Vickie's Abduction part 4 by jb_funn


They all agree that he has given them the most exciting sex of their entire lives and do not want to lose that. They all agree that he has shown them the pleasure of the dark kinky side of sex which excites them all. , Vickie's Abduction part 4

People that know him call him Cowboy. Unknown to them he is a serial rapist that abducts pretty, single, mature women rapes them taking what he wants and makes them like it. His victims call him Gentle Rapist.

Vickie, Julie, Tina and Teri are four of his victims that have discovered his identity. They all agree that his abduction and rape of his victims is for their pleasure as much as his. They are trying to decide to leave things as they are hoping he will continue abducting them which gives them a thrill or to let him know they know who he is. They want to let him know about things they want him to do to them to increase the pleasure and excitement for them. The problem is they are afraid if they let him know that they know him he might stop taking what he wants making them like it. They all agree that he has given them the most exciting sex of their entire lives and do not want to lose that. They all agree that he has shown them the pleasure of the dark kinky side of sex which excites them all.

His victims are trying to decide which course to take with him while he is thinking about adding another victim to his list. He can't stop thinking about Alice, the pretty, petite, red headed, widowed friend and neighbor to Teri. He decided to watch, stalk, her to see if she is in a relationship which he doubted since she was quick to let him know she is a widow. He started watching her and found she went for a brisk walk around the neighborhood at about 7:00 every morning, she randomly visited a small cafe for breakfast, went to the hair dresser once a week but what got him excited that she went for a stroll on a hiking trail through the wooded area behind her home every evening after dark. He thought “She must like to be alone with nature.” She has no pets and a few women she plays cards with on Saturday night. She is not in a relationship with a male friend and very seldom has a visitor other than Teri occasionally. He decided to wait a few more days before taking her but in the mean time he is getting very horny. He is going to rape one of his victim's a second time to relieve the pent up sexual need he now has.

He has raped Vickie, Tina, and Teri twice and really wants to get some more of Julie's hot pussy. Thinking that he does not want to set a pattern increasing the chances of getting caught he decided to take Teri again and maybe her neighbor the same night. He went back to Alice's place, waited for her to go for her morning walk, he let himself in her backdoor. He found her bedroom and searched her closet and dresser drawers before seeing the three drawer night stand by the large four poster bed. He found quick release handcuffs, various dildos, vibrators, ball gag and blindfolds. He smiled at the discovery of the bondage toys but found no porn magazines. He replaced the toys about to leave when the lap top on the small desk dinged. He checked the lap top which she had left on. Checking the history he found that she frequented kinky porn sites involving BD/SM. He determined from some of the videos she viewed that she likes rough, humiliating, pain and pleasure sex. He smiled thinking. “I can do that for her and have fun doing it.”

His hard cock created a bulge in his wranglers making him smile as he left the house through the back door leaving it unlocked. Mean while Julie is sitting at her office desk with a tingling wet pussy thinking she is in line for his next rape session. She kept wondering how he would take her and rape her again, leaving the office, at home or had he found another place and time to take her. She breathed heavy and squirmed in her office chair rubbing her thighs together feeling the soaked panties sticking to her pussy. One of her office staff stepped in her office asking.“Julie, are you alright? You look flushed. Do you have a fever?” Julie looked at the pretty young woman. “I am fine, Lisa. Just a hot flash like old women get from time to time.” Lisa smiled and left her office. She thought. “I wonder if the hot flash is from menopause or sexual thoughts like I get.”

Cowboy drove by Julie's office to confirm she is working late again, by the gym and confirmed Vickie is there, the coffee shop to find Tina is working late again, and by the clinic and confirmed Teri is still there. He parked around the corner from Alice's home knowing he could not park in the alley with her walking in the wood's behind her home. As he went down the alley to enter her home from the back he smiled changing his mind. Carrying his bag of restraints and toys He went in the wooded area finding a hiding place near the hiking trail to wait for her return. He had only been there a few minutes when he saw her walking toward him wearing short tight white shorts and a crop top with tennis shoes.

His cock got hard instantly at the sight of the sexy woman dressed to be raped. As she walked past him he quickly stepped from the hiding place, grabbed her from behind, clamping a hand over her mouth as his arm circled her throat choking her. She tried to scream and fought to get away from her attacker until she blacked out from lack of oxygen. She came to with her hands tied together above her head, feet spread and tied with something between them, blindfolded, gagged with her wet panties with rope tied around her head between her lips. When she struggled testing her restraints she felt a painful tug on her tits. She thought he must have my breast bound to something above me. She realized she could not touch the ground with her feet and her wrist, arms and shoulders ached from supporting her weight of 115 pounds.

