My Pretty Little Slaves — Chapter 6 ? Girls at school, Preparing for the Wedding, and a Special Surprise by mrfootlong69


THIS IS A ROMANCE STORY, NOT JUST HUMPING AND FUCKING ALL THE TIME. , My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 6 – Girls at school, Preparing for the Wedding, and a Special Surprise

Characters introduced

At the local school:
Mr. Theodore “Teddy” Smith, 45 Principal, 6'2 12” x 3 1/2” cock Black Male
Leroy, 35 Janitor, 6'3 13”x 4” cock
LuAnne, 22 Nurse, 5'11 Brown hair Hazel eyes 36D swan like neck
Alexandra “Alex”, 32 Teacher, 5'2 white blond hair blue eyes 34C
Alana, 30 Teacher, 5'4 white Brown hair green eyes 32C
Roxanne, 24 Teacher, 5'4 white Blond hair blue eyes 36D swan like neck
Rosanna, 25 Teacher, 5'8 white Red hair green eyes 36C swan like neck
Carolyn, 30 Teacher, 5'11 white Brown hair Blue eyes 34 C
Carrie, 29 Teacher, 6'2 white Blond hair blue eyes 36DD swan like neck
Suzy, 24 Teacher, 6'0 white Blond hair green eyes 34 D

Faith, 17 waitresses 5'6 white Blond hair blue eyes 34 D
Hope, 16 waitresses 5'4 white Red hair blue eyes 36 C
Charity 16 waitresses 5'2 white Black hair black eyes 34 C

Chapter 6

Training is over the tattoo artist is back to check on the tattoos that she already did and also give Elfie, Carly and Alex there tattoos. Ben introduces the three girls.

Ben “This is Carly, I want the usual tattoos and piercings also I want a tattoo on her shoulder that reads “My Baby Girl” on one and Ben's Baby on the other. I also want some a small pacifier on her shoulder blade. This is Alex, I also want the usual tattoos and piercings. I want a tattoo on her inner thigh that reads Sex Addict on her right thigh next to her pussy. On her shoulder I want it to read “My Little Sweetie”. This is Elfie she also gets the usual tattoos and piercings along with on her shoulder I want her tattoo to read “My Sweet Little Italian Treat” on her back shoulder blade I want a teddy bear. On the shoulder I want an elf in the colors of the Italian flag. The all will have the same as Becky's tattoos on either side of their pussy. Finally I want “BED SLAVE” to be tattooed on the three of them along with Sarah and Sam.”

Tattoo artist says it will take two days to do all the tattooing. OK, Ben replies. He tells Janet to come with him and Becky they head out. He needs to get Janet a new car her car is an 1990 Honda Accord. The arrive at the Toyota dealership and he tells Janet to pick out a new car. She will not be driving that piece of shit Honda Accord anymore. Becky nods at her and she already saw Janie's new car so she decided not to argue, Ben gets what Ben wants. She picks out a 2013 Toyota Hybrid Limited Edition in silver, the same salesman comes out and recognizes Ben.

“Mr. Barnes out for another new car for a beautiful young lady?”. Salesman asks.

“Yes, Janet here likes this 2013 Toyota Hybrid Limited Edition in silver, fully loaded of course”. Ben states.

Salesman already knows the deal with Ben, “OK, I know you want something off lets say 16k?”. Ben replies “I was thinking 20k”. Let me ask my manager and I will get back with you. Manger quickly agrees because he knows Ben will just go next door and buy a car. Salesman “OK”, They go in an sign the paperwork and Ben calls his State Farm agent and the Banker. He gives the keys to Janet and tells her that Becky and him are going to an appointment with the architects about the new house. They will be back in time for dinner. They meet with the architects and they tell Ben his plans have been approved and the bids are out for quotes. They should break ground in December he will email him the bids and wait for the results. Bids close the beginning of November. Ben thinks that he should hire Ken to be his General Contractor to keep track of the construction project. He asks Becky what she thinks she ask if he can trust him and he can he is one of his oldest friends.

Ben as they leave the office gets a call and tells Becky the Hummer limousine has arrived at the house. He thinks they should take it to the movies and dinner on Saturday with the family. Becky agrees, Do you think we will have a problem with Antonio if we go to his restaurant? We can always ask. They go to the restaurant and asks for Antonio and he comes to the bar to talk to Ben. They ask him if they are still welcomed at their favorite restaurant? He says of course they are. Ben books the backroom for 8:30 on Saturday it holds 25 people. Ben asks Antonio if he ever wanted to own a restaurant and he said he did and was saving what he could to so. He said that he would look forward to his meal tomorrow.

Let's go to the bridal barn and see if the dresses are ready and if we can get a couple more for the new members of the family. They head off to the bridal barn and say hello to Carol and Ken.

“Carol, Are the dresses ready yet?” Ben asks “Not yet” she replies. “Can I get a couple more of the bridesmaids dresses made if we bring in the ladies tomorrow?”. For you Ben yes.

Ben “Is Ken here, if so can we speak to him?” “Sure he is in the back with the crew”. She calls back on the phone, “Honey Ben and Becky are here, Ben wants to see you and you need to meet the woman that has stolen his heart” I will be right there is his response.

Ken comes strolling thru the door. Becky looks him over and he is every bit as tall as Ben but not as strong, a little thinner and less muscular physique. “Hello Ben, my old buddy, I hear you are tying the knot and this must be the young lady that has stolen your heart. Becky your even prettier than Carol told me”. He takes Becky's small hand and kisses it.

Ben “Can we go into your office and talk?”. Sure. The three of them walk upstairs to the office and Becky leans over and whispers in his ear “How big is Ken?”. “He is fourteen inches with four inch width, I am not sharing you with him”. “No, I just would like to suck him if that is alright with you. He is clean right?”. He does not sleep around it is just him and Carol for 10 years he has been to a number of my parties in the past and that is where he met Carol”. This is my store but they run it and take care of it and the profits are theirs.

They get to the office Ben locks the door. He wants privacy and nobody walking in on them while his wife services Ken.

Ben “I locked the door because Becky would like to suck your cock while we talk business, if that is OK with you”.

Ken “Let me call Carol, we have no secrets. That is the basis of every great relationship, complete honesty and being trustworthy”. He calls and tells them she will be right up. Carol knock on the door and Ken opens it.

Carol “Sheneynee is watching the front. While I am up here. So little Miss Becky wants to suck on my boyfriends cock. It is OK if I get to suck on my Masters cock while you do Ken's. They agree. Both guys take out their fuck sticks”.

Carol “Long time no see beautiful”. Becky taking Ken in her hands “Damn, it must be true what they say about brothers”. She takes his 14” down in one stroke, bobbing back and forth.

The men try to talk business while the ladies slurp and suck on the cocks in front of them.

Ben tells Ken he is planning on building a new mansion. Becky taking Ken's cock out of her mouth, says “THE MANSION OF LOVE!” and goes back to sucking on his manhood. They continue to talk I need a GC that I know I can trust and is trustworthy would you be willing to take that on. I would pay you of course.

Ken tells his to go screw yourself. I am not taking your money. It will be my wedding gift to you and you beautiful wife. “Ben, Your wife is driving me crazy with her cock sucking techniques”. They continue to talk about the upcoming football season. They talk about Alabama Football and the Falcons their favorite teams. They ladies finish up on the guys and suck all the cum down their throats. Becky takes the last bit in her mouth to compare to Ben's.

Becky “Ken's cum taste different than yours Master. Not better or worse just different. Ben is the only man I have been with. Being only 13 and sheltered. Tiffani really likes him. Tiffani is my mom and my maid of honor, Ben they should come to dinner with us tomorrow and meet the whole family”

Carol “That sounds good, where are you going?” The Italian restaurant on Main. Meet you at 8:30.

Carol “Can we see your tattoos Becky?”. “If it is OK with Master?” He nods and she drops her dress and panties.

Ken “Ben can I have a taste of her pussy please, no sex I see your mark.”

Ben “It is OK with me, it is Becky's choice”.

Becky “I guess it will be OK, I just blew him that is the least he could do is return ahhhhh.” Becky could not get the rest out Ken already had his tongue deep into her love channel and then licking her from stem to stern. Up her ass crack in her anus up her slit and circling and sucking on her clit. He did this until she came into his mouth.

Carol “Ken is almost as good at eating pussy as Ben. Ben has had a lot more practice.” Becky's response is “MMMMMMMM AHHHMMMMMMM”

Ken gets up to say something and Becky shoves his head back into her pussy. After 20 minutes she cums twice.

Ben “What were you about to say, Ken?”

Ken “Uhh, oh yeah. That is a sweet tasting pussy. What flavor douche do you use, Becky?”

Becky “That is cherry, Ben's favorite flavor. I will give Carol the stores name in the mall”.

Ken “Becky you have a beautiful pussy, just like the rest of you. Ben now I know why you are marring this little Goddess”.

Ben “It is a whole lot more than the incredible sex I have with Becky, she is my other half that I have been looking for the last 15 years”.

