daddy's bad girl_(0) by nancy


i hadn't listened to daddy earlier in the day, and no it was time for my punishment , all i can do is wait,,,,,,wait and hurt and think,,,,,,,,,,,,,earlier in the day i had not responded correctlyand you decided i needed to learn a lesson,,upon entering the bedroom i saw a harness hanging from the ceiling it was made like a sort of swing, you had me stand in front of the harness as you lowered it then you had me sit back in it,,,so that i sunk threw the seat, when i was fully positioned i was hanging like sitting in a tire swing, my knees were against my chest and i was bent in half, unable to fall threw but unable to get out either, this position left my asshole and pussy exposed to whatever you wanted to do to them, squeesing both breasts together you place nipple clamps on my breasts with only about 2 inches of chain so that when you let go the nipples were being strecthed extrememly painfully but you still weren't done, directly in the middle you attached a 6 oz weight and let it go causing an agonizing pain in both nipples at once,at my yelp of pain you reached over to the dresser and pulled off a ball gag and told me “can't have you making any noise and letting everyone know what kind of fun your having”,,standing back you survey your handiwork,,,happy with the signs of pain on my face and the tears in my eyes,,,i am hanging at the perfect height to be fucked, but that's not what you have in mind for me….instead you tell me “well slut there is only 2 more things for me to do then i'm leaving for ahwile, i;'ll finish your punishment when i get back,,,first though to finish setting you up” so saying you turn to the dresser and open the bottom drawer and bring something out,,”i have a new toy,one that you haven';t seen yet” you tell me,,,,you turn to me with what is called a MONSTER COCK in your hands, saying “remember when i first came down and you said something like that would never fit,,wellwere gonna make it fit as part of your punishment,,,,i'm gonna hurt you baby slut, so you learn your place”,,you pull s vhit over and sit in front of me, your face right in my pussy and you rub the huge head of that dildo against my pussy, tryng to get it in,,god it's huge and it hurts, and i want to beg you not to do it,,,but then to my horror you hold up a far of vaseline and laugh saying “oh don't worry i'll make sure it's lubed up for you”…and you stick the dildo in the far then you stick 2 fingers in the jar and start pushing the gobs of vaseling UP MY ASS,,,,and i start shaking cause i now know where your gonna try to put that huge dildo…i grunt around the gag trying to plead with you not to put it there,,,you lean forward and start licking my pussy rubbing your tongue over my clit til you hear me moaning into the gag, then you put the head of the dildo against my asshole and start pushing even witht the wonderful feelings of your tongue the pain is peircing as with a continuous motion you pop the head past the ass ring muscle and i scream into the gag and fling my head from side to side in agony,,,tears streamning down my face,,,,you continue to push the dildo further into my ass as i scream again and again into the gag feeling as if my ass is being torn apart,,you only have about 4 inches in my ass and the things is a good 14 inches long,,and about 5 inches wide,,,,,,,,standing up you walk behind me and whisper in my ear,,”you displeased me earlieryou know that right” and i nod my head,,,”so you know you have to be punished right”,,again i nod my head,,”you know how happy your making me,,god you lood so beautiul crying for me,,,my property right, your pussy, ass, mouth, or any and all parts of your body belong to me right” again i nod my head,,”good and i can do whatever i want to to what belongs to me to me right” again just a nod as that is the only thing i can do..reaching down you touch the dildo half lodged in my ass and whisper again in my ear “scream for me bitch, show daddy how much you love being his pain slut” and you shove the rest of the dildo straight up my ass and i scream continuously into the gag. you now have about 10 or 11 inches of the monster cock lodged up my ass and you get a strap and strap it in place so that i can't push it out,,,,the pain is so intense, and i'm only semi conscious, you reach out and swing the weight between my breasts making me cry out again at the searing pain that goes through my nipples,,taking the gag off you kiss me and ask “anything you want to tell daddy baby slut”..hoarsely i whisper “thank you daddy for hurting your little slut” “very good slut, your welcome”, placing the gag back in my mouth you tap the weight again, and smack me on the ass slamming your hand against the dildo banging another 1 or so into my violated asshole and receiving another muted scream from me,,,,walking wver to the door you say “i'll be bac in an hour or so to finish your punishment, in the meantime have fun with wolf”….and you let in our full grown 2 year old male german sheppard and locking the door you pull it shut behind you leaving me hanging,,,,,,,,

well i hope that everyone liked the story, it is the first one i have ever written,,,




2013-02-03 23:19:17
very nice story but its one huge sentance i need some judges to my story thies will be my first one written today so someone come read my story and tell me if u like it!


2013-02-03 22:57:40
very nice story but its one huge sentance i need some judges to my story thies will be my first one written today so someone come read my story and tell me if u like it!

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2011-02-09 17:46:10
Definitely needs alot of work. Maybe you ought to take an English class then try again.

anonymous readerReport 

2011-01-30 17:03:58
nice perspective btw hot but needs to be refined

Anonymous readerReport 

2009-06-04 13:19:17
Shit punctuation, shit spelling, no capitals and no full stops so the whole thing just looks like one big, confusing, jumbled up sentence. Overall, it's just a load of confusing bullshit. 0/10

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