She thrashed and screamed into her gag from the pain of a cane or switch across both her nipples as he struck her with the flexible tree branch. He waited a few seconds and struck her across the ribs with the same results of thrashing and screaming. He whipped her several more times waiting for seconds between each blow. He was careful to make it painful leaving angry red whelps on her body without breaking the skin. When her screams turned to grunts then moans he stopped beating her leaving red angry whelps on her tits, stomach, thighs, ass and back. She hung limp from her wrist moaning when he touched her shaved pussy making her moan, shake and push her cunt on his hand. He smiled when he found her pussy soaking wet dripping juices down her wide spread thighs and her reaction to his touch.

He laughed and said. “I am going to have so much fun raping you, Bitch.” She squealed and begged through the pantie gag. “Please let me go. Don't hurt me any more. I promise not to tell anyone!” He smiled.”Bitch, I am going to take what I want and make you like it. She squealed when two fingers invaded her hot wet cunt working in and out hitting her G-spot as his thumb manipulated her clit in a very pleasurable way. She felt her body betraying her with the growing orgasm in her. She was trying to deny the building pleasure in her body when she felt his mouth and tongue replace the thumb on her clit pushing the powerful orgasm higher to the edge of release. She held it preventing the humiliation of him seeing her orgasm from his unwanted sexual assault until he pinched and twisted her right nipple sending a shock of pain and pleasure directly to her clit. She screamed, shook, and gushed cum as the powerful orgasm blasted through her pussy. He continued to eat and finger her pussy and G-spot forcing her cum gushing orgasm to last longer than she ever experienced before.

When she went limp, sucking air through her nose rasping he moved away to let her calm down. He smiled as she moaned and shook with several mini orgasm. He waited until she calmed down tied a rope to the center of the limb holding her feet spread wide lifting her feet up until her feet and the limb almost touched her neck. She hung with her hands and feet supporting her weight relieved that there is less stress on her arms with her legs supporting part of the weight. Then she realized her pussy and ass hole must be gaping open with easy access for him to use her as he pleased. She moaned and struggled to get free until pain and pleasure shot through her nipples to her clit forcing her to leak more cum over her ass crack to drip to the ground when he put clamps on her nipples.

He licked her cum from her cunt making her have one mini orgasm after another. She moaned and humped on the mouth forcing so much pleasure. She tensed as she felt him apply Vaseline on and in her tight little ass hole. She begged. “Please don't fuck my ass! I have never had anything in my ass before!” She squealed as his finger pushed past her tight little sphincter and finger fucked her virgin ass hole. When she relaxed her ass muscles on his finger he pushed a second and a third in her. He slowly finger fucked her ass until her screams turned to moans of pleasure and she pushed on his fingers.

She realized that his gentle way of taking her anal virginity is actually very pleasing. He licked her clit as he finger fucked her ass forcing another orgasm to grow stronger and stronger in her love canal. She screamed and gushed cum when he shoved three fingers in her cunt attacking her G-spot and her body shook violently from the force of the orgasm seizing her mind and body. He kept fingering her ass and cunt as he nibbled and licked her clit forcing the orgasm to grow to unbelievable power and she squirted cum into his mouth. She orgasmed long and hard as he assaulted her pussy and ass with insurmountable pleasure. She finally blacked out from the exhausting over load of pleasure controlling her mind and body.

When she came to she felt more pain and pleasure with his cock working in and out of her tight little ass as the buzzing Hitachi tortured her sensitive clit with more pleasure. Without warning another over powering orgasm seized her forcing her to squirt once again. She was about to calm down when he suddenly pulled out of her ass making it feel like he turned her ass inside out and rammed his big hard cock deep in her pussy renewing the orgasm forcing her to gush more cum. He fucked her cunt hard, fast and deep forcing her to orgasm continuously until she was a mumbling wreck of a woman. He pulled out of her cunt when he felt he was about to climax in her. She hung limp from her arms and legs leaking her cum in a steady stream pooling on the ground below. She was unaware of him releasing her from the large tree limb above letting her down gently to the ground. He pulled her hands up and back behind her neck tying rope around her body to keep them behind her head.

She squealed as he used her hair to pull her to a kneeling position, removed the pantie gag telling her to open her mouth. She clenched her teeth refusing to open until he reached down and pulled hard on the chained connecting the nipple clamps forcing her to open her mouth to scream. Before she could scream he shoved his hard cum, shit covered cock in her mouth telling her if she bites he will cut her throat. She moaned and relaxed her mouth involuntarily licking his cock.

