a widow from what Suzanne tells me”. “My husband died overseas working for the Army. He was a wonderful man and our sex life was great. My husband was big like my boys, well not that big. He died eight years ago and I never dated since. Raising six children alone can be a little challenging”.

“Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. When you became my slave you became my responsibility and part of the family. Here you are loved and taken care of” Ben tells her as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. She takes the mammoth head into her mouth and tries to take it down her throat. She sucks him hard and Ben puts her on her back and lifts her legs. Ben rubs BIG FELLA on Jan's slit making her moan. He does this until she climaxes and when she is cuming he pushes BIG FELLA into pussy. Jan lets out a loud grunt as Ben stretches her pussy with eight inches of BIG FELLA.

“Damn, BIG FELLA is huge. OH GOD it feels so good inside of me” Jan moans as Ben pumps her with long deep strokes trying to get to her cervix. It takes Ben a good twenty minutes to stretch her out enough to get to her cervix. “Jan, darling, when I make love to my slaves I always break through their cervix and pour my seed into their wombs” Ben tells her as he begins to pound her cervix hard. Jan just starts grunting and moaning as Ben jackhammers her cervix. Ben jackhammers her for an hour before Kaley comes into the room and sees her mother have a powerful orgasm.

Ben then smiles at Kaley and slams down on her mother breaking through her cervix. Jan lets out a loud yelp as Ben pistons in and out of her cervix. “You are mine now. I am going to take care of you and your daughters and sons for the rest of their lives. We are going to have a great life together” Ben tells her as he pumps her womb. He fucks her womb for thirty minutes before pouring his seed into her. When he is done he exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop.

Without even waiting to be asked Kaley comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. When he is hard Kaley asks “Can I be next?” as her sister Leah walks in. Ben puts her on her stomach and spreads her legs out. He licks her pussy and then her hymen making her explode in orgasmic bliss. When she is still high on her orgasm Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep passing her hymen in one stroke. Ben pumps little five foot Kaley hard as she starts grunting and moaning. Within five minutes Kaley is cuming again. Ben grabs her arms and begins to use them like reins and rides her long and hard.

“OH GOD, MASTER. YOU are REALLY stretching me OUT…. OH GOD I AM CUMING AGAIN” Kaley screamed out. Ben makes his little virgin lover have six orgasms before he pushes past her cervix and pours his seed into her fertile womb. “Master, you keep fucking us like this we are all going to get pregnant” Jan says. “That is the plan for my slaves. To give birth to my children” Ben says out of breath. Ben exits Kaley's freshly stretched gaping pussy with a loud pop and lays back on the bed.

“Master, I thought loosing your virginity was supposed to hurt. It didn't one bit of pain at all. I came like a race horse several times. You are a master, a FUCKING-GOD like your tattoo states” Kaley says as Leah starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Jan asks if he needs his pills and he nods as he starts to enjoy Leah's working over BIG FELLA with her tongue and mouth.

Jan comes back with his pills and two bottles of Ensure and gives them to him. “Are you girls on birth control of any kind?” Ben asks they all shake their head no, “Good, I will have Abigail bring home more bottles of prenatal vitamins and some supplements and vitamins for the boys. They are going to need them with all these women draining their balls. We have a double wedding coming up in two weeks. I will have Becky take you girls to the mall to shop for dresses”.

“Is Becky old enough to drive, Master?” Jan asks. “No, I will have her take you in the limousine with Jamal our security guard with you” Ben tells her as he picks up little Leah and starts sucking on her virgin slit. He has her by her butt as he sucks on her hymen and makes her climax hard just like his Peggy did. When she is still high on her orgasmic bliss Ben pushes her down on BIG FELLA pushing past her hymen and resting against her cervix in ten strokes.

“Master, my body is yours. Make love to me, give me your seed and impregnate me” Leah says. Leah bounces up and down on BIG FELLA as Jan give her new Master his pills and Ensure. “Master, I knew from talking to Suzanne and Scarlet that you were the man for me and my daughters. My boys seem to be enjoying themselves with your slaves” Jan tells Ben. “I love my family, all of my family. It has grown considerably the last couple of years. I haven't forcefully made anybody a part of the family since the family trip to North Carolina to do furniture shopping. You have met Madison, Grace, Kelli and Brooklyn haven't you?” Ben asks.

Jan says yes as Leah works herself into one orgasm after another, “Well, Madison's husband at the time insulted Becky. Joe nearly killed the man. He was like an attack dog, never seen someone move that fast or with that much power. Joe loves Becky with all of his heart. He is quite the expert on cunnilingus, if you get a chance let him work his magic on your pussy. You will love it. Joe attacked Madison's husband Ray Senior and put him in the hospital. I went to their place and took Ray's wife, and daughters by force. They eventually learned to love me and the family and have been part of the family. Little Brooklyn is now one of my wives. I did kidnap Mira and her family and friend, which I am not to proud about”.

“Master, Mira and her girls love you. Gina always seems to be at your side. Mira has never been happier, very pregnant and in-love” Jan tells him “Vince, Scarlet and Suzanne enjoy being a part of the family. Vince told me that his sex life with Suzanne has never been better. They have been married for awhile and sex had gotten stale for them” she continues. Ben kisses Leah as she rides BIG FELLA.

“Leah, Maddy, Do you two want to be here with me and be a part of the family? You can tell me anything.” Ben asks them. Leah stops riding him and looks Ben right in the eyes. “Master, I have been saving my virginity for the man of my dreams as have my sisters. I want you, I am doing this of my free will”. “Me two, Ben. Master we talked this over with our mother and we all want this we talked to Suzanne and Scarlet and they told us how good you are and that they willingly gave their children to you. I want you to take my virginity also” Maddy tells him as she kisses him and then her sister.

