Ratboy And Butterface by fantasticfic,fantasticfic

There were two regulars at the Oasis Municipal Leisure Pool who rivalled me in the size stakes. Bear was perhaps the gayest man in a changing room full of gay men. Barrel-chested, big-bellied, broad-shouldered, fleeced with thick dark hair. Both his nipples were pierced and his meaty cock never seemed to drop below a 45 … Read more

When The Ex-Wife Comes to Visit 04 by naughtyideas,naughtyideas

As I climbed the stairs I could hear the music playing. Enigma, Roz had chosen well. This was our go to choice when we planned a night of fun. We had several of their albums and I guessed Roz had loaded them all into the disc player. It held five at a time so there … Read more

Summer Girls Ch. 02 by drbenway

Summer Girls Ch. 02 by drbenway Love Tour I had never been naked in public before. I had never had sex in public before. And I had never had sex with a girl before — that is before Cami and I wrestled, stripped each other naked and had sex in a pool of Jello in … Read more

Oldies but Goodies by sourdough999

Oldies but Goodies by sourdough999 My name is Max. I came along late in my parents’ lives. They were in their forties when I was born so I was definitely a surprise baby. Their other children, my brother and sister, were already grown up. The other surprise they got was their discovery that I was … Read more

Birthday Postscript by UltSubAsh,UltSubAsh

My birthday has come and gone, leaving in its wake some very pleasurable memories of a wild party, some livid red welts on my chest, and, of course, the photograph album, which I have already returned to several times, even though less than 24 hours have passed. Tonight we are on our own again and … Read more

Forbidden Fruit (Sister in Law) Chpt 2- Exploration by MochaBrownGuy

Introduction: Everything changes after that first night. , Days went by and I still couldn't get her out of my mind. I replayed her grinding on my cock so many times I was starting to question whether it really happened or if I was making this up somehow. The image of her cute white panties … Read more

Erica Tied Up and Raped Chapter 2_(2) by LongDickJohnson2281

Introduction: Erica learns more about the true size of football players. , At 6pm varsity football practice had finished. A group of players were tired from practice and the captain had to stop by the restroom to take a piss. He heard a muffled cry from the bathroom stall. The football captain ran to the … Read more

Why I Met Your Mother – Chapter 10 by MadeToFit

Introduction: As with all of my stories, this is pure fantasy. Obviously I do not personally condone any of the actions or behaviours displayed by the characters. It is written for enjoyment and should only really be read by those who can differentiate fantasy from reality. To enjoy this story properly, you should definitely read … Read more

Chapter 5: Schoolgirl Offers a Naughty Reward by mypenname3000

Introduction: A hot schoolgirl offers a naughty reward if Corey can beat her in a race! , Winning A Genie Harem Chapter Five: Schoolgirl Offers a Naughty Reward By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this! Characters Main Characters Corey Derrickson: College senior, friend of Kyle Unmei, given the chance to … Read more

A New Beginning by fatkichaddi

Introduction: – This story is inspired (heavily modified) by me. It has its roots in the story named 3some with my wife by Varun. When I say heavily modified I mean not just names, I mean plot also the original story would fall under non-consent / rape because she the wife in the story is … Read more

A Submissive Sugar Daddy by filmmakercorine

A Submissive Sugar Daddy by filmmakercorine.., There’s just something about a woman you can’t have. Not just in the way she feels, but in the way she moves. You could see it from the moment you looked at her. While I could describe her body explicitly, contouring the picture of her hips, the round, inviting … Read more

Porn Enjoying Her Purpose in Life by SissyValory

Porn Enjoying Her Purpose in Life by SissyValory.., **Author’s Note: Hello y’all! I want to hone my writing skills and write full fledged stories, thus I am here having a lot of experience writing erotic scenes I want to learn the skills necessary for compelling plots. This particular work was a one sided ERP I … Read more

Sis and I – Part 5 – Summer Lovin’ by FamilyGuy66

Sis and I – Part 5 – Summer Lovin’ by FamilyGuy66.., Welcome back, or hello if you’re here for the first time. This story is part of a much longer storyline of a brother and sister who begin, and try to maintain, an incestuous relationship. If you haven’t already, I recommend you start at Pt. … Read more