He smiled released the clamp chain and slowly pushed deeper in her mouth. She gagged slightly as he tried to enter her throat then relaxed and swallowed allowing his cock to slip into her throat. She moaned, licked and sucked his cock as he used both hands in her red hair to assist fucking her mouth. She felt his cock swell and pulse as he shot stream after steam of his warm cum down her throat and push deeper plastering his pelvic to her nose and his balls on her chin. He held her tight against him as she struggled to pull back to breath until she went limp unconscious slipping off his cock to the ground.

When she came to laying on the ground arms, spread wide to the side, legs spread wide in a spread eagle position, blindfold gone, gag gone, nipple clamps gone, and a buzzing feeling in her pussy with a wet spot under her ass. She realized she lay in the pool of cum from earlier with a vibrator in her sore tender pussy. She pulled the vibrator out looking at it thought. “This is just like mine.” She giggled and weakly stood up looking for her clothes to find them neatly folded on a stump nearby.

He waited in Teri's back yard watching through the fence as she came out of the woods walking gingerly as if she had a corn cob lodged in her ass but he did not miss the smile on her face. He watched her enter her back door and waited until her house went dark before sneaking up to Teri's back door looking in to see her sitting in the living room with her feet resting on the coffee table, a glass of tea in her hand, wearing a short nighty as she stroked Boner's head laying on the couch beside her. Boner suddenly raised his head, jumped from the couch running to the back door. Cowboy ducked to the side into the darkness as Teri opened the back door letting Boner out. Boner rushed to him wagging his tail unnoticed by Teri. She shut the door without locking it went back to the living room, turned the television off and headed to her bed room.

He quietly slipped in the house removing his boots before sneaking down the hall to her bedroom. He saw the bathroom light on and her sitting on the pot and moved quietly to the side of the bathroom door. She came out turning the light off and he grabbed her from behind pinning her arms behind her and choking her with his arm around her neck. She struggled trying to scream until she fell unconscious in his arms.

She came to on her knees atop her bed, arms tied behind her back, blindfolded, ball-gagged, rope cutting in her under breast, crossed on her back leading over her shoulders either side of her neck to her legs where it was tied above her knees keeping them pulled up toward her breast. The way she was tied it forced her to remain on her knees and head flat on the bed with her hard nipples lightly scraping the bed covers. She noticed the juices dripping from her twitching pussy. She thought to her self. “This guy can't be the gentle rapist. It is too soon after I last got raped.” She screamed and tried to lunge forward as the pain shout through her ass cheek from the riding crop slammed down hard. He beat her ass, legs and back until her screams turned to grunts and moans of pleasure forcing her pussy to leak more juices on the bed.

He turned her to her back, legs pulled back spread wide giving him easy access to her ass hole and cunt. He shoved two fingers in her ass and three in her pussy fucking her as he nibbled and licked her clit forcing a colossal orgasm to quickly grow deep inside her rushing like a tidal wave through her cunt slamming her with a squirting orgasm. She screamed into the ball-gag, shook violently through a long hard orgasm as he continued to finger her ass and pussy as he held her clit between his teeth working his tongue back and forth over it. The assault would not let the orgasm stop and she finally went limp with exhaustion from the over load of pleasure. She kept trying to detect the smell of his after shave to confirm it is him but could only smell the lingering smell of another woman and sex.

She was shaking and breathing hard trying to calm down from the intense orgasm he forced on her when she squealed from the sudden ramming of his hard cock in her pussy hitting her cervix with each thrust. She grunted, moaned and humped his cock as another hard orgasm grew deep inside her. Her cunt squeezed his hard cock, she moaned louder and longer as the orgasm pushed hard toward her pussy. She bucked and screamed when the Hitachi on her clit sent a shock of pure pleasure through her pussy to her nipples. The orgasm exploded in her cunt forcing her to squirt coating his pelvic, cock and balls with her cum. She felt an emptiness when he suddenly pulled from her cunt. Her moan turned to a scream of pleasure when he rammed balls deep in her ass. Hard fucking her ass forced the orgasm to renew with more power gushing more cum on him until he pinched her clit hard which forced her to scream and squirt hard again.

Feeling his balls start to tighten he pulled from her ass, spun her around with her head hanging over the edge of the bed, removed the ball-gag and pressed his cum covered hard cock to her lips. Feeling the cock at her mouth she opened wide letting him push his throbbing hard cock deep in her throat. She could taste her cum and shit on his cock as he fucked her face deeper hitting her nose and blindfold with his balls. She sucked and licked feeling his cock swell and prepared for the load of cum down her throat. He released his cum shooting spurt after spurt down her throat as she swallowed quickly to take every drop as she moaned with pleasure. He left his cock in her mouth as he spanked her hot wet gaping pussy with the riding crop making her cum again.

