The Berkeley Coed's Assault by rodeotexas


Two Coeds Encounter The Nieghborhood Dog , The Berkeley Coeds Assault

Synopsis: Two Berkeley coeds get assaulted by the neighborhood Rottweiller and discover their own sexuality as a result
51 pages, 20693 words

It was a sunny and already hot late May California weekday afternoon, like many ones before it she had experienced for the past 6 years. The final bell of Sather Tower at University of California, Berkley (UCB) had rung and she was on her way to her house she shared with longtime best friend, Kate. A few of her friends drove by in their Jeep to offer her a ride home but she refused.

Home was a mile and a half away and rather than worry about the hassle of bringing a car on campus and finding a parking spot she chose to walk home. She enjoyed the walk, it gave her a chance to unwind and reflect on the day and it was very scenic. Plus it was a great exercise. During the week she walked the hilly trail home almost daily except for the three times a week and the weekend when she actually jogged with Kate as part of their exercise regime.

At age 26 Jessica was in her final year of graduate school for engineering, one of the few women in this still typical male dominated field. She had been easily accepted for the doctorate program but was still trying to make a final decision to attend but was leaning toward it due to the current economic climate plus her best friend was going for a doctorate in physics which meant they could share the house for at least three more years.

Jessica shared the house with her long-term roommate and best friend Kate. Jessica’s parents had purchased the house for them to live in since both women had their sights set early on to at least go to graduate school and maybe beyond that. After they both finished college, it was going to be investment income for her parents. Her parents both being independent very successful investment managers knew it would be wasteful to lose rent money over the course of seven to eight years of their studies and found the house nearby and bought it at an estate auction, remodeled it for the two girls with a focus on design for study, relaxation and privacy. The house was actually on some acreage due to it being part of an old landholding and shared the property line with the rugged and hilly Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve where many romantic trysts had occurred between college students, so the house had interior privacy as well as location privacy. The front and sides of the house were landscaped with thick screening shrubs, and was set well back into the property from the street with a long winding driveway. Only a small portion of the house roof peak was visible from the street.

Jessica was 5'4 and weighing 120lbs. Strenuous weight training, mountain biking and jogging the steep hills with her roommate and best friend had them in peak shape with toned bodies and well defined and ripped abdomens. Her Nordic ancestry from both parents had given her long beautiful light blonde hair that shimmered like yellow-white gold and sparkling blue eyes. Her firm high-set 34 Full C cup breasts also had that European up tilt to them; curvy hips and tight rounded ass that had kept the boys at high school and throughout college dreaming about her during the day. Her Nordic genes also enhanced her ability to achieve and retain a beautiful dark tan that even surpassed those of the fabled Southern California girl. While extremely pretty, she was never unapproachable and quite personable; she never turned away from anyone at campus that wanted to talk to her. Due to her high academic scores, long time attendance and personality, she was asked quite often to lead the more important campus orientation sessions or tours for visiting VIPs.

Throughout her junior/high school and college life many boys tried to get Jessica to go out with them and she had refused most of them. She was extremely picky, having a few serious relationships, depending on whom you asked. She wasn't a prude by any means, she had a very flirty and friendly personality but her strenuous advanced placement classes during high school and college course of study made it difficult to date many of the guys at campus and she was very focused on her serious career of choice and what she needed to do to meet that goal. While she did like many of the guys she actually accepted to go out on dates with, she always ended up asking herself if she could bring them home to mom and dad and that question instantly eliminated most, the few that were left were intimidated by her intellect and drive to achieve her goals and most realized at this stage in their lives education would be at Jess’s forefront and her relationships second. During her last year of high school, she had a steady boyfriend, but at the time being a virgin had only given blow jobs and they had mutually agreed to break up after the prom since he was planning on attending college several states away and also was thinking about not returning to his home state if a good employment opportunity presented itself after graduation.

Jessica's long-term roommate, Kate, was just as attractive as Jessica but very affectionate and sexual, stood 5’10 barefoot, dark skin tone that held a dark tan superbly with long gorgeous dark cinnamon hair and amazing green eyes. The same age as Jessica, she was tanned from the beach and from longing around the wading pool they had in the backyard. Kate’s body was lean and whip-corded from a slightly more strenuous workouts than Jessica’s were, had a beautiful face and massive but firm D cup breasts that set off her lean muscular body. She was a fanatic on working out with a well defined ripped stomach and muscular back that caused envious glances from both men and women alike when she went to the beach. Men always tried to slip her a few more drinks while out clubbing to see what happened but they were always unsuccessful in their attempts, not knowing that Kate had a genius level IQ and was earning a masters in physics at Berkeley then going into the doctoral program. She was hoping to convince Jessica to keep on with her studies as well or at least stay in the area as her roommate for another couple of years. Like Jessica, she had only a few serious boyfriends over the years, and at an early age had focused on exactly what she wanted in education and for a career, this combined with her genius level IQ quickly deterred most suitors in short order as they could not meet her drive, focus or match her intellect.

With their intellect and focus on education, Kate as well as Jessica could have breezed through the undergraduate and graduate programs in as little as three or four years before deciding on going for their doctorates but both wanted to take this special time in their lives to enjoy a normal college experience with their peers as well as their activities outside of school. Knowing of those who had received doctorates by their early twenties, brilliant in mind and education but often ill-adapted to fit in society with people of their own age let alone education, Kate and Jessica wanted to avoid this pitfall.

Jessica often thought that her roommate/best friend might be bisexual by the flirty things she said to her over the years. The infrequent times when they went out clubbing Kate just as often danced with women as the men and just as seductively and flirty, she had a habit of wearing an old thin cropped t-shirt around the house with no bra on and skimpy panties or a sheer mesh night shirt that was slit high up her hips with no panties while lounging around the house. While Jessica not being in any way prudish herself often wore similar but only slightly more modest clothing.

Finally, what rounded out Jessica’s thinking about Kate: often at night, they would sit on the couch together to watch the big flat screen television and Kate would seemingly absently caress Jessica’s legs, sometimes getting quite high. Occasionally during these moments Jessica would return her own caress on Kate’s arm and sometimes legs. With one exception, her roommate and best friend had never made an actual move on her: One time during a raucous bacherlorette party they were hosting that included strip clubs, the girls in the party jumping up and dancing with each other that included bumping and grinding with each other on the dance floor, everyone wound up back at their house doing shots and watching porn movies. After everyone left the house in the stretch limousine that was hired to pick up the women to take them around clubbing and get them safely back home, they tried finishing watching one particular interesting movie, both of them were very intoxicated and silly and had shed their outer clothes with just skimpy thong panties remaining due to the house lacking air conditioning and the alcohol heated flush with their intoxicated state. During a very intense movie scene, Kate leaned over and gave Jessica a very passionate long kiss during which her hand started caressing Jessica’s breast and then upper thigh, which then led to some mutual fondling until they passed out.

Later, Jessica passed it off as a combination of excessive drinking, dancing, blowing off college stress and watching porn movies, as well as her extremely mutually attractive roommate. It is not liked it shocked her, nor was she uncomfortable with it, she had seen it many times during college parties among other women, kissing and beyond kissing during some of the wilder ones, but had not personally experienced it to the point that Kate carried it to.

Today, as she walked home, Jess was distracted on her future plans as the time was rapidly approaching to where she needed to make the decision to continue pursuing her education or start looking for employment. Doctorate or no doctorate? Damn economy! It was bad enough being a woman in the engineering field and trying to get hired. She recently saw a statistic that 40% of students that graduated with a BA or BS actually had to move back in with their parents due to lack of jobs. Unfortunately, the study concentrated only on undergraduate degrees. Continuing sharing the house with Kate while earning a doctorate or chance finding a job that was too far to commute back to the house, or even a good job offer out of state she would find hard to turn down. These were the types of things on her mind as she walked home from the campus these days as decision time neared.

Jess followed the Stonewall Panoramic nature/hiking/jogging trail thru the ecological preserve to get to South side of the preserve then continued on the trail to the Stonewall Road trail outlet to enter into the residential area she resided in. The trail rose and fell over 600’ in elevation change and greatly contributed to her great shape she was in. Once in the residential area, she would take the street that led up to their secluded house.

Jessica had changed walking sides of the street because she had been badly startled during her first few weeks walking back from campus six years ago. The house that was opposite the edge of the nature preserve had a wooden fence on its side. The first few weeks she would walk home, the fence would jump back at her as she walked by. The barking gave away it was her neighbors dog who was always startled by her walking by in the afternoon.

She could not tell what kind of dog was behind the fence or how large, she could just for a few small moments see its eyes or parts of its body through the cracks between each wooden post continually lunging at the fence, what little she could see, and the way the fence bowed, she thought it might be a very large one. After passing by this house for a few weeks and the same behavior repeating she decided it was best to change the side of the street she was walking on to avoid the agitated dog. Through her years walking home, it was the same thing every day. The dog would get excited, it could still hear her, possibly smell her, every time she walked by.

She passed the house like any other day and went home. Not knowing the next day fate would intervene for her and the dog for which she had feared for 6 years.

That evening while Jessica and Kate slept, a widespread windstorm swept through and a large tree was uprooted and fell on the neighbor’s fence corner. Most of the massive tree covered the fence damage and it would be several days before the tree trimming company would be able to get to this one.

Jessica's alarm clock went off at 7 am. The weather report for the day called for it to be hot in the low to mid 90s. She rolled out of bed, nude, as she and Kate both slept that way because the house did not have air conditioning like a lot of California houses. Her parents were currently getting bids to have air conditioning installed in the next few weeks to make the house more marketable when it came time for the girls to leave, and it seemed to be either actually more hot days occurring in recent years or the climate warming was already affecting everyone’s thinking there is more hot days.

She thought since the hot summer had made an early arrival she would wear a sundress so she would not be so hot on the walk home this afternoon. She took a short yellow sundress out and tossed it onto her bed along with her cool weave mesh thong panties. Jess took a shower, did her make up paying special attention to bring out her sparkling blue sapphire eyes, and brush her hair into amazing long golden tresses. She decided to complete the beach look with a pair of sandals. Putting her jogging shoes in her backpack, she threw on a pair of sunglasses over her head and was ready to go.

The rest of the morning came and went like other mornings. Jessica got a ride to campus from her roommate Kate.

Kate always took a different way with the car to campus and neither had any clue of the storm damage from the night before. Had she known, one would have to guess she would have avoided the walk home.

The campus day came and went like all the others. A few of the guys had made a friendly pass at her but she just laughed and thanked them.

Meanwhile, her neighbors, an attractive young married couple had spent a tough morning deciding on what to do with their beloved Rottweiller. Several telephone calls to a number of tree removal and landscaping companies all resulted in the same reply, all were swamped with calls and the earliest they could do the work was approx. 2 to 3 weeks. Even though the tree had crushed the fence corner, it did not appear the dog could get out due to the dense tangle of tree limbs that covered the corner and they didn't want to keep their dog in all day especially if it was going to be on the hot side with neither of them home since their house also lacked air conditioning. The wife was particularly concerned with all the female hikers and joggers in the adjacent densely wooded nature preserve; the majority of the nature/jogging trails were quite isolated, herself as a jogger knew, with many hidden and secluded glens throughout, hence the popularity with couples with romance on their minds. After observing the Rotty inspecting the damage and then walking away after his curiosity was satisfied, then checking on him periodically for awhile, they reluctantly decided to let him stay out anyway during the day thinking he could not get through the dense tangle.

The afternoon came and Jessica walked home and to her horror noticed the fallen tree on the fence corner. She thought to herself,

“I hope they kept that damn dog inside”.
“Is there another way I can go?
It's really hot out here and no other streets connect and the hiking/jogging trail does not dip down behind our house.
They must have kept him inside or something.”