Becky starts to cry and knows exactly what he means, Carol and Ken have no clue. Becky sucks BIG FELLA and starts to hump Ben like there is no tomorrow. She cries and tells him she loves him, the make love like there is nobody else in the world. Carol makes sure the door is locked and her and Ken just watch. By the time the finish Carol is crying.

Carol “That was the most beautiful love making scene I have ever witnessed!”.

Ben and Becky continue to kiss and suck on each others tongues. Becky gets up and gets dressed and they tell them they will see them tomorrow.

Becky gets into the car and reaches over and kisses Ben. “Do I really remind you of your mother?”

Ben “A little at first but you are so much more, I really can't put words to what it is. I think something and there you are with it. We are in sync. I would not want to live if I had to go on without you.” Now Becky was really crying. They get home and they go through the front door and shed their clothes. Becky tells him to take her to bed. She jumps on him and straddles, BIG FELLA is hard and is inserted into Becky's pussy. They go into the dinning room and Becky tells the bed slaves to do not come into the bedroom until midnight. We are going to bed, good night everybody.

Becky “Ben, I love you so much”. “I love you too my little angel darling”.

An half hour later they hear Becky having a screaming loudly, they hear her scream all night until midnight when the bed slaves knock on the door. “Can we come in?” Ben say OK.

They look at them still tangled together. “What got into you too tonight?” They smile and say nothing. “Just a private thing between husband and wife”, Becky says. Lets go to sleep, find a spot because I am not moving and neither is Master. “God, I love you Ben” Becky says.

Amber says “It sounds like you loved him about 25 times from what we could hear”.

Both Ben and Becky laugh and kiss. Lets sleep we have a long day tomorrow.

Then next day Ben and Becky tell Janet, Janie, Alex, Carly, Elfie, Jennifer and Alice they need to go to the bridal barn to get measured for their bridesmaid dresses. They say really, Becky responds my whole family is going to be in my wedding. Janet asks Ben who his best man was and he said his best man would have to be his best friend. And he already had his best friend standing next to him. With that all the girls started to cry.

Ben “What did I say? To make all you females cry”. Each of them get up and wipe their eyes and give a passionate kiss to both Ben and Becky. Janet tells the crew lets go and get dressed to go to the bridal shop. Becky tells them to be back at around 3. They are going to the movies and then to dinner, we are taking the new Hummer to the movies and then to dinner.

Ben goes into the den to make a few calls. After he is in there for a couple hours he comes out and call to Becky. Becky enters the den and Ben asks her a question.

“Becky, I am about to buy the Italian Restaurant and want to know what you think, should I do it?”. Ben asks.
“Ben are you truly asking my opinion about this business decision?” Becky replies
Ben “Yes, this is not like buying a car or a limo. This affects peoples lives. Do you think Antonio will accept my gift to him?”.

Becky “I think he will. Are they going to send you proof that you bought it in his name?”.

“Yes, all they are waiting on is your approval, Becky”. Ben says, give it to them.

He gets on the phone and tells them he confirmed with his partner and she said it was a go. Send me the paperwork and fax me the letter with your signatures on it.

Antonio will be in for the surprise of his life tonight. Let's not say anything to Elfie lets surprise both of them.

They have a relaxing day my the pool and about 2:30 they all get ready. The crew from the bridal store come in and take showers and are ready to go to the movies and then to dinner. They arrive in their new limo at the Italian restaurant to many looks from the people in and around the building. Ken and Carol are out front waiting for Ben and Becky. Ken says to Carol “This has got to be Ben!”.

The driver gets out and opens the door and one by one Ben's women get out of the car, each wearing their best outfits with jewelry and plenty of cleavage showing. Last out is Ben and Becky both dressed to the T. They walk over to Carol and Ken and say hello. They go into the restaurant and Antonio shows them to their private dining room. There are customers that have waited for 30 minutes to get a table and are upset when Antonio comes back. He says they rented out the back private seating area and they have a standing reservation for that room for every Saturday night.

Once in the private dinning room, Ben introduces his family to Ken he goes around the table and finally comes to Reanna. She says nice to meet you and then excuses herself to the ladies room, she looks at Becky and they leave together.

Ben “What is it with women and going to the restroom together, can one of you tell me that?”.

Girl talk, make up, company are the answers he gets. They come back and sit back down the order wine and drinks and Reanna sneaks down under the table and unzips Ken's pants and takes out his cock. She starts to suck on it and Ken grabs the table and goes UGHHHHHHHHH. Becky smiles at him. Ben leans over and says “You told Reanna how big he was and she is obviously under the table”. Becky smiles and nods “You think Ken is enjoying himself”. “Look at him he can barely keep his head up and when he opens his mouth he just groans, look at Carol checking out Reanna working her man's cock.

Becky leans over and talks to Carol, “Reanna is an excellent cocksucker as you can tell. We just got to keep her from draining him dry”. “She really has drained Ben's balls before” Carol replies. “Yes, he could not get it up after Reanna worked his cock over. At one point she had him climaxing every 5 minutes”. “Alex over there, pointing Alex out, fucked Ben so hard and so long that he could not get it up. She dared Ben to fuck her unconscious and then took him 15 times in the pussy and then 20 times in her ass before he gave into her. She has a tattoo on her thigh that reads “SEX ADDICT”.

After Reanna is done and gets back into her chair she tells everybody “Ken is good. Nice Big cock. Everybody should enjoy him.” Ken reaches over and kisses her on her lips. Reanna sips her wine and smiles.

The first round arrives and everybody digs in. Ken asks Ben “So what is up with the Hummer Limo, Ben”

Ben “Well with my family being so large we needed a big enough vehicle to transport all of us if we are going one to one place. I rented one in New York when Becky, Tiffani and myself went up there on a shopping tour a little while ago. I like it so much I order one specifically for us”.

Ken “How did you like the Waldorf Astoria, Becky?”

Becky “It was great, first class just like my husband, That is where we met Michelle, Hanna, Rebecca and Missy they were Ben's next conquest followed by my cousins Rachel and Reanna, Sarah and Sam.

At dinner Antonio comes up to Ben and tells him somebody bought the restaurant right out from under the owners. The owners called him and told him that the new owner made them a deal he could not refuse.

Elfie comes up to her dad “What are you going to do for a job, dad?” “Master, can you help him please” Becky can barley hold her wine in her mouth. Antonio tells Elfie that it is not Mr. Barnes job to watch out for him. He is a grown man and he will be fine, he will find a new job if the new owners do not want to hire him.

Ben “I heard something about this, I know the new owner. I could put in a word with him but I hear he is a real asshole!”. With that Becky chokes on her wine. Antonio goes on for a couple of minutes and then calls his wait staff into the room and tells them the restaurant has been bought by an new owner and that he might be out of a job. They all look worried. I will be OK, I can always find another job.

Ben then tells Antonio that he did some research and found out who the new owners are and he has it on this piece of paper. He produces the paper that was faxed to him. After you read this you might be fired as manger of this fine establishment. He give him the paper, he reads it and then tells the wait staff to get back to work he will talk to them after the restaurant is closed.

Antonio “This says I am the owner, how can that be possible?”

Ben “I bought this restaurant for you, you are going to be the proprietor. First thing I suggest is that you change the name to Antonio's Fine Italian Dinning, Second I would fire the current manager. Anybody that would give up his beautiful daughter has got to be insane”.

Antonio “Why did you do this for me, Mr. Barnes?”.

Ben “The name is Ben, and because you are family now. You gave me your daughter to be one of my wives/slaves. It is the least I can do to say thank you. Please don't run this restaurant in to the ground. My wife Becky, really loves this food”.

Elfie starts to cry. Kisses her father and then her Master/Husband. “God I love you, Master” She gets down to her knees and unzips Ben and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Their waitress Faith comes in, she is 17, and is still a virgin. She sees her bosses daughter Elfie on her knees sucking on Ben's enormous cock. She comes over and asks Ben “Mr. Barnes, I am 17 and am still a virgin. Will you take my virginity? I don't think I want to be a part of your family. I just want to have the BIG FELLA inside of me.”

Ben looks over at Becky and she says “Yeah, I know you just love the taste of virgin pussy!, it is OK with me”

She says good I will call my parents and tell them I am staying over at my girlfriend Becky's house. She goes out of the room and they hear a couple of other girls start to scream with excitement. They come into the room and Elfie has just finished with BIG FELLA.

The two girls introduce themselves, as Hope and Charity, and say they are virgins and want BIG FELLA to pop their cherries also. Ken tells Ben he is either blessed or cursed he does not know which yet and laughs.

Ben shakes his head and tells them OK. Only if the can prove they are virgins. They strip from the waist down and spread their legs for Ben to examine. He puts a finger in each and hits their hymen. How old are you girls? They both say 16 and they go to the same school as the other girls. Ben then eats the girls pussy until they both climax.

“There is nothing like the taste of virgin pussy!”. They all say “Yeah, we know we have all heard that before”. It is so true. Becky says OK, Let me try it. She gets down between the girls legs and samples their nectar. Yep, he is right.