Lisa, Linda and Lorraine come into the room hearing Leah moaning, “I see you are enjoying your new Master Leah!” Lisa says as she sees little Leah grind down to the base of Ben's huge cock aptly named BIG FELLA by Becky. “Master is stretching my pussy with his wonderfully huge cock. Anybody that says size doesn't matter has never had a huge cock inside of them. True this is my first but I cannot imagine having a “normal” size cock in me ever” Leah says as Ben flips her on to her back and starts pounding her cervix into submission, once through her cervix he starts fucking her womb and then pours his seed into her fertile womb.

“Leah, girls, my male friends her are all well-endowed and if you wish they will service your needs. It is your choice. No man will force you to have sex with them. There are plenty of cocks to go around. They all must wear a condom when they fuck your pussy and they all know the rules. Enjoy your stay with the family, welcome to the family. Here you are loved and not judged. There are no jealousies among my women” Ben tells them.

“Enough talking, time to take my cherry, Master” Maddy tells him as she starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Maddy puts her small mouth over the head of BIG FELLA and starts sucking. Her mother comes over and helps her push past her gullet and into her throat. Maddy's throat stretches to accommodate the 5 1/2” girth of BIG FELLA. Leah, Lisa and a recently recovered Kaley watch as the head makes its way down Maddy's throat.

Maddy bobs up and down for fifteen minutes and when Ben is fully recovered he takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and mouth with a pop. He puts her on her back with Leah and Kaley holding her legs up by her shoulders as Ben guides BIG FELLA into her wet pussy.

Maddy screams as Ben pushes past her hymen breaking it in one stroke. “You are a woman now, Maddy” Jan tells her daughter. Panting she tells her “No, I am Master Ben's woman. This feels great makes me feel so full. I can feel him stretching my pussy out”. Becky, Mira and Tiffani come into the room and Becky tells her “Master is making you his slave, he is stretching your pussy to accept his beautifully powerful cock and when he is ready and feels that you are ready he will break through your cervix and pound your womb”.

Ben continues his pumping of Maddy for the next twenty-five minutes before he breaks through her cervix and starts pumping her womb. “OH, GOD Master is in my womb. That is a strange feeling” Maddy says after she gets over the initial shock of BIG FELLA passing through her cervix. “Your my woman now, Maddy. Ladies you are all mine” Ben tells her as he pumps her wildly for about thirty minutes before blowing his load into her womb, expanding it with his huge load and then he exits her womb and rests in her channel. Ben eventually softness and lays down next to his newest slave.

“Master that was fantastic” Maddy says as she kisses him. “My womb feels so full and warm with your seed”. Ben smiles and pulls out of her and lies on his back Leah, Jan and Kaley lay down with him on the king size bed. “Thank you, Master for accepting me and my girls as your slaves” Jan says as she kisses him. They stroke his arms abs and legs until he falls asleep with the four of them snuggling with their new lover and master.

A couple of hours later Hyejung comes into the room wakes up Ben and tells him “Master, my mother just arrived. She is going into labor”. He tells her he will be right there and to get her sisters. Ben gets up and takes a quick shower, making sure that he does not disturb his newest slaves slumber. He sees that all four have swollen bellies.

Ben arrives in the birthing suite just as Soyeon delivers her first child. She gives birth to six beautiful baby girls weighing between five and seven pounds. Soyeon names them Soo Yun “Perfect Lotus Blossom”, Soon Bok “Mild, gentle and blessed”, Sun “Goodness”, Sun Hee “Goodness and Pleasure”, Sun Hi “Goodness and Joy”, Sun Jung “Goodness and Nobel”.

“Master you have six new baby girls, my love” Soyeon tells Ben. Hyejung has tears in her eyes and tells her mother “eomeoni , nae dongsaeng eun maeu aleumdabseubnida. maseuteo abeoji daun ai . wae waseojeotaeg eseo uliwa hamkke salji anhneunda?”. “What did you say to your mother?” Becky asks. “I told her my sisters are beautiful and that Master produces beautiful children and that she should move into the mansion with us. Is it alright if my father comes with her?” Hyejung asks her.

“If he accepts our lifestyle and will not make any trouble, sure both can come and live with us” Ben says with a nod from Becky. “Master, Chin Ho will not cause any problems. He still loves me and his girls. He just does not have a sex drive anymore. He told me the other day he wants to be a part of his grandchildren’s life” Soyeon tells them.

“The new office building is almost completed, I had planned on you moving your business in there. Doctor Reynolds has his office in there along with Emily and Nadia. Sheila is going to have a tattoo parlor there also. Does that sound alright to you, Soyeon?” Ben asks her. She smiles and says “Yes, Master. You are so good to us” Soyeon tells him as she pulls him close for a passionate kiss. “You are family, I love my family. Let's take our children to your new room and put them into their cribs” Ben tells her as they leave the birthing suite and carry the six newborn babies with Becky, Hyejung, Hyerim, Hyomi and Hyeri.

Ben tells Becky they need to call to the furniture dealer in North Carolina and have them ship some more cribs. Ben kisses all of his newborn girls their sisters and mother. He heads out of the room and goes by Tiffani's room and sees she is in there with Mira.

“Ladies, can I sleep in here tonight? I need to get some sleep and recuperate from Jan and her girls” Ben asks them. “Of course, Master. You can sleep with us” Mira says as Tiffani agrees. Ben comes over and lays down in the bed and they cuddle with him. “Master, I love you. You are so sweet and treat me and my girls so good. I know Gina loves you to death. I am so happy in my new life here with the family. I enjoy my time with Tiffani, I do believe we love each other” Mira says.

“I love you Mira. We have the same interests and we seem to click. The sex is great between us. We cannot always wait for BIG FELLA. My son-in-law is a very loving generous man. Everybody in the mansion loves their Master. This is truly the “Mansion of Love” as Becky calls it” Tiffani tells them. Ben kisses his lovers and then drifts off to sleep. They let him sleep for twelve hours and is awoken by Gina bouncing up and down with BIG FELLA in her ass.

“Master, you are awake. I saw BIG FELLA and though I would take a ride. I love to feel him inside of me” Gina says as she leans over and kisses Ben, “I love you Master” Gina says as she kisses Ben over and over again. “That is a wonderful way of waking up, BIG FELLA in a nice tight ass and being kissed by a beautiful young woman” Ben says.

