His Visit Ch. 5 by LadyJelli,LadyJelli

So far his visit had been days spent in sexual bliss for both of them. She so enjoyed how he made her body respond to his touch, his tongue and his cock. He had awakened parts of her she never knew about that longed to be touched and teased by him. He loved her responsiveness, … Read more

Vows Pt. 02 by Cydia,Cydia

***Part 2*** Colton Broderick Keene is a man who wears a big silver watch — he’d probably call it a ‘time piece’. It is the first thing I notice when he meets us the first time, in the sitting room of the main house of his estate, coming toward us in a muted-colored suit that … Read more

Brothers roadtrip part 1 by elaso

Introduction: Sorry, english isn't my first language, but here we go! , My alarm rang at 5:30am, the loud ringing hurt both my head and ears. Barely opening my eyes I reached for my phone and turned off the alarm, even if I wanted to stay in bed at least five more hours i knew … Read more

Broken Biker Initiated into Femdom by FLRSwitchSub,FLRSwitchSub

I was in a motorcycle accident 4 weeks ago, and I’ve been recovering in a private room in a Costa Rican hospital. I managed to break both wrist, and I rely on the nurses for everything. I cant even wipe my own ass. After the initial shock of the accident wore off and hospital routine … Read more

Teacher gets taught a lesson by Storylover

Introduction: Students take the matter in their own hands after being picked on, and decide to show their teacher who's in control , Miss Davies had to be taught a lesson. All three of us were tired of always been ridiculed. We weren't the best of students, and especially math had always been a problem … Read more

Shweta Fucks Her Tailor by TheIndianMILFguy,TheIndianMILFguy

Shweta was 21, a young beautiful Indian girl living in the crowded outskirts of New Delhi, India. She belongs from a middle class family and used to live in a modest 2BHK flat in East Delhi, with her parents and her 14 year old young brother Bittu. Shweta is doing her bachelors from Delhi University … Read more

Late Night Gym with Laura part 4 by jugjuggler69

Introduction: Laura gets blackmailed by the gym managers , The next day I got off work much later than usual and showed up to the gym almost an hour later than I normally did. As I walked in I was looking for Laura, I was relieved to find her on a treadmill. She had her … Read more

Diana_(1) by JDecker

Introduction: Dad helps her to make her fantasy more satisfying. , A naked teenager on her knees is surely the secret dream of many fathers, even if they wouldn’t admit to it. I am currently looking at one right now, more precisely my daughter Diana. Her eyes are closed, so I dare look at her … Read more

I Love My Little Sister!-Part One by LikeTo

Part one: I love my little sister! I remember being eight years old, in a hospital and worried. My mother had been swelling up and now she had broken something, so she was rushed to the hospital. I had no idea what was wrong or what would happen next and even now, I don't mind … Read more

Earning the Afternoon by Dark_Brother

Introduction: A requested fantasy , This is a fantasy that was requested of me. I hope I did him justice. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ David rested his head against his headboard, while on the other side of the wall, his mother screamed out yet another orgasm. His cock was firmly held in his hands, as his mother screaming … Read more

The Spoils of War Ch. 01 by slavekayla,slavekayla

I woke uncomfortably. The rough stone on which I had slept was cold, as was the steel locked around my neck and my wrists. The short chain leash attached to the collar around my neck afforded me little room to move, even if I were so inclined. My hands were similarly locked closely behind me, … Read more

Vengeance 2 by the author

A party a night at Ellie’s house it appeared until her parents returned. Luckily things hadn’t gotten too messy yet. Ellie looked…not quite nervous, anxious is probably a better word as she looked around. Apparently she had correctly guessed that her assailant has most likely attended her party the night before. Still, her eyes managed … Read more

Family Vacation by slave_boy69,slave_boy69

Going on a family vacation is our only real family tradition. It is the only thing we do together since I can remember. Even after my sister and I moved out from home, to get our college degrees, we kept on going on summer vacation together. We always had a blast. But our last one, … Read more