Cuckcake Daughter by ChubbyNympho


The author does not condone child abuse, and recommends you leave if you don’t like themes of incest, cucking or light beastiality. This story is a work of fiction.

This is my first time writing erotica so please give me feed back , Breean sat there, infront of her husband’s computer, desperately tugging on her pink swollen nipples. The cool air of the large open office teased and nipped at her tits, making her nipples extremely hard. Breean had been a stay at home mom since her daughter had been born 15 years ago, and it had taken its toll on her body.

Weighing 250 pounds meant her body stuck out in busted rolls as she sat at the computer desk, her fat saggy tits drooping and curling under from the weight. Her pussy a wet fat wrinkled mess, dripping juices on the chair.

She was currently teasing her nipples to pictures of slutty girls her husband looks at. Scrolling through his Instagram account, and skimming profiles of the hottest sluts he followed.

Breean wasn’t ignorant to the fact her body was gross, and wasn’t surprised when she went through her husband’s computer a few years back to find a myriad of things. They hadn’t been intimate for quite some time, and now she knew what was getting him off.

Porn site accounts, different chat rooms and messenger sites, nudes of himself and random women, and best of all an Instagram account full of slutty teens wanting to show off their bodies.

She had went through a flurry of emotions, jealousy, rage, and disgust at herself when she found everything . But the problem was Breean had an insatiable pussy, and always had. Ever since discovering masturbation, she’d become addicted and regularly had lengthy rubbing sessions. So soon she began rubbing her pussy and had her husband’s activities running through her mind at the same time.

Eventually Bree had given in, and began fantasizing about her husband cheating, and would go through his computer whenever he was out.

Bringing us to today, sitting at his computer was Bree once again edging her cunt to her husbands stash. She was looking at a particularly pretty 18 year olds Instagram, who loved posing in bikinis or tight shorts doing exercises. The teen had deliciously milky smooth skin, taught b cup tits, and a lovely heart shaped ass.

The obese lonely housewife was grunting with each pinch of her nipples, picturing Dan, her husband, playing with his huge cock to the sexy teen. He’d left likes and comments all over her pictures, and even though it stung reading them it made Bree’s clit throb painfully.

At only 35, Breean’s body definitely looked older. Her cunt was fat, with deflated outer pussy lips that wrinkled up, and a visibly gaped hole. She kept it shaved so it would be smooth for her to play with, preferring how wet it felt over being hairy.

The teens body had her going crazy, and she gave up on her tits and started vigorously rubbing her clit. Her chubby fingers dug around, making wet sloshing noises as warmth built up in her clit. An image of her husband fucking the girl flashed through her mind, and a guttural moan came out as Breean tensed up in orgasm. Her clit pulsed and she could feel her inner walls contract with orgasm.

She released the breath she didn’t know she was holding and relaxed her body, feeling her pussy opening bubble up with grool. Breean was always left feeling humiliated and this time was no different. Wanting to go sulk in a bath, she went to click off her page and saw there was a left open tab. She clicked it, curious, and was confused when she saw it was their daughter, Sarah’s Instagram page. The picture had been left on one that was taken a few days ago on a trip to the lake. The whole family had been going regularly throughout Sarah’s summer break.

She was posed sitting on the shore, wearing her cream orange colored bikini. Their daughter was a spitting image of Breean before life had taken its toll, long brown wavy hair, blue eyes and freckles with a full pink pout. Her tits came in early so they were already a round d cup, reminiscent of Breean’s before breastfeeding and weight gain.

The hot image of their teen daughter left on his computer meant he’d been checking her out. The two had left for an all day fishing trip together and weren’t due back until tonight, and Sarah had left the house wearing that same bikini, with cut off jeans shorts that had been eaten up by her round ass.

While Breean had definitely noticed her daughter’s development, it hadn’t crossed her mind that her husband could be including their daughter’s pictures to his nightly jerk sessions.

Bree sat there conflicted. Unsure what to do with this information, she tried justifying why he’d be looking at a picture like that. Maybe he’d just been scrolling innocently, and didn’t feel the need to click off. But her mind started wandering to Dan being alone with her fishing, free to ogle his 15 year old daughter without the buzzkill wife around.