“Go call your parents and tell them you are spending the weekend at my house!”. Becky tells the girls.

The eat there meals and talk about the upcoming school year, the wedding. At the end of the night the girls are ready to go with Ben and Becky. Becky tells them there are rules of the house, “One, no clothes are allowed to be worn by women in their house, two, no hair below the neckline, three, no talking about what goes on in the house. If you can abide by those rules you are welcome to my house. And girls try not to fall in love with my husband to be!”.

They get into the stretch Hummer Limousine and the girls are amazed by how luxurious it is, they have never been in such a nice vehicle. They arrive at the house and they all pile out and go into the house, one by one they strip. Faith, Hope and Charity see all their tattoos and ask Becky about them. She tells them what each one means and what the special ones mean. Becky tells the girls go come with her to get their pussies shaved for Ben and also need to have their armpits shaved. Once that is done she douches each one and then tells them to get into the master bed. The other bed slaves come into the room as does Ben. Faith, Hope, and Charity lick their lips as they see BIG FELLA, bounce between Ben's thighs.

Ben “Girls we have plenty of time for that tomorrow, you girls need to get your rest tonight. Tomorrow you will become women. I will be gentle as I can with you”.
The girls wait until the Becky takes to Ben's left with Amber to his right. Alex and Carly are on top of him with Sam and Sarah are by his legs. The three girls are between his legs spooning each other. Ben tells the girls “Faith, I want you to start sucking on BIG FELLA, and Hope I want you to suck BIG FELLA in the morning when we awake, followed by Charity. I want all three of you to make me cum without spilling a drop”. Ben then goes to sleep with Faith sucking on his cock, he loves this. He awakes to Hope sucking on his cock followed by Charity. He eats the pussies of all his bed slaves while his cock is being blown, Charity sucks, strokes and licks BIG FELLA.

After the morning fun is done he tells everybody to get into the shower. He arrives and they wash each other as usual, paying close attention to BIG FELLA. The get out of the shower and head downstairs for breakfast and then to the pool. Becky goes upstairs for the anal lube and a towel plus his pills.

Ben then tells Faith it is her turn to loose her cherry, if she still wants to. “Yes, Mr. Barnes, I want you to take my virginity. She gets onto the lounge chair and spreads her legs, Ben then begins to suck on her pussy. “Mr. Barnes, I love what you are doing to me!”. “Faith, stop calling me Mr. Barnes, we are doing the most intimate thing two people can do together, you are giving me your virginity, Call me Ben please. And this is called eating pussy or going down on a girl” “Yes, Ben, I know you are great at it”.

Becky comes in and hears that “Master has had a lot of experience at eating pussy, he especially loves eating virgin pussy!”. She hands him his pills and the towel. He takes the pills and puts the towel under Faith's groin. He has Becky suck his cock until it is hard and then puts the head into Faith's pussy pushing all the way to her hymen. She is breathing really hard and wincing in pain as she is trying to adjust to his enormous size. “It is not too late to back out, Faith, are you sure you want to do this?”.
“Yes, please Ben, make me a woman. Make love to me, pop my cherry”. With that he pushes ten inches into her until he hits her cervix. She screams in pain and he waits until she stops and gets accustomed to his large size. “That is the worst of the pain, Faith, I am going to wait until you are comfortable with my size in you and then you tell me to start stroking. “Ben it is feeling better please go slow”. He starts to stroke her slowly inch by inch. He takes out two inches and puts it back in until he gets all 10” inches in and out of her. She tells him to go faster and then faster. He does and she tells him to go as deep as he wants, He begins to really fuck her hard now, Faith has one orgasm after another until he finally pushes through her cervix and enters her womb, he pumps her cervix a least a couple of dozen times. She is going nuts, screaming and moaning. She arches her back and then has an extremely powerful orgasm, more powerful than she has ever had before. Ben pounds her pussy for two hours and finally starts to pump her womb full of cum. He exits her womb and she feels it close back. Ben lays there next to Faith still inside of her. Hope and Charity say they want what Faith just had. Becky tells them to let her Master recover.

Ben pulls his cock from Faith's pussy and gets into the pool to cool down. About 20 minutes later Faith gets up and notices blood on the towel and a little on her pussy but no sign of seamen anywhere. She gets up and Hope and Charity notice her stomach is a little bloated. She gets into the pool with Ben. “Ben, thank you for taking my virginity. Most of the guys I know and some men would have been rough and made it really painful. You were gentle and tender. I really appreciate that!”.

Ben “Tell me about yourself, your family what grade you are in what you want to do with your life”.

The talk in the pool, Faith is surprised that he want to know about her. She tells him that her mother is really nice to her and her three younger sisters Cloe, Jill, and Peggy. They are 15,13 and 11 her mother is 36 and had her when she was just 20. She thinks that there parents are in a loveless marriage and are only together because of the kids. Her Father, Phil, has issues that she will not go into but has not worked in over two years. Her mother is the sole bread winner in the house and works two jobs. She is a senior in school, Cloe is in high school with her and the other two are in middle school. They know Alex and Carly from class and Jennifer is in the class below her but knows her from school. She tells him that she wants to go to school to become a nurse but does not know if her parents can afford the tuition and that is why she works for Antonio. He is sweet and does not hit on her like her old boss. She says he tried to have sex with her when she was 16 but she fought him off. She tells Ben that she tries to dress conservatively so that guys will not keep trying to hit on her all the time. Ben tells her she should take it as a complement because she is so beautiful. He tells her she is in control of her body, nobody else. He says look around me, these women are here because they want to be. I treat these women with love and respect. I also fuck their brains out when I get a chance, but I love and care for each one. They kiss and Ben caresses her breast lifts her up and sucks on her nipples.

Hope “Alright you two, It is my turn with Master, oops Ben, I want to get some of that lovely cock in me now!”. Ben goes over to Hope and spreads her legs and starts eating her out while Faith sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard again. “I now know why you ladies are all with Master Ben, He sucks pussy realllllly goooooood. Ohhhhh I am cummmMMMING”. Hope states. Ben then pushes his erect member into Hope's virgin pussy up to her hymen. She is panting, “All the way big boy. All the way”. Ben then breaks her cherry and pushes eleven inches into her hitting her cervix. She whispers in Ben's ear “I want you to put it all in me and cum in my womb like you did Faith, make me your willing cum dumpster. I want it all”. At that Ben starts to stroke her faster and faster. She yells at him deeper harder faster, please harder. He pushes through her cervix and she cringes and then smiles and tells him to pump his seed into her womb. After 90 minutes of pounding Hope's pussy like it is going out of style she cums, and boy does he cum. He pump her full for 10 minutes. He then exits and Faith cleans him off. He tells Charity her turn is coming in 30 minutes. He ask Becky to get him some more pills. He goes into the pool and relaxes for 30 minutes. Carly and Alex come over and tell him how much they love seeing him enjoy the virgins and that they look very happy. They kiss their master and swim to the deep end of the pool, Elfie comes into the pool and talks to Ben. “Master, I appreciate what you did for my father, and I meant what I said that I love you. I know I am only 13 but I know I love you and want to take care of you. Like you want to take care of all of us. I don't know why you do what you do. But I do know that you truly love me and all of your women. When I am out of school I want you to make me pregnant, I want to have your children as many as you want to give me. I love you Ben, my master”. She kisses him and leaves the pool. Becky gets in and asks what that was about.

Ben “She told me she loved me and appreciated what I did for her father”.

Becky “All your women feel your love and your compassion for them. They all love you and are all here because they want to be here. I have told them if they ever want to move out that you would take care of them for the rest of their lives. They all want to be with you and only you. Some will like to have sex with other men, but only if you allow it and know about it. You come first in all our lives. Reanna for instance wants to sleep with Ken after last night. She is going to be a handful”.

Ben then gets out of the pool and walks over to each slave. Takes them into his arms and tells them he loves them and cares for them deeply. He then tells Charity to get ready because it is her turn to become a woman. He takes more pills and is rock hard, he sucks on her virgin pussy that is about to be deflowered and devoured by BIG FELLA. Faith sucks on BIG FELLA until he is hard, Ben lines his cock up and pushes until he reaches Charity's hymen, “Ben, Please take my virginity don't wait, but be gentle with me”. He pushes eight inches into her, breaking her hymen and then hitting her cervix. “OWWW that hurt, Ben”. She breathes fast and hard and adjust to his size. “Ben, go easy now”. He strokes in and out deeper and deeper. Charity pants and squeals telling Ben “Yes, yes, yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Deeper now harder, please harder.” She pulls Ben down and tells him she wants him to cum in her womb like he did the other two. Ben fucks her for 90 minutes before he pushes through her cervix and begins to pump another huge load into a once virgin pussy.

Faith says we look like triplets, all three have bloated stomachs full of Ben's seamen in our wombs. My first time was amazing how about you two. They both agree. “Ben, we want to do this again. We want you to put another shot of cum in each of our wombs, that is an amazing feeling having that hot liquid in there”.

