The Fall of Brooklyn – ch11 – Dinner and a Show by DeeplyPerverted


A teenage girl is tricked into a life of slavery and is sold as a plaything to a rich old man. , She was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. From being held in this position for hours, from crying at what she had become, and watching the scenes of death in front of her. She didn't have the energy to cry or even think. She just passively watched as the hell before her soaked into her mind. She watched as a man broke each finger of a girl one by one as she screamed, and then made her give him a handjob. She watched the large screens with their cameras focused on the faces of the twins. She watched as they each blinked their last, their faces turning around the pole jutting from their mouth like some monstrous phallus piercing their whole length. She watched as their flesh turned from what looked like a good tan to what now looked like a well done roast. She watched as the fat dripped from them and splashed the charcoal, hissing and spitting. That's what she was now. Meat. She was to be used up and consumed.

The crowd had started to shift again. They were all moving to their seats. Sir stepped up on stage and again the sound of a glass being tapped with a spoon came across the PA.

“Fine Members! I hope you are all enjoying tonight's festivities! I can see quite a few of you are already enjoying your farm dividends.”

There was laughter and a few screams from the audience.

“It looks like both of our piggies have died. I'm told the one on my left lasted three hours and twenty-three minutes and the one on my right lasted three hours and thirty-eight. This is a record and the full training program will be available to all members if you want to raise your own little experiments.”

“Now before we all get to try this lovely meat we have a very special show for you by my lovely Mistress Sophie, the Dean of Discipline at our farm finishing school. She and two of her assistants are going to take apart a lovely young volunteer to help get our appetites ready for the main course. A wild girl I purchased last week and took delivery of just two days ago. I gave her a choice, kneel and serve or not. She chose to not kneel.”

Brooklyn felt sick. Was she about to see the road not travelled? What would have happened to her if she hadn't knelt before him that night. If she had fought back and tried to run. At that moment a woman walked onto the stage dressed head to toe in bright red latex, her silky hair sprouting from the top in a high ponytail. She was wearing the same back leather harness as the two girls who had prepared her, but had a gold tag hanging from her collar. The crowd clapped as she took a bow and then motioned to the side of the stage as the two girls from before pulled a naked girl onto the stage. She was held tight between them with a long bar that had loops for the wrists and neck, and a bar running between her ankles. It was the angry girl from the cage next to her's.

“Another silly girl lured away from home with the promise of an online lover, she has provided us with a lot of lovely photos of her before her conversion.”

On the screens came a series of shots and video clips of her showing off her body. Clearly meant to be sent to a boyfriend.

“This girl had been groomed for over a year before we collected her, but when it came time for her to take her place she refused.”

The screens showed a clip of the same room where she had first met Sir but it wasn't her stood there it was this girl. Her what could have been. She watched as the girl spat at him and turned to run. Then Cook and a big man that looked like a bouncer stepped out and grabbed her. Were they waiting there for her too? Had she been filmed? Sir walked over to the girl and stroked her face. She spat at him and tried to kick but the bar stopped her from being able to move her legs like that. He simply laughed and beckoned over one of the girls in a black and white frilly dress and had her lick the spittle from his face. The crowd gave a low rumbling laugh.

“You were offered a choice, my little slut and you chose this fate. You worked for it in fact! Everyone here has seen you put on a show for us.”

As he said this a video of her doing a strip tease in her bedroom came on and she was turned so she could watch too. It was clearly shot on her cellphone propped up against something but she was dancing and twerking away to the music.

“Everyone here is so looking forward to you putting on another good show for us. So without further adieu here is tonight's show!”

As Sir stepped down the music changed. It went from a low background sound of strings to a fast electronic dance track. Mistress Sophie strutted about the stage blowing kisses to the crowd as the poor girl was dragged to the middle of the space to face the audience. Dancing around her Sophie explored her victims body as the girl tried to twist and kick at her. Dancing in front of the girl she bent over and wiggled her bum, her assistants used the bar to push the girls face into their mistresses rear and rub it up and down. Over acting the pleasure it brought she suddenly jumped forward and held her bum. Turning around she wagged a finger in the girl's face before turning to the audience, pointing to her teeth and shaking her head. One of the girls in a filly maids dress came on stage carrying a silver tray and waited. Picking up something from the tray she showed the audience a pair of thick metal pliers. Turning to the girl and wagging them in her face like she was telling her off. The girl's face changed from an expression of fear and defence to one of fear as she tried to back away but was held fast by the girls on either side. Mistress Sophie took her by the face as the girl's pleas to stop echoed in the space. With an overly theatrical movement the Mistress brought the pliers to her mouth and started to twist and pull. The screams were deafening. The only thing like it, Brooklyn had ever heard was in the audio from the box. Pulling the tooth free the Mistress showed the bloody fragment of bone to the audience lifting it high in the pliers for all to see. The girl slumped in her bonds, if the assistants hadn't been holding her she would have fallen to the floor. Flicking her wrist she threw the tooth at the girl and hit her in the head before going back to work on her mouth as blood continued to pour from her mouth.

