Heart and Soul – part 4 by billytex1


Mike and Chen formalize their relationship in a very special place , Chapter Twelve – The Clearing

Chen awoke first – the tent was just beginning to admit some very dim light – he listened – good, no sounds from the others yet. He then noted why he’d awakened – his bladder was insisting on some attention. Mike was curled up tight to him, with his arm across Chen’s chest. Chen whispered softly into Mike’s ear ‘lover – hate to disturb you – gotta pee, love’ – Mike mumbled something unintelligible, pulled his arm back, and Chen deftly slipped out of the sleeping bag.

Chen unzipped the tent flap, and without even leaving the tent floor, stayed on his knees, body upright, and pointed his groin out the opening and just let his bladder go – his urine sprayed out of his foreskin into the cool morning air, with small amounts of steam coming off his piss stream – it splattered around as it left his foreskin like an uncontrolled hose instead of staying in a confined stream, and hit the ground in a random splashing pattern. He squeezed out the pee left in his penis, then just stayed there, feeling the cool morning air all over him while the last drops from under his foreskin dripped onto the ground – it felt so good – he inhaled the scent of the morning forest, stretched his arms, reached down to shake off that last clinging droplet of pee from the tip of his skin, then turned around to get back into bed with his lover.

Chen looked at Mike as he prepared to slip back into the sleeping bag – Mike’s face was so peaceful – such a change from when they’d first met – even in sleep, Mike had looked tense – anxious – some times even tormented – now, his face was calm – he snored lightly, and mumbled something as Chen slipped back next to his love. He snuggled up tight to Mike, curling his body tight to Mike’s, and putting his arms around him. Mike, without waking, took Chen’s hand in his, and held it tight to his chest – over his heart – Chen could feel Mike’s heart, beating softly, slowly, the beat of restful sleep – Chen couldn’t believe he’d finally found his one and only – he loved this man so much – he nuzzled his face into the crook of Mike’s neck, held him even tighter – and tears came to his eyes – this man – this man who had been such a mess several months ago – was now the most important thing in Chen’s life – tears of joy and happiness flowed from his eyes as he reveled in the heartbeat – the rhythm of life – coming from this man into him through their touch. Chen lightly kissed Mike’s neck, and just laid there – feeling the wonder of what they shared – feeling the energy of love between them.

The tent began to fill with light, and Chen heard the first sounds of the others moving about. He whispered ‘Mike – hey lover – Mikey – time to get up, love – it’s morning’ Mike stirred, rolled onto his back, yawned, and looked at Chen – and smiled – then reached up to Chen, gently pulled Chen’s face to his, and they kissed.

Chen said ‘we probably ought to get up, and get things started for breakfast’. Mike sat up, ruffled his hair, then said ‘yea – but man, I gotta pee first – I’m gonna explode!’ Chen said ‘just open the tent flap, stay on your knees, and let it go out the door – that’s what we all do’ Mike said ‘good – cause I don’t think I’d make it much further!’ With that, he unzipped the tent flap, knelt in the opening, and let his urine stream fly – Mike was partially hard, but that wasn’t enough to stop his overly stretched bladder from seeking its release – as his stream flew across the grass, his erection subsided – and about the time his stream was slowing to a dribble, his penis was hanging – the last dribbles fell just outside the tent door.

Mike said ‘man – it’s cold – think we oughta wear something?’ Chen, already digging in his bag, said ‘remember I said to pack some sweats? This is what they’re for – you basically stay naked underneath, but the sweats are comfy, soft, and keep you warm’ Mike responded ‘oh yeah – I brought some’ Soon, both were out of the tent, sweats on, and greeting the others.

The sun had finally risen into the sky where it was beginning to warm things up – breakfast was over, everyone was sitting around, finishing their coffee, chatting and laughing. A nice warm fire was still burning in the fire pit, but beginning to reduce itself to orange, flickering embers.

