The 3 'C's' of life Ch. 07 by 32aa,32aa

It was a busy summer for Bev. The city council approved the temporary funds for the ballet program. Even with very little notice, there was a decent number that signed up, enough for two sessions, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Bev was having fun, and making some ‘play’ money on the side.

I called the Rockford Park District. They did offer an evening dance program that covered different types of dance. Fortunately, there was one on ballet, was open to all ages, and was in the evening. It didn’t matter on the level of experience. The positions, turns, and movements were all the same. The instructor would switch between ‘teaching mode’, for the younger and inexperienced to working with the more experienced to hone their skills and perfect their form.

It was open to all, with Rockford residents getting a 25% discount on the fees. That was fine. As far as they were concerned, Bev’s address was mine.

Bev was ecstatic. The class would be on a Wednesday evening at 6:00 and would be over at 7:00. She would stop by the house to change and then be back, after it was over. She would bring another change of clothes so that she could go directly to school in the morning… after some fantastic morning sex. Plus… we would have a night of blissful mid-week love making, or just raw sex, depending on whatever mood we were in.

Bev had gotten to the first class a bit early and was the first one there. The instructor introduced herself as Vickie, and asked about Bev’s interest and experience. Bev just said that she had done ballet in high school, and wanted to get back into it. Added that she taught third grade, and had done a couple of ballets with the third graders last school year. That she had done everything from memory; but, felt that she could offer more if she had refreshed and honed her skills. Vickie thought it was cute how the mothers jumped in and volunteered to make the girls tutus. Bev left out the whole City Ballet Program, for now.

Bev was the oldest one there. Most were grade schoolers and some junior high schoolers. At the end of the class, Vickie approached Bev and complimented her on her form and balance. Adding with a grin, that she’d probably be a bit sore in the morning, from all of the extra warm-up stretching, and to soak in a warm Epson Salt bath tonight.

The first night, after her class, found us soaking in a warm tub of Epson Salt, to sooth her aching body.

I could tell that tonight, we would just be cuddling. Still, it didn’t matter… she was here in my arms. Luckily, Wayne was on the road until the end of the week.

“mmmm. This is heavenly. I thought I was in good shape. Limber enough. I hadn’t stretched like that in years. But, still, it was fun. She really knows what she’s doing. I like it that she pushes me to my limits. Making me stretch more than I would, if I was on my own. I’m really glad you were able to find out about the class.”

That night, I made gentle love to her with my mouth, lips, and tongue. I told her to just lie back, relax, and enjoy. She did. It was fun.

I did get a morning blow-job that ended with her sitting up, grinning, and working her throat muscles as she swallowed. That was a first.


End of June, Bev’s birthday was coming up. She already told me not to get her anything. Still, I wanted to do something… something special as this was her first birthday since we had been together. I had two options: have a quiet and romantic dinner here or go out on a ‘Birthday date’. Either way, the evening would end the same… me, making love to the person who was the center of my world.

Wayne and I had bought a decent sized grill. If we stayed in, I would do some steaks, salad, red wine, candlelight, warm soak in the tub, followed by a long shower. And then….

If it was a ‘Birthday date’ then we would visit a little Italian restaurant that we both enjoyed. Hit our favorite bar for some fun and dancing, and perhaps meet up with some friends to celebrate. And then…

I had never taken Bev out on a real ‘date’. Don’t know why, just hadn’t. So that’s what we did.

Bev dressed casually, but, still very very sexy. She had gotten into ‘sun dresses’. She liked the feeling of freedom: the loose skirt, the open top, and bare back. The feeling of the wind and sun on her skin. She said that it made her feel sexy. After the first time she wore one, and noticed all of the attention that I paid to her exposed chest and bare back, she went out of her way to keep getting sexier and sexier ones.

The first time, I saw her in one, I held my breath. The top was held in place by a simple bow behind her neck. The open front grazed just against the early swells of each of her firm little breasts and ended a few inches above her cute bellybutton. The back was open, and came down about half way. The bottom of the skirt came down to just above mid-thigh and showed off her smooth and toned calves. Add a pair of sandals and she was a picture of sensual beauty.

I remember Bev looking at me, with a bit of a questioning look, and then asked, “To much? I mean it’s not like I have any boobs to show off.”