“ I bet he’s getting an eyeful of her right now, wishing I still looked like that.” She thought to herself menacingly. Her cunt started swelling and she found herself unwilling horny to the thought of Dan jerking his cock to their teen daughter. Breean needed more than her fingers to masturbate to her new findings.

She was seated on her bed, slightly out of breath and could feel her huge distended stomach hanging and her fat tits sagging and sticking to the sides of her belly. Bree was looking down, admiring the white and purple stretch marks on her pot belly and tits. Her stomach a lumpy mess with black hairs trailing from her pussy to belly button.

Her toy box was seated next to her, and she removed a few hair ties and a vacuum cylinder pump with 3 attachments. Bree slipped the hair ties around her tits, making them ballon up from the tightness and her large areolas stretch out. “Mmmm fuck” she moaned, loving how taught her tits were.

Breean placed her nipples in the cylinders before hand pumping them, grunting like a desperate pig with each tug on her nipples. Satisfied with their distended state, she unhooked them and moved onto the third cylinder, equally pumping up her clit.

The fat blob laid there a second, looking at her pumped parts and enjoying the sensations it brought her. Her cunt was still nice and sticky so she knew it would make the next part easier.

The couple shared a large comfortable king sized bed, with a large wooden frame. Breean had shopped for months before stumbling upon the frame, knowing she had to have it. The bed had 4 decorative posts that looked like…well, large anal beads. It started with a large round ball at the top that continued down with more wooden balls of the same size until the post meets the bed. Each one the size of a larger than normal grapefruit.

It took some training and left her pussy and asshole gaping open and loose but she could fit them easily. Breean stood over the post, being the perfect height to rest her pussy on ,and began to hump her wrinkled cunt on the ball, getting it slimy. She closed her eyes and lowered onto it, feeling herself stretch open and began fucking it.

The large mass in her pussy pressed into her g spot and soon Breean was cumming to the thought of Dan and Sarah kissing, lightly touching and fondling. The build up was intense. Sweat dripped down her tits. Her pussy started clamping the ball. She heaved and humped. Breathlessly fucking her bed post. Finally she exploded and her clit pump twitched with each pulse of her clit. Breean undid her bindings and laid in bed, left in a heated haze of cumming.

The sound of a door slamming startled Bree awake. The room was dark and she realized she fell asleep.

“Shit, there goes all my alone time” she grumbled to herself sleepily. Dan had brought home pizza and the family sat down to a movie and ate, telling her about the fishing trip. She was watching Dan the whole evening though, paying attention to how he treated Sarah.

At dinner he had sat next to her on the couch, and Breean watched jealously as he would caress her back or pull her in for a cuddle. She hadn’t missed Dan trying to hide his bulge either.

Everyone scattered after the movie, Sarah off to shower and Dan to his office for some “work”. Breean had a habit of spying sometimes through the window to his office. Loving to watch him stroke to other women. She waited until he’d been in there a bit before sneaking off outside, rounding around to the side of the house.

Breean could see Dan sitting at his desk, huge cock out and jerking it roughly. And just as she had suspected he was on their daughters Instagram, with a particularly sexy selfie she’d taken laying in bed in very little clothing. She needed to watch him fuck her. Craved it. She didn’t know the hottest thing ever would be to have her daughter cuck her but it was making her lose inhibition thinking about. Ideas started forming in Breean’s head as she left to go deal with her hungry pussy.

Over the course of a few days Breean would bring up how developed Sarah had become to Dan, or sometimes pointing out at the dinner table that if Sarah kept dressing so slutty she was gonna give her dad a hardon. They’d all laugh it off but Breean wanted it planted in their brains to think of each other sexually. One night even having Sarah come into her room for one on one girl talk. Asking Sarah if she’s interested in boys, had sex yet, etc and inquiring if she’s noticed the special attention her dad gives to her.

Sarah wasn’t bashful by any means, knowing how hot she was and admitted to making out with some boys but that she didn’t like most boys her age. And how she really enjoyed being the center of her fathers attention.