The screams weren't any less intense with the second, third or fourth tooth, but as she started the fifth Brooklyn could tell the girl was already starting to fade. There was less scream and more gurgling. As Mistress Sophie finished with the top row of front teeth she went back to the tray and picked up what looked like a syringe. Dancing back to the girl she rubbed the blood that had run down the girls front and licked it from her latex covered fingers. Jabbing the needle into the girl's neck and squeezing the girl bucked and sprayed blood from her mouth as she was forced back into the moment by the drugs. She hung there panting, supported by the Miss' with their pole. As her panting slowed Mistress Sophie moved back in to remove the lower front teeth. The screams were back to full force but her voice was ragged and torn no doubt sore from all the screaming. As the last tooth was dropped to the stage floor Mistress took the girl from behind and turning her to the audience opened and closed her jaw showing them the bloody mess that had been a defiant mouth just minutes ago. She got down and crawled between the girl's legs with her feet pointing toward the audience. Reaching up with her tongue she started to lap at her victims slit. The delicacy with which she did it was a stark contrast to the brutality with which she had defanged her. The assistants tipped the girl's head forward and let the blood flow out from her mouth and over her latex covered body. Gyrating in the flow of blood like a stripper as she licked at the poor girl, Mistress started to pleasure herself. Leaving her victims slit she moved to a squat under the flow of blood and continuing to pleasure herself she showered in it. Rubbing it over her body, covering herself and licking her fingers.

Standing up and dancing to the music, Mistress Sophie Went back to the tray and picked up a pair of large metal dressmaking shears. With the pliers she grabbed one of the girls nipples and twisted it. She howled in pain before Mistress snipped the end of her breast off with the shears. The girl almost choked on blood as she inhaled sharply and coughed it back out as she tried to recover her breath. With the morsel of flesh held in the pliers she offered it to one of her assistants who gladly took the offering and gave a curtsy. Before she was even able to process what had just been done to her Mistress had moved around to the other breast and did the same offering the nipple to her other assistant. The girl looked down at herself, blood still pouring from her mouth and the two wounds that had been her nipples. She had a look of confusion more than anything on her face. Almost as if she couldn't believe that it was really her body she was seeing.

As Mistress Sophie danced around the stage a table was brought on by two of the maids. It was short but high, had a padded top, and what looked like the stands weight lifters use at one end. She danced and beckoned for her victim and assistants to follow as she led them over to this new contraption. Pulling her over the length of the table the Miss' attached the pole to the stands and locked it in, holding the girl's head in place so she was bent over facing down. Mistress Sophie picked up some items from the tray and took a seat on a stool behind the girl. In her comical mime style she put on a set of rubber gloves, a surgical mask, and a head mounted light. A girl with a camera moved over her shoulder and a close up of the subject's rear was shown on the screen. Her assistants moved to secure the girl to the table with straps over her back and around her thighs. As Mistress held out her hand the older of the two Miss' handed her an apple and something long and thin. holding it for the camera to see she pushed the metal tip into the apple. It hissed and started to brown around the wound as it burned at the flesh of the apple. Taking a bite from the apple and spitting it out with an “eww” she threw it over her shoulder and spread the girls lips, rubbing her firmly but slowly. In the confusion of senses hitting her mind the girl began to respond, rocking her hips. As she worked her Mistress turned to the audience and gave them a shush before parting her lips wide and pushing the hot metal tip into the girl's urethra. The scream was unreal. The effect of her screams on her voice, the utter pain and confusion, all covered by a tiered weariness gave the most strange effect. Mistress turned to the audience and in her grotesquely comical style put her hand to her mouth and gave a 'whoopsy'. Going back in she found her next target and pinching the girl's clit between finger and thumb again pushed in that hot tip. The sound that came from her couldn't even be called a scream, it was more of an animalistic howl. Pulling out the tip, Mistress got to her feet again and danced as she removed her gloves, mask, and light.