As they chatted, Mike said ‘I’m starting to get a little warm’ – Chen said ‘strip off man – this is a nude campground, remember?’ Mike laughed, and the others also stood up and began shedding their sweats. Soon, around the fire were a group of nude guys, except for their footgear, chatting, talking about what they were going to do for the day.

Chen whispered to Mike ‘I’ve got somewhere special I want to take you today – just us – they know, so we won’t be disturbed’. Mike just nodded his head in acknowledgement, and they continued talking.

As the others headed off for their day, Mike and Chen dug their small day packs out of their stuff and began putting in some basic things – water bottles, a few oranges, some other munchies, Chen packed the first aid kit, and bug spray. They checked they had everything, put on their hats, grabbed their hiking staffs, zipped the tent shut, and headed out.

Chen took the lead – he told Mike ‘this place is only about an hour’s walk – but once we’re there, you’re not going to want to leave – trust me’ As they followed the trail, Mike was enthralled by how amazingly good it felt to be clothes free – feeling the open air all over him, the breeze brushing his entire body, ruffling his pubic hair – feeling his penis and hanging scrotum swinging freely between his legs – admiring Chen’s gorgeous butt in front of him, firm smooth cheeks alternately rising and falling as they walked – he began to get an erection, and enjoyed the sensations as it filled and grew – occasionally brushing a leaf or twig, making it twitch – he notice that Chen had one of his hands in front of him as well – was he stroking himself?? Mike said as a lead in ‘man – walking through the woods like this naked – it’s a real turn on – I’m pretty boned up’ – Chen stopped, turned just his head, smiled – then turned his whole body – he was fully erect, large swollen glans fully exposed and drooling, with his hand slowly stroking his throbbing member.

Without a word, Mike held out his arms – Chen walked into his arms, they embraced and kissed passionately, while rocking their hips together against each other – after a moment, Chen released the kiss, backed up just slightly, dropped his hand, and softly wrapped it around Mike’s cock – then began stroking it. Mike didn’t need another hint – he lowered his hand, started with fondling Chen’s large, loosely hanging ball sac – gently rolling each of Chen’s egg sized balls in his hand – then softly pressing the flat of his hand against the base of Chen’s cock, slowly rubbing the palm of his hand up Chen’s cock to the tip – then cupping his palm over Chen’s hot, firm glans, and slowly swirling it around – Chen hissed through his teeth ‘let’s cum together Mike – let’s cum on each other’

With that, Mike – who had larger hands – put his hand around both their swelling, hard organs and began stroking them. Both had made so much precum that lube wasn’t a question – their penises slipped up and down past each other, foreskins retracting and furling over their cockheads – precum oozing from both of them – as they slowly rocked their hips and moved their organs inside Mike’s hand – Chen’s dark brown shaft skin and deep purple glans with its prominent ridge, and deeper brown scrotum a distinct contrast to Mike’s lighter ivory colored organ and pinkish purple glans.

Chen, who had started first, was the first to reach orgasm – he laid his head back, and said ‘oh Mike – stroke me – I’m gonna – AAAHHHHHHH!!’ – as Mike looked down and squeezed and swirled his hand around their members, first a stream of cum began to flow out of Chen’s slit and down – then as Mike rubbed his fingers around the swollen glans ridge, Chen cocked his hips forward, and huge jets of cum spurted out – splattering on Mike’s chest, arms, and abdomen – as Chen unloaded. His cock twitched and pulsed hard against Mike’s cock, and the bottom side of his penis – his piss tube – was rapidly squeezing and releasing as it forced every sticky spurt of Chen’s cum out into the air. Chen’s cum was flowing all over he and Mike’s organs, as Mike held them tight together and he felt Chen’s throbbing ejaculation against the bottom of his own member.

That was too much for Mike – with a low groan, he thrust his cock upward, as he stroked and twisted it against Chen’s – semen gushed forth in spurts and streams, flying through the space between them, landing on Chen’s shoulders, then chest and abdomen, then flowing steadily in a stream out, down, and all over he and Chen’s pulsing cocks – he could feel the intense squeezing behind his ball sac as his body tensed then released his ejaculatory muscles, forcing his manly juices out and all over the both of them – both he and Chen’s members were completely covered in each others cum, which was still flowing from each of them. The spattering sounds of cum running onto the ground could clearly be heard, as their combined release flowed off the bottoms of their scrotums and fell into the dirt below. Cum trails were running down both their legs, and into their shoes.