Tiffani brings Ben his vitamins and supplements with two bottles of Ensure, “Master, you need to keep up your strength” she tells him as she gives him his pills and Ben takes them and kisses her. Ben lays there until Gina gets off a couple of times with BIG FELLA in her ass. She then gets off of BIG FELLA and immediately takes him in her mouth and starts giving Ben a blow job. It takes Gina twenty minutes before she gets Ben to cum down her throat. Once he is through pumping his first load down her throat, straight into her stomach Gina slowly takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and mouth. She lovingly licks and kisses BIG FELLA. “Good Morning, Ben. My love” Gina says.

Ben picks up his little lover and snuggles with her, “I love waking up with you in my bed, Gina” he tells her as he lays there with her for a little while. Ben gets up and takes a shower with his little lover and her mother and Tiffani. He makes sure they are all clean, Tiffani being six months pregnant with her quintuplets, Gina and Mira being four months pregnant. In the shower he eats all three of them to multiple orgasms. After their fun in the shower he goes and works out in the massive exercise room.

Ben runs on the treadmill, he does his usual five-mile run as several of his slaves watch BIG FELLA bounce in front of him. Ben just smiles and continues to run, knowing that they are watching him. Gabriella, Gabby and Vanessa come into the room and start running next to their master. “How do you ladies like living in the mansion?” Ben asks them. They smile and say they love it of course. Ben asks if they are looking forward to the next year of college and they say yes. They continue to talk as they finish their workout. After Vanessa leads Ben over to the pool area, and tells him “Master I need some personal attention”.

Vanessa sucks on BIG FELLA as Bill comes into the pool area, “Damn, Ben you sure do have it rough. All these beautiful women that crave your body!” he says with a smirk. Leslie and Laurie are in the pool and get out, “Master, we will take care of this smart ass” Leslie says as she sucks on her father's cock as Laurie puts him on a lounge chair. “We will drain this smart ass's balls” Laurie says as Leslie makes her father cum down her throat. She sucks him hard again and then Laurie rides him. Vivian comes in and sees her daughters with their father.

“I think Bill needs something to eat” Vivian says as she straddles Bills face. Ben makes love to all three girls Vanessa then Gabby and finally Gabriella when Becca comes in and joins them. “I see you girls found Master” Becca asks her friends. “Yes, it has been way to long since we have been with Ben. He made me climax a dozen times” Vanessa says as Gabriella grinds on BIG FELLA.

Becky comes into the pool area dressed with Tiffani, Mira, Gina and Peggy, “Master, I see that you are enjoying your slaves today. Darryl is taking some of us to get our dresses for the wedding. I am taking Jan and her girls along with Candice and Saffron and their girls” she tells Ben. “Enjoy yourselves. Call Jamal and have a couple of security guards go with you please” Ben tells her as she comes over and kisses him.

For the next couple of days Ben enjoys the affections of his slaves. Becky takes the slaves out to get their dresses for the wedding with the help of Darryl and his bus. Tiffani and Renee take Nikki and Reanna to Carol's dress shop for their wedding dresses.

Ben takes James and Karl Jr. to get their tuxedos along with Karl Sr. They go to Birmingham to get four designer tuxedos. On the way back they stop by a rib shake and have lunch. Ben enjoys the ribs so much he asks the owner if he does catering. Ben orders a hundred slabs of ribs for the wedding and gives the man the address and fifty percent down.

“There is nothing like a good rib, don't you guys agree?” Ben asks them and each one agrees. “Everyone loves ribs, Ben” Karl Sr. tells him. “You know I don't think 100 slabs are going to be enough with all the people at the wedding. We have 450 just with the family and immediate friends. I have invited another hundred people” Ben says.

“I think Dominic has some things planned you should discuss it with him and see how many he thinks you should order” Karl tells him. Ben agrees with him and discusses it with Dominic when they get back to the mansion. It is two weeks from the wedding date and Dominic has everything ordered and planned out for a fabulous meal.

When they arrive back at the mansion Ben goes and checks with Dominic and discusses the new addition to the menu. While discussing the menu Reanna and Rachel come into the kitchen and tell Ben that their sister Sam has just gone into labor. They leave Dominic as he tells him everything is okay with the additions of the ribs. Ben takes Reanna and Rachel to the birthing suite and see that Sam is already on the table with Nadia between her legs.

Ben witnesses Sam deliver three sets of triplet girls, in the room is Renee, Sarah, Tiffani and Becky. They all witness all nine girls being born. Sam has already picked out their names Apiyo Renee, Adongo Rachel, Achieng Reanna, Akoko Sarah, Alaba Becky, Alala Tiffani, Adaeze Bennie, Arjana Danni, Apunda Mary they all weigh between five and six pounds. “Master, you have nine new baby girls” Sam tells Ben. “You did a wonderful job, my love. I am so blessed with so many beautiful women that give me beautiful children. I love you with all my heart” Ben says with tears in his eyes.

Ben kisses Samantha her mother and sisters and tells her she did great. He tells Becky that he needs to see her. They take the nine babies to Sam's new room with her, she has cribs already setup for her babies.

Ben and Becky go to the Den and Ben asks her if everything is ready for Nikki and Reanna's honeymoon. “Yes, Ben. I have informed Steve and four guards about their assignment. The bungalow in Tahiti is set and everything is a go”.

“Becky, after they leave we need to go to Boston and find Nikki and Karl Jr. a house. I need to talk to Harvard and see if I can get Karl Jr. into school. He is pretty smart and with some tutoring I believe he can get a college degree” Ben tells her.

“I found a listing I like in Cambridge, it has six bedrooms and a two car garage. I plan on having two security guards permanently assigned to protect them. Will you pick out two guards, one male one female to protect them?” Ben asks.

“I think I know of a pair, Ben. Let me see the listing for this house” Becky asks and Ben pulls it up online. They look at the pictures of the large house and Becky tells Ben to reserve a showing.