She considered these thoughts, surveyed the situation, and decided it was too hot and to take a chance and she proceeded on.

At the same spot she had done hundreds of times before, she switched to the other side of the street to turn the corner, however, Jessica heard the dog in the yard do its daily ritual and run up against the fence to bark and lunge and then run to the damaged fence corner.

The dense tangle of tree limbs began shaking and then a very large black head appeared. Jessica noticed this and her heart began to race and she began to walk faster past the house, maybe if she walked faster and got away the dog would calm down, it appeared he could not get thru the tree limbs except for his head. The dog for which she had never seen before pulled his head back and then reappeared in a different spot, only this time his head and shoulders were showing.

He gave out one loud bark; a clearer more audible bark than Jessica had ever heard from him before and she instantly knew “The dog is going to get through that tangle…Oh Shit!” A million thoughts raced through her head on what to do, she didn't know if she should freeze, run, call for help or anything.

She instinctively turned around to see what was going on and made eye contact with the dog she was afraid of for six years. It was a very large black & tan Rottweiller perhaps the largest Rottweiller she had ever seen, and must be at least160 pounds if not more. The Rottweiller could sense her fear, barked at her once, and began to earnestly work his way through the tangle.

Jessica broke out into a fast run. She had no idea how close the Rottweiller was but she knew she was going to be chased, she hoped her head start and her great physical shape from long hilly jogs would get her to her house. Her best bet would be to turn the corner up to her house, go up the winding drive hopefully shielded from view from the dog and hide in the yard surrounded by tall dense shrubs where they had a small garden that was behind a stonewall that had small accesses on both side.

The Rottweiller had given chase and actually was never in sight of Jessica the majority of the way but he knew her scent from the past years combined with his sharp hearing. Jessica had enough separation to get down the drive and into her front yard as she had planned unseen. As she entered the gate of the low stonewall in the front yard, she crouched down below the level of the wall and followed the wall before she stopped, her heart was racing from her fright and her running as fast as she could. Her front door was still several yards away. She waited for a few minutes and when she heard nothing she figured the ordeal was over. She got up and walked down the stone path to her door.

As she turned the corner, the Rottweiller was standing there on the stone pathway looking right at her. She wouldn't be able to get to the door and open it but thought she could back away and try to make her way to the backdoor thru all the concealing landscaping which hid the house so well from the street and helped it to blend in with the nature preserve in the rear of the property. The Rottweiller approached where he had known her to be and let out a growl.

Jessica was on her knees with her shapely ass bent over. The short sundress she had worn that day was a mess now, covered with grass and leaves and small bits of broken branches, huddled and scrunched up from her trying to get around in the concealing shrubbery in her attempt to avoid her pursuer. Her blonde hair was flowing at the front and sides of her face. The tops of her 36C breasts had been dislodged from the miniscule built in shelf bra of the sundress by a branch her dress had snagged on and were now exposed, the nipples hard from fright. The Rotty and Jessica's eyes locked at a distance closer than she ever imagined they would at the Rotty's height. She was sure at the very least she was going to be mauled badly by this savage dog who had now followed her for the better portion of several hundred feet.

She was tired, scared, and in a state of shock all at once. She decided the best thing to do was not make a move. A very small sigh of relief washed over her as the Rotty simply began pacing around her. She wondered what he was doing. The Rotty had at this point was circling Jessica and smelling what amounted to every inch of her exposed body. The dog was sniffing her pussy and ass behind her mesh panties. Jessica had a pussy and ass that had made her very few serious boyfriends very happy and a future husband that would make him ecstatically happy some day. A few years back, tired of all the shaving and waxing, both Jessica and Kate had gone to a laser hair removal clinic and had their entire genital area denuded except for a very small area that was shaped like a triangle and a small narrow stripe above their pussies. Her pussy lips were small and thick and when aroused would openly part of their own volition. Her clit was slightly larger than normal and her few past serious boyfriends could easily make her cum many times by sucking on it. However, in the present a momentary false sense of security made Jessica try to get up.

This did not make the Rotty happy. He nudged his nose at her thong panties actually slightly lifting her and then put the whole of his weight on her back. Outweighed by the Rotty straddling her and between his stout front legs, Jessica realized she could not move and remained still again. She wasn't sure exactly what the Rotty wanted at this point she just wanted this whole episode to be over. The Rotty now again placed his body on her back with his front paw around her waist and began to try humping her clothed back. The mixture of the sweaty smell of Jessica's pussy that was heated due to the frantic running along with the sweat rolling off Jessica had gotten him excited.

Jessica had hoped with her thong panties still on, that he would eventually get tired of attempting to hump her and go away. She looked down between her legs and with horror saw what appeared to be the tip of the Rottweiller penis come through his sheath wildly humping away at her smooth thighs, her ass, thrusting toward her stomach. Jessica could see and feel powerful jets of hot precum wildly shooting all over her mesh thong panty covered pussy, the copious precum squirting thru the open mesh weave panty and saturating her pussy with fluid, precum already starting to drip from her saturated panties as well and running down her legs. Briefly she thought how hot it felt and the similarity of a syringe squirting. After a few moments the Rotty dismounted and was clearly frustrated, her short sundress was well rucked up over her shapely tight ass and lay in the small of her back.

A third time he attempted to mount her, Jessica again looked under her legs at the errant thrusting and her eyes widened in fright as she saw the thick fullness and length of the Rottweiller cock. She had never had a real cock that large or long. It was about 7 inches at this point exposed, but more still hidden, a mixture of shades of purple and red, veins running along the entire length. She could feel the disgusting tool again squirting hot pre cum all over her body and running down her legs. A few misguided humps rubbed the dog's cock against the bottom most portion of her panty covered pussy, while her panty was an open mesh weave, the weave opening was small enough in diameter to prevent the cock from penetrating through but not the squirting tip. She was still scared stiff that this dog had now made 3 attempts to rape her. Involuntarily, the dog’s seesawing cock and the hot squirting precum hitting her mesh panty covered pussy had started to make her own juices flow.

This didn't go unnoticed.

The Rotty dismounted. The biggest mistake of all was made next. The Rotty reached out his powerful tongue to her upper leg and pussy juncture and licked long and hard once, the tongue actually forcing part of her panty to one side momentarily, stunning Jessica and freezing her in place again. For whatever reason, Jessica figured giving the Rotty access to lick her pussy a few times would satisfy whatever was going on and cause him to leave. The entire ordeal had gone on for 15 or so minutes now. She slowly slid one hand to her waist and very slowly started pulling down her thong panties without getting out of the position on her knees.

This was a fantasy sight to behold, a beautiful 26 year old blonde hair blue eyed bombshell half naked with a very large muscular Rottweiller stalking around her. The Rotty stuck his cold nose at her now exposed pussy and she jumped forward. The Rottweiller knew with a little more work he was going to get what he wanted whether she knew it or not.

He pushed his cold nose forcefully against her ass causing her to raise it higher. Then he pushed hard with his nose against the inside of her left thigh, which made her spread her legs a little more. She had realized the Rotty was going to do whatever he wanted and she was not strong enough to prevent anything and at this point she was so emotionally and physically exhausted half of her wanted to resist and half of her wanted to give in so it would be over.

The dress had now slipped to her lower back due to her new arched state; the Rotty put his front paws around her waist again. She lowered her head to see his hard thick long, extremely hot, cock shooting disgustingly copious amounts of pre-cum all over her, giving little jumps when it squirted directly onto her pussy or her exposed tightly clenched anus, again she briefly thought about the feeling of the hot powerful squirts. She watched his cock slip and miss many times, trying to anticipate his next move so she could deftly shift her hips away from his intended target or worse, her ass. Jessica was afraid because the few boyfriends she had have sex with had not had a cock this large and she could now see the Rotty had even more than just the seven inches she saw exposed.

And then finally, the Rotty found his mark and the tip impaled her tight pussy. Jess felt something enormous being pushed in and vaginal muscles involuntarily clenched down on the uninvited invader.

The Rotty’s cock seemed to just batter at her flesh without much penetration due to the massive girth of his cock and Jessica now consciously clamping down on the invader to prevent further penetration, hoping he would quickly become dislodged, discouraged or quickly get off from just the shallow penetration, then she felt it go just a bit deeper…

It Won’t Fit In!
Let Me Go You Bastard!

Then Jess realized there was no getting away since a few inches of his cock was now in her pussy: the Rotty was holding tight to her hips to where she could not move, and it was just a matter of time before her muscles tired from clenching. Jess then realized the Rotty was still shooting copious amounts of hot precum into her from his shallow penetration as she could feel the hotness migrating deeper inwards, then started feeling her pussy stretch as his thick cock slowly slipped in deeper. With a sigh of resignation, she tentatively began to relax her muscles as much as she could and she spread her legs further apart, Jess then felt the massive cock enter a little more.

The cock seesawed back and forth and each thrust forced a little more in and then Jess let out a shrill scream as the massive cock invaded her to a depth and breadth she had never experienced before with such brute force and suddenness, she could have been heard for miles away she thought.
She could feel nothing but the massive cock that completely filled her insides then the little humping motions gradually grew into powerful thrusting ones!

Jessica thought
“I don’t even fuck myself this hard with even one of my dildo’s”
As she struggled to get away from the massive tool being driven to depths she had never experienced.

Feeling the warm sensation of Jessica's tight pussy now massaging every bit of his cock the Rottweiller began to quickly saw his cock in and out of Jessica's body. Tears rolled down her face as the beast savagely fucked her, as she had never before experienced. She looked between her swaying breasts to her widely splayed legs to see the massively thick cock appear, then disappear, appear, then disappear into her pussy with loud squishing noises, fluid spraying from around the massive shaft with each plunge, fluid coursing down her pussy and rolling off her exposed clit. Even with all the precum lubrications, the pain from the massively thick and very long cock in her tight passage was excruciating and she bit her lips as hard as she could because she didn't want to make any more noise. What would someone say if they heard her initially scream and came to find out what was going, to help her, only to see her getting fucked by a dog, but this was a remote chance due to the house being so secluded and a good distance away from any neighbors. With this thought, she became alarmed as the thought that Kate may happen to be home early for a change!

The Rotty was humping hard and fast for what seemed like forever when it had only really been a few moments due to the time dilation from the huge adrenalin spike course through Jessica’s body. Jessica could not believe this was happening, that she was having sex with a dog. Involuntarily, and as bad as she didn't want it to, the pain of getting fucked by this dog was subsiding. Small waves of pleasure washed over her body and the massive cock sawed in and out, making loud lewd slurping noises with each thrust. After a few minutes, she would have begun to moan if she wasn't so scared of being caught in case Kate heard her if she was in the house.

She even began to hump back a little at her rapist, in part rationalizing that it would make the Rotty get off faster and shorten this experience but ignoring the fact that she was getting a degree of pleasure from it. Without quite realizing it, Jess was soon humping back against the thrusting cock trying to match tempos. The pleasure however started to turn to pain again as at the base of the Rotty's cock, a ball began to form and was trying to enter her pussy, battering away at her tight portal, but as with all portals, it gradually began to fail. Jess could feel her pussy begin to painfully stretch little by little and then the battering ball began to edge in with each thrust, withdraw, and then feel it go a little bit more in with the next thrust. Soon she felt like she was going to be split in half, never had her pussy been opened this far before even during her annual gynecological exam with the speculum. She had no idea what it was or if this was even normal. The Rotty humped even harder as he instinctually wanted to make sure this gorgeous woman was flooded full of his cum and none of it would escape her womb, as his own mistress had trained him…

His knot pushed hard against her flared vaginal lips as he pulled her backward onto his swelling bulge painfully stretching her tight vaginal entrance. Jessica instinctively spread her legs as wide as possible to lessen the pain and the knot slipped in. Jessica's eyes popped as it went fully into her violently stretched pussy. Amazingly the knot still had not swelled to the point of no return and the battering had exhausted the muscles of her pussy entrance. The knot, not fully swollen yet, was now being rapidly thrust in and back out of Jessica’s tight entrance, Jess body eventually accommodated his massive girth and she began to enjoy his rhythmic fucking of her as she began moaning feeling the exquisite sensation of the ball like knot rapidly passing in and out of her tight entrance. With each thrust she could feel the new addition pulling at her flared swollen vaginal lips as the pace increased. Every stroke her lips spread wide as the swelling knot pulled itself free only to be thrust back in, but soon the thrusting tempo incrementally began to slow as the swelling knot grew in size as it became more difficult for it to be withdrawn and then thrust back in. From long experience with his mistress and instinct, he knew now was the time to make sure his knot stayed in and with a final thrust the knot was in and then swelled to the point where they were locked together.

