Camping at the KOA can be Fun

An adult stories – Camping at the KOA can be Fun by CarterJ,CarterJ Some would say fantasies rarely come true. But when they do, OMG.

My wife, Claudia, and I booked a camping site at a KOA outside of Boston so we could take in a Red Sox game and have some adult time. We set up our camper in a tight spot and noticed the sites butted end to end with a fire-pit to provide a buffer between neighbors. Around 4pm a sprinter van backed up to our common area. Emerging from the RV to plug in and get things leveled was a tall, brawny, jean-wearing man who immediately got the attention of my wife.

Jeremy was an estimator for a construction company and used his RV to save on lodging expenses and to stay mobile for looking at jobs along the eastern seaboard. As a farmer, we hit it off pretty well as I invited him to have a beer and sit by the fire. My sincerely sexy wife was also very hospitable in bringing us snacks and starting the barbecue to cook our grass-fed steaks. Jeremy was very interested in how we farm and hadn’t had a real meal in weeks, especially straight from pasture to plate. “Thank you for inviting me to be part of your evening”, he said. “No problem”, chimed my wife who had conveniently changed into her hot-ass black yoga pants and blue bikini top, accentuating her luscious breasts and fine bottom.

As per usual, camping allows for free flowing alcohol, stories and at times, sexual content. Jeremy was a divorcée and had trouble meeting someone steady with his work schedule. Feeling a bit naughty and knowing my wife’s fantasies, I asked if we could see his RV and the layout as we talked about getting one in the past. By now the fire was the only thing illuminating the area. He showed us around and my vixen wife looked over the kitchenette and surprisingly jumped on his bed and commented it was very comfortable. The impromptu ruckus took us both by surprise and we both got a glance of a nipple slip of her amazing cleavage. Knowing her, she was preening and prepping us for an amazing night.

Like any horny guy who just got hit on, Jeremy took the opportunity to suggest he look at our RV because he might want to upgrade. Maybe our fantasy of a MMF encounter was coming to fruition. My wife was all too happy to show him around. I said I had to visit the camp’s little boy’s room, giving her some freedom, to perhaps get herself fucked. It was almost too obvious as our queen size bed is literally next to the door as they walked in.

The door was cracked enough so I could see and hear how this fantasy was gonna go down. My wife loves big shoulders and brawny men so I knew he was her ultimate prize. As anticipated Jeremy was locked and loaded. At the first sign of pause, as she stopped abruptly, with his raging hard-on bumping into her bubble ass, he spun her around and kissed her hard on the mouth. He kissed my fucking hot wife with fever and passion. A look of relief flooded over her as he slipped between her legs, this time stroking her with his fingertips instead of kissing.

Once his hands had become familiar with the sensitive skin on her inner legs, he wrapped them around her yoga pants and began pulling them down. Just as in our camping fantasy, she was very aroused and very wet. He let out a deep groan as she lifted her bottom, assisting him in the process.

Softly and tenderly he made his way from her hips to her mound as she settled back on the edge of the bed. Jeremy wrapped his arms under and around her legs, resting his face before the prize. Her breathing was already erratic from watching him. He took one long lap and she nearly fainted. “Oooh my god, Jeremy.” Her hands immediately clutched the sheets and her body fell back on the bed. He lapped her up, just slow licks from bottom to top. She writhed around in a sweet agony. He made sure he was rough enough to be felt, but soft enough to still tease her more than please her. Her slick shaven pussy was sweeter than he or I could have imagined it to be. The scene had me stroking my cock as she enjoyed his obvious talents at eating pussy.

He used his thumbs to open her folds gently as he blew a stream of hot air over her swollen, glistening lips. His tongue explored all around her folds. “Jeremy! Fuck!” She grabbed fistfuls of his hair and shoved his face farther into her depths. His hands roamed up to her breasts and grabbed hold. She groaned at the touch and bucked her hips slightly. He slowly entered her with a finger, curiously massaging the inside of her walls and watching for those pleasure spots that got a big reaction. “You look so fucking hot right now Claudia. You like what I’m doing?” “Yes! Fuck, Jeremy! Yes!” She squirmed and hissed. “It feels so good, baby.” “You want more” he teased. She gasped. “Please make me cum, baby!”

He started by inserting another finger and fucked her slower this time, letting her feel every nerve explode with pleasure. Once she looked as though she’d settled in to this movement, he curled his fingers and touched the sweet spot. He had saved the best for last by increasing the speed of his pumping fingers while he licked and kissed at her folds and mound. She was getting close and he could tell that this was going to be one hell of an orgasm. She opened her mouth and hinted at saying something, but was caught off guard when he took her clit into my mouth. He sucked and licked, all the while still speeding up the motions with his fingers.

“Fuuuck she screamed. “I’m going to cum!” He could feel all her muscles around him tighten. Her efforts gave way and she wrapped her thighs around his head. With a guttural groan she had an epic orgasm. He grasped the cheeks of her ass and pushed her thighs up and back. Her knees bent and splayed outward and her feet settled on his shoulders, presenting her whole sex to him. He continued to lick and suck at her lips and clit. I would guess it took her just two to three minutes to cum.

He eased up with his tongue because he knew she would be very sensitive after her orgasm, but he still kept licking gently around her vaginal opening and sucking on her lips. All this time she was saying how good this felt and how she had forgotten how wonderful it was to have her clit licked. The scene had me with a merciless hard-on to join and give my sultry wife a night to remember. As I entered the musky sex zone it was very apparent we all wanted to fuck each other and experience a private uninhibited orgasmic night to remember.