There was a noise off stage as Mistress went back to the tray and snapping something under the nose of the girl, she woke up with a start. Lifting the girl's head by her hair, Mistress wagged a finger in her face and then tapped her wrist shaking her head. That's when Brooklyn heard it. The unmistakable sound of hoofs clopping their way across the courtyard. She watched as the younger of the Miss' led the beast onto the stage and paraded it around with it's obvious erection swaying as it walked. Mistress lifted the girl's head so she could get a good look at the new performer and then ran her fingers in the girl's mouth getting them covered in a mess of thick blood. She moved down to the girl's rear and hugging her bottom and kissing the little button she looked into the camera and forced her fingers inside. The girl tried to buck but between the exhaustion and the restraints she barely moved under this new assault and just gave a worn out groan. As she was prepping the victim her assistants were bent under the horse keeping him ready for the act.

Taking hold of the reins Mistress Sophie led the beast over his victim so he was straddling the poor girl. Brooklyn watched as the assistants guided the head of his massive cock to the girl's blood smeared rear. Using their hands they pulled her arse wide open and she screamed as the head was pushed inside. Mistress Sophie stayed at his head and offered encouragement to him as he thrust in and out. She had tried to scream as he was thrusting but it knocked the wind out of her and she just made a squeaking noise as the horse pulled in and out forcing her to breathe. Brooklyn couldn't understand how the horse was so deep inside her, surely it was in the girl's chest at this point. It looked like she was also being crushed by the horse and she thought she heard the sound of snapping bone. Surely she was dead now. Why were they carrying on? Why were they so cruel?

Satisfied with his work the girls on stage pulled the horse from the girl but he didn't want to leave her and they had to work to control him and pull him off stage. The camera showed the close up of the girl's rear. It was a bloody mess with all sorts of fluids mixed together and her insides hanging out like some sort of horrific tail. Mistress Sophie went back to the girl with the tray who was still standing there unmoved and picked up another syringe. Again the girl was dosed in the neck but this time she didn't jerk awake she just gave a small flop. As the girls returned Mistress danced to the music for the audience as they undid the girl and lifted her from the table. Two sets of maids come on one to remove the table and the other two carrying what looked like some sort of exercise frame for doing waits and chin ups. They clipped the bar holding her head and wrists into the sides and left her fighting to hold herself up so she didn't choke on the collar. It looked like she could only take her weight on one leg, the other just hung limply from her bruised and misshapen hip. With her insides gently swaying as she tried to keep her balance and fight for every moment of life. The younger of her assistants, the girl that had woken Brooklyn, took a seat cross legged under what remained of this once normal and happy girl. She started to push her arm inside that horrific tail and pull more of it out of her, covering herself in blood and viscera. As she did that, Mistress handed the older Miss a knife and she started to cut strips of flesh from the girls side letting them hang down like some sort of ghoulish skirt. The girl wasn't even making noise any more, she was clearly still alive but her mind had shut down by now. Mistress pulled out a razor and used it to cut off the girl's eyelids and threw them onto the floor and whispered to the girl, “I don't want you to miss your grand finale”.

With that the two assistants took the girl by her shoulders and held her as Mistress released her from the bar. Then she bent down and picked up the pile of intestines on the floor, wrapped it around the girl's neck and threw it over the bar. Walking behind the girl she took hold of the cord made from the girl's own flesh and whispered in her ear, “Look up at the screen. I've made you beautiful” and then hoisted the girl up on her own intestines.

She still had some fight left in her as she was lifted off of the floor and tried to kick out and pull at the cord around her neck. Brooklyn wanted to cry. It felt wrong not to, but there wasn't anything left in her. She knew that is what would have been done to her if she hadn't knelt. She knew that Sir would do something like that to her if she wasn't a good enough toy. The audience watched in stunned silence as the girl gave her last fight. She didn't last long, it was mostly the drugs that had kept her going. As her last twitches were still happening the three girls took their place at the front of the stage and took a bow to cheering from the crowd. As they turned and left, Sir's voice came over the PA.

“After a short break to clear the stage dinner will be served.”

And with that the show and this girl's life were over in a horrible few minutes. A bustle of activity crossed the stage as girls in filly black and white dresses cleared away the mess and equipment. The rumble of the crowd talking to each other and the soft string music returned. Soon apart from the stains on the stage and the images burned into Brooklyn's mind were the only things that remained.

The rest of the night seemed tame by comparison. She watched as the twins were lifted from their coals, carved up, and served by the maids. Each one thinking how luck they were to only be serving not served. She watched as more guests killed girls as they fucked them. It was all a blur until she saw Sir leave with his two guests. He didn't even look at her. She watched as the crowd got thinner and thinner, with the maids pushing around a wheelbarrow to collect the dead, heading them up like rags. That's all they were. Rags to soak up mess.

She looked down to see the younger Miss smiling up at her with one of the other ornaments hooded and her arms bound behind her on a lead.

“It's time cuety.”



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