With this final thrust, the knot inside now started rapidly swelling forcing the cock to become embedded deeper. Jess silently screamed as she felt the cock slowly push past her cervical entrance as the knot swelled and than began to be seesawed in/out of the entrance slowly advancing up her cervical tunnel with the Rotty’s now small humping motions, with shock Jessica felt the cock reach and then seesaw within her womb, the tip of his cock well within her womb, pain once again gave away to pleasure from the small in/out thrusting and feeling the initial powerful hot squirts directly into her womb jetting and needling the walls of her womb. Jess looked down at herself, impaled on the beast’s gargantuan cock. Her firm hard nippled breasts shook with each pounding thrust. A sudden liquid warmth in her womb began to blossom and spread. The stimulation of the cock thrusting in and out of her womb was leading up to intensive multi-orgasmic period

Jess could feel her orgasm enveloping her as a primal scream was wrenched from her lungs. Again and again the guttural cry rent the air until her hoarse voice began to give out as she
experienced the most intense repeated body racking earth shattering shuddering multiple orgasms she had ever experienced. Being a combination of big balls slapping against her hard swollen protruding clit, a G-spot orgasm from the pressure of the large knot embedded within her pressing and rubbing against the G-Spot, combined with the cock going deep inside up into the cervical tunnel and feeling actual thrusting into her womb culminating in feeling the hot cum explode directly into the womb. A explosion of a very large copious quantity of hot fluid for more powerful than the precum ejaculations. Feeling each ejaculation jet and needle the walls of her womb and then physically feeling the hot warmth spreading as well as the fluid pressure building up in the womb from the copious quantities being explosively and powerfully ejaculated. And it went on and on, for a full three minutes of continuous and voluminous ejaculations that then very slowly tapered off.

The knot and the Rotty's penis was now rubbing portions inside her pussy she never thought possible, none she had certainly reached while fingering herself or with her dildos. Her G spot was being intensely stimulated as she shuddered with an overwhelming involuntary orgasm, the likes of which she had never experienced before. Jess could feel his swollen knot throbbing against her G-spot, could feel the Rotty further slow his humping as powerful squirts of hot liquid blasted her womb like a fire hose squirting hot water, completely filling then swelling her womb with an intense pressure and warmth – the backpressure of the fluid flowed back along the massive invader and squirted out of the constricted entrance of her pussy where it overflowed and ran down the back of her legs and poured over her pussy and clit. Another shuddering orgasm shattered her to the core with an intensity she had never experienced… She wondered if this behavior was normal, the dog, and hers…

The Rotty had released her hips and due to his immense size just stood there straddling her back with his knot tightly locked in her for what seemed like an eternity. Jess began to hump back against it, addicted to the feeling of having the deepest portions of her pussy rubbed by his cock and the feeling of the swollen throbbing knot stimulating her G spot. A feeling began to swell in her belly and she humped faster against the cock. The feeling of hot copious cum still being shot into her pussy and still coming out of her and running down her pussy and dripping off her clit and stomach for some reason felt amazing to her and she continued to rock on his knot. Finally, her entire body shook as she orgasmed again.

After about 15 minutes of being tied the Rotty, he began to dismount from Jessica, figuring he had satisfied his new mistress as he was trained to do.

Jessica felt the unfamiliar sensation of the cock being slowly pulled out of her now soaking and used pussy. As Jessica tensed from feeling the knot trying to come out, the knot once again hung up at her entrance and then first one side of the knot and then the other side slowly wedged out then with a rush pop out. Feeling the knot reemerge, Jessica let out a low moan and then a long sigh as the rest of the long and still massively thick cock slowly slithered out. As the still swollen cock finally withdrew completely, a gush of cum poured out and ran down her pussy and fell off her clit in a long stream as well as her abdomen forming a large puddle. She was spent physically and emotionally. She looked over at the Rotty and was astounded at the size of the cock she had just been fucked with, never could she had imagined taking something that size! From tip to beginning of the knot was more than nine plus inches! Then she realized she had to add the additional length of the inserted length of the knot itself and the size of the knot! She wondered how big it was when it was inside her!
The swell of emotions was too much for her and she began to cry. She slowly got up, wondering what the dog would do next.

The Rotty pranced around her for a few more moments then sat down and started to lick himself. Jessica didn't care anymore what would happen, he could attack her for all she cared but she had had enough and was going inside. As she walked to the backdoor to her house, cum ran all down her legs with the Rotty closely following behind. As she mounted the first step to the backdoor, the Rotty saw a good opening and got in a good long lick at her exposed pussy from front to back causing Jess to jump followed by a tremble and then her knees became suddenly weak, mounting the second step with difficulty the same thing happened again and Jess stumbled against the door, the Rotty now with his head firmly against her ass and lashing his tongue over her pussy and delving the tip in as Jessica fumbled with the door and the two locks and did a slow roll into the entrance trying to keep the Rotty out and slammed it shut behind her. Trembling with the lingering sensation of the lascivious tongue and weak knees that would no longer support her, she sank to the floor. It was awhile until she could recover her strength to mount the upstairs to her bedroom and a long hot shower, what was to be the longest shower of her life. Outside the Rotty panted in the heat and eventually left.

The rest of the day her body ached. She was scratched up from the bushes and bruised. She threw on a set of silk lounging pants for the rest of the day and managed to pull it together enough to finish her homework, eat dinner, and go to sleep before Kate came home. All she could think about before bed was what had happened during the day. She felt guilt, she felt dirty, and she felt bad, especially remembering the few times she was actually fucking back against the cock. She was conflicted about that, was it her attempt to get it over with as quickly as possible or was it something else? She replayed the whole scene a million times and wondered what she could have done differently. She was able to come to one solid conclusion: She promised herself to never walk home that way again.

The next morning her roommate Kate struck up the guy conversation on their way to campus and after what had happened the day before, she was irritated and curt.

“Look Kate, I don't want to talk about guys today
Anything else but guys”
She exclaimed.

“What's the matter Jess?”
Kate asked.

“Nothing, everything is fine”
She sharply replied.

Kate figured she was just in a bad mood and left it at that. She'd try to talk to Jessica when she wasn't acting so angry she figured later in the day.

Jess had put on old worn low-rise jeans and a t-shirt. She had her hair back in a ponytail. It was one of those low maintenance days. She didn't care she did not take the time to make herself up today, not that she needed to anyway. One day out of the hundreds she didn’t give a damn.

She had asked a few friends for a ride home but they were busy. She had wished Kate had gotten off class earlier so she could get a ride home with her. The afternoon came and the walk home was longer. A lot longer.

“If he doesn't see me or hear me I'll be alright.” She thought to herself.

She took the long way around another street, the only other way, which hooked in walking past her usual turning point. She was going to have to come back down the same direction but she could approach her house from the opposite direction.

She walked up the long winding driveway to their secluded house and approached her door still a little shaken by 24 hours prior; it was another bright sunny hot day. She passed thru the front gate in the low laying stonewall of the front yard, turned the corner of the walkway and gasped.

There he lay, under the shade of one of the large trees, the same Rottweiller from the previous day. He knew the way now, he had the approximate time she would walk from the past several years, he could easily leap over the low stone wall and not be seen due to the landscaping and the way the house was situated way back on the property, and he was waiting. He was simply panting and not as threatening today as he had been the day before.

Jessica got the sense he wasn't as aggressive today but she wasn't going to take any chances. “Good dog” she said dejectedly as she slowly walked down the path toward her door. The Rotty barked at her as she fumbled to put the key in the first of the locks. The jingling noise they made startled him and sensing that she was not interested or was ignoring him wasn't something he was going to allow. He nudged her forcefully against her ass causing Jess to fall a bit toward the door. The door wasn't going to allow her to fall forward into the position he needed, nor had Jess had the opportunity to fully insert the key to turn the deadbolt lock as well as the doorknob lock.

He grabbed her tee shirt with his teeth and tugged Jess back into the grassy front yard pulling Jessica down after several tugs. Jessica didn't want to be mauled, though she wanted to kill this dog now for his aggressive and dominating ways. She had thought of struggling for a second straight day but didn't want to chance what would happen if she did. She could get mauled or bit.

She had never imagined having sex like this. There was no cuddling, no kissing, just a hard pounding messy fuck with an explosive release at the end. She had no idea she had consented, she had only figured she was taking the fastest path out of the situation.

Realizing there was no way out of this, she sat there a moment with the Rotty staring intently at her, then while still on the ground, she took off her jogging shoes. She undid her jeans and grabbed her panties at the same time; she lifted her ass up and pulled them off. Feeling the cool grass against her ass cheeks being a similar sensation of the way she now felt she thought.

With only her tee shirt on, she rolled over onto her knees and spread her legs far apart for the Rotty to fuck her. Her tan lined body with the lighter shades where her skimpy bikini had covered her, seemingly beckoning to the erogenous areas. He was very excited and started to lick her legs and rapidly reached her pussy, the tongue repeatedly dragging over her pussy, over her clit, then back up between the open cleft of her buttocks over her tightly clenched anus. To her horror Jessica realized that she was becoming aroused, the rough tongue, flicking relentlessly across her clitoris, was producing an automatic response, and she had no power to control it. She was mortified even as her arousal increased and she felt her juices began to flow as she futilely tried to suppress her growing pleasure. Soon she felt the beginnings of her orgasm, it was out on the horizon, but was coming in like a Tsunami.

The tongue tip occasionally dragged deeply between her labial lips causing her to shudder. From previous experience and training, the Rotty sensed her arousal and then hopped on her back. His front paws however kept slipping off of her. The loose shirt was not providing an adequate grip. She did not like the feel of his cum all of over her, and she was getting tired of having his weight on and off her back.

She took off her shirt then her bra and the rotty was once again was too happy to keep trying and he wrapped his front paws around her, luckily he had his dew claws removed and his nails were trimmed to a short smooth bluntness. She just wanted it to be over and the sooner it started the sooner it would be. Rather than letting him fumble around, miss his mark at her legs, or worse find the wrong hole, she resigned herself and slowly reached her left arm between her legs and grabbed a hold of the Rotty’s red and purple cock as she arched her ass upwards and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy.

He instantly felt the sensation of heat from her pussy against his cock and he began to hump forward more forcefully but still not trying to drive it in. His grip tightened around her hips as he drew her hips slowly backwards and slowly impaled the tip into her pussy and beyond. At this penetration, the climax that had been building in her suddenly exploded! It was all she could do to hold herself steady, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, her orgasm causing her vaginal muscles to rhythmically contract and then relax several times.

