I Gave It Away……To Buster by Chickwithdick827

Introduction: Laura was tired of being the only virgin in her group of friends and was desperate to lose it in any way she could find. , I Gave It Away…..To Buster This is a true story that happened to a friend of mine, she confided this in me and asked me to write it … Read more

last night with Prince ( Pt 9 ) by 38ddboobs

Introduction: we have one last good nights fun , After last nights fun, today was going to be a slack day, Grant and Jim, had been making phone calls and getting as many guys as they knew together, Liz was also coming tonight, I looked forward to playing with her again, most of the day … Read more

Missy: Day Eleven by MissAdventurous

Introduction: My heartfelt thanks go to all that read, vote and comment on my stories. It’s encouraging and inspiring me to keep telling Missy’s stories in her strange, extremely horny world. Happy reading! , Day Eleven “And then he just fucked me right out there on the lawn Mommy!” I said excitedly, replaying my evening … Read more

The Centaur Expedition by rodeotexas

Introduction: Female Expedition Searches for Mythological Creature , THE CENTAUR EXPEDITION by rodeotexas November 2011 While handsome in every respect of physique and striking in appearance – they were not very bright, although in contradiction, they were skilled artisans in stone working and also in creating exceptionally detailed glazed story tiles and murals. Not having … Read more

That Young Mare by

That Young Mare I was 15 when I discovered the pleasure of fucking mares. Since then I've had sex with dozens of mares. Twice I've seen a mare orgasm and spew hot liquid everywhere. What an amazing sight that is. And there's nothing like the feeling that comes from mounting a mare, especially when she … Read more

The Dragon's Treasure, Part I by Drake Richards

Introduction: An adventurer goes to drive a dragon away, but ends up with more than she bargained for. , This is a rewrite of “Treasured One,” which can still be found at http://pastebin.com/gbVwUMeZ The second part is coming soon. * * * Is this my fault? Enna wondered. She guided her horse around the numerous … Read more

A Mining Colony-Prison part 1 by SwampRat & Sir Brucie

The pick rose, striking the impacted earth. Again, it fell to gouge at the dirt. A guard eyed the muscular body with more than just passing interest. It was pretty much devoid of scars.. The face had some interesting ones, however. He chuckled to himself, wishing it was closer to End-Shift. Then he could make … Read more

Cave Creatures by Edward.A

Introduction: A surprising discovery deep in the amazonian caves , When the small double engine plane finally touched on the grass runway before bouncing a few times and slowing down, Sarah took a deep breath, relieved that the difficult and bumpy flight to the remote location of amazon rainforest in Peru near the Brazilian border … Read more

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 91: Coyote Craving by barbielez

Introduction: A quick and kinky bestiality fantasy! , Author's Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please … Read more

The Lion King. Nala and Kovu Part 4 by The_J0K3R

Introduction: Kiara and Kovu and inexperienced with sex so they ask for help , This story doesn't belong to me I am just sharing it from a 3rd party source. All credit goes to the owner and writer LORDSOFTRUNKS. I decided to sare since I couldnt find any Lion king stories anywhere on here 😀 … Read more

Raunchy by sexydirtygirl

Introduction: I'm a sexy dirty girl and I love behaving like a slut. These are stories about my adventures having raunchy sex. , Sometimes the men I care for come on to me. It makes me so wet to know that I have such an effect on them. These men are usually older and some … Read more

Beth goes to the dogs – Chapter 2 by Story Teller 101

Introduction: My continued lust for doggy love. , Beth gets her perfect job. Working as a dog trainer. But Toni doesn’t want to be ignored either. Beth has a special surprise for her. I stood naked except for a 10” dildo strapped around my waist. I walked up to Toni who seemed in a state … Read more

The class teaches their teacher. by Bear66

Introduction: Advice and comments welcome. , The new teachers name was Alyssa Woods. This was her first job and just out of school. She had been hired to teach an advanced class of high school students and after a month had decided to hold a class on a saturday to help thosein class having trouble. … Read more