The Holiday When I Grew Up by Cleevedreams

The Holiday When I Grew Up by Cleevedreams

iI get criticised for posting stories in the wrong category. When I write, the stories evolve, and sometimes cross over several categories. I apologise if this is one of them. There’s a slight element of non consent in this.

It’s about a girl and her mum who go on holiday together before she leaves home for university. They both discover an appetite for promiscuous sex.


“He looks nice over there, I wonder if he’s single?”

“Stop trying to fix me up with men, I don’t need one Debs.”

Mum smiled, but couldn’t help taking a look over at the grey haired guy sitting on the veranda.

I was on holiday with my mother, a last one before going off to uni. We’d chosen an ‘all in’ holiday on a Spanish island. It was just before the schools broke up for the summer, so most of the guests were still of a mature age.

Mum and dad had split up three years before, I still saw him regularly, and stayed with him and his new woman Stacy some weekends. The break up had been traumatic. Several of my friends had gone through similar things so I got some real support from them.

“Don’t you ever ‘need’ a man?”

Mum knew exactly what I meant and replied indignantly, “Deborah, you might be eighteen, but you don’t discuss things like that with your mother, and especially not at breakfast in a hotel restaurant!”

I couldn’t help giggling, and I noticed the grey haired guy glancing over at us.

“So are we going down by the pool today?” I asked changing the subject.

“Yes, ok, but give me a chance to sort myself out, if you want to go ahead and grab a couple of loungers.”

I followed mum back to our room and changed into my pink bikini. Picking up some sun cream, a book, my phone, and a towel I left mum to it.

There were perhaps a dozen people already on their loungers, with a couple swimming vigorously up and down the enormous pool. I found two loungers with an umbrella next to them, I knew mum would need that as the sun became hotter.

Carefully stretching my towel out I put my ear pods in and found a playlist on my phone. With sunglasses on I relaxed.

Mum took another half an hour before she arrived, and just before that so did the grey haired man. I saw him as he walked along my side of the pool. With my sunglasses on it allowed my eyes to discreetly follow him as he passed by.

My heart gave a flutter as I saw him take a long look at me as he sauntered by. I was used to men admiring me, I had a pretty good body, but I guess that was simply men!

He put down his towel and his small bag a dozen loungers along from mine, and I did watch him strip off his t-shirt before going in for a swim. He looked an attractive man, fairly muscular, but with a covering of grey chest hair. Impressively he dived into the deep end and swam two lengths aggressively back and forth, getting out dripping wet just as mum arrived.

“There he is,” I said as she put down her bag.


“The grey haired man… you know from breakfast!”

Mum looked over as he picked up a towel to dry his face. His swimming shorts clung to his torso, and the shape of certain parts of him were outlined.

She quickly looked away as she sat down, but he must have noticed both of us looking.

“Stop embarrassing me Debs, I don’t want him ogling us, especially not you. My god is your bikini decent?”

I giggled again as mum took off her shift dress revealing a pale blue one piece swim suit. i watched her applying her sun cream.

“Have you been in?” she asked.

“No not yet, but I will in a bit. Do you want a drink, I’ll go and get one from that bar?”

“I wouldn’t mind just a fruit juice, pineapple or orange.”

The bar was at the end of the pool so I had to walk past ‘grey haired man,’ and as I did so I could feel his eyes follow me. Disconcerting, but it did excite me somewhat.

At the bar I was joined by a guy who decided that he was going to chat me up. He was Spanish and I soon gathered that he was a staff member, off duty, and just trying his luck. It took several minutes to give him the ‘brush off,’ and by the time I’d got the two drinks I looked back over to where mum was and there was ‘grey haired man’ standing beside our loungers talking to her.

I made my way back slowly, inwardly smiling to myself so that when I arrived I could see my mother slightly flustered.

“This is Ted, he’s staying here too. This is my daughter Debbie, we’re here for a break before she goes off to university.”

“Hi Debbie, can I take those from you, I just happened to see your mum drop something out of her handbag so I came over.”

“Thanks,” I replied, as he passed one of the drinks to mum.

“Anyway I won’t impose, perhaps we could have a drink together tonight, before dinner.”

Mum was quick to say, “Yes, that would be nice, we’re both on our own so the company would be good.”

Ted smiled, encouraged, “Ok I’ll see you both then,” and walked back to his lounger.

I said under my breath, “Mum, you flirt!”

“What do you mean, flirt? He’s just a nice guy on his own.”

I was taking a sip of my drink and I choked, “You’re just as terrible as me!”

“Hmmmmm, anyway I saw you talking to that guy at the bar, what was he like?”

