Cougar on the prowl by PO469


Sick of not getting what she wanted, Tina goes looking for some young hard stuff , Tina was 48 almost 49 but she took exceptional care of herself. She worked out every day. She had had her boobs worked on a few years ago. She paid a lot of attention to her hair and her makeup and her clothes. Her body was petite and the envy of all that saw her. Tina could, and often did often pass for 30 and she never told anyone that they were wrong.

Carl, her husband of almost 20 years, was now an average 56 year old. Graying, overweight and acting his age or older. Sexually he had really dropped off in the last few years and now was interested only a couple times a month and then even with the help of Viagra sometimes he only got his 6-inch cock partly hard. Three minutes of pumping and the night was over. This was a big problem as Tina was getting more and more sexually wanting the older she had gotten. She used her toys to get herself off after Carl was done but she was very unsatisfied with the situation.

Finally Tina decided that things had to change. She confronted Carl one night and told him that she was going to get what she needed and he should stay the fuck out of her way. Tina was ready to become a cougar, an older woman who went after much younger men. She wanted young, hard cocked men who could still fuck her long and hard several times a night. She did not want just one virile young boy toy. She wanted to sample what was available out there to satisfy her pussy. Tina added to her wardrobe of sexy outfits and started going to the bars near the college at night. Her first conquest was a 23-year-old student that she flirted with at the bar. After a couple drinks she easily took him out to her Mercedes and sucked and fucked him till he had filled her with three loads of hot cum from his hard 7″ cock. Two in her hot wet cunt and one down her throat as she deep throated him. She went home all messed up and showed Carl her dripping pussy and told him how well fucked she felt for the first time in years. She told Carl that getting fucked in her car was not good enough and that she was going to start bringing her conquests back to their home, which was almost a mansion, so she could get fucked the way she wanted. She said that if she called and said she was bringing someone home that Carl should go to his den in the basement and stay there for the night. Carl hung his head and left the room without a word.

A couple of nights later Tina was in the mood again. She selected a string tie top that showed most of her shapely tits and her flat stomach. It was thin and her nipples made hard bumps in the material. She stood in front of the mirror and pinched her nipples to see how they looked. Tina was pleased with the result. She put on a short skirt with no panties and at about 10 pm she headed for the same bar. She walked in and looked around choosing her target. She spotted a good looking, early 20's guy at the bar having a drink. She sat on the stool next to him and pulled her skirt up so a little of her neatly trimmed pussy was showing. Without even ordering a drink she put her hand on his crotch and asked him if he would like to fuck her. “You bet. You're one hot lady.” was the reply. “Do you have to be anywhere later tonight?” Tina asked. “Not till class at 10 tomorrow morning.” Tina put his hand on her pussy and then took it and led him out to her car. When they got in she deeply french kissed him and rubbed his now hard cock. It was a big one. Tina started the car and drove toward home. She took out her cell phone and called Carl. When he answered all she said was “Go to your room.” and she hung up.

“My name is Tina. Don't tell me yours. How old are you?” He answered that he was 20. “How old do you think I am honey?” He said that he guessed late 20's. He was actually thinking mid 30's but did not want to chance being too high and getting her mad. He might loose his chance at a good piece of ass. “Pretty close.” Tina answered. They did not say another word till the car pulled into the four-car garage at Tina's house. He followed her into the house and to the master bedroom where she turned and faced him. He was 6'2″ and well built. He obviously played sports. Tina told him to undress her as she kicked off her shoes. It was easy. Just untie two strings and her top fell to the floor. Just unzip the skirt and it fell to the floor exposing her bare pussy. Tina stood nude in front of him, 5'4″ and about 105#. Her augmented breasts were 36D and the nipples pointed straight forward. Her waist was 23 and her hips 34. She had a great tan on every part of her body. “Now it is my turn to undress you.” He had to bend down to allow her to pull his shirt over his head. She kissed his well-muscled chest and licked his nipples. Then she dropped to her knees and reached out and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. Pulling his pants and shorts down at the same time she exposed the largest cock she had ever had. It was already fully hard and over 8″. It was so big around that she could not get her fingers fully around it. “Oh, how nice.” she said as she kissed the tip of her newest friend and licked off the pre cum that was already coming from it. Tina slipped her lips around his shaft and within a few strokes and a little effort it she was soon nose deep in his pubic hair. He lifted her chin so she was looking at him and told her that he could last a long time so she could suck him all she wanted. He picked her little body up in his arms and gave her a deep french kiss and laid her on the bed. He got on with her facing in the opposite direction and Tina rolled up on top of him. She slipped his rock hard cock back into her mouth and he pulled her legs down on either side of his face. Using his tongue to spread her pussy lips he found and attacked her clit and fuck hole. Tina went wild and ground her hips against his face. Tina was leaking like an open faucet and her unnamed bed partner drank as much as he could keep in his mouth but some ran out all over his face. As Tina settled down some, he drove his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy and fucked her with it. He also let it slide back and lick her ass hole causing shocks to run through her trembling body. Tina had three big orgasms before he rolled her over and got up on his hands and knees and positioned his massive manhood at the entrance to her privates. “How do you want it, sexy?” he asked. “Hard and deep and fast.” was the reply. The first shove buried him fully into her snatch so his balls slapped her ass. He pounded into her for 20 long minutes while using his hand to play with her tits and clit and rub a finger around her ass hole. Tina had so many orgasms, both big and small, that she lost count and almost lost conciseness. Finally he pulled out and brought his cock to her mouth and told her to drink his cum which she happily did. Tina had never been so satisfied or worn out in her life. She lay cuddled up to him resting and she almost fell asleep. About 15 minutes later she reached down and touched his cock, which she was happy to see was hard again. Tina rolled him on his back and mounted him, sliding her pussy down over his cock till he was fully in her. She slowly raised and lowered herself on his rod enjoying the feeling of being so stuffed. Soon she started picking up the pace and he started matching her thrusts while she started rubbing her own clit. After about another ten minutes she was panting and sweating. She came, making him join her at the same time and filling her hole full of his hot sticky cum. She slid down and sucked him clean. Tina had actually had enough so she told him to get dressed and how much she had enjoyed being with him. He asked for her name and phone number but she just said that maybe she would see him at the bar again sometime. She took him back to his dorm near the bar. She kissed him as he got out and she went home. Back in her bed she rubbed her well-used pussy as she went to sleep. She didn't bother to tell her husband that he could come back to their bed.