“I have a surprise for Roxanne and her sisters coming for the weddings?” Ben tells Becky. Becky smiles and nudges Ben to tell her. “Shaghayegh, Roxanne's mother will be attending the wedding. I have my friend from the FBI bringing her. He is going to meet her at JFK and then fly her down here and surprise them.

For the next couple of days Ben and Becky get everything ready for the wedding. Every slave has a beautiful new dress, the maids all have new uniforms for the wedding. All the men have new suits. Cecil has the altar and seating area all decked out with the help of Mira, Tiffani and Renee. Flowers are everywhere, all around the altar and seating area also in the foyer and in the living rooms and dinning rooms.

Ben's judge friend who will be officiating the wedding comes over a day before the ceremony to discuss her payment with her master. “Jude is so nice to see you again” Becky greets the Judge in the foyer. “Nice to see you again Mistress Becky. I need to see Master” the judge tells her. Becky leads her into the den where Ben is putting the last touches on their wedding gifts to Reanna and Nikki.

“Master, Jude is here and needs to speak with you” Becky informs Ben who is naked as usual in the mansion. Jude walks in and starts to strip, at 43 she is still a very attractive and well kept woman. “Master, I am ovulating right now” Jude says. “Very well, Becky Jude's payment for performing the ceremony is my impregnating her” Ben tells his wife.

“He is very good at that Jude, having fathered over two hundred and sixty babies so far. You do not need my permission, Ben. Jude has been very loyal and wants a baby, your baby. I am happy to share my beautiful generous husband with her” Becky says as Jude starts to suck on BIG FELLA.

Once he his hard Jude lies on her back with her legs spread, “Come and get me, My Master, My Love. Mistress can I eat you out while our Master pounds my pussy?” Jude says as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her extremely tight pussy. “You haven't had anybody since me have you Jude?” Ben asks before Becky straddles her face. “No, Master. My pussy and my body belongs to you” Jude says with a smile.

Ben starts pumping in and out of Jude's pussy, stretching it out to accommodate BIG FELLA much to her pleasure. Jude is sucking on Becky pussy licking her and sucking on her hole. Ben leans over and kisses Becky, “Ben we have such a great life. You really know how to make love to a woman. Once you make love to a woman she is yours forever!” Becky tells him with a giggle.

Ben continues to push BIG FELLA deeper and deeper into Jude making her moan and groan. After she has climaxed three times Becky gets off Jude's mouth and kisses Ben and watches them make love. Ben starts to really pound on Jude pushing thirteen inches into her making her moan “Give me all of BIG FELLA, Master!!! Give it to me, Master”.

Ben pounds her for an hour before pushing past her cervix and into her womb. It takes him another thirty minutes before he cums hard. Jude has a look of complete bliss on her face as Ben exits her womb and then her pussy. Breathing heavy Jude states “I have missed that so much. It feels so good to have you inside of me”.

“Why don't you spend the night here, Jude?' Becky offers, “You can spend the night in the master suite with Ben, myself and the bed slaves”. Jude smiles and tells them that sounds like fun. Becky takes Jude to the master suite and shows her around. They then go to the pool and take a swim. Meanwhile, Ben receives a call from his FBI friend.

“Hello Charles, what is going on?”.

“He Ben, I just picked up the package at JFK and am on the way to Birmingham”.

“You have your wife with you?” Ben asks. “And my two girls” Charles tells him. “Okay what is your ETA in Birmingham?” Ben asks. Charles tells him three hours and Ben informs him he will have the limousine waiting for him. “It will be nice to see the girls again, how old are they now?” Ben asks.

“Jocelyn is sixteen and looks just like her mother, Joey is thirteen looks more like me but prettier with blond hair and blue eyes” Charles tells him. “Your wife is doing well, as beautiful as I remember her?” Ben asks. “Yes, she gets prettier every year we are married. How are things down there any changes?”

“Well you know about Phillip and his family. They now live with me and I take care of them. I have a really large family now. I have built a new mansion that I will take you on a tour of when you get here. I have a lot of children and a lot of women, you haven't meet my love of my life Becky yet, you will. You will see the attraction when you meet her” Ben says.

“Will see you in three hours. Can't wait” Charles tells him.

On the plane Shaghayegh asks Charles “Was that my daughters boyfriend on the phone?”. Charles tells her it was and that he will have a limousine ready for them when they arrive in Birmingham. “Poppy, your daughter's boyfriend is a very, very rich and powerful man. I am blessed to have him as a friend” Charles tells her. “He is extremely handsome and very compassionate person” Jeanie tells her, “Your daughter is very lucky to be with him”.

“She has been with him for years, he put her through university and set her up in an apartment. All my daughters are with him” Shaghayegh tells them. “So this is a family reunion of sorts, and a wedding also” Jeanie says.

“Ben's daughter Nikki and Reanna are getting married in a couple of days” Charles tells her. When they land Charles see the chauffeur waiting for them with a sign displaying his name. They go over and Ben's chauffeur introduces himself and tells them he will be driving them to the mansion. He instructs the skycaps where he is parked and leads them to the limousine. There is a police officer writing a ticket and the chauffeur takes the ticket and tells the skycaps to load the luggage in the back of the limousine.

He hands each of the three skycaps a twenty and tells them Ben Barnes thanks them. The police officer hears this and tells the driver he should have told him the limo belonged to Mr. Barnes. He takes the ticket back. The limousine driver then opens the door for his passengers and tells them his boss is the most powerful man in Alabama. “Nobody messes with Mr. Barnes. Everyone wants to be his friend and definitely not his enemy”.

The driver takes them to the estate and is checked out at the entrance. The security office calls the mansion and informs Ben that his guest are there. Ben tells Becky, Roxanne and her sisters to meet them in the foyer. Becky tells Ben that it might be wise for him to wear a robe the first time he meets Roxanne's mother. Ben has learned to trust Becky's judgment and puts on his monogram silk robe. He goes downstairs to the foyer and sees that Roxanne is there with their daughter Monica and her sisters Dana, Doreen, Leyla, Lili and Lidalila all naked. Maize and Hazel are there and they open the door after Maize remarks “That is a very nice robe, Mr. Barnes”.