With Jess’s vaginal muscles rhythmically contracting, the tip advanced in and he started to thrust with longer strokes, her vagina, now further relaxing relax from the stroking in and out as well as the orgasmic release, begin to accommodate his massive thickness and then his length. Sooner than the first time, he was pumped away driving his full length in and out increasing his pace with loud schlepping noises from the massive pistoning shaft and the fluid. She could feel his hot breath panting over her shoulder. She unsuccessfully tried to suppress her increasing arousal, as involuntarily the tight muscular walls of her pussy again massaged the Rotty’s massive cock. He was filling her with his copious cum again. She could feel the powerful hot squirts, the warmth spreading deeper…

For the second day in a row Jess betrayed herself at the sensation of cum being shot into her pussy and began to hump back with her firm dark tan contrasted 36 C boobs swaying in the warm summer air. The intense pressure at the base of his cock began to swell and again lodged itself into her pussy very uncomfortably and swelled to the size of a baseball, the cock now lodged into her womb. She relaxed her body, her mind, and her muscles – totally immersed in the sensation. He was filling her and she was enjoying the feeling, just concentrating on the feeling and not what was causing it, something that her years of meditation had taught her to do. To blank everything out except that one pleasurable feeling and getting lost into it. The thought and feeling of hot copious cum blasting into her like a fire hose filling her womb sent her to an explosive shuddering orgasm with a loud ecstatic outcry. She realized she was now slightly okay with the fact as long as she could feel like she was getting fucked, have tremendous orgasms and feel all that hot pre-cum and cum pumped into her and just solely concentrate on the feeling and not what was causing it. It had been such a while since she actually had real sex. Getting herself off wasn’t like the real thing. She even started to rationalize that she was getting off and it was a great stress release.

She looked between her legs, her lover no longer humping anymore, just feeling the deep full spreading warmness of her womb and pussy, actually feeling the swelling pressure in her womb and enjoying the sensations.
She came again.
After another 15 minutes or so it the cock began to emerge.

Jessica again felt the unworldly sensation of the massively thick and long cock being slowly pulled out of her soaking and sore pussy. Again Jessica tensed from feeling the knot trying to come out, the knot once again hung up at her entrance and then first one side of the knot and then the other side slowly wedged out, then with a rush, pop out but faster this time since her pussy was sore and the vaginal muscles fatigued from the previous experience. Again feeling the knot reemerged, Jessica let out another low moan and then a long sigh as the rest of the long and still massively thick cock slowly slithered out. As before, the still swollen cock finally withdrew completely, a gush of cum poured out and ran down her pussy and fell off her clit in a long stream as well as her abdomen forming a large puddle. After resting a few minutes Jess picked up her clothes and slowly entered her home with unsteady steps.

Kate had known something unusual had been going on the past few days with Jessica. She had been acting strange and as a best friend it drove her mad when she couldn't quite figure out why or how to make Jessica feel better. They had always shared with each other. All the more worrisome were what she had found in Jessica's clothes while she was doing their laundry. Some grass and leaves, unfamiliar stains.

The evening Jessica had her second encounter with the dog, her bedroom door opened with Kate standing in the doorway, she then came in and sat down next to Jessica. Kate gently asked, Jess what the hell is going on? Have you been assaulted?” Kate gently asked as she hugged Jessica and took her hand.

What was Jessica supposed to say to Kate?
Tell her truth?
No way!
What would she say to that?
She was far too embarrassed to tell anyone what had happened these last two days. Her silence only increased Kate’s concern more.

”No Kate, nothing like that.
Look, I really do not want to talk about it right at this time, I’m okay”
She was barely able to reply back with the way Kate was treating her.

She was clearly lying, and they both knew it. Deciding not to press her any more Kate dropped the conversation, hugged her again for a long moment and gave her a quick peck on the cheek and then left.

The strange pattern in Jessica's behavior continued. Though knowing that her clothes had given away she didn't want to talk about it and Kate was still not clear exactly what was happening. Usually about three times a week for the next couple of weeks when she got home the Rottweiller was waiting for her.

Jess would ensure she was alone by checking for Kate’s car in the garage. By now the Rotty would follow her around the outside of the house and would keeping bumping her ass until she got down, once Jess was assured that Kate was not home she would take off whatever she was wearing that day and then assuming the position, feeling him mount her, Jess would grab his cock and guide it to the right place and that is how she would remain, most times trying to remain somewhat quiet until he was finished but often times not succeeding and now knowing no one could hear her due to simple distance and screening. Some days she was more into than others and to her amazement she would have multiple tremendous orgasms, unlike the times with her past boyfriends. Regardless, she always had more than one orgasm.

The Rottweiller also became accustomed to this routine. His fussing died down once he learned that she would let him fuck her whenever he pleased. Where as before the first two times he would growl, circle, and display aggression he would just wait patiently now. Even though Jessica did enjoy the sex, it always out of fear. Again the meditation helped her to transition and focus her concentration on the feeling, just the feeling.

Kate finally decided she was going to investigate matters on her own since Jessica’s strange behavior was still continuing. Since she did not have class the next day, Kate decided to lay out by the wading pool then throw her wrap on and early in the afternoon tail Jessica home from campus once she came off the trail and onto the neighborhood streets. If it wasn't happening at campus, it was definitely happening after and since Jessica only walked home, or so she claimed, that's where it must have been happening she figured. The easiest place to start were the streets and if she did not see anything happening there, then she would have to do a little in depth planning to see if it was happening in the nature preserve and to remain unobserved.

Kate dozed off in the sun and later woke up with a start. Glancing at her watch she realized she did not have time to change clothes if she wanted to tail Jessica covertly so she just threw on her terry cover-up and grabbed her car keys. Kate parked her car away from the house and then waited out of sight near the trail entrance where Jessica would emerge and then go into the neighborhood. Kate tailed Jessica by hiding and staying back several hundred feet. When Jess arrived at their home, Kate had felt like the entire plan was a waste of time. There was nothing. Once Jess entered their property she would loose track of her since they had such a long winding driveway that led to their secluded house.

Upon walking up to the low stonewall entrance, she saw Jessica’s backpack where the path curved into the front garden area and then led to the front door. The stone wall, the shrubbery, and the trees had been blocking her view since she neared the house as well as the long approach to the house. As she rounded the pathway Kate saw a pile of clothes and a pair of jogging shoes on the walkway. She recognized the clothes as having been what Jessica had been wearing a few seconds prior. Her heart started to race.

Kate turned the corner and screamed in horror. Her beautiful sweet best friend was on her hands and knees, completely naked and still, while a massive Rottweiller pistoned away at her pussy, the only audible sound was the constant slurping of his very long and thick cock knifing in and out.

“Oh My God, Jessica, What Is Going On!!?
Let Me Help You!”
Kate yelled out.

Kate took two steps forward to instinctively get this beast off Jessica.
The Rotty barked harshly.

“Kateee” Jessica mumbled loudly through gritted teeth.
“Don't come near him, just let him finish, it will be over soon, he'll let me go”.

Kate's eyes were bulging out of her head; she didn't know what to do. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. She didn't heed Jessica’s warning and she slowly took another step toward them.
The Rottweiller barked again.
This new woman’s aggressive movement toward them was clearly trying to get in the way of his fucking.

Where Jessica had momentarily thought she would begin to experience the feel of the Rotty’s knot, she suddenly felt air.
He had dismounted her and was now growling at Kate.

“Jessica, what's he doing?”
Kate asked shakily.

“I-I-I don't know Kate.”
She answered.

“Here let me try to calm him down.”

It was going to be impossible with him distracted to get intercourse going again. She had another idea she had never imagined entertaining, especially now in front of Kate.

“Listen Kate, I'm going to try something, if he calms down you need to slowly move toward the house and then get in as fast as you can. Do you understand?”

Kate was breathing heavily, terrified, sickened, and scared.
It took every ounce of her being to nod.

Jess bent over again near his legs where his cock was hanging and reached out to grab it slowly. He took a few steps around because the feeling was strangely different. Kate started to take a few steps away back toward the house.

As though Jessica wasn't there he pulled away from her, pulling his cock from her hand, and in just a few quick steps was in front of Kate blocking her way to the house.

Kate was wearing a short snap button terry cover-up over her skimpy bikini. This was the skimpy barely-there bikini she wore while tanning in the backyard but wore a more modest one when at the beach. The Rotty hoped up against her putting his front paws on her chest and instantly snagged a snap button as Kate fell backwards onto the dense grass.

Stunned for a moment by the shock that she was now on the ground, Kate lay there propped up by her elbows, her cover-up partially unbuttoned and her legs splayed, then the Rotty pushed his nose hard between her spread legs and forcefully against her bikini covered pussy.

“What does he want from me?” Kate yelled out. “Get away from me!”

Stunned at these events, Jessica replied
“Kate, he wants to fuck you”.

Oh My God. How do you know that?
No Way!”
said Kate.

Kate wasn't about to let the dog “fuck her”, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. She took her arm and swatted at him. The Rottweiller retaliated by leaping forward and grabbing her cover-up and tugging on it forcing the rest of the snaps to let go revealing Kate’s body, her chest and breasts heaving heavily from her fright. Kate was shocked. She froze; the beast stood over her as she held herself propped up and then the Rotty lashed his long powerful tongue up between her string bikini covered breasts and then across one breast licking the salt and scented tanning oil from her body.

“What do I do now?”
She cried to Jessica. Tears were rolling down Kate's face in fear. Jessica, still naked, tried petting him and enticing him to pay attention to her one more time. He appeared mildly amused but did not let stop licking Kate’s breasts, neck and stomach. Then he pushed his large powerful head between her legs widely splaying them and started licking at the junction where the very small triangle of fabric covered her pussy, pushing the fabric up into her pussy folds.

Feeling this Kate went stock still and looked at Jess
“Please Jess, make him stop”

“I'm, I'm sorry Kate
This is what he did to me, he is too strong to stop and he may get aggressive if I tried to stop him, you saw what he did when you tried”

She tried her best to spit out the words she never thought in her life she'd be saying to Kate,

“You're going to have to let him have you.”

Tears strolled down Kate's face.

“I'm not going to let him hurt you Kate, you have to trust me. He's forced me to do this a few times now, and as long as you let him have what he wants it will be okay,” Jessica added, trying to reassure her.

“Sorry Kate, but I have to do this for your sake”

The humiliation Kate felt was more than any she had ever felt before. Her naked best friend, who minutes earlier she had caught having sex with this dog now trying to save her by getting her to have sex with the same beast.

Jessica was completely nude; she reached out to the cover-up and slipped it off revealing Kate in her skimpy bikini. She slowly tugged the side string ties of the bikini bottom, which then fell off Kate. Jessica was now staring straight at the hairless pussy that had just a tightly shaved triangle of hair above it. The results of laser hair removal that totally denuded her as well as Jessica. She sighed.

At the sight of the second human vagina the Rotty excitedly and repeatedly began nosing the juncture of Kate’s legs slowly spreading them.
She was sickened.

“I can't believe this Jess.
You're asking me to fuck this dog!”
She cried.

“Kate it's the only way.
He'll bite us both if you don't do what he wants”
Jessica answered.

There they were, Kate and Jessica. Jessica wearing nothing, Kate reclining backwards still propped up by her elbows only with a tiny bikini top on that barely covered the tips of her firm full D cup breasts, watching the Rotty slowly forcing her legs apart.

The dog stuck his snout at Kate's pussy and gave a long powerful penetrating lick that plowed up between Kate’s vaginal lips once causing Kate to go stock still with the shock and sensation, as she uttered a slight shuddering noise from the sensation. Again and again the powerful tongue lavishly parted Kate’s vaginal lips and drove up and over her clit, and despite herself, Kate let out small moans despite her horror of her body betraying her with increasing arousal.

Jess observed the tongue had repeatedly plowed up between Kate’s vaginal lips and had caused the vaginal lips to swell and then openly part, heightening the sensation as well as better access of the tongue that continued to assault her as it raked her from bottom to top.

