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a new home help bond family in a new way , My name is Rex and I live with my mom and my siblings Mike and Kate, I just clocked 16 years old while my brother is 15 years old and my sister 14 years old and yes my mom give birth three years in a row.

Things had been good until last year when my dad died, it was really a sad moment, things became had for us since my mom was an house wife before my dad death, we had already spent our money treating him of cancer and now we are left broke with just the house left, we had no option than to sell the house and move to our last grandparents house .

It was just a three bedroom house, because of this I had to share a room with Mike, Mike has always been the lucky one with girls, he probably had dated many girls, I have heard him many times having sex in his room back in our former home but in my case was not lucky, I was still a virgin only have my hands as my lover.

It was a perfect timing since it was the school break period, the first night at our new home I was so tired I slept off after arranging my load by the time I was awake my was in the bathroom bathing, and then when he got out of the bathroom, I was shocked, he was completely naked with a 7in long not hard cock, it was so big and beautiful, couldn't get my eyes off it, mine was just 5 inches long when hard.

You like what you see : Mike

What no ;

Are you sure; mike


Show me yours; Mike


He came closer to me, lest I forget he had more muscle than me, with force, he pulled my short down exposing my hard cock.

You small, and hard u fag; mike

Am not a fag;

Shut up, u have no right to speak when I speak; Mike

In shocked at is sudden power over me

Go down on your knees and suck my cock slit; Mike

No I can't am not gay;

He then slapped me hard and push me down to my knees.

Suck it hard before I slap you hard slut ; mike

Held his cock with my hand, oh it was very big, I see you like it, he say,

Now lick it slut; Mike

Never seen myself as gay before but I wanted his cock badly want to lick and suck it, I lick the tip down, so big, can see he was loving it cos he was getting hard and then it was hard as a rock 10 inches long , then he force his dick into my mouth, it was so big I couldn't breath, as he kept going deep and hard into my throat as he kept slapping.

Pretty sure this is your first time but you aren't even gagging, u are born a slut; mike

After 20mins of fucking my throat and slapping me hard, he stopped and asked me to on all fours he want to fuck my ass hard.

Pls don't am not gay, pls :

Shut up slut as he choked me hard, pushing down to all four.

If you make any noise am going kill you : Mike

Then he started licking my ass hole, oh shit never felt so good, licking hard like he was looking for a treasure in my ass, and the I felt his finger nail in my ass fucking me hard, then I Cum hard even without touching my dick , it was so wonderful.

You such a slut, you already cumming even before satisfy your master :Mike

And then I felt his cock at the entrance of my ass, before I could even say anything he had already penetrate me hard, it was so painful I could not bear it.

Pls stop it is painful (crying),;

Don't worry slut u will soon love it :Mike

I can't believe I was being raped by my junior brother, he was deep in me fucking me hard and spanking the hell out of me and choking me at intervals.

After 5mins I began to feel the pleasure, it was nice, replacing the pain gradually, was hard again before I knew it.

Can see you are loving your younger brother cock, who is your daddy; Mike



Pls don't stop keep fucking me :;

Then I Cum again like I have Neva cummed before I was in heaven it was so wonderful I wanted this everyday, then he went full beast mode, fucking me hard, making me to scream loud, with my cock getting hard once again.

Shut up slut u going get everyone attention;

As he choke me hard,

Who is your daddy slut :

You; as I struggled to speak out with my throat choke, then he raised me up and as he lie on the bed oh shit it that felt nice as I started riding him, he was fucking me like a machine, I was his bitch.

Looking at the door I could see my sister at the corner recording everything as she winked and giving me a sign not to say any thing.

She was also fingering herself, if I was hard before I became harder as if my cock was going to leave me.

Still trying to get my composure when Mike carried up in the air, carrying me up and down on his sweet big cock, at this point I didn't even care to be caught as I was moaning and screaming out loud, could see he didn't care too as he was lost and enjoying my tight ass.

You slut ur ass so good feels like am going Cum in time, it normally takes 2 hours for me to cum; Mike

But your ass so Cum I think I am going to Cum soon; mike

Plz daddy Cum in my ass;

Oh yes am going Cum hard in your ass; Mike

As he he put me down on the bed and kept fucking me as he kisses me and lick my erect nipples, never felt so good before and started moaning louder, I could she my sister was on the floor cumming with the camera on the floor, she was cumming hard as she lick her juice and continue recording.

Am going Cum; Mike

Am cummmming; mike

With this I also Cum hard.

You so good can't wait to fuck that ass again; mike

As he left to the bathroom, could see my sister had left already.

Thank you for reading, need motivation to continue let see how the whole families bond.



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