He pulled his semi-hard cock from her warm soft mouth as she licked it clean. He lifted her from the bed to the floor, head down ass up and left the room. When she heard him returning with Boner she begged.”Please not the dog again. I can't take it.” He slapped her ass hard making her squeal and told her she will take what ever he wants her to. Boner licked her ass and pussy cleaning the cum from her making her orgasm again as he licked over her clit up to her ass hole repeatedly. He told Boner to mount helping him on her back. Boner hit his desired target with the third thrust sending his hard long cock straight into her cervix making her scream with pain and pleasure. He fucked her cunt hard and very fast making her cum repeatedly as she screamed with pleasure. She had another powerful orgasm as Boner knotted her pussy and turned ass to ass with her waiting for his knot to shrink.

Cowboy untied her arms and left her knotted with Boner as he left through the front door walking around the corner and driving away.

She rolled to her back after Boner slipped from her cunt with a squishy plop releasing a river of their cum to pool on the floor. She untied her legs, removed the blindfold, looked at Boner saying.”Good bad boy.” and went to shower before collapsing in the bed and slipped into an exhausted restful sleep with Boner laying across the foot of her bed. The door bell woke her from her wonderful sleep. She slipped off the bed reaching for a dressing gown as Boner pushed his nose into her pussy. She squealed, pushed him away giggling. “You have had your pussy for a few days you bad boy.”

She opened the front door with a red faced Alice standing nervously looking at her with a worried look on her face. Alice blurted. “Teri, I have to talk so someone now.” Teri invited her in for coffee and turned to the kitchen. Alice sat at the table wringing her hands and squirming in her chair as Teri made coffee and brought a cup for each of them. Alice remained quiet with a worried embarrassed look. Teri smiled and ask “What is it you need to talk about.” Alice had tears running down her cheeks. “Teri, I was raped last night in the woods.” Teri's eyes and mouth flew open. “Did you report it to the cops? I did not see any cop cars out front.”

Alice blushed with embarrassment saying. “I was going to but I never saw his face and he did not really hurt me.” “He told me he was going to take what he wanted and make me like it.” Teri smiled. “You did like it didn't you.” Alice turned red and yelled. “NO, I DID NOT LIKE BEING RAPED.” Teri looked at her with a smirk and Alice whispered.“Yes, I did like it. He full filled my most arousing fantasy of being abducted and raped by a stranger.” “Please don't judge me badly, Teri.” Teri took her hand holding it softly. “Alice, welcome to the club.” Alice quickly raised her head looking shocked at Teri. “What do you mean welcome to the club.” Teri laughed. “You are now in an exclusive club of women that has been raped by the same man and liked it.” “Teri, you are not serious!” Teri giggled, “I have been abducted and raped by the same man three times and have enjoyed it more each time. It is the scariest, most exhilarating sex of my life.” To be honest he raped me for the third time last night I think after he did you.” “I am not the only one.

“Alice, think about it. Did he hurt you or do anything that you really did not like? I bet if you are truthful you orgasmed more, longer and harder than ever in you life and enjoyed every minute.” Alice thought for a minute smiled and said. “You are right. I even got wet when he beat me with a switch and he made me squirt which is something I have never done before.” “I guess you are right it was the scariest, most exciting sex of my whole life.” She giggled.”He even folded my clothes leaving them on a stump for me.” Teri laughed. “You must be special he usually rips or cuts our clothes off.”

Alice asks who the other rape victims are. She smiled telling her that she could not reveal the others names without their consent but she is sure she will meet them sooner or later. Alice ask if she thought he would come back for a repeat rape. Teri told her he would if he thinks she will like it. Alice told her after talking to her there is nothing not to like and hopes he will take what he wants and make her like it again. Teri told her that she and the others thought they had his pattern of which of them he would take next but that is no longer the case since he has taken her twice in the past two weeks leaving the others alone and that Alice should not be surprised even if he took her again tomorrow and laughed.

Alice laughed and told her. “I know that I am keeping my bowels clean. I did not like the taste of my own shit when he made me suck his cock after fucking my dirty ass hole.” Teri agreed and they laughed. Alice thanked her for making everything better. Teri giggled and told her not to get a dog if she did not want to be dog fucked. Alice looked surprised and ask why she would say that. Teri smiled and blushed “He has tied me up with no control and let Boner fuck me the last two times he abducted and raped me.” Alice said. “Teri, I am so sorry that he did such a humiliating thing to you.” Teri replied. “It scared me and pissed me off when her first let the dog do me but once Boner was deep inside me I had the most powerful orgasms of my life and not just one but multiple orgasms while Boner fucked me.” “I will let Boner fuck me again if I get really randy.” Alice giggles and told her. “Truthfully I have often wondered what Boner's cock would feel like deep in my pussy.”