“Okay Kate, now get your hands and knees.
Arch your back with your ass up.
He needs to know you're offering your pussy to him willingly”
Jessica instructed.

Tears continued to roll down Kate's face from sparkling green eyes. She did as instructed. While on her hands and knees, she tried one last time to get up and escape from it all, she wasn't about to let this happen. The Rottweiller growled behind her at this attempt, and then swiftly laid his weight on her back.

“KATE, Don’t!”
Jessica cried out in shock as Kate tried to futilely rise up.

Kate slowly got back into position.
Jessica got behind her where the Rotty was who had now dismounted prior to another attempt.

“I'm going to guide him in, it'll help with the mess and also protect you from getting it in the wrong hole” Jessica explained.

“I-I-I'm sorry Kate”
She said as a few tears strolled down her cheek.

She tentatively reached one hand out and parted Kate’s pussy lips. Kate jumped at her touch. Kate had dried up in the short time since the licking had stopped. This was going to be extremely uncomfortable for her and Jessica felt extremely guilty for the entire situation.

“Kate you're dry” She said, “It's going to hurt a lot if you're dry and probably him too, he won't like it and he might bite you. Just close your eyes, think about something else, and stay still. I have to get you wet and my fingers are not doing it. Please do not freak out even more than you are now, please just close your eyes and try to relax so we can get this over with”

Kate felt what she instantly knew to be Jessica's tongue licking her pussy.
Jessica’s first time giving oral to another woman.

Jessica was conflicted, she thought that Kate may be bi-sexual but here she was licking Kate’s pussy!

She tried to rationalize she was just trying to get Kate wet so this experience could be concluded as fast as possible. Kate looked between her legs to see her best friend licking, slurping, and wetting every part of her pussy inside and out. She would alternate between grabbing Kate’s clit in between her lips and licking her entrance. Kate couldn't help herself; she had forgotten the last time her pussy had been licked and the wonderful sensation of having her clit sucked on making it hard and throbbing as she spread her legs further apart, plus Jessica was doing a damn good job like she was really into it and doing it much better than most of her previous lovers! The Rotty was standing there intently watching as if trying to figure out what Jessica was doing as Jessica slowly stroked her hand down his flanks.

Jessica was completely disgusted at allowing things to go this far. She was a very intelligent woman and she should have thought of something to do after the first incident like calling animal control but she was so shocked and embarrassed by the incident and then it happened again. She wasn't sure which was worse, the dog repeatedly fucking her and causing such intense orgasms or getting caught by Kate.

Finally, Jessica could see that Kate was sufficiently lubricated and was surprised to actually see her spread her legs further apart to make it easier for her and to see Kate’s clit exposed and standing out hard. Kate’s labia had again become engorged from Jessica’s ministrations and had openly parted. Jessica surprisingly found herself aroused and realized it began when she felt Kate pushing her pussy against her tongue. She had never gone down on another woman before and realized she found the sensation interesting as well as the reaction.

The Rottweiller pushed his way between Jessica and Kate and gave a long powerful lick against Kate’s pussy causing Kate to go stock-still. Sensing she was ready he needed no encouragement of instruction; he hopped on her back again.

He began humping, and with every adjustment his cock would jump upwards and inch closer to Kate’s aching aroused pussy. That's when it happened. His cock repeatedly seesawed against her clit squirting pre-cum and Kate gasped. Kate has an exposed clitoral area and her clit was already hard and standing out prominently from Jessica’s licking and sucking on it, and when she was aroused it was well exposed, again and again his cock see-sawed across her clit, hot pre-cum powerfully squirting occasionally hitting her hard clit directly…and then, his cock found what it was looking for… …the largest cock Kate have ever felt began to enter but then Kate’s vaginal muscles clamped down onto it, stopping any further progress beyond a few inches of entry.

The beast knew what to do once he felt the feeling of a warm pussy against his cock. He instantly started to slowly increase his humping and inch-by-inch more cock was driven into Kate. Kate continued to clamp down to prevent further entry but with all the hot precum being squirted into her lubricating her tight passage, and her own involuntary arousal increasing from the hot squirting feeling, it wasn’t long before Kate involuntarily yelled out in pain at the surprise of having the entire length of the dog's nine inch plus cock being driven in altogether at once and bumping up against her cervical opening.

The Rotty began humping faster and soon was bucking his hips at a furious pace wrapping his powerful front paws around Kate locking her in place like he had done to Jessica many times before. All that could be heard was the familiar slurping noise of massive cock and pussy slamming into one another. Jessica could see Kate’s tight ass ripple as the dog pounded her furiously. Her hair and breasts bouncing up and down in rhythm. Kate closed her eyes and sobbed in shame. Jessica moved to the front of Kate and caressed her cinnamon hair and her cheeks. The furious pounding that Kate was experiencing had dislodged both of her tan contrasted hard nippled breasts from the tiny bikini top and they were swinging in time with each pounding thrust.

“It'll be over soon, Kate.
He'll start to cum in you and then he'll stop”
Jessica explained.

These words did not comfort Kate in any way. Here was her best friend explaining that the beast fucking her was going to cum in her. The dog was enjoying the tight sensations surrounding his cock as he drove the full length in and then withdrew almost full length before thrusting it back in. This pussy was different, but still felt wonderful. The wetness of Kate's pussy from Jessica's licking had helped a lot.

“I'm going to help you to stop getting knotted”
Jessica added.

Kate had no idea what she was talking about.

Jessica slipped back around and grabbed a hold of the Rotty’s now forming knot. She knew the amount of pain it initially caused entering, though once entered, it created an exploding G-spot organism as it swelled up inside and forcefully rubbed against the spot. She wasn't about to let Kate take that in considering the state that she was in. She held it at its base.

Kate could feel her vaginal canal being filled from each powerful stroke from the dog as more and more powerful hot spurts of cum filled her, filling the hot cum squirt directly against her cervical opening, copious cum started to run down the back of her leg. Kate looked down to see the massive red and purple penis moving in and out of her, bigger than anything she had ever experienced, silent tears ran down her cheeks as each powerful thrust caused her repeatedly utter “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh” in time with each thrust.

“How much longer Jessica?”
She cried.

“It's almost done, Kate.”

After 5 or 6 minutes, which felt to her like eternity, the Rotty had cummed all he could and was slowly shrinking. He slowly slipped out with a loud prolonged slurping noise and a torrent of cum rushed down Kate legs.

“Ewwwwwwww, ewwwwwwww, ewwwwwwww”
Kate squealed.

Both in shock, both in tears, they ran into the backyard and then into house, cum pouring down Kate’s legs as she ran.

They had a lot of talking to do later…

Once inside, Jessica got Kate into the shower and got in with her and gently soaped her up and caressed her with a loofa sponge for sometime until her sobbing and shaking calmed down, and then turned the three way valve that partly directed water into the douche hose they had installed a few years earlier. Jessica handed the nozzle tip to Kate who fumbled with it then dropped it. Jessica reached for the nozzle tip and Kate closed her trembling hand over Jessica’s and guided her hand to Kate’s pussy and gently inserted the nozzle, pressing Jessica’s hand firmly against her pussy and holding it there. Kate got weak at her knees and Jessica had to catch and support her as the water cleansed her pussy and further calmed her with the warm gushing water. Kate felt Jessica’s warm open hand cupping her pussy as she held the nozzle in, water gushing out of her pussy and flooding Jessica’s hand with water and up over her clit before spilling to the shower floor.

Jessica could feel the warmth from Kate’s pussy along with the erotic feel of the water gushing out. Jessica stood there supporting Kate with one arm under her shoulder and holding the douche nozzle in place with another hand, feeling Kate sag her pussy into her cupped hand.
Jessica started thinking back to last year after everyone had left the raucous bacherlorette party and Kate had passionately kissed her, which led to some intense fondling before they passed out. Suddenly Jessica realized that her loins were heating up. Again she felt uncomfortable with what just happened to her and Kate and the dog.

Silently, Jessica rebuked herself for getting horny at this time. Jessica slowly started removing the douche hose from Kate’s pussy when she felt Kate gently push her hand back into place against her pussy, at the same time, Kate fully turned herself into Jessica and pressed firmly against her with a slight moan. Jessica felt Kate start to tremble again and clung to her tightly to comfort her as the warm shower cascaded onto, over and in between them. Kate tightly pressed her hand against Jessica’s hand and trembled hard, knees once again going weak as a loud moan and then a sob erupted from Kate. With a start, Jessica realized that Kate’s trembling was not from remaining shock but from an orgasm!

Jessica helped Kate out of the shower, dried her and then herself off and walked Kate to the bed. Jessica quickly went downstairs and returned with two snifters of cognac filled almost to the brim and lay on top of the bed with Kate. Habitually, both slept nude due to the house lacking air conditioning, they lay there quietly not speaking and drank the cognac rather rapidly. Exhausted from the experience, Kate laid fully down, Jessica still calming the occasional tremors that ran thru Kate holding her close, and they both quickly fell asleep entwined together, feeling the cool breezes blowing across their bare skin from the open windows by the bed, the wind sighing thru the trees, the hint of rain coming from a late afternoon thunderstorm being carried on the breezes.

Early evening, the low rumble of thunder slowly awoke both women.

Kate turned into Jessica and snuggled into her, firmly pressing her body against Jessica and started gently caressing Jessica’s bare upper thigh, Kate’s face was inches from Jess’s.
Kate softly said

“Jess, we have to talk”…

So much had happened that afternoon neither knew where to begin. Jessica was comforting Kate who was incredibly stunned by the day's events but it was Kate who was initiating the conversation as well as snuggling into her. Jessica was thoroughly confused and stammered when she tried to say something. Kate reached up with a finger and gently placed it against Jessica’s lips quietly and gently silencing her, realizing that now was not the time to talk, perhaps later. Suddenly Jessica let out a wrenching sob which turned into a torrent with her body racking with emotions, Kate held her close and felt her hot tears splash onto her own cheeks and occasionally a hot molten teardrop onto her breast.

“It's alright Jess, you didn't do anything wrong it was what had to happen” Kate whispered over and over to Jessica, Kate herself confused over her emotions, her recent experience and her feelings with and for her best friend.

Jessica finally calmed and went to her own room to take another shower to calm down further as well as get the tears off her that she flooded her and Kate’s bodies with.

Kate as well decided to fill the large garden bathtub and light some scented candles to try to resolve conflicting emotions and purge her body and her mind, as thunder from the storm increased and resounded through the hills.

There was just so much to take in.
First the sight of her Jessica being raped? by the dog.
She wasn't sure what she had seen now.
Then the humiliation of being forced to be fucked by the dog.
Jessica licking her pussy causing her to be aroused despite being in a frightful situation.
Feelings of intense guilt washed over her.
How could she look at Jessica after this?
How would her Jessica look at her?
Where would they go from there?

Using some of the meditation techniques that Jessica taught her to focus her thoughts, she lay in the bath, listening to the rolling thunder, looking at the view out the large garden bathtub window and smelling the scented candles and she came to a resolute consensus. Her thought made her angry because it took so much concentration to come to this conclusion that she already known for a while.

Kate loved Jessica being her best friend and nothing would ever disrupt what each felt for the other, knowing this is one of those rare lifelong deeply intense loving relationships that would last no matter what happened.

Kate dried off and threw on her usual evening lounging clothes, a sheer short nightshirt, slit way up her thighs and no panties and went downstairs to find Jessica on the couch wearing a short translucent kimono robe gazing out the big picture window at the hills beyond and the stormy weather. Kate fixed them a couple of stiff drinks and sat down and leaned against her.

“How did this all start?”
She gently asked Jessica as she slowly caressed Jessica’s thigh and bared hip.