“Becky didn't want to me to shock our special quest” Ben says as she opens the door and welcomes in Charles and his family along with the special guest. Lili and Lidalila scream out “Momma, you have arrived in the states”. All the girls surround their mother and greet her, welcoming her to their new home. Roxanne introduces her mother to her grandchild and her Master, “Mom, this is your granddaughter Monica and this is my Master and lover Ben Barnes. This is his wife and my mistress Becky”.

“It is nice to finally meet you, Shaghayegh. I see where your daughters get their beauty from” Ben says as he kisses her hand. “Nice to meet you also, Mr. Barnes. Roxanne has told me a lot about you over the years. Please call me Poppy all my friends do” she tells him with a smile. “Why are you girls all naked?”

“Mom, it is Mistress Becky's rule. All women are to be naked in the mansion at all times. Seeing as though you are going to be living here from now on, you might want to get use to it. Second rule is that no woman is to have any hair below the neckline” Dana says.

“We are all Ben's slaves and lovers. I am hoping he is going to get me pregnant very soon” Doreen says. “All in good time. School is very important also. Poppy Dana and Doreen are in college now and Leyla, Lili and Lidalila are being home schooled. I am their Master and they are my slaves which means I take care of all their needs” Ben tells her. Becky asks if they would like to go sit in the living room and discuss this further.

“I would love to hold my granddaughter” Poppy says. Roxanne smiles and hands her over to her mother. Ben welcomes Charles, Jeanie, Jocelyn and Joey. “The last time I saw the two of you, you were probably six and three” Ben says to the girls “You have grown into very beautiful women just like your mother. Nice to see you again Jeanie. Charles Mira and her sisters and daughters are here. I will have them come down to the living room and be introduced to your girls” Ben continues.

“Sorry about Phillip I could not convince him you were not the person to mess with” Charles states. “I hate doing what I did to him, but there was no way to reason with him. I will let Mira, Gina and the girls tell you” Ben says to him.

“Hazel, can you go get Mira and her girls and have them meet us in the formal living room” Ben asks. Hazel goes off and gets Mira, while Ben escorts the new arrivals to the formal living room, “Ladies, there are many rooms in our home. I will make sure that Gina and her sisters show you around. Be warned that a lot of naked men walking around, none of them will bother you or force you to do anything you do not want to do. They know the consequences and that the ladies are in command” Ben tells Jocelyn and Joey.

“You will be very safe here girls” their dad tells them as they enter the formal living room and are met by Mira who is holding hands with Tiffani as usual along with Gina, Marsha, Layla, Haley, Joanie, Angelika, Anneliese, Margarete and Michaela.

“Charles, this is Mira and her sisters Angelika and Anneliese, and Phillips daughter's” Ben says as he introduces each one to Jocelyn and Joey.

“What is up with the tattoos?” Joey asks. “Don't be rude, Joey” Jocelyn says. Becky tells them about them and what it took to get each one. “Joey, Ben is my Master and my lover. I love him with all my heart. As you can see I am very pregnant with his children. Let me introduce you to BIG FELLA” Gina says as she takes Joey over to Ben and undoes his robe.

“OH, MY GOD. Ben I didn't know you were deformed” Joey says. All the girls laugh. “Joey, Ben is not deformed. He is just very well-endowed” Tiffani says as Poppy, Jocelyn and Jeanie come over and meet BIG FELLA.

“Roxanne, I thought your father was big. Ben is freaking huge. No wonder he has so many women” Shaghayegh says with a smile.

“Master, can I go and show Joey and Jocelyn the rest of the mansion. Maybe even take a swim” Gina asks. Ben agrees, “We didn't bring bathing suits” Joey says. “You brought your birthday suit and as you see we are all naked here” Marsha tells her. Joey and Jocelyn look at each other and start taking off their clothes.

Ben smiles as he sees how beautiful they are. “Mom, Dad aren't you going to get naked also?” Joey says and they shrug their shoulder and start stripping also. Ben sees that Jocelyn and Jeanie are true redheads with matching landing strips. Joey has a nice full bush of blond hair.

“We can take care of that bush upstairs for you Joey” Joanie says as she comes over and whispers in her ear “Are you a virgin?”. Joey nods and Joanie tells her “Master loves virgin pussy, if you let him he will suck your pussy until you cannot climax anymore”. Joey blushes and nods and looks at Ben with a smile.

“You better watch out, Ben. I think they are planning something” Charles says as Jude comes into the room and drops between Ben's legs.

“Charles, Joanie, Poppy. This is Jude she is a local judge that will be officiating the weddings in a couple of days. She is staying with us until the wedding” Ben says. Jude tells them it is nice to meet them and that she belongs to Ben.

“Body and soul belongs to this wonderful man” Jude tells them, “Master, I need another load. May I worship BIG FELLA?”. Ben agrees and she starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard as Jocelyn looks on. “How big is he?” Joey asks.

“BIG FELLA is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide” Tiffani says as she introduces herself as Becky's mother. “You are Ben's slave also?” Poppy asks. “Yes, I am and have never been happier. I am pregnant for the second time. I agree with Jude's statement, I am Ben's. I belong to him lock stock and barrel, body and soul” Tiffani tells her, “I am also very close with Mira, who is also as you can obviously tell is very pregnant with her Masters babies”.

Charles and Joanie talk to each other as they kiss “Would you mind if I have sex with Ben, Charles?” Joanie asks. “As long as you let me have sex with some of the ladies here” Charles tells her as they watch Jude get BIG FELLA hard and then straddle him and push BIG FELLA into her pussy.

“Master, I want to get my “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo” Jude says as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. “I thought you wanted to keep our involvement a secret for your career” Ben asks her. “I don't think too many people have ever seen my lower back. And by the way I am proud to be yours” Jude tells him. “Jeanie you have no idea how good BIG FELLA feels inside of you. It is a wonderful fulfilling feeling”.