“Huh, just a chancer, he works here, I bet he has a different girl each week,” then taking a sip of my drink I said, “I’m going in the pool, you coming?”

“No I’ll wait a bit yet, you go.”

Adjusting my bikini, I put my drink down, then running, I pulled off the perfect dive into the water. I wasn’t one for massive amounts of swimming so I just paddled around for a good quarter of an hour before returning to mum.

“Jesus Debs, that bikini, you can see everything.”

“What do you mean? I replied.

“You can see both your nips, and my god it’s a good job you shave!”

I casually looked down and agreed, “It’s a bit see through I know, but it’s ok when it dries out.”

“Put a towel around yourself and sit down.”

Of course it was like a red rag to a bull, I stepped back from the lounger, threw my towel down and slowly did a twirl for anyone to see.

“Sit down!” she repeated.

Eventually I did, but not until my nipples and probably the shape of my pussy had been on display.

“Don’t wear that one again this week, you’ve got some others with you haven’t you?”

I was giggling by now and quietly said, “Yes mum, ok mum, bet your man Ted got a good look.”

“He’s not ‘my man,’ and I hope he didn’t see you making an exhibition of yourself.”

Mum did eventually go into the pool for a brief dip, walking slowly down the steps at the shallow end until waist high, then proceeding up the pool in a gentle breaststroke.

She had a good body for a forty something woman, not dissimilar to mine, an older version perhaps. I watched Ted watching her, and was surprised he didn’t join her. Later we waved goodbye to him and went inside for a snack lunch.

The afternoon was very hot, we stayed in the air conditioned sunroom, drinking soft drinks, until I decided to go and get my nails done in the hotel nail parlour. I got a message from mum to say that she’d gone back to our room so afterwards I joined her there.

There were three dresses hanging on the outside of the wardrobe.

“Which one do you think.. for tonight?” she asked as I walked in.

“Depends,” there was a long pause, “Will you have sex with him, or are you just reading your book tonight?”

The look of thunder was brief, and it was followed by a slight giggle.

Before she could reply I asked, “Have you had sex… since dad?” It was almost a random question out of the blue.

From the flush of red that coloured her face I knew the answer.

“You have! Who with, not that Derek you met at evening class?”

“Noooo,” she looked offended, “no, it was just someone I met through work, it just happened.”

Looking guilty she said, “You don’t think I’m awful do you Debs?”

I walked over and hugged her, and whispered into her neck, “Of course not,” then pulling back and looking directly at her continued, “If it happens with Mr ‘grey haired’ Ted then go for it, but please not in here when I’m here!”

We both burst out laughing, and there was a definite sense of relief that some stuff was out in the open.

Mum wore a summery print dress with a lowish neck, I wore a bare waisted cotton top, and a mini skirt. We were on the veranda of the bar attached to the restaurant when Ted arrived.

“Hi Jenny, hi Debbie,” he greeted us both with a kiss on the cheek. I must admit he looked good in his white short sleeved shirt and navy chinos.

“Another drink, I can’t believe I’m with two such attractive ladies?”

The compliment was a bit over the top, but I was ready for another cocktail, mum was drinking spritzers. She giggled and accepted the offer, and while he was at the bar I quickly said, “For god’s sake mum, just relax.”

The conversation flowed, mainly between mum and Ted, stuff about where they grew up and reminiscing about their teen years. By the time we went to eat I was getting bored with being left out of the general chat.

“Now Debbie, tell me about going to uni, what are you going to study and which one are you going to?”

Ted had his arm around both of us as we walked from the veranda to our table and for the next few minutes he did his best to focus on me.

The meal was delicious and, what with the wine, by the time we’d finished I was very drunk.

“I’ll leave you two to it, I’m going up to our room, I’ve had too much booze.”

Mum laughed, “Can you get there ok, do you want me to come with you?”

“No, I’m ok, you two enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Stumbling a little I found my way back to the room and passed out on the bed. It was midnight when I woke up the first time. Looking across the room mum’s bed was empty, she wasn’t back yet. I got up, got undressed, had a drink of water, and went to the loo before getting back into bed.

It was two thirty when I woke up the second time. This time it was mum closing the door. I kept silent, hearing her go to the bathroom, then undressing, and creeping into her bed. I wondered how the sex had been, it was an obvious conclusion.

Noises outside woke me up at nine fifteen. Mum was still fast asleep and I knew breakfast finished serving at ten. I decided to leave her in bed and hurriedly splashed my face, putting on some shorts and a t-shirt. I needed a lot of fruit juice, my mouth was rasping after the last night’s alcohol. Some fresh fruit and then a coffee made me feel half human.

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