Teri laughed. “It feels a little better than it does in your ass.” Alice squealed. “He fucked your ass too?” Teri smiled. “I was tied to the coffee table and could not stop it. Which afterwards I would not want to if he does it again.” Alice finished her coffee and left giving Teri a hug and a thank you. Teri called Julie at her office. When Julie answered the phone Teri told her she had something to tell her when she can talk. Julie said.“Tell me. I am alone in my office.” “Julie, he took me, raped me and made me like it again.” Julie almost yelled. “He did what? But I am next in line.” Teri replied. “Not only did he rape me last night he did Alice my friend next door before he did me.” Julie gasp. “What did she do about it?” Teri giggled. “Nothing. He made her like it just like he has all of us.” They said goodbye and hung up. Julie called Vickie telling her to meet at the coffee shop.

Julie and Vickie walked in the coffee shop shortly before lunch. Tina came to them asking why they came in twice in one morning. Julie ask her to take a break and join them at the back table. When they were all seated Vickie and Tina stared at Julie asking what is up. She told them their idea about his rape pattern of who will be next went out the window last night. They ask what she is talking about and she told them that even though they all thought that it is her turn to be raped he crossed them up and raped Teri and her neighbor last night. They laughed so now we have no idea who will be next. Julie smiled and told them unless they like licking their own shit off his penis they should keep their ass clean inside at all times. They agreed that is a good idea.

Later that day after the office help left Julies office for the day she used a douche bag from her desk drawer to clean her bowels even though she did not think he would strike two days in a row especially after the long night he had raping two women in the same night. She smiled thinking “No since taking any chances now that he is being so unpredictable.” Her pussy moistened up and tingled as she thought about him taking her again. She finished the paper work she had been working on and left the office as she turned the corner of the building a hand clamped a chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nose.

She tried to scream and fight to get free as he pinned her arms to her sides with one arm around her body until all went black. She came to and tried to move unable to since she was lying on her back atop a hard table. Her wrist were tied to her sides pulled to the bottom corners of the table, her legs pulled back tied to the top legs of the table bending her back over he body with her ass and pussy slightly raised above the table edge. She was blindfolded, with her panties stuffed in her mouth held in place by a scarf between her teeth tied behind her head. She tried to struggle free and scream unable to loosen the ropes and her scream was more of a muffled groan. He leaned in next to her ear and softly said. “I am going to take what I want and make you like it, cunt.” She squealed trying to tell him she did not want this as her body betrayed her leaking arousal juice down through the crack of her ass wetting her little rose bud.

He slapped first one tit and then the other several times telling her to shut up and enjoy. She calmed down as she almost had an orgasm while he slapped her tits from side to side. He pinched and twisted her nipple with one hand as the other slipped three fingers in her hot wet pussy fucking her hitting her G-spot. She felt the orgasm knocking at the door of escape and fought to control it until he pulled her nipple hard enough to send a shock wave of pain to her clit just as he bit down on it and pulled like he did to her nipple. She screamed as loud as she could into the pantie gag locked in her mouth, raised her shaking hips off the table and squirted cum across the room as the volcanic orgasm kicked the door of freedom open in her cunt.

She could not stop cumming with his fingers fucking her pussy, his thumb in her ass, and his teeth and tongue torturing her clit with extreme pleasure. When he finally pulled away from her violently shaking body there was a pool of cum on the table and floor under her ass. She was started to come down from the pleasure high when he started spanking her pussy and clit with open hand sending shocks of pain and pleasure through her body forcing her to orgasm again gushing more come to the table and floor.

At this point she could not distinguish the difference of pain or pleasure. It felt as if the pain and pleasure was twisted into one controlling sensation coursing through her mind and body. She lay shaking and gasping for air for the longest time with the orgasm forcing after shocks to her cunt. She was about to start calming down when he lifted her hips slightly off the table and rammed his hard cock deep in her ass making her scream and clamp down on his cock like a vice. He held still balls deep in her tight vice like ass until she relaxed and slightly moved on his big beautiful cock filling her anal canal so pleasantly. She grunted and moaned with each stroke of his cock fucking her ass with long deep strokes building tempo and force until she moaned louder with pleasure and milked his cock.