A few afternoons later she was driving as she saw three guys from the high school football team walking home after practice. She knew that they would only be 16 or 17 but it was the area between her legs that was thinking, not her brain. Tina pulled over, rolled down the passenger side window and asked the boys if they would like a ride. “Sure, thanks lady.” was the reply. As the boys climbed in they all noticed that although she was an older lady, maybe old enough to be their mother, she was hot. She was wearing a thin blouse with no bra and a short skirt pulled up to where it almost showed her crotch. They looked at each other and smiled. Tina asked the boys if they had to go straight home and they all said no. She asked them if they would like to stop at her house for a swim. One of the boys said that they did not have swimming suits with them and Tina replied that they wouldn't need them. He grinned and told her that if they were going to go skinny-dipping then she would have to too, to which she said that that was just what she planned to do. Tina called home.

Tina led the boys into her bedroom and told them that the first one to get all of his clothes off would get a blowjob. In about 30 seconds Tina had three naked boys standing in front of her. They all had rock hard erections. One was white and two were black. Tina had never been with a black man but she had always heard the story that all blacks had huge cocks. She looked at the boys. The white boy must have played in the backfield. He was tall and slim but very well built. The two blacks must have played the line. They were also tall but much bigger. The coach must have worked them out a lot because although they were both well over 200#, they were well built, not fat. Tina gave the boys a good looking over as she stripped off her clothes. The old story was both right and wrong. One of the black boys was only an average 6 inches but the other was huge. He was surely over 10 inches with a huge cockhead and veins sticking out all over his prick. She was not sure she could take that monster. The white boy was a little bigger than the smaller one at between 6 and 7 inches and not real thick. The white boy had been the first one to get fully undressed so Tina got on her knees in front of him. She looked up and asked his name and he told her that it was David. “Ok Dave, are you ready to have your cock sucked? Did you ever have someone suck it before?” “A couple of times.” “Did you come in her mouth?” “No.” “I'm going to make you come in mine. Do you like that?” “Ya.” Tina slid the cock into her hot and happy mouth. David's cock twitched and he moaned. The other boys stood, transfixed, watching their teammate get a blowjob from this hot older woman. He didn't last a minute before Tina had him blowing his load in her mouth. She showed all the boys her mouthful of cum before swallowing it and wiping the remaining cum on his cock onto her face. “Ok, let's go for that swim.”