Tiffani “First he has to have sex with me, Janie and Janet. Then he will get back to you”.

Ben then lies on his back and Tiffani sucks his cock until it is hard and then straddles him and pushes his cock to her cervix. Tiffani “Time to make your mother-in-law pregnant, STUD!”. She pumps up and down on him squeezing his cock with her muscles in her pussy.

Ben “Becky, this is a tough life I lead. Loving and being loved by so many beautiful women”.

Becky “Janet will you please put something on his mouth that will shut him up and give him something to do with his mouth”. “What do you ladies want to eat?” Pizza is what she heard the loudest, she goes online and orders. The maid brings in a package that was delivered while they were out yesterday. Becky opens it and sees it is filled with phones. One for each of his slaves, she takes them to the pool area and after Janet has climaxed for the third time from Masters oral prowess.

Becky “Master, It looks like you ordered phones for every one of your slaves”.

Ben “Yes, I need you to assign a phone to each person and then enter the phone numbers into everybody's phone. I need you ladies to be able to contact each other if needed. I also have something else for Janet, Janie, Tiffani that I will get after I am done hopefully impregnating these lovely ladies.

He then fucks Janet and then Janie, while the rest eat, drink socialize and swim. The all watch as one of the girls has an loud orgasm.

He rest and recovers and then goes to the den and gets three gas cards for Janet, Janie, and Tiffani. He hands them their cards with their names on them. He tells them where the local station.

He calls Alex, Carly, Jennifer and Elfie over and tells them that he is going to pick them up from school on Tuesday and take them shopping for laptops for school. He reminds them not to speak to anyone about what goes on in this house.

“Master, I think everyone here would agree with me and say that we would not want to jepordize our lives with you. We will not say anything to anybody. This is internal family business. We are all your family. We love you and each other. We will take care of each other in school”. Alex says. They all agree with what she says.

“Girls, I have friends in that school that will watch out for you”. Ben says.

Carly “You mean some of the teachers are your slaves, Master?”.

Ben “Yes, you will meet them soon enough, the Principal is a friend and so is the Janitor. I will inform them of your presence and status as my slaves and loved ones, I take care of my slaves always will and always have.”

They kiss Ben one by one. He goes over to Faith and says “Do you want to have sex again?” Yes is her response and spreads her legs, he sucks her pussy and then gets up to mount her and looks over and sees Hope and Charity with their legs spread. “It is a rough life you lead, Ben, all this pussy for you to fuck and suck”. Hope says. “You will get yours”. Little do they know he put a cock ring on.

He starts to pump Faith hard and fast pumping all the way to her cervix. He pumps her until he starts to feel his balls twitch and then enters her womb and pumps a huge load into her. He then goes over to Hope and fucks her hard and deep for a good three hours before he comes in her womb. He then goes over to Charity and fucks her hard for two hours and blows a load into her. He then sleeps next to them. They pull their chairs over and kiss him on his lips and tell him they love him. He smiles and they hold him. They rest until Becky gets up in the morning and tells all four of them to get into the dinning room for breakfast. Becky tells Ben that she made plans for the two of them in a Santa Barbara spa for Tuesday night thru Saturday morning. They should be back for their weekly dinner at Antonio's restaurant. She informs the family that Ben and her are going away for a couple of days for some alone time. They will be back on Saturday. She hands each of the family members their phones with everybody's number programmed in it. They eat and Ben ask Faith, Hope and Charity if they want him to pop their anal cherries today.

“Yes, Ben we all want our anal cherries popped”. Faith says with a nod from Hope and Charity.
Becky gets the anal lube and Ben takes the girls into the living room and puts them on all fours. He tells them he is going to fuck their asses and cum into their wombs. He likes seeing them full of his seamen. He takes his pills and gets an erection and pushes the head of BIG FELLA into Faith's ass and she screams. “Breathe Faith, Breathe it gets better” He pushes 12” into her ass and then holds there.

Becky “I know it hurts at first, but you get use to it and you begin to enjoy it. Let yourself enjoy the feeling of being stuffed full of my Masters hard cock. He will take it easy as he starts to stroke your ass, tell him when you are ready to go faster!”.

Faith “Breathing hard, OK!”. Ben strokes her ass slowly at first then faster. Over and over again until she says for him to go faster and then faster. She has had three orgasms by the time he starts going faster. He pounds her ass for two hours before he exits her ass with a loud pop and enters her womb and blows his load into her ass for what seemed like fifteen minutes. Her belly is now really bloated looking like she is 3 months pregnant. He kisses her and tells her he is going to fuck her pussy one more time before she goes home. He does the other two and fucks their pussies one more time.

Before they leave at 10 pm, he tells gives them his cell phone number and tells them to call him if they need anything. That if they want to be his slaves he will take them in December when they get back from Hawaii. He has Tiffani take them home making sure she gets their addresses. They changed into large shirts hiding their full bellies.

On the way home they ask Tiffani if she really liked being Masters slave and she told them yes. That it is not for everybody, but Master loves taking care of his women like some sort of mission and purpose to his life.

Meanwhile at home Ben and Becky tell the bed slaves to get ready for bed. They need to be ready for school in the morning. They go to the bedroom and Ben is there he sets each one down and tells them he loves them and wants to suck their pussies before they all go to sleep. “Master, let one of us suck BIG FELLA while you each of us out”. OK. Becky tells them they have to go to sleep by midnight. They suck and suck until midnight and wake up early and all take a shower together. The girls get dressed for school, Amber gets ready for work at the doctor's office. Ben inspects each one. He tells the girls to take off their earrings, that those are not appropriate for school. He kisses each one tells them he will see them after school lets out. They each tell him they will miss him and leave with Janet.

Ben and Becky finally have the bed to themselves and make the most of it. The make love till 11 am. Climaxing multiple times each. Becky showers and then packs clothes for their trip that night to Santa Barbara. They then go to the girls school at 1. Becky is dressed in a fine designer dress with a nice diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire necklace. Ben is dressed in an Italian linen suit, the two of them look like they just walked off a fashion runway. The tell the other ladies that they are off to the school and then to pick up a couple of laptops for the girls.

They arrive at the school in the Hummer limousine. Inside the school secretary asks the principal if he is expecting any dignitaries on the first day of school. He says no, and asks why? Because there is a stretch Hummer limousine that just pulled up out front. He gets up and says that could only be one person, Ben Barnes. Ben gets out of the limo and holds out his hand for Becky and they head into the office where Principal Smith greets Ben.

Principal “Ben what brings you to the school today? And who is this vision of beauty on your arms!”.

Ben “Hello Teddy, I would like to introduce you to my wife to be, Becky. Becky this is the girls Principal Theodore Smith”

Becky “Nice to meet you” “Nice to meet you, you must be some woman for Ben to marry you!”.

Becky “Thank you”.

Ben “Can we speak in your office, Teddy?”. “Sure”

When they are in his office.

Ben “Teddy, I have a few of my slaves in your school, Alex and Carly Summers, Elfie Espinoza, and Jennifer Clark. I need them to be excused from school for October and November while they go with me and Becky to Hawaii to get married. Is there anyway that you could help us?”.

Teddy “I think we can arrange something”.

Ben “Can you call in LuAnne, Alexandra, Alana, Roxanne, Carolyn, Suzy, Carrie and Rosanna into the office? I would like to introduce Becky to them and also introduce my girls to them also”

Teddy tells the secretary to call the teachers and Health Aide to the office to see him.

They arrive one by one and see Ben and call him Master. When the last one arrives he introduces them to his wife to be Becky. They all congratulate her and tell Ben she is beautiful and tell her that she must be one incredible woman to have Ben want to marry her. They tell her he has had his share and then some of beautiful women.
Becky “I have met a lot of his slaves”. They all show her their Queen of Spades tattoos on their necks and tell her they have other that are hidden from public eyes at school. Ben asks Teddy to call in the girls and he does. He asks the teachers to watch out for his new slaves. As they enter the principals office the run up and kiss Ben and then Becky and then look at the teachers.

Ben “Girls, these ladies are all my slaves just like you. They will watch out for you while you are at class”. The girls all hug and kiss each other. The teachers tell the girls that Master's slaves watch out and take care of each other. That is one of the principals he set down. “Ladies, the girls are going to be out of school at our wedding in Hawaii the months of October and November, is there anyway that they can go and not lose ground when they are gone”. They talk to each other. And say we can get them the assignments they need and maybe they can put together some sort of presentation when they get back on Hawaii and show pictures of the sites and adventures. That way they can share with the rest of the school. I know I have never been to Hawaii. I think in two months you should be able to see most of Hawaii. Alex interjects “If we ever leave the bedroom”. They laugh and Ben looks at Alex and she holds her head down.

Becky “Ben, you need to tell them about Faith, Hope and Charity”.

Ben “Oh, Yeah I almost forgot. Thank God I have my soul mate with me. Teddy can you call to the office Faith Jones, Hope Williams, and Charity Turner. They are not slaves, probably will be after the pounding I gave them this weekend. But I want them taken care of also”.