Jessica went through and explained the years of walking past the dog, the dog chasing her at the first opportunity, and how the dog used the same tactic he had used against her to fuck Kate. Kate's eyes widened during the entire story. The most alarming part was that this had all now become habitual for the dog and for Jessica.

“He waits for you in the front yard now?”
She asked.

Jessica explained,

“Over the years I guess he came to know my routine and what time I would walk by in the afternoon. Most days, he's now in our yard, waiting for me to come home. I've tried to get away, I've tried to be angry with him, and I’ve tried to be nice to him. But the second I start walking away and he gets the feeling he isn't going to be able to, you know, have me, he gets aggressive. I tried the only other way to get home after the first time, but he learned where we live after that first day. I was scared out of my mind the second day when I got home and he was waiting for me.”

Kate asked
“Why don't we ask the owners to repair the fence?”

”We don’t know who they are and I don't even know how to approach that house, what if he recognizes me, or smells me, and tries to initiate right there in front of homeowners. I'm not going to risk that.”

Jessica fell silent. She didn't know what to say. After a few moments she looked as though she was going to speak a few times and then stopped. Finally, she feebly said
“I don't know what else to do”.

Jessica was right to an extent, Kate immediately thought. She had been through a lot that day, but Jessica had done this several times by now and much more by going down on her to get her wet, deepening her own shock, first the dog, then Jessica combined made her helpless in accepting the events. Kate realized she couldn’t think of anything else to do either.

Kate took a deep breath trying to calm herself down and said”

“So what do we do now”.

“I don't know. I'm guessing our best bet is to wait until the fence is fixed.

Kate took a long breath and held it, made a decision and then let out a long sigh as she caressed Jessica’s bared hip and said

“Jessica, don’t get weird or freak out about what I’m fixing to tell you, you’re my best friend and always will be no matter what happens and it would tear me up if we could not have what I think will be a life long friendship, I love our relationship and living together and I love you and I hope you feel the same way. Jessica silently nodded and then squeezed Kate’s stroking hand and told her she didn’t have to say this, they both knew how each other felt and their friendship would indeed last forever, no matter what.

Kate took another deep breath and said “okay, this is the part I don’t want you to freak out about, I have to admit that I became really aroused from you going down on me and trying to calm me and then you taking such good and gentle care when we were in the shower. With that said, in hindsight, the experience was not that bad as I initially thought when it was happening, after all you were there. I guess it was just the shock of finding you, and then the dog being so aggressive toward me and I got scared. To tell you the truth, it had been awhile since I had sex except by my own hand and I actually had an orgasm”.

Jessica looked at Kate and quietly replied, “He quit being aggressive, I think, after the second time. After that, he would pull out and then lick all the cum juices off my legs, pussy and ass and invariably I would have another orgasm the licking felt so good”.

With an astounded look, Kate exclaimed
“Oh My Gosh Jessica!
How many times has he fucked you!!!?”

In reply, Jessica blushed furiously and mumbled something that Kate could not understand as she took a long deep sip from her drink.

Kate searchingly looked at Jessica and then rose from the couch trailing her fingers of one hand along Jessica’s reclining form then leaned down and gave Jess a quick peck on the lips during which she darted her tongue past Jessica’s lips and into her mouth.

Looking at Jessica’s astounded face, Kate gave her a big grin and saucily walked out of the room, Jessica’s astounded look transformed into her own big grin triggered with the sudden realization of her own instant arousal from the kiss as she watched Kate’s receding firm & muscular naked ass cheeks peeking below the hem of her transparent nightshirt.

The next day Kate and Jessica decided to drive by the house and take a look.
They got in the car and took the very short trip down the street to the house on the corner.
They came to the house and the tree was still down on the fence corner, the tangle was so dense you could not even tell there was a fence corner located there. It had been two weeks now and as they drove around the neighborhood and then the immediate vicinity, they now noticed all the down and damaged trees from the previous storm, realizing it may be awhile until a tree crew gets to the neighborhood. There was not a tree company in sight working except for the power company crews.

It was going to be a very long next few weeks or even month.

“Look Jessica, if this keeps up we have to try to figure out how to avoid the Rotty when he is in the yard and if you can’t avoid him, at least lure him into the back where it is really secluded and try to get away then or at least this will ensure it can't be observed by anyone else”.

Jessica agreed but then said something that startled Kate
“Kate, this goes for you too”…

As they returned to the neighborhood they drove past the house with the Rotty. This time in the front yard there was an extremely attractive tall well-built athletic woman in a bikini top and old faded short blue jean cutoffs loading up a lounge chair and cooler in a Mercedes SUV while the Rotty was cavorting around with a leash in his mouth. As Kate and Jessica drove by the woman looked up, gave them a smile and a wave. Startled, the girls returned a tentative wave of their own, not even thinking to stop to talk to her especially with the Rotty with her…


Saturday arrived with both women successfully evading the Rotty individually and together during the past few days. Around noon they decided to make a pitcher of Mojitos and lie out by the wading pool. They liberally applied coconut butter oil to each other. This time Jess noted that Kate seemed to be more languidly applying the oil to her and was it even sensually??? There certainly seemed to be more intimately application of oil and slowly smoothing it out in certain areas that she had not done before… especially considering they both were wearing the skimpy bikinis they only wore in the backyard and not in public.

The first picture of Mojitos went quickly and a second pitcher was prepared. Soon both were lightly dozing from the sun and the alcohol. Kate awoke with a start as she felt a tongue between her toes and then became rapidly alarmed when she saw that the damn Rotty was back! With Kate’s loud exclamation, this also awoke Jessica.

Kate whispered to Jess in order to not startle the dog and possibly make him aggressive, “Jess, what do we do?”

Jess replied, “I think we better just stay here and try to relax and be calm and maybe he will go away”. As the women quieted down, the Rotty resumed his licking of Kate’s toes and then her feet.

“He is still licking me and seems that he won’t stop, what should I do?”

Jess replied, “ I know you like your feet massaged, just close your eyes and pretend you are receiving a gentle massage and just concentrate on the feeling. He must be attracted to the oil and your sweat”.

Indeed, Kate looked down and saw her navel was full of sweat and then realized there were several rivulets of sweat rolling off her body.

“Try to use some of the meditation techniques I taught you to block out everything else but the sensation”

Kate lay there and concentrated on the feeling, trying to put it out of her mind that it was a dog’s tongue that was licking her. Slowly, Kate relaxed as she began to enjoy the sensation as the Rotty licked the oil and sweat from her feet and ankles and started working his tongue along her lower legs.

“Jess, he is licking my legs”
Jess replied “try to keep relaxed and just concentrate on the feeling, just the feeling…

Kate concentrated on the feeling and with the sun and alcohol managed to transport herself and blank her mind with just the feeling remaining.

Steadily working his way up her legs, Kate without realizing, slowly and unconsciously incrementally spread her legs further apart as she further relaxed into only the sensation and enjoying the feeling as the tongue reached her upper legs and started licking her inner thighs.

Slowly the tongue reached the juncture of her micro bikini bottom, the powerful strokes licking her inner thighs and trying to get under the fabric. Not realizing it, Kate’s legs were now widely splayed apart as she became lost in the feeling, the tongue now determinedly darting into the narrow open gap that was created by firm inner leg muscles against her bikini.

Then a nudge by the Rotty’s nose directly into her crotch brought her back to reality. Kate opened her eyes shocked to see her widely splayed legs and to see the Rotty staring at her intently as he slowly pushed his nose forcefully into her crotch again.

Kate suddenly realized she had become highly aroused by his tonguing ministrations especially with the tongue darting through the open gap between her bikini and legs and knew he could smell her arousal.

With trepidation, Kate whispered to Jessica “ Jess, he is nudging my pussy”
Jessica replied in a husky voice, her changed voice causing Kate to look at her and noted that Jessica was intently looking at her and what the Rotty was doing, as the Rotty once again pushed his nose even more forcedly against her pussy and further splaying her legs farther apart.

Jess replied
“Well, I think you better let him lick what he wants…
We don’t want him getting aggressive”…

Jessica slowly stood up and slowly walked over to where Kate was laying to avoid agitating the Rotty and slowly kneeled down beside Kate, Jess then reached over and slowly pulled the bikini hip strings loose as she gently caressed Kate, exposing Kate’s pussy. Jessica’s eyes were riveted to her actions and quickly observed that Kate’s labia was partially swollen with arousal and had already started to openly part.

The Rotty pushed his head between the juncture of her legs and swiped his long tongue deeply and directly up through Kate’s parted labia and then over her hardened clit.

Kate went stock still with wide eyes staring down at the massive head as the Rotty continued lavishly swiping his long powerful tongue up between her engorged swollen parted vaginal lips.

“Oh it feels good…”

As Jess caressed Kate, she whispered to her
“Have you ever felt anything so good”

Kate replied in a timid but clearly aroused voice:

Jess saw that his tongue had entered her openly parted pussy lips, her lips now fully engorged and swollen, and when aroused, her labia lips openly parted, better, she could see that Kate’s clit was hard and clearly protruding out and when he lapped his tongue it seem to go in her about two inches then lick up to her clit. Kate moaned loudly when he did this, slowly Kate slouched down and tilted her pussy up, now the Rotty could swipe his tongue from Kate’s tightly puckered ass then up through her parted labia and over her clit and then repeat his action. She apparently was in for the long haul Jess decided, and since Kate was a little tongue-tied and fixated on the action and feeling between her legs, Jess herself started to caress her own bikini-covered pussy as her hand caressed higher up Kate’s stomach toward her breasts… Kate moaned from the lapping at her ass and pussy and then came in a loud crashing shuddering orgasm.

This seemed to trigger the Rotty as he started nudging her inside leg, actually repeatedly sliding his nose under her leg and lifting her leg up.

“Jess, what is he doing?”
“I think he wants you to turn over”
You mean on all fours?
“Yes, I think he wants to fuck you now”
Kate replied with a small voice

“I think you better let him
he hasn’t been aggressive to this point…”

Kate slowly slid off the lounger, her bikini bottom falling away and got on all fours, her legs widely splayed apart.

“Jess, I think I need some help with getting wet, I dried up again”

Jess could see that Kate was still obviously wet, her labia was still fully engorged and parted openly exposing the entrance. Her clit was standing out hard and swollen as well.
Jessica got behind Kate and started licking her pussy, alternately sucking on her labia and clit with small moans now coming from Kate and Kate pushing against the darting tongue as it burrowed and swirled into her portal.

Jess had been eyeing the other tightly puckered entrance that was clearly revealed that lay between Kate’s small firmly muscled open cleft ass cheeks and started licking that area. Kate moaned out
“Oh! That feels sooo good”

Meanwhile the Rotty had been licking the back of Jessica’s legs as she knelt behind Kate and then up into her own bikini covered pussy.

Without a break in her tonguing ministrations of Kate, Jessica reached back with one hand and undid her own micro bikini bottom tie strings which then slid off exposing her pussy to the Rotty’s powerful licking tongue, then she loosened her top which then slid off.

As Jessica felt the powerful tongue diving deep into her pussy, simultaneously Jessica forcefully entered her tongue into Kate’s tight ass and started tongue fucking her, causing Kate to moan and buck back against the tongue trying to drive Jess’s tongue deeper. Kate could feel Kate’s anal muscles spasm in delight and another orgasm.

Jessica rubbed two fingers of one hand against Kate’s pussy, rubbing against her hard protruding clit, feeling it actually throb with the pulsing blood flow, then with two fingers forming a V formation, placed a tip of a finger at the entrance to Kate’s pussy and another finger at the entrance to her tight ass and started little in/out motions. At the sensation of both of her openings starting to be invaded, Kate began humping back and forth with little motions against the invading fingers, gradually getting deeper/deeper until Jessica’s fingers were completely inserted up to her knuckles.