“If you two want to join in you will need to have Nadia give you a HIV/STD test. I am sure you are both clean but it is a requirement and necessary to keep the family protected at all times” Ben tells Charles and Jeanie. They look at each other and say okay and Tiffani takes them to Nadia's suite where they get their results back that they are clean.

As that is going on Gina, Marsha, Margarete and Michaela are taking Joey and Jocelyn around and introducing them to everyone. They meet James, Karl Jr., Cecil and Bill along with many of their fellow slaves. Jocelyn is between James and Karl Jr. stroking their large cocks and asks Marsha “Does all the men in this mansion have nice big cocks?”.

“Most have at least ten inches, all are over eight inches. With Ben being the biggest by far. Are you a virgin Jocelyn? Joey?” Marsha asks. Joey blushes and nods Jocelyn shakes her head no and tells her “I have been with two boys and they were both really small and always wore a rubber”.

“Have you ever given a guy a blowjob?” Gina asks. They both shake their heads as she gets on her knees and instructs them. They take turns sucking on James and Karl Junior's cocks eventually making them cum. “Master is going to love sucking on your pussy Joey. He loves virgin pussy” Gina says as Joe walks by the entertainment room.

They see he has a g-string on and asks what that is about. “Joey, I love sucking pussy. It is what I am good at and am trained to do. I belong to my Mistress Becky and service her whenever she wants. I also service the other women in the mansion, would you like me to give you a couple orgasms?” Joe asks her.

Joey says sure and spreads her legs as Joe gets in between and starts licking her slit. It takes him about three minutes before she has an orgasm and then another five minutes before she has a Peggy-like screaming orgasm. James gets in between Jocelyn's legs and starts sucking on her slit.

Both girls are soon climaxing over and over again. Joey starts squirting all over Joe's face. After both girls have had at least ten orgasms each and are spent James picks up Jocelyn and Karl Jr. picks up Joey and take them into the formal living room where they see their mother riding BIG FELLA and having a screaming orgasm. They see their father with Becky, fucking her ass and grunting.

“You two seem to be having fun” Joey says with a smile. “Are you alright?” Jeanie asks. “Oh, yeah I am great Mom. Nothing like having multiple orgasms. How are you enjoying Ben? What about dad?”.

“Your father has always wanted to fuck me in the ass. Becky is fulfilling his fantasy” Jeanie says as Charles continues to stroke Becky's ass with his eight inch cock. Ben motions to James to come over to where he is getting ridden. Ben spreads Jeanie's ass cheeks as James strokes his thirteen inch cock hard.

Jeanie screams as James pushes hard against her sphincter, “Relax, Jeanie. You will enjoy it if you relax and let it happen. Need to loosen you up for Charles” Ben says as Charles looks over as he grunts and pours his load into Becky.

“Girls, come over here and watch your mother get stretched out. Damn that is hot” Charles says as he starts to get hard. Joceyln instinctively starts to stroke her father's cock. “What you girls see in the mansion stays here. We do not speak of this outside of these walls, Do you understand?” Charles says. His daughters both smile and say yes.

James and Ben have gotten into a nice rhythm pumping in and out of Jeanie. Jeanie screams out a loud orgasm and Charles asks “Are you enjoying your double penetration honey?”. “AHH, Oh My GOD yes” she responds

While watching his wife getting her holes pounded Charles asks Mira about Phillip. “Well, we call him Phyllis now. You remember the Lou Reed song “Walk on the Wild Side”?” Mira tells him. Charles laughs, “Well he became a she”. Charmaine, Chellise and Chemier Hazel's daughter come into the room with towels and say “And the colored girls go “Doo do doo, doo do doo, doo do doo” here are some towels and some wipes. Master Ben, it looks like we need to steam clean in here tomorrow”.

All three are pregnant having had sex with all the guys. They are due in a month. “Mr. Barnes, I see that a great number of the women in the mansion are pregnant” Joey says. “Joey, call me Ben. The guys love to make love to the maids and they don't seem to mind and yes there are a whole lot of pregnant women. We have a couple of doctors here to take care of the pregnancies and we all love to have sex” Ben tells her.

James and Ben continue to stretch Jeanie out much to her delight as she climaxes every ten minutes. “Oh, Charles I could get use to this” Jeanie says in between orgasms. James is the first to cum inside of Jeanie when he exits her ass Gina takes Joceyln over and starts sucking the cum out of her ass and sucking on Ben's huge balls. Ben pulls Jeanie down further onto BIG FELLA than she has been before, effectively pushing all sixteen inches into her. Jeanie responds with a loud moan and a whimper.

Joey comes over and kisses her mother then Ben. She whispers into his ear “Gina tells me that you love eating virgin pussy, well I am a virgin until you take my cherry”. Ben smiles and kisses Joey and then flips her mother over and starts jackhammering her. Within thirty minutes Ben explodes in her womb. He pulls out of her and lays down next to her and Joey comes over and starts licking and sucking on BIG FELLA. She gets him hard and Joceyln asks Ben “Can I have a ride on BIG FELLA”.

Ben tells her sure and she straddles Ben and rubs BIG FELLA on her slit eventually pushing it inside of her pussy moaning out “Oh GOD you are HUGE”. Joey in the meantime straddles Ben's face and he starts getting her off repeatedly.

Shaghayegh has gone upstairs with her daughters to get caught up with their lives and to call back home to her husband Asa.

After about forty-five minutes and Joceyln only has about nine inches of BIG FELLA inside of her and Joey has climaxed hard five times in a row Ben flips Joceyln over and starts pounding her hard and fast. It takes Ben another hour before he gets all the way to Jocelyn's cervix and he leans down and tells her “I always cum in my lovers wombs”. She moans back and questions if that is even possible. For the next thirty minutes Ben pounds on her cervix until it finally gives way and Ben pushes BIG FELLA all the way into her.

Charles picks up his wife and tells everyone good night. Ben asks Tiffani and Mira to show them to their room as he continues to pound into Joceyln. Charles tells his girls to enjoy themselves, as he trust his friend Ben to take care of his girls. Having heard his wife and daughters having multiple orgasms.