Teddy tells the secretary to call the girls to the office. They all arrive and go into the Principals office. They see Ben and Becky and each come up and give them a kiss and a hug.

Ben “Faith, Hope, Charity these ladies are my slaves. Although you are not my slaves, I have asked them to look after you for me. They are my eyes and ears in this school. Teddy here is my friend and so is Leroy. They will all watch out for you”.

They all say thank you to Ben and Becky and then go back to school.

Ben “I need to take my girls to go get them a laptop for school and a camera for their assignment in Hawaii. Do you mind if I take them out a little early today?

Teddy “No problem, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding”.

They take the girls to the limo and Teddy asks to speak to Ben alone for a minute.

Teddy “Faith Jones is having some troubles at home. I have heard her father beats her and her sisters. I have even heard a rumor that he even tried to rape Faith once. It is just a rumor but I want you to be aware of this, I do not know how close you are to the girl but I have had first hand experience with her asshole father. I would love to beat the shit out of him. Watch out”.

Ben “Thanks, I will”.

They go to Fry's and get each girl a laptop a digital camera and a couple of digital camcorders for their trip to Hawaii”. Ben and Becky take them home and tell them they will see them Saturday afternoon.

Ben and Becky head to the Airport to take the private jet to Santa Barbara for a relaxing vacation. While they are in the air Becky says they should invite the teachers to dinner so they can meet the whole family and then comeback to the house for the night. They call them and invite them.

On Saturday, they come back and pickup everybody for dinner at Antonio's. They arrive and Antonio tells Ben that their other guest are already in the private dinning room. They arrive and they greet each other. The eat dinner and Becky notices Faith is wearing too much makeup and has bruises on her arms and face. She whispers to Ben and they follow Faith out of the private dinning room.

Ben “Faith, what happened to your face and where did you get those bruises”.

Faith “I fell down at home, I am so clumsy!”.

Ben “Tell me the truth. Now!”.

Faith “My dad saw my belly on Tuesday night and yelled at me and told me I was a whore. And he said how many months pregnant was I. I told him I wasn't pregnant. He called me a liar and hit me. The next night he came into my room and tried to rape me. I know he has tried to rape my other sister, but could not get it up. My mom does not know about any of this. She works all the time.”

Ben “Does your Dad have any guns in the house?”. “No” “What time does your mom get home?”. 11

Ben “I am going to take my family home after dinner, I am going to take you home and straighten this mess out”.

Becky “What are you going to do, Ben?”.

Ben “Her father is going to be arrested tonight for a number of charges, but not before I beat the shit out of him. Faith, I told you I take care of my own. You are not my slave, but I cannot sit by and let this happen to you. Will you press charges against your father? Will your Mother and sisters?”

Faith “I will and I believe I can convince my sisters and mother to also!”.

Ben “OK, I take care of you and your mother and siblings. You do not have to be my slaves for me to care about you”.

They go back and finish their meal and Ben takes the family back to the house and then leaves for the restaurant again to take Faith home. They arrive at midnight. Faith enters the home with Ben. Ben sees the husband and hits him. Ties his arms behind his back and drags him to the master bedroom. Faith's mom is there. Ben pushes Faith's father Phil onto the bed. Faith introduces her mother Crystal to Ben. The other girls hear the commotion and come into the bedroom.

Ben “Crystal, Faith here is a friend of Becky's the one she spent the weekend with, I am her husband. Faith told me tonight that your husband here has been beating on her and even tried to rape her and her sisters on a number of occasions. Is this true girls”
Faith says yes and the girls all look down and say yes.

Ben “I have called a couple police officer friends of mine to come over and arrest your piece of shit husband. All you have to do is press charges along with your daughters and I will make sure he never hurts any of you again”.
Crystal wakes up Phil with cold water on his face. She tells Ben to put him on the chair.

Crystal “Phil you piece of shit, you tried to rape my daughters when you have not touched me in 10 years. Ben when is your police officer friends coming over?”

Ben “When I call them?”

Crystal, Faith and Ben go into the bathroom. Crystal ask Ben if he would fuck her in front of her husband. Ben says he does not know. Faith tells him it will be OK. Tells her mom that she is in love with Ben and lowers Ben's pants.

Faith “I begged Ben to take my virginity last week. I did not want that asshole to take it from me. (motioning to her father). I have fucked Ben four times. He is amazing lover”. With that she takes BIG FELLA out of Ben's Boxers.

Crystal “Holy Shit, That is one huge cock. Faith it makes your father's cock look like a mouse's cock, Faith that is one big cock to loose your virginity too. I want it too Ben. I want you to do it in front of all my girls, I want them to see how a real man treats a woman and her pussy.”.

They go to the bed and Crystal strips she spreads eagle in front of Ben and tells her girls to watch Ben make love to her like a real man. Not like their father with his limp dick.

Ben takes out his cock and the girls gasp. Cloe says “That is one huge penis!”. The other girls just have their mouths open. Faith sucks Ben's cock until it is hard and he starts to fuck Crystal to her delight.
Crystal is moaning and sweating telling Phil how little his cock is and how worthless he is. That he is going to go to jail for trying to rape her daughters.

Crystal “Phil, I am going to be Ben's lover for now on. He is a real man unlike you. Oh, by the way he took Faith's virginity. He even fucked her in the ass. She wanted it too. That was the swelling you saw in her belly, His cum in her womb you asshole. He fucked her a long time, just like he is doing me”.

After Ben is finished pounding Crystal, making her cum four times, he tells all of them to pack some clothes they are going to his house for a couple of days. Crystal then cleans off Ben's cock. Ben calls Paula and Sally and give them the address to the house.

Ben and Crystal are alone “Crystal, I am going to take you to my house. I have a lot of women in my house that I take care of. They are my slaves. I have explained this to Faith before I had sex with her. I will take care of you, you do not have to be my slave. You are a beautiful woman and would be happy if you and your daughter would be my slaves, but I am going to take care of you. You are going to quit your jobs and start taking care of your kids. They need you. There are a few rules if you come into my house, one no clothes are to be worn by women in my house, two no hair below the neckline.”

Crystal “I don't know why you are doing this for me. I know I want to have sex with you again. My other daughter might want to also, Peggy is too young and too small to handle the BIG FELLA. Let me think about being your slave if you don't mind”.

Ben “No, problem pack your things and have your kids do the same thing. I will have movers come by and pack everything else. I will look for a place that your husband does not know about. I am going to call Paula and Sally now.”
Crystal has the girls pack clothes and after a while hears a knock on the door. She answers it and too uniform police officers ask for Ben Barnes. Ben comes down and they greet him as Master. He looks at Crystal and nods. They all explain to the officer's what Phil had done to them and want to press charges. The go upstairs and handcuff Phil and put him in the back of Sally's cruiser.

Sally “Mrs. Jones, you and the girls are going to need to come down to the station and file a complaint against your husband. I am pretty sure he is going to get convicted. When Ben wants something he gets it. I will make sure our Judge friend presides over his trial. You need to get all of your money out of your joint account. I would sell the house. Leave him with nothing so he has a public defender.”

Ben “I will make sure they are there on Monday, they will be staying with me for a week until I can get things situated”.

Sally “Crystal, Ben is a wonderful man. I do not know if you are planning on being his slave or not. I would highly recommended it if he chooses you. He is a terrific lover and provider. Although he has only fucked me once in the last six months. I understand why, so will you when you see his wife and family”.

Crystal “I just fucked him upstairs, He is the best lover I have ever had. He popped my oldest cherry last weekend. I am leaning towards fucking him again. I want to take time to think before I make that commitment”.

Ben “No hurry!”.

They load Ben's expedition with their clothes and head to the house.

Faith “Becky, Ben's wife calls this the house of love”.

They pull up and all the girls have their mouths open. They get out of the car and head into the house. Faith and Crystal strip and tell the other three to do the same. Becky comes up and introduces herself to Crystal and the girls as Ben's wife to be.

Crystal “Becky, you are so young to be marring Ben, what does your mother say about this”.
They walk into the living room and meet the rest of the family they are all still up waiting for Ben to come home. It is 3 am and they were starting to get worried. Becky introduces Crystal to Tiffani.

“Crystal, this is my mother Tiffani. Tiffani, Crystal was having reservations about you endorsing my marriage to Ben” Becky states

“Crystal, I endorse it and welcome him to my family, our family. Everybody here is part of the family. We are all Ben's willing slaves. We all love him, cherish and obey him. We all make love to him whenever we get a chance. He takes care of us and we take care of him”.

“Looks like we have three pussies that we need to shave”. Becky says after inspecting their mounds.

She takes Crystal, Cloe, and Jill to the master bathroom to shave them clean and have them douched.