She screamed and her body convulsed when he pressed and rubbed her clit fast forcing another over whelming orgasm to crash through her body and cunt forcing her to squirt again. He ass clenched his cock as the orgasm seized control of her body and he waited until her ass relaxed releasing his cock to pull out. Another orgasm exploded through her pussy when he rammed balls deep in her making her scream and hold her breath so long she blacked out. When she came to he had untied her legs and put her on her knees with her hands tied to the table legs, removing the gag he pushed his hard pulsing cock deep in her throat using her hair to control her. She licked and sucked his cock in her throat, starting to moan sending vibrating pleasure through his cock to his balls making him erupt cum down her throat. She worked hard and fast to swallow every precious, delicious drop of his cum. He held her face against his body until his balls emptied down her throat and in her mouth. She struggled for air and he slowly pulled out of her throat and mouth as she sucked and licked his dick clean.

She sat back on her heels thinking she was glad she cleaned her bowels before he took her raping her and making her like it. He picked her up laying her back on the table. She was not sure where he had taken her to rape her but knew it was a different place than before. He whispered in her ear. “Good night, cunt.” as he held the chloroform rag over her mouth and nose until she went lip unconscious. When she came to laying on the table untied but still blindfolded. She removed the blindfold looking around to discover he had raped her in her own office conference room. She weakly slid off the table to her feet using the table to help support her trembling body. Finding her clothes neatly folded on a chair, she dressed and left the office locking the door behind her. As she drove home she felt exhausted, satisfied and very happy but looking forward to a hot shower and a restful nights sleep.

She woke up the next morning hearing her name called softly and a small hand gently shaking her shoulder. Vickie ask. “Julie are you alright. I hope you just forgot to set your alarm again.” She smiled. “Yes, I forgot to set my alarm for a good reason.” she pushed the covers off her naked body revealing the rope imprints on her wrist and legs. She spread her legs showing Vickie her swollen, red, sore pussy. Vickie squealed.“You have to be kidding me. He raped you one day after raping two other women in one night!” “This man must be the horniest bastard in the world.” Julie smiled. “The horniest, most considerate, best lover rapist in the world.” They laughed as Julie got out of bed to get dressed. Vickie said. “I take it you liked it more than the first time.”

Julie smiled. “The only thing I can say is he gets better each time he rapes one of us.” “He mixed pain with pleasure until I could not tell one from the other.” “He literally blew my fucking mind.” “I came home exhausted, satisfied and very happy thinking about the next time he rapes me hoping it will not be very long.” They laughed and made coffee as Julie gave her every little detail of how he abducted her and raped her in her own office. They finished the coffee and talk going there separate ways for the day.

Vickie went to the super market and ran into him doing his shopping. She greeted him as they passed in the aisle. Vickie thought about him as she shopped coming up with an idea. She approached him again, stopping next to him she looked into his captivating blue eyes and ask if he would like to have dinner at her place some evening. He smiled and told her it would be nice to have a home cooked meal made by a lady. They agreed on Saturday night two days away. She smiled and bid him a good afternoon. As she watched him to his truck she thought “Wonder who his next victim is and when.” She laughed softly and went to her own car.

She went straight to Julie's office to tell her that she is having him to her place for dinner Saturday night. Julie gasp and ask if she is serious. Vickie giggled telling her it was time for his victims to take control of the situation. Julie ask what she had in mind. She explained her plan and told Julie to get the others and be at her place at 6:00 pm an hour before his arrival and come in as few of cars as possible parking in the ally behind her house.

He did not plan a rape of any of them waiting for his Saturday date with Vickie. He arrived at her home at precisely 7:00pm rang the door bell and she immediately opened the door as if she had been waiting inside the door for his arrival. She smiled and invited him in and he took a deep breath as this beautiful woman stood before him wearing a mid thigh length bath rope and apparently nothing else. He looked at her taking in her beauty from head to toe.

He followed her to the living room stopping in his tracks when he saw Julie, Tina, Teri, and Alice sitting on the couch wearing the same kind of bath robe as Vickie except different colors on each of them. They smiled as he entered the room and Alice blurted out with wide eyes. “Mark Brown! You raped me?” He chuckled saying.”I will never confess to raping any woman.” He sat in the recliner facing the ladies. “OK. What is going on?”

Vickie sat between the other four women and acted as their spokes person. “Cowboy we all know that you are the serial rapist.” He looked at her saying nothing. She continued. “We could send you to jail for what you did to us, but the thing is we all like what you did to us and for us.” “We want you to continue abducting and raping us taking what you want making us like it. Yes, we love what you do to us.” “The thing is we are taking some control of what order you do us or we report you.”