Jessica then reached above Kate’s back and slowly pulled her bikini top strings loose, freeing Kate’s large heavy but very firm breasts.

Now Jessica slowly withdrew her fingers almost completely before slowly pushing them all the way in again, slowly her pace built up until they were rapidly thrusting in and out and then Kate came in a loud exclaimed shuddering orgasm, her anal and vaginal muscles clenching so tight that Jessica fingers were trapped for a long moment.

The Rotty attempted to mount Jessica but as much as she wanted to be fucked hard and fast and have a screaming orgasm, Jessica wanted Kate to be fucked even more by this powerful animal so she could experience the tremendous G spot orgasm that results from a swelling throbbing knot beating against the opening of her pussy, battering away until it slowly gets wedged in and then suddenly pops inside and then the knot rapidly going in and out of her pussy then swelling, feeling like a hard balloon being inflated inside, the tip of his hot powerfully spurting cock going past the cervical entrance to be discharged like a fire hose shooting hot water directly into the womb, feeling the pressure of copious hot cum filling and swelling the womb, so Kate would realize why she allowed to herself be fucked repeatedly by this powerful animal with the long hot massive penis.

The Rotty moved into position behind Kate and barely had to leap up due to his large size, more like straddling her. The Rotty started squirting precum like a fire hose against her ass and then directly against her denuded pussy and clit.
Kate gave a surprised
When she felt the powerful jets of hot fluid squirt against her sensitive areas.

Jessica watched copious amounts of precum squirt against her pussy; in-between her openly parted cuntal labia lips directly into her exposed open furrow, and pouring off her spread cheeks and pussy in rivulets, a steady hot stream running off her hard exposed clit.

When Kate felt a hot jet spray directly against her clit, Jess could tell she almost came right then, amazingly, Kate reached back with a hand then guided the cock into place by her own volition…

With a sudden hiss she cried out as the hot red squirting tip brushed along her swollen engorged openly parted labia lips and then hit her hard protruding clit. She held it in place as the Rotty began to slowly seesaw his cock against her hard clit, precum still squirting out in hot jets. Kate pressed the thrusting sliding cock firmly against her pussy in the middle of the narrow open furrow, her openly parted cuntal labia lips exposed, her swollen parted lips clutching either side of the massive shaft as the shaft slid back and forth against her furrow, up and over her protruding clit then reaching her navel before being withdrawn for another thrust. Precum squirted powerfully all the way to her breasts and dripped off her small taut nipples.

As the Rotty increased his pace, Kate had more and more difficulty holding the thrusting cock against her clit with more of the slippery precum covering her hands, and then Kate gave a loud UNNGGHHH! As she lost control and the tip impaled her tight pussy. Kate tried to pull away from the massive invader but the Rotty’s legs were locked tightly around her hips preventing her from moving.

Kate grunted as if in discomfort while the Rotty’s cock once again seemed to just batter at her flesh without much penetration due to the massive girth of his cock. Then Kate relaxed her muscles as she spread her legs further apart because Jess saw the massive cock enter her a little more.

WOW! Jess thought, so this is what it looks like when it is trying to get into me!

Jess saw the massive squirting red rocket pull back before he pushed forward again, the cock thickness pushing Kate forward as well as trying to enter her tight vaginal passage,
Kate had such an astounded lustful look on her face, which later on, Jess could not adequately describe to Kate.

As Jess caressed Kate, she softly said to Kate

“Come on Kate…fuck that cock
I want to see you take more of it
You look so incredibly hot!”

“Ohhh…you sure?”

Kate replied as she started humping backwards more forcefully onto the cock even as she was speaking…

If Kate had begun fucking back against the massive cock, she now fucked back even harder. She pushed back hard as the Rotty humped forward. It took several fucking back and thrusting forward motions to slowly work the massive cock in deeper.

In conjunction, this forced her slit to stretch to fit around the enormous girth of the cock and slowly work that massive cock deeper into her tight vaginal sheath. Jess watched the large, heavy balls swing closer and closer to Kate’s upturned ass. With a final huge lunge, Kate let out a loud long
as the Rotty sunk his cock to the hilt into her.

The Rotty began to hump into her fast and with ferocity, his heavy balls pounding and slapping against Kate’s pussy and clit with a loud resounding slapping noise.

Kate was letting herself be fucked hard and was grunting little breathless sounds like “Unh…unh…unh”
with each powerful thrust.

Kate’s body swayed in time with the sheer force of each of his furious stokes.
Her excitement was clearly evident and there was a lot of sucking, squishing noises from her soaked pussy, her heavy breasts swayed back and forth with every thrust.
Sweat was dripping off the tips of her small hard nipples…

Jessica saw that between Kate’s and the Rotty’s copious juices, the juices were visibly being squished out of Kate’s tightly confining vaginal sheath and forced out around his throbbing cock with a wet slurping sound, with actual frequent squirts from the quantity they were generating. Jess could see the knot beginning to form; now just a slight bulge, being rapidly driven in and out of Kate’s pussy but swelling bigger as she watched it.

Kate’s mouth was now hanging open, her heavy firm breasts swaying in rhythm with the fucking, herself panting with exertion, sweat glistening on her hard body.

Kate moaned out to Jessica

“What is banging against my pussy?
It feels like a small ball is going in and out, it feels like it is getting bigger”

Jess replied “that is his knot.
His knot is still pretty small, so now is the time to decide if you really want to be knotted…” Jess asked if she wanted to be.
With a low almost sibilant hiss Kate uttered

“Ok, the next time you feel him pushing in, try to open yourself as wide as you can and push back hard. Once he gets it in you, keep pushing into him and clamp your pussy down and try not to let it come out”.

Kate screamed, but not in pain.
Jess looked back and sure enough he had driven the swelling ball like knot deep into her then Kate had clamped down as it started to really swell preventing it from coming out.

With her knees spread wide and ass held high, the erotic rear view of Kate’s pussy clamped around that large swelling knot and her swollen engorged pussy lips that reached only slightly along the sides of that massive cock was indescribable.

Jess reached to her own pussy and was soon quickly thrusting three fingers in and out as she watched Kate getting fucked.

Kate began to moan softly,

“Oh, Oh OH” she said, “It, it's IN!”
I can feel him growing inside me!
Oh DAMN! Kate moaned
He's getting sooo huge!
I can fell his knot throbbing and pressing against my G-spot!

Jess could see that it was, and from experience knew it would expand to the size of a baseball.

Oh, Damn!
His cock pushed past my cervical opening!
I can feel it going in and out through the opening!
I can feel the cock going deeper!
I think the tip is now deep into my womb!

The pressure from the size of the knot was incredible, which forced the cock well into her womb, even then, Jess could see his knot was still swelling, actually see the outline of it on Kate’s taut abdomen.

Kate moaned out
”I can feel the pressure against my G spot increasing, this feels, Uhhhhh, Sooo Fantastic! Uhhhhh,
It feel like a hot hose is blasting my womb!
I can feel my womb filling and swelling!
I’m going to CUMMMMMMM!

Jess recognized that look on Kate’s face as one of total orgasmic bliss.
Kate would have collapsed if the Rotty had not been holding her hips drawn up and held tightly.

It took several minutes before her trembling ceased during which the Rotty finally stopped moving.

Kate then looked at Jess and said:
“Oh, Jess, I have never cummed that hard before or as many times!”

It took almost fifteen minutes till the Rotty was able to pull his cock from Kate.
During this time, Jess saw and heard Kate orgasm twice more from the swollen knot.
Jess thought she herself had not ever come as hard or as often as Kate just did.
Kate apparently did not notice or hear Jess finger fucking herself to another shuddering orgasm as well.

As Jess slowed down her thrusting fingers, lingering in the after glow, she watched mesmerized as first one slanted edge of the knot very slowly edged out side ways, then the other side slowly edged out and then the Rotty’s cock slowly slithered forth with a loud prolonged schlepping noise.

When it came out, a flood of cum gushed out and Kate actually came again in a surprise orgasm as she felt the knot come out and then the quantity of hot cum suddenly rush out and then down across her clit, watching Kate orgasm triggered Jess’s own surprise orgasm. The Rotty backed up and then started licking Kate’s pussy driving his tongue deep within causing Kate to catch her breath from the sensation as a surprise final orgasm overcame her from the licking. It took several minutes till she was able to speak without stuttering.

Kate slid back up onto the reclining lounger draping her splayed legs on either side.
The Rotty then shoved his nose into Jessica’s pussy. Jess raised up then rested her upper body against her arms on the foot of the lounger spreading her legs allowing the Rotty to get behind her and lick while Jessica gazed up to the widely splayed juncture of Kate’s pussy

Kate looked at the Rotty and his still dangling cock

“I cannot believe I took that whole thing!
It is longer and wider than any of the dildos I play with!
How did the knot ever come out, it is still huge!”

Jess, gasping from the tongue ministration and her impending orgasm replied
“Me Too!”

Kate watched Jessica getting licked by the Rotty, head and chest resting on the lounger, Jessica’s legs widely spread with her ass tilted up to the air, her eyes becoming vacant as she stared at Kate’s pussy.
Kate had never seen anything so erotic.
Her hand slid down to her own sopping pussy, her labia lips still swollen and openly parted, copious cum still oozing out. She gently manipulated her clit, sliding a finger in and squirting out displaced cum.

Jessica’s tongue protruded as she slowly swept her lips with her tongue, eyes locked on Kate’s pussy watching her finger fucking her pussy displacing a large copious amount of cum out of her pussy from the finger fucking

Jessica came in a loud orgasm.
During the last throes of Jessica’s orgasm Kate reached out with a hand and pulled Jessica on top of her and began grinding her pussy against Jessica’s mutually reciprocating pussy, lips tightly locked to each other, tongues forcefully exploring each other. The Rotty had moved up behind the women and due to Jessica’s splayed position on top of Kate with her own legs as well as Kate’ hanging down either side of the lounger, was able to lick both pussies which shortly triggered simultaneous orgasms in both women.

They helped each other upstairs into the shower and then back to the bedroom where they laid down exhausted, satiated and pretty tipsy from the two pictures of Mojitos they had consumed. Curling up facing into each other, hard swollen breasts pressing with still diamond hard nipples, both seemingly satiated they thought from their multiple orgasms. Kate leaned forward and kissed Jess deeply and long, with Jess returning the kiss with a quick dart and swirl of her tongue.

Amazingly Jess could still feel Kate’s lingering moist heat, and then Kate raised a long muscular leg and placed it between Jessica’s legs spreading hers, bringing denuded pussies in tight intimate contact.

Jess suddenly realized it was not a lingering moist heat but a building heat, she could feel Kate’s hard hot clit actually throbbing, Jess could feel her moisture and Kate’s began to copiously seep hotly, saturating their tightly pressed pussies and thoroughly wetting the bed sheets, then the first tentative slow grinding movements of sensitive hard swollen clit against hard swollen clit…

Faces and moist lips drew closer, touching, tongues exchanging darting motions into each other, then lips tightly pressed together for long moments and writhing tongues sensuously curling around and around each other.

Bodies parted as hands reached down and cupped each other, feeling the other’s intense heat and engorged swollen parted labia’s, fingers gently and easily began to thrust inside then other fingers inserted and then the gentle thrusting became more forceful, striving to drive deeper and deeper, then slowly eased as they fell asleep… satiated.

Sunday the Rotty did not show up. Monday Jessica went to campus, her blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing 5.1.1 tactical pants and a loose oversize shirt. She had a plan to thwart her pursuer. After classes, rather than walk home she went to the library to do some research on a possible thesis for a doctorate if she decided to pursue this. If she didn't come home around the same time each day, hopefully the dog would figure she wasn't there and would go away. She called Kate to let her know her plan and they both agreed.