Ben,Faith and Peggy go sit on the couch and relax for a minute. Ben whispers in Faith's ear that he wants to eat her pussy. She spreads her legs and tells him out loud. “Ben, You can have this body when ever and where ever you like, Peggy watch this. He is going to eat my pussy!”. He starts eating her pussy making her climax almost immediately she was already wet from watching her mother get pounded. She climaxes hard the second time and then looks at Peggy, Would you like to experience one of those? Yes and Ben crawls over to her and spreads her legs and start sucking on her slit and licking up and down and tickling her clitoris. She starts to breathe heavy and holds Faith's hand. He sucks on her pussy for a half and hour and looks up and she is smiling and pushes Ben's head back down to her pussy. He sucks on her and she climaxes three times. He swallows all her girl cum each time. He looks up at Becky and she says “We know you love the taste of virgin pussy!”. He smiles and asks Peggy, “Did you enjoy that sweetheart?”

Peggy “Yes, Yes I did. I liked it a lot. Momma, that was wonderful. I want Ben to do that to me some more. Jill, Cloe you should let him do that to you”.

Jill “OK” she spreads her legs and Ben goes to town. He is in heaven a second virgin pussy to eat, he sticks his tongue down her whole and licks her hymen making her moan and buck her hips. Jill yells “Fuck yeah, suck that pussy Ben, suck it”. Ben gets up and says “I think she likes it, Crystal” Jill says “Shut up and suck that pussy”. They all laugh even Crystal. After Ben has sucked Jill to three orgasms Cloe says it is her turn to experience it. Ben goes over and spreads her legs and looks up “Man, Jill tasted just like cherries. I love cherry flavored pussy almost as much as virgin pussy!”. “Shut up and suck this pussy, Ben”. He does and she comes five times. It is now morning and the maid has breakfast ready and they all eat and Ben says he is going to sleep downstairs in the living room if anybody wants to join him. Everybody goes to the living room to sleep. He tells Becky he must be in heaven because he is surrounded by 29 pussies and 58 breasts all sleeping in and around him.

Becky “This is the HOUSE OF LOVE”.

They sleep peacefully for eight hours until they start to stir. He suggest they go to the pool. They do and he talks to Crystal and Faith. Faith believes the girls want to be his slaves. Ben takes his pills and calls his teacher slaves over and they take turns riding BIG FELLA. The girls look at their teachers take Ben's huge cock into their pussies, the teachers tell Ben “Master, We love you but it has been way too long since you have made love to your slaves pussy”. Roxanne tells Faith and her sisters that she would not be a teacher if it was not for her Master. Each of them tell their stories of being lost, homeless or in an abusive home, and Ben took each of them in and took care of them. They each said that this was more than just sex. It was about taking care of each other and the ones you love.

Ben finishes up with his teachers climaxing seven times and making each teacher cum multiple times each. Ben is lying there on his lounge chair with a smile on his face. He gets in the pool and tells Cloe, Jill, and Peggy to get on the side of the pool with their legs spread. They all know what he wants, to suck on some virgin pussy. Becky had just had each douche with the cherry flavored douche she knew with all the fucking he would want some pussy to suck on. He sucks on each one until he makes each girl climax three times. Swallowing all of their girl cum, after the girl jump into the pool they swim over to Crystal and watch Bill work on the next girl. When he gets to Peggy he makes his Sweet Little Morsel to come six times until she cries out and then passes out in pleasure.

Crystal tells her girls that if they want to be Ben's slaves it is their decision. That she is still making up her mind. Peggy tells her mom, “I want Ben to be my Master and I want him to suck my virgin pussy every time he wants too. I want him he makes me feel good, all warm and tingly. He makes me feel loved and special”. She goes over to Ben and kneels before him, “Ben, Please be my Master, take me as your slave. I want to love you and be loved by you. I do this willingly and with all my heart. I know I am too little for you to pop my virgin pussy. I will grow and it will be here when you want it. In the meantime I know you love to eat virgin pussy and this is going to be your for as long as you want it to remain a virgin!” “Peggy, I will take you as my slave. My Sweet Little Morsel, and I do love you and will always take care of you. You are going to be my Bed Slave”.

Faith comes over and says to Ben “Ben, Master please take me as your slave, make me yours and train me to please you. I want you and love you. I do this of my own free will. I love having your seed in my womb and watching my stomach being filled by you.” “Faith, My Blond Bombshell I will make you my slave to train to please me. I want to make you a Breeder Slave”.

Cloe is next to accept Ben as her Master telling him that she does this on her own free will and then Jill does the same. He tells them that he will make them House Slaves. Finally. Crystal comes up to him, she thanks him for taking care of her daughters and making sure that her former husband will never rape her daughters. She is pleased that they have chosen a very good man to spend their lives with. She wants to be his slave and that be his Fuck Toy, she loves him and will willingly be obedient in all his orders. “Please, Ben take me as your slave and be my Master”. He said he will and welcomes them to their new family. All the girls come up to them and congratulate them and welcome them to the family. While they do that he goes and get his pills and a towel. He brings it to the living room and calls the girls into the room. “Jill, Cloe I am going to pop your cherries now. I am not going to train the four of you until We get back from Hawaii. For now I am just going to pop your pussy and ass cherries, get over here and spread your legs on these towels. Peggy I am going to pop your anal cherry and leave your pussy alone. I want you to loose your throat cherry tomorrow morning”. The three girls do as they are told each thanking their master. He takes Cloe first, sucking on her pussy getting her wet and then inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy until it hits her cervix pushing ten inches into her. She cringes in pain as he tears her hymen. He tells her that it only hurt once and that it will start to get better when her pussy gets use to his large cock. He tells her to let him know when she is ready for him to pump. She does and they fuck for 45 minutes before he pushes into her womb and releases a huge load making her belly stick out. He thinks he must of dumped at least a quart into her womb. Ben is still hard and does Jill a little easier pressing against her hymen and pushing it a little at a time. Taking his cock out to the tip and then pushing until it hits her hymen. “Will you just take it, Master, make me a woman and your loving slave”. With that he pushes eight inches into her hitting her cervix and ripping her hymen away. “You are now a woman, I am going to rest here until you are ready and adjusted to my size” When she is he fucks her for 90 minutes before he pushes into her womb and dumping a huge load equal to what went into Cloe. He exits and is still hard to take little Peggy's anal cherry. She is already lubed and ready Faith is spreading her ass cheeks for Ben as he puts lube on the head of BIG FELLA and a little of his shaft. He then pushes the head into Peggy's little ass, she screams and starts to cry as he finally gets all of his large head into her anus. “Peggy do you still want to do this, I do not want to hurt you baby”. Breathing hard she responds “Master, fuck your slaves ass please! Go slow and make it yours”.

Ben pushes five inches into her and starts to slowly stroke her ass, she turns around and smiles at her new Master, “I new I could do it Master, I love you”. He stokes her and cums in her ass. He exits with a pop and her asshole is gaping and is red. Faith comes over and licks the cum as it exits her ass. Ben is now done for the day. He falls on to the floor and his new slaves along with Becky and the bed slaves clean Ben off and BIG FELLA. Hey put pillows under his head and they go to sleep. They teachers have left and they will see them in school the next day.

The next day, Ben gets up and takes Crystal and her girls to the Police station to give their statements the police and the District Attorney who one of the girls notices has a Queen of Spades tattoo on her neck. She tells them that their father and Crystal's husband will not bother them anymore. That he is going to Jail for a really long time. The DA asks if they have someplace to stay while this is in trial, somewhere supportive. Crystal tells the DA that they will be staying with Ben Barnes and the DA tells her that he is a really good man, very supportive. They leave and meet Ben at the front of the station where he is talking with Sally and Paula.

Ben “Are you guys done with the DA?. You ready to go home?”.

Crystal “Yes we are Ben”.

They get into Ben's Expedition and head to what they think is home. Ben pulls into the Honda dealership and tells Crystal and Faith that they need to pick out cars.

Crystal “Master, we do not need cars. I have a car and Faith just got her driver's license”.

Ben “Crystal, I have seen that piece of crap you call a car. A lady of mine cannot be seen in something like that. You are my slaves now and you will drive cars that are appropriate and where clothes that are also more becoming and reflect that you are now mine. You cannot argue with this is a done deal. The two ladies pick out their cars, Crystal picks an 2013 Odyssey and Faith picks an 2013 CR-V. The salesman comes out and asks if he could help them.

Ben “My ladies here like the Odyssey and CR-V, What kind of deal can you give me on both?”.

Salesman comes back with 12k off the Odyssey and 10k off the CR-V. Ben tells him he wants 16k and 13k off each the salesman talks to the manager and they agree and give him zero percent financing when they run his credit. They see he just paid in full for four cars and shake their heads. They get the cars titled, taxes and tags. The salesman hands the ladies the keys to their new cars. The get to their cars and kiss Ben

Faith “You didn't need to do this for us, Master. You are too good to us”. Crystal agrees with her and tells Ben that he does not have to buy them things for her and her girls to love him.

Ben “I know, this is for me. I cannot have my women driving around town in junk”.

