Wild Animal Adventure (Part 1) by DogsN'Horses

So when I turned 15, I started having very strong sexual urges. I'd touch myself quite alot. I'd stay in my room and pinch my nipples and rub my clit and tease my pussy, but I'd never actually finger myself as I was still a virgin and a little nervous to do so.

When I turned 17, I knew I was ready for my first time. It was with my boyfriend Clark. My parents work really late so I took him home after school ( we were seniors ) and after some messing around on the couch I took him into my room and it was amazing! He pinched and rubbed my nipples while licking my clit. After about 6-10 minutes of that, he whipped out his 6.5″ cock and flipped me onto my hands and knees, doggy style. I knew he was experienced, but damn. He rammed almost his whole dick right into my hole, taking my virginity with it. He fucked me so fast and so hard it felt like only 2 seconds had past before I came all over his dick. I took his cock in my mouth and drank his cum. When he pulled his dick away, my German Shepard Rocky trotted over and started sniffing at my raw and red pussy. I pushed him away and said, “no.” Then Clark and I got dressed.
We watched a movie afterwards then he headed home.

The next week, after not hearing from Clark once, he told me it's over, he got what he needed. When I got that message, I really didnt care too much. I was honestly too horny and wet to care. I went to my room (not knowing Rocky was laying by the heater in my room) and laied on my bed. I stripped all of my clothes off and started to feel myself up. I rubbed and pinched my tits while fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit until I came. I laied there for a second to just enjoy the feeling. But suddenly, I felt a hot breath on my pussy. I looked up and saw Rocky sniffing at my glistening pussy. I groaned, “Rocky, stop it.”

I was very petite at 17, only 5″3 and weighed 120 pounds. So when full-grown German Shepard Rocky slamed his fore-legs onto me, it was a little challenging to move. He roughly licked my clit and it sent shivers down my spine, but when I came to my senses, I lightly kicked him away. I got off my bed and saw his doggy dick growing from it's sheath. I rolled my eyes and got on my knees to get my clothes. As I was picking up my bra, Rocky pushed me with his nose into a doggy-style position, and before I could protest, his huge paws were clinging around my waist, I was stuck. I was a bit curious as to how it'd feel, so I kinda let it happen. He missed his mark a few times, but once he got the head to enter the hole, He started ramming me like I was his bitch. I couldnt contain the many orgasms that came from his slowly growing knot slidding in and out of my pussy, once it was about the size of a tennis ball, it stuck in there, and i felt him unleash his huge load into my pussy. I came with him, and only some of my cum managed to get past his huge knot. After about 5-10 minutes, his knot was gone and he walked over to the heater to clean himself up. I laied on the floor on my back and got some of his dog cum from my leaking pussy onto my finger and licked it. It wasn't so bad.

That was the only time I let Rocky have his way with me, Until a month after my 19th birthday.

My boyfriend Danny and I had broken up because things just werent working the way we had hoped they would. A couple weeks after that, I got really horny. My period had just ended and I needed a good fucking. (I was now living in my own apartment and my mom thankfully let me keep Rocky) I went to my room and laied on my bed. I was rubbing my clit and fucking myself with my favorite vibrator. I was almost at climax when I felt something breathing heavily at the base of my pussy. I looked and saw it was Rocky. Thinking back to our previous sexual encounter, and realizing how badly I needed dick, I moved my hands from my pussy to my tits and let Rocky do as he pleased. He licked from my asshole to my clit and I loved the way his rough tounge felt down there. He worked around that area for quite some time until I got on the floor into the doggy style position. This time, Rocky got into my hole on th every first try. He rammed me harder than last time we did this together. I tugged and pinched my nipples while moaning loudly, enjoying the feeling of his slowly growing knot going in and out of my pussy. Once again, when it was about the size of a tennis ball, it stayed there, growed a litle more, then he unleashed his warm, doggie load into my starving pussy. I rubbed my clit and came right after him. Once he unknotted me, I pet him, gave him a treat and sat on the couch naked with him while he gnawed on his treat and I watch a movie.

My beloved Rocky and I had sexual interactions many more times over the years. Even if I was or currently wasnt seeing anyone. It didn't really matter to me if I did or didn't, I loved Rocky's doggy dick.

Needless to say, whenever I'm lonely or horny, I know Rocky will be there, always willing to please me and satisfy my needs 😉 He was my favorite fuck buddy..

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