Bree felt it was time to enact her plan one evening and called for her husband and daughter to come join her in the dining room.She had laid out playing cards and had a bottle of tequila. When they entered Bree pleaded she was bored and wanted to play a drinking game. It took some convincing on Dans part but Sarah was excited and begged her dad. Soon they were deep in a game of poker and half the tequila gone.

“How about we take it up a notch? Each round the losing hands have to take off an article of clothing?” Bree proposed, hoping they were drunk enough to be loosened up. Sarah giggled, and slurred out a sure, seeming excited at the chance to play a grown up game. Dan though was eyeing me skeptically as he agreed. The next round Dan had won, and as agreed the girls each took off clothing.

Each took off their shorts and it was quickly discovered both mom and daughter had no panties on. In fact with it being summer they each had only been wearing comfy shorts and a tank top. Although Sarah’s body greatly outshone her mother’s lumpy mess.

Sarah was standing directly across from Dan after taking off her shorts and stood a minute, legs slightly parted with her slit on display. The young teen fixed her hair and tank top before starting to laugh. “ Why don’t you take a picture it’ll last longer dad.” Sarah teased with a giggle.Breean could see her husband unabashedly staring at his daughters slit. Her pussy quivered with jealousy.

Dan recovered and flashed a smile at his daughter “ I can’t help how good you look sweetie.” He replied before shuffling for the next round.

Sarah jumped up excitedly, her round tits almost falling from her tank top and her pussy back on display as she threw down the winning hand. She crossed her arms and smirked. “ Strip” Sarah barked out, proud of herself. Dan opted to take off his shirt, while Breean was left completely nude. She saw her husband and daughter grimace in disgust.

“Can we play another round?” Sarah pouted and pleaded and her parents quickly agreed, both secretly wanting their daughter to take off her shirt. Bree was excited her plan was working and poured up more shots for everyone before they began the next game.

Bree was woozy and her pussy throbbing and sloppy. Everyone seemed to be feeling the alcohol and inhibitions were low, with Dan trying to hide his hard cock from his wife and daughter.

She smiled deviously as she laid down her hand, winning and knowing Sarah would have to take off her top and Dan his shorts. Her daughters youthful tits plopped out of her tank top and Dan stood to remove his shorts, a raging cock tenting up in his boxers. Breean couldn’t take it anymore. “ Did Sarah get your cock hard honey? Cause I know that’s not from me” she teased. He shot her a look before replying “ I have a beautiful young woman naked infront of me, how could I not be hard. “

Now was the time to drop the bomb. “ Is that why I saw you jerking off to Sarah’s Instagram page the other night?” She retorted. Dan looked caught in the headlights and Sarah was sitting eyebrows raised, looking at her father. There was a long silence before Sarah decided to break the ice. “ I turn you on daddy?” she purred, more making a statement than asking. Breean waited with bated breath as Dan nodded slightly, seemingly unsure how everything would play out. “ Mommy doesn’t get you hard anymore does she? Just look at her” Sarah said as she nodded her head to Breean. Humiliation filled her and she desperately wanted to touch herself.

“Why don’t you let daddy get a better look at you? “ Bree gently urged. Sarah walked towards her father, a bit unsteady from the liquor and stood infront of him. Breean was crazy with lust, her pussy screaming to be played with but she had to wait. Dan looked towards his wife for approval and began caressing Sarah’s nubile body after a light nod from Breean. “ I’ve been wondering how you keep your cock pleased daddy, since i know looking at mom there’s no way you could stay hard” Sarah said while guiding her dads hands up her smooth taught stomach. “ I only ever get to jerk off now” Dan proclaimed to his daughter. Breean sat back, jealously watching how transfixed Dan was by the teen’s body. She began lightly pinching her nipples and squeezing her legs together.

Sarah looked over at her mother, asking if she was getting turned on hearing how useless she was. Breean nodded and moaned out that she loves seeing her dad touch her. “ You’re so pathetic mom, only a fat pig like you could get off hearing how unattractive they are, let alone watching their husband touch another girl” Sarah sneered out. Dan had began licking on each perfect puffy nipple and pulled Sarah on his lap to straddle him. He pulled off her teat and began kissing his daughter in a very unfatherly way.