They head home Peggy is with Ben in the front seat, the other two girls are riding with their mother and sister. Peggy “Master, I want to learn how to deep throat big fella today”. “OK” Ben replies. “Master, I truly love you. You make me and my sisters feel really special”.

When the arrive home and Becky comes out and looks at the cars. She is naked and she tells them that the house is remote enough to take a quick stroll outside naked once in a while. “I see Master got his new slaves cars” Becky says. They look nice, did you twist their arms Master? He says a little. They go into the house and Ben tells the girls to bring down their clothes he need to inspect them. They do and he picks through what will do and what will not. He tells Becky that they need to go shopping for new clothes and undergarments. They eat lunch and get dressed for a day of shopping. They go to the usual stores, Becky picks out outfits with each. They shop for a while and Ben excuses himself to go to the jewelry store and picks out 5 sets of piercing hardware for his new slaves. He picks out beautiful necklaces and earring to match their eye color. He pays for it and then goes back to dress store and waits for them to finish.

He tells them that he wants them all to pick out their favorite dress and wear it out of the store without any undergarments. They go in the back and change putting their underwear in a bag they each come back out and Ben says something is missing. He walks behind each one and put a necklace on each one and hands them their earrings. Jill and Peggy need to have their ears pierced. They all scream and cry and tell Ben he is too much and all kiss him. They then head to the jewelry store to get the girls their ears pierced and Ben takes Crystal to the ring section and takes her wedding band off and asks the sales person to measure her for another ring. She does and pulls out a ring that Ben had picked out. Ben puts in on her ring finger and then whispers in her ear. “I can only marry Becky legally but all my slaves are my wives”. She cries and looks at her new ring it has a huge diamond on it. He then brings Faith and Cloe over and they get measured and have diamond rings put on their fingers, he does this with the final two and they all cry.

Faith “Master, I hope you do not plan on walking any time soon. Because believe me you are going to be well laid for the next several days”. All the girls shake their heads yes. He then takes them to Victoria's Secret for their undergarments and bra's. Viki looks at Ben and he tells her to meet him at his house Saturday in two weeks. Her training will have to wait until they get back from Hawaii. He has the girls pick out underwear with Becky's help. They make their purchases and head home.

“Crystal, tomorrow you are going to need to go out and get them swimwear for our trip to Hawaii. Nothing too revealing, but I want them all in thongs. They go into the house and everybody strips and the girls take Ben to the living room and put him on the couch. Faith sucks on BIG FELLA while Peggy rides his face. When Faith has BIG FELLA hard she mounts Ben and starts grinding on him. After Peggy has finally climaxed for the sixth time she get off of Ben's mouth and he asks Becky to call Teddy and explain to him that the girls are not coming to school this week and tell him why.

Faith is good to her word, Ben does not leave the living room area except to go to the bathroom. They feed him and wash him for three days straight while they fuck his brains in. He cums for over 72 hours straight before he lets Becky break it up. He has trouble getting up to his feet. He goes to the couch and passes out with a smile on his face. He sleeps for 12 hours, he gets up and starts ordering stuff online. He orders five new phones for his new girls, four laptops and digital cameras and three underwater cameras from He talks to Liz his real estate agent and tells her he needs a five bedroom house with a two car garage close to his house. She tells him she will look into it and get back to him.

Ben then goes and jumps into the pool and then takes a turn in the hot tub. He is joined by Becky and Faith. Faith tells him she loves her new family, and feels like it is home. Crystal comes over and gets in the tub.

Ben “Ladies, I really do not have anymore room here. I have my real estate agent looking for a house for you guys really close. I am getting ready to build another mansion on the property behind us. It will not be ready for at least a year. This house will have plenty of rooms for everybody to have their own bedroom. But you ladies need to have a bed to sleep in. I plan on you guys being here as much as possible and I intend to sleep with each of you in your own beds. When I find something you will need to pick out furniture for each room. Price is no problem, I can afford it, make sure you like it because it will be moved to the new house when it is ready. I want the girls to have queen size beds and Crystal you will need a California king size bed. I will train you over there when we get back hopefully.

The next day Liz faxes over three different houses that are for sale that meet his requirements. He then takes the girls over and the pick the one that is closest to the mansion. They sign the contract and go to settlement in fifteen days. Ben tells Crystal to go out this weekend and pick out furniture at the local furniture store. He gives her a credit card with her name on it to use. That Saturday they go and pick out their furniture with Becky. They buy 5 bedroom suits, dinning room table and leather sofas for the living room. Crystal says that she already has stuff for the kitchen and will go home and pack it up on Monday. They go home and find Ben in bed with Reanna and Rachel, they hear Reanna scream “Master, I love you cum inside me lover. Cum for your slave”. Becky walks in and Rachel says master has been making love to them since they left. Both Rachel and Reanna are in the doggie position. With Ben pumping hard into Reanna, she looks over and says “Man, I really needed this. Watching all that beautiful fucking downstairs the last couple of days has made me horny!'.

Reanna, you are always horny Becky states. You guys coming down for dinner? Ben says have it sent up he plans to pound these girls until bedtime. Rachel smiles and says she likes that idea. They stay in the room until before midnight. He tells the girls to go take a shower and go to sleep. He goes downstairs and sees Peggy with her legs spread asleep. He gets in between and starts to suck on his slaves virgin pussy. She wakes up as he starts to really get into it. She says you really do like virgin pussy, Master. He makes her cum three times and then gives her a really big one by sticking his tongue deep into her pussy stroking and brushing her hymen She is bucking and convulsing, Ben keeps it up until she lets out a scream that wakes everybody up. She floods his face with cum and he drinks as much as possible. Faith looks over and sees Ben's face still in Peggy's groin, and tells Ben that the rest of them want one of those. He makes Peggy cum one last time and asks her “Did you enjoy yourself, sweetheart?” “Duh, Yes Master”. I will stay a virgin if I can have orgasms like that for the rest of my life. She states. Ben sucks on each of their pussies and then goes to bed. They each have an orgasm but nothing like Peggy's mega orgasm. The next day the packages are their with the computers and cameras for the girls. He goes to the den and checks the plane tickets for Crystal and her girls. He hands a laptop to each of his new girls. This is for your homework while we are away in Hawaii you need find time to complete your homework. I have also bought each of you a digital camera. Each of these computers has a firewall on it so nothing can get in, but do not put any naked pictures on it or anything that would compromise our situation. I love each and everyone of you and we are going to have fun in Hawaii. He tells everybody to get dressed for dinner at Antonio's. They get ready putting on their best dresses and jewelry. They all pile into the limousine and head to dinner. Antonio greets them and sees that Faith is part of his entourage.

Antonio “Faith, I guess you are not coming back to work”.

Faith “Yes, I would like to but only after Master completes my training. We are going to Hawaii for his wedding to Becky, and then he will begin the training of my mother and sisters, Ben is a tremendous person and a great lover. I love him, he took care of my bastard father”.

Antonio “Yes, I know Elfie loves him and I consider him a good friend, he cares and loves his women”.

They go eat dinner having a great time talking about girl things, about going to Hawaii and moving into the new house. Hope and Charity are the waitresses at the end of the night they ask if they can come home with them and have sex with Ben. Becky says sure. They call there parents and tell them they are going to Becky's and will be back on Sunday night.

They go home and Hope and Charity strip and show Ben and Becky their tattoo on their hip.

Hope “We got this tattoo for you Ben”. It reads “For Ben only” Their pussies are shaved and Hope drops to her knees and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts deep throatting him. Charity “We have been waiting for you and we heard what you did for Faith and her family. We want to be your slaves. We want to wait until we are both seventeen before we start our training but would like you to fuck us every chance you get. Faith said you bought them a new house, we could always have sex over there without drawing any suspicion about what we are doing”.

Ben “We will think about it. I do like fucking you two”.

Becky “Once you have sex with a woman they never want to let you go!”. Yeah I know.

They all go to the pool and some of the girls go for a swim while Hope and Charity take their turn riding BIG FELLA. Ben calls Peggy over and he asks if the girls know her. They say yes and tell him that she is Faith's baby sister. He says right and wrong, This is my Sweet Little Morsel and Peggy mounts his face and Ben sucks her to an orgasm, and then a huge orgasm. She leans over and says to them that she loves when he stokes her hymen with his tongue. He calls Elfie over and sucks her pussy as Hope grinds hard on Master's cock finally making him cum hard. Charity sucks him clean and then works to get him hard again. She rides his cock while he continues to suck on Elfie's pussy, when Elfie has climaxed twice he call Carly over and then Alex. He finishes with Jill and Cloe making all the girls cum twice and Hope and Charity comes ten times each before they pass out right before daybreak.