Ben pumps Jocelyn's womb for about thirty minutes before he dumps a huge load into her womb. When he is done James and Karl Jr. pick up Jocelyn, Reanna is there and she tells James she wants to take her to bed with her. When they get to their room Reanna sucks on James's huge cock getting him hard. Then she has Jocelyn get on her face and starts sucking on her pussy licking up her girl cum from her fresh fucking. James lines up his cock and with Reanna licking Jocelyn asshole getting it wet and spreading her cheeks he pushes is four-inch thick cock into her ass making her scream out loud at the intrusion of James's cock.

Karl Jr., Nikki, Rachel and several other girls come in and watch James take Jocelyn's anal cherry. James pushes inch by inch making her cry out. “Relax Jocelyn, your mother loved anal sex. Just relax your anal muscles and it will get better trust me” James tells her. James continues to pound her young ass for a little over ninety minutes as Reanna makes her cum with her cunnilingus. After he finally empties his load into her colon they go to sleep together.

While that was going on Ben and Becky take Joey up to the master suite to bed. “Joey, do you want to lose your virginity tonight?” Becky asks. “Ben will not do anything you don't want to do and will not force you”.

“Becky, I want to but am a little scared. Ben is huge” Joey says. “Lie down on the bed, Joey sweetheart with your head hanging over the edge” Ben tells her and she complies. Ben then tells her to open her mouth and start sucking on BIG FELLA. Once he is hard Ben starts pushing BIG FELLA down her throat with Becky telling her “Relax your throat and keep swallowing. Breathe through your nose”.

Ben starts to face-fuck her for about fifteen minutes while Peggy, Cam and Calla suck on Joey's pussy and breasts. Once Ben is confident that Joey is relaxed and has just climaxed he gets in between her legs and pushes BIG FELLA into her extremely tight virgin pussy. “Damn, this is really tight” Ben says as he pushes past her hymen. Ben puts about eight inches into her before he stops and rests so that she can adjust to his huge size. Little Joey is breathing heavy, “You did very good Joey. Relax and let your body adjust to BIG FELLA” Becky tells her.

Ben slowly starts to work BIG FELLA in and out of Joey pulling all the way out except for the bulbous head and then pushing back in. Ben fucks her this way for about an hour making her cum hard on BIG FELLA eight times. Once she is very wet he begins to press harder towards her cervix and when he gets there he starts pounding her cervix.

“Ben always climaxes in his lovers womb, he is going to break through your cervix and then pour his load into you, so relax your hips. It will hurt a little when he passes your cervix” Becky tells Joey. Ben then starts to jackhammer her really hard and fast, Joey grunts and moans with each strike against her cervix. It takes Ben a half and hour before he gets through her cervix and another fifteen minutes before he explodes inside of the womb.

Becky gets up and gets Ben's vitamins and supplements with two glasses of water. Ben takes his pills and rolls on to his back with Joey on top of him. His bed slaves with Jude and Becky surround them. “You did very good, Joey. I hope I didn't hurt you. It always hurts the first time, the more you do it the better it will get” Ben tells Joey as he kisses her. “It hurt when you broke my cherry and past my cervix but other than that it was great” Joey reassures him.

In the morning Ben is awoken by Joey bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA with Cam and Calla sucking on her breasts. In comes Jeanie and Charles, “I see you are enjoying Ben, Joey”. All she can do is grunt.

Becky get out of the shower and asks Charles and Jeanie if they would like a tour of the mansion while Joey enjoys her husband. They agree and take a tour around the huge mansion. Becky introduces them to everyone there. She takes them to the nursery where they see a lot of the babies. Most of the children live with their mother for the first couple of months until they get on a routine.

“We have three slaves that are nurses with six more in school for their nursing degrees. We have slaves that are teachers. We are about ready to open up the school that is on the premise and a ten story office building” Becky tells them. Jeanie is a nurse back home in the D.C area.

“I am happy for Ben, for a long time it was just him and Nikki. It seems like he has a lot of family around him now, which I know he has always wanted. I know coming from where he came from family and security is very important to him” Charles tells Becky.

“You have known him for a long time, Charles?” Becky asks. “Yes, I use to live down here before I left for college and knew Ben and his adoptive parents. You truly look like Ben's mother, Becky. It is scary how much you resemble her” Charles tells her. “Thanks, I have seen a couple of pictures of her. We have a very close bond, Ben and I. I love and trust him with everything” Becky says with a smile.

“You don't mind sharing him?” Jeanie asks. “No, not at all. We have an open relationship. We have a connection that he does not share with my sister slaves. He has put me in charge of all the women also, even my mother is submissive of me. Tiffani was the first to submit to becoming Ben's slave after we hooked up. My mother is totally devoted to Ben and myself” Becky says as she picks up one of her girls. “Ben has fathered many children here. This is my baby girl Chantel. I will introduce you to Benjamin Junior” Becky says.

“I love children. There seems to be a lot of babies here” Jeanie says. “Ben has fathered over two hundred and sixty babies so far with hundreds more on the way. My mother and Mira are pregnant now” Becky says.

They continue their tour throughout the mansion they see the addition. Becky shows them the entertainment room and the indoor and outdoor pools. The living rooms and dinning rooms along with the kitchen and the maid quarters. She tells them they have over 1700 bedroom some of which are empty but will be filled up soon. She shows them downstairs where Phillip, Mira and the girls were kept.

“Mira, Gina and the others seem very happy living here” Charles says.
Gina come up to them and tells him “Master is very loving and caring, I never was very close to Phillip, my former father. He never showed me his love. He was distant and not very loving, my mother and aunts loathed him. I do not miss him one bit. How can you miss someone that was never there and when he was never payed any attention to you. Master loves me and cares for me and has given me the ultimate gift, his children.”.