Breean was riding on cloud 9, her plan had worked and even though the jealously was stinging she was getting so wet watching them. They moaned, kissing and sucking on each others tongues. Sarah’s hand had found its way to her dads cock, and was jerking it through the gap of fabric while Dan was feeling every inch of the underage girls body. He moaned running his hands over her ass, perfectly round cheeks that bounced with each smack he gave it. Bree had been rubbing her clit watching the two through heavy eyelids

Sarah started laughing and pointed at her mom” Look daddy, she’s rubbing her cunt to us. “ Dan grunted, agreeing saying it’s because she knows her place. “Do you wanna watch daddy fuck me?” Sarah purred. Breean nodded eagerly moaning out a yes. She hopped off her dads lap, bending over the table. “Daddy you’re only allowed to fuck me as long as mom isn’t touching herself, got it?” Sarah demanded, looking at her moms shocked face.

“Get your hands of your cunt fatty, it’s gross and doesn’t deserve pleasure anyway” Dan barked as he placed himself behind Sarah, groaning and running his hands down her back. Breean reluctantly pulled her hands off, breathing hard and sweaty. Sarah told her dad she was a virgin and to go easy on her cunt, and Dan began lovingly pushing his cock into his daughter, going gentle and slow. Sarah cried out, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate the 40 year old cock entering her. Once he fitted his cock in he paused to give Sarah a break. “ Mom, come kneel under us and watch what it’s like seeing your husband’s cock pleased by a tight young pussy” and with that Breean scrambled to see the erotic and perverted view.

Dan’s cock looked massive nestled between the bright pink pussy lips of their daughter. Sarah was moaning while Dan gently rocked back and forth, slowly fucking his daughter. “ Your pussy feels soo good baby, your mom never had a hot little body or tight pussy like yours” Dan said, praising his daughter. Breean was a hot jealous mess under them, her cunt burned and craved to be touched while her head was a mess between wanting to cry and cum. “ Am I a better fuck too daddy?” Sarah’s sentence came out choppy as Dan increased his speed. “ Oh fuck yes baby. Do you want mommy to lick your clit for you? She needs to be put to use.”

Sarah agreed and Bree wasted no time digging into the nubile pussy. It mingled with the taste of her husband’s Cock as she explored, running her tongue on his shaft then back up to Sarah’s clit. She sucked and licked, egged on by her daughters moans. The sounds of sex filled the air, as the slutty teen was rammed by her dad. The pounding now rough and unloving. His cock hadn’t felt pussy in years, and Dan reveled in taking his teen daughters virginity. He’d been eyeing his daughter for most of her life, her always being the center of his fantasies. He had made sure to always be a hands on dad.

It was beginning to be too much and the lewdness was getting to Dan, his balls squeezed and he could feel pressure building up. “ I’m gonna cum” he managed to grunt out, and Sarah began begging her daddy to cum in her. Just hearing the words sent him over and he began shooting huge globs of cum in his daughters freshly fucked cunt. He gave a few last pumps and grunts, before his cock slipped out and he sat, breathless. Bree was delighted, she hadn’t tasted cum in years and sucked on Sarah’s hole, slurping up her husbands salty cum. She could feel her daughter shaking and returned to her clit, clamping down and suckling. The teen cried out in pleasure, a gush of cum squirting out before Sarah let go, and began pissing all over her mother. Sarah panted on the table, piss still slightly dribbling out as she twitched and shook, reeling from the orgasm her young body just had.

Breean sat there, pissed on wet and horny, and asked if she could touch her cunt yet. Dan waited to see what Sarah would say, as she turned around to look at her mother. “ Yes mom you can cum now. But your only allowed to cum when I say from now on, no matter how long you’ve been masturbating. Now, do you miss being fucked by an actual cock?” Sarah asked, a devilish smile playing across her lips. “ Oh my god more than anything baby.”

Sarah looked at her father, revealing that she had an idea. Both parents now curious, they waited for the teen to tell them what she was thinking. “ I don’t want mom being completely left out, so I think it’s time we got a pet. How about a dog ,daddy? A nice big unfixed male to keep mommy busy while I please you?” And Breean felt her pussy start to tremble at the disgusting thought.



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