They stood there for a moment, just looking down at their slowly softening members, still oozing creamy cum onto their hands – Chen rubbed his penis up and down a little against Mike’s – Mike did the same – then Mike released his hand, stepped in tight to keep their cocks pressed together – they kissed hard, and just held each other as their orgasmic energy subsided into the quiet of the woods.

As Mike pulled back from Chen, Chen said ‘if you liked doing that – wait to see what I’ve got for you at our destination – it’s not far now’ – Chen reached down, grabbed a few leaves to wipe his hands, but left his crotch covered in their cum – Mike did the same, and they started walking again.

After another several minutes, Chen said ‘it’s not far now – right around this next turn in the trail, then over a little hill’ As they made the crest of the small ridge, Chen pointed, and stood aside.

There, in a small clearing, a creek tumbled down rocks and through little pools on the opposite hillside, then down off a ledge in a small waterfall into a large pool, surrounded by a sandy edge. It looked like a small bit of paradise – birds were singing, the sun was shining onto the pool, and it was totally secluded – surrounded by heavy dense forest – the large trees formed a green canopy over the grove, but an opening in them allowed the sun to penetrate – illuminating the clearing and pond. Mike just stood there, stunned at the site before him. In his minds eye, he saw himself and Chen – much younger, as boys – nude, playing in the pool, splashing each other, laughing, running, like little natives – Chen softly interrupted his thoughts – ‘it’s all ours for the day love – we can be whatever we want to be – play little kids again – enjoy being truly natural beings’ – and with that, Chen took off half running, half skipping, taking his day pack off as he ran – then he jumped full body into the deep, clear pool.

Mike – suddenly feeling like he’d been transported back to a boyhood he’d wished he’d had – yelled at the top of his lungs, charged down the footpath, threw his pack on the shore, and followed Chen head first into the pond. In no time, they were splashing each other, laughing, swimming about – it was like being transported back in time to an age where there were no hangups – no restrictions – nothing but nature and humans – Mike floated on his back, totally soaking in the experience of feeling the water all over his nude body – looking up through the forest canopy at the deep blue sky, hearing the waterfall, the birds – it was heaven.

They spent some time just being free spirits – looking at pebbles in the pond, letting minnows nibble at their skin when they laid still in the water, amazed at how it felt – especially when they concentrated on their genitals and began a sort of feeding frenzy on the semen still all over them, and stuck in their pubic hair – just laying in shallow water on the sand, looking up at the sky, and watching the birds – Mike had never, ever dreamed of being in a place like this – and he was here, with this incredible man he’d conjoined with – this man he shared his soul with.

Chen stood up out of the water – Mike just watched, enjoying seeing the draining water running over Chen’s body – down his chest, abs, off his penis and balls – down his strong, muscular legs – oh those legs – when wrapped around me, I’m in heaven Mike thought – Chen said ‘wanna get some of our stuff to eat?’ Mike said ‘sure’ – got out of the water, and the two of them got into their packs.

As they sat in the sand and ate, Mike began feeling the pressure from his bowels. He looked at Chen, and said ‘man – I don’t want to seem like an idiot here – but where do I take a crap?’ Chen giggled, then said ‘I need to do the same – here, let me show you’

With that, Chen moved down the sand bar a short distance, and began digging a hole in the sand. He said ‘Mike – just dig a hole – squat over it – then when you’re done, cover it up with the sand you dug out’

With that, Chen squatted – and Mike could see his waste flowing from him into the hole. At the same time, a gusher of pee came from his penis, jetted into the sand, and started washing out a hole in the sand in front of him. He stayed there a few moments, eyes closed, as though in meditation while relieving himself.