“Not at all. Just the subtle hint of each of those gentle swells at the start of each of your sexy breasts is sexier than hell. On a woman with bigger boobs, I think that it would look slutty. On you… divine and sexy.”

That got a radiant smile, a full body hug, and a, “Thank you. You always make me feel special. And I like to look special for you.”

We sat in a booth side-by-side. As we sat, holding hands, we talked about her ballet classes. At times, Bev would lean forward to emphasize a point, causing the side of her dress to billow a bit, giving a stolen glimpse of the underlying gentle swell of half of her lovely mound of smooth flesh. The smooth flesh that I would later, be covering with kisses.

After about the third, or forth time, Bev gave me a playful look and whispered, “You like it when I do that, don’t you?”

Trying to play dumb. So, in a hushed voice, “Do what?”


This time, Bev leaned over as much as she could. The edge of the dress rested just at the base of her nipple, offering a sensual glimpse of part of her cinnamon colored areola.

“Oh shit,” was my involuntary reflex.

“Thought so,” she grinned before sitting up.

The grin, tuning into a playful smile, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking, ‘How did I get so lucky to be sitting here with the most beautiful and sexy woman on the face of the planet. The woman that I am going to make love to later… all night. Because, Bev, I took a double dose of vitamins.”

“Oh my. Am I going to walk funny in the morning,” Bev’s voice soft. Her face inches from my ear. I could feel her sweet breath on my neck.

“I don’t know about that. All I do know, is that you will be completely drained, your muscles will ache from orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. You’ll have a glow that will linger for days.”

“Oh my, Bill. You’re making me tingle and making my panties wet. I love it when you talk dirty to me. Tell me what you are going to do to me later.”

Right then we had to behave, as our food arrived. But, the comment about her ‘liking it’ when I talked dirty to her, stuck with me and fueled my imagination for later.

But, first, a Birthday toast to my girlfriend and lover.

Looking into those blue gray eyes, “To the love of my life. To the one person who has miraculously come back into my life and has made it full and complete. To the person who I will love forever. Happy Birthday, my love.”

Bev’s eyes had welled up, as our lips met.

“Thank you. I’ve never had a more wonderful Birthday toast. A toast that was said from the heart.”

Bev had to try their Eggplant Parmigiana. I watched her savor each bite, she even shared. I went for a seafood pasta dish with oysters and mussels in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Over some a bottle of Chianti and the dim lighting, it was fun and romantic.

We had become regulars at our favorite bar. While none of my coworkers were there that night, we had been there enough times that we had made some ‘bar friends’. Bev blushed, when I announced that we were out for her birthday. That got her a free drink.

The juke box called to me. I saw exactly what I was looking for: Joe Cocker, ‘You are so Beautiful’. Yes, she was going to cry.

You are so beautiful

To me

You are so beautiful

To me…

I held her tight. Bev snuggled into me. Her face buried against me chest. Her arms, embracing me in a ‘love hug’. I felt her shudder a bit. I shifted and held her tighter.

Can’t you see

You’re everything I hoped for

Everything I need

You are so beautiful

To me

I don’t know how long we held our embrace. I held her, letting her know that I would never let her go. And, ‘yes’, she was ‘so beautiful to me’.

The place was so quiet that, I swear you could hear a pin drop. We had never really done a lot of “Public Display of Affection”. Don’t know why, just never did. That changed in an instant.

We held each other, and shared a ‘Soul Kiss’ that went on… and on… and on. Pulling back, I looked into those wet and tear-filled eyes, “I love you, Bev. With every ounce of my being. With every beat of my heart. I will love you until my dying day.”

It was said soft enough that it was just shared between us. Still, the rest of bar was quiet, as they watched, from afar, at our tender exchange.

“I know. And Bill, I love you too. And thank you. Thank you for tonight. For that song. For holding me.”

A final kiss and we headed back to our seats, all to the cheers and applauses of our ‘bar friends’. Bev blushed. It was cute.


Wayne was out with his drinking buddies.

I held Bev under the warm shower, and caressed her soap-slickened body with tenderness. Bev sighed as my hands gently massaged her firm little mounds. I heard coos of contentment as first, my fingers, then my palms, glided over her erect nipples. My hard cock, nestled between her soft, but firm butt cheeks. Bev purred as I glided my length between the soap-slickened globes. At time brushing against that sensitive star. Occasionally, Bev would flex, and tighten, those toned glutes.

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