He sat silent never changing his expression until he thought she had finished and ask. “Are you finished now?” She replied yes if you agree to our terms.” “Let me explain something to you sweet bitches.” “First thing is I like each and everyone one of you very much making that the reason I enter-acted with each of you.” “The fact is you can't report me at this time.” “None of you called the authorities immediately after the incidents. Therefore there is no DNA and none of you saw the man's face when he took you or released you.” “I do not know what makes any of you think I am the serial rapist that has never been reported.” Vickie stated. “Because of the distinctive after shave you wear.” “Really my after shave?” “What makes you think I could not produce a half dozen other men wearing the same after shave. Do you really think you have a case?”

Vickie looked at the ladies each side of her. “Ladies” they all stood dropping the robes revealing five beautiful perfect mature naked bodies with tight clean shaved pussies. He smiled. “Great eye candy. Thanks ladies.” “Now what? A gang rape?” “So rape me I will help you.” “One thing though if you try to tie me up more than one of you will get hurt in the attempt.” They all stood side beside with a defeated expression. He stood up walking toward the door turning around to face them as he reached the hall way. “This meeting is over. Vickie you promised me a home cooked meal. I will be back at noon tomorrow to collect. You other bitches will be here to help her so we can have a group lunch to set the rules for our relationship.” “Any of you that does not come will be eliminated from my list of lovers and I will not touch you again. The ball is in your court now. Decide if you want out or in by noon tomorrow.” He turned and walked out the door.

They stood naked and silent for several minutes after he left before putting their robes on and sat in the living room. None of them said anything for the longest. Finally Alice spoke. “Did you see how confident he was and dominating as he ended our little meeting? I think he is wonderful and if none of you want him I will let him move in with me and serve him as my Master.”

They all gasp and told her she is insane. She smiled red faced. “Be honest ladies. There is not one of you would not submit to him doing anything he wanted. Hell you all have already. You are under his control because of the pleasure he forces on your pussy, ass and mouth. I know I am hooked after just one time of being abducted and raped making me like it.” “Hell why wouldn't you like it. Each of you have said it is the most frightening, exhilarating sex you ever experienced.” “You have to admit he is the best at what he does for a woman and he is only as mean as we ask for.” “He never hurts us more than we can handle, never injures any of us or leaves any permanent marks.” She looked at Teri. “Would you have ever thought about letting Boner fuck you before he forced you to take something that gave you extreme pleasure.” Teri admitted she is right about that.

The room became silent as each of them thought about what Alice said. After a long period of silence Vickie said. “I admit Alice makes a lot of since. I for one would be on edge and miserable without his expert manipulation of my body and the pleasure he forces on me. I don't think any of us could find another man to please us like he does.” They all looked at each other and agreed with Alice and Vickie. They all laughed and looked at Vickie asking her if her plan came out like she expected. She blushed and admitted. “It kind of backfired on me. I guess I am not as smart as I thought.” They each hugged her telling her it was a nice try.She giggled saying “I assume I will see each of you here early tomorrow to prepare a lunch befitting a king.” They laughed hard dressed and left for the night

They each went to bed horny, with twitching, very wet pussies thinking about the most confident, dominant man they had ever met. They gathered at Vickie's home with different dishes they each prepared for their new man. Each dressed in the sexiest outfits they owned for him. He arrived at precisely 12:00noon Vickie opened the door with a wide smile as he reached for the door bell. He smiled. “Very beautiful.” She blushed and invited him in following him to the living room. He chuckled looking at the ladies. “What is this a beauty contest?” “You are all winners.” They giggled like a bunch of blushing school girls thanking him. Vickie said. “Your lunch is on the table if you are ready,Sir.” He smiled telling her to lead the way.

They sat to eat. Vickie ask. “What are your rules, Sir” Looking into her eyes sternly. “After lunch.” She looked down at her plate submissively and began to eat. He ask about each of their day and listened as each of them related their submissive thoughts to him. Lunch finished he told Vickie and Julie to join him in the living room and told the others to clean the kitchen and join them in the living room. Vickie poured a cold beer in a frosted mug, followed to the living room offering him the beer. He smiled and thanked her for the thought telling her he does not drink. She looked as if she had done something wrong and ask if he would like something else to drink. He thanked her declining her offer.

She started to place the cold mug on the coffee table and he said. “You should put a coaster under that or it will stain your table.” She giggled.

“Thank you, Sir.” getting a coaster from the lamp table to put the mug on. He smiled “No need letting a good beer go to waste if one of ladies want it. They looked at each other. Vickie ask Julie. “Share?” Julie replied “Sure.” They sat nervous on the couch as he sat with an air of confidence and strength of a king in control like know man they had ever met. His air of confidence and strength made both of them feel like small weak girls in comparison.