She led them out the sliding glass doors to the pool and dove in with the three boys right behind her. They dropped their clothes beside the pool. After swimming across the pool she told all of the boys to sit up on the side of the pool. “I bet there are two more cocks that want to be sucked.” Tina did not realize it but Carl had a window in the room in the walkout basement that gave him a good view of the pool area and he was watching every move of Tina and her conquests. Tina moved between the legs of the black boy with the smaller equipment and asked his name. He said that it was John. “Well John, I hope you enjoy this.” Tina said as she swallowed John's pecker in one motion. She sucked hard in it making her cheeks pull in. After holding it in her throat for a long time she pulled out and started bobbing up and down on his shaft. After about a minute she moved over to the other black football player. Without being asked he told her that everyone called him Big Meat. His real name was Jacob. “Well, Big Meat, I don't know if I can handle all of your big meat but I'm sure going to try.” Tina licked around the head of this giant fuck tool and then licked up and down the outside of his shaft getting it all wet in hopes that this would make it easier for her to suck. She put her lips around it and started to take a little bit of it in her mouth. Her jaw and lips were stretched as wide as she could get them and she thought that she might not be able to do it. Jacob grabbed her hair and pulled her onto his cock. He hit the back of her throat but could not go any further. He pulled her back and repeated it, again only getting to the back of her throat. Tina did not gag as she had long ago learned to control the reflex. Tina relaxed as much as she could and Jacob forced his monster cock into her throat. She thought that he was going to split her in half. Her throat hurt and her jaw ached from being pried so wide open. He let her up enough so she could breath and then started pulling and pushing her head up and down the full length of his manhood. This was the first time Tina was not in control when she was fucking any guy. Carl watched his wife getting controlled like a rag doll by this large black boy and smiled. “Get this bitch out of the water so we can all fuck her.” Big Meat said. They dragged her out of the pool. Jacob lay on the poolside and they pulled her on top of him. He lined his cock up to her cunt opening and the others pushed her down on his shaft till he was fully into her pussy. It hurt at first but she soon adjusted and started to move up and down, fucking his giant tool into herself. She was then pulled down so her chest was on his and she was held still. John got behind her between all of their legs. He spit on her ass and on his hard again cock. He leaned forward and found her asshole. With one shove he was balls deep up her shitter. She yelled out. They were not being at all easy with this older slut that was theirs to fuck. David took hold of her head and fed her his cock when she yelled. Now, for the first time, she was being fucked in all three holes at the same time. After a minute to get adjusted to it she found that she loved it and was doing all that she could to help these three boys deeply fuck all of her holes. She was having orgasm after orgasm helping Jacob's giant slide more easily deep in and out of her cunt. Carl watched and masturbated till he came all over the window.

David was the first to come. Shooting his young load into her mouth with massive force. Tina swallowed and sucked every last drop out of this wonderful toy. John was next to come. Her ass felt so loose now that she bet that she could take Jacob in there now but she was not about to chance it. John came around to her face to have his cock cleaned orally. Tina did not open her mouth. She didn't want a cock that had just been buried up her asshole in her mouth. She told him no. John grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled till he opened her mouth. He shoved it in and told her to suck it. She didn't like the taste but did as she was told. David and John moved to the side to watch Big Meat finish up. He held her by the waist and helped her bounce up and down on his cock. Her tits bounced each time she came down and a everyone enjoyed watching the show, including Carl. It was about another five minutes of hard fucking before Jacob was ready to come. He pulled out and rolled her onto her back and jacked off the last few strokes over her face. Jacob shot a huge load of cum onto Tina's face. Five or six big jets of cum flew directly onto her face. She opened her mouth and caught some of it but most of it was covering her face and in her eyes and in her hair. She was a mess. “Ok whore, go in the house and get cleaned up and take us home.” ordered David as the boys started to get dressed. Tina felt fully used and worn out as she went in to the house while the boys got back into their clothes. As Tina walked into the bedroom naked with cum covering her face and dripping down onto her tits, she found Carl standing right in front of her. “Looks like you had fun Love.” “You bet I did.” was the answer. Carl left the room. Tina washed her face and slipped into a sundress. She drove the boys home. John sat in the front seat next to her and he finger fucked her all the way there. She actually had another orgasm from his fingers. The boys got out at David's house and he told her to expect them to show up at her house any time they felt like fucking her. She felt controlled. It felt good.

When Tina was not entertaining, she and Carl still slept naked in the same bed. A few nights later Tina felt Carl snuggle up to her back. She could feel that he had an erection as it pressed against her ass. She reached back and felt it. It was the hardest he had been in almost a year. Tina rolled on her back and grasped Carl's cock. He started to suck on her tits and to rub her pussy. After several minutes, when Tina's slit was nice and wet, Carl got on top and slipped his manhood into her. This time Carl stopped when he felt himself ready to come. He did this three times, which allowed him to continue for almost ten minutes before he just had to come. He actually gave Tina a nice orgasm this time. After he was done Tina kissed him and thanked him for his efforts and a good fuck. But then she told Carl that he should plan to spend the next night in the downstairs den. She had plans.




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I read somewhere a while back that there has been a dratimac increase in the demand for professionals with a degree. (I don't have the numbers now, so I really can't quote anything) This is a trend I can see growing over time as the economy has opened doors for people who have decided to either return to school to complete their degree or start a new degree program in preparation for changing careers. I find it kind of sad that some supervisors sit with envy instead of encourage their younger staff to get continuing education I think it would be better if they consider returning to school themselves. We're so lucky to live in a place where you can get a decent job without a university or college degree but imagine the kinds of opportunities that came your way when you actually have one in your hands?Employees shouldn't be chastised or ostracized for wanting to grow in their career, period. We all deserve to succeed, and we should consider all means to be better workers and citizen

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