They spend the rest of the day sucking and fucking. Girls suck on each others pussies and Ben takes two at a time. He has sex with Janie, Janet and Tiffani trying to get them pregnant. They have Crystal drive the girls home in her new car. She tells them not to talk about what goes on in the house, she asks them about their home lives and they tell her that they both come from single parent homes that they are both the only children and that their father's both died in the war. She takes Hope home first and meets her mother Jess, short for Jessica, she is pretty about 5'6 with a nice figure. She lives in a poor part of town, she has a run down car and barely eaks out a living. Jess says that Hope always likes to spend time at Becky's house. Crystal says my daughters like to spend time there also, they have an indoor pool and hot tub. Crystal says her daughter is Faith and works at the Italian restaurant with Hope and Charity. Jess looks at her car and says she likes it. Crystal says her boyfriend bought it for her, that he said her car was junk and he could not have her drive around in such a piece of crap. Hope smiles and knows Ben bought her the car. They say goodbye and Crystal takes Charity home. She lives a couple of streets over and Crystal walks her up to the door and meets her mother Jenny. She is also quite attractive looks to be 30, she think she must have had Charity really young. She is about 5'2 with nice breasts. She thanks her for bringing her daughter home and that she also really liked going to Becky's house after work on Saturday. Jenny and Charity look like sisters not mother and daughter. They are struggling to make ends meet. Crystal says goodbye and head back home.

She gets into the house and strips and goes find Ben and Becky. Crystal tells them about Hope and Charity only having a mother that their fathers have both been killed in the war. She tells Ben that they are struggling and that if he chooses to make them their slaves that the mothers would not be to hard to convince to join the family. The girls are in the living room looking at their new laptops, phones and cameras. Crystal “They must think it is Christmas in September”. Faith says “Yes, we got the best gift of all time. A man to love us with a huge cock” she gets up and comes over and licks the head of BIG FELLA. “Master, you can take that crap back, my car too. All I want is your love and BIG FELLA, I have everything I want right in front of me. A house full of people that love and care for each other”. Faith states and her sisters agree. “All I want is for Master to keep sucking on my virgin pussy and make me cum so hard I have to fight to not pass out!, I love you Master”. Peggy says.

Crystal “Time for you girls to go to sleep you got school tomorrow and a long week”. OK MOM.

Becky heads upstairs with the bed slaves and the other girls head to bed. Ben arrives at his bed for the first time in a long time. “Becky, we are going to need to get a bigger bed for us and all our bed slaves”. Ben says. They go to sleep after a weekend of sex.

The next morning the girls get ready for school. Janet and Crystal takes their bunch to school. The get back to the house and grab some coffee and head to the pool where Ben tells them that it is time to have sex with them. His dance card is Crystal, Janet, Janie and then Tiffani. He is pounding Becky's ass like she likes it. When he is done he has her go get his pills. He takes vitamins and supplements three times a day and before he does a train. He swims in the pool until she get back with the pills. He takes the pills and Crystal starts to suck BIG FELLA erect. She tells him to come to momma, He mounts Crystal and starts pounding her, stoking her deep and fast. He opens her cervix after about a 45 minutes after he starting fucking her and pushes the rest of his cock into her womb. He pounds her deep and keeps pounding when he gets a call from the DA. He is stroking her softly and deeply while the DA tells him the news. He tells her thanks and that he will inform Crystal and her girls when he sees them. He takes back up the speed he pumped her before. Then all of a sudden the takes it to jackhammer level, She tries to catch her breathe and asks him “What did the DA say?”

Ben “She said that Phil was being released and would be free in a couple of days”. He continue to pound her. Thumping her pussy with all he has and then starts to cum into her womb. He comes for a good 15 to 20 minutes, when he is done he pulls out. He leaves all his seamen in her. He jumps in the pool and swims to the deep end and back. Crystal gets up and notices her stomach and smiles. She gets in the pool with Becky. “What do you mean, he is getting out and be free in a couple of days?”. Crystal asks Ben. “Do you really want to stay with me and love me?” Yes and Yes is her response. “Will you get pregnant and give me children as beautiful as yours” “YES, what is going on with my former husband?”.

“Well he took a deal and pleaded guilty to all counts. He is going away for at least 30 years!”. Ben says “You big tease, you had me going there.” Crystal replied. “Crystal, you and your girls are now mine. I love you and will take care of you for ever. When and if you go back to work it will be because you want to. I would rather you stay here and let me work on getting you pregnant”. Ben tells her.

“Why do you do these things, Master, you seem to enjoy helping women” asks Crystal. “Ladies, I love women and want to take care of them. I loved many women before you guys came into my life, as you will see in the coming years I have many many slaves all around this county, I do this because I can, I have a high libido and a craving for pussy. In particular petite white pussy, I care for you ladies because I can afford to and because I want to. Becky is my soul mate, but I love you all the same. I might keep secrets from you ladies because that is just the way it is. I have made Becky my beneficiary, when I am gone hopefully not for a long long time she is instructed to take care of my slaves”.

“OK, Janet your next, lets make a baby, isn't procreation wonderful”. Ben says as Janet stokes and sucks on BIG FELLA to get him hard. When he is she straddles him and rides his cock for an hour before Ben picks her up and turns her over and pushes into her womb and deposit his load deep inside of her. When he withdraws her cervix traps his load inside of her womb as usual. Once she is pregnant he will no longer fuck her into her womb. Janet “Thank you master for your sperm, I hope I get pregnant an have a beautiful boy that looks like you and has a “big johnson” like his father so he can make all the girls happy like you”. That is the plan Ben informs the girls. After a quick dip and some laps, Becky gets his pills and it is Janie's turn. Becky gives him his pills and starts to deep throat BIG FELLA, when he is erect Becky whispers in his ear “After Tiffani, it is my turn to have you in my womb. I love you for more reasons than you know”. Janie is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA grinding and pumping and until she feels his cock swell and then he turns her over and pushes into her womb and pumps load after load into her fertile womb. Today she became the first of his slaves to become pregnant. He is still hard and takes Tiffani, pushing and humping her pussy and making her moan, after about 45 minutes he pushes into her womb and drops a load into her. He then exits her pussy and tells the ladies it has been his pleasure to pound them today. We are going to do this every day for the next two weeks until you are all pregnant. “Me too, Master!” Becky says.

Ben “I do not want to get you pregnant until after you finish school sweetheart, love of my life”.

Becky “To late, I missed my period last month and I took a pregnancy test the other day and it came back positive, I have an appointment with Doctor Reynolds tomorrow, I need somebody to drive me.”

Ben “You are on the pill, aren't you!”. I was until a couple of days ago it seemed pointless now.

Becky “Your not mad at me are you Ben? I was on the pill but it is not 100% guaranteed to work. You have fucked me so good and hard it was abound to happen. All that sperm in me just worked magic. I love you and am going to love our baby, hopefully Ben Barnes, Jr.”

Ben starts to cry and starts to kiss Becky, Tiffani and the other girls there. I want you to call your cousins in and give them the news. Becky “Shouldn't we wait until tomorrow and see what the doctor says?” He calls Antonio and makes reservations for the private dinning room. The next day he takes Becky to her appointment and she is in fact pregnant, two months to be precise. He tells doc to come to the Italian restaurant and bring Amber. On the way home he calls Ken and Carol, Teddy and tells him to tell all his teacher slaves and the health nurse, he calls Sally and Paula, Liz his real estate agent telling them to be at the Italian restaurant at 7 for a special dinner. He goes home and tells everybody there that they are going to the Italian restaurant. When the girls from school get home he tells them to get their homework done quickly because they are going out to dinner at 6. He leads Peggy to the bedroom and tells her he wants a snack before dinner. She jumps on the bed and spreads her legs he eats her pussy and does what she likes after she climaxes for the first time. He gives her a what she needs and wants. After she climaxes hard he lubes up his cock and her ass and inserts BIG FELLA into her little ass. She moans and groans as he puts inch after inch into her ass stretching it further than it has been stretched before. He finally stops at eight inches twists her around and lifts her onto himself and lays down with her on his chest looking up at him. “Master, love that is the deepest you have ever been inside of me” Peggy says. “Baby, I love you and just wanted to be with someone special before we go out tonight to celebrate something remarkable” Ben replies. Peggy bounces up and down on his cock stretching her ass, “I love you Master, Ben I really love you”. After a while Becky comes into the room and tells them they need to get ready to go. Peggy bounces faster on Ben's cock making him climax. They get in the shower and get dressed. Ben kisses Peggy then Becky telling them both that he loves them.

At the restaurant after everybody has arrived Ben gets up and makes the announcement “Friends and Family, it makes me very proud to tell you that my wife is expecting and is due in March”. Ken says so this is a shotgun wedding after all, congratulations everybody comes up and hugs both Ben and Becky. Ben says “Antonio, Champagne for everybody. He goes out to the main dinning room and tells everybody there that his wife is pregnant and their meals are on him tonight. Champagne for everyone, lets celebrate.”

Becky “So this makes you happy does it Ben?”, “Baby you just made me the happiest man on the face of the planet!” “Ben, I am afraid you cannot fuck me into my womb anymore. It might damage the baby”. That is OK Sweetheart I love you. They stay there and kiss and celebrate all night. Hope and Charity come in and congratulate both of them.

Next thing they know they are packed and ready to go to Hawaii. Two months of fun and pleasure await.

Chapter 7 …. Hawaii trip




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