Mike did the same – and was surprised with the ease his waste left his body – no straining, no pushing – as soon as he relaxed, it just flowed out of him – he, too by auto reflex, released his bladder, and flooded the sand in front of him.

When they were done, Chen took a handful of wet sand, used it to scrub between his buttocks, then filled his hole – then washed his hands with more sand, and stood up. ‘See – easy, natural, done’ Mike did the same, somewhat surprised that the sand did such a good job cleaning himself – and they went back to their lunch.

After eating, Chen showed Mike his favorite thing to do – diving from the short waterfall into the pool it had made – the fall was only about four feet tall, but the pool under it was quite deep – they played like kids – diving, splashing, and daring each other to do various trick dives.

After a short time, Mike just stayed in the water after a dive, and when Chen surfaced, he swam over to him and put his arms around him – they looked each other in the eye – and kissed under the waterfall like long lost lovers – deep, passionate, caressing, fondling each other in the water. Behind the fall was a sand ledge – soft, hidden behind the curtain of the fall. Chen nodded toward the sand – they got onto the sand, and immediately began making love. Chen looked at Mike, and just made a circular motion with his finger – Mike knew what it meant – Chen switched position, and now they were in perfect 69 – Chen’s throbbing, brown cock with its purplish shiny glans and pink underskin right at Mike’s face – Mike’s long, twitching member awaiting Chen’s oral talents.

They laid there for some time – neither trying to hurry, but neither holding back either – clearly giving all they could for the maximum pleasure of the other – slowly sucking, tonguing, fondling, stroking the others penis, tonguing their balls, tickling each other’s frenulums with their tongues – Mike knew that Chen was especially sensitive to an extremely light touch around the shaft of his cock while also sucking and tonguing the glans, so Mike put a single finger and his thumb around Chen’s cock and began slowly stroking it, making the foreskin roll on and off his head – all the while tonguing his slit and the sensitive, pink side of his foreskin. Chen began fondling Mike’s scrotum, gently squeezing and stretching it, and fondling the base of his cock, while performing a tongue massage on his glans – whirling his tongue all around the ridge, sticking his tongue into the piss slit and tickling it – the two of them bringing each other to as intense an orgasm as possible.

Mike’s began first – as he continued to work Chen’s penis in his mouth, he began to moan and rock his hips – his cock swelled in Chen’s mouth, and Chen could taste the first traces of his cum as early juices began flowing out before the first major ejaculation spurt would come – then Mike bucked his hips forward, and massive hot jets of cum spurted from Mike’s violently twitching member across Chen’s tongue and down his throat. His piss tube on the bottom side of his cock pulsed rapidly as it forced its hot load out, and between Mike’s legs, the contractions were clearly visible as his penis worked to ejaculate every drop of his semen out of him.

Mike shooting off into Chen’s mouth was all it took – Chen’s substantial cock swelled and pulsed – his urethra on the bottom of his penis began rapidly and visibly squeezing, as it forced stream after volcanic stream of Chen’s man juices into Mike’s awaiting mouth – both Mike and Chen could be heard moaning and slurping as they continued to work each other’s cocks and suck down every drop of their lover’s steamy, sticky offering. They laid there for several moments, still suckling at each other’s penises, their cocks still pulsing and drooling the very last of their manly offerings out to the other.

Chen was the first to release their mutual oral grasp on each other – gently letting Mike’s penis slip from his lips as it began to soften – but not before holding it in his hand, and kissing Mike’s glans. Mike giggled, sucked hard at Chen’s slowly detumescing organ making a loud slurping sound, then tongue kissed Chen’s cock head. They both rolled onto their backs, laughing. Mike sat up, then turned around and laid back down next to Chen, smiling the biggest smile Chen had ever seen – they kissed, tasting their own semen in each other’s mouths – and just looked at each other.