“I knew your father at work and warned him about spending too much time at work and neglecting his family. I am sorry about how you were treated by him” Charles says. “I'm not, if it wasn't for Phillip being the way he was I would not be here with Ben and Becky. I love my new life, my mother has never been happier. It seems that Tiffani and my mom have become very close” Gina tells them.

“I think they are lovers now, I always see them holding hands and kissing. Not that they are exclusive or anything. They both like a huge hard cock in them still” Becky says as Gina starts to stroke Charles's eight inches and lead them upstairs. They go outside and see Cecil, Jamal and the movers getting everything ready for the wedding the next day.

“Who are those guys?” Jeanie asks Becky. “Cecil lives here in the mansion he is Carolyn's brother. Carolyn is one of the teacher slaves. Jamal is head of security, and the other four guys are Ben's moving friends. They all live here on the property in different houses” Becky tells her. “They all have really nice big fat cocks” Gina tells her with a smile.

They go up and introduce themselves to the guys. “I see Gina has her favorite toy in her hands” Cecil says with a smile. Morgan and Magdalena come over and greet them and Becky introduces them to Charles and Jeanie. “We are their slaves and lovers” Magdalena says, she is showing a rather large baby bump. Omar and Abdul come over and kisses them as Magdalena and Morgan unzip their zippers. “You see they are hung like horses” Morgan says with a smile. “And they know how to use them, you like what you see Jeanie?” Magdalena says.

Jeanie says yes and Morgan tells her she can suck them off if she wants. Jeanie drops to her knees in front of Abdul and Omar, she starts deep throating them going from one to the other. “I think my wife likes it here in the mansion” Charles says with a laugh looking at his wife going nuts on the huge cocks.

Becky asks if everything is going to be ready for the weddings that are happening the next day. With a sigh Omar tells her yes. Cecil comes over and tells them everything is going to be ready the tents are going up and the seating area is going to be setup and ready in the morning. Becky then leaves Jeanie there to service Omar and Abdul.

“Are you okay leaving Jeanie here?” Becky asks “Sure she is free to do what she wants this weekend. I am sure that she will be riding those cocks soon” Charles says.

They go in and check with Dominic about the wedding and get something to eat. After they head back to the pool area to take a swim. Gina gives Charles a nice slow blowjob as Joceyln comes into the pool area with James, Ray, Karl Jr. and Freddie along with several girls.

“How are you doing this morning, Joceyln?” Charles asks her daughter. “Great, having the time of my life. A lot of sex, I am getting use to double penetrations” Jocelyn says “Where is Joey?”. “She is with Ben?” Becky tells her.

Just then Ben comes into the pool area carrying his little five foot lover in his arms. BIG FELLA is dangling between his legs. “Joey, are you alright?” Jocelyn asks “Oh GOD Yes” She says as she kisses Ben. “Becky you are a very lucky woman. Ben is a wonderful lover. My whole body is tingling still” Joey says. “Where is Mom?” she asks.

“She is outside getting acquainted with the movers” Becky says as Morgan and Magdalena come into the pool area and strip. “Have you guys seen Bea or Meg this morning?” Morgan asks. Everyone says no. “I see you have a new lover there Ben” Morgan says “Yes, this is Joey. Charles's daughter. Joceyln over there is his other daughter and I believe I heard that Jeanie his wife is getting introduced to your Master”.

“Yes, I met her outside and she seems to be enjoying their big cocks as is Jocelyn over there” Morgan says as they watch Jocelyn enjoying James's cock. Morgan and Magdalena go and find their friends. Everyone enjoys themselves the rest of the day. Ben has sex with Joceyln, Joey, Jude and Jeanie. Jeanie gets double teamed by the movers several times that day.

The next day everyone is ready for the wedding. Everyone is dressed for the weddings and start greeting the guests at eleven. The wedding starts at two and the reception immediately afterwards. There are several luminaries at the wedding, including a couple of governors, senators, congressmen. A number of Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders attend with a couple of players. Jessie, Ben's real estate agent and pregnant slave in the Cayman Islands, Ben's bankers from the Cayman Islands and his financial advisors. The wedding is very beautiful with Ben escorting his daughter Nikki on one arm and Reanna on the other down the aisle to their grooms.

When Jude asks who gives away the brides Ben says “I do” with tears in his eyes. He is so proud of both of them. He then goes and sits down next to Becky. The vows are exchanged in front of an altar surrounded by all kinds of flowers. At dinner they have a fine meal of steak, ribs, lobster, scrimp scampi with all the trimmings. That night they dance and Ben has the first dance with Nikki and Reanna.

Ben's bankers give both couples twenty thousand dollar gifts. They both get china, crystal and Ben is the last one to give his gift. “I have a booked a trip to Tahiti for the four of you for your honeymoon. Nikki being my daughter I have given you the deed to your mother's house that I hope you will move into after you graduate from Harvard and fill with many children. Reanna if you want to stay here, in the mansion, with James you are more than welcome or you can move into one of the five houses I have in town. It is your choice. I love you all with all my heart. May you all have a long loving life together.”

After the cake is cut and all the guest have left, Ben and family go back into the mansion and strip. James and Reanna go to their room as do Nikki and Karl Jr. The rest mill around some help Dominic and Darryl clean up.

Coming SOON…..
Next up in Chapter 22 ….

Honeymoon in Tahiti, trip to Boston and an opening of the school and office building.

Characters also introduced:

Charles, 43, FBI agent, white
Jeanie, 36, Charles wife, white, 5'11, Red hair with green eyes, 36DD Breast
Jocelyn, 16, Their daughter, white, 5'5, Red hair with green eyes, 36C Breast
Josephine “Joey”, 13, Their daughter, white, 5'0, Blond hair with blue eyes, 34C Breast


So far in this series of stories we have:

1064 : Number of Pages
601,617 : Number of Words
36,447 : Number of Lines


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2014-07-25 06:28:59
I have really enjoyed this chapter. And see you have a great many fan and I can't wait for chapter 22,23,and 24. The stories read more like a real life Dallas and being being a JR . So in closing up the good work and make this a never ending story:-) and thank you again for posting it

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