Jeremy rose to stand in front of my wife as I watched and gave her an approving nod. She slowly reached up and wrapped one wet hand around the middle of his shaft. He exhaled once heavily as she gripped it. “Oh my God..! I can’t believe how heavy it is…” My wife’s mouth was agape as she hefted his erect monster cock up and down once. His cock throbbed as I realized she was giving him a fair amount of pleasure with her stroking. His huge cock twitched upward and he breathed deeply. Claudia kneeled and leaned forward and started fondling his heavy ball-sack until she was face to face with his cock. It dripped pre-cum from its bright, red, hefty mushroom head. The whole thing was bulging with veins and he gasped loudly when she gripped his shaft and started to lick the small rivulet from the tip. She licked up and down his shaft and circled the ridge of his head with her tongue eliciting groans from him.

For me, the arousal had won out and any jealousy had been dampened to a dull roar. All kinds of dirty thoughts and scenarios started to pour through my mind as I stroked my cock next to our new fuck-mate for my wife to see and feel. She started sucking on the head of his cock and opened her mouth wider and wider each time she came at it. She stroked its length with both hands while trying to take it deeper into her mouth. She was sucking so hard now her whole body bouncing each time she throated him. Her big tits also worked up and down his long cock.

She was so turned on at the attention she grabbed my 7 inches and started giving me an epic blow-job as she continued her assault on Jeremy’s cock. It was time to wildly fuck this beautiful woman. We hoisted her on the bed with her pussy already sticky with her own juices. Claudia reached for her wine cup and chugged the whole thing while Jeremy moved in parallel to her and holding one hand under her ass cheek and use his free hand to aim his giant member at her wide spread cunt opening while she put her leg up against the bottom of the camper’s top cabinet.

She began slowly inching herself toward the impending super-sized penetration. His cock head touched her spread pussy lips and she looked back to me one last time for reassurance. I just nodded, as she held my cock in her hand next to the bed. She turned back and he started sliding into her while she kissed him veraciously. At an inch or two of his thick meat she gasped loudly. “Oh fuck!” I could see her inner and outer labia being stretched wide and tight around his stiff cock.

“Fuck that’s big!” She cried out. She was several inches in when she stopped and held still. She let out an exasperated laugh. “Fuck that feels so full!” “Goddamn you feel so warm and tight.” Jeremy panted.

A minute later he gave her the full length and started moving in and out in slow short motions. Jeremy was sucking on her tits and kissing her neck as she was breathing so heavily. She looked so goddamn amazing fucking him right in front of me as she shoved my cock in her mouth. This reality fantasy never felt so good. Jeremy got more aggressive with thrusting his hips at record speed and pinching her erect nipples in unison. It wasn’t long until she was moaning and screaming as his monster cock reached its maximum depth inside her. When she orgasmed it was long and powerful. Her body writhed against his and her juices were running down his shaft and dripping off his balls. She was sweaty and breathing hard.

I’d been holding off my own orgasm so long my balls had begun to ache. Jeremy looked to be in a similar situation stroking his cock and looking at her expectantly while his breathing slowed. When Claudia finally got up she looked at his and mine throbbing hard cocks. Jeremy suggesting she lay face down so he could give it to her doggystyle (which happens to be her favorite position). I felt a surge of pre-cum shoot out of me as I was going to witness her taking him from behind. “Ok…but your gonna have to take it easy on me with this thing.” She grabbed his cock pinching its head before turning around.

Claudia deliciously pointed her full ass toward Jeremy with her legs spread. The sides of her big natural tits bulged out as she settled face down. Jeremy lined his huge cock up with one hand and pressed down on her ass with his other. The head of his prick applied pressure to her labia. She moaned loudly when it finally popped past her tight opening and entered her. “Oh God.” She said breathily.


He slowly slid into her as far has he could. To my surprise her cunt took most of him and his abdomen pressed against her ass. She reached back moaning as she grabbed his ass to as he drove her hard. “God yes…it’s so fucking deep inside me baby.” She whined while looking at me. “I’ve never felt so filled up in my life.” “You look so fucking amazing babe.” I stared at her and stroked myself in her mouth. This was exactly the scene we had pictured. Holy shit!

I could see her opening stretching around him and dragging behind each time his cock was on the outstroke. She moaned loudly and continued to stare at me with my cock being the beneficiary. Over the next 20 minutes, Jeremy’s pace increased to a fever pitch. He was grunting and groaning as he fucked my wife hard. His balls were slapping against her ass fast and hard. It sounded like someone running in flip-flops. She was screaming and moaning again.

“Fuck me! Oh…God yes…Fuck Me!” The neighbors would have to have heard all of it. Claudia had to break eye contact from me and hoist herself up on her hands with arms straight. Her biceps were squeezing her tits together. She regained eye contact with me as he pounded her even harder. Each time he bottomed out, her tits and ass bounced with a hard wave-like shudder.

Finally, with a loud groan, Jeremy dumped waves of cum into her. She moaned as each pulsation shot more cum deep into her cunt. She pumped me so hard during this epic cumming, I lost my load in her mouth and on her tits as she couldn’t hold it all. Finally Jeremy collapsed on her back, his cock still buried to the hilt. He squeezed her tits as he pressed his sweaty face into her. She stroked her cum-soaked clit until she shuttered with one more orgasm on his raw man-meat.

The camper smelled of sex and everything was wet with human love juice. We all laid there caressing each other until Jeremy went back to his sprinter. As we fell fast asleep with sticky goodness, we both shared how much fun camping really is.

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