Mike rolled onto his back in the sand – Chen snuggled up next to his side, and put his arm over Mike’s chest – Mike said ‘Chen – did we die and go to heaven?’ Chen giggled, and responded ‘no – but when I want to think of what heaven might be like, I come here – that’s why I wanted to be here – with you – together in my heaven’ Mike turned his head to look at Chen – Chen’s face was alight with life – Mike felt such amazing things inside him – happiness, peace, contentment, and – was it? – yes – love – total, complete, all encompassing love – he turned toward Chen, they embraced – and just held each other, hidden under the waterfall – listening to its sounds as they embraced on the sand.

As the middle of the day moved into afternoon, Chen said ‘Mike – before we head back – there’s something I want us to do – for us’ Mike noticed that Chen had a different look on his face – not light and carefree, but not serious either – more – intense.

Chen dug in his day pack, and found a small rug he’d brought with him – he laid it on the ground at the edge of the pond, and summoned Mike, asking him to sit on one side – Chen then sat down on the other. He had with him a small bag.

‘Mike, you and I have shared our very deepest selves with each other – our thoughts, our dreams, our fears, our tears – and when we first conjoined through touch, sharing our hearts – we shared our souls – our very beings – and became one with each other – two physical bodies, but one in spirit – one in soul’

Mike had never seen Chen this serious before – and at the same time, all he sensed was an almost overpowering feeling of calm – peace – and their powerful love, radiating through and around them both. He sat, speechless, looking deep into Chen’s eyes.

Chen reached into the small bag in the middle of the rug, in front of them – ‘Michael, my true love, my one and only – the one who shares my very soul – and who has shared his deepest soul with me, and asked me to be guardian of it – as I have asked you to be guardian of mine – wear forever this symbol of our eternal, undying love – of our being one – never to be apart’

Chen opened his hands – Mike saw tears beginning to slowly come from Chen’s eyes, as his soft smile appeared, and the light in his eyes – the light of his very being – danced and sparkled like diamonds – and in Chen’s hands, two identical gold bands – simple, shining, perfect circles – rested quietly – with a single, brilliant, inset white diamond in each.

Mike was thunderstruck – this man – this wonderful, beautiful man – was asking him to formally, completely become his eternal partner – his chest, filled with emotion, began to tremble – his eyes filled with tears – ‘oh Chen – oh yes!!!’

Chen’s smile became a broad grin, as he carefully ***********ed one of the rings, took Mike’s hand, and slipped it onto his finger – saying ‘I give this to you as a symbol of who we are – not two – but one, always together, never ending as the circle – no beginning, no ending, for eternity – as I give you my love forever through this ring, I ask you to do the same’ – Chen turned Mike’s hand palm up, and placed the remaining ring in it. Mike, hands shaking, voice trembling, thought of words to respond – and said ‘Chen – my forever, my eternal love – I give to you this token of our becoming one spirit – one soul – one love forever’ – Mike looked at Chen – he’d never seen him like this – Chen’s chest was quivering, tears were streaming down his face, he was quietly sniffling – Mike gently slipped the ring on Chen’s finger – Chen immediately broke into sobs, said ‘oh Mike – oh my love!’ and the two embraced tighter than they ever had, as their tears and sobs of rapture rose to join the voices of the forest in celebration.

Chapter Thirteen – New Life

The shadows were growing long at the campsite – Davie, James, Carl, and the others were nervous – looking at their watches, looking into the woods – it was becoming late, and Chen and Mike were not back.

The rustle of branches and the sound of footsteps drew the eyes of everyone to the trailhead – Chen and Mike, smiles beaming, were returning hand in hand – in the softening light, the clear glint of the rings on their fingers could be seen.

Applause erupted from the entire group – Mike and Chen walked into the group, as hugs, butt slappings, tears, and congratulations were shared all around.

As they settled back into the campground, Chen said ‘well – sorry we kept you so long – guess we ought to get dinner started, right??’ With that, everyone headed for ice chests and their vehicles to gather food and fixings, and before long the scents of Chen’s wonderful cooking filled the early evening air.