Jessica came home almost three hours later than she usually does. Jess had decided to make an additional stop and walked to the nearby Good Vibrations sex store where she purchased an 18-inch long double-headed dildo, knowing it would shock and surprise Kate. Then she caught a bus on Ashby Avenue that would take her near her Claremont neighborhood.

She slowly walked up to her house and quietly entered the front area and thankfully the dog was not in front yard, she took off her shoes and crept around to the back, he wasn’t back there either. She figured her plan had worked and for the next few weeks she’d go to the library for more research or maybe help out in her departmental office or teach some labs.
She opened the back door to her house and it was quiet, she couldn't hear anything. Jessica went to the front of the house to go upstairs to change clothes and wash/sanitize their new toy and there saw random papers scattered on the floor next to Kate’s spilled purse!

Jessica called out, “Kate? Kate?
No reply, so she went looking around.

She went to Kate’s bedroom that was on the first floor and as she pushed open the door she saw Kate's clothes on the floor. At the same time she heard heavy heaving breaths, she saw Kate – facing the big bay bedroom window in the all too familiar position on her hands and knees, legs widely spread on her bed completely naked with beads of sweat pouring off her flushed face and body and what was likely a mix of dog cum and her own was dripping out of her pussy and down the back of her legs onto the towel covered bed. She looked incredibly sexy bent over with her ass and pussy tilted up and her upper body bent down in the typical doggy style position. She was breathing heavily her heavy breathing actually heaving her firm breasts. Draped across her back was the Rotty still slowly humping and pumping into her, Kate rocking her ass and pussy back toward his cock.

Jessica was amazed at the look on Kate’s face, she had expected a look of defeat and submission and embarrassment by herself getting caught alone by the Rotty and then being seen by Jessica but Kate actually had an awed and satisfied look. The Rotty’s slow shallow humping clued her in that the beast had managed to knot her again.

“Oh My God Kate, his knot is in you. How long have you been like that?”

“About 5 minutes now. He was fucking me and all of a sudden I could feel his swelling knot being rapidly pushed into me and then back out and it felt sooo good, I was planning on keeping it out before it could swell up and knot me but I got carried away with the feeling of it going in and out. It feels like a tennis ball is in my pussy. I feel like he's been cumming in me for two hours, I can actually feel my womb swelling from all the cum he is pumping into me” She explained.

She took a seat on the edge of the bed and started gently caressing Kate while she fanned her with a magazine because her face looked so flushed.

“Wha- what the hell happened?” Jess finally asked.

Kate told the story:

“I came home and never thought of looking twice. I parked the car and went to the front door and there he was. He kept on pushing me and jumping up, I think trying to get me to the grass. I wasn't about to risk getting fucked by him out in the open despite our seclusion. He kept tugging at my clothes and I was afraid he was going to rip them.

I got the door open and tried to edge in sidewise but he was too powerful and got past me.
I tried running away up the stairs but he's too fast and got ahead of me and blocked the way. I led him into my bedroom and closed the door. If he was going to fuck me again, I was going to be comfortable this time. I almost fell over several times he was so persistent. Finally, I got naked, managed to grab a couple of towels and hopped on the bed. He followed and he didn't need much help, like he had done it on a bed before. His cock was showing and some reason I was more ready this time, I just had to put it at the right height and he started to fuck me slowly, gradually easing his cock in and then started fucking me really really hard. Then I started to feel his knot banging against my pussy and then it slipped inside and he kept on pulling it out and thrusting it back in before it swelled up too much, it felt sooo good again, then it lodged inside and got too big to come out and here we are.

Oh, damn!
Please don’t think badly of me, but it has been such a long time since I had a great mindless hard pounding fuck until Saturday and the time before and then today!”

“You almost sound like you're kinda enjoying this Kate”
Jessica said.

“You know, it's actually not that bad.
His cock is much thicker and much longer than any man I have ever had and he fucks really hard and it feels good to have that hot long and thick cock being pounded into me. The strange thing is he seems to be taking his time fucking, not a quick fuck like I thought dogs do, hell he fucks longer than some of the guys I have been with! And feeling all that precum and cum squirting against my pussy and then in me feels great.”

Jessica could not believe what she was hearing. She sat there in silence next to Kate with the Rotty on top of her back. Kate was enjoying being fucked by this dog. As she sat there, Jessica felt her loins become suffused with heat and realized that Kate was not the only one who enjoyed being fucked. After a few minutes he pulled out of her and a rush of cum poured out of Kate's pussy and she collapsed onto her stomach. The Rotty started licking Kate’s pussy and ass as she laid there on her stomach, Kate spreading her legs widely to grant access then reached out a hand and clasped Jessica’s hand, Jessica absently squeezing it as she gazed out the window lost in thinking about these recent events and trying to rationalize them. Hearing a slight moan from Kate along with her hand being squeezed at the same time brought Jessica back to the here and now and for a few moments watched the Rotty enthusiastically eat out Kate’s pussy, Kate by now having tilted her hips/ass up to grant better access to the powerful licking of her pussy and ass. Jessica gently caressed Kate’s back and her buttocks watching, feeling her own pussy heat up and become moist. Jess then got up and took the towels, the Rotty now jumping down off the bed. Jessica gazed at Kate laying on the bed with her legs widely splayed, her pussy bare with swollen parted labia lips open and a trickle of cum oozing out then headed out the door to the utility room and the washing machine to toss in the towels, then upstairs to try their new toy solo first. This was all getting far too weird for Jessica to handle. Little did she know things were only going to get far weirder and far more interesting for her and Kate.

Kate slowly rose and gave the Rotty a pat on the head as she grinned to herself and calling him, led the Rotty to the front door so he could return home.
The grin never left her face…

The next day, the Rotty did not appear, nor did he appear.
After a couple of weeks of the Rotty not showing up, Jessica, by now comfortable that she could walk by the Rotty’s home and assured he will no longer be aggressive to her.
When Jessica got to the fence, she could see that it had been repaired.

As before, the Rotty rushed toward the unseen person on the other side of the fence barking and jumping up on the fence.
Jessica stopped and softly whispered
“Calm down boy, it’s just me”
And the Rotty immediately became quiet and followed Jessica along the fence line, with an occasional whine.
Jessica continued on past with a whimsically shake of her head.

That evening as Kate and Jess were eating dinner, Jess told Kate about the repaired fence.
Kate stopped eating with fork poised midway to her mouth and with a direct look into Jessica’s eyes replied

“Damn, that’s too bad”.


That weekend was the annual neighborhood block party. Though the girls had been in the neighborhood for six years they have never been to one. They figured that since they were going to be around for a least a minimum of a couple more years while they earned their doctorates, it was past time for them to attend one especially since the majority of the neighborhood was made up of a young professionals so it should be a pretty sociable event with close enough similar ages, education and interests.

Most of the men, of course were clustered around where the beer kegs were setup while there were clumps of women scattered about, very few children were around as evident of the majority young upwardly mobile professionals that lived in the area that first concentrated on career, then a home then starting a family in later years. There was even a Tiki themed wet bar set up serving up the alcoholic tropical drinks that women preferred in the warmer months.

Instead of the party winding down after an hour or so it actually seemed to be heating up with a boom box playing and several couples dancing in the street. Jessica and Kate had hit the Tiki bar several times along with most of the women. The bartender was very good-looking, single and made great if somewhat stout drinks.

Jess and Kate had gone back to the bar for another drink when suddenly Jess jumped and whirled around when she felt her land licked, Kate startled by her fast reaction turned toward Jessica and asked ‘Jess, what is wrong?”

Almost in unison they gasped when they saw the Rotty on a leash held by the same attractive woman they recently saw. She was about 30, attired very causally but expensively in a sheer tunic with a deep scalloped cut. The sheerness of the expensive fabric and the deep plunge revealing a generous tanned expanse of large firm breasts that strained the tunic, the soft swells of her breasts held by a sheer low cut demi-cup bra. The sheerness of the tunic and the sheerness of the bra combined was just barely opaque enough to conceal the small nipples leaving just a hint and a slight bump, but still reveal the incredible shape of her breasts and her firm athletic body.

Seeing the reaction of the two slightly younger women she stated
“Oh, I’m sorry that Devil startled you, please ignore the name. Despite his size and his name he is really gentle, Rottweillers just have a bad rep because of their size and their protectiveness of their family, my name is Sandra but please call me Sandy. I live down the street at the corner, my goofy husband is with the other guys of course over by the kegs, he is the big animated one with the loud Hawaiian shirt on” she pointed over toward them. Jess and Kate looked and saw whom she was referring to and saw an animated extremely attractive well toned man of Suzy’s age, 6’3 or better with a California surfer look about him but yet still in some way very distinguished & very intelligent looking. Sandy laughed and continued, “it may be hard to believe by his actions and the way he is dressed but he is a full tenured professor over at UCB, he is the love of my life and one of the most personable and intelligent persons you may ever meet”.

Jess and Kate recognized that Sandy was not boasting but was very proud and in love with him. Sandy continued “and this big guy here we have had for six years. Rottweillers usually top off at a maximum of 27 inches at the shoulder but this guy is special, he is almost twelve inches taller, he came from a specialty breeder back East who raises them specifically for size for competition sled weight pulling. Impressed by Sandy and her husband, Jess and Kate introduced themselves but stepped back when Devil leaned forward and tried to lick Jessica’s hand again and then Kate’s.

Sandy noticing that Jess and Kate were still nervous tried reassuring them again that he really was gentle and very affectionate once he knew you, in fact she remarked that she was surprised to see him lick Jessica’s hand, he has never done that before to someone unless he knew them.

Jess stammered out “It’s okay, we were just startled to see him again”.
Sandy cocked an eyebrow and replied “Again?” with a soft questioning tone.

Kate replied, “Yes about a few weeks ago he started showing up at our house repeatedly”.
Sandy, with obvious concern in her voice asked if Devil scared or was aggressive toward them.

This time Jess replied
“No, nothing like that, he was just very friendly”.

Sandy replied, “Ah, that was when the tree fell on our fence corner during the big windstorm. With all the dense tangle of tree limbs and his size, we didn’t think he could get out. It took forever to get a tree company to come out to cut it up then another delay waiting for the fence company to repair the damage.
By the way, didn’t I see y’all drive by the other week when I was loading the car to go to the beach with Devil?” Jess and Kate confirmed they were.

Still puzzled by Jessica and Kate’s apparent nervousness, Sandy again asked if they were they sure nothing happened between them and Devil.

Kate replied, “No, like you said, despite his intimidating size, he is really very affectionate if somewhat forceful with his affection…” as her voice trailed off and Jessica glancing sharply at her.

Sandy did not miss the look that Jessica gave Kate.
Nor did she miss the flush that was now on both of their faces.

A gleam sparked in Sandy’s eye and she gave Jess & Kate a saucy grin and said
“We are pretty close in age as well as in the same neighborhood, why don’t we get together sometime and get to know each other better?

Jessica and Kate replied they would like that and started off a new close long friendship by talking to Sandy and her husband the rest of the evening…

A few nights later while they were watching an old classic funny sci-fi porn movie “Flesh Gordon” that Sandy had loaned to them when they were swapping movies, Kate looked at Jessica and said

“Let’s get a dog”

Jessica, with a shocked expression on her face stammered out

“What kind of dog?”

Kate then replied, “remember Lindsey Simpson, she is getting married and her fiancé is allergic to animals and is looking for a home for her dog. He is a two-year-old Great Dane and still has not been neutered… as his breeder wanted to use him occasionally for stud service since he comes from a champion bloodline.

Jessica just grinned back at Kate…




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