The other four ladies entered the room and sat with Vickie and Julie without say anything. He leaned forward looking at each of them. “Ladies you tried unsuccessfully to blackmail me into doing what you want me to do yesterday.” “Now this is what is going to happen. I love each of you and will not harm any of you intentionally.” “I will take and rape any of you I decide at any time I want. I will do as I have been doing. I will take what I want and make you like it.” “I will decide which of you I will take and when. There will not be any set order of whom I take.” “You will expect to be taken at any time or place and be forced to cum as much as I feel you can handle.” “Each of you that wants to continue in my little club of rape victims will read and sign a contract giving your consent to be kidnapped and raped by me at any time I want one or more of you.” “In addition to your consent you each will do as I say in any matter that concerns us as a group or individuals.”

“Now any of you that does not wish to be kidnapped and raped by me will leave now. Any of you wish to consent to my terms will strip and kneel before me now.” Alice quickly stripped naked and dropped to her knees in front of the couch. One by one each of them stripped and knelt next to each other. He smiled and said. “You all make me very happy and proud. I will do my best to keep each of you satisfied.” Teri ask. “Sir, would you consider a couple more ladies in your group? I know at least two others that will be very disappointed if they learn of our arrangement.” He smiled and ask. “Are you thinking of Brenda and Amanda?” She replied. “Yes, Sir.” He said. “Are you sure they want to kidnapped and raped again?” She smiled. “I know for sure that neither of them has had total satisfying sex since you raped them and made them like it and they have told me more than once they wish they could somehow entice you to repeat a kidnap rape of them even though they have no idea who you are, Sir.” “Teri after you read aloud and sign the contract and if you wish you may tell them of our group without giving any names and bring them to our next luncheon providing they wish to join you ladies as regular kidnap rape victims.”

We will have a lunch the first weekend of each month and each of you will tell me about your hottest fantasy in the group or privately.Alice smiled and said. “Sir, I would like to tell you what my strongest fantasy is now.” He smiled and ask what it is. She giggled shyly. “I fantasize about you moving in with me allowing me to serve you as your sex slave 24/7.” He laughed. “Do you think that would be fair to the other ladies?” “Sir, I would never complain about you taking care of the others or you could severely punish me as would be deserved.” Julie spoke up to everyone's surprise. “I would be willing to serve as your sex slave for a couple months at a time. That way each of us could serve for a period of time.” They all agreed with Julie's suggestion. He smiled. “You ladies flatter me but I would rather live alone and surprise each of you with a kidnapping and rape when I choose.

“Now one at a time each of you naked beauties read aloud the contract and sign it.” He put a pocket recorder on the coffee table turning it on. He looked at Tina kneeling to the right side of the naked beauties.”Tina, you start it off and go down the line to the left.” They each read the contract aloud and signed it. He stood closing the meeting. They each start dressing to leave as he sat in the recliner. Vickie picked up her clothes to dress. “Vickie stay as you are and wait in your bedroom.” She smiled and carried her clothes to the bedroom to wait for him and the others left.

He went into her bedroom where she sat nervously on the edge of her bed. He told her to get on the bed on her knees spread with her head down on the bed. She quickly assumed the position making him smile seeing the juices leaking from her pussy. He stripped moving behind her pushing his hard cock balls deep in her hot wet pussy fucking her as she moaned and grunted with every deep plunge in her. He felt her orgasm approaching, reached around and under her working her clit until she erupted gushing cum with a screaming orgasm. In the middle of her orgasm he smeared her ass hole with her cum, pulled from her cunt, spit on his cock and shoved it deep in her ass prolonging her orgasm. She continued to gush cum and orgasm as he fucked her ass playing with her clit. Feeling his climax building he pulled from her and turned her on her back with her head hanging back over the edge of the bed. He touched her moaning mouth with the tip of his hard throbbing cock and she opened wide letting him slide all the way into her throat. He slowly fucked her mouth as she moaned, licked and sucked his cock. She screamed on his cock when he leaned forward licking her cum soaked pussy and clit forcing her to instantly squirt cum with a powerful orgasm blasting through her cunt. He dumped his full load down her throat as she swallowed every drop without loosing any of it. He pulled out of her mouth as she licked him clean, dressed and left telling her he will be raping her again. She moaned and smiled at him without moving from the bed.

She relaxed with a big contented smile slipping into a restful sleep. The ringing cell phone woke her taking the call from Julie. “Hey girl did he rape you after we left?” She giggled “He made love to me without kissing me unless you consider what he did to my pussy kissing.” “He fucked my pussy, my ass and shot his cum down my throat. Thank goodness I cleaned my bowels before lunch.” Julie squealed. “Damn lucky girl!”



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