After dinner, everyone sat around the evening fire – the night had cooled, so everyone was in loose sweats or other warm garb. Mike and Chen, hand in hand, sat so close together on a log that one couldn’t see light between them – both their faces were glowing brighter than the fire itself, and in the firelight, occasional sparkles danced from the rings they now wore.

Trent spoke up and said ‘Mike – you have NO idea how much Chen has stressed about this – he’s known for a long time just how he wanted to do this – and when – but you – man, you really were an enigma to him – right up to the last, he wasn’t sure how you’d react’

Mike looked at Chen, who was smiling – but also a bit tense – ‘Really?? Man – I’ve never known Chen to be anxious about anything – he’s always been the one who had to help me calm down – I’m surprised’

Chen looked down, chuckled a bit, then said ‘well – there’s things we both still have to learn about each other, I guess, isn’t there?’

Mike squeezed Chen’s hand, and said ‘I’m looking forward to it – after all, it’d be pretty boring if we’d learned all there is to know about each other already, right?’ Chen looked back into Mike’s eyes, and they just held their gaze – then gave each other a deep kiss.

Bob spoke up – ‘well – I think we’ve got a little surprise for both of you now’ – he got up, nodded to James, and they headed toward a box on the ground that had appeared beside the cooking table.

Soon, Bob and James were back – with bottles of champagne and glasses – the rest were standing up around Chen and Mike, applauding, as Bob opened and poured for everyone.

‘To the happy couple!’ Bob shouted – everyone cheered, Mike and Chen intertwined arms and drank, then James opened the next bottle, refilled everyone’s glasses, and cleared his throat to speak.

‘Mike, all of us here have known Chen for years – some, for many years – as you will come to know him – and us – as well. What you don’t know – as we somewhat know – is the absolutely amazing individual – the unbelievably beautiful soul – that has not only entered your life, as he has ours – but has chosen you as the one – the only – to be mated to his soul. All of us – for some time – have known that Chen has an amazingly deep soul – and with some of us, he’s shared it – as he did with you a while back – so we know what you’ve seen of him in some ways – what you may not know, is how he’s agonized – pondered – fretted – and questioned himself – about whether or not to make the commitment of himself to you that he’s now made. We know – mainly because we’ve been his sounding boards these past few months (laughter and giggles from the group) – but in the end, all we could offer back to Chen – who has and always will mean so very very much to all of us – was to trust his heart, his soul – as he helped each of us do when we were troubled or didn’t know what to do about something. When he told us he’d made the decision, and here was where he wanted to do it, we all were so happy – and at the same time, it was SO hard for us to keep inside us – and from you – what we knew was coming.’

‘So – from all of us – to both of you, now joined as one – we offer all our support, all our strength, all our love – that your shared life, conjoined souls, and everlasting spirits find eternal happiness in each other’

There wasn’t a dry eye around the fire – Mike stood, looked down for a moment, then with a clear and purposeful voice, simply said ‘thank you – thank you all – for being here – for being such a support to this amazing man, my life mate – and for offering your continuing support to us – I really don’t know what to say – no one has ever done this for me before – no one has ever been here for me like this before – thank you’

Chen stepped toward the fire – ‘probably for the first time since all of you have known me, I’m a bit at a loss for words here – all of you are so much more than just friends – you are important parts of my life – each of you, in some fashion or form, has helped me continue down my life path, just as I hope I’ve done for you – and now, to have you come together like this and offer the same wonderful and amazing parts of yourselves to both of us – to my amazing life mate – as you have to me – I – I just don’t know what to say’ – Chen put his head down, as tears ran from his eyes. Mike, in a totally reversed role, walked up softly to Chen, put his arms around him, cradled him, comforted him, and held him tight as he cried for the powerful friendships and love that enveloped them.

Later that evening, as they walked to their tent hand in hand, Chen looked up – and stopped. Above, the night sky was putting on its amazing celestial show – the air was crystal clear and cool – the stars looked three dimensional, floating in the velvety blackness – the Milky Way, clearly visible, shimmered as a dusky band across the sky. Mike asked ‘something wrong?’ Chen responded ‘I’m just looking to where we all came from – look up – that’s us – we are all made of star stuff – and that’s where we’ll all return’ – he looked at Mike, with his warm, soft eyes glinting in the light of the dying fire, and said ‘no – nothing’s wrong – finally, everything’s right – everything’ – they kissed, then Chen looked deeply into Mike’s eyes. ‘There’s something else I want to share with you – come with me’ Chen turned and led Mike beyond the tents, to an old log laying on its side, sat down, and beckoned Mike to sit with him. ‘Look up again, Mike – really look up – look at where you and I came from’ As he and Chen sat there, and their eyes adapted to the intense darkness, the wonders of the sky overhead revealed themselves – dusty clusters of stars, large brilliant stars, the Milky Way so full of stars it gave the appearance of a magnificent, glowing veil full of millions of pinpoints of light – Mike was awed – he had never really taken the time to view the night sky – and this had him thunderstruck.

Chen said ‘I want to share something with you that my grandfather in China shared with me – I know you have often questioned yourself – even your reason for being – I was once like that – and one night, my grandfather took me out under the stars, and told me this’

Each of us is made from the universe – the essence of our being was formed when the Creator formed the stars, the planets, and the world around us. We are of the universe. When each of us were conceived, the Creator placed in us the spark of our being – our soul – as bright and brilliant as any star in the sky – for us to carry within our earthly being.

That spark – our soul – our very being – is as unique as each star in the heavens. There has never in the course of the entire universe been another just like each of us – there is not now – and never will be – each of us is truly a unique, precious creation – put here to make our contribution to the life of the universe – then to return into the universe when it is our time. Because of that – each of us is precious, and priceless – each of us like the stars – sparkling and giving of the light of our souls to others. We may not know what we are here to give – or when – or how – but we all leave behind us precious, totally unique gifts – simple things – like helping someone in need – saying something that lightens someone’s day – making someone smile – just saying hello to a stranger, and seeing them cheer up and say hello back – those are the gifts we bring from the eternal, never ending universe that gives us life into this existence.’

Chen took both of Mike’s hands, and looked intently into his eyes – ‘Mike – you have those things in you – I know, I’ve seen and felt them – just as I have them in me – you are as precious, unique, and special as the stars in the heavens – open your heart and soul to see your own inner beauty – as I have seen and felt it – let the star spark in you shine and sparkle like the diamond in our rings, and enlighten all those around you – and in so doing, you too will become enlightened’

Mike didn’t know what to say – he just sat there, hand in hand with Chen – looking deeply into his eyes. Chen said ‘look up – the heavens are calling – calling us to do what we were put here to do – embrace the energy of the stars – it’s within you, as it is within me’ Mike was in awe of the words Chen had spoken – they had reached deep within him, to places he had never been touched before – even though the night air was becoming colder, the warmth he felt flowing into him from Chen spoke of some universal purpose – something much bigger than both of them – that now, through their conjoinment, he was a part of.

Chen stood up, and said ‘Let’s go to bed, Mike – it’s time’ – they headed for their tent, hand in hand.

In bed that night, Chen and Mike held each other close, snuggling, and listening to the night sounds. Chen was laying on his back, Mike snuggled up to his side. Mike took his free hand, and placed it over Chen’s heart – softly moving it in small circles. Chen laid both his hands on top of Mike’s. As Mike felt Chen’s heart softly beating, Chen said ‘There are no words that can speak to the joy in my heart, Mike – you are the only one that has ever been able to complete my soul’ Mike felt a flush of warmth both in his hand, and beneath it in Chen’s chest – the warmth raced up his arm, into his chest, and he felt his entire being suffused with a great sense of energy, life, and love – he felt like he and Chen were being released from their physical being, and joining into one entity – one love – Chen closed his eyes, and said ‘sleep with me together amongst the stars, my love’ – Mike closed his eyes, saw the amazing night sky in his vision – and Chen’s face, beckoning amongst the stars – they drifted off together into each other’s ethereal arms, and